Problem Povezivanja na EU Servere, Blue Tweetovi

Problem Poverivanja na EU Servere
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Update 18:00 GMT: The issues restricting access to World of Warcraft continue, we are still liaising with our network partners to resolve this issue but we have no updates at this time regarding an estimated time for a solution.

This issue will continue to be investigated and is our top priority. We apologise for the disruption this has caused.

Update 17:00 GMT:
We continue to work with our network partners to resolve this issue, however we do not have any updated info on this at this time. The forum and website access continues to be intermittent, which is also under investigation.

Update 16:00 GMT:
We are still working with our network providers to resolve this issue, however we do not have an ETA for a fix for this just yet. When we get more concrete information, we will let you know.
We are also experiencing slowdown and some errors with our community sites, which may prevent players from reaching the Account Management and Forum pages, this is also under investigation.

Update 15:00 GMT
: This is still being worked on, however we do not have an estimated time just yet for a fix. Please check back on this thread later, we will update as soon as we have more information.

Update 14:00 GMT: We do not have any firm updates to share with you regarding a time for a resolution of this issue, it is still under investigation and we are working closely with our network partners in order to resolve this. We will let you know as soon as we have further information.

Update 13:00 GMT: We are still working on this issue in liaison with our network partners, no estimated time for a resolution just yet. We apologise for the delay in this being resolved.

Update 12:00 GMT: This issue is still being investigated and worked on, and our network team is working with our network partners to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We do not have an estimated time for a solution yet, and will update you with further information as soon as we have it.

Update 11:22 GMT: Please note this issue is also affecting emails sent from us, so if you have requested a password reset or require another form of email from our support team, it may be delayed while this issue is being worked on.

Update 10:51 GMT: We do not have an estimated time for a resolution on this issue yet, we continue to liaise with the affected parties, and we will let you know as soon as we have further information on this issue.

We are currently experiencing external general connectivity issues which started on the night of the 28 - 29/12

Symptoms of this issue include either being unable to connect properly to a character, i.e. being stuck on a loading screen, or being disconnected once in-game.

Our network technicians are investigating this issue, and we will update here when we have further information regarding this issue.

Blue Tweetovi
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Pls reconsider Warlock tanks. I know "significant changes" are necessary, but would be a great addition. More tanks = better
Agree that more tanks = better. Not sure (based on DK, monk) that more tank classes gives you more tanks. (Source)

Pls do something about BM Kill Command, it cost more focus than arcane shot and does less damage, as bm main spell, FIX pls!
Arcane hits for like 30K and Kill Command for like 60K. What are you seeing? (Source)

On Twitter: Briefly Wades Into the Feral-vs.-Rogue Scrum (Put on Your Riot Gear)
I wasn't commenting on RvD, but on comparing one ability in a vacuum to another. R talents in 5.2 prob have the most changes. (Source)

So anyother Blanket healing nerf battle fatigue from 15% to 30%... Will ret paladins be compensated?
Your relative power to another healer will not change. (Source)

Death Knight
Ghost, I've being playing DK since LK. Dont you think comparing to other calsse DK has low mobility and survival?
Mobility, yes, but you have Death Grip and ranged attacks. Survivability is low after CDs are burned. (Source)

No really, are you kidding? Because Blood Presence doesn't do crap for me but reduce my damage.
The context was not "Wow, Blood Pres make me immortal." The context was after blowing cooldowns, it can lower damage a little. (Source)

DKs have been screaming for qol changes for years. Then they screamed for the same changes on mop beta. Yup, ignored.
They screamed a lot before LK too and we listened a bit too well. (Source)

Kinda like how feral charge has to have a stun or you wont end up at the target? Oh wait...
Wild Charge for bears does a root and for cats a snare. Should be close to the same result as far as ending up on target. (Source)

Blizz likes to say "bring the player, not the class". Give me a good reason to bring an MM hunter to an arena (rather than bm)
I promise a skilled dude on MM will beat a bad dude on BM. That was not true back when we came up with BTP and why we did. (Source)

Can you elaborate on the "hunters have too many buttons" thing? A lot of people enjoy it.. Do you intend to remove abilities?
But overall, we think hunters have too many situational abilities and cooldowns. # of rotational abilities is generally good. (Source)
I'm curious, whats your distinction between 1) situational abilities, 2) cooldowns and 3) rotational abilities?
Deterrence - situational. BW - cooldown. Arcane Shot - rotational. (Source)

Critical Mass now multiplies the critical strike by 1.3 was 1.25. This is nothing in comparison to the -10/15 % dps nerf u did
The nerf was intended to be a nerf.... (Source)

Make frostbolt benefit from Fingers of frost? Tone down lance dmg, and buffs frostbolt a bit?
Frostbolt does fine damage. It's just not instant. (Source)

can u pls answer me? i see u hotfix mages with buffs can u do the same with monks in pvp? 2months and still no team for my ww
We don't think it's a simple matter of adjusting numbers for PvP monks. (Source)

(PvE 25 hc) Doing more healing as Disc spamming PoH then Holy using a lot of spells feels so wrong. Mana & DA/SS is the issue.
Disc mastery lets Spirit Shell turn PoH into a HPS increase rather than "just" a bubble. (Source)

cancelled sub bc rogues werent fun (too slow big numbers doesn't =fun) seems like rogues are dying out
I don't think our numbers show a decline like that, but rogue popularity is lower than we'd like. (Source)

Do you feel Subtlety suffers the same as what happened with Mage? Not underpowered, but underplayed skewing the numbers?
Potentially. If you take Combat for any cleave fight, then Mutilate for the others, you don't have a spec left. (Source)

Just read some of your tweets regarding Shaman from last month. Stop being a dick to your players. They have real concerns.
I've tried to address those concerns, but I feel at this point many of them are only interested in us undoing the Silence change. (Source)

since mages arcane brilliance gives spell power and critical strike, why doesn't warlocks dark intent give a second buff?
Because warlocks already have a second buff in Stamina. (Source)

Warriors choose Shockwave mostly out of fear of losing grip. Why not increase Charge stun & make it share DR w/Shockwave?
Charge needs to have a stun or you won't end up at the target. Having the Charge stun DR frequently kills Charge. (Source)

Do you think Shockwave is too oppressive in PvP? IMO: Should cost 10 Rage, deal 0 damage and have a 30 Sec CD. Thoughts?
We're sensitive to nerfing an ability that Prot has had forever. We have an idea we're trying out though to accomplish both. (Source)

You tell DKs to pop blood pres to lower taken damage, while losing damage meanwhile warriors lose nothing in defensive stance.
They are intended to lose rage. It may be that Second Wind is providing too much. (Source)

Of all the new abilities in MoP, Second Wind has hurt my enjoyment of the game more than any other. Just sayin.
It ended up much more powerful (and the rage part too) than it appeared to be during beta. (Source)

What is your current view on Second Wind?
Pretty sure it's overpowered in both healing and rage, but want to see if the recent PvP healing nerf fixes it. (Source)
Does the healing nerf really apply to a set % health tick talent though? 3% is 3% regardless, else the talent lies.
The Battle Fatigue debuff applies to all healing, even % self heals like Recuperate and SW. We'll check to test for sure. (Source)

Have you realised that every Warrior ever is using Defensive Stance in PVP yet? 25% less damage taken is to good to pass up.
Trying to figure out how accurate that is. Warriors say they only do it when being tunneled. Looking into it. (Source)
What would be an acceptable range though? 50% of the time in Defensive Stance? Only during Second Wind?
Ideally, when you're being offensive you're in Battle and when you're being beat on, you go Defensive. (Source)

When Warriors are decent and Viable, players spam QQ threads till we get nerfed back to CATA style Warrior... wheelchair mode.
Having said that, we agree with folks who felt warriors were too strong. We do want to keep them viable and fun though, (Source)
I think there is a tendency that once the biggest offenders are fixed then the next offender in line looks big. (Source)

I get the impression that people take a lot of your tweets more literally than the “25 hours/day 8 days/week” sense intended.
My conversational style has a lot of sarcasm and exaggeration, which don't translate well to Twitter. I'll learn. (Source) your recent & helpful discussion with the podcasting community helped provide an added layer of feedback. Well done.
Interviews always convey more info than tweets or forum posts (and help out the community too). (Source)

Why were the fully raid buffed DPS dummies not implemented on live servers - only PTR? Intention behind this?
We don't want players to obsess with theoretical DPS. Who wins a target dummy doesn't actually mean anything. On PTR it's to help us. (Source)

I'm worried that you've reached the end of what you can do with this graphics engine. Can you beat MOP in another xpack?
Have you seen at the graphic improvements between Cat and MoP? The engine isn't a static thing. They improve it continually. (Source)

Don't forget about EU bro! Hotfixes gone live for days on US are not live on EU! Hey, hey!
Not ideal, but it just depends on whether the servers need to be restarted or not. For serious fixes, we do rolling restarts. (Source)

Yes please don't go back to old model when all you do was sit in a city and queue. A lot of people LOVE MoP, silently.
Players tend to communicate more when they're unhappy than happy. Indifferent folks don't post to say they're indifferent. (Source)

Are you convinced "going slow" was the right design philosophy to put to players?
We are convinced that letting players finish the expansion in a couple of weeks is not good for the game. (Source)

What is the most underrepresented race/class combo? My bet is on Dwarf Mage.
That one and tauren priest are probably most rare. Monks of some races rare too. (Source)
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