Novi Pregled DoTA Battlegrounda, Dnevne Blue Teme

Novi Pregled DoTA Battlegrounda
Naš video zapis osvojio je sve velike gaming sajtove (VG24, WoWInsider, IGN), koji su pozdravili Defense of the Alehouse battleground.
Medjutim, video zapis je bio stvarno preview, kao da je i dalje u izradi ovaj Battleground. Medjutim to je bio problem manjak mog skilla u 3D Studio Maxu. Posle par provedenih sati, uspeo sam da sve sklopim i napravim 99% autentičan Video kako će ovaj Battleground da izgleda kada bude pušten na live test! Naravno na nekim modelima fale teksture, kao i samo nebo, ali ovo nam daje dobar izgled kako će ovaj Battleground da izgleda!
Dnevne Blue Teme
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Valor Points Cap Feedback
Im confused? You dont want people to feel like they have to cap every week? Why a cap then?
There will unfortunately always be people who feel like they have to reach the cap every week, and if there is no cap, then these people will make their own cap which is typically the maximum possible.

If we had set no cap, then the theoretical maximum of Valor Points possible to acquire in one week would serve as the cap instead... and reaching the theoretical maximum of Valor Points possible to acquire in one week would require a lot of time to play every single day. If that was the case, how do you think that would impact the people who are feeling that they are "forced" to reach the cap every week in order to maximise their gearing process? How do you think that would impact the people who are trying to gear up their alts? How would it impact the new player levelling a new character trying to catch up with his friends who invited him to the game? How would it impact the progress in guilds with a combination of members with a lot of free time to play and members with precious little time to play?

The cap is both a blessing and a curse. Some are glad it is there, some absolutely despise it and want it gone, some just want it lower, and some want it higher. We are trying to find the best spot for the cap to accommodate as many people as possible, but we cannot please everyone, and that is why the cap is always under constant evaluation. Community feedback on this topic is therefore also super important, as that will help the developers in their evaluations on whether or not the cap is in a good spot.

So in essence, the cap helps people that is driven by doing their best with the limited time on their hand, actually do other stuff thatnfarming valor.

Raising the cap would most likely just having people like me only do stuft that awards valor and then miss other aspects of the game entirely.

This is indeed one of the reasons why there is a cap, and why it is where it is currently.

If we are to lower or raise the cap, we will always need to consider if the people who will be pleased will outnumber the people who will be disappointed... it is not always an easy nor obvious call to make.

People trying to gear alts would welcome a limitless amount of valor per reset (No cap), essentially they'd be in total control of the character progress, one week they might not have as much time as the next, win / win.

A new player would also welcome limitless VP gain, he / she could gain ground in hours where friends aren't around, with the current system the new player is locked in whatever stage the person is behind those he's trying to catch up to.

If the overall goal with the VP was to accommodate as many as possible, then not having a cap would surely be the better option?
These are all very good points, and I would personally agree with you that limitless Valor Points would be a nice thing if it wasn't for the fact that they are intended as a supplement to the normal gearing process. We should not forget that there are more than one reason behind the cap.

If the acquisition of Valor Points became limitless as you suggest, then we would quickly find the situation to be one where gearing up through Valor Points no longer serves as a supplement to the normal gearing process through facing and defeating different tiers of content. If the acquisition of Valor Points became limitless, it would serve as the primary method of gearing up for a very large group of players (if not almost every player), thus the normal gearing process (through raiding for an example) would be circumvented. Also, limitless Valor Points would likely render everything but the latest content tiers mostly irrelevant, as the game would become all about farming Valor Points for gear through dailies. (Source)

Lesser Charm of Good Fortune
40 rolls is still a somewhat small sample size. It only means that you and your friends had some bad luck. As you can see from some of the replies from other players, some have got quite a few items from charms of good fortune, in the end, as the sample size gets bigger and you take into account the rolls of every player in the realm, it all evens out and the experimental drop rate gets closer and closer to the theoretical value that was in the code. (Source)

Blue Tweetovi
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
How is logging into alts to do the Blingtron daily a chore? It's less than 5 clicks basically.
How many alts do you have? What if they aren't all in the same place? Why is that a better design than just upping the first gift? (Source)

Are there plans to make the Valor of the Ancient buff account wide rather than realm wide? or is there a technical limitation?
It's a technical limitation. (Source)

Bank Space and stacking up items. What do you think about that? Bags are getting full ever since MoP came.
Yeah, we offered a lot of things like toys and cooking mats that fill up bags. (Source)

So, with helm enchants coming back in 5.2, can we get all the premop helm enchants that were removed back?
I think you are jumping to conclusions about the mechanic. Check it out in game first. (Source)
do you see a problem where only pvpers that pve will have this "legendary" head enchant? idc either way, jw.
Players are reading way too much into that patch note. It's not even a head enchant! (Source)

arguments against incentivizing 25m raid with same gear as 10m, but upgraded 1 of 2?
We considered it, but the problem is that the 10s couldn't upgrade their gear until 5.1, making 25s drop strictly better gear. (Source)

They didnt blew through content at the start. First tier of raiding and initial dungeons were not consumed fast
But those were content that many players felt were not for them. (Source)

Galleon respawns more freq in 5.2, can we say the same for Oondasta?
Let's just say that Oondasta is going to deliver on the rare and tough design we wanted from Galleon. We are prepared for tears. (Source)

In Cata dungeons seemed to prepare you for Raiding, mop it seems that their role Is gear Not challenging players to be better.
Challenging dungeons work well for groups of friends, not anonymous Dungeon Finder groups. (Source)
Challenging dungeons were the main cause of failure in the first half of Cata. They certain damaged cata more than tabards
Broader than that I think. Players blew through some content quickly and couldn't / weren't interested in other content. (Source)
But cata had other content. It had daily quests. don't understand why you think they'd be interested now?
Cataclysm's dailies were a totally different beast until the Molten Front quests, which were very popular. (Source)

Are there any plans to let players choose for which role they want drops in LFR? e.g queue as tank but get dps or heal-gear??
We would like to do that. Trying to design a suitable UI. (Source)

Not related to game design, but gf got kicked for low healing in a painless LFR run. 40 mintues gone for nothing. Need to rant
It boggles me when players get focused on hyper efficiency on content that doesn't demand it. (Source)

I'm coming back to WoW after a 6 year break. What's changed?
They found Mankrik's wife. (Source)

Pointing fingers at the people who made the game just like Jay? I thought you were better than that... (not really)
Most of the people who made vanilla are still here. They would also acknowledge hybrids had very narrow roles in vanilla. (Source)

5.2 patch notes are amazing for pvp. Who are you and what have you done with Chilton and Street?
They are bound and gagged in the basement, forced to play Axis and Allies until 5.2 ships. (Source)
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