Počela Prodaja Karata za Pretpremijeru Warcraft Filma u Srbiji


Veliko nam je zadovoljstvo da vas obavestimo da će 3D epska avantura "WARCRAFT – POČETAK" (WARCRAFT: THE BEGINNING) biti pretpremijerno prikazivana u odabranim bioskopima u periodu od 28. maja do 1. juna, 13 dana pre američkog starta.

Pretpremijerne projekcije biće održane u bioskopima Cineplexx Ušće Shopping Center, Cineplexx Delta City, Tuckwood Cineplex, Arena Cineplex (Novi Sad), Roda Cineplex , Cineplexx Kragujevac Plaza, Vilin Grad (Niš), Kupina Film (Niš), Cinestar Zrenjanin, Cinestar Pančevo, Cineplexx Mne Delta City (Podgorica) i Cadmus Cineplex (Budva).

Prodaja karata počinje danas u Cineplexxovim bioskopima,anarednih dana i u preostalima.

Vaučer sa kodom za igricu, koji je obezbedio Computerland, očekuje prvih 10 000 gledalacau periodu od 28. maja do 1. junau sledećim bioskopima:Cineplexx Ušće (4000 kom), Cineplexx Delta City (2000 kom.), Cineplexx Kragujevac (500 kom), Cineplexx Podgorica), Arena Cineplex (1800), Roda Cineplex (200 kom), Tuckwood Cineplex (1000 kom)!Vaučeri će biti uručeni na ulazu u dvoranu pre početka projekcije.

Pozivamo sve fanove da na vreme obezbede svoje karte za pretpremijerne projekcije, jer smo na ovakav bioskopski spektakl zaista dugo čekali.

Od 2. juna, film "WARCRAFT- POČETAK" stiže na redovni repertoar svih bioskopa, i biće dostupan u 2D i 3D tehnici.

Computerland, generalni distributer ©Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. za naše tržište, u saradnji sa Blizzard-om obezbedio je 10.000 kodova za kultnu igru World of Warcraft®  uz eksluzivne in-game skinove inspirisane filmom. Kod za igru obuhvata World of Warcraft® i sve ekspanzije do i uključujući Warlords of Draenor®, kao i besplatnu pretplatu u trajanju od mesec dana.www.computerlandgames.rs


Premijera Filma Warcraft - Početak 28 Maja! Rob Kazinski - Specijal o Snimanju Filma

Iz studija Legendary Pictures i Universal Pictures stiže „Warcraft: Početak“, epska avantura o sukobu nastalom zbog sudara svetova zasnovana na svetskom fenomenu Blizzard Entertainmenta.
Mirno carstvo Azerota stoji na ivici rata kad se njihova civilizacija suoči sa neustrašivom rasom osvajača: Ork ratnici beže iz svog doma koji je na rubu propasti i žele da kolonizuju drugi svet. Kad se portal otvori da spoji ova dva sveta, jedna vojska se suočava sa uništenjem, a druga sa nestankom. Sa ove dve zaraćene strane, dva heroja će krenuti jedan na drugog, a to će odrediti sudbinu njihovih porodica, njihovog naroda i njihovog doma.
Tako počinje spektakularna saga o moći i žrtvovanju u kojoj rat ima mnogo lica i gde se svako bori za nešto.
Rob Kazinski - Specijal o Snimanju Filma

Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods Izlazi 26 Aprila

Ovoga puta, je zvanično potvrdjeno od strane Blizzarda! Whispers of the Old Gods izlazi 26 Aprila!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Who’s got hundreds of eyes, dozens of appendages, and some rather interesting plans for the tavern? The Old Gods, of course! They’re eager to meet you, and offer you a horrifying delightful new perspective on Hearthstone!


Whispers of the Old Gods introduces 134 brand new, totally not corrupt cards that are sure to change your perception of the game… and the tavern… and possibly a lot of other things. The Old Gods are benevolent (we cannot stress that enough) entities of supreme power who have come to show everyone just how much fun everything can be when you relax, and stop worrying so much! Some of your favorite adversaries and allies from the tavern have already met the Old Gods, and are much, much better for it!

Hearthstone’s third expansion will be available to purchase via the in-game shop on April 26 in the Americas region for Windows and Mac PCs, iOS and Android Tablets, and mobile phones, and pre-purchased card bundles can be opened on the official release of Whispers of the Old Gods as well. Whispers of the Old Gods manifests in Europe and Asia on April 27.

Don’t forget! The pre-purchase period for Whispers of the Old Gods ends when the expansion goes live, so don’t miss out on your chance to secure an all-knowing, all-seeing, cosmically powerful bundle featuring 50 packs, and an out of this world card back.

Join us in welcoming our new Old God overlords!

World of Warcraft Legion Izlazi 30 Avgusta

Blizzard je objavio zvaničan datum izlaska Legion ekspenzije - 30 Avgusta!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

Defenders of the Alliance and the Horde—a great and ancient enemy has set its sights on Azeroth once more, and soon the land will be consumed in a storm of fel fire. On August 30, kingdoms will burn, heroes will fall, and the world will stand on the precipice of destruction with the launch of World of Warcraft: Legion!

All hellfire is about to break loose, so steel yourself for the return of the Burning Legion by pre-purchasing World of Warcraft: Legion digitally at www.wowlegion.com. Players who pre-purchase will receive an instant level-100 character boost, as well as unlock early access to the new Demon Hunter hero class prior to the expansion’s release.

Learn more about the sixth World of Warcraft expansion on our Legion site, and read the full press release.

Legion Holy Priest Spell Animacije, Order Hall Follower System, Blue Teme

Holy Priest Spell Animacije
Priest je u Legionu dobio par novih spell animacija, kao i vizualno unapredjene starih spell animacija. Izdvajamo najbitnije: Blessing of T'uure, Light of T'uure, Apotheosis, Symbol of Hope, i Shining Force
Order Hall Follower System
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
I completely understand the concerns. What you're currently seeing in Alpha are bits and pieces of a system that is still coming together, untuned and often even inconsistent between classes, without additional context. And as a result, there's also a fair bit of misinformation floating around (for example, the cap on active champions/followers is 6, not 20). We haven't published a full explanation of the system, because we're still working out a few of the details - that's the nature of Alpha. And of course in the absence of information, seeing an interface that looks a lot like a reskinned version of what you're used to in Draenor garrisons (followers -> champions, garrison resources -> order resources, etc.), it's easy to assume that this is just a continuation of the old system.

I'd like to at least shed light on some of our goals and philosophies, and the core ways in which Class Order missions in Legion are going to be very different from garrison missions in Warlords. The mission system in Warlords was conceived as a core part of the garrison experience, and a self-contained progression that offered rewards that competed with other traditional content.

We approached Legion unsure whether there would even be any continuation of mission gameplay at all. We focused instead on the artifact and class order systems, creating traditional content to provide the experience of forming a band of the greatest champions of your class to combat the Legion, with an eye towards class identity and replayability. We want your journey through the Broken Isles to feel meaningfully different in at least a few key ways depending on whether you are a mage, a warrior, a demon hunter, etc.

Once we had the backbone of our order systems in place - a campaign quest arc wherein you recruit champions to aid your cause, and an order hall tech tree where you research upgrades - we saw what seemed like a good fit for a version of the old mission gameplay to provide another outlet for leading the champions you've gathered, and spending the order resources you've earned out in the world. But it is far more limited in scope, and designed to be a much smaller piece of Legion than missions were in Warlords - it's serving a larger system, rather than trying to stand alone as a system in and of itself.

There are fewer followers (champions), fewer and less frequent missions; but more importantly, the system is more closely tied to the game world itself. Order resources come from playing the game normally, and will come primarily from doing World Quests at max level. If you get a "raid mission," it won't give you a piece of raid loot directly; it will give you a quest to kill a specific boss in that zone, in exchange for a bonus piece of loot. In general, from the ground up, missions in Legion are not intended to be an alternate progression path, or a self-contained activity. We don't think of them as "content." But they are a useful additional outlet to complement core traditional content, such as dungeons, outdoor questing, and raids.

We'll have more details to share in the future, but hopefully this helps clarify some of our broader goals and provides some context to what you may be seeing in game.
Blue Teme
Originally Posted by Blizzard 
Raid Testing Issues
Obviously we've been experiencing significant technical issues. We've been trying to diagnose them, but they're beyond the scope of anything that can be addressed in the short-term (infrastructure/back-end issues, as opposed to just a simple code bug that can be fixed). As such, we're canceling today's tests. They'll be rescheduled.

I realize it's frustrating to carve time out of your schedule and then be unable to actually play. If there were anything we could do to prevent this, we would, but an alpha/beta environment is inherently less stable and polished because of how things are changing constantly, both in obvious player-facing ways but also in terms of behind-the-scenes tech. I apologize, but I honestly can't say that it won't happen again - it might. The disclaimers that accompany each raid testing announcement aren't just empty words. (Source)

FEEDBACK: Mythic/Mythic+ Dungeons
Thanks for the great feedback so far, and lots of useful data. I haven't heard much about the Volcanic affix - any thoughts on how that one played out when it was active?

In the next build, Necrotic should stack a bit more slowly, but now also reduces absorbs taken as well as heals. Decay seems like it's probably more of a nuisance than an engaging challenge right now, yes? We're still thinking through possible changes with that one. Otherwise, the other affixes seem to have played out largely as envisioned, in terms of modifying gameplay.

We're keeping an eye on melee-unfriendliness concerns. We specifically avoided making any affixes that felt particularly punitive to melee players; it may be an issue with some specific Halls of Valor mechanics. It's fine if some bosses, or even some dungeons, are less favorable for certain specs or classes; it's not acceptable if the same specs are at a disadvantage in most or all of them, though.

Not much is likely to change in the next alpha build, but the next steps after that will be porting this system to the other 8 dungeons (Violet Hold will not be part of the keystone system - wave events and timers don't really play well together in a satisfying way). (Source)

Objavljeno Osam Novih Postera za Warcraft Film

Blizzard je danas objavio osam novih postera za Warcraft Film preko svoje nove stranice http://warcraftmovie.tumblr.com.
Warcraft Online 1-Sht Blackhand OV Warcraft Online 1-Sht Doomhammer OV Warcraft Online 1-Sht Durotan OV Warcraft Online 1-Sht Garona OV
 Blekhend - Uništitelj  Orgrim - Borac  Durotan - plemeniti poglavica Orka  Garona - Nepokorena
Warcraft Online 1-Sht Guldan OV Warcraft Online 1-Sht KingLlane OV Warcraft Online 1-Sht LadyTaria OV Warcraft Online 1-Sht Lothar OV
Guldan - Osvajač Kralj Lejn - Kralj Ratnik Ledi Tarija - Kraljica nade Lotar - ratni heroj

Poster za Warcraft Film, Protection Warrior Spell Animacije

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