Overwatch PTR Patch Informacije

Overwatch PTR dostupan je svim igračima, a na njemu možete da pogledate kako radi i istestirate Competitive mode.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

A new Overwatch patch is currently in development and now available for testing on the Public Test Region. For information on how to participate and what changes are included in the upcoming patch, read on below.

Mission details:


If you encounter any game-related bugs while playing the PTR, please post in the PTR Bug Report forum.

To participate in the public test, you must have an Overwatch game license for Windows PC attached your Battle.net account in good standing (i.e. it hasn't been suspended or banned). 

Step 1: Restart the Battle.net desktop app.
Step 2: Navigate to the Overwatch tab on the left-hand menu.
Step 3: Select "PTR: Overwatch" from the REGION/ACCOUNT drop-down menu.
Step 4: Click "Install" to begin the installation process.
Step 5: Once the PTR client is installed and updated, click "Play" to begin!

Note: In order to access the PTR, you must have installed Overwatch and logged into the game at least once. If the PTR is not available for you after following the steps above, trying logging into Overwatch, exiting the game client, and then launching the PTR again.


Q. On which platforms is the PTR available?
A. The PTR is available on Windows PC only. 


Q. What regions are eligible to participate in the PTR?
A. Accounts from all regions (excluding China) are eligible to participate; however, the PTR will be hosted on our Americas region. As a result, if you plan to play the PTR from a region outside the US, please anticipate lowered performance and increased latency. 


Q. Is there a cap to how many players can participate on the PTR?
A. The PTR can currently support 10k concurrent players (or players logged into the PTR at the same time). If we happen to reach this cap, any new players attempting to log in to the PTR will be placed into a queue.


Q. What languages will be supported on the PTR?
A. The PTR is available in all supported languages, though some content may not be fully localized yet.


Q. Will any account progress from the live game transfer over to the PTR with me, or do I need to start from scratch?
A. A copy of your account from the live game will be transferred over to the PTR automatically, and all progress will transfer over with it (level, unlocks, stats, etc). Please note that this copy is pre-made, though, and based on an earlier snapshot of your account.  As a result, depending on when you last played, your PTR account may not be as up-to-date as your live game account.


Q. Will any progress I make on the PTR transfer over to the live game? 
A. No. Any progression earned during the PTR—including levels, achievements, stats, skill ratings, loot boxes (including rewards from loot boxes), currency (including Competive Points), and cosmetic items unlocked with currency—will not transfer over to the live game.


Q. Will I be able to purchase Loot Boxes on the PTR?
A. No. All real-money purchases are disabled on the PTR. 


Q. Where can I share feedback about the upcoming patch content?
A. This iteration of the PTR is intended to make sure the upcoming patch is working correctly before it's released, so we'll be primarily focused on uncovering major bugs and technical issues. Though you are still welcome to share your feedback through our normal channels, it's unlikely that we'll be able to incorporate changes based on PTR feedback in this patch cycle.


Please note that the below patch notes only include changes available for testing on the PTR. While the PTR is PC-only, many of these changes will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the forthcoming retail patch. 


New Feature: Competitive Play
Once you hit level 25, you’ll have access to our newest feature: Competitive Play. This mode was designed to be a more serious experience, allowing players to hone their skills and perfect their strategies. But before diving into the fray, you’ll need to play 10 placement matches. These will allow our matchmaking system to gather enough information about your abilities to assign a skill rating.

With your newly acquired skill rating, you’ll be matched against players of a similar ability level. And if you play well and win games, the competition will become increasingly fierce throughout the two-and-a-half-month season. Plus, your performance will be rewarded with unique in-game items like sprays, player icons, and Competitive Points (which can be traded in for cosmetic Golden Weapons).

We’ve also made a number of changes to Overwatch's match format for Competitive Play. Some of these changes are simple interface changes, while others ensure that maps and modes don't favor one side or another—plus we’ve added a sudden death mechanic that ensures tied games are broken as fairly as possible. 

Because Competitive Play is more serious in nature, we want to make sure that player behavior is acceptable. This means that the penalties are more severe than in the Quick Play or Weekly Brawl! modes. Leaving a game early or stepping away from your computer will make you ineligible to join a game until the previous game has ended, and continued infractions could result in restrictions or removal from Competitive Play.


Gamepad Controls

  • Players can now swap the left and right sticks on a control pad
  • "Legacy" controls option has been added:
    • Left stick up/down moves forward/backward
    • Left stick left/right turns left/right
    • Right stick up/down aims up/down (these can be inverted)
    • Right stick left/right strafes left/right
    • Sticks can also be switched
  • Improved dead-zone controls, giving players increased accuracy during off-center and diagonal stick movement


  • When activating Widowmaker's Ultimate ability, Infra-Sight, her voice line will now be audible map-wide
  • "Weapons" section added to the Hero Gallery
  • Added McCree as an AI hero in Practice vs. AI, Play vs. AI, and Custom Game modes
  • Added a variety of a social options to the hero selection and end of match screens
  • Removed the "Avoid This Player" option from the in-game UI



  • Fixed a bug that would cause players’ weapons to auto-snap straight up or down when the crosshair was aimed between 85 and 90 degrees
  • Fixed a bug that caused players who backfilled and then completed a game to sometimes receive a loss on their Career Profile and not receive their XP bonus for backfilling
  • Fixed a bug that would move players toward the source of a knockback rather than away from it
  • Fixed a bug that caused Hearthstone-themed sprays to ignore localization
  • Fixed several framerate issues that could occur when cycling through the hero selection menu
  • Fixed a variety of issues with and made several improvements to ambient lighting 
  • Made some improvements to how AI heroes respond to one another 
  • Made a variety of performance and optimization improvements across the game
  • Unicode keys for non-English keyboards are now displayed properly in the keybinding interface


  • Players can no longer be resurrected in out-of-play areas on Ilios


  • Fixed a bug with the "Junkrat RIP-Tire Kills—Average" lifetime statistic
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause projectiles to hit Reinhardt instead of his Barrier Field in non-High Bandwidth games
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Torbjörn to pick up Scrap while dead

Warrior Tier 19 Armor Set, Patch 6.2.4 Hotfixevi - 17 Jun

Warrior Tier 19 Armor Set
Danas imamo prilike da Vam prikažemo kako izleda Warrior Tier 19 Armor Set, koji nam dolazi u novom nastavku World of Warcraft: Legion.
Patch 6.2.4 Hotfixevi - 17 Jun
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Bug Fix
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from opening Titanium Lockbox or have no loot when opened.

Legion Beta Key Giveaway

legion beta key
Sa World of Warcraft Legion-om koji nam izlazi 30 Avgusta, zajedno sa Blizzardom napravili smo Giveaway gde ćemo podeliti 80x Legion Beta Ključeva.
Ukoliko želite da učestvujete i da probate da osvojite Legion beta ključ potrebno je uraditi sledeće:
Pošto World of Warcraft Legion nastavak ima svoju karakterističnu temu, moraćete da budete malo kreativni, i napravite jedan screenshot u igri sa vašim karakterom i nekim sadržajem koji će podsećati na Legion.

Bez brige: svaki nalog, uključujući trial, može ovo da izvede. Jednostavno napravite vaš Trial nalog ili se logujete u postojeći koji imate i možete da napravite novog karaktera kojeg možete da levelujete do 20 nivoa. Svratite do najbliže sredine koja malo podseća na Legion i uradite print screen. Jednostavno na našem forum topicu ovde okačite sliku i sačektajte da se prijave za Legion Beta Key Giveaway završi 21 Juna! 22 Juna planirano je izvlačenje koje će biti uradjeno preko http://www.random.org sajta.
Primer screenshota:
  • Zar nije lepa ova Fel zelena boja? Imate je skoro svuda u Outlandu, Draenoru i Azerothu!
  • Da li znate da će demon hunteri biti nova klasa u nastavku? Koje neprijatelje oni ubijaju? Demone? Postavite nam sliku nekog demona.
  • Da li pratite priču World of Warcrafta? Prikažite nam nekog od vodja ili glavnih likova koji će se pojaviti u Legionu.
Srećni dobitnici primiće privatnu poruku na forumu, i imaće rok od 48 sati da nam se jave kako bi dobili svoj Beta Key. Sljanje beta ključeva isključivo biće odradjeno preko foruma.
Sva pitanja u vezi Legion Beta Key giveaway možete postaviti na forumu ovde.
Osnovna Pravila Legion Beta Key Giveaway:
  • Prijave za giveaway kreću 14. Juna 2016 - Vaš kretivni postavite na forumu ovde.
  • Giveaway se završava 21. Juna 2016 - 23h:59m:59sec
  • Izvlaćenje srečnih dobitnika: 22. Juna - Izvlačenje ćemo odratiti preko random.org sajta.
  • Zabranjeno je pravljene duplih naloga kako bi se povećala šansa za izvlačenje
  • Ukoliko isti korisnik dva puta postavi screenshot, isti će biti obrisan.
  • Ukoliko budete izvučeni kao srećni dobitnik, 22-23 Juna poslaćemo Vam privatnu poruku preko foruma, na koju ćete morati da odgovorite u roku od 48 sati kako bi ste dobili Beta Key. Ukoliko zakasnite daćemo nekom drugom ispod crte.

As the new Legion expansion is around the corner, we want to give you the chance to meet and know the new content in the beta phase. We are giving away 80x Legion beta Keys.
If you want to participate in the giveaway for a beta key, you must do the following:
As Legion has a characteristic appearance, you must raise your creative mind and take a screenshot in game that fits with it!
Don't worry: any account, even trial, is able to do it. Just use your account or create a trial one, and go to some place with something related to any aspect of next Legion expansion.
  • Isn't beautiful that fel green color? From landscapes to goblins, is everywhere around the world!
  • Do you know there will be demon hunters in the new expansion? what will they hunt? demons? show us a picture of some demons to add to our collection of fancy and scary things.
  • Are you into lore? Do you know who will not be present in new expansion, or who will be more present in new expansion? Take the chance to take a picture with him/her before time pass and you miss the opportunity!
Show us your best screenshot with something related to the new Legion expansion, and have the chance to win a beta key to enjoy its contents before it was released! Post your creative screenshot here.
People must send only 1 screenshot; If they send more than one, only the last one will be taken into account.
Keys will be raffled with "random.org" among all participants, to grant equality for all and no advantage of any kind
No personal decision or selection will be made; just the result from "random.org"
  • Your Legion Inspired Screenshot should be posted on the forum here
  • People must send only 1 screenshot; If you send more than one, only the last one will be taken into account.
  • We will ban users if we detect that they make two or more accounts to post screenshots, so they have better chance to win.
  • Giveaway starts 14th Jun 2016, and it ends 21st Jun 2016 23h:59min:59sec
  • We will use random.org website to get the winers, no personal decision or selection will be made; just the result from "random.org"
  • 22-23th Jun we will announce the winners, and you will receive message on our private message forum that you are the winner. You will have 48 hours to reply back so we can send you the Legion Beta Key. If you late with the reply after 48 hours we will give someone else your Legion Beta Key.

Warcraft Movie - Duncan Jones Intervju

Vanion i WoWChakra imali su prilike da urade intervju sa Duncan Jones u vezi Warcraft Filma.
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
  • The movie had to meet the high expectations of the fans, but also appeal to people beyond the fanbase.
  • The cut of the film was very aggressive to keep the story moving.
  • If the chance arises to tell more stories, Jones would prefer to do two more movies and then pass on the torch to someone else so that he could see the later stores and enjoy them as a fan.
  • Thrall would be an interesting character to focus on in one of the next two movies.
  • Hopefully by the end of the third movie, the Orcs would have a new home.
  • One of the biggest challenges was the duration of the movie production. It took almost three and a half years of his time, much longer than any of his other movies.
  • There is enough footage to make an extended edition if there is enough demand for it.
  • Jones wanted to get the audience to care about the Orcs first, then the Humans.

Warlords of Draenor sada deo Battlechesta, Promo Detalji Warcraft Filma

Warlords of Draenor sada deo Battlechesta
Warlords of Draenor je uklonjen sa Blizzard Shopa jer je dodat u World of Warcraft Battlechestu. Svi nalozi koji nisu imali Warlords of Draenor sada treba da imaju u okviru svog WoW naloga.
Promo Detalji Warcraft Filma
Blizzard je napkon objavio promociju za svoj Warcraft film. Ceo blog post možete pročitati ovde.

Bioskopi (Gde je moguće dobiti promo wow digitalni ključ):

World of Warcraft Legion Beta Patch Informacije

Kao što je i najavljeno danas treba da počne zvaničan World of Warcraft Beta Test! Blizzard je zbog toga danas objavio sveže Beta patch informacije.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Welcome to the World of Warcraft Legion Beta! This is an early look at the patch notes for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion: Legion. If you’d like to participate in the testing process, be sure to opt-in to future beta tests from our Beta Profile page; check the box next to the games you're interested in testing.

Beta Reminder: Content in the Legion Beta Test are still in-development and details may be subject to change before release of the live game. Not all of the content listed may be available for testing or may only be available during a limited testing windows during the Beta. Keep an eye on the Beta forums for more information when specific tests may be taking place.

New Hero Class: Demon Hunter
Dominate your foes as a Demon Hunter, an elven outcast shunned for daring to wield the terrible powers of demons in order to combat the Legion. Exhibiting superior mobility, great martial prowess, and a preternatural ability to detect demons. Demon Hunters can tap into forbidden powers at times of dire need, metamorphosing into terrifying demonic forms. Demon Hunters may choose between two specializations:

  • Havoc: This damage-dealing specialization allows you to demolish any who stand in your way with fiery demonic attacks that emphasize rapid melee strikes and battlefield mobility.
  • Vengeance: This tanking specialization allows you to go toe-to-toe with even the most powerful demons, withstanding massive punishment by channeling the pain of battle and the souls of your enemies.

New Starting Experience for Demon Hunters
  • Start your journey as a member of Illidan’s most elite disciples, an Illidari. Venture out from the Black Temple to lead an assault on the Legion world of Mardum in a desperate attempt to recover the key to defeating the Legion, even as the heroes of Azeroth march against the Black Temple and Illidan.

Level Cap Increased to 110
  • Level cap for characters has been increased to 110.

New Continent: The Broken Isles
Brave the epicenter of the demon invasion—the Broken Isles, a land rich with ancient wonders. Explore lush forests, colossal mountain ranges, storm swept cliffs, and night elven cities older than human civilization. But beyond the Legion’s marauding army, native dangers lurk here too: twisted satyrs, savage drogbar, and cursed Kvaldir are but a few of the danger’s awoken by the return of the Burning Legion.
Explore the Broken Isles with areas such as:
  • Azsuna
  • Val’sharah
  • Highmountain
  • Stormheim
  • Suramar

Wield Powerful Artifacts
Wield weapons of legend against the Burning Legion. Set out on quests to claim the myth-forged artifact weapons for your class, then grow their power as you continue their legend. Your choices will change their abilities, appearances, and carry them to new heights of power. Fashion your artifacts into the perfect instrument of battle for your specialization, and guide your faction in its most desperate hour.

Class Halls and Champions
Claim a Class Hall unique to your class. Recruit champions and armies into your order to send on missions and fight along your side on the Broken Isles.

Missions and Champions
  • Class Campaigns: Unlock an epic class-specific story that takes your character through a variety of content in the expansion as you seek out new champions to join your order in the fight against the Legion.
  • Combat Allies: Call upon mighty champions to assist you in combat either as bodyguards or through powerful call-down abilities.
  • Order Advancement: Research improvements to your armies and champions as well as personal, class-themed perks.

New Dungeons
Ten new dungeons are available in Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties.

New Raids
Two new raids to challenge the mightiest heroes of Azeroth as you try to combat the Legion invasion and the effects it’s had on the native inhabitants of the Broken Isles.
  • The Emerald Nightmare
  • The Nighthold

New World Bosses
  • Challenge yourself against ten new deadly world bosses located throughout the Broken Isles.

World Scaling
  • Forge your own path through The Broken Isles. Level-up zones no longer have level ranges and instead creatures, foes, and rewards scale to your character level allowing you to play through those zones and their dungeons at any level. Zone and dungeon content will still be both challenging and rewarding at any level and allows you to play with friends seamlessly even if your levels are far apart. The max-level zone of Suramar awaits adventurers at the end of their journey.

World Quests
  • World Quests send players out on a variety of quests such as defeating world bosses, world PvP, special dungeon activities, crafting for a profession, story-driven content and more.
  • World Quests become available for characters that reach level 110 and are displayed on the map to see what's available in each zone.
  • World Quests rotate throughout the day and over longer periods of time as well.
  • Emissary quests become available upon reaching level 110 as well. Emissary quests are a daily call for help from a specific faction in Legion.
  • Completing missions in support of a faction from which you have an emissary quest awards a lucrative cache of loot.

Revamped PvP Progression and Honor System
  • Honor Points and Conquest Points have been removed as a currency. At level 110 players now receive Honor for completing PvP objectives or scoring Honorable Kills. Additionally, players at all levels who complete PvP battlegrounds are awarded a cache that can contain equipment, gold, and transmogrification tokens appropriate for their level along with artifact experience once they’ve obtained their artifact weapon.
  • Earning Honor increases your Honor Level. Increasing your Honor level unlocks Honor Talents which can provide passive bonuses and new abilities that are enabled whenever players engage in PvP combat (including out in the world).
  • Players at Honor Level 50 can receive a special reward (a mount, a title, a pet, or a toy) and can Prestige. Electing to Prestige will increase the player's Prestige Level by 1, unlock a special PvP badge, and reset their Honor Level.
  • Items that were purchased using Honor or Conquest are now available for purchase with Marks of Honor that can be earned from Battlegrounds, Arenas, and Skirmishes.
  • Learn more about upcoming PvP changes in our Legion PvP Preview.

Equalized PvP Gear
  • Gear has been normalized in PvP combat. Characters entering a Skirmish Arena, Battleground, Rated Arena, Rated Battleground, or Ashran now receive an aura called Principles of War.
  • Principles of War removes all stats gained from gear (Strength, Stamina, Haste, etc.), disables gear related bonuses (like trinket effects and set bonuses), and gives the character stats based on their specializations, and increases based on overall item level. The goal is to provide a much more finely tuned and balanced PvP experience.

  • The pennant attached to the back of characters now changes its appearance based on the player’s best rating in the Arena bracket.

  • Characters below level 110 winning a Battleground are now awarded Crates of Battlefield Goods. The crate contains a piece of armor appropriate for the character’s level and specialization with a chance for the crate to contain additional rewards such as weapons or relics.

New Transmogrification Collections System: Appearances
  • New Collection tab: Appearances
  • Unlock new appearances by collecting Soulbound weapons and armor your character can equip.
  • Unlocked appearances are account-wide and usable for transmogrification by other characters that can equip the item.
  • When first logging into a character after Patch 7.0, the appearances of appropriate items in your bags, bank, and Void Storage are learned automatically. Additional appearances will be unlocked based on previously-completed quests.
  • Transmogrifiers located in most major cities have been improved with additional features.
    • Got a look that you like? Save the entire transmogrification set as an outfit. Create and swap between outfits at the Transmogrifier.
    • Additionally, transmogrifications can now be associated with your current specialization. Your outfit automatically changes when switching specializations if you so desire.
    • Added a new option to hide shoulders.
    • The option to hide helmets, cloaks, and shoulders has been moved into the transmogrification system.

New Boosted Character Experience

New Hero Class: Demon Hunter
  • Newly boosted characters will receive a lesson on the basics of how to play their new class, as they embark on an airship heading towards the Broken Shore.

Class Trials
  • Try out a new level 100 character before consuming a Boost with the new Class Trials! Class Trials allows a player to create a new level 100 character, learn how to play the class, and get to experience what it feels like to play the class and their artifact weapon.
  • At the end of the trial experience the character is saved but locked. Players can use a character Boost to unlock the character and keep the character permanently.

Raids and Dungeons

Mythic Dungeons and Keystones
  • Mythic difficulty is available for all Legion dungeons. Players who complete a Mythic dungeon may earn a Mythic Keystone pointing to a random Legion dungeon, enabling access to progressively more challenging levels of difficulty, with commensurate rewards.
  • Completing a Mythic Keystone dungeon within the specified time limit awards a higher-level Keystone, pointing to a new random Legion dungeon, and allowing its holder to access an even higher difficulty and reward level.
  • At higher Mythic levels, random modifiers are introduced, transforming the rules of the dungeon and the way you play to provide a dynamic experience.
  • At the beginning of each weekly instance reset period, players receive a special reward based on the highest Mythic level completed in the prior week.

  • Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj now resets daily instead of every 3 days.

Items and Itemization

  • In an effort to reduce the amount of gear swapping between specializations, the following changes have been made.
  • Multistrike has been removed. Items that had multistrike have had it replaced with another secondary stat.
  • Trinkets obtained from Raids, PvP, and world drops in Warlords were overtuned and have been brought back to intended power levels.
  • Set bonuses for item sets from expansions prior to Warlords of Draenor have been deactivated, though the text describing their former function still remains.

Legendary Items
  • Legendary items drop from places all throughout Legion. In addition to stats, these items confer powerful effects and modify abilities. Only a limited number of them can be equipped at a time.
  • Check out the new Loot tab in the Dungeon Journal to see which Legendary items are out there for you!

Character Changes

Specialization System Changes
  • Characters can now change between any of their specializations at most any time for a progressive gold cost. Action bar configurations are saved for each specialization. As a result, Dual Specialization has been removed.
  • Characters can queue up as any role that is available to their class and will automatically switch to the suitable specialization when entering the Dungeon, Raid, Battleground, or Arena without any gold cost. For example, a paladin might be questing as Retribution but queue up in Dungeon Finder as a Tank. When the paladin enters the dungeon, they will automatically switch to Protection.

Updates to Combat Visuals and Audio
  • Updated and improved on the animations, visual effects, and audio on core combat interactions like auto-attacks as well as many melee class abilities.

Talent System Changes
  • Players are now able to switch talents while out of combat without the need for reagents.

Glyph System Changes
  • The Glyph panel has been removed from the game. Some minor glyphs that had a cosmetic effect that does not apply to a specific spell have been converted into cosmetic items that provide the same effects as before.
  • Some minor glyphs that made cosmetic alterations to a specific spell have been added to the spell itself in the spellbook.

Draenor Perks Removed
  • Draenor Perks have been removed from the game.

Armor Changes
  • Hunters and Shaman can now equip Mail armor from level 1 (down from level 40).
  • Warriors and Paladins can now equip Plate armor from level 1 (down from level 40).
  • New Mail and Plate reward options have been added to low level quests.

Racial Abilities
  • Every Man for Himself now removes all Stun effects and shares a 30-second cooldown with other items or abilities that have a similar effect.

Class Changes
All classes and specializations have undergone changes to abilities and mechanics. Check out our class preview logs for a better understanding on the thought process behind these changes.

  • Overview
  • Death Knight
  • Druid
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Warrior


Toy Box
  • A number of items with novel effects have been converted for inclusion in the Toy Box.
  • Orb of Deception now lets the character retain features like armor that’s worn when transforming.
  • New toy: Soft Foam Sword, sold by Jepetto Joybuzz. The toy mortally wounds (but does not kill) an enemy of trivial difficulty.

  • Increase profession skills to an increased cap of 800.
  • Hundreds of new recipes and patterns have been added.
  • Profession content is more closely tied to the world. Many of recipes will be learned by completing quests, finding hidden trainers, and going on adventures out in the Broken Isles.
  • Recipes can now have multiple ranks. As you become more skilled in your profession, you will learn to craft or gather more efficiently.
  • Equipment limits on the amount of crafted gear that can be worn have been removed.
  • The Obliterum Forge, unlocked with a questline at level 110, will allow players to destroy their crafted gear and obtain Obliterum. Obliterum, in turn, can be used to make crafted gear more powerful.

  • Major glyphs, along with many minor glyphs, have been converted or removed from the game.
  • Scribes can now craft Vantus Runes, a consumable item that allows a player to perform more effectively against one particular raid boss each week.

  • Character nameplates have been reworked and have been upgraded to show class resources. Players may select a larger version of these nameplates from within the Interface Options menu.
  • Enemy nameplates now provide additional information on status effects.
  • Added class resource bars that display directly underneath your character.
  • The character sheet has been trimmed down, though fully verbose stats are still available via the API.
  • Interface options have changed and been further streamlined.
  • Tab targeting logic has been reworked, and should now behave in a more consistent and predictable manner.
  • A buff icon has been added to make it easier to tell when a character has XP gain disabled.

  • The maximum amount of gold that can be held at once has been increased to 9,999,999 gold. Guild bank maximum has also been increased to 9,999,999 gold.
  • Maximum number of characters on a realm has increased to 12.

Graphics Engine
  • Maximum draw distance has been extended greatly for Legion content.
  • 5 additional levels of graphics presets have been added with 3 above the previous ‘Ultra’ setting.
  • More advanced rendering techniques for fog have been added.
  • Modern techniques for rendering color and other post-effects have been added.

Počela Prodaja Karata za Pretpremijeru Warcraft Filma u Srbiji


Veliko nam je zadovoljstvo da vas obavestimo da će 3D epska avantura "WARCRAFT – POČETAK" (WARCRAFT: THE BEGINNING) biti pretpremijerno prikazivana u odabranim bioskopima u periodu od 28. maja do 1. juna, 13 dana pre američkog starta.

Pretpremijerne projekcije biće održane u bioskopima Cineplexx Ušće Shopping Center, Cineplexx Delta City, Tuckwood Cineplex, Arena Cineplex (Novi Sad), Roda Cineplex , Cineplexx Kragujevac Plaza, Vilin Grad (Niš), Kupina Film (Niš), Cinestar Zrenjanin, Cinestar Pančevo, Cineplexx Mne Delta City (Podgorica) i Cadmus Cineplex (Budva).

Prodaja karata počinje danas u Cineplexxovim bioskopima,anarednih dana i u preostalima.

Vaučer sa kodom za igricu, koji je obezbedio Computerland, očekuje prvih 10 000 gledalacau periodu od 28. maja do 1. junau sledećim bioskopima:Cineplexx Ušće (4000 kom), Cineplexx Delta City (2000 kom.), Cineplexx Kragujevac (500 kom), Cineplexx Podgorica), Arena Cineplex (1800), Roda Cineplex (200 kom), Tuckwood Cineplex (1000 kom)!Vaučeri će biti uručeni na ulazu u dvoranu pre početka projekcije.

Pozivamo sve fanove da na vreme obezbede svoje karte za pretpremijerne projekcije, jer smo na ovakav bioskopski spektakl zaista dugo čekali.

Od 2. juna, film "WARCRAFT- POČETAK" stiže na redovni repertoar svih bioskopa, i biće dostupan u 2D i 3D tehnici.

Computerland, generalni distributer ©Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. za naše tržište, u saradnji sa Blizzard-om obezbedio je 10.000 kodova za kultnu igru World of Warcraft®  uz eksluzivne in-game skinove inspirisane filmom. Kod za igru obuhvata World of Warcraft® i sve ekspanzije do i uključujući Warlords of Draenor®, kao i besplatnu pretplatu u trajanju od mesec dana.www.computerlandgames.rs


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