Godišnji nastavak - Neostvariv cilj ?

Odgovor koji smo dobili u vezi nagoveštaja izlaska Expension-a za World of Warcraft svake godine je loša ideja. To je sve zbog lošeg balansa u igri kao i da i dalje postoje dosta grešaka u igrici koji moraju da se isprave. Blizzard dodaje...

No one has retired. The company is still working on many things and will continue to do so. Without forward progress, games tend to stagnate no matter how perfectly balanced or bug free they are. There is also much more story to tell in the World of Warcraft. I'm pretty sure the Creative Development team is looking forward to telling it, and the Development team is looking forward to bringing it to life. Will we meet one expansion per year? Who knows. We intend to release quality as we always have and if that means more time, then so be it.

You may think everyone is off partying somewhere but I can assure you, everyone is still very hard at work. Bug fixes, balancing and new content are all ongoing projects. We don't just have five people sitting alone in a room doing everything. We have many teams working on many things at once in order to continue making this the best MMORPG it can be. Whether you agree with whether we are achieving this or not is up to you to decide for yourself. We can't tell you what to believe only what we know we are doing and continuing to do.

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