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Malthael live, nova ranked sezona, nova rotacija

Malthael live, nova ranked sezona, nova rotacija
Malthael je live, posle PTR server faze, nije izmenjen i u igri deluje balansirano i situaciono dobar. Nova rotacija mapa je tu zajedno sa početkom nove ranked sezone, a sve ovo prati i novi in-game event. Tu su i razne druge sitnice i izmene koje možete bolje pogledati na KlanRUR-u!

BEAST ovog vikenda!

BEAST ovog vikenda!
Ovog vikenda, 5. marta 2017. u Domu Omladine od 12h će se održati prva regionalna eSports konferencija, sa ciljem edukacije i umrežavanja ljudi u eSportu. Ako ste igrač, streamer, caster, host, ili samo zaljubljenik u eSport i profesionalni gejming, dodatne detalje potražite na KlanRUR-u!

Blizzard sprema novi patch za Bastiona

Blizzard sprema novi patch za  Bastiona
Konačno malo ljubavi za Bastiona! Od OP heroja na početku do zaboravljene gomile gvožđa koju su svi "provalili", Bastionov put je bio pokriven rđom! Blizzard je sada odlučio da ga vrati u metu i priredi mu "generalku" a koje su to promene spremili za ovog miroljubivog Terminatora, pogledajte na KlanRUR-u!

Skandal sa varanjem na Hearthstone duelu Amerike i Kine

Skandal sa varanjem na Hearthstone duelu Amerike i Kine
Za vikend je odigran treći duel između Kine i Severne Amerike u Hearthstoneu, i ovaj put tamnu mrlju na okršaj su bacile optužbe o varanju između kineskih komentatora i igrača.

Naime, optužbe su pale od strane američkog tima da su kineski igrači nekoliko puta na sugestiju komentatora u vidu vikanja i izazivanja buke, igrali Dirty Rat karte koje bi inače bile nelogičan potez, ali u ovom slučaju, oduzimajući bitne karte američkim igračima.
Detalje o ovom duelu između Kine i NA, pogledajte na KlanRUR-u!

Blizzard Šalje Poklone Vetaran Igračima, Patch 6.0.3 Hotfixevi - 15 Januar

Blizzard Šalje Poklone Vetaran Igračima
Izgleda da Blizzard planira da pošalje fizičke poklone igračima koji imaju naloge 10 godina. Par igrača već je primilo informaciju da su im poslati paketi iz Blizzarda i da im stižu sutra na kućnu adresu! Support artikl je bio takodje aktivan u vezi ovoga, medjutim vrlo brzo je uklonjen. Nismo upoznati da li su zahtevi sa support artikla jedini koji su potrebni kako bi bili svrstani u veteran igrače. Medjutim, igrači koji su dobili email da im je poslat paket od Blizzarda, bili su pretplaćeni u WoW-u skoro punih 10 godina.

Ukoliko smatrate da ste vi u toj grupi igača, a niste dobili email, ne brinite! Ovo još nije zvanično najavljeno niti potvrdjeno! Jedine informacije o pošiljkama igrači su dobili putem UPS kurirske službe. Blizzard nije poslao nijedan e-mail.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Tenth Anniversary Physical Gift
As a way of thanking our loyal World of Warcraft players, we will send a physical gift to players who have been playing with us since the beginning. Players who are eligible have received an email at the address listed on their accounts. If you did not receive that email, your account is not eligible for this gift.

These gifts were sent to physical addresses of eligible registered accounts. To be eligible for this gift, a player must have created a World of Warcraft account within 60 days of the game's release in America or Europe.

Eligible players in America have received tracking information for the shipment of the gift. Eligible players in Europe will receive tracking information when your gifts are sent throughout the month. If the shipping address in the email is incorrect, you will need to contact us with the updated address.

Patch 6.0.3 Hotfixevi - 15 Januar
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
  • Paladin
    • Protection
      • Reduced the damage of Seal of Truth for Protection Paladins by 80%. Protection Paladins should primarily use Seal of Insight for defensive value.
      • [Currently in Testing]Seraphim now grants 750 of each stat for Protection Paladins (down from 1000).

Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts
  • Garrison Campaign
    • Garrison Campaign quests can now be found in the quest log under the "Garrison Campaign" category.

Bug Fixes
  • Classes
    • Warlock
      • Fixed an issue in in which glyphs could cause crowd controlled (cc'd) targets to have Damage Over Time spells (DoTs) removed which would cause stored Soul Swap DoT's to be removed from Warlocks.
  • Garrisons
    • Invasions
      • Corrected a bug in which Horde players weren't receiving credit toward the "It's an Invasion!" and "Invasion Specialist" Achievements for completing the introductory invasion quest.
    • Buildings
      • Mine
        • Miners now continue working after midnight instead of taking an unscheduled coffee break.

Artcraft - Updated Facial Customization

Blizzard je upravo objavio blog gde možemo videti progres u opcijama prilagodjavanja lica karaktera.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Hello, and welcome to Artcraft! I’m your host Chris Robinson, art director of World of Warcraft, and today we’re going to tackle something I know a lot of you have been looking forward to: facial customization options.

Artcraft - Updated Facial Customization

When we began working on the updated character models, we knew it would be a huge project, and we weren’t sure we could do it all at once. The idea originally was that a few races would be available at launch, and all the others would be patched in throughout the course of the expansion. While it wouldn’t have been ideal to see a mix of lower-quality and higher-quality models running around side by side, it did seem like the most realistically achievable solution at that time. Since then, though, we’ve committed ourselves to getting all of the original character models in by launch. It’s been a monumental challenge for us, but we think the effort is worth it, and the finish line is nearly in sight.

Our next big focus is doing justice to the facial options. With the original models and their simplistic geometry and low-resolution textures, a lot of facial expressions were simply painted on. Now that we’ve moved to higher-polygon models with lips, teeth, and fully articulated faces—not to mention higher-resolution textures—recreating those same facial options isn’t as simple as painting them onto a flat surface. Previously, to get a sneer out of a model, you’d just paint a sneer on its face, and that was that. To do it correctly now—and make it look great—we have to fully pose a sneer, create a custom texture, and mesh that base pose with all of the existing emotes and animations.

These more detailed face customization options were also originally part of our earlier “update-as-we-patch” rollout plan. Our initial idea was to release the new models with their base face, and then add additional options in updates over the course of the expansion. Again, that plan was based on the sheer amount of work involved in creating what are effectively all-new races (art-wise) on top of all of the art a big expansion like this one generally requires. But stepping back, we came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t going to be a good experience to have everyone playing with the same face geometry and a slight texture change, not knowing what their character would really look like until some later patch. In the end, we decided it would be best to tackle all of a race’s facial options at once. Up to this point, you’ve seen one facial geometry set, but very soon you’ll start seeing more finished products for each option in upcoming beta builds.

The original Dwarf model (left) has his teeth painted directly on his upper lip to give him a snarl. With the new models, which have fully modeled and textured teeth, a simple paint job just isn’t an option—it would look terrible. In the middle, you can see what that same sneer looks like right now in the beta test; on the right is what you’ll see in an upcoming beta build.

On the left, we have a pair of original Orc faces. The second column represents what you’re seeing right now in the beta build, showing texture variation but the same facial geometry. The third column shows a posing rig to demonstrate how we’re customizing each of the face appearances further. On the far right, you can see the final product.

We’re working hard to ensure all of the updated character models have the high level of quality you expect from us, and that we expect from ourselves. This revamp is a truly enormous project that we care deeply about, and we know you feel the same. We’re looking forward to seeing all of these new, high-quality, awesome-looking models running around Azeroth, and we hope you enjoy seeing the characters you know and love in a whole new light.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

Zabrinutost Podrške u Igri, Kraj Beta Sezone 3

Zabrinutost Podrške u Igri
Zeriyah je odgovorio na zabrinutost igrača oko podrške u igri koju imaju.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Sorry you're experiencing some overall frustrations with Hearthstone. I hope I can help alleviate some of your concerns.

First off, we're absolutely committed to supporting Hearthstone. We're hiring more people to meet the demand that we've seen from the community, and our development team is working really, really hard to bring an epic experience to everyone that plays the game. When we said we weren't anticipating major changes, we were referring to card balance. If we need to make changes to systems, we will do so as needed.

There's a lot of fun to be had in the Arena, and the randomness that is present there is just a part of the overall experience. Drafting a Legendary or two doesn't automatically spell victory there, and bothdeck-building decisions and decisions made within each game takes a great part in achieving victory. There are a lot of great guides out there and many helpful players that are willing to share their knowledge.

We have a lot of interest in feedback. In fact, all of our forums are just one of those hubs for Hearthstone feedback! There are a lot of valuable posts here, and we communicate concerns and player feedback to the developers every day. Just because we do not implement every suggestion that is posted to the board does not mean we are not listening. In fact, we've been doing an awful lot of listening lately. There's a lot of feedback to get through. We're also keeping an eye on social media pages and third party sites as well. If someone posts something about Hearthstone, we want to know about it.

We're always monitoring card balance, and all of the factors that may be involved in it. Whether it's keeping an eye on tournament results at the highest levels of play or at any place within the Ranked Play ladder, we know what's up. We've mentioned this before, but the meta is a shifting, evolving thing, and will continue to change even now.

With all that said, we've got some stuff coming up that we'll be able to share more in-depth soon.
Kraj Beta Sezone 3
Beta sezone 3 je sinoć zvanično završena.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

Thank you for helping us test our third Ranked Play season! This season is intended to conclude at 11:59 PM PST on February 28th for the North American region and at 11:59 PM CET on February 28th for the European region, so be sure to wrap up your climb up the ladder before that date. Once the season is over, everyone’s ranking will be reset back to Rank 25, and Test Season 4 will begin!

Be sure to continue reporting bugs on our Bug Report forum here, and give us your feedback on Ranked Play mode on our general discussion forum here
Check out the current standings of Test Season 3 here
Thank you for helping us test Ranked Play mode!
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