Blizzcon Transmog Samo za PC, 50% Popusta za Diablo 3 i Reaper of Souls!

Blizzcon Transmog Samo za PC
Tužne vesti za igrače koji igraju Diablo III preko konzole. Blue Post danas je potvrdio da je Blizzcon eksluzivan transmog dostupan samo za PC verziju Reaper of Souls.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Hi everyone, just want to quickly clarify that the BlizzCon transmogrification appearances will only be available in the PC version of the game. Please be aware that any BlizzCon or Virtual Ticket code that is added to a account will automatically unlock the bonus appearances for PC licenses that are upgraded to Reaper of Souls (this applies even if the code is added before the game license is upgraded). I know this may not necessarily help out folks who have no intention of playing the PC versions of our games, but I did want to offer that supplementary information as it may be useful down the road.
50% Popusta za Diablo 3 i Reaper of Souls!
Blizzard je do 6 oktobra napravio akciju 50% popusta za digitalnu kupovinu Diablo III i njegovog nastavka Reaper of Souls!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)


The mortal realms need heroes, and now—for a limited time only—you can save 50% on the digital PC editions of Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansion set!

Hurry though, this offer ends Monday, October 6 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. If you still haven't joined the battle against the Lord of Terror and the Angel of Death, your hour has come at last.

V3dun's "Void Ray" Wizard

Ove nedelje "Play Your Way build" predstavlja nam eksperimentisanje V3dun#2884 igrača sa channeling magijama Ray of Frost i Light of Grace koji su se dosta promenile u Patch 2.1.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
The prismatic prestidigitation of the Wizard is as impressive as it is destructive. In this week's Play Your Way feature, V3dun#2884 draws a parallel between the Void Ray unit in StarCraft II and his own "virtually eternal power source!"

About the Build:

Many channeling skills were updated in patch 2.1.0, especially the Wizard's. V3dun#2884 was already experimenting with Ray of Frost and his Light of Grace prior to the patch, and the tools and tweaks that came along allowed him to explore further and climb higher. Today, we're going to dig into his discoveries! 


V3dun chose to name this build after the Void Ray from StarCraft II, pointing out two major comparisons between his build and the Protoss unit. Not only do the Ray of Frost visuals look similar to the Void Ray's Prismatic Beam, but the mechanics are reminiscent—in Wings of Liberty, the longer a Void Ray locked onto its target, the more damage it did over time.  

The Items:

The Void Ray build is Legendary heavy, and you’ll certainly be looking for a few specific pieces to get it rolling. However, even if you're lacking a few integral items for higher level Torment difficulties or Greater Rifts, you can also make it work at lower gear thresholds by focusing on certain stats as outlined below.

V3dun has many of his recommended items, though it's clear there's room to chase just a few more!

Diabol 3 Hotfixevi, Salvage All Bug

Diabol 3 Hotfixevi
Par hotfixeva postavljeni su danas na serverima. Thunderstorm neće više biti fokusirani na petove, nego će biti gadjati igrače. Za one koji se već pitaju, ovo nije nerf za klase sa petovima, već Affix tako treba radi radi.
Originally Posted by Blizzard 
Last updated September 24. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers.
Previous Hotfixes:[2.1.0]
There are no upcoming hotfixes to report at this time.
  • Pets will no longer be the target of Thunderstorm and should now properly target players (9/24)
    • Please note: This hotfix is not yet live in the Asia gameplay region, and will be applied during the next maintenance for that region (Source)
@EYedgar0111@NeinballGamer@Diablo Clarification: Thunderstorm has always targeted players. This is correcting a bug that occurred in 2.1.1 (Twitter)
Salvage All Bug
Novi Bug došao je sa novih patchom, koji igračima ne dozvoljava da salvaguju neke Account Bound Rare Iteme.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
I click on the "Salvage all yellow" button and there are still yellow items in my bag didn't get salvage.
Am I the only one?
We've identified a bug that prevents account-bound Rare items from being broken down when players use the Salvage All option at the Blacksmith. We are looking to fix this bug at a future date, but don't have an ETA to share at this time. 

Thank you all for the reports, and good hunting out there!

Novi Patch Datamined, Elemental Damage Tip, Barbarian WW i Legendary Gemovi

Novi Patch Datamined
Novi Patch postavljen je na Diablo download serverima. U prilogu su sitne izmene koje su došle uz novi Build.
Class Izmene
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft


  • Spirit Walk Cooldown:15 secondsLeave your physical body and enter the spirit realm for 2 seconds. While in the spirit realm, your movement is unhindered. Your link to the spirit realm will end if your physical body sustains 50% of your maximum Life in damage.


  • Blizzard
    • Apocalypse : Increase the area of effect of Blizzard to a 30 yard radius. Blizzard's damage turns into Fire. (This is an old change, only a tooltip update)
String Izmene
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft


  • (PH) Treasure Goblin Splitter
  • (PH) Treasure Goblin Splittee
  • (PH) Backup Goblin
  • (PH) Teleporty Goblin
  • Treasure Fiend
  • Blood Thief
  • Fetish Sycophant
  • Frost Maggot
  • Invisible portal summoner


  •  x1_LR_Boss_Butcher_Spears_nameButcher Spears
  • x1_LR_Boss_Butcher_Spears_desc: Throw a spear up to {Script Formula 2} yards to pull an enemy back to the Barbarian, slowing target's movement speed and dealing [{Script Formula 0}*100]% weapon damage.
    Generates: {Script Formula 12} Fury
    Cooldown: {Cooldown Time} seconds


  • Rune_A#x1_LR_Boss_Butcher_Spears: Harpoon
    Pierce through up to {Script Formula 17} enemies in a straight line and drag them all back.
  • Rune_B#x1_LR_Boss_Butcher_Spears: Chain Gang
    Throw {Script Formula 11} spears that can each hit and pull an enemy back.
  • Rune_C#x1_LR_Boss_Butcher_Spears: Siphon
    Gain Life equal to [{Script Formula 10}*100]% of the damage dealt.
  • Rune_D#x1_LR_Boss_Butcher_Spears: Get Over Here
    Increases Fury gain to {Resource Gained On First Hit}.
  • Rune_E#x1_LR_Boss_Butcher_Spears: Weak Link
    Enemies killed by this attack explode for {Script Formula 14}-[{Script Formula 14}+{Script Formula 15}] damage.

It also seems that the Keys and Organs from the Infernal Machine Event now have more detailed tooltips, detailing where they can be acquired and what they do.
Elemental Damage Tip
Grimiku je govorio o tome kako elemental damage nije uključen u character damage per second kalkulaciji, ali je objasnio kako doći do vašeg totalnog DPS-a baziranog na elemental damagu.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
With the Frostburns equipped, my damage is at 1,380,182
With the Magefists (on current profile) equipped, my damage is at 1,608,608.
So whats the difference? With everything set up for cold, why does 1% fire over cold and less dexterity up my damage by almost 300K?

The damage total on your character sheet does not factor in elemental damage, which is why you're seeing the difference. There is a way to look at your damage after being adjusted for elemental damage, though, and it's pretty easy to find once you know where to look.

If you open up your character sheet in game you'll notice a Details section just below your Damage, Toughness, and Healing stats. Click on that, and you'll see a whole new pane open up with more information about your character. The top section of that pane is dedicated to Offensive stats, and at the bottom of that section is where you'll find your elemental damage. Just hover your mouse over the elemental stat in question, and you'll see a new total damage calculation for that elemental type. It should give you a better idea of what your actual damage is for your build.
Barbarian WW i Legendary Gemovi
Blue plost flagovao je danas korisan topic na zaničnom forumu od strane igrača Juggernaut, koji je podelio informacije o Barbarian Whirlwindu i nekih legendary geova. Vrlo korisne informacije za sve igrače koji jure Raekor's set.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
These are my results with various gems in a lightning WW build. Test subject was Gom, each gem was tested multiple times with multiple gear setups, this particular set I'm posting was done with Schaefer's hammer with WW+CotA and no WotB (using WotB kept the results well within a 0.05 margin of error, though). Mileage will vary based on your stats, but the ratio's amongst each other for WW should hold up nicely:

1. Mirinae (r26) is #1 at a 37% DPS increase vs single target. Against 2 targets it is cut in half to 18.5% and falls behind BotTrapped, against 3 it is divided by 3 falls to 12.3% behind BotPowerful and Pain Enhancer, against 4 it drops to dead last. This is tied for my #3 gem slot, depends if I need more RG killing power because aside from RGs and the occasional elite, we should be ignoring single targets. You get the most out of this gem from stacking Elite damage.

2. Bane of the Trapped (r27) came in at #2 for single target and lightyears ahead of the rest for multi-target. It is providing the exact DPS boost that it lists (23% in my case). This will be taking my #1 gem slot.
3. Pain Enhancer (r25) came in 3rd for Single target and second for multi-target at 16% DPS. The DoT scales well and the gem gets stronger for multi-target with the r25, combined with Rend this should skyrocket for AoE DPS getting close to (or possibly surpassing) BotT. This will be taking my #2 gem slot.

4. Bane of the Powerful (r25) elite damage passive only was a 10.5% DPS increase. If the Proc buff never falls it should be close to 26.5% vs elites and 16% vs trash. My stats with 25% Skill dmg and 42% elite dmg before the gem buffs are important to note: the Elite damage is additive with Elite damage (obviously), while the 20% damage proc is counted as "Skill Damage" making it Additive with things like Yan's pants and Battle Rage. The more you have in each category the more it devalues this gem in terms of damage so you will have to figure it out for your stats. It has higher potential than most gems assuming Elites are perfectly spaced to maintain the buff. Expires at death, on RGs, and on long waits between Elite packs. Potency never increases, leaving room for other gems to surpass it at high ranks. This will only get my #3 slot if I find the uptime satisfactory (so far it is not).

5. Wreath of Lightning (r25) was an 11% DPS increase. Has solid potential on large groups, but r25 does nothing for damage leaving it in the dust. Despite gaining my % Lightning bonus, it is not keeping up with the rest. I like this as a R1 to use as a placeholder until my BotT is R25 and ready to be socketed. Even though it benefitted from my Bonus %Lightning damage it still couldn't keep up with Pain Enhancer (kind of disappointing) 

6. Taeguk... I didn't test it this time around since mine is only lvl 3, and its complete crap at lvl 3. Scales better than any other gem, so the potential damage is higher than anything except BotTrapped. Pain in the !@# to maintain, would have to play with it for a while to see if its worth the trouble. It counts as Skill bonus damage, so at r25 the damage boost for me would be 17% (expected range is 15-19% based on your gear/skills), but you would also gain 23% armor (the actual damage reduction is much more difficult to calculate w/ diminishing returns).
Hope this answers some questions about gem choices. Thanks for taking the time to test all of these things and posting the results, Juggernaut. Really good stuff to share with your fellow Barbarians.

The Waypoint, Uber Diablo i Maghda Bug

The Waypoint
Blizzard je započeo novu seriju blog postova nazvanim The Waypoint. Cilj obog bloga je da se svake nedelje naglasi interesantna diskusija, kako bi osigurali da igrači učestvuju i doprinesu sa svojim povratnim informacijama o važnim temama.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
While there’s no question that slaying hordes of demons and looting heaps of shiny trinkets from their corpses is a ton of fun, sharing and talking about these experiences with other players on our forums and elsewhere on the web can be equally as entertaining. Many of you go beyond just sharing experiences, though; you offer advice, provoke thoughtful debate, and sometimes even cause us to laugh our Hammer Jammers off. With so many different places to chat about Diablo online, it can be easy to miss some of these great conversations. So, to help you keep your finger on the pulse of the community, we’ve created 
The Waypoint! Rather than try to cover every great topic that comes up in the Diablo community (which would be too much for a single column), we’ll be highlighting a handful of engaging player discussions each week. Then, we’ll open up the floor to you, so that you can share your thoughts in the comments below. What discussions caught our eye over the past week? Let’s find out!

What Legendary Gems Would You Create?

Gordon#1827 and Saidosha#1136 posed an interesting question on our official Diablo III forums: What type of Legendary Gem would you create if you could? We think this is not only a fun, creative exercise, but a great way to get valuable feedback on what kinds of Legendary Gems you’d like to see. So, if you could create any type of Legendary Gem and add it to the game, what would it be?

A Quick Guide to Organ and Key Farming

If you’ve ever wanted a handy guide for farming keys and organs to craft a Hellfire Ring or Hellfire Amulet, /u/thelehmanlip of Reddit Diablo has you covered. His “Concise Key and Organ Guide” breaks down all the essentials, including where each Keywarden spawns, what keys said Keywardens drop, the realms and bosses accessed from each Infernal Machine, and the different organ pieces said bosses can drop when defeated.  Know of any other great Hellfire crafting guides? Share them in the comments below!

What Does Your Best Hellfire Amulet Look Like?

Speaking of the Hellfire Amulet, have you rolled a great one since patch 2.1.0 launched? That’s what Redditor /u/podboi wants to know. Recently, he asked his fellow players to show off their best Hellfire Amulets (and has received some pretty amazing screenshots in response). But what about you? What does your current best Hellfire Amulet look like?

Got an Idea for a New Community Buff?

Haeos#1932 and WarMonkey#1467 have encouraged players in the official forums to put on their thinking caps and share some ideas for future community buffs. Haeos has done a wonderful job of compiling previous suggestions for buffs people would like to see, while WarMonkey#1467 is provoking new conversation around holiday-themed buffs. What are your three favorite ideas for new community buffs? Create your own, or show support for existing ideas included in the two threads above. 

Explaining How Bane of the Trapped Works

In his helpful video "Bane of the Trapped Explained," YouTuber Meathead Mikhael explores what types of skills will trigger this Legendary Gem's effect, the other Legendary Gems that complement it well, and how it works in action. There have been a lot of questions on the forums about how these powerful new gems work, so this video guide is certainly appreciated.  Have you all seen other great guides on Legendary Gems? Which are the best?

Conclusion: Share Your Best Threads!

We could easily fill up another column with our favorite discussions, but we’d rather hear what your favorites are instead. Who helped you with a tough gearing question this week? Who posted a constructive thread, or collected a lot of cool info to share with everyone? Send us a link to a thread, article, tweet, or video that caught your attention (along a brief explanation of why you think it should be included in our next column) to! That wraps up the inaugural Waypoint. We’ll see you next week!
Uber Diablo i Maghda Bug
Redditor Tyrlith podelio je veliki bug sa Uber verzijom Diablo i Maghde, ukoliko igrate sa Pet-Crusaderom. Ukoliko pet bude ubijen, Boss ne baca loot! Nevalistis je odgovorio na ovu diskusiju, da Blizzard upravo gleda na ovaj problem.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Reddit)
if you fight uber diablo and magda spawns, if you play as a lord commander crusader and your PETS get the kill, no loot will drop(this includes the organ!).
I was able to replicate results more than once, Phalanx AI is at the core of the problem.
  • Edit, For safety ask any crusader you're playing with to avoid using lord commaner petspecs untill it is hotfixed. if you dont, you might miss out on an organ drop.
  • Stampede/unruned spam builds are fine, it's the AI pets that are an issue bowmen/Baleful Remnant procs
Checked in with our QA gurus and they're already on top of investigating this one. They're so pro.  Thanks for the report!
took me 4 kills worth of organs lost to figure it out, but im pretty sure my phalanxes are the cause of it.
as soon as i changed to direct dmg via stampede, it completely stopped occuring.
glad it's already being worked on, hopefully this notice will help people avoid the problem untill its fixed!
Your dedication and sacrifice are appreciated, sir. /salute

Greater Rift Exp Exploit, Veliki Problemi Koji Zahtevaju Novi Patch, Unity Explot ili Nije?

Greater Rift Exp Exploit
Za one koji nisu znali, explot je objavljen javno, preko par forum posta i streamova. Exploit je omogućavao igračima da kroz Greater Riftove boostuju level experiance. Blizzard uveliko gleda na ovaj bug, a čak su i na jednom od blue posta spomenuli Code of Conduct, tako da oni koji su se koristili ovim propustom moguće da će snositi posledice.
Originally Posted by Blizzard  
Should we all hop on the exploit wagon or is there some rollback (for exploiters) / bans coming?
I would like to ask, is exploiting tolerated by Blizzard?
You can do it without fear?
Good quote from diablofans:
I'm actually really worried that Blizzard aren't going to do anything about this other than just hotfix it. If they do nothing it will be clear that they think exploiting is fine.I do hope people get banned for this. It's clearly an exploit and anyone using it should be dealt with. everyone, we are currently investigating the issue. As we look into this, we ask that posters refrain from providing specific descriptions of possible exploits in the forums - or call out specific accounts which may be involved in participating in the described actions. 
For more information about the Code of Conduct you can check here:
I'll be locking up the thread, thank you for bringing this to our attention. (Source)
We don't see the point in your squelch madness over every exploit thread. Deleting every exploit complaint and waiting to release a hot fix prior to acknowledging you've made yet another huge mistake (possibly your biggest) is losing a large portion of your player base, AGAIN.
Deleting posts doesn't make the problem go away
Not that I've had a post deleted yet (this one is bound to be). But having a serious concern of mine deleted tells me (the player) that you truly don't care about what I have to say as a customer.Hi Shadovex, to be clear - the reason why certain posts have been hidden is because they are providing specific details about the reported exploit, have called out specific accounts which have reportedly engaged in the behavior, or are duplications of previous threads. We appreciate that a number of posters have brought the issue to our attention and we are currently looking into this. 
With that said, I won't be able to provide further specific details about the issue at this time. Subsequent threads which regard forum moderation or which provide specific commentary about possible exploits will be removed. 
Our Forums Code of Conduct can be found here: (Source)
Veliki Problemi Koji Zahtevaju Novi Patch
Izgleda da u igri postoje dva dosadna buga, jedan je Ramaladni's Gift a drugi Bane of the Trapped koji ne rade kod Monkova, a zahtevaće novi Patch kako bi se ispravilo.
Originally Posted by Blizzard 
Ramaladni's Gift Display Bug
And it is kinda sad to know that this could be hotfixed within an hour of work but Blizzard obviously doesn't feel like it 
This actually isn't something that can be hotfixed, as it requires a fix to client-side data (which means a patch). We are, however, aware of this issue and plan to address it in an upcoming patch. 
For those who are unaware, Ramaladni's Gift is currently not displaying its name when it drops on the ground. We believe this may also be causing the Legendary star notification on your minimap to occasionally not display when one drops. As has been mentioned, this is a bug, and it's currently on our radar to be addressed in a future patch. In the meantime, be sure to keep a sharp eye (or ear, as the case may be) out for these little green cubes.
Thanks for the reports, all! (Source)
Means I probably have missed more than I thought. I've only successfully found 2. Ugh. Need way more to drop. 2 in ~50 hrs... No
They're actually quite rare, so it's unlikely that you've missed many. I've yet to find my first one since the patch (though I had found one during the PTR). (Source)
Boon of the Trapped and Monks
Thank you very much for the good news. I know this is request upon request but if/when this fix comes through will we be able to receive a notification?
It looks like this particular fix will require a patch. I have no ETA to provide at this time, but this is not something we can currently address via a hotfix.
We try to make sure these kinds of updates make it into our patch notes, so do keep an eye out for it there in the future! (Source)
Laws of Hope Bug?
It is intended that empowering Laws of Hope - Stop Time with the Long Arm of the Law passive only lasts 3 seconds instead of 8. It's an update that was implemented recently in a hotfix, which you can read more about right here
The reason we made this change was to prevent groups of Crusaders from taking turns with empowering the law to create unending immortality. However, there is still a bug with it where the bubble animation is still animating for 8 seconds instead of 3. (Source)
Moratorium Bug Hotfixed
The following hotfix is now live. There are no upcoming hotfixes to report at this time.
Unity Explot ili Nije?
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Mh im very curious.
it feels like a cheat / exploit, but if it was Blizz would have already fixed it. But maybe that's a wrong conclusion.
There's no Blue post stating it's cheating or not. u can't write a ticket to ask Blizz goes they just direct u to the forum, that u should ask the community. So here i am. 
Did Blizz stated ever it's intented or not?
They talked about in the "Play your way" livestream i think it was in the 1 about the WD is intended
Yup, that they did.

It is not an exploit; it's intended to work like this.

Počela Prva Reaper of Souls Sezona, Ažurirana Lista Hotfixeva

Počela Prva Reaper of Souls Sezona
Prva Reaper of Souls Sezona upravo je počela! Blizzard je objavio informativni blog kao i preview Sezone 1 koji možete pročitati ovde.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Diablo III Season 1 is now live in all gameplay regions! To create a Seasonal hero, select your class, gender, and name as usual, then select the "Seasonal Hero" checkbox on the lower left of the screen. 

What Are Seasons?

Seasons are an optional, recurring game mode that offers PC players the opportunity to periodically start fresh, leveling new Normal or Hardcore heroes from level 1 without any currency, resources, items, or previously earned Paragon experience. Similar to the separation between Normal and Hardcore game modes, Seasonal heroes will also have their own shared stash and Artisan progression. Any currency, materials, recipes, items, Paragon experience, and Artisan progression earned during a Season will be rolled over to a player's non-Seasonal profile once the Season concludes. Seasons offer unique rewards and new challenges for players, including new Legendaries, an exclusive Transmogrification set only available to those who compete in each Season, and new achievements called Conquests. Progress within a given Season will also be tracked in our new Leaderboard system. To learn more about Seasons, click here.

Good luck, nephalem! May the loot gods treat you kindly and your deeds of valor always be remembered.
Ažurirana Lista Hotfixeva
Achivement bug je napokon ispravljen koji je mučio pari grača, a tu su još par sitnih hotfixeva koje možete pročitati u daljem tekstu.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
If you are still affected by the Achievements UI bug, please try switching to the Europe servers from the login screen, hit Play to launch the game, log out, then try switching back to the Americas servers. This should solve the issue. If it doesn’t, please let us know in this thread.
In the meantime, we believe we have identified the problem and are working with our ISP to resolve it as soon as possible. Once again, your achievements and progress are not lost.
We're continuing to investigate and troubleshoot more permanent solutions to this issue and will work to keep you all as updated as possible in this thread.We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this particular bug has caused and thank you all for your ongoing reports!

  • Fixing an issue where the Firebird's Finery damage over time effect is snapshotting critical damage upon application
  • Fixing an issue where Sentry (Spitfire Turret) is proccing Knockback effects from items
  • Resolved an issue where occasionally a normal Rift could not be completed due to insufficient monsters spawning (8/28)
  • Treasure Goblins no longer have a 100% chance to spawn in Halls of Agony level 2 (8/28)
  • Fixed an issue where Game Difficulty XP bonus was applying to monsters in the Realm of Trials (8/27)
  • Fixed an issue where the item Spines of Seething Hatred was rolling with one less affix than intended (should now properly spawn with 5 Primary and 2 Secondary) (8/27)
  • Fixed an issue where the item Broken Promises was rolling with one less affix than intended (should now properly spawn with 4 Primary and 2 Secondary) (8/27)
  • Fixed an issue where the item Meticulous Bolts was rolling with one less affix than intended (should now roll with 5 Primary and 2 Secondary) (8/27)
  • Greater Rifts Guardians will no longer instantly spawn after 15 minutes. In order to spawn a Greater Rift Guardian, players must fill the progress bar completely. (8/29)
  • Fixed an issue where the Firebird's Finery damage over time effect is snapshotting critical damage upon application (8/28)
Demon Hunter:
  • Fixed an issue where Sentry (Spitfire Turret) is proccing Knockback effects from items (8/28)
  • Fixed an issue where the Firebird's Finery damage over time effect is snapshotting critical damage upon application (8/28)
Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts:
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