Počela Četvrta Diablo III Sezona

Sezona četri počela je danas u svim regionima... Svim igračima želimo puno sreće u lootu u novoj sezoni!

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Diablo III Season 4 is now live in all gameplay regions! To create a Seasonal hero, select your class, gender, and name as usual, then select the "Seasonal Hero" checkbox on the lower left of the screen. 

What Are Seasons?

Seasons are an optional, recurring game mode that offers PC players the opportunity to periodically start fresh, leveling new Normal or Hardcore heroes from level 1 without any currency, resources, items, or previously earned Paragon experience. Similar to the separation between Normal and Hardcore game modes, Seasonal heroes will also have their own shared stash and Artisan progression. Any currency, materials, recipes, items, Paragon experience, and Artisan progression earned during a Season will be rolled over to a player's non-Seasonal profile once the Season concludes.
Season 4 will offer unique rewards and new challenges for players, including new Legendaries, an exclusive Transmogrification set only available to those who compete in each Season, and Season-only achievements called Conquests. Progress within a given Season will also be tracked on the Leaderboard system, and in the brand new Seasons Journey interface. To learn more about Season 4, click here.
Good luck, nephalem! May the loot gods treat you kindly and your deeds of valor always be remembered.

Ažuriran Zvaničan Diablo III Sajt sa Novim Sadržajem Patch 2.3.0

Blizzard je ažurirao svoj Diablo III sajt, koji sada u sebi ima bazu novog sadržaja iz najnovijeg Patch 2.3.0.
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Take heed and bear witness to the truths that lie herein, for they are the legacy of the Horadrim... We've added the following features to the Diablo III website:
    • Kanai's Cube – Learn about Kanai's Cube and various Horadric recipes, which you can use to transmute items, extract legendary powers, and more!
    • Kanai's Powers – Hero profiles will now automatically update with equipped Kanai’s Cube Powers. If you wish to show off your skills, link your profile to trusted friends.

  • Updated Bounty Rewards – Several crafting reagents used for Kanai's Cube can only be obtained through Bounties. Our updated Bounties section will help you discover how to obtain these materials as well as act-specific Legendary items.
  • Treasure Goblins - We've added detailed descriptions for all Treasure Goblin types, so you'll better understand their different behaviors, and more importantly, the type of spoils they carry!
  • New Difficulties - The Game Difficulty page now hosts data for new difficulties: Torment VII, VIII, IX, and X.
  • Updated Greater Rift Rules - Revised Rift details: Unlimited Nephalem Rifts, the removal of the Realm of Trials, a new Greater Rift difficulty selector, and more.

We’ve also updated the Skill Calculator and Item pages with new 2.3 data. If you’d like to know about other aspects of the game, let your voice be heard in the comments!

Diablo III Hero Portreti, Patch 2.3 - Item i Set Preview

Diablo III Hero Portreti

Diablo i Heroes of the Storm dobijaju nove promo nagrade u igri. Za one koji imaju Diablo 3 i igraju Heroes of the Storm, dobiće besplatno Lord of Terror heroja, a oni koji imaju ili su dobili player level 12 u Heroes of the Storm dobiće ekskluzivan portret za Diablo III.

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Sanctuary’s heroes and villains continue to invade the Nexus, and we’re celebrating their arrival with wondrous rewards you can earn by playing each game!

Immediately following the next Heroes patch, any player with a Diablo III license on their Battle.net account will receive the Diablo Hero in Heroes of the Storm for free. Simply log in to Heroes of the Storm to claim the Lord of Terror and start unleashing hell on your foes. Don’t wait though— this offer ends at 10:00 a.m. PDT on September 8!


The cross-universe rewards don’t end there. Diablo III players who reach level 12 in Heroes of the Storm will also receive a unique pennant and portrait frame in Diablo III for PC and Mac. In addition, reaching level 70 with a Seasonal Hero in Season 4 and beyond gives you the shadowy Malthael’s Phantom mount in Heroes of the Storm!

All of these goodies can be yours, nephalem—but are you brave enough to take on both Sanctuary and the Nexus? There’s only one way to find out! We’ll see you in the Nextuary (see what we did there?)
Patch 2.3 - Item i Set Preview

Još jedan blog post objavljen je od strane Blizzarda gde nam prikazuje nove iteme i setove koje ćemo videti u Diablo III Patch 2.3!

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Patch 2.3.0 is currently on the Public Test Realm, and there are a slew of new items are available to play with. Here’s your first look at some of the awesome new loot coming soon with the release of Patch 2.3.0!

New and Updated Sets

We’ve added three new sets and updated two old ones! In Patch 2.3.0, you’ll be able to adorn your Crusader in the Seeker of the Light set, and unleash limitless Blessed Hammers upon your enemies after descending upon them with Falling Sword. The gods strike through your Monk’s Seven Sided Strike with Uliana’s Stratagem while turning your enemies into living weapons with Exploding Palm. The Spirit of Arachyr will let your Witch Doctor unleash the frightening potential of Hex and Corpse Spiders as they ensnare and poison those who stand before you.
ItemsAndSets-SeekerOfLight-FullBody_D3_LightboxThumb_JP_150x100.jpg ItemsAndSets-UlianasStratagem-FullBody_D3_LightboxThumb_JP_150x100.jpg ItemsAndSets-SpiritOfArachyr-FullBody_D3_LightboxThumb_JP_150x100.jpg
Some of the older sets have been updated as well! For instance, you can revisit the Witch Doctor’s Helltooth Harness set to subjugate your foes with debilitating necrosis, or wield the unbridled power of Archon when your Wizard dons Vyr’s Amazing Arcana.

New and Updated Legendary Items

Patch 2.3.0 will also have new and updated Legendary items to help slay your enemies with brutal precision. Here is but a taste of what’s to come!

Last, but not least, join us in Season 4 to find exclusive Seasonal Legendary items! We’ve got a handful incoming, including (but not limited to) one item for each class as well as a new Legendary Gem.

These items and more are on their way in Patch 2.3.0, but you can test them right now by joining us on the PTR!

Diablo III Season 4 Preview

Tyvalir je objavio preview nove četvrte sezone u Diablo III sa svim izmenama i novim sadržajima.

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Patch 2.3.0 is headed your way soon, loaded with cool new features for Diablo III. Among all the excitement over what’s ahead for the game, we’ve seen many players ask important questions about what they should expect in Season 4, which we’ll be addressing in the following guide.  As before, those who play in Season 4 will have access to Season-exclusive Legendary items, cosmetic rewards and transmogrification effects. We’ll highlight these below, plus the GLOOOORIOUS new Season Journey interface. Ready or not, it’s time to see what’s in store for you in Season 4!

Table of Contents:

  • Season Journey Interface
  • New Legendary Items
  • New Conquests and Achievements
  • New Cosmetic Rewards

Season Journey Interface

Your journey through Sanctuary is unique, nephalem. In order to better celebrate your accomplishments, as well as guide newcomers through Sanctuary and help players compare their progress from one Season to the next, we’ve added the Season Journey. This helpful tool is easily found on the main menu screen in Patch 2.3.0 when a Seasonal hero is selected, and helps you track and plan your Season progress easily. Upon opening the interface, you’ll find the game’s challenges categorized into Chapters and Tiers separated by degrees of difficulty.


Chapters include challenges designed to be within reach of most players, and should you finish all of them in Season 4, you’ll be awarded a brand new cosmetic pet and portrait. Meanwhile, Tiers represent a true test of your mettle, and grant you exclusive portrait frames upon completion, perfect for showcasing your Seasonal accomplishments.


New Legendary Items

Season 4 also brings exciting new Season-exclusive Legendary items for you to enjoy. These include the Legendary Gem, Bane of the Stricken, along with class-specific items like Dishonored Legacy and Sacred Harness. We won’t spoil the surprise of finding them all, but we’ve included a few of these below, including the purr-fectly crafted new Witch Doctor mojo Henri's Perquisition.

New Conquests and Achievements

Conquests have returned in Season 4, and include a mix of challenges both updated and new. Among these are On A Good Day / I Can’t Stop and Boss Mode / Worlds Apart, both of which now reflect the brand-new Torment X difficulty. We’ve also upped the ante on Divinity / Lionhearted, which are achieved when you reach solo Greater Rift 60. Finally, for the true theorycrafters among you, we’ve added the intriguing new challenge The Thrill / Superhuman, which requires you to reach Greater Rift 40 without benefiting from Class Set item bonuses. As with Conquests in past Seasons, you’ll be able to see how well you completed these epic feats compared with other players on the Leaderboards.


If you’ve somehow managed to chew through these and find yourself hungry for even more challenges, we’ve also added several Achievements requiring you to complete certain objectives when facing bosses. Can you kill The Savage Behemoth and The Undying One within 5 seconds of each other in the Realm of Turmoil? Now, you’ll be able to prove it!


New Cosmetic Rewards

For those who missed out on the Conqueror’s transmogrification set from past Seasons, you’ll have a shot at obtaining a few pieces once more. The head and shoulder parts from this set will be available in Season 4 to those who reach level 70 with at least one Seasonal hero.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does Season 4 start? A: Season 4 begins August 28 at 5 p.m. PDT in North America, 5 p.m. CEST in Europe, and 5 p.m. KST in Asia. Q: How long will Season 4 last? A:  While we don’t have a specific timeframe to share for Season 4, we anticipate that it will be at least three months long. Q: When are the Leaderboards being wiped for Season 3? A: Leaderboards will be cleared once the Season comes to a close. Though the leaderboards are eventually cleared, they will be preserved both in-game and here on our website if you wish to review your Season 3 accomplishments. Q: When are the non-Seasonal Leaderboards being wiped? A: Non-Seasonal Leaderboards are tied to what we call “Eras.” We currently anticipate the next wipe to coincide with the transition to Season 4, although this may not be the case for future Seasons. Q: Will Seasons be coming to console? A: Some features on console are best designed for that platform, and the same is true for the PC version of the game. A large part of the fun of Seasons is the entire community rerolling heroes together at the same time. Because the offline and disconnected nature of console does not support this style of play, we do not currently have plans to implement Seasons on console.

Are You Ready?

There’s so much to look forward to in Season 4, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll achieve. With brand new Set items and Kanai’s Cube to shake up the game, this may be our best Season yet! Have you already picked the build you’ll be using in Season 4, or are you planning to see what you can achieve using an old favorite? How far will you go in your Season Journey, and how much power will you wield by the time the Season ends? Share your plans below—and best of luck in the new Season!

Diablo III Kanai's Cube Preview

Blzzard je objavio blog preview novog sadržaja koji nam dolazi u Diablo III Patch 2.3 - Kanai's Cube. Pored samog objašnjenja kako Kanai's Cube radi, imamo i lep lore koji stoji iza samog imena kocke.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
The Horadric Cube is one of the Diablo series’ most iconic items. Introduced in Diablo II, this quest item was an important part of the story and offered a slew of handy transmutation functions, from combining gems to upgrading items. But where did the Cube’s power originate? The Horadrim were vague when it came to the history of this powerful item. Today, we reveal its lineage as the upcoming 2.3.0 feature—Kanai’s Cube.

Lost and Forgotten

The precursor to the well-known Horadric Cube, Kanai’s Cube is a powerful artifact containing immeasurable transmutation power. Originally simply known as “the Cube,” the Horadrim created it as a tool to aid them in the Hunt for the Three.  However, its creation was marred by dark methods and disastrous results, resulting in the order quickly determining that it was too dangerous for anyone to continue using. Creating the weaker Horadric Cube in its stead, they entrusted the first Cube to a secret organization of barbarians on Mount Arreat, who kept it safe from everyone, including the rest of their tribe.

Throughout the years, these barbarians served as guardians over the Cube, keeping it safe from prying eyes and those who would use its powers for evil. The last of these guardians, the great Chief Elder Kanai, perished when the demon lord Baal destroyed Sescheron during the events of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. The barbarians have always believed their warriors must be put to rest on the slopes of Mount Arreat but, after the destruction of the Worldstone and the mountain that housed it, Kanai’s spirit was unable to rest. Now doomed to stand eternal vigil over his home and greatest treasure, he awaits a powerful and honorable individual to whom he might pass on his task.

One insidious individual has once again found his way amongst the living (sort of) and would love to get his ethereal hands on the artifact his order so foolishly discarded. Of course, he knows only one such individual who might impress the mighty Kanai.

Power Untold

So what exactly is Kanai’s Cube going to do for your nephalem hero? The short answer is all the things. This is a huge new feature that will fundamentally change the way you look at an item when it drops. Think of it as the handyman’s (handynephalem’s?) tool for item customization. Not only does it add another layer of character power at your fingertips, but also introduces a structured collection element to the huge item game at the core of Diablo III.

One of the first, most frequent powers you’ll utilize is the ability to extract a Legendary power from an item. This will add the power to your collection list, a comprehensive history detailing the vast amount of powers you’ve amassed. This also allows your hero to equip a Legendary power without having the item equipped, clearing up your stash of all those items you’ve been keeping “just in case.” You’ll be able to equip one power each from three categories:
  • Weapons
    • Includes all main hand and off-hand items, including Shields, Mojos, Quivers, and the like
  • Armor
    • Virtually everything else; Hands, Legs, Feet, Chest, Belt, Wrists, Shoulders, and Head
  • Jewelry
    • Rings and Amulets
Characters may only equip powers from items that their class can normally equip. Powers are also extracted at their most potent value, making it a tough decision between equipping a well-rolled item or melting it down to utilize a maximized power. Powers can be extracted from any level Legendary. Finally, don’t worry if you get tired of a particular ability—you’ll be able to swap freely between the powers you’ve collected at any time by visiting Kanai’s Cube.

Let’s say you've hunted down that amazing Legendary that totally makes your build, but it’s rolled less than desirable. If only it had that missing stat, it would have been saved from Haedrig’s anvil. Maybe you regret an enchant you made or you wish that rare Furnace you found was Ancient. With a little effort and a lot of luck, you can rectify these situations. Kanai’s Cube will be able to reforge a Legendary, completely randomizing every roll on the item as though it had dropped brand-new and removing any existing enchants. This includes the chance to roll as Ancient, but be forewarned; if you choose to reforge an Ancient item, there’s no guarantee it will stay Ancient.

There are also several other quality of life functions Kanai’s Cube can perform, such as removing the level requirement from an item, converting gems and crafting materials from one type to another, and converting a set item to a different piece of that set.  We’ll leave you to ponder the best ways to utilize these new features!

Not Just a Legend, But a Tribute

There is more to Kanai’s Cube than lore and functionality. While we always knew that we wanted to implement a form of the Horadric Cube into Diablo III, we never anticipated the events that would lead to it becoming Kanai’s Cube. Kevin Kanai Griffith was a beloved member of the Blizzard family and a longtime Diablo fan. He joined Blizzard as an artist on the World of Warcraft team in 2005 and his work can be seen in the Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Mists of Pandaria expansions, as well as the World of Warcraft trading card game. As the Diablo III team came together, Kevin joined and made his mark on the original game, crafting a plethora of diverse and moody environments that you’re certain to recognize.

Kevin continued producing gorgeous environments and Diablo holiday art throughout the launch and beyond the release of Reaper of Souls. You might also remember him from footage of his Diableard being shaved live on stage at the 2011 launch of Diablo III, his Artist’s Stage Demo at BlizzCon 2013, or our second anniversary livestream.

He was always an active member of the community both inside the company and out, whether it was by organizing weekly sketch groups, or encouraging his friends to team up and play games together. Kevin was an amazing mentor to everyone around him and a wonder to work with: you couldn’t help but get passionate and pumped about your job when he was in the room.



Tragedy struck in February of 2012 when Kevin was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer known as Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma (ASPS). Kevin kept his spirits high throughout the grueling treatment process and continued to work on Diablo III as much as he was able, pioneering environmental features such as the weather and night/day cycles experienced in Adventure Mode. Though he fought valiantly, we lost our coworker and dear friend on October 17, 2014. His spirit and legacy will always live on in the many games he’s touched with his stunning art, as well as the hearts of every individual who had the honor of knowing him.

We miss you, Kevin. This Cube is for you.

Kanai’s Cube Calls…

Kanai’s Cube is a huge feature of Patch 2.3.0, set to change the foundation of Diablo III as we know it. We’re excited to share the intimate background behind this powerful system and in-game dedication to a man who was truly a king amongst mortals. Which part of Kanai’s Cube has you the most stoked? What kind of Legendary powers are you looking forward to combining the most? Let us know in the comments or, if you haven’t already, hop onto our PTR today and give it a try! We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Diablo III Patch 2.3.0: Ruins of Sescheron Preview

Blizzard je objavio blog post novog predela koji nam dolazu u Patch 2.3: Ruins of Sescheron.

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The wind blows frozen wisps off snowdrifts, where they’re caught in the decorated grooves of a cold, iron bridge leading to the broken gates of Sescheron. Where once the sights and sounds of a bustling city could be found, now there are only the distant howls of madmen, glimpses of hungry beasts prowling in shadows, and air thick with the palpable weight of shattered hope. Behold, the Ruins of Sescheron:

The Glory of Past Sescheron

Sescheron was once a living symbol of united Barbarian tribes. Its gates guarded the lone path to Sanctuary’s most precious treasure, the Worldstone, and the Children of Bul-Kathos were tasked with defending those gates. They had done so unerringly for countless generations. It was believed that the city would never fall, and the people of the Northern Steppes would always stand vigilant. In its final days, Sescheron was ruled by Chief Elder Kanai, who was not only loved by the people, but being considered to sit upon the Immortal Throne. Such a high honor had only been bestowed upon two others in the past, including Bul-Kathos himself.

The Day All Hope Was Lost

To this day, all who dare enter the ruins are met with a gruesome reminder—some deeds are so evil that their stains never wash away. . . .        
When Baal, the Lord of Destruction, marched an army of the Burning Hells upon Sescheron, he was met by a lone emissary who denied him passage. Infuriated, Baal took matters into his own hands, and summoned demonic forces to tear the emissary apart. The first blow of the battle had been struck, but more blood would spill before it was over. Chief Elder Kanai and his people stood their ground against the impossible flood of Baal’s army with every fiber of their being. In the end, however, evil prevailed and the warriors of Sescheron fell. All that was left of the city after Baal’s passage was shattered ruins, the hopeless madness of a failed people, and the cold, empty shadows of a once mighty civilization.

Seek the Ruins and Recover the Cube

The Ruins of Sescheron can be found by opening the Act III Adventure Mode map, and selecting the newly added waypoint in the upper-right corner. Be sure to talk to Zoltun Kulle before you begin your quest to find Kanai’s Cube. A word of advice: Take great care when exploring these dangerous ruins, brave nephalem, for the only thing darker than the suffocating sorrow surrounding these ruins is the shroud of death that hangs over it.

Diablo III 2.3.0 PTR Patch Informacije

Nevalistis je ažurirao zvaničnu listu PTR Patch informacije koje su se promenile u poslednjem buildu.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
  • Kanai's Cube can now only convert items of sets with a minimum of 3 pieces
  • Torment VII-X can now only be accessed by level 70 characters
  • Torment VII-X public games can now only be accessed by players that meet a Paragon level requirement
    • Torment VII requires a Paragon level over 100
    • Torment VIII requires a Paragon level over 150
    • Torment IX requires a Paragon level over 200
    • Torment X requires a Paragon level over 250
  • Torment VII-X have new Gold Find bonus values
  • Adventure Mode
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue that prevented all players in a game from receiving a bonus cache
  • Items
    • The Helltooth Harness (6) Set damage bonus now applies to the skills cast by Grin Reaper mimics
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the DoT damage from Wall of Death - Fire Wall and Ring of Poison from refreshing the duration of the Helltooth (4) and (6) Set Bonuses
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the Spirit of Arachyr (4) Set damage bonus from lasting for the entire duration of the toad summoned by Hex - Toad of Hugeness
      • Fixed an issue that caused item repairs to be greatly inflated
      • Fixed an issue that prevented items created by Kanai's Cube from being account bound
      • Fixed an issue that allowed players to upgrade Rare items lower than level 70 to Legendary items
      • Fixed an issue that caused crafted items to have no level requirement
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Kanai's Cube recipes from working with follower items
  • Monsters
    • Further adjustments have been made to the amount of progress monsters grant in Nephalem and Greater Rifts
    • Rift Guardian health has been slightly increased
    • Stonesinger
      • Now has a specific animation for his knockback attack
      • Reduced the distance of his knockback
      • Fissures now spawn faster has he loses health
      • Reduced fissure duration
      • Fissures now constantly fire mortars
  • Barbarian
    • Active Skills
      • Battle Rage
        • Skill Rune - Swords to Ploughshares
          • Now also heals your pets
      • Threatening Shout
        • Skill Rune - Falter
          • Has been redesigned
            • Enemies take 30% increased damage from all sources for 6 seconds
      • Passive Skills
        • No Escape
          • Damage bonus increased from 20% to 30%
          • Minimum distance reduced from 20 to 15 yards
          • These bonuses now also apply to Avalanche
        • Relentless
          • Resource Cost Reduction granted reduced from 75% to 50%
          • Now doubles your Life per Fury Spent while active

    • Crusader
      • Active Skills
        • Falling Sword
          • You will now arrive at your targeted location sooner after casting Falling Sword
          • You can now cast again sooner after casting Falling Sword
    • Witch Doctor
      • Active Skills
        • Acid Cloud
          • You can now cast again sooner after casting Acid Cloud
          • Skill Rune - Corpse Bomb
            • Damage increased from 525% to 700% weapon damage
          • Skill Rune - Lob Blob Bomb
            • Damage from individual blobs can now stack
        • Big Bad Voodoo
          • Skill Rune - Ghost Trance
            • Now reduces damage taken by 20%
        • Firebats
          • Damage increased from 425% to 475% weapon damage
          • Initial Mana cost has been removed
          • Channeling Mana cost has been increased from 70 to 125 Mana
          • Skill Rune - Cloud of Bats
            • Damage radius increased from 8 to 12 yards
            • Reduced the channeling duration required to reach maximum damage
          • Skill Rune - Hungry Bats
            • Damage increased from 635% to 750% weapon damage per bat
          • Skill Rune - Plague Bats
            • Final damage increased from 638% to 720% weapon damage
            • Reduced the channeling duration required to reach maximum damage
        • Grasp of the Dead
          • Damage increased from 560% to 760% weapon damage
          • Skill Rune - Desperate Grasp
            • Cooldown reduced from 6 to 4 seconds
          • Skill Rune - Grasping Eels
            • Damage increased from 880% to 1360% weapon damage
          • Skill Rune - Unbreakable Grasp
            • Now also removes the Mana cost
        • Wall of Zombies
          • Has been removed
          • Replaced with:
            • Wall of Death
              • The damage area has been increased to more closely match the visual
              • You can now cast again sooner after casting Wall of Death
        • Zombie Charger
          • Casting animation has been slightly sped up
          • You can now cast again sooner after casting Zombie Charger
          • Skill Rune - Explosive Beast
            • Explosion damage increased from 532% to 680% weapon damage
            • Explosion radius increased from 9 to 12 yards
          • Skill Rune - Lumbering Cold
            • Damage increased from 196% to 280% weapon damage
          • Skill Rune - Pile On
            • Damage increased from 800% to 880% weapon damage
          • Skill Rune - Undeath
            • Damage increased from 360% to 480% weapon damage
          • Skill Rune - Zombie Bears
            • Damage increased from 392% to 520% weapon damage
      • Passive Skills
        • Confidence Ritual
          • New Passive Skill
            • You deal 25% additional damage to enemies within 20 yards
        • Fierce Loyalty
          • Half of the 30% Movement Speed bonus is now granted while you have a Zombie Dog, Gargantuan, or Fetish following you, even if they are in combat
        • Spiritual Attunement
          • Mana regeneration increased from 1% to 2% per second

    • Wizard
      • Passive Skills
        • Unstable Anomaly
          • Has been redesigned
            • When you receive fatal damage, you instead gain a shield equal to 400% of your maximum Life for 5 seconds and release a shockwave that knocks enemies back and Stuns them for 3 seconds.

    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue causing many pets to regenerate less Life per Second than intended
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    • Class-Specific Items
      • Barbarian
        • Bracers of Destruction
          • Seismic Slam deals 300-400% increased damage to the first 5 enemies it hits
        • Bracers of the First Men
          • New Legendary Bracers
            • Hammer of the Ancients attacks 50% faster and deals 150-200% increased damage
        • Pride of Cassius
          • Now also extends the duration of Ignore Pain - Mob Rule
      • Monk
        • Shenlong's Spirit
          • (2) Set Bonus
            • The damage of your Spirit Generators is increased by 2% for each point of Spirit you have
            • When reaching maximum Spirit, all damage is increased by 100%, but you no longer passively regenerate Spirit and 65 Spirit is drained every second until you run out of Spirit
      • Witch Doctor
        • Coils of the First Spider
          • Gain 30% damage reduction while channeling Firebats
        • Jeram's Bracers
          • New Legendary Bracers
            • Increases the attack speed of Wall of Death by 30%
              • Note: This will not be reflected in the item's tooltip
        • Helltooth Harness
          • Has been redesigned
            • (2) Set Bonus
              • Enemies hit by any skill listed in the (6) Set Bonus are afflicted by Necrosis becoming Slowed and taking 1000% weapon damage every second for 10 seconds
              • Necrosis causes afflicted enemies to take 15% increased damage from all sources
            • (6) Set Bonus
              • After casting wall of Death you gain 300% increased damage to your primary skills, Acid Cloud, Firebats, Gargantuan, Grasp of the Dead, Piranhas, Wall of Death, Zombie Charger, and Zombie Dogs for 12 seconds
              • This effect stacks up to 3 times
        • Spirit of Arachyr
          • New Set
            • (2) Set Bonus
              • Summon a permanent Spider Queen who leaves behind webs that deal 2500% weapon damage per second over 5 seconds and slows enemies. The Spider Queen is commanded to move to where you cast your Corpse Spiders.
            • (6) Set Bonus
              • The damage of your creature skills is increased by 800%. Creature skills are Corpse Spiders, Firebats, Hex, Locust Swarm, Piranhas, and Plague of Toads.
        • SuWong Diviner
          • New Legendary Staff
            • Acid Cloud gains the effect of the Lob Blob Bomb rune
            • Rolls with +45-60% Acid Cloud damage
      • Wizard
        • Vyr's Amazing Arcana
          • Has been redesigned
            • (4) Set Bonus
              • Has been swapped with Fazula's Improbable Chain
              • Archon stacks also increase your Attack Speed, Armor and resistances by 1%
      • Witch Doctor
          • Scrimshaw
            • Legendary Power added
              • Reduces the Mana cost of Zombie Charger by 30-40%
              • Rolls with 30-40% increased Zombie Charger damage
      • New Seasonal Legendary Items
        • Note: The following Seasonal items will be not be available to PC players until Season 4 begins and will be available exclusively to Seasonal characters until the conclusion of Season 4
        • Bane of the Stricken
          • New Legendary Gem
            • Damage bonus is increased by 0.02% per rank
        • Crusader
          • Sacred Harness
            • New Legendary Belt
              • Judgment - Debilitate is cast at your landing location when casting Falling Sword
        • Wizard
          • Fazula's Improbable Chain
            • New Legendary Belt
              • Has been swapped with Vyr's Amazing Arcana (4) Set Bonus
              • You automatically start with 40-50 Archon stacks when entering Archon form
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    • Bounties
      • Second floor bounties will now show 15 remaining enemies instead of 5
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue that prevented players who were in a game where a Greater Rift was in progress, but were not participating in the rift from changing their skills


    • Reflects Damage
      • Now has a warning visual for a short time before dealing damage
      • Now reflects damage of the same type that was dealt
      • Now has a very short internal cooldown
    • Rift Guardians
      • Eskandiel
        • Wave attack range has been increased
        • Wave attack now has a longer animation before it is cast
      • Raiziel
        • Electrified affix has been removed
        • Lighting storm strikes now create a charged bolt
        • Lighting storm now strikes more times per cast
        • Can no longer have two lightning storms active at once
        • Can now cast lightning storms more frequently when below 75% health
        • The lightning storm ground visual now persists for the entire duration of the attack
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue that caused Eskandiel's wave attack to hit players standing behind him at very close range
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