BlizzCon 2016 - Otvaranje Ceremonije

Ceremonija otvaranja Blizzcon 2016 je počela:! (Source)
  • 20:13: The Necromancer is coming to Diablo 3 in 2017!
  • 20:11: Two new zones coming to Reaper of Souls.
  • 20:07: The Diablo patch will be on the PTR next week!
  • 20:07: Diablo is being recreated in Diablo 3. The Darkening of Tristram will send you back into the cathedral, facing four main bosses from the original game. Will be available to all current characters. Many secrets to discover!
  • 20:02: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is coming in December
  • 19:55: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is the next Hearthstone expansion!
  • 19:54: Hearthstone is getting a new expansion, sending players to Gadgetzan.
  • 19:53: Nov 15 to Jan 4th, Nexus Challenge is live. Team up with one or more friends to unlock free rewards in Heroes and Overwatch. 15 games for Oni Genji skin, Zarya Hero. 30 games grant four additional heroes, 30 day stim pack, and more!
  • 19:48: Varian and Ragnaros heroes are coming to Heroes of the Storm! Varian is a multiclass hero, becoming a Warrior or Assassin depending on the talents you select. Ragnaros has a Molten Core trait that takes over any fort, standing or not, and become gigantic. You become the raid boss, defending against an enemy siege or bolstering your push. Varian comes out the week of November 15th with Ragnaros following in December.
  • 19:41: Heroes of the Storm is getting a new brawl, Blackheart's Revenge. In this brawl, only one team has a core. You defend it or sail the seas to blow it up. Coming November 15th.
  • 19:33: Overwatch League is a new eSports initiative forming regional teams, team owners, baseline salaries, benefits for players. Coming in 2017.
  • 19:30: A Heroes of the Dorm documentary releases next week to the world and tomorrow at BlizzCon.
  • 19:26: Blizzard is opening out SC2 to AI researchers around the world. Releasing an API to allow people to build code that will play SC2.
  • 19:25: Oriol Vinyals from the DeepMind team is here to talk about AI
  • 19:22: The rest of the SC2 missions are coming out this year.
  • 19:21: Sombra, Arcade mode, and more are coming to the PTR next week. Oasis map is coming in December.
  • 19:21: New game modes are coming to Overwatch.
  • 19:21: Eco Point Antarctica is one of the upcoming Overwatch maps, for the new Arena, 1v1, and 3v3 game modes.
  • 19:21: Sombra will be the next hero in Overwatch, playable at BlizzCon!
  • 19:15: Sombra has taken over the ceremony!
  • 19:11: The new Make a Wish pet is a Fel Kitty named Mischief!
  • 19:10: Allen Adham is rejoining Blizzard!
  • 19:04: Mike Morhaime is taking the stage

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