Šta je Novo za Overwatch - Blizzcon 2015 Panel Recap

Tri nova heroja najavljena su na otvaranju Blizzcon 2015: Mei, D'Va i Genji. A na ovom panelu saznali smo više o ovim herojima, kao i par interesantnih informacija o samoj beti.
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Panel developers

  • Jeff Kaplan - Game Director & Vice President
  • Arnold Tsang - Assistant Art Director
  • Goeff Goodman - Principal Designer

Beta Stats

  • 82k Matches Played
  • Avg Match Length: 7:34
  • Most played hero: Pharah
  • Best chance of winning: Symmetra


  • Console was a D1 idea and they worked on it right away
  • Console players and PC players will be separated. PS4 with PS4, XBox1 with XBox1.

New map : Hollywood

  • Payload map
  • They want a "Blizzardize" version of the real world
  • First area : Goldshire Studio (based from a WoW inn name)
  • Second area: Pionneer (Cowboy Saloon)
  • Third area: Space-ship and aliens
  • Different approach, varying on how characters move
  • A lot of Easter Eggs (winks to Blizzard game universe)

New Hero - Mei

  • Scientific heroes
  • Overwatch is to protect humanity from different threat, environment and weather threat is one of them.
  • They setup a lot of eco-watch
  • She got trapped and had to go in cryo and was only rescued years later while her team died
  • Yes the ultimate is named Blizzard in a wink (easter-egg) to Blizzard Entertainment
  • Her icewall can break in different segment (not all at once)

New Hero - D'Va

  • Lore to why to use a Mecha is very similar to Pacific Rim reasons : Creatures would come & goes and adapt to the last fight
  • Initially was a ground character only (no mecha flying)
  • Took a lot of iterations
  • While she shoots in mecha she is slow (hence why she has boosters)
  • Self-Destruct has the biggest explosion in the game so far. Don't run it, just take cover
  • Your mecha will continues forward if you were boosting even if you self-destruct

New Hero - Genji

  • Brother with Hanzo
  • Part of a crime clan (Shimada Clan), their father was the leader
  • Hanzo tries to kill him and is left for dead, Overwatch finds him and heals him
  • Half-human half-robot (Cyber Ninja)
  • His big sword is his ultimate weapon
  • Swift Strike is similar to Tracer blink ability, however it can be done in the air
  • Very mobile
  • Deflect ability can deflect anything. Bastion, Widowmaker...
Šta je Novo za Overwatch - Blizzcon 2015 Panel Recap                                                                                                             
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