Heroes of the Storm Battleground Blizzcon 2015 Panel

Battleground Panel za Heroes of the Storm je završen i na njemu se govorilo o glavnim ciljevima mape, novoj mapi Towers of Doom i Arena dizajnu!
Originally Posted by Blizzard
Core Goals
  • Clean Design
  • Conflicts
  • Finality
Battleground Gameplay
  • Complete objectives
  • Get rewarded for those
  • They like to avoid specific Map Rules and layouts.
  • Determine the Map Mechanics first, and then do a design to support that.
  • Sky Temple: the objective already creates that "teamfight" scenario for the developers.
  • Tomb of the Spider Queen: objectives in lanes, split players. The map layout being really small incentivizes the teamfights.
  • Mercenaries: they cause small conflicts in specific places of the map - make them interesting. Cause big impact by pushing lanes.
Towers of Doom
  • Battleground where two Nexus Lords are fighting for control - tug of war and area control type of map.
  • They wanted to create something really unique - all previous maps still have 2/3 lanes, mercenaries and a core.
  • Devs asked themselves "do maps really need a core?"
  • First layout of Towers of Doom did not have a Core - there were 5 forts, sort of circular float to it. The towns themselves were the map's mechanics. Whoever owned more towns first would get more points.
  • It was a failed experiment - it was kinda anti-climatic. Intense at first, but with mostly non dramatic endings. Current maps have that epic feeling!
  • They went back to a more standard design - Towers of Doom has unique mercenaries however!
  • Grave Golem - replaced by the Headless Horseman from World of Warcraft. Completely different mechanic - when you cap this mercenary, it shoots volleys of spirit energy towards the enemy bases.
  • Altars - places on neutral positions along the battleground, a hybrid control territory on the map.
The Art of Towers of Doom
  • They feel it's kinda boring playing on the same battleground over and over again, so it's all about creating unique and varied gameplay experiences.
  • They wanted it to have the mood of a Dark City. Color is very important for that.
  • Inside the structures they want "warm" colors to make the outside feel cold.
  • Victorian like architecture, lots of dark iron and foreboding structures.
  • Lots of textures in this map (ancient stones, dilapidated wood, rusty stuff). Ancient town feeling.
  • Dark... but not depressing!
  • Bell Towers (of Doom) > Necromancer Tower. When destroyed it will explode but will rebuild belonging to the opposite team.
  • Town Structures - Armory Town / Farm Town / Blacksmith Town. Personality to each town.
Arena Design
  • Devs are always trying to find new ways of making the game mode challenging and fun for players.
  • Lots of them were super excited about a fighting arena mode for a while now.
  • Great for players who want something completely different from Quick Match and Hero League.
  • Random hero selection (from a pool of 3 - based on an archetype). Focus on fast-paced action around a single objective.
  • Quick and easy to jump into.
  • They wanted the mode to be even more action packed than the standard Heroes match, and even shorter.
  • They wanted players to be able to form new creative strategies.
  • They tried "all random" at first, but it didn't work. Players need some control and choice.
  • 10x Hero Mode - randomly chosen by the matchmaker; gives everyone the same hero choice.
  • A game with 10 Johannas in internal playtesting took 30~ minutes. That's why they added some rules to their team compositions.
  • Heroes with very little damage cannot be chosen in this 10x mode (Medic, Johanna, Abathur).
  • In other Arena matches, cannot roll more than 2 warriors or more than 2 supports.
  • Players start at level 10 and do not level up. No talents as well, all they choose is the Heroics.
  • Benefits: low learning curve when playing new Heroes (since they are all available). Focus on moment-to-moment action. No falling behind in power.
  • Hero respawn timer is 15 seconds.
  • Behind the scenes they're already adding new Arena battlegrounds, and expanding mechanics. Breaking even more rules.
Art of Arena
  • Garden Arena (daylight version) > Tournament grounds, to make it feel like a renaissance fair. Jousting arena with knights fighting each other.
  • Spectators behave differently depending on how much action is happening. In a multi-kill they all cheer for you!
  • Garden Arena (night version) > population winding down, sitting around a campfire.
  • Garden Arena (underground) > glowing plants! Really claustrophobic, not man-made like the Haunted Mines.
  • Temple Arenas (bizarre, oasis, desert).
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