Nova Verzija Battle.net Mobile Authenticatora

Battle.net Mobile Authenticator aplikacija ažurirana je za iOS i Android, tako što je napisana ispočetka, čime je ona sada znatno brža, efikasnija i laka za upotrebu. Tu je i novi dizajn, a pri svakom novom kodu promeniće Vam se slika u neku od igara Blizzardovog univerzuma.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
The Battle.net Mobile Authenticator app has recently been updated for both iOS and Android, and it’s been rebuilt from the ground up to make it faster, more efficient, and easier to use. You’ll also notice some extra shine and polish, including a brand-new design that displays a new piece of art from one of Blizzard’s games every time you load a code.

Players using the iOS version will also now be able to use iCloud to make it easier than ever to back up and restore your Authenticator, streamlining the setup process whenever you need to recover or switch to a new device.

Don’t have an Authenticator on your account? Download the free Battle.net Mobile Authenticator application for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows devices here, or purchase a physical Battle.net Authenticator from the online Blizzard Gear Store. Visit the Battle.net Mobile Authenticator FAQ for more information, or head to the setup page to get started after you've downloaded the application.

For additional account security advice, check out our Account Security page.

Rexxar Hero Trailer, Nove Report Opcije i Penali

Rexxar Hero Trailer
Blizzard je objavio Rexxar Hero Trailer, a isti heroj od sutra će da se pridruži Nexusu!

Nove Report Opcije i Penali

Sledeći veliki patch, doneće nam nove report opcije kao i novi silent penalty sistem za igrače ukoliko su se loše ponašali u igri.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

During a typical Heroes of the Storm play session, you’re sure to come across all sorts of people and personalities. Some players realize that they make a great match, and might even become friends after playing and chatting together. Some players prefer to focus on the game, and don’t utter a single word before a Core falls. As with most any online game, however, there are a few players that just don’t seem to get along with anyone.

Whether they’re just having an off day, or get their kicks by being mean to their allies, players who project a negative attitude toward others can lower team morale, and ruin an otherwise fun experience for everyone else. In order to help limit this sort of behavior, our next major patch will bring a few new reporting options to Heroes, as well as a brand new consequence for those who consistently try to put a damper on everyone’s fun.

Reporting Options

Before we begin, we’d like to remind you that you can report another player for various types of inappropriate behavior by clicking the gear icons found on in-game score screens (TAB), as well as end-of-game score screens, and then selecting “Report Player”. You can also report players outside of a match by right-clicking a player’s name in the chat pane. These reports add up, and receiving too many can result in silence, suspensions, or even permanent bans in extreme cases.

With the arrival of our next patch, you’ll find that we’ve reworked the categories you can select when reporting another player for various types of misconduct. All of the reporting options that will be available to you, as well as a few guidelines for how best to put them into action, have been listed below.

Report Categories & Guidelines for Use

  • Abusive Chat
    • Insults, cruelty, or ongoing harassment directed at one or more players.
    • Hate speech
    • Real life threats
  • Intentionally Feeding
    • Player intentionally and repeatedly gets their hero killed in order to anger allies or feed XP to the enemy team.
  • AFK/Non-Participation
    • Player is idle or inactive for an extended period of time during a game.
    • Player is present, but has given up or refuses to take part in the game.
  • Cheating/Botting/Hacking
    • Suspicious behavior which indicates the player may be using third-party software or hack programs to gain an advantage during a game.
  • Inappropriate Name
    • Character names or BattleTags that are offensive, insulting, bypass the mature language filter, or are otherwise considered objectionable.
  • Spam
    • Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure nonsense
    • Blatant or repeated advertising for third party websites

We know that avid Abathur players may worry about being reported for Non-Participation, and Murky lovers may be concerned about receiving Intentional Feeding reports. However, we’ve taken heroes with unique mechanics into account, and will take action accordingly. Additionally, you can rest assured that a single report from an ally who misunderstands Abathur’s playstyle, for example, will not result in any penalties against your account. What’s more, we’ll also investigate players who are found to frequently dish out trivial or false reports and take action as necessary.

You may have noticed that the Harassment report category has been replaced with Abusive Chat. Undesirable chat messages can take on many forms, and the Abusive Chat category not only covers a much wider variety of cases than Harassment, but also fits nicely with our new consequence for misbehavior in chat: the Silence Penalty.

The Silence Penalty

Following our next patch release, any player who is reported multiple times under the Spam or Abusive Chat categories will, after investigation, receive a silence penalty. While this penalty is active, the silenced player will find that their ability to chat with others is greatly limited.

Silenced Players CannotSilenced Players Can
  • Use Allied Chat in-game
  • Use Party Chat (with invited players)
  • Chat in Hero League Draft Lobbies
  • Create, Suggest, and Request to Join parties
  • Chat in General Chat channels
  • Send and receive friend requests
  • Chat in custom chat channels
  • Send Whispers to friends
  • Send Whispers to non-friends 
  • Reply to Whispers from non-friends
  • Issue in-game Pings

The first time a player is silenced, their chat will be restricted for 24 hours. This duration will double for each silence penalty received after the first, and there is no maximum. This means that players who receive multiple silence penalties may find themselves unable to chat for a very, very long time.


Silenced players will be notified of the penalty’s remaining duration each time they log in to Heroes of the Storm, and a new icon will be displayed on their player portraits in the game’s menus to indicate their silenced status to others. Players that are in-game when they receive a silence penalty will be logged out at the end of that game, but will still gain any XP, Gold, or Ranked Points earned during the previous match.

That’s all we have to share on our new reporting options and the silence penalty for now. Keep an eye on the official Heroes of the Storm website to keep up with all the latest announcements about our next patch over the weeks to come. Until then, be excellent to one another, and we’ll see you in the Nexus!

Legacy of the Void Svetska Premijera - Cinematic i Datum Izlaska Igre

Obeležite 13 Septembar u Vašem kalendaru i spremite se u 19 sati da gledate svetsku premijeru prikaza Legacy of the Void Cinematica, gde ćemo saznati i datum izlaska igre!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

Prepare to Reclaim Your Homeworld!

An ancient evil threatens the fate of the entire galaxy, and only you can stop it. Join us, along with players around the world, and take part in the unveiling of all-new content for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, including:

  • World premiere of the Legacy of the Void cinematic and launch date reveal
  • A preview of what’s to come in Legacy of the Void from StarCraft II’s senior developers
  • The thrilling conclusion to the StarCraft II WCS Season 3 Finals live from Poland

Hosted by William “Chobra” Cho, the stream will take place on September 13 at 19:00 CEST on the official StarCraft Twitch channel and finish with the epic conclusion of the WCS Season 3 finals live from Poland.

Be sure to check out all the details about the WCS event in Poland and join us in person if you can.

We hope to see you there or on the live stream!

Our life for Aiur,

The StarCraft II team

Overwatch Beta Uskoro?

Blizzard je juče poslao svim pobednicima Blizzard Gamescom giveaway, za koji region žele da dobiju Overwatch betu - Američki ili Evropski. Takodje je napomenuto ukoliko ne dobiju odgovor do 4 septembra, da će automatski njihovi nalozi biti flagovani kao evropski Overwatch beta.

Ovo takodje ne znači da beta počinje četvrtog septembra - Blizzard i dalje nije objavio zvanična saoštenja povodom ovoga. Ali smo svi uzbudjeni jer nam je beta izgleda sve bliža. Uz ovu vest stiže nam takodje i informacija da je Blizzard pustio public File Server za Overwatch, ali da je za instalaciju potrebno uneti odgovorajući key.


Takodje vredno pomenuti je da se Battle.net client ažurirao sa novim overwatch izmenama. Na Overwatch tabu sada možete izabrati region.


Patch 6.2.2 Hotfixevi - 1 Septembar

Patch 6.2.2 Hotfixevi - 1 Septembar
Odmah uz novi Patch 6.2.2 dobili smo i prve hotfixeve.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Creatures and NPCs

Raids and Dungeons
Hellfire Citadel
  • Gorefiend
    • Players that perish to Digest or suffer fatal damage while in Gorefiend's stomach should now be able to be seen and resurrected once their bodies have teleported back out.
  • Fel Lord Zakuun
    • The Befouled debuff should now clear immediately when Foul Explosion is triggered.
    • [Requires a realm restart] Exhausted Soul should now be correctly removed from players at the end of the encounter.
  • Archimonde
    • Archimonde's Source of Chaos ability should no longer be summoned without having a target on Mythic difficulty.
    • Raid Finder Difficulty Changes
      • Doomfire Spirits now produce Doomfire patches at a reduced rate on Raid Finder difficulty.
      • Doomfire Spirit health has been reduced by 30% on Raid Finder difficulty.
      • Archimonde's Shadowfel Burst now only knocks the primary target of the ability into the air on Raid Finder difficulty.
      • On Raid Finder difficulty, if less than 7 players enter the Twisting Nether while there are more than 7 players alive in the encounter, additional players will be pulled into the Nether based on role.
      • Shadowed Netherwalker health has been reduced by 20% on Raid Finder difficulty.
      • Infernal Doombringer no longer cast Eternal Flame and take 45 seconds to reach full energy (up from 30 seconds) on Raid Finder difficulty.

  • Battle Fatigue should now be correctly applied to player pets in a PvP environment.
  • Players placed into the opposite faction in a Rated Battleground should now be able to receive the quest, Battle Hardened.
  • Fixed an issue where players can carry the incorrect faction flag in an Arena Skirmish.

  • Mercenary Mode should now be correctly enabled for the faction with the longer queue times.

  • Aviana's Feather should no longer incorrectly require the character to have obtained Draenor Pathfinding in order to function on Draenor.
  • Felfume Cloth Armor 4-piece set bonus for damage dealers should no longer incorrectly trigger from Polymorph.
  • Tiny Abomination in a Jar no longer incorrectly has a chance to trigger from extra Blade Flurry hits.

Bug Fixes
  • The flight path offered by Tina Kelatara to take players from Warspear Outpost back to Stormshield Hold should no longer go through a wall.
  • [Hotfix in testing] Fixed an issue where Seer Kazal could sometimes not appear correctly in the Garrisons of new level 100 characters.


  • Mistweaver

  • Discipline
    • Divine Aegis should no longer have its damage absorption reduced by an incorrect amount through Battle Fatigue.

Blue Tweetovi
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Did they forget to buff Touch of the Grave? Its still doing the same amount of damage it was before the patch.
We'll look into it. (CM_Lore)

what's up with bladestorm? Animation is borked since 6.2.2. Dwarf. Spins once and then stops moving at all until it's complete.
Thanks, I'll pass it on. (CM_Lore)

why would you nerf anything when it comes to teams that qualified already on a different state of the game? makes no sens
As stated before, we will do what we feel is right for the game but try to accomodate timing when possible. (holinka)
Good players adapt and overcome to shifts in a game's meta. This is the nature of esports. (holinka)

to change the game a lot after the qualifiers for regionals,all the teams are locked and vulnerable to nerfs
I can't speak for other games. We are only concerned about doing what is best for World of Warcraft. (holinka)
Last year there was a new patch before regional's & I believe they played on the old? #Blizzcon
Incorrect. We stayed on Mists for Blizzcon. (holinka)
you are mistaking Regionals for Blizzcon. 6.0 came out after regionals, before Blizzcon. (holinka)

Septembarska Ranked Pozadina za Karte - Exodar's Exodus

Blizzard je objavio sledeću (septembarsku) ranked pozadinu za karte, pod nazivom Exodarćs Exodus!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
The universe is yours with the enigmatic Exodar card back! You can only earn this card back by playing Hearthstone during the month of September.

These card backs replace the art decorating the reverse side of your cards and are a great way to show off your Hearthstone accomplishments. Add the Exodar card back to your collection by hitting Rank 20 in Ranked Play mode. You’ll receive the Exodar card back at the end of September’s Ranked Play Season.

Don’t forget—the further you move up the Ranked Play ladder, the more bonus stars you’ll receive next season. In Ranked Play, you’ll receive bonus stars based on your performance from the previous season —one bonus star per rank you attained. Please note that even if bonus stars from the previous season get you directly to Rank 20 or above, you still have to log in at least once each Ranked Season to qualify for the card back reward.

Board your space vessel of choice and make a flashy entrance into the eighteenth official Ranked Play Season, Exodar’s Exodus, running through the month of September!

Prijave za Hearthstone Reddit Grand Tourney™: Adria

Redit Serbia, organizuje turnir u Hearthstone-u, gde će se takmičiti igrači iz Srbije, Hrvatske, Bosne i Hercegovine i Crne Gore.

8. Septembra 2015. 32 igrača iz regiona će se takmičiti u 'Reddit Grand Tourney™: Adria' Hearthstone turniru. Prijave za turnir su besplatne i traju do 6. Septembra 2015.

Ukoliko želite da učestvujete u turniru morate popuniti formular na ovom sajtu.


  • U turniru se takmiči 32 igrača. Svaki takmičar prijavljuje tri klase/špila i pobednik je igrač koji prvi pobedi sa sva tri. Takmičar može koristiti isti špil više puta dok god sa njim ne pobedi partiju.
  • Pobednik turnira biće nagrađen Hearthstone card packovima (po izboru).
  • Prijave su otvorene za sve državljane Srbije, Hrvatske, Bosne i Hercegovine i Crne Gore.
  • Prijave su besplatne, ne obavezuju na učešće i mogu se otkazati.
  • Učesnici koji budu pozvani na turnir biće o tome obavešteni do završetka roka za prijavljivanje (6. Septebar 2015.)
  • Učesnik se učešćem obavezuje na pravila turnira.
  • Datum održavanja turnira je 8. Septembar 2015.
  • Turnir će biti streamovan na Twitch kanalu turnira.
  • Grand Tourney zadržava pravo o promeni pravila do početka turnira.
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