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Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha je Ponovo Online u Americi, 9 Oktorbra u Evropi

Posle više od nedelju dana održavanja servera, Heroes of the Storm Tech Alpha je vraćen online na američkom regionu. Što se tiče evropskog regiona, igrači mogu očekivati da će serveri biti podignuti 9 oktobra.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

After more than a week of extended maintenance, the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha is back online for North America, Latin America, South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. We anticipate that Heroes will be live in Europe on October 9, and that Korea, Taiwan, and China will be available again for play in the weeks thereafter.

Those of you who had access to the game before the downtime can jump straight back into the Nexus and continue battling, and we will continue to increase the pool of invited players over the coming weeks and months!

Several changes have been made in the last couple of weeks—you can check out our summary below.


As we shared with you before the maintenance, we have now moved to our production hardware. This means that you’ll be connected to your home region and your existing regional friend list.

In addition to the infrastructure changes, a new patch has been deployed! We’ve reintroduced custom games, allowing you to face off against your friends or other pre-selected opponents; added a new replay system, so that you can relive your best moments; and introduced an observer mode, meaning you can watch the action from any custom game you’ve been invited to view as it’s played. To top it off, two more playable characters have entered the brawl: Anub’arak and Azmodan. For a full list of updates, check out our latest patch notes.

Every player’s MMR (their hidden matchmaking rating) has been reset. This means that you may initially face players with a different skill level than your own, but our rating system will quickly kick in and match you against suitable opponents after a few games.

Finally, for one week following today’s patch, games played in any matchmaking mode (Practice, Cooperative, and Versus) will award double the normal amount of experience points! Also, there are no more planned wipes, so any XP and gold you earn from this point on will remain in your account for good.

Remember that we’re still in a testing phase, so we encourage you to continue sharing your feedback on the following discussion forums:

We’ll have more news soon, so keep an eye on our website as well as our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube pages to keep up to date.

See you in the Nexus!

Svrha Greater Riftova, Ženski Crusader Cosplay

Svrha Greater Riftova
Grimiku je napravio post danas gde nam je objasnio neke aspekte Greater Riftova. Kada gledamo mehaniku Greater Rift postoji da bi došli do moćnih Legendarnih gemova. Medjutim Greater Riftovi se fokusiraju na igrače koji žele da dostignu extremno visok nivo.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
There is some confusion that comes up from time to time about the role that Greater Rifts are intended to play, and I’d like to take a moment to help try and clear that up. 

For the most part, Greater Rifts are intended to act like a yardstick (or meter stick, if we’re waxing Metric) by which players can measure the power growth of their hero, as opposed to something that is meant to be completed in its entirety. Part of the confusion about the intended role of Greater Rifts might come from the fact that, during the public test phase of patch 2.1.0, there was a temporary cap in place (for testing purposes), and some players were able to reach that limit while the PTR was running. However, we never intended to allow players to reach the maximum level of what Greater Rifts offer once the system went live. In fact, for all intents and purposes, the number of Greater Rift levels currently has no limit.
Ženski Crusader Cosplay
Bethany Bled, takodje poznata na Devianart-u kao NaletH, objavila je izgled njenog ženskog crusader cosplay oklopa, kojeg će nositi na Kontakt 5 u Istanbul.

Heroes Alpha Patch 32455 - Promotivni Itemi, Anub'arak i Azmodan, Novi Mounti

Alpha patch postavljen je na download serverima, i igračima je dostupan da se skine preko Clienta. Ovo je priprema za alpha servere koji treba da budu podignuti već sutra!
Blizzard je napokon i očistio dosta Starcraft II fajlova koji su nepotrebno bili baznom Heroes of the Storm enginu. Uskoro očekujemo i zvaničan Blizzard blog post sa spell izmenama kod svih heroja.
Promotovni Itemi
Blizzard je uz ovaj build ubacio artwork promotivnih itema, koje su prethodno najavljivali Diablo III RoS Valla, BlizzCon mount, i Wonder Billie mount. Novi itemi su takodje tu, Pig (Svinja) čije je poreklo nepoznato, kao i nagrade Founder's Pack mounta, i Warlords of Draenor Wolf.

Anub'arak i Azmodan
Dva nova heroja pridružila su se Naxusu u ovom Patchu! U prilogu možete pročitati njihove magije i talente.
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
Anub'arak - Traitor King

[D] Scarab Host - Trait Spawn a Beetle at Anub'arak's location whenever he casts a spell. Beetles last for 10 seconds, attacking nearby enemies for 16 damage.
[Q] Impale - 65 Mana Cooldown: 12 seconds Deals 220 (68 + 8 per level) damage. Stuns for 1.25 seconds.
[W] Harden Carapace - 35 Mana Cooldown: 8 seconds Duration: 3 seconds Gain a 720 (150 + 30 per level) point shield
[E] Burrow Charge - 65 Mana Cooldown: 14 seconds Burrows to location, dealing 470 (128 + 18 per level) damage and briefly stunning enemies in a small area upon surfacing. Can reactivate the Ability to surface early.
[R] Cryptweave - Cooldown: 0.06 seconds Reinforce Web Blast victim, increasing time the target is trapped.
[R] Locust Swarm - 100 Mana Cooldown: 100 seconds Duration: 8 seconds Deal 180 (28 + 8 per level) damage per second in an area around Anub'arak. Each enemy damaged heals Anub'arak for 50 (12 + 2 per level) health.
[R] Web Blast - 70 Mana Cooldown: 45 seconds Wraps target enemy Hero in a cocoon for 5 seconds. Enemies wrapped in the cocoon are unable to act and untargetable. Allies of the Hero can attack the cocoon to break it and free them early.


  • [1] Assault Scarab - Assault Scarab (Trait) Increases the attack damage of spawned Beetles by 25% .
  • [1] Extended Spikes - Extended Spikes Increases the max range of Impale by 25% .
  • [1] Persistent Carapace - Persistent Carapace Increases Harden Carapace's Shield duration by 2 seconds.


  • [4] Legion of Beetles - Legion of Beetles (Trait) Anub'arak automatically spawns Beetles every 8 seconds. Can be toggled on and off.
  • [4] Locust Needles - Locust Needles Basic Attacks deal 35% of your Basic Attack Damage in an Area around the target.
  • [4] Underking - Underking Increases the range of Burrow Charge by 20% and lowers the cooldown by 2 seconds.


  • [7] Bed of Barbs - Bed of Barbs Create a bed of spikes along Impale's path that slows enemy Move Speed by 30% and deals 18 damage per second. Spikes persist for 3.5 seconds.
  • [7] Leeching Scarabs - Leeching Scarabs (Trait) Beetles heal Anub'arak for 50% of their damage with each attack if he is nearby.
  • [7] Shed Exoskeleton - Shed Exoskeleton Using Harden Carapace also increases Anub'arak's Movement Speed by 25% for 3 seconds.
  • [7] Urtricating Spines - Urticating Spines Casting Harden Carapace will also deal 50 damage to nearby enemies.


  • [10] Locust Swarm - Locust Swarm Cooldown: 100 seconds Duration: 8 seconds Deal 20 damage per second in an area around Anub'arak. Each enemy damaged heals Anub'arak for 10 health.
  • [10] Web Blast - Web Blast Cooldown: 45 seconds Wraps target enemy Hero in a cocoon for 5 seconds. Enemies wrapped in the cocoon are unable to act and untargetable. Allies of the Hero can attack the cocoon to break it and free them early.


  • [13] Chitinous Plating - Chitinous Plating Increases Harden Carapace's Shield amount by 50% .
  • [13] Symbiotic Armor - Symbiotic Armor Anub'arak's Beetles are also granted a Shield equal to 120 .


  • [16] Beetle Juice - Beetle, Juiced (Trait) If a Beetle kills an enemy its duration is refreshed, becomes fully healed, and gains 100% bonus Health and damage. This effect can only occur once per Beetle.
  • [16] Epicenter - Epicenter Increases the impact area and damage of Burrow Charge by 100% .


  • [20] Cryptweave - Cryptweave Gain a new ability to reinforce a Web Blast victim, increasing time the target is trapped.
  • [20] Fury of the Storm - Fury of the Storm Basic Attacks bounce twice to nearby enemies for 50% damage.
  • [20] Hive Master - Hive Master Anub'arak gains a permanent Vampire Locust that attacks a nearby enemy every 3 seconds. The Vampire Locust deals 16 damage and returns to heal Anub'arak for 20 health.

Azmodan - Lord of Sin

[D] General of Hell
- Trait Cooldown: 30 seconds Summon a General of Hell at an allied Mercenary, Minion, or Summon. The General will march with the target, granting 15% increased damage and 15% increased maximum Health to all nearby friendly Mercenaries, Minions, and Summons. Unlimited range.
[Q] Globe Of Annihilation - 60 Mana Cooldown: 8 seconds Shoot a globe of destruction, dealing 320 (73 + 13 per level) damage on impact. Long range.
[W] Summon Demon Warrior - 40 Mana Charge Cooldown: 10 seconds Spawn a Demon Warrior that marches toward a point. Warriors have 800 (230 + 30 per level) Health and attack for 80 (23 + 3 per level) damage. Last 10 seconds.
[E] All Shall Burn - Mana: 16 per second Cooldown: 6 seconds Channel a death beam on an enemy dealing 60 damage a second. The damage amount grows the longer it is channeled, to a maximum of 120 damage per second. Does 25% more damage to Structures.
[E] All Shall Burn - Mana: 16 per second Cooldown: 6 seconds Channel a death beam on an enemy dealing 60 damage a second. The damage amount grows the longer it is channeled, to a maximum of 120 damage per second. Does 25% more damage to Structures.
[E] All Shall Burn - Stop channeling All Shall Burn.
[R] Black Pool - 60 Mana Charge Cooldown: 20 seconds Create a pool that empowers Azmodan, his Demons, and allied Minions, increasing their attack and ability damage by 75% . Pools last 5 seconds.
[R] Demonic Invasion - 100 Mana Cooldown: 100 seconds Rain a small army of Demonic Grunts down on enemies, dealing 20 damage per impact. Demon Warriors deal 60 (22 + 2 per level) damage and will die from 4 attacks. Damage is doubled versus non-Heroic targets.


  • [1] Sieging Wrath - Sieging Wrath Increases the impact damage dealt by up to 50% , depending on how far the missile traveled.
  • [1] Spare Nothing - Spare Nothing All Shall Burn will destroy 1 ammo a second from structures.
  • [1] Taste for Blood - Taste for Blood Enemies killed by Orb of Annihilation's impact permanently increase its damage by 1 .


  • [4] Army of Hell - Army of Hell Increases the maximum number of charges from 2 to 3 .
  • [4] Bound Minion - Bound Minion (Trait) Using General of Hell on a Lane Minion permanently increases the Minion's damage by 100% and its Health by 300% .
  • [4] Burn the Weak - Burn the Weak Structure damage bonus now applies to Minions and Mercenaries and is increased to 50% .
  • [4] Gluttony - Gluttony 15% of the damage dealt by All Shall Burn is returned as Health for Azmodan.


  • [7] Enduring Warriors - Enduring Warriors Demons last 5 seconds longer.
  • [7] Infernal Globe - Infernal Globe Reduces the cast and travel time by 40% and deals an additional 12 damage over 4 seconds.
  • [7] Master of Destruction - Master of Destruction Mana cost reduced from 16 to 10 per second.


  • [10] Black Pool - Black Pool Charge Cooldown: 20 seconds Create a pool that empowers Azmodan, his Demons, and allied Minions, increasing their attack and ability damage by 75% . Pools last 5 seconds.
  • [10] Demonic Invasion - Demonic Invasion Cooldown: 100 seconds Rain a small army of Demonic Grunts down on enemies, dealing 20 damage per impact. Demon Warriors deal 20 damage and will die from 4 attacks. Damage is doubled versus non-Heroic targets.


  • [13] Blazing Demons - Blazing Demons Demon Warriors deal 10 damage to nearby enemies every second.
  • [13] Hellforged Armor - Hellforged Armor Demon Warriors take 50% less damage from non-Heroic sources of damage.
  • [13] March of Sin - March of Sin Azmodan can move at 75% speed while channeling All Shall Burn.


  • [16] Battleborn - Battleborn If Globe of Annihilation hits an enemy, a Demon Warrior is summoned at the impact point.
  • [16] Demonic Smite - Demonic Smite (Trait) General of Hell will periodically blast enemy Minions with demonic energy, dealing 500 damage.


  • [20] Fifth Circle - Fifth Circle Azmodan and other empowered allies' attacks and abilities slow Movement and Attack Speeds by 40% .
  • [20] Perishing Flame - Perishing Flame When the Grunts die they explode, dealing 50 damage to nearby enemies.
Novi Mounti
Par novih mounta ubačeno je u ovom Alpha Patch Buldu, medjutim mi smo uspeli da dodjemo samo do nekih.
Golden Wolf - Founder's Pack Nagrada
Još u maju došli smo do saznanja preko Heroes servera, da ćemo dobiti mounta napravljenog od čistog zlata. Danas, Blizzard nam donosi skriveno obećanje, sa mountom od zlata, bronze i platine. Više detalja o Founder's Pack-u renutno nemamo.
Billie Goat - Nagrada koju dobijate za Real Money transkacije
Battlebeast - New Default?
Battlebeast mount predstavljen je samo za par heroja kao primarni mount. Izgleda da samo ogromni heroji ima da dobiju ovog mounta kao default, a to su: Tychus, Sonya, E.T.C., Diablo, Stitches, i Arthas. Ovaj Mount po podacima u igri biće pušten 7 Oktobra.
Ironside Dire Wolf - Warlords of Draenor
Kupovinom Warlords of Draenor nastavka dobijate Ironside Dire Wolf Mounta.
Nepoznatno je odakle dolazi ovaj mount

StarCraft II 2.1.5 Patch Informacije

Blizzard je objavio zvanične Starcraft II 2.1.5 Patch Informacije.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
StarCraft II 2.1.5 Patch Notes
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Patch 2.1.5 is being distributed to all regions throughout the week, and may not be live in your region yet. Please read on to check out the full patch notes.

StarCraft II 2.1.5 Patch Notes
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the post-game score screen to become stuck while loading.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented replays generated in patch 2.1.3 from loading in newer versions of StarCraft II.
  • Fixed an issue where Mac clients could freeze when experiencing a game application crash in Full Screen mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hotkey UI panel would not appear correctly on initial selection.

Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse Review

Pre dva meseca imali smo prilike da testiramo Razer tastaturu BlackWidow 2014, i slušalice Kraken koje su bile odlične za FPS, MMO i RTS igrače. Ovoga puta, imamo prilike da pogledamo kako izgleda jedan njihov proizvod koji cilja publiku MMO igrača, a to je Razer Naga Epic Gaming miš. 

Osobine i Funkcije Razer Naga Epic Gaming Miša
  • 17 programabilnih MMO-optimiziranih tastera (koje uključuju i 12 tastera na desnoj strani miša)
  • Kabl ili WIFI dual mode, vi birate kako ćete povezati miš
  • Wireless: USB 2.4GHz
  • 3 zamenjujuća side panela
  • Stanica za Punjenje baterije (takodje radi i kao Wireless resiver)
  • Beskonačno pravljenje profila i Addona
  • Opcioni MMO specifičan software addon
  • 16 million pozadinskog osvetljenja
  • 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling™ / 1ms vreme odziva
  • Veličina: 116L x 77W x 41H (u mm)
  • Trajanje Baterija: 12 sati (neprestanog korišćenja); 72 sata (normalnog gaming korišćenja)

Razer Naga Epic MMO Gaming Mouse Pakovanje

Razer Naga Epic prezentovana je u velikoj kartonskoj kutiji. Na prednjem delu kutije možemo videti kvalitetno odštampanu grafiku izgleda Naga Epic miša, dok na zadnjem delu kutije možemo pročitati njegove osobine i funkcije. Unutra kutije naišli smo na Naga Epic miš zajedno sa stanicom za punjenje / wireless predajnikom. Dok smo u posebnoj kutiji pronašli dokumentaciju, USB Kabl, bateriju i dva dodatna side panela za miš.


Razer Naga Epic MMO Gaming Mouse

Na prvi pogleda Epic verzija izgleda jako slično originalnom Naga mišu, sa malim izmenama u obliku i dizajnu. Kada smo pogledali miš izbliza, Razer Naga Epic ima dosta izmenama, a počećemo od toga da je Epic neznatno veći u odnosu na originalni Naga miš.  Sa svojim dimenzijama 116x77x41mm on je 1cm širi u odnosu svog starijeg brata, i dizajniran je za desnoruke igrače sa 12 tastera na levoj strani miša. Glavni levi i desni taster na mišu su dovoljno veliki, a izmedju njih se nalazi scroll koji je čvrst i prijatnog osećaja pri korišćenju. Odmah ispod scrolla nalaze se i dva dodatna tastera.

Na levoj strani Razer Naga Epic miša nalaze se 12 tastera, glavna i unikatna prodajna poenta ovog miša. Svih 12 tastera mogu da se nameste da koriste Number Pad tastera sa tastature, ili da ih uz pomoć programa podesite da rade druge funkcije. Ovo će najviše korisno pronaći MMO igrači koji svaki taster mogu da podese za odredjeni macro, a to sve brzo i jednostavno mogu uraditi uz pomoć razer naga epic addona koji dolazi uz program.

Desni deo Naga Epic miša, nema tastere na sebi, ali možete skinuti desni panel i zameniti sa ostala dva koja su došla uz pakovanje. Ovim podešavanjem igrač sam može pronaći koji oblik miša mu odgovara kako bi odmarao ruku dok ga koristi. Kako bi ubacili bateriju (koja traje 12 sati neprestanog korišćenja ili 72 sata normalnog gaming korišćenja), morali smo da skinemo desni panel na Naga Epic miša i ubacimo bateriju unutra.

Na donjem delu Naga Epic miša možemo primetiti Ultraslick™ nogice kao i Razer Precision 3.5G laserskog senzora sa 5600dpi, 1000Hz Ultrapollinga i 1ms vreme odziva. Takodje na donjem delu Naga miša možemo pronaći prekidač koji podešava funkciju levih tastera. Novo u Epic verziji je što ima i on/off sync taster za sinhronizaciju i povezivanje sa wireless prijemnikom, kao i dva contact dela predvidjenja za punjenje baterije kada je miš na wireless stanici.

Kada smo povezali miš i upalili ga, Scroll i 12 tastera koji se nalaze na levoj strani miša počeli su odmah da svetle u raznim bojama. A uz pomoć programa možemo podestiti kojom bojom će miš da svetli. Izbor svetla vam se prostire u 16 miliona boja. Naga Epic je došao sa laganim pletenim kablom, koji se povezuje sa wireless stanicom, ili direktno na miš ukoliko vam je u toku igranja nestala beterija.

Razer Software

Ažuriranje firmware na Naga Epic mišu bio je jednostavan proces. Ne morate da odradite neke specijalne korake, kao što je pritisni dugme, pa priključi miš, već jednostavno smo kliknuli na "Install the update", i sačekali da se završi instalacija.

Software koji je došao uz Naga Epic miš dobio je dosta promena u odnosu na Molten i Originalnu Nagu, i on nam sad omogućava da konfigurišemo bezbroj opcija, uključujući programske tastere, podešavanje performansi, profila, macro i osvetljenja.

Podešavanje tastera je veoma jednostavno. Opcije su podeljene, i jednostavnim klikom podešavamo šta radi levi i desni taster na mišu, kao i Scroll i tasteri ispod njega. Tu je i Thumb View Grid gde podešavate 12 tastera na levoj strani miša.

Kada je reč o performansama i njegovom podešavanju možete podestiti DPI na maksimalnih 5600, takodje DPI može biti podešen nezavisno za X i Y osu. Tu je i podešavanje akceleracije, gde je polling rate maksimalan 1000Hz.

Naga Epic Miš podržava bezbroj profila, koji mogu da se podešavaju uz pomoć Profile opcije u Software-u. Podešavanje Macro tastera, koje možete snimiti uz pomoć software-a ili addona u igri (dodatno Razer Control Panel dolazi sa opcijom da instalirate Addone za Vašu omiljenu MMO Igru). Mi smo odmah probali kako to radi u World of Warcraftu!

Finalni tab je software confirugration panel koji Vam omogućava da podesite osvetljenje na mišu. Informacije o Firmware, driverima, wireless i stanju baterije, se takodje nalaze tu.

Razer Naga Epic Korisničko Iskustvo

Kada smo prvi put probali Naga Epic miš, prošao je mali period da ga podesimo kako nam odgovara. Prvo smo morali da podesimo desne side panele kako bi saznali kako nam nabolje odgovara oblik miša i šta više odmara ruku. Dok je drugi period bio podešavanje DPI, tastera na mišu i macro-a u igri. Posle par sati sredjivanja, miš je bio jednostavan za korišćenje i već smo uvideli velike prednosti.

Naravno Naga Epic je wireless miš i pronašii smo da je odziv identičan kao i kad je miš vezan preko kabla. Baterija dosta dugo traje, mada jedini problem može biti ukoliko planirate maraton igračke sesije, gde ćete morati da odmorite malo kako bi se miš napunio ili, ćete morati da ga povežete na USB kabl.

Korišćenje Naga Epic miša bilo je veoma udobno, čak i posle dužeg vremenskog igračanja, sve zahvaljujući njegovom obliku. Kao što smo već rekli oblik je moguće promeniti na desnoj strani jer se paneli skidaju. Svaki side panel je bio odličan za korišćenje, medjutim najveći nam je najviše odgovarao. Ovo je uglavnom zato što je omogućavao da se dva prsta odmaraju na njemu. Leva strana miša predvidjena za palac je dovoljno velika, kako bi lako identifikovali taster po osećaju.

Što se tiče samog Razer Naga fokusa, dobili smo addone koje možemo da koristimo u MMO igrama, koji uključuje i najpopularniji World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft add-on je mod za lakše i brže podešavanje tastera na Naga mišu. Veoma je jednostavan i lak za korišćenje i odlično se snalazio sa community addonom kao što je Bartender. Ovo odlično softwersko iskustvo nastavlja se sa Razer Control Panelom koji je jednostavan za korišćenje. Dodaćemo i mogućnost lakog ažuriranja firmware-a što će omogućiti Vašem mišu da nastavi da se razvija i radi dobro dugo vremena.

Razer Naga je uvek bio naš number one MMO miš, od kako je pušten u prodaji. I onda smo bili impresionirani mogućnostima koje je tada pružao, a onda nam je došla Molten verzija koja je donela par novina. Kada pogledamo Epic verziju, Razer je drastično otišao korak dalje. Bez gubitka signala u WIFI režimu, mogućnost podešavanja oblika miša, što nam daje dodatnu udobnost pri korišćenju, Razer je zadržao i kvalitet Naga Epic miša; kada krenemo samo od Epic pakovanja u kome dolazi, stanice za punjenje miša sve je u top rangu!

Na kraju kada dodjemo do njegove cene Epic miš je skup, medjutim to nam je jasno, jer Razer proizvodi vrhunski asortiman koji opravdava svoj cenovni rang. Sigurno bilo koji MMO igrač koji ne poseduje Naga miš, a traži da kupi visoko kvalitetan wifi miš, biće savetovan da kupi Razer Naga Epic. U stvari mi zasigurno možemo reći da vlasnici originalne verzije treba da razmisle o kupovini novog modela, jer je on jednostavno tolko dobar!

Razer Naga Epic Mouse na test ustupio generalni zastupnik za Razer u Srbiji Computerland.

Heroes of the Storm Novi Skinovi: Anub'arak, Azmodan, Hallow's End, i Master

Blizzard je objavio 12 novih skinova, koje ćemo dobiti za vreme Hallow's End. Videćemo Infested Tychus, koji je već u igri, kao i Countess Kerrigan koju smo imali prilike da vidimo na PAX East.

Anub'arak and Azmodan Skins


Hallow's End Skins


Master Skins

Lords of War - Behind the Scenes, Warlords of Draenor Beta - Build 18973, Blue Tweetovi

Lords of War - Behind the Scenes
Blizzard je objavio Lords of War - Behind the Scenes Video.
Warlords of Draenor Beta - Build 18973
Blizzard je sinoć postavio novi Beta Build 18973, koji je doneo par izmena u spellovima!
Spell Izmene
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
Item Set Bonuses

  • Blade Flurry your attacks also strike up to 4 additional nearby opponents for 30% of normal damage, down from 40%.

  • Blade Flurry your attacks also strike up to 4 additional nearby opponents for 30% of normal damage, down from 40%.

  • Bladestorm - Old tooltips were broken. Correct new numbers are: Arms=240%WD, Fury=160%WD, Prot=224%WD. (Celestalon)

Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Arcane Blast Blasts the target with energy, inflciting 28,00033,600 Arcane damage. 40 yd range. 2 sec cast.
  • Arcane Orb Launches an Arcane Orb forward, inflicting 92,000110,400 Arcane damage to enemies it passes through. 100 yd range. Instant.
  • Fire Storm Ragewing spits fire, inflicting 50,00030,000 Fire damage to nearby enemies. 100 yd range. Instant.
  • Fire Storm Ragewing spits fire, inflicting 50,00030,000 Fire damage to nearby enemies. 100 yd range. Instant.
  • Fireball Hurls a fiery ball that inflicts 28,00033,600 Fire damage. 40 yd range. 2 sec cast.
  • Frostbolt Launches a bolt of frost at the enemy, inflicting 28,00033,600 Frost damage and slowing movement speed by 50% for 15 sec. 40 yd range. 2 sec cast.
  • Ice Comet Calls down a comet of ice that inflicts 92,000110,400 Frost damage to all enemies within 8 yards. 40 yd range. Instant. 10 sec cooldown.
  • Lumbering Swipe Gnarled Ancients crush all players in front of them, inflicting 54,00037,800 Physical damage. 40 yd range. Instant.
Blue Tweetovi
Originally Posted by Blizzard
Charhounds! Those firehounds from the Firelands. Flamewalkers and Dark Shamans tame them. Why not us? Would love one
I hate to say it, but man that would make a cool shaman glyph right? Spirit wolves -> fire wolves! (Muffinus)

Will we see "more paladin-like" Sets in WoD (PvP&PvE)? T17 is a good start
We'll be continuing to find cool looks for tier sets that fit both class and context. Glad you enjoy T17! (olandgren)

Character / Items
Tertiary Stats, Warforged, and Socket are random. 3 independent chances, max 1 of each. (olandgren)

is Salvage yard intended to give the "Character Screen armours (and weapons)?
It is. They've rescued it from less... fortunate adventurers. (olandgren)
Can we get them for any class or just our own?
Just your own class.

Are you putting CM gear on the BMAH later on? That would be a slap in the face. Please don't. Hope it's just a rumor.
We have no plans to do so, but the BMAH does acquire some skill-based rewards so no promises either way. (olandgren)

Skirmishes require a group queue? Or will solo queueing work on release?
Solo queueing works on release. (holinka)

Can that meta gem please not make it to WoD? Please? Pretty please?
It is (holinka)
But it's so random. The game should be about skill, not random reflects =(
If I wasn't clear, it is gone in Warlords. (holinka)
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