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Warcraft Movie Logo i Oružja, Weapon Enchant Transmog, Ashran, Blue Teme

Objavljen Logo za Warcraft Film
Legendary je na Comic-Con objavio Warcraft logo za film!

Warcraft Movie Weapons
Bashiok i Ethan_Anderton podelili su par slika oružja koja su korišćena u Warcraft Filmu.

Warlords of Draenor - Weapon Enchant Transmogrification
Izgleda da igrači koji odaberu enchanter garrison gradjevine, imaće mogućnost da promene izgled enchanta ili da ga uklone kompletno.

Warlords of Draenor - Ashran Povratne Informacije
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Greetings everyone! This is my first post on the forum as a blue poster. I’m Chris Kaleiki, a Game Designer on World of Warcraft. I work specifically on Ashran with some guy you may know -- Brian Holinka. I previously worked on class design, notably the design of the Monk.

The feedback you guys are giving is fantastic! Well appreciated. I wanted to respond.

Wall of text inc --

I have feedback on the “Horde and Alliance Hubs” (aka the staging areas)
The Horde and Alliance staging areas are still being worked on by the world team. As for Ashran the world PvP zone, they have very little relevance. You may see some random PvP skirmishes there in the same way you see skirmishes in any Horde or Alliance capital, but they’re not meant to be part of the overall world pvp zone. While we do want your feedback on those areas, the PvP team’s involvement is pretty minimal so I suggest directing them towards the general discussions in this forum rather than this specific discussion.

I feel the size of Ashran is too small.
During Ashran’s early development we debated whether the zone should be larger, but we ultimately landed on its current size after concluding that if the zone were too big your chances of running into the opposite faction in your day to day excursions would be quite low. We want there to be a feeling that you’re sharing a limited resource with the opposing faction, and you have to fight over that resource. The bigger the zone, the less the opposite faction’s presence matters, and the less tension and ultimately the less world PvP will transpire.

That said, it could be possible that the zone could still stand to be larger. And if more players spill out into the side areas to where it gets too cramped, we may have to make changes. Keep in mind we also want to build onto Ashran in patch content.

What is the philosophy behind Ashran?
Ashran is a new type of PvP design. While it does have the spirit of old Alterac Valley, it’s not supposed to be purely an objective based map. Our goal here was to create situations in where players would engage in world PvP. These situations primarily are the outskirts areas, off the midlane.

In beta it is understandable that players are not reward driven. But on live, we expect players to be driven by getting honor and other rewards for their characters. The PvE on Ashran will be the most rewarding in that regard. The idea is that Horde and Alliance will be fighting over completing the side objectives and spawning and that will create interesting PvP situations (especially since you can loot other players currency). Even within the current incarnation of Ashran on beta I’ve experienced small unexpected fights in the outskirts areas.

We feel we’ve delivered on objective based win condition content through battlegrounds, but we haven’t delivered in giving players a sandbox environment where they can experience PvP similar to that of which you may have experienced before battlegrounds were created. We’re trying to do that with Ashran.

One of my most memorable moments of world pvp before battlegrounds were introduced into WoW was when my guildmates were farming for the frostsaber mount in Winterspring. They were being ganked by a Horde guild over and over, so some of our guildies went to help them out. The Horde guild responded by sending more of their guildmates. Then other random guilds joined in. Eventually, there were so many players in that area we crashed the server.

The spirit of that experience is what we’re trying to go for in a zone like Ashran.

What’s the deal with the middle lane?
The middle lane serves as a centerpiece of Ashran. It’s similar to that of Alterac Valley: a push/pull tug-of-war battle. While the road of glory isn’t exactly world PvP, this type of PvP is appealing to a number of players so we decided to include it in Ashran. It’s also nice to know that there is almost always going to be some battle going on there.

The middle lane wont’ really be very rewarding in terms of honor or currency. And we intentionally don’t have a way to “win Ashran.” Storming the enemy base and killing their commander will give you some reward and an achievement, but it’s not the main focus of the zone. If your time in Ashran is within the middle lane and storming the enemy base, you’re mostly doing that for the intrinsic fun of it.

What is the main objective?
We envision that most players will be coming to Ashran to farm honor and rewards. You’ll do that by killing creatures and participating in the side events. Along the way you’ll find items that boost your characters power (such as the class books, scrolls, wands etc.) and we hope you’ll get some PvP fights.
There is no objective like “cap and hold these points, run this flag, kill this guy” like our other objective based maps. We’ve found that more objective heavy maps lead to more predictable gameplay, which lead to less interesting unexpected PvP fights… which defines the idea of “world pvp.”

That said, I would say some goals in the map would be as a faction to maintain the mage portals, warlock gateways, and spawn Fangraal/Kronus. They all serve to help your faction be more efficient in the zone.

Why does Ashran not put you into a group/raid?
Ashran is intended to simulate any other zone in WoW. If we put you into a huge group, that would insinuate that there is some global objective to win… which there really isn’t. We want you to be able to come to Ashran in a small group as you would in any zone to collect honor and other rewards.
That said, I can certainly see the utility of having a raid group if you’re in Ashran to just do some casual PvP in the road of glory. For that, we will just leave it to players to create those groups naturally. It’s a bit anti-social to be forced into a raid group if you don’t want to be in one.

Faction balance
Balancing Horde and Alliance populations is a priority. Current on beta, there is no population enforcement. It’s something we’ll be monitoring and tweaking going forward.

Keep in mind Ashran is still in development. There are bugs, things will change, items will be put in, new side objectives added etc. We hope you’ll revisit Ashran as the builds progress in beta.

Phalanx, as a PvE Guy, one of the things I was looking forward to most was Ashran, but after messing around with it, that intrigue has worn out, I know you guys keep saying you don't want objective based gameplay, but in my opinion the best part of all of Ashran is the Minecart area at the Quarry, all the side areas should be like that, if they aren't already. I find myself there, more than the middle lane. The biggest and most glaring issue besides the lack of things to do out of the "tug-of-war" is the middle lane being what most would call a cluster.... it is not intuitive gameplay to have everyone just stack and spam, it isn't fun either, I get the tug-of-war ability, but if you want that, it needs to be matched with other things to do for people who do not want that and want Wintergrasp and Tol Borad back. As it stands Ashran feels LESS like Alterac Valley and more like Temple of Kotmogu, there is simply not enough to do around the zone (I am sure most of this can be attributed to the fact that it is beta.)
There are "PvP Events" at each of the POIs. The minecart at the quarry, there's a "cap the fires" event at the tower, and a race event at the stadium. The burial ground event isn't live yet. We're glad you like those events, and they're still work in progress. We're going to work to highlight those more in the zone, and of course they'll also have rewards.

I would reiterate that the goal of summoning Fangraal/Kronus could stand to feel more rewarding. Right now a decent tank can solo them given enough time. Perhaps something like a heal debuff aura or random target change timer in combination with a substantial damage increase would be cool to see. I want to see these guys on the field and hope that there is a raid group with me or nearby.
They're going to get beefed up for the next build, and we're going to add to their abilities and correct to their pathing as well. The idea originally was for them to patrol the outskirts areas (since we didn't want to make the midlane the focal point), but it's something that can possibly change.

Blue Teme
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Clarification on Highmaul/Foundry Boss Kill Order
Highmaul has three completely optional bosses: Brackenspore, Butcher, and Tectus can be skipped if you like (a la Ignis or Razorscale in Ulduar).

Foundry has no optional bosses, but consists of three separate wings that must be cleared to access Blackhand's Crucible (layout is more like Naxxramas). (Source)

Garrison Resources Cap
Lots of tuning still to come on resources. Mission cost, cap and general acquisition rate all examples of things that we will be updating. Feedback on this is very useful, thanks! (Source)

Patch 5.4.8 Hotfixevi - 22 Jul
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
  • Kurtok the Slayer's health has been reduced to be slightly less menacing to the denizens of Northshire.

Blue Tweetovi
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Death Knight
As a blood DK main, I need to ask, Why remove Heart Strike and Rune Strike, but keep Plague Strike and Icy touch?
Because they were redundant gameplay (with Pestilence/BloodBoil and Death Coil), whereas PS/IT are not. (Celestalon)
Plus removing HS there are annoying gaps. Would love to see that brought back. Currently blood is so slow, boring
You may have missed that you should be using Pestilence (aka Blood Boil) instead of Heart Strike. No rotation diff. (Celestalon)
It's more of a flavor thing for me, I feel using a AOE attack on a single target fight is pointless.
Heart Strike and Blood Boil are in Blood's rotation, and are already AoEs. (Celestalon)

Most notable suggestion being having 2 separate eclipse power bars for Lunar/Solar that regenerate in 2 ways
Extremely unlikely that we'd go in a direction that added significant learning complication, such as that would. (Celestalon)

Are you guys still open to change/improve the new Eclipse system to provide more control for the player and depth for the spec?
We have another change coming soon that we think will improve it a bit more. Hang tight for that. (Celestalon)

Celestalon are you serious? You seriously want our mastery to only be good during certain situations?
Tons of stats have situational strengths. And the situation where Sniper Training is good is the vast majority of time. (Celestalon)

Why do all energy specs have to be restricted by energy? Already 4 specs that are, why can't WW stay unique and fastpaced(fun)
...because then it's not an energy spec? Energy is pointless if it's not a limitation. (Celestalon)

is there any chance to implement something for fury warriors like the fire mages have?
Bloodthirst fills the same role. (Celestalon)

Ooc, will the new Rend's final burst work like Living Bomb? IE - Refresh before Rend expires, still burst finish when it would?
Yes. (Celestalon)

Are the new remodeled Arakkoa female? They sure have some female look.
The model is used for both male and female characters. (DonAdams)

And then I remembered that the Fem Tauren model isn't updated yet.
oooh yeh she is, we'll get an update out in the next few weeks to satiate bovine curiosity (artofcgrobinson)

I've noticed that the elbows on drakes'/dragons' wings bulge terribly during flight. Can/will this be corrected?
yeh...that's been a sore spot for a while now - hope to fix but no eta (artofcgrobinson)

Warlords of Draenor Stats
Does this imply flasks for secondaries? If so, excitement.
Yes, Warlords flasks give secondary stats: more potential choice. Primary was a no-brainer (except maybe Spi vs. Int for healers). (WatcherDev)

Reputation / Questing
Plan to have her (Yrel) own voice as well Khadgar?
Yes! VO is still being recorded and localized. (DaveKosak)

seriously scared about such restricted Garrison customization.
Customization is certainly cool, but as we have said, it's not the number one priority. Fun gameplay comes first.
It'll be fun to RP in with friends as well, I'm just looking out for other's concerns is all.
Have some customization options in the works: Monuments, garrison banners and racial guards to name a few. (mumper)

With the new follower AI Is it fully implemented in tier 2+ garrisons? They only patrol the garrison now, and nothing else
Nope, still very much a work in progress. Tier 3 Alliance probably furthest along so far. (mumper)

Any chance the pop-in distance can be increased for npcs?
We get asked that a lot by design. We'd like to, but it's very hard on the servers. The area the server thinks you should see is 100 yards around you most of the time. But area increases with square of distance. So an increase of 50 yards (50%) means more than 2x work on the server. So not very likely in the open world in 6.0. As we continue to improve the code maybe later. (kurtismcc)
Thats not too bad really, and makes sense r/e what I know about it. Would non-circular shapes for render distance be unfeasible?
The math is really nice for circles and squares. We use circles. Considered ellipses for when server not loaded. Other things we can try. I was originally going to investigate some for 6.0, but ran out of time. Spatial hashing and other techniques more understood than when WoW first coded. Also things like update rate scale linearly. (kurtismcc)

At the start of MoP, Chess became IMPOSSIBLE because cpu would take many moves faster than it should. Was actually caused by improving responsiveness of one of our systems, when chess was built assuming that delay. The fix was just to force the delay back into chess, but was hard to anticipate the specific problem. (pedrothedagger)

Ukoliko Ste Kupili Arachnid Quarter Dobićete Refound, Naxxramas Poznati Problemi

Ukoliko Ste Kupili Arachnid Quarter Dobićete Refound
Ukoliko ste slučajno juče pazarili Arachnid Quarter za 700 gold, danas pri logovanju vas čeka povraćaj novca. Blizzard je takodje povodom ovog refounda poslao i igračima e-mail na njihovim adresama.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
We've currently resolved the issue where players were able to purchase the Arachnid wing so that it's no longer possible, and we've also identified everyone who was impacted and spent gold. 

Players who were impacted will be getting a reimbursement of the 700g, and an email confirming that it's been fixed on your account. We anticipate that these accounts will all be addressed by end of day. Thanks for your patience, everyone!
Naxxramas Poznati Problemi
Lista poznatih problema je ažurirana sa Curse of Naxxramas bugovima. Ukoliko ste se susreli sa jednim od njih, imajte u vidu da Blizzard radi na tome da ih ukloni.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
  • Entering the client following the season roll can give you a pop up displaying "NO RECORD FOUND".
  • Alarm-o-Bot re-enters your hand from off screen when activating
  • The "End Turn" button can appear to have issues if a card is played as the turn timer fuse burns out.
  • Adding a player you have just played to your friends list can cause their name to appear multiple times.
  • Minions can have their positions swapped while attempting to play another minion or when a minion's effect brings another minion into play.
  • Nozdormu can give an extended amount of time under certain conditions.
  • Clicking the flavor text box for a card in the Collection Manager can cause the box to get smaller and smaller.
  • Small visual lines can be seen in some of the buttons on the UI (Cancel button in queue as well as the buttons in the Collection Manager
  • Knife Juggler can hit minions that have taken fatal damage
  • The Rogue Class Challenge deck has an extra card.
  • Eaglehorn Bow is not offering the proper amount of dust for being disenchanted
  • Naming a deck after one of the Naxxramas bosses will cause visual issues
  • The moue pointer can appear "off" and not pointing at the intended target

Heroes Technical Alpha Patch - 23 Jul, Novi Battleground, Rehgar, UI Izmene, Artifacts Sistem i Mnogo Toga!

Veliki patch za Heroes of the Storm upravo se postavlja na serverima, a Blizzard je objavio zvanične informacije izmena i novina!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)


Full Translations Coming Soon

The Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha game client will soon feature full audio and text translations for languages in both the European and Latin American regions. In the coming days, the following languages will be supported:

  • Europe
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Polish
    • Russian
    • Spanish
  • Latin America
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
  • Be advised that this represents an early pass at audio and text translations for each the languages above. During Tech Alpha testing, players using clients in languages other than English may encounter typos and other translation errors. Please keep in mind that work is ongoing and each language will receive additional polish in the weeks to come.
New Battleground


Garden of Terror, a brand new 3-lane Battleground, has been added to Heroes of the Storm and is now available for play in all matchmaking queues!

  • After 90 seconds, Night will fall and Horrors will rise within the garden.
    • Venture into the garden to kill the Horrors and collect the Seeds they drop.
    • Night will persist until all remaining Horrors have been destroyed.
    • Collect 100 Seeds and then return to base to take control of a monstrous Garden Terror!
  • Once unleashed, Garden Terrors can use the following powerful abilities:
    • Spore Queen’s Curse (Q)
      • After a short delay, enemy Heroes in the target area are turned into Plant Zombies for 5 seconds.
      • While in Plant Zombie form, Heroes deal reduced damage, have their Movement Speed reduced by 30%, and become silenced.
    • Plant Horror Overgrowth (W)
      • Disables and damages all enemy structures within a large area as long as the Horror Overgrowth remains alive.
      • Deals heavy damage to Minions within its area of effect.
  • Check out our latest Developer Insights blog, which offers an in-depth look at the design behind the Garden of Terror Battleground.
New Hero

Rehgar Earthfury, Shaman of the Earthen Ring, has been added to Heroes of the Storm and is now available for play! Read on for a brief overview of his abilities, and check out Rehgar's Hero Week blog for much more information on this powerful new Support Hero.

  • Abilities:
    • Chain Heal (Q)
      • Creates a healing wave that jumps between allies.
    • Lightning Shield (W)
      • Imbue target ally with lightning, causing damage to nearby enemies.
    • Earthbind Totem (E)
      • Spawns a totem that slows nearby enemies.
  • Trait:
    • Ghost Wolf (Z)
      • Instead of using a mount, Rehgar transforms into a Ghost Wolf, increasing his movement speed.
  • Heroic Abilities
    • Bloodlust (R)
      • Stir allies into a frenzy, increasing their Attack and Movement Speeds.
    • Ancestral Healing (R)
      • Significantly heals an allied Hero.

User Interface

Leveling System and Rewards

  • The out-of-game Leveling System has been reworked and many of the progression rewards it has to offer have been reorganized.
    • Cooperative and Versus game modes no longer need to be unlocked, and are now available from player level 1.
    • The XP Bonus earned by winning games in Versus Mode has been increased from 20,000 to 50,000 XP per win.
    • Rewards for leveling up are now as follows:
      • Levels 2 and 4: 1,000 Gold each
      • Level 6: Daily Quests
      • Levels 8 and 10: Each unlock a new Hero Rotation Slot
      • Level 12: 2,000 Gold
      • Level 15: Unlocks the ability to use Artifacts and awards 2,000 Gold (See “Artifacts” section below.)
      • Levels 20, 25, 30, and 35: 3,000 Gold each
  • Please note that following today’s patch, all partial progress toward the next player level will be lost.
    • For example: A player who was halfway to level 21 prior to the patch will be reset to player level 20.


  • Artifacts have been added to Heroes of the Storm, and can be used to modify a Hero’s starting stats prior to queuing for a match in any game mode.
  • Reach player level 15 to unlock the ability to purchase Artifacts and Artifact Slots using Gold.
  • Artifact Slots
    • In order to use Artifacts in-game, they must first be equipped using Artifact Slots, which can be found just left of the “Ready” button on the Hero Select screen.
    • There are three types of Artifacts and Artifact slots: Gem, Relic, and Trinket
      • The Gem slot is automatically unlocked for free at level 15
      • The Relic and Trinket slots can be purchased in any order directly from the Hero Select screen, and cost 2,000 Gold each to unlock.
    • Click an Artifact slot to bring up a list of Artifacts that can be equipped in that slot.
      • Up to 3 Artifacts can be selected for a match, but only one Artifact of each type (Gem, Relic, and Trinket) can be equipped at a time, so choose wisely!
      • Artifacts can be re-selected between games on the Hero Select screen.
  • Artifact Ranks
    • The higher an Artifact’s Rank, the stronger its in-game effects become.
      • Individual Artifacts can be purchased directly from the Hero Select screen, starting at 100 Gold for Rank 1.
      • Additional Ranks can be purchased up to a maximum of Rank 10 for each Artifact, and the cost increases by 100 Gold for each Rank purchased after the first.
        • Ex: Rank 2 costs 200 Gold, Rank 3 costs 300, and so on.
  • Free Gold for Artifacts!
    • All Tech Alpha accounts which achieved player level 5 or above prior to today’s patch have been granted a large amount of Gold in order to help test the new Artifact system.
    • The higher a player’s level, the more Gold has been granted for Artifact play testing.
      • Level 30+:  75,000  Gold
      • Levels 20 - 29:  35,000 Gold
      • Levels 5 - 19:  10,000 Gold
  • Check out our recent blog post for complete information on the Artifact System.

Hero Levels and Rewards

  • Hero Levels
    • Hero Quests have been reworked and renamed to Hero Levels.
      • Previously, players were required to complete Versus matches in order to progress through Hero Quests and unlock the rewards they had to offer.
      • Now, however, experience points earned by playing matches in Cooperative or Versus modes count toward player level and Hero level progress alike.
      • All Heroes begin at level 1and can be individually leveled up to a maximum of 10.
      • Each new Hero level achieved will unlock rewards such as Talents, Gold, Skin variations, Portraits, and much more!
    • Please Note that Hero Quests which were already complete prior to today’s patch have not been lost.
      • Instead, previously completed Hero Quests now count toward the current Hero Leveling System.
        • For example: If a Hero’s first Quest had already been completed prior to today’s patch, that Hero will begin at level 2.
        • Furthermore, if all six of a Hero’s Quests had already been completed, that Hero will begin at level 7 following the patch.
      • If a Hero Quest was only partially complete prior to today’s patch, progress toward that Quest has been reset.
        • For example: If a Hero’s second Quest was only halfway complete prior to the patch, progress will be reset, and that Hero will begin at level 2.
  • Talents and Heroic Abilities
    • Talents are no longer unlocked all at once by reaching player level 8 with the Leveling System.
    • Instead, Heroic Abilities and Talents are now unlocked on a per-Hero basis by playing and leveling up each Hero individually.
      • A level 1 Hero now starts with two Talents available at each tier of in-game Talent selection, and one Heroic Ability.
      • A Hero’s second Heroic Ability can be unlocked by reaching level 2.
      • Hero level 3 grants 6 additional talents for that Hero, one at each tier.
      • Level 4 unlocks all remaining Talent choices for that Hero.
  • Hero Master Portraits
    • Basic Hero Portraits are now unlocked by achieving level 6 with each Hero.
    • Master Portraits have been added to the game
      • Reach Hero level 9 to unlock a Hero’s Master Portrait, which can be used to further show off expertise with that Hero.
    • Master Skins have been added to the Technical Alpha, and are the ultimate way to show off prowess with a Hero.
      • Unlock the ability to purchase a Hero’s Master Skin by reaching level 10 with that Hero.
      • Master Skins can be purchased for 10,000 each.
      • Just like any other Skin, each Hero’s Master Skin comes with two variations, which can be used to further customize that Hero’s appearance in-game!
  • For a complete breakdown on Hero levels and rewards in this patch, please read our recent Progression System blog.

Player Profile

  • Many aspects of the Player Profile have been reworked.
  • To access the Player Profile, click on the Hero portrait found in the top right corner of the Home screen.
    • Player Profiles can also be viewed on the Hero Select screen by right clicking the selected Hero, and then clicking View Profile.
  • Current player level and Hero portrait are now located at the top of the profile screen.
  • Several tabs have been added to the left-hand side which can be used to navigate the Player Profile.
    • Hero Progress: Tracks experience points, Hero levels, and rewards earned by playing games and leveling up each Hero.
    • Rewards: Can be used to view which Leveling System Rewards have already been earned, and which are yet to be unlocked.
    • Daily Quests: Select this tab to keep an eye on which Daily Quests are currently available for completion.
    • The Profile Summary and Match History tabs have been disabled during Tech Alpha testing.


  • A navigation bar has been added to the End-of-Game screen which features four new tabs: Summary, Stats, Quests, and Rewards.
    • Summary
      • Directly following the end of a match, players will now land immediately on the End-of-Game screen’s Summary tab.
      • This tab displays Hero and player level progression, as well as upcoming rewards for each, and any experience points or Gold earned from the previous match.
    • Stats
      • Displays the End-of-Game Score screen as seen in previous versions of the Tech Alpha, which details takedowns, deaths, and Battleground mechanics earned by each player during the previous match.
    • Quests
      • Lists all of the Daily Quests that are currently available for completion.
    • Rewards
      • Displays all of the rewards earned from the previous match.
  • More information on the new End-of-Game screen can be found in our recent blog on Progression System updates.

Hero Select

  • Skins, Mounts, and Heroes can now be purchased directly from the Hero Select screen.
  • Skins
    • Click the Skins button in the lower left corner of the Hero Select screen to view all Skins and Skin variations for the selected Hero, and quickly switch between them.
    • If the selected Skin has not been unlocked, it can be purchased using real money directly from the Skins panel.
  • Mounts
    • Click the Mounts button to view all Mounts and Mount variations in the game, and quickly switch between them.
    • If the selected Mount has not been unlocked, it can be purchased using real money directly from the Mounts panel.
      • Please note that in order to view or purchase a Mount, a Hero must be selected that has the ability to use Mounts in-game.
  • Hero Info
    • Select a Hero, and then click the Hero Info button to view more detailed information on that Hero.
      • The selected Hero’s current level, role, and difficulty are displayed at the top of the Hero Info panel.
      • The Hero Info panel now features three tabs along the top which can be clicked to view detailed information on each of the following: Abilities, Heroic Abilities, and Talents.
      • If the selected Hero has not been unlocked, it can be purchased using Gold or real money directly from the Hero Info panel.
  • Artifact Slots
    • Artifact slots have been added to the bottom of the Hero Select screen between the Hero Info and Ready buttons.
    • Please see the “Artifacts” section above for more details on how Artifacts, Artifact Ranks, and Artifact Slots can be used.

Earning Gold

  • Gold is now awarded upon completing matches in Cooperative and Versus game modes.
    • Each Cooperative mode win now awards 10 Gold.
    • Versus matches now grant 10 Gold per loss, and 40 Gold per win.

Daily Quests

  • Can now be completed in Cooperative mode!
  • All Daily Quests now award 200 Gold upon completion, but no longer grant experience points.

Radial Ping Menu

  • The Radial Ping Menu, accessed by pressing the G or Alt key and holding down the left mouse button, has received several improvements:
    • Ping Menu Display
      • The Radial Ping Menu now fades in over 0.5 seconds, but will display immediately if the cursor is dragged outside the menu during that time.
      • After the Radial Ping Menu fades in, a cancel button is created at its center and can be used to close the menu without issuing a ping.
        • If the center of the Ping Menu is selected before the cancel button is created, a normal ping will be issued.
    • Mouse Cursor
      • The mouse cursor now remains visible on-screen while using the Radial Ping Menu, and a line is now drawn from the center point of the menu to the cursor.
      • If the Radial Ping Menu is accessed while the cursor is at the edge of the screen, the menu will still partially display so that pings can still be issued.
      • After a ping is issued using the Radial Ping Menu, the mouse cursor will no longer be moved back to the ping location.



  • Several changes have been implemented to improve overall responsiveness during gameplay.
  • Several general performance improvements have been implemented.


  • Press and hold the right mouse button in-game to continually move a Hero in the direction of the cursor, and make spam clicking a thing of the past!


  • The Game Camera will now re-center on the player’s Hero upon rejoining a game in progress.
  • Voiceover is no longer triggered in-game when a player times out due to connection issues.


New Hero

  • Rehgar has been added to the Heroes of the Storm Shop!


  • Ironclaw Rehgar has been added to the Shop.

Master Skins

Bundle Packs

  • The Ironclaw Rehgar Bundle has been made available in the Shop for a limited time.
  • All previously available Bundle Packs have been removed from the Shop, and replaced by the following:
    • Assassin Bundle
    • Warrior Bundle
    • Support Bundle
    • Beatdown Bundle
    • Heavy Hitters Bundle
    • Heroes of the Light Bundle
  • Please note: With the exception of the Ironclaw Rehgar Bundle, each of the Bundles added today feature a selection of three Heroes, from a combined total of nine, packaged in different ways so that you can purchase the Bundle that best fits your preferred playstyle.
  • Head here for complete details on each of the Bundles added with today’s patch.


  • Many in-game Hero and Skin portraits have received visual improvements.
  • Several Hero models and Skins have received visual improvements, including:
  • Dance animations have been updated for the following:
  • Facial animations have been added for the following:
  • Implemented several visual effects improvements for the following:
    • Death screens
    • Illidan’s Metamophosis Heroic Ability
    • Ronin Zeratul’s Basic Abilities
    • Sonya’s Arreat Crater Heroic Ability Talent


  • New music has been added throughout the game.
  • New ping sounds have been added for map events.
  • Added a low Health notification sound.

Design and Gameplay


  • Heroes have been made easier to left and right-click on.
    • This does not affect a Hero’s width in terms of gameplay interactions, such as skillshots or pathing collision.
  • The amount of in-game experience required to reach levels 2-19 has been increased by approximately 6%.

Underdog Bonus

  • The amount of XP received from Hero takedowns is now more granular.
  • This will now have less impact during close games.



  • Health now scales throughout the game.
  • Splash damage radius increased from 1.5 to 2.



  • With the addition of Artifacts, the following generic Talents have been removed:
    • Minion Killer
    • Path of the Assassin
    • Path of the Warrior
    • Path of the Wizard
  • New generic Talents have been added to replace holes created by the Talent removals listed above, including the following:
    • New Talent (Level 1): Seasoned Marksman
      • Grants +1 Basic Attack Damage permanently for every 5 Minions killed.
      • This effect stacks.
      • Only Minions damaged by Basic Attacks within moments of their death will count toward this bonus.
    • New Talent (Level 1): Conjurer’s Pursuit
      • Gather 3 Regeneration Globes to permanently gain +0.25 Mana Regeneration. 
      • This effect stacks.
    • New Talent (Level 1): Scouting Drone
      • Places a flying drone at the target location which reveals a large area and any Cloaked Heroes around it for 60 seconds. 
      • The drone can be seen and destroyed by enemies.
    • New Talent (Level 4): Gathering Power
      • Passively grants +8% Ability Power
      • Each Hero takedown grants an additional 2% Ability Power, up to a maximum of 12%.  This bonus is lost on death.


  • Has been moved from Level 7 to Level 1

Hardened Focus

  • Has been moved from Level 13 to Level 16

Healing Ward

  • Has been moved from Level 1 to Level 4


  • Has been moved from Level 13 to Level 16


  • Has been moved from Level 16 to Level 13

Spell Shield

  • The functionality of this talent has changed.
  • Upon taking Ability Damage, now gain a shield that reduces all Ability Damage taken by 50% for 2 seconds.  This can only occur once every 30 seconds.



  • With the addition of Artifacts and new generic Talents, many Hero Talent positions have been swapped around.

Hero Changes


  • Bribe (Talent) has been removed.
  • Symbiote (Q)
    • Stab (Q)
      • New Talent (Level 4): Barbed Spines
        • Stab deals an additional 20% damage.
    • Spike Burst (W)
      • New Talent (Level 1): Eradicate Minions
        • Spike Burst deals an additional 50% damage to non-Heroic targets.


  • Death Coil (Q)
    • Death Touch (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 1 to Level 7
      • Now deals 100% splash damage in small radius around the target Minion


  • Phase Shift (Z)
    • Can now be cast on allies via the minimap
    • Can no longer be cancelled once initiated
  • Soothing Mist (Trait)
    • Regenerative Rains (Talent)
      • Soothing Mist can no longer be triggered when using Heroic Abilities.


  • Regeneration Master (Talent) has been removed.
  • Fire Stomp (W)
    • Swallowing Flames (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 16 to Level 4
    • Firestorm (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 4 to Level 16
      • Increases Fire Stomp’s returning fireball Damage from 50% to 150%.
    • New Talent (Level 4): Molten Impact
      • Fire Stomp now deals 50% more damage to non-Heroic targets.
  • Overpower (E)
    • New Talent (Level 4): Demonic Strength
      • Overpower deals an additional 25% damage.


  • Rockstar (Trait)
    • New Talent (Level 13):  Rockin’ Out
      • Increases the duration of Rockstar from 3 to 5 seconds and gives Minions the full bonus.
  • Face Melt (W)
    • Dance Your Pants Off! (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 4 to Level 1
    • Loud Speakers (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 4 to Level 7
  • Guitar Solo (E)
    • Pwn Shop Guitar (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 1 to Level 4
    • Groupies (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 1 to Level 4


  • Minion Killer (Talent) has been removed.


  • Follow Through (Talent) added at Level 7
  • Betrayer’s Thirst (Trait)
    • Thirsting Blade (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 1 to Level 4
    • Thrill of Battle (Talent)
      • Duration increased from 5 to 8 seconds
      • Cooldown reduced from 25 to 20 seconds
  • Dive (Q)
    • Flight of the Betrayer (Talent)
      • Movement Speed increased from 20% to 40%
    • Friend or Foe (Talent)
      • Dive can now be cast on Allied Heroes.
      • Using Dive on an allied Hero reduces its cooldown duration by 2 seconds.
  • Evasion (E)
    • Duration increased from 1.5 to 2 seconds
  • Metamorphosis (R)
    • Demonic  Form (Talent)
      • Now grants a 50% reduction to disabling effects
      • Out of combat Movement Speed increased from 20% to 40%.


  • Assimilation (Trait)
    • New Talent (Level 16): Aggressive Defense
      • Increases shield amounts generated by using Basic Abilities from 20% to 30%
  • Ravage (Q)
    • Clean Kill (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 7 to Level 4
      • Mana refund increased from 75% to 100% if the target is killed by Ravage
    • New Talent (Level 7): Adaptation
      • Ravage can now be used to jump to allies (does not deal damage.)
      • Using Ravage on an ally reduces its cooldown duration by 50%.

Li Li 

  • Healing Brew (Q)
    • First Sip (Talent) has been removed.
    • Two For One (Talent)
      • Now increases the mana cost of Healing Brew by 15 Mana
  • Cloud Serpent (W)
    • Bringer of Gifts (Talents)
      • Moved from Level 4 to Level 7


  • Hardened Focus (Talent) added at Level 16.


  • Follow Through (Talent) added at Level 7.
  • Searing Attacks (Talent) has been removed.
  • Skull Cracker (Talent)
    • Basic Attacks required to stun the target reduced from 4 to 3
  • Second Wind (Trait)
    • Out of combat time required for activation decreased from 6 to 4 seconds
  • Thunderclap (W)
    • Reverberation (Talent)
      • Attack Speed slow duration increased from 2 to 3.5 seconds
    • Thunderburn (Talent)
      • Explosion delay increased from 1.5 to 2 seconds after casting Thunderclap
    • Crowd Control (Talent)
      • Cooldown reduction per target hit increased from .5 to .75 seconds
    • Healing Static (Talent)
      • Healing amount per target hit by Thunderclap increased from 1% to 1.5%
  • Dwarf Toss (E)
    • Dwarf Launch (Talent)
      • Range and area of effect increased from 50% to 75%
      • Moved from Level 13 to Level 16
  • Haymaker (R)
    • Damage increased from 200 to 300
    • Damage gained per level increased from 12 to 20


  • Demolitionist (Talent) has been removed.
  • Spell Shield (Talent) has been removed.
  • Spawn Egg (Trait)
    • Assault Egg (Talent)
      • No longer reduces the cooldown for Spawn Egg
      • Now increases Murky’s Mount and Movement Speed by 20% for 5 seconds after respawning
  • Slime (Q)
    • Slimy End (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 4 to Level 7
  • Pufferfish (W)
    • No longer deals bonus damage to Structures
    • Cooldown increased from 9 to 15 seconds
    • Cast range decreased from 10 to 7
    • Damage increased from 90 to 100
    • Damage gained per level increased from 10 to 25
    • Area of effect increased from 2.5 to 3
    • Basic Attacks required to disarm a Pufferfish increased from 2 to 3
    • Out With A Bang (Talent) has been removed
    • Pufferfish School (Talent) has been removed
    • Tufferfish (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 13 to Level 7
    • Wrath of Cod (Talent)
      • Pufferfish now deals 50% more Damage to non-Structure targets.
      • Moved from Level 7 to Level 13
  • Safety Bubble (E)
    • Beneath Contempt (Talent) has been removed.
  • March of the Murlocs (R)
    • Now only deals 50% damage to Structures
    • Slow amount increased from 10% to 15%
    • Maximum slow amount increased from 70% to 90%
  • Octo-Grab (R)
    • Cooldown increased from 30 to 40 seconds


  • Mercenary Lord (Talent) added at Level 7.
  • Voodoo Ritual (Trait)
    • New Talent (Level 16): Specialized Toxin
      • Increases the damage Voodoo Ritual deals to Heroic targets by 200%


  • Onslaught of the Storm (Talent) has been removed.
  • Fury of the Storm (Talent) added at Level 20.


  • Rewind (Talent) has been removed.


  • Psionic Storm (W)
    • Psi-Infusion (Talent)
      • Moved from level 4 to Level 1


  • Overkill (Q)
    • Lead Rain (Talent)
      • Slow amount reduced from 40% to 20%
      • Duration reduced from 3 to 1.5 seconds
    • New Talent (Level 4): Spray ‘n’ Pray
      • Increases Overkill cast range and maximum attack range by 1
  • Frag Grenade (W)
    • New Talent (Level 1): Shredder Grenade
      • Increased the radius of Frag Grenade by 25%


  • El’Druin’s Might (Q)
    • Damage previously caused by teleporting to, and/or the expiration of the sword has been removed.
    • Initial damage increased from 35 to 60
    • Damage gained per level increased from 7 to 9
  • Smite (E)
    • Initial damage increased from 50 to 75
    • Damage gained per level increased from 10 to 12


  • Hunter’s Mark (Trait)
    • New Talent (Level 1): Ranger’s Mark
      • Reduces the cooldown for Hunter’s Mark by 8 seconds
    • New Talent (Level 13): Purging Mark
      • Hunter’s Mark can now be cast on Structures. 
      • Basic Attacks against a marked Structure drain 1 Ammunition.
    • New Talent (Level 16): Mark of Mending
      • Basic Attacks against marked targets heal the attacking player for 2% of his or her maximum Health.
    • New Talent (Level 16): Huntress’ Fury
      • Increases Attack Speed by 40% for 4 seconds after casting Hunter’s Mark
  • Light of Elune (Q)
    • Mana cost reduced from 50 to 45
    • New Talent (Level 1): Celestial Attunement
      • Reduces the mana cost for Light of Elune by 15
    • Quickening Blessing (Talent)
      • Tyrande no longer gains a Movement Speed bonus after healing herself.
    • Shroud (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 4 to Level 7
      • Tyrande no longer Cloaks after healing herself.
    • Overflowing Light (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 7 to Level 4
  • Sentinel (W)
    • Empower (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 13 to Level 4
  • Lunar Flare (E)
    • Shooting Star (Talent)
      • Now refunds 100% Mana when an enemy Hero is struck by Lunar Flare.
      • This effect can only activate once per cast.
  • Shadowstalk (R)
    • Now also reveals all enemies in addition to Cloaking all allies
    • Cooldown reduced from 60 to 50 seconds
    • No longer increases Movement Speed
    • Hunter’s Prey (Talent)
      • Tyrande and all allies gain 25% Movement Speed for 8 seconds and the next Basic Attack will deal 100% increased damage after Shadowstalk is cast.


  • Holy Radiance (E)
    • Width reduced from 3 to 2.5


  • Strafe (R)
    • Trigger Happy (Talent) removed
    • New Talent (Level 20): Vengeance
      • Strafe fires penetrating bolts in a straight line.


  • Baneling Barrage (Q)
    • Banelings have been given a little more leeway to navigate around corners.
  • Hydralisk (W)
    • Hydralisk Movement Speed increased by 10%.


  • Permanent Cloak (Trait)
    • Assassin’s Blade (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 7 to Level 13
      • Movement speed increased from 15% to 20%
  • Cleave (Q)
    • New Talent (Level 16): From the Shadows
      • Cleave deals 30% more damage when used while Zeratul is Cloaked.
  • Singularity Spike (W)
    • Shadow Spike (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 4 to Level 7
  • Blink (E)
    • Vorpal Blade (Talent)
      • Moved from Level 13 to Level 4
      • Hotkey has been changed from D to an activated Talent in Slot 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 (depending on any other activated Talents that have already been selected.)
  • Shadow Assault (R)
    • The 15% Life Steal on the base Heroic Ability has been removed.
    • Nerazim Fury (Talent)
      • Life Steal increased from 15% to 30%

Bug Fixes


  • Corrected a number of typos and tooltip errors.
  • Abilities that function based on Charges no longer sometimes place the Hero behind enemy Structures.
  • Fixed many issues which caused splat graphics to display incorrectly on the game world, especially over cliffs and low height terrain.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause custom graphics settings to automatically revert to the selected Shader setting upon entering a match.
  • Battleground load screens will no longer hang if Heroes of the Storm is Alt + Tabbed when the loading screen first appears. 


  • Graphic effects surrounding Zeratul's Psi-Blade on the Hero Select screen no longer appear misaligned while searching for a match.
  • Tyrande now loads her bow at an angle that is more consistent with the flight path of her Basic Attacks. 

User Interface

  • Highlighting an item in the Shop will no longer cause mouse wheel scrolling to skip pages.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Hero Abilities to cast unintentionally while typing in chat with the Quick Cast option set to "On Release". 


  • Treasure Chests on Blackheart’s Bay no longer visibly persist through the Fog of War, nor on the minimap, after they are destroyed. 

Heroes and Talents

  • Abathur's Symbiote overhead graphic effect is no longer visible through Line of Sight blockers. Abathur’s Symbiote abilities can no longer continue to be cast when a Hero under the effects of Symbiote becomes trapped by Zagara’s Devouring Maw Heroic Ability.
  • Brightwing's Polymorph ability no longer occasionally causes the target to become invisible.
  • Diablo's Shadow Charge and Fire Stomp abilities now appropriately cause Shielded Heroes to dismount.
  • Falstad's BOOMerang explosion no longer occasionally occurs in a location separate from the hammer when it is activated.
  • Illidan will now appropriately issue an attack order on an enemy after using Dive on the target.
  • Illidan will no longer follow his target to the opposing Altar after using The Hunt on a Hero that dies before impact.
  • Illidan will no longer change elevation when casting Dive just before coming under the effects of the Grave Golem’s Binding Roots ability.
  • Illidan can no longer undo the effects of Shrink Ray by casting Dive.
  • Malfurion's Life Seed Talent can no longer trigger while Malfurion is dead.
  • Murky no longer instantly respawns when he and his Egg are destroyed simultaneously.
  • Murlocs created by Murky’s March of the Murlocs ability can no longer attach to or damage destructible barrels.
  • Murky’s deaths are now appropriately recorded on the Tab screen when his Egg is destroyed before Murky respawns.
  • Nazeebo’s Gargantuan now appropriately follows Nazeebo after capturing the Dragon Knight.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Nova to become stuck in her Triple Tap animation if the target was killed by its first or second shot.
  • Nova's Holo Drone now appropriately attacks Treasure Chests on Blackheart's Bay.
  • The cooldown timer for Nova’s Precision Strike Heroic Ability is now appropriately reduced when issuing Basic Attacks with the Battle Momentum Talent selected.
  • Kill Streak effects are now properly displayed on the nameplate for Nova’s Holo Decoy.
  • Fixed an issue that caused damage dealt by Sgt. Hammer in Siege Mode to count toward the Tab Screen’s Healing stat.
  • Sgt. Hammer's Thruster effects no longer detach from her model when switching Camera Follow on and off again.
  • Sgt. Hammer's Siege Mode targeting graphic is no longer visible through the Fog of War.
  • Fixed several issues that could occur when casting Stitches' Hook on an unstoppable target.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes prevent an Activated Talent icon from being added to the ability bar.
  • Cloaked Heroes now properly emerge decloaked when released from Stitches' Gorge ability.
  • Tassadar's Psionic Storm ability can no longer be cast slightly outside its intended range.
  • Tychus’s Odin model will no longer persist if the Odin dies while Tychus is transforming into it.
  • Tyrael’s Righteousness ability can no longer apply its graphic effects on Raynor's Hyperion.
  • Tyrael will no longer follow his target to the opposing Altar when Judgment is cast just as the Hero is killed or finishes channeling Hearthstone.
  • Zagara can now properly place Nydus Worms directly at or next to her current location.
  • Zeratul’s Cleave ability now appropriately damages nearby Skeletons in the Haunted Mines when it is used immediately after decloaking.

Novi Heroes of the Storm Heroj: Rehgar

Blizzard je objavio novog heroja kojeg možemo očekivati u sledećem velikom Heroes of the Storm patchu. Novi Heroj dolazi nam iz Warcraft Univerzuma, a on se zove Rehgar Earthfury!
Rehgar Earthfury je šaman i jedan od Thrallovih savetnika. Pre nego što je postao savetnik Thralla, Rehgar je bio odličan gladiator trener i u njegovom vlasništvu bio je Varian Wrynn u vremenu kad je on bolovao od amnezije. Po nalogu Thralla, on predstavlja elemental magic u novom savetu Tirisfala.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

Rehgar Earthfury hails from the Warcraft universe, and he’s has seen his share of combat, both as a gladiator, and a master of his own team of fighters. Now, having put that life aside, he serves as a simple shaman of the Earthen Ring, earning his redemption by healing the broken lands of Azeroth...and now, the Nexus!

In Heroes of the Storm, Rehgar takes on the role of a Support who is a versatile melee caster with exceptionally high mobility due in part to his swift Spirit Wolf form. This fierce ex-gladiator is definitely an orc that you want by your side as you seek to overcome your opponents in the Nexus!

For an even more in-depth look into this battle-hardened orc and his abilities, make sure to check outRehgar’s Hero Page!

 Battleground Tips

  • Use your trait “Ghost Wolf” [Z] as a combo move for an extra amount of damage!
  • “Earthbind Totem” [E] can be used as a scouting tool. Place it near mercenaries to discover if your opponents are trying to capture them. If so, coordinate with your team and ambush!
  • Use “Lightning Shield” [W] as a means for killing the Infested Servants on Garden of Terror. The area of effect ability will help you clean up the clumps of plants in a swift manner.



Rehgar’s starting skin in Heroes of the Storm is ready for anyone that dares to take on this ex-gladiator, and Shaman of the Earthen Ring!

The newest Rehgar alternative skin we're revealing is one that shows the true might of the Iron Horde!

  • Ironclaw Rehgar - The deal was simple... His life in exchange for training Garrosh's Kor'kron warriors. With their victory in Orgrimmar, Rehgar knew the only way to bring the Iron Horde down would be from within.

Quotes and Facts


  • Rehgar Earthfury was born on Draenor into an orc clan warring with a band of ogres.
  • He made his first kill long before the normal age of an orc's rite of passage, and was captured by the ogres to be used as a training tool for their youths.
  • Rehgar grew into a strong warrior and was sold to the orc arenas.
  • He was later chosen to participate in the orcs' invasion of Azeroth, leading to his capture and internment.Unable to subjugate him, the guards sold him as a gladiator. He escaped and became a fighter in underground arenas, gaining riches and fame.
  • Using his winnings, Rehgar purchased another orc, Bloodeye Redfist.
  • Rehgar later became a shaman and after arriving in Durotar, he and Bloodeye traveled the fighting circuit.
  • Bloodeye bought his freedom, and the two pooled their money to purchase two other gladiators to join their fighting team.
  • After Bloodeye’s death, Rehgar set out to find a replacement for his team. He later discovered an amnesiac human on the coast of Durotar, and enslaved him as a gladiator.
  • The human had killed a crocolisk in self-defence when Rehgar's group came across him, and so Rehgar jokingly nicknamed the man "Croc-Bait". In time, he would be dubbed “Lo’Gosh” by the spectators of Dire Maul, before it was later revealed that the human was actually Varian Wrynn, the King of Stormwind.
  • Following his gladiator's escape, Rehgar realized he has had his fill of battle and the Crimson Ring.
  • He retired as a gladiatorial master and offering his services to Thrall, has been made the Warchief's trusted advisor.
  • Rehgar and Garrosh frequently butted heads. Rehgar wanted to remain open to diplomacy with the Alliance and conserve their treaty of non-aggression with Theramore.
  • Rehgar accompanied Thrall and Garrosh to Theramore for a summit with King Varian Wrynn and the Alliance. The summit turned disastrous leaving both factions in distrust of one another.
  • Garrosh openly challenged Thrall's leadership when they returned to Orgrimmar. Rehgar advised Thrall to make an example of Garrosh before his warmongering ideas spread.
  • As the fires of war subsided, Rehgar became a member of the New Council of Tirisfal.
  • Joining the Earthen Ring, Rehgar traveled to the Maelstrom after the Shattering. There he and other shaman worked to heal the world in the wake of Deathwing's destruction.
  • When Thrall returned from his epic journey in the novels, Rehgar was happy to be the first to acknowledge Thrall by his true (birth) name: Go'el.
  • As Garrosh decimated Theramore, Rehgar expressed concern over what Garrosh would do next in his quest for power.

"So you're asking yourself, did he drop three totems, or four? Do you feel lucky, pinkskin?" –Rehgar

"I will rock you! Watch and learn, ETC." –Rehgar

"Murky, stick with me. The last croc-bait on my team became High King of the Alliance.” Rehgar

Related Content

Rehgar has played an important role in the Warcraft universe, particularly in the comics and expanded universe. If you’re interested in learning more about Rehgar and his companions, make sure to check out the following related content:

You can check out some official art featuring Rehgar below:


"Valeera learned a lot in the ring. Don't know why she's always playing cards now."

We hope you’re enjoying our battle-hardened Rehgar Week! What’s been your favorite part so far, and what else would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

Curse of Naxxramas je Live!

Curse of Naxxramas, prvi veliki sadržaj za Hearthstone je Live! On je sa sobom doneo 30 novih karata, 15 boss encountera, class challenge, Heroic Mode i mnogo toga!

Naxxramas Adventure mod podeljen je na pet dela - wingova, gde svaki wing košta 700 golda ili $6.99. Ukoliko platite svih pet wingova pravim novcem, jedan će Vas koštati $5. Ukoliko budete igrali Naxxramas u toku prvog meseca, kao gratis dobićete prvi wing za džabe!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Curse of Naxxramas: A Hearthstone Adventure
  • Curse of Naxxramas offers a new single player campaign to play Hearthstone against challenging NPC adversaries. Curse of Naxxramas can be unlocked with gold or real money and can be accessed by players that have unlocked all 9 heroes.
  • Defeat 15 fearsome bosses to unlock a total of 30 new Hearthstone cards for your collection, including Legendary cards! Naxxramas cards can easily be searched for within My Collection using the search function.
  • An all-new interactive Naxxramas-themed game board awaits you within the Adventure! Discover the surprises that lurk inside the slime pools, the quivering masses of spider eggs (spoilers: It’s spiders), and more!
  • Surmount 9 diabolical Class Challenges that test your skills with each of the unique classes of Hearthstone!
  • Defeating all of the bosses within a wing unlocks the extremely challenging Heroic Mode of that wing. Defeating all of the bosses of Naxxramas on Heroic mode unlocks a new card back for your collection.
  • Five unique wings await those brave enough to venture into Naxxramas. The first wing, The Arachnid Quarter, will immediately be available to play for free for a limited time. The remaining four wings are immediately available for players to unlock with real money or gold, and will become accessible over a period of time once unlocked.
    • The Arachnid Quarter – A web choked maze filled with many-legged minions.
    • The Plague Quarter – Necromancers brew deadly plagues while a fungal monstrosity lies in wait.
    • The Military Quarter – Tireless undead knights perfect their deadly arts within these chambers.
    • The Construct Quarter –Abominations stitched together from the Scourge’s victims stomp through these slime soaked halls.
    • Frostwyrm Lair – Chilly abode of Sapphiron and the arch-lich Kel’thuzad himself. (A curse upon my air conditioning bill!)

  • Marking yourself as “Busy” within the desktop app will suppress incoming chat messages and toasts for friend requests.
  • The Shop interface has been updated to include Curse of Naxxramas.
  • Cards available within each wing of Naxxramas will become available in the Arena when that wing becomes available to play.
  • The order in which Deathrattle abilities resolve has been updated to be more consistent.
  • Additional music tracks have been added.
  • Players that appear in “Players Near Me” now appear more prominently within the Friends List.
  • Overall organization of the Friends List has been improved.
  • Sounds and graphics that occur when Mass Disenchanting now take less time to complete.
  • Cards can now be searched for using the artist of the card art in the Collection Manager.

Card Changes
  • Eaglehorn Bow now reads “Whenever a friendly Secret is revealed, gain +1 Durability”.

Practice Mode
  • Practice Mode is now entered through the Solo Adventures button on the main menu.
  • The AI in Practice Mode is now better at Hearthstone.

Bug Fixes
  • Improved various tooltips.
  • Resolved various issues regarding audio, text, animation, and display.
  • Resolved various issues that could cause cards to get stuck on the battlefield.
  • Actions should now be accurately represented in the play history.
  • The red targeting cursor will now properly track where you mouse cursor is pointing for your opponent in Play and Arena Modes.
  • The turn timer in a Friendly Challenge now calculates time correctly.
  • All Soulbound Common cards can now be properly found when searching for “Common� in the Collection Manager.
  • Disenchanting will now properly update the amount of Arcane Dust you have.
  • The side of the board is no longer visible on the Arena screen in specific resolutions while in windowed mode.
  • The XP bar for max level heroes no longer appears empty.
  • You are now able to properly select a friend by clicking on their Play Mode medal.
  • An incorrect version of the Hero Power icon will no longer appear when switching between golden and non-golden heroes while the Choose Opponent menu is displayed.
  • The Friendly Challenge button will now properly appear next to friends who have recently logged in or have been added to your friends list.
  • The Shop window no longer incorrectly closes when clicking within the Shop UI.
  • The scroll bar will no longer jump to the top of the Friends list when moving the cursor over the Last Played area of the Friends list.
  • Clicking the End Turn button at the very start of your turn no longer prevents the End Turn button from flipping back.
  • Resolved an issue where conceding can cause the client to crash.
  • The resolution time of certain spells has been shortened.
  • Resolved an issue with Brawl where the last minion to enter the fray was always the victor of the ensuing battle.
  • Resolved various issues with the Sword of Justice.
  • Resolved an issue with Shield Slam where it was being unaffected by Spell Damage if the Hero had 0 Armor and now has Spell Damage sparklies.
  • A weapon that is equipped on your turn will no longer have the attack value appear on the sheathed weapon on some resolutions.

Improvements were made to stability.

Nove Informacije i Primeri Artifacta

Blizzard je nedavno objavio da će sledeća Tech Alpha doneti brojne promene u Heroes of the Storm levelovanju, a danas nam predstavlja novi sadržaj na kojem rade: Artifacts!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

We recently revealed that the next Technical Alpha patch will bring a number of changes to the Heroes of the Storm out-of-game Leveling System, and today we’d like to introduce another upcoming addition we’re making to the game: Artifacts!


In addition to all of the upcoming changes recently outlined in our Progression System update blog, Artifacts are a new system we’re introducing. Once a player reaches Player Level 15, they will unlock an Artifact Slot. Within these slots you will be able to place a variety of powerful Artifacts in the form of Gems, Relics, and Trinkets that you can use to further enhance and customize your heroes. This new system will offer players a variety of new and compelling choices to add further depth to their heroes and how you play them, and it will also give you new things to spend your hard-earned Gold on that will further progress your Heroes in a meaningful way.


Your first Artifact slot, the Gem Artifact Slot, unlocks at Player Level 15, and there are two additional Artifact Slots that you can unlock thereafter by paying Gold. These additional Artifact Slots are known as the Relic and Trinket Artifact Slots. They cost 2,000 Gold each to unlock, and can be purchased in any order.

You can choose up to three Artifacts to bring with you into a match, but you can only select one of each distinct type to fill the corresponding Gem, Relic, or Trinket slots. You can select which Artifacts you would like to use for an upcoming match at the Hero Selection screen, and your most recent Artifact choices will be displayed by default. This will allow you to either continue to use a favorite Artifact combination, or to customize your Artifact choices with a particular Hero or team composition in mind.

A variety of different Gems, Relics, and Trinkets will be available for purchase using Gold, and you will be able to equip, purchase, and upgrade Artifacts directly within the Hero Selection screen.


Artifacts and their attributes will also grow stronger as you upgrade their individual Artifact Level, which maxes out at Artifact Level 10. Purchasing the first level of an Artifact will cost you 100 Gold, and each further upgrade will cost you an additional 100 gold. For example, upgrading an Artifact’s rank from Artifact Level 1 to Artifact Level 2 will cost you 200 Gold, and upgrading an Artifact’s rank from Artifact Level 2 to Artifact Level 3 will cost you 300 Gold, and so on up to Artifact Level 9, which will cost 1,000 Gold to upgrade to Artifact Level 10.

Please keep in mind that the development team is still hard at work polishing up the new UI, so it will be iterated on and improved as development continues.


Below is a list of some of the exciting new Artifacts you can look forward to in our next Technical Alpha patch! 


Bold Amethyst

  • Increases maximum health by 1.5% per rank, up to a maximum of 15% at Rank 10. 

Brilliant Topaz

  • Increases ability damage by 1% per rank, up to a maximum of 10% at Rank 10.

Nexus Sapphire

  • Grants a shield equal to 1% of the Hero’s maximum health per rank, up to a maximum of 10% at Rank 10. (Shields recharge after a player hasn’t taken damage for approximately 8 seconds).

Primal Ruby

  • Increases basic attack damage by 1% per rank, up to a maximum of 10% at Rank 10.

Royal Diamond

  • Reduces cooldowns for abilities by 1% per Rank, up to a maximum of 10% at Rank 10.

Skyfire Emerald

  • Increases speed of basic attacks by 1% per rank, up to a maximum of 10% at Rank 10


Alexstraza's Scale

  • Increases health regeneration by 0.1% of your maximum health per second per rank, up to a maximum of 1% of your maximum health per second at Rank 10. 

Nathrezim Blood Orb

  • Basic attack damage dealt restores health by 1% per rank, up to a maximum of 10% at Rank 10.

The Coin

  • Increases mana regeneration by +.1 mana per second per rank, up to a maximum of +1 mana per second at Rank 10.

Worldstone Shard

  • Increases damage vs. minions and structures by 1.5% per rank, up to a maximum of 15% at Rank 10.


Goblin Jumper Cables

  • Decreases death timer by 2% per rank, up to a maximum of 20% at Rank 10. 

Khaydarin Amulet

  • Increases maximum mana by 4% per rank, up to a maximum of 40% at Rank 10.

Riding Crop

  • Increases Mount Speed by 2% per rank, up to a maximum of +20% at Rank 10.

Wirt's Leg

  • Increases base movement speed by 0.5% per rank up to a maximum of 5% at Rank 10.


In order to reward players for their continued participation in the Technical Alpha, and to help encourage players to test Artifacts and the new progression system, during the next patch we will also be granting Gold to players Level 5 and above based off of their player level.

So keep leveling, and start planning out what Artifacts you want to take out for a test-drive first!


Also make sure to join us at on Tuesday, July 22 at 11:00 a.m. PDT to learn more about a brand new Hero, new Battleground, and a look at the updated Progression System. After this portion of the show, the following members of the Heroes development team will be answering a variety of questions submitted on Twitter/Facebook:

  • Dustin Browder, Game Director
  • Matt Cooper, Game Designer
  • Josh “Rokcet” Rester-Zodrow, Heroes Community Manage

We’d love to hear your questions related to Heroes of the Storm, so be sure to tweet your inquiries to@BlizzHeroes using #HeroesQA right away, and check out our recent Developer Insights Live blog for more info!

Did we mention there will also be a shoutcasted match after the show featuring a new Hero and Battleground?  Make sure to tune in!

Hearthstone Patch: The Curse of Naxxramas

Blizzard je upravo postavio Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas Patch na file serverima, a takodje i krenuo sa postavljanjem patcha na američkim serverima. Evropski serveri biće odradjeni sutra.
Medjutim ovaj patch neće otvoriti kapije Naxxramasa večeras, već se planira u isto vreme da krene u svim regionima!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Just wanted to clarify that this maintenance is not for the Curse of Naxxramas Adventure. We will be turning on Curse of Naxxramas for all regions at the same time some time after this maintenance is complete, but please do not expect Naxxramas to be available immediately following this maintenance.
Nove Pozadine za Karte
icecrown icecrown icecrown icecrown
Hero Powers
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
  • Chains (New) Hero Power\nTake control of a random enemy minion. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 8
  • Chains (New) Hero Power\nTake control of a random enemy minion until end of turn. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 8
  • Decimate (New) Hero Power\nChange the Health of all minions to 1. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 2
  • Decimate (New) Hero Power\nChange the Health of enemy minions to 1. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2
  • Eruption (New) Hero Power\nDeal 3 damage to the left-most enemy minion. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2
  • Eruption (New) Hero Power\nDeal 2 damage to the left-most enemy minion. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 1
  • Flames of Azzinoth [del]Hero Power \n Summon[/del] [ins]Hero Power\nSummon[/ins] two 2/1 minions. Type: Hero Power Set: Missions Cost: 2
  • Frost Blast (New) Hero Power\nDeal 3 damage to the enemy hero and Freeze it. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2
  • Frost Blast (New) Hero Power\nDeal 2 damage to the enemy hero and Freeze it. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2
  • Frost Breath (New) Hero Power\nDestroy all enemy minions that aren't Frozen. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2
  • Harvest (New) Hero Power\nDraw a card. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 2
  • Harvest (New) Hero Power\nDraw a card. Gain a Mana Crystal. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 1
  • Hateful Strike (New) Hero Power\nDestroy a minion. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 4
  • Hateful Strike (New) Hero Power\nDestroy a minion. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 4
  • Necrotic Aura (New) Hero Power\nDeal 3 damage to the enemy hero. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2
  • Necrotic Aura (New) Hero Power\nDeal 3 damage to the enemy hero. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 2
  • Poison Cloud (New) Hero Power\nDeal 2 damage to all enemies. If any die, summon a slime. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2
  • Poison Cloud (New) Hero Power\nDeal 1 damage to all minions. If any die, summon a slime. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 2
  • Polarity Shift (New) Hero Power\nSwap the Attack and Health of all minions. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2
  • Rain of Fire (New) Hero Power\nFire a missile for each card in your opponent's hand. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 1
  • Rain of Fire (New) Hero Power\nFire a missile for each card in your opponent's hand. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 2
  • Raise Dead (New) Passive Hero Power\nWhenever an enemy dies, raise a 1/1 Skeleton. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2
  • Raise Dead (New) Passive Hero Power\nWhenever an enemy dies, raise a 5/5 Skeleton. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2
  • Skitter (New) Hero Power\nSummon a 4/4 Nerubian. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 2
  • Skitter (New) Hero Power\nSummon a 3/1 Nerubian. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 2
  • Unbalancing Strike (New) Hero Power\nDeal 4 damage. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 1
  • Unbalancing Strike (New) Hero Power\nDeal 3 damage. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 2
  • Unholy Shadow (New) Hero Power\nDraw 2 cards. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 5
  • Web Wrap (New) Hero Power\nReturn 2 random enemy minions to your opponent's hand. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2
  • Web Wrap (New) Hero Power\nReturn a random enemy minion to your opponent's hand. Type: Hero Power Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 3
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
  • -1 Durability (New) Give a player's weapon -1 Durability. Type: Ability Set: Cheat
  • Deathbloom (New) Deal 5 damage to a minion. Summon a Spore. Type: Ability Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 4
  • Destroy a Mana Crystal (New) Pick a player and destroy one of his Mana Crystals. Type: Ability Set: Cheat
  • Destroy all Mana (New) Destroy all of a player's Mana Crystals. Type: Ability Set: Cheat
  • Destroy Deck (New) Delete an opponent's deck Type: Ability Set: Cheat
  • Enrage (New) Give your hero +6 Attack this turn. Type: Ability Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 3
  • Force AI to Use Hero Power (New) Force the AI to use their Hero Power every turn from now on. Type: Ability Set: Cheat
  • Locust Swarm (New) Deal 3 damage to all enemy minions. Restore 3 Health to your hero. Type: Ability Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 7
  • Mark of the Horsemen (New) Give your minions and your weapon +1/+1. Type: Ability Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 5
  • Mind Control Crystal (New) Activate the Crystal to control the Understudies! Type: Ability Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 1
  • Mindpocalypse (New) Both players draw 2 cards and gain a Mana Crystal. Type: Ability Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 2
  • Mutating Injection (New) Give a minion +4/+4 and Taunt. Type: Ability Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 3
  • Necrotic Poison (New) Destroy a minion. Type: Ability Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 2
  • Plague (New) Destroy all non-Skeleton minions. Type: Ability Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 6
  • Pure Cold (New) Deal 8 damage to the enemy hero, and Freeze it. Type: Ability Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 5
  • Sporeburst (New) Deal 1 damage to all enemy minions. Summon a Spore. Type: Ability Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 1
  • Supercharge (New) Give your minions +2 Health. Type: Ability Set: DEBUG2 Cost: 2
Nove Karte

Deathlord Minion   3 2 8
Echoing Ooze Minion   2 1 2
Feugen Minion   5 4 7
Haunted Creeper Minion   2 1 2
Kel'Thuzad Minion   8 6 8
Loatheb Minion   5 5 5
Mad Scientist Minion   2 2 2
Maexxna Minion   6 2 8
Nerub'ar Weblord Minion   2 1 4
Sludge Belcher Minion   5 3 5
Spectral Knight Minion   5 4 6
Stalagg Minion   5 7 4
Stoneskin Gargoyle Minion   3 1 4
Thaddius Minion   10 11 11
Unstable Ghoul Minion   2 1 3
Wailing Soul Minion   4 3 5
Webspinner Minion  Hunter 1 1 1
Zombie Chow Minion   1 2 3
Baron Rivendare Minion   4 1 7
Shade of Naxxramas Minion   3 2 2
Anub'ar Ambusher Minion  Rogue 4 5 5
Avenge Ability  Paladin 1 0 0
Dancing Swords Minion   3 4 4
Dark Cultist Minion  Priest 3 3 4
Death's Bite Weapon  Warrior 4 4 2
Duplicate Ability  Mage 3 0 0
Nerubian Minion   1 4 4
Poison Seeds Ability  Druid 4 0 0
Reincarnate Ability  Shaman 2 0 0
Undertaker Minion   1 1 2
Voidcaller Minion  Warlock 4 3 4
Nerubian Egg Minion   2 0 2
Flavor Text
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
  • Anub'ar Ambusher (New) Originally he was called "Anub'ar Guy who bounces a guy back to your hand", but it lacked a certain zing.
  • Avenge (New) Several paladins have joined together to deliver justice under the name "Justice Force". Their lawyer talked them out of calling themselves the Justice League.
  • Baron Rivendare (New) Lady Blaumeux is a little hurt that they don't call themselves "The Four Horsepeople".
  • Dancing Swords (New) They like to dance to reggae.
  • Dark Cultist (New) The Cult of the Damned has found it's best not to mention their name when recruiting new cultists.
  • Deathlord (New) "Rise from your grave!" - Kel'Thuzad
  • Death's Bite (New) "Take a bite outta Death." - McScruff the Deathlord
  • Duplicate (New) The one time when duping cards won't get your account banned!
  • Echoing Ooze (New) OOZE... Ooze... Ooze... (ooze...)
  • Feugen (New) Feugen is sad because everyone likes Stalagg better.
  • Haunted Creeper (New) Arachnafauxbia: Fear of fake spiders.
  • Kel'Thuzad (New) Kel'Thuzad could not resist the call of the Lich King. Even when it's just a robo-call extolling the Lich King's virtues.
  • Loatheb (New) Loatheb used to be a simple Bog Beast. This is why we need stricter regulations on mining and agriculture.
  • Mad Scientist (New) His mother wanted him to be a mage or a warlock, but noooooooo, he had to go and be a scientist like his father.
  • Maexxna (New) Maexxna gets pissed when people introduce her as "Maxina" or "Maxxy".
  • Nerub'ar Weblord (New) Weblords spend all day making giant trampoline parks.
  • Nerubian Egg (New) Eggs are a good source of protein and Nerubians.
  • Poison Seeds (New) "Poisonseed Bagel" is the least popular bagel at McTiggin's Druidic Bagel Emporium.
  • Reincarnate (New) It's like birth, except you're an adult and you were just dead a second ago.
  • Shade of Naxxramas (New) The Shades of Naxxramas hate the living. They even have a slur they use to refer them: Livers.
  • Sludge Belcher (New) DO NOT GIVE HIM A ROOT BEER.
  • Spectral Knight (New) What do Faerie Dragons and Spectral Knights have in common? They both love pasta!
  • Stalagg (New) Stalagg want to write own flavor text. "STALAGG AWESOME!"
  • Stoneskin Gargoyle (New) Stoneskin Gargoyles love freeze tag.
  • Undertaker (New) In a world where you can run to a spirit healer and resurrect yourself, Undertakers do pretty light business.
  • Unstable Ghoul (New) Filling your Ghouls with Rocket Fuel is all the rage at Necromancer school.
  • Voidcaller (New) "Void! Here, void! Here, buddy!"
  • Wailing Soul (New) This soul just wails on you. Dang, soul, let up already.
  • Webspinner (New) Spider cocoons are like little pinatas!
  • Zombie Chow (New) Zombie. It's what's for dinner.
String Izmene
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
  • GAMEPLAY_DISCONNECT_BODY - Game completed and recorded! Restart Hearthstone to continue.
  • GAMEPLAY_DISCONNECT_BODY_RESET - Game completed and recorded! Reconnecting to the Hearthstone servers.
  • GAMEPLAY_PlayErrors_REQ_DRAG_TO_PLAY - You must drag that to a target
  • GLOBAL_ADVENTURE_TRAY_HEADER - Choose an Adventure
  • GLOBAL_CARD_SET_NAXX - Naxxramas
  • GLOBAL_CARD_SET_NAXX_SEARCHABLE_SHORTHAND_NAMES - Nax Naxx This is a space-separated value indicating all of the allowable search keywords that can be used in Collection Manager screen's text-search feature to narrow down the cards to this specific Card Set via shorthand names (note: the full name above is also used for this feature). Also note: letter case is ignored.
  • GLOBAL_CHOOSE_PAYMENT - Choose Payment
  • GLOBAL_DATETIME_AFK_DAY - Away for over a day
  • GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_NO_GAME_SERVER - Oops! We were unable to start a game for you. Please try again.
  • GLOBAL_KEYWORD_AUTOCAST_TEXT - This Hero Power MUST be used every turn.
  • GLOBAL_REWARD_CLASS_CHALLENGE_DETAIL_DOUBLE - {0} and {1} 0=first class, 1=second class
  • GLOBAL_REWARD_CLASS_CHALLENGE_HEADLINE - Class |4(Challenge,Challenges) Unlocked
  • GLOBAL_REWARD_CLASS_CHALLENGE_SOURCE_NAXX_ARACHNID - You can also attempt the insanely difficult Heroic Arachnid Quarter!
  • GLOBAL_REWARD_CLASS_CHALLENGE_SOURCE_NAXX_CONSTRUCT - You can also attempt the insanely difficult Heroic Construct Quarter!
  • GLOBAL_REWARD_CLASS_CHALLENGE_SOURCE_NAXX_FROSTWYRM - You can also attempt the insanely difficult Heroic Frostwyrm Lair!
  • GLOBAL_REWARD_CLASS_CHALLENGE_SOURCE_NAXX_MILITARY - You can also attempt the insanely difficult Heroic Military Quarter!
  • GLOBAL_REWARD_CLASS_CHALLENGE_SOURCE_NAXX_PLAGUE - You can also attempt the insanely difficult Heroic Plague Quarter!
  • GLUE_ADVENTURE - Solo Adventures
  • GLUE_ADVENTURE_COMPLETE_BANNER_TEXT - {0} Cleared! GLUE_STORE_FAIL_GOLD_GENERIC --TEMP-- You know how you were trying to make a gold purchase? It failed.
  • GLUE_COLLECTION_DECK_PASTE_POPUP_MESSAGE - This will erase your existing deck and replace it with the contents of the clipboard, are you sure?
  • GLUE_HEROIC_WARNING - Be warned that Heroic Mode is VERY punishing and is not for the faint of heart. Enter at your own risk!
  • GLUE_LOADING - Loading...
  • GLUE_LOADING_BAR_TASK_19 - Paying the Band
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_1 - Practicing Evil Laugh
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_10 - Boiling Ooze
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_11 - Using a Weighted Coin
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_12 - Dimming the Lights
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_13 - Blowing Out Candles
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_14 - Getting in the Mood
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_15 - Stitching Minions Together
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_16 - Experimenting on Minions
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_17 - Destroying Interlopers
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_18 - Petting Mr. Bigglesworth
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_2 - Replacing Cobwebs
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_3 - Refilling Ooze
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_4 - Arranging Bones
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_5 - Rehearsing Sinister Lines
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_6 - Spraying Stench
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_7 - Oiling Chains
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_8 - Clearing Trash
  • GLUE_NAXX_LOADING_BAR_TASK_9 - Hiding Spiders
  • GLUE_PATCHING_ERROR - We encountered an error when updating Hearthstone. Please try again.
  • GLUE_PATCHING_LABEL - Downloading {0}/{1} |4(file,files)
  • GLUE_PRACTICE_HINT - Practice Mode Here
  • GLUE_RECONNECT_RESULT_DISCONNECT - You lost your last {0} game due to a disconnect. 0=one of GLOBAL_RECONNECT_GAME_TYPE_*
  • GLUE_RECONNECT_RESULT_LOSE - You lost your last {0} game. 0=one of GLOBAL_RECONNECT_GAME_TYPE_*
  • GLUE_RECONNECT_RESULT_TIE - Your last {0} game was a tie. 0=one of GLOBAL_RECONNECT_GAME_TYPE_*
  • GLUE_RECONNECT_RESULT_WIN - You won your last {0} game. 0=one of GLOBAL_RECONNECT_GAME_TYPE_*
  • GLUE_STORE_ADVENTURE_CARD_PREVIEW - Earn these cards and more by defeating the deadly bosses of Naxxramas!
  • GLUE_STORE_ADVENTURE_LOCKED_HEROES_WARNING_TEXT - You will not be able to play this adventure until you have unlocked all classes. \n\nAre you sure you want to continue with this purchase?
  • GLUE_STORE_AUTH_ZERO_COST_WAITING - Opening the Necropolis for the first time
  • GLUE_STORE_CHINA_DISCLAIMER_DETAILS - ??????????????,????????:\n1)?????????*????,????????????;\n2)????,??“????”???“??”?????????????,??????;\n3)?“????”???“????”,??????“??”???????\n*???????????40????,??1??/?/?/????????????40/100/400/1600????,?????1/2.5/10/40????,?????????????????/?/?/?????
  • GLUE_STORE_DISCLAIMER_WARNING - ??????????????????!
  • GLUE_STORE_DUNGEON_BUTTON_COST_TEXT - ({0} |4(wing,wings) {1}) 0=number of wings,1=cost
  • GLUE_STORE_FAIL_GOLD_GENERIC - Gold purchase has failed. Please try again later.
  • GLUE_STORE_KOREAN_PRODUCT_DETAILS_1WINGS_NAXX - ? ??? ?? ? ???? ???, ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?????. only displayed for Korean customers, should always be in Korean
  • GLUE_STORE_KOREAN_PRODUCT_DETAILS_ADVENTURE - ? ?? ??? ?? ? ???? ???, ?? ?? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?????. ? ??? ??? ?? ?????.
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_1WINGS_NAXX - • Finish your adventure! Unlock the last wing and earn up to 4 new cards that can only be found in Naxxramas.\n• Each wing will be released separately, one-per-week, during the Naxxramas launch event.
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_2WINGS_NAXX - • Continue your adventure! Unlock the last two wings and earn up to 12 new cards that can only be found in Naxxramas.\n• Each wing will be released separately, one-per-week, during the Naxxramas launch event.
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_3WINGS_NAXX - • Continue your adventure! Unlock the last three wings and earn up to 18 new cards that can only be found in Naxxramas.\n• Each wing will be released separately, one-per-week, during the Naxxramas launch event.
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_4WINGS_NAXX - • Continue your adventure! Unlock the last four wings and earn up to 24 new cards that can only be found in Naxxramas.\n• Each wing will be released separately, one-per-week, during the Naxxramas launch event.
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_5WINGS_NAXX - • Start your adventure! Unlock the all wings and earn up to 30 new cards that can only be found in Naxxramas.\n• Each wing will be released separately, one-per-week, during the Naxxramas launch event.
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_HEADLINE_1WINGS_NAXX - Naxxramas Adventure (Unlock the final wing)
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_HEADLINE_2WINGS_NAXX - Naxxramas Adventure (Unlock 2 remaining wings)
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_HEADLINE_3WINGS_NAXX - Naxxramas Adventure (Unlock 3 remaining wings)
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_HEADLINE_4WINGS_NAXX - Naxxramas Adventure (Unlock 4 remaining wings)
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_HEADLINE_5WINGS_NAXX - Naxxramas Adventure (Unlock all 5 wings)
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_NAXX_PART_1 - Do battle with the deadly {0} bosses in single player combat.
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_NAXX_PART_2 - Earn new Naxxramas cards for your collection, including 1 Legendary card!
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_OWNED_NAXX - • Defeat the bosses in Naxxramas to earn your rewards.
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_NAME_EXPERT_PACK - {0} Expert |4(Pack,Packs)
  • GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_NAME_NAXX_WING_BUNDLE - Naxxramas Adventure ({0} |4(Wing,Wings))
  • GLUE_STORE_QUANTITY_PACK - {0} |4(Pack,Packs)
  • GLUE_STORE_SUMMARY_KOREAN_AGREEMENT_ADVENTURE_BUNDLE - ? ?? ??? ?? ? ???? ???, ?? ?? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?????. ? ??? ??? ?? ?????.
  • GLUE_STORE_SUMMARY_KOREAN_AGREEMENT_ADVENTURE_SINGLE - ? ??? ?? ? ???? ???, ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?????
  • GLUE_TIP_NAXXRAMAS_0 - You'll need to build a custom deck to defeat the most difficult bosses in Naxxramas.
  • GLUE_TIP_NAXXRAMAS_1 - Don't let Naxxramas bosses get you down. Build a custom deck to crush them.
  • GLUE_TIP_NAXXRAMAS_2 - If you lose to a boss, you may want to tweak your deck.
  • GLUE_TIP_NAXXRAMAS_3 - Be prepared! Build a deck to counter the boss you're going to challenge.
  • GLUE_TOOLTIP_BUTTON_ADVENTURE_DESC - Embark on adventures or practice against the AI.
  • PRESENCE_SCENARIO_NAXX_HEROIC_SCENARIO_FAERLINA - Heroic Grand Widow Faerlina feel free to shorten long translations to 'Heroic Faerlina' since the UI may squeeze text into a tiny (unreadable) font size when text is too long. this string is shown in the Friends List.
  • PRESENCE_SCENARIO_NAXX_HEROIC_SCENARIO_GOTHIK - Heroic Gothik the Harvester feel free to shorten long translations to 'Heroic Gothik' since the UI may squeeze text into a tiny (unreadable) font size when text is too long. this string is shown in the Friends List.
  • PRESENCE_SCENARIO_NAXX_HEROIC_SCENARIO_HEIGAN - Heroic Heigan the Unclean feel free to shorten long translations to 'Heroic Heigan' since the UI may squeeze text into a tiny (unreadable) font size when text is too long. this string is shown in the Friends List.
  • PRESENCE_SCENARIO_NAXX_HEROIC_SCENARIO_NOTH - Heroic Noth the Plaguebringer feel free to shorten long translations to 'Heroic Noth' since the UI may squeeze text into a tiny (unreadable) font size when text is too long. this string is shown in the Friends List.
  • PRESENCE_SCENARIO_NAXX_HEROIC_SCENARIO_RAZUVIOUS - Heroic Instructor Razuvious feel free to shorten long translations to 'Heroic Razuvious' since the UI may squeeze text into a tiny (unreadable) font size when text is too long. this string is shown in the Friends List.
  • PRESENCE_SCENARIO_NAXX_NORMAL_SCENARIO_FAERLINA - Battling Grand Widow Faerlina feel free to shorten long translations to 'Battling Faerlina' since the UI may squeeze text into a tiny (unreadable) font size when text is too long. this string is shown in the Friends List.
  • PRESENCE_SCENARIO_NAXX_NORMAL_SCENARIO_GOTHIK - Battling Gothik the Harvester feel free to shorten long translations to 'Battling Gothik' since the UI may squeeze text into a tiny (unreadable) font size when text is too long. this string is shown in the Friends List.
  • PRESENCE_SCENARIO_NAXX_NORMAL_SCENARIO_HEIGAN - Battling Heigan the Unclean feel free to shorten long translations to 'Battling Heigan' since the UI may squeeze text into a tiny (unreadable) font size when text is too long. this is string shown in the Friends List.
  • PRESENCE_SCENARIO_NAXX_NORMAL_SCENARIO_NOTH - Battling Noth the Plaguebringer feel free to shorten long translations to 'Battling Noth' since the UI may squeeze text into a tiny (unreadable) font size when text is too long. this string is shown in the Friends List.
  • PRESENCE_SCENARIO_NAXX_NORMAL_SCENARIO_RAZUVIOUS - Battling Instructor Razuvious feel free to shorten long translations to 'Battling Razuvious' since the UI may squeeze text into a tiny (unreadable) font size when text is too long. this string is shown in the Friends List.
  • PRESENCE_STATUS_ADVENTURE_SCENARIO_PLAYING_GAME - {0} {0} replaced with the specific scenario string, via PRESENCE_SCENARIO_NAXX_*
  • PRESENCE_STATUS_ADVENTURE_SCENARIO_SELECT - {0} {0} replaced with the adventure mode, via PRESENCE_ADVENTURE_MODE_*, e.g. Naxxramas (Heroic) -- (originally i wanted it to say "Mission Select: Naxxramas Class Challenge" but this got too long for the UI element.)
  • VO_FP1_014t_EnterPlay_01 - Now you feel pain! VO_FP1_014t_EnterPlay_01.wav
  • VO_FP1_031_Attack_07 - Lambs to the slaughter... VO_FP1_031_Attack_07.wav
  • VO_FP1_031_EnterPlay_06 - The Scourge will consume you! VO_FP1_031_EnterPlay_06.wav
  • VO_INNKEEPER_STEALTH_TAUNT3_22 - While a minion has Stealth, it cannot Taunt. VO_INNKEEPER_STEALTH_TAUNT3_22.wav
  • VO_KT_ANTI_CHEESE1_65 - This is heroic Naxxramas! I won't stand for such cheap tactics here! VO_KT_ANTI_CHEESE1_65.wav
  • VO_KT_ANTI_CHEESE2_66 - Doomsayer... You think you are so clever. VO_KT_ANTI_CHEESE2_66.wav
  • VO_KT_ANTI_CHEESE3_67 - Equality?! Not on my watch! VO_KT_ANTI_CHEESE3_67.wav
  • VO_KT_ANUB1_42 - Anub'Rekhan is one of my finest Spider Lords. Good luck, interloper. VO_KT_ANUB1_42.wav
  • VO_KT_ANUB2_43 - NOOO!!! I mean.... Irrelevant. You'll never defeat the Grand Widow. VO_KT_ANUB2_43.wav
  • VO_KT_BARON1_63 - The Four Horsemen are my most powerful death knights. I'm looking forward to this. VO_KT_BARON1_63.wav
  • VO_KT_BARON2_64 - The Military Quarter has failed me! It's so hard to get good help these days. VO_KT_BARON2_64.wav
  • VO_KT_FAERLINA1_44 - Faerlina is training acolytes to worship me. Her job is VERY IMPORTANT; do not disturb her! VO_KT_FAERLINA1_44.wav
  • VO_KT_FAERLINA2_45 - Faerlina means nothing. The Spider Queen will dispatch you EASILY. VO_KT_FAERLINA2_45.wav
  • VO_KT_GLUTH1_72 - Gluth eats our leftover zombies. Come to think of it, you would make a pretty good leftover zombie. VO_KT_GLUTH1_72.wav
  • VO_KT_GLUTH2_73 - I asked the Zombies if they wanted to eat your brains and they said "I don't eat junk food". VO_KT_GLUTH2_73.wav
  • VO_KT_GLUTH2_ALT_74 - There is an achievement for losing to Gluth. I'm pretty sure. VO_KT_GLUTH2_ALT_74.wav
  • VO_KT_GLUTH4_76 - No! Who will eat all of these leftover zombies now?? VO_KT_GLUTH4_76.wav
  • VO_KT_GLUTH5_77 - Decimation is my favorite thing. No, wait, Freezing the blood in your veins is my favorite. VO_KT_GLUTH5_77.wav
  • VO_KT_GLUTH6_78 - Good dog! That's a good doggy! VO_KT_GLUTH6_78.wav
  • VO_KT_GOTHIK1_ALT_61 - Look, if you give up now, I will tell Gothik not to turn you into a disembodied soul. VO_KT_GOTHIK1_ALT_61.wav
  • VO_KT_GOTHIK2_62 - Why doesn't Gothik come back as Spectral Gothik? C'mon!! VO_KT_GOTHIK2_62.wav
  • VO_KT_GROBBULUS1_70 - Grobbulus is my prototype for an ARMY of giants. You are test subject one. VO_KT_GROBBULUS1_70.wav
  • VO_KT_GROBBULUS2_71 - Back to the drawing board... VO_KT_GROBBULUS2_71.wav
  • VO_KT_HEIGAN1_54 - Heigan sent me a message telling me that he promises not to kill you if you don't play any cards against him. VO_KT_HEIGAN1_54.wav
  • VO_KT_HEIGAN2_55 - I am seething with anger. SEETHING. VO_KT_HEIGAN2_55.wav
  • VO_KT_INTRO_39 - My preparations cannot be stopped. You are too late! VO_KT_INTRO_39.wav
  • VO_KT_INTRO2_40 - WHAT?! How did you gain entrance to Naxxramas?! VO_KT_INTRO2_40.wav
  • VO_KT_KELTHUZAD1_ALT_90 - This next fight will not be easy. I hear the boss is ALL POWERFUL... and very handsome. VO_KT_KELTHUZAD1_ALT_90.wav
  • VO_KT_LOATHEB1_56 - Just being nearby Loatheb causes your flesh to rot. So I recommend a melee class. VO_KT_LOATHEB1_56.wav
  • VO_KT_LOATHEB2_57 - You keep KILLING MY MINIONS. Stop it! Stop it right this minute! VO_KT_LOATHEB2_57.wav
  • VO_KT_MAEXXNA2_47 - Her poison will make your death *mostly* painless. VO_KT_MAEXXNA2_47.wav
  • VO_KT_MAEXXNA3_48 - Sea Giant?? Maexxna, that is not on my approved card list! VO_KT_MAEXXNA3_48.wav
  • VO_KT_MAEXXNA4_49 - Impossible! This is not over, PUNY MORTAL! VO_KT_MAEXXNA4_49.wav
  • VO_KT_MAEXXNA5_50 - You think that card will help you? You are sorely mistaken. VO_KT_MAEXXNA5_50.wav
  • VO_KT_MAEXXNA6_51 - What do you call a player who just had his minion webbed? DOOMED! VO_KT_MAEXXNA6_51.wav
  • VO_KT_NOTH1_52 - 'Noth'ing can defeat Noth! VO_KT_NOTH1_52.wav
  • VO_KT_NOTH2_53 - Poor Noth. This was just 'Noth' his day. VO_KT_NOTH2_53.wav
  • VO_KT_PATCHWERK1_68 - Patchwerk is sewn together from adventurers who couldn't defeat Lorewalker Cho. VO_KT_PATCHWERK1_68.wav
  • VO_KT_PATCHWERK2_69 - My avatar of war! I should have sewn him together from better players... VO_KT_PATCHWERK2_69.wav
  • VO_KT_RAZUVIOUS1_58 - Please ignore the Mind Control stones next to Razuvious. VO_KT_RAZUVIOUS1_58.wav
  • VO_KT_RAZUVIOUS2_59 - Who will train my Death Knights now?! I can't do it myself, I'm SUPER busy. VO_KT_RAZUVIOUS2_59.wav
  • VO_KT_SAPPHIRON1_83 - My massive frost wyrm awaits. Dress warm. VO_KT_SAPPHIRON1_83.wav
  • VO_KT_SAPPHIRON2_84 - Look at that little gnome. He used to be an interloper LIKE YOURSELF. VO_KT_SAPPHIRON2_84.wav
  • VO_KT_SAPPHIRON3_85 - Stop hiding behind that block of ice! VO_KT_SAPPHIRON3_85.wav
  • VO_KT_THADDIUS1_80 - It's alive!! But you won't be, for long. VO_KT_THADDIUS1_80.wav
  • VO_KT_THADDIUS2_81 - Interloper! This is the final straw! VO_KT_THADDIUS2_81.wav
  • VO_KT_WINGOPENS_82 - Come, face me Interloper! VO_KT_WINGOPENS_82.wav
  • VO_NAX1_01_CARD_02 - Just a little taste! VO_NAX1_01_CARD_02.wav
  • VO_NAX1_01_DEATH_05 - Why... oh... why? VO_NAX1_01_DEATH_05.wav
  • VO_NAX1_01_EMOTE_04 - It speaks! VO_NAX1_01_EMOTE_04.wav
  • VO_NAX1_01_HP_03 - Closer now, tasty morsels! VO_NAX1_01_HP_03.wav
  • VO_NAX1_01_START_01 - Welcome to my parlor. VO_NAX1_01_START_01.wav
  • VO_NAX10_01_DEATH_LINE_03 - What happened to... Patch... aaaahrr... VO_NAX10_01_DEATH_LINE_03.wav
  • VO_NAX10_01_EMOTE1_04 - Play time? VO_NAX10_01_EMOTE1_04.wav
  • VO_NAX10_01_EMOTE2_05 - Yes! Play! Play! VO_NAX10_01_EMOTE2_05.wav
  • VO_NAX10_01_HP_02 - No more play? VO_NAX10_01_HP_02.wav
  • VO_NAX10_01_START_01 - Patchwerk want to play! VO_NAX10_01_START_01.wav
  • VO_NAX11_01_CARD_03 - Ooze. VO_NAX11_01_CARD_03.wav
  • VO_NAX11_01_DEATH_05 - *ugh uh ahoh gowr grrrlrrlrrlaaahhh* VO_NAX11_01_DEATH_05.wav
  • VO_NAX11_01_EMOTE_04 - No talk. VO_NAX11_01_EMOTE_04.wav
  • VO_NAX11_01_HP_02 - Stink. VO_NAX11_01_HP_02.wav
  • VO_NAX11_01_START_01 - Meat. VO_NAX11_01_START_01.wav
  • VO_NAX12_01_CARD_01 - *Roar* VO_NAX12_01_CARD_01.wav
  • VO_NAX12_01_DEATH_01 - *Whimpers* VO_NAX12_01_DEATH_01.wav
  • VO_NAX12_01_EMOTE_01 - *Grumble* VO_NAX12_01_EMOTE_01.wav
  • VO_NAX12_01_EMOTE_02 - *Grrr* VO_NAX12_01_EMOTE_02.wav
  • VO_NAX12_01_EMOTE_03 - *Grrroooooo* VO_NAX12_01_EMOTE_03.wav
  • VO_NAX12_01_HP_01 - *Roooar CHOMP* VO_NAX12_01_HP_01.wav
  • VO_NAX12_01_START_01 - *Growls* VO_NAX12_01_START_01.wav
  • VO_NAX13_01_DEATH_LINE_03 - Thank you... VO_NAX13_01_DEATH_LINE_03.wav
  • VO_NAX13_01_EMOTE_04 - Kill! VO_NAX13_01_EMOTE_04.wav
  • VO_NAX13_01_HP_02 - You die now! VO_NAX13_01_HP_02.wav
  • VO_NAX13_01_START_01 - I must obey! VO_NAX13_01_START_01.wav
  • VO_NAX14_01_CARD_01 - *rrrrrAAAHH* VO_NAX14_01_CARD_01.wav
  • VO_NAX14_01_DEATH_01 - *roooarrr...* VO_NAX14_01_DEATH_01.wav
  • VO_NAX14_01_EMOTE_01 - *rrrr Rrahhh!* VO_NAX14_01_EMOTE_01.wav
  • VO_NAX14_01_EMOTE_02 - *grraaaaah* VO_NAX14_01_EMOTE_02.wav
  • VO_NAX14_01_EMOTE_03 - *rooooaaar* VO_NAX14_01_EMOTE_03.wav
  • VO_NAX14_01_HP_01 - *roooarrr* VO_NAX14_01_HP_01.wav
  • VO_NAX14_01_START_01 - *ROOOARRR* VO_NAX14_01_START_01.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_BIGGLES_32 - No!!! A curse upon you, interloper! VO_NAX15_01_BIGGLES_32.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_DEATH_LINE_08 - This is not the end!!! There is still heroic mode! VO_NAX15_01_DEATH_LINE_08.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_DEATH_LINE2_09 - NooooOooOOOooo!!! VO_NAX15_01_DEATH_LINE2_09.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_EMOTE_HELLO_26 - Do you often greet people who are trying to kill you? VO_NAX15_01_EMOTE_HELLO_26.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_EMOTE_OOPS_29 - Indeed. VO_NAX15_01_EMOTE_OOPS_29.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_EMOTE_SORRY_28 - It's ok, interloper, we all make mistakes. VO_NAX15_01_EMOTE_SORRY_28.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_EMOTE_THANKS_27 - You're... welcome? VO_NAX15_01_EMOTE_THANKS_27.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_EMOTE_THREATEN_30 - Oh, I'm so scared! VO_NAX15_01_EMOTE_THREATEN_30.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_EMOTE_WP_25 - Of course I played well. I'm Kel'Thu-freaking-zad! VO_NAX15_01_EMOTE_WP_25.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_GLOAT1_33 - Victory for Kel'Thuzad! Did you hear that Bigglesworth?! VO_NAX15_01_GLOAT1_33.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_GLOAT2_34 - Give me a K! Give me a T! What's that spell? VO_NAX15_01_GLOAT2_34.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_GLOAT3_35 - I just completed a quest to destroy an interloper! 40 gold, yes! VO_NAX15_01_GLOAT3_35.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_GLOAT4_36 - Victory tastes so sweet... Like a milkshake. No, maybe more like a bar of chocolate. VO_NAX15_01_GLOAT4_36.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_GLOAT5_37 - My power is overwhelming! And yet, I did not die horribly at the end of the turn. VO_NAX15_01_GLOAT5_37.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_HP_07 - I will freeze the blood in your veins! VO_NAX15_01_HP_07.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_HP2_05 - Your soul is bound to me now. VO_NAX15_01_HP2_05.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_HP3_06 - There will be no escape. VO_NAX15_01_HP3_06.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_HURRY_31 - My patience is limited. VO_NAX15_01_HURRY_31.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_PHASE2_10 - Fool! You have spread your power too thin! VO_NAX15_01_PHASE2_10.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_PHASE2_ALT_11 - No! Your turn is over. *MY* turn now. VO_NAX15_01_PHASE2_ALT_11.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_ANDUIN_24 - How naive! Don't you remember what happened to Uther? VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_ANDUIN_24.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_GARROSH_15 - Really? Death it is, then. VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_GARROSH_15.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_GARROSH_ALT_16 - Is this a trick question? Looks like death for you! VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_GARROSH_ALT_16.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_GULDAN_22 - Well, someone's soul shall be someone's. VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_GULDAN_22.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_JAINA_23 - I most certainly did NOT. You barged into MY floating necropolis! VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_JAINA_23.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_MALFURION_ALT_21 - The wild? Then what are you doing in Naxxramas? VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_MALFURION_ALT_21.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_REXXAR_19 - Be my guest. VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_REXXAR_19.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_THRALL_17 - You're fighting for a hammer? Ok then. VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_THRALL_17.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_UTHER_14 - ...and I will fight with huge minions and devastating spells. Good luck! VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_UTHER_14.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_VALEERA_18 - Ok. I. Will. VO_NAX15_01_RESPOND_VALEERA_18.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_START_13 - We finally meet. VO_NAX15_01_START_13.wav
  • VO_NAX15_01_SUMMON_ADDS_12 - Be free, my minions! VO_NAX15_01_SUMMON_ADDS_12.wav
  • VO_NAX2_01_CARD_02 - Slay them in the Master's name! VO_NAX2_01_CARD_02.wav
  • VO_NAX2_01_CUSTOM_03 - You have failed! VO_NAX2_01_CUSTOM_03.wav
  • VO_NAX2_01_DEATH_LINE_05 - The master will avenge me! VO_NAX2_01_DEATH_LINE_05.wav
  • VO_NAX2_01_EMOTE_06 - Hahahaha! VO_NAX2_01_EMOTE_06.wav
  • VO_NAX2_01_HP_04 - Kneel before me, worm! VO_NAX2_01_HP_04.wav
  • VO_NAX2_01_START_01 - My acolytes serve me without question! VO_NAX2_01_START_01.wav
  • VO_NAX3_01_CARD_01 - *grghhghgh* VO_NAX3_01_CARD_01.wav
  • VO_NAX3_01_DEATH_01 - *hissing* VO_NAX3_01_DEATH_01.wav
  • VO_NAX3_01_EMOTE_01 - *hissing* VO_NAX3_01_EMOTE_01.wav
  • VO_NAX3_01_EMOTE_02 - *hissing* VO_NAX3_01_EMOTE_02.wav
  • VO_NAX3_01_EMOTE_03 - *hissing* VO_NAX3_01_EMOTE_03.wav
  • VO_NAX3_01_EMOTE_04 - *hissing* VO_NAX3_01_EMOTE_04.wav
  • VO_NAX3_01_EMOTE_05 - *hissing* VO_NAX3_01_EMOTE_05.wav
  • VO_NAX3_01_HP_01 - *hissing* VO_NAX3_01_HP_01.wav
  • VO_NAX3_01_START_01 - *skittering* VO_NAX3_01_START_01.wav
  • VO_NAX4_01_CARD_03 - Breathe no more. VO_NAX4_01_CARD_03.wav
  • VO_NAX4_01_DEATH_LINE_04 - I will serve the master in death. VO_NAX4_01_DEATH_LINE_04.wav
  • VO_NAX4_01_EMOTE_06 - Die, trespasser! VO_NAX4_01_EMOTE_06.wav
  • VO_NAX4_01_HP_02 - Rise, my soldiers! Rise and fight once more! VO_NAX4_01_HP_02.wav
  • VO_NAX4_01_START_01 - Another soul for the collection. VO_NAX4_01_START_01.wav
  • VO_NAX5_01_CARD_03 - I will blow your MIND! VO_NAX5_01_CARD_03.wav
  • VO_NAX5_01_DEATH_LINE_04 - I should have taken a shower. VO_NAX5_01_DEATH_LINE_04.wav
  • VO_NAX5_01_EMOTE_05 - I don't have time for this nonsense. VO_NAX5_01_EMOTE_05.wav
  • VO_NAX5_01_HP_02 - Dance, fools! VO_NAX5_01_HP_02.wav
  • VO_NAX5_01_START_01 - You think you're safe here? VO_NAX5_01_START_01.wav
  • VO_NAX6_01_CARD_03 - The end is close. VO_NAX6_01_CARD_03.wav
  • VO_NAX6_01_DEATH_LINE_04 - *rruuuhhhh* VO_NAX6_01_DEATH_06.wav
  • VO_NAX6_01_EMOTE_05 - You waste your breath. VO_NAX6_01_EMOTE_05.wav
  • VO_NAX6_01_HP_02 - You are mine now. VO_NAX6_01_HP_02.wav
  • VO_NAX6_01_START_01 - I see you. VO_NAX6_01_START_01.wav
  • VO_NAX7_01_CARD_03 - You should have stayed home! VO_NAX7_01_CARD_03.wav
  • VO_NAX7_01_DEATH_LINE_04 - Ugh... an honorable death. VO_NAX7_01_DEATH_LINE_04.wav
  • VO_NAX7_01_EMOTE_05 - Haha! I am just getting warmed up! VO_NAX7_01_EMOTE_05.wav
  • VO_NAX7_01_HP_02 - Yieea! VO_NAX7_01_HP_02.wav
  • VO_NAX7_01_START_01 - No! No! My students! Give them back! VO_NAX7_01_START_01.wav
  • VO_NAX8_01_CARD_02 - Kill my minions if you like... Their souls will pay you a visit. VO_NAX8_01_CARD_02.wav
  • VO_NAX8_01_CUSTOM_03 - Hahaha! Fool! I am the Harvester of Souls! VO_NAX8_01_CUSTOM_03.wav
  • VO_NAX8_01_CUSTOM2_04 - The dead return! VO_NAX8_01_CUSTOM2_04.wav
  • VO_NAX8_01_DEATH_LINE_05 - I am undone! VO_NAX8_01_DEATH_LINE_05.wav
  • VO_NAX8_01_EMOTE1_06 - Foolishly you have sought your own demise. VO_NAX8_01_EMOTE1_06.wav
  • VO_NAX8_01_EMOTE2_07 - Brazenly you have disregarded powers beyond your understanding. VO_NAX8_01_EMOTE2_07.wav
  • VO_NAX8_01_EMOTE3_08 - You have fought hard to invade the realm of the Harvester. VO_NAX8_01_EMOTE3_08.wav
  • VO_NAX8_01_EMOTE4_09 - Now there is only one way out... VO_NAX8_01_EMOTE4_09.wav
  • VO_NAX8_01_EMOTE5_10 - ... going into the options menu and hitting CONCEDE. VO_NAX8_01_EMOTE5_10.wav
  • VO_NAX8_01_START_01 - My minions never truly die. VO_NAX8_01_START_01.wav
  • VO_NAX9_01_CUSTOM_02 - Enough prattling. Let them come. VO_NAX9_01_CUSTOM_02.wav
  • VO_NAX9_01_DEATH_LINE_03 - No! I need more time! VO_NAX9_01_DEATH_LINE_03.wav
  • VO_NAX9_01_EMOTE_04 - You seek death? VO_NAX9_01_EMOTE_04.wav
  • VO_NAX9_01_START_01 - We shall grind your bones to dust. VO_NAX9_01_START_01.wav
  • VO_NAX9_02_CUSTOM_01 - Invader! Turn away while you still can! VO_NAX9_02_CUSTOM_01.wav
  • VO_NAX9_03_CUSTOM_01 - Come Zeliek, let us have our fun. VO_NAX9_03_CUSTOM_01.wav
  • VO_NAX9_04_CUSTOM_01 - Bring it on, ye snivelin' oaf! VO_NAX9_04_CUSTOM_01.wav
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