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Objavljena Lista Dobitnika Trećeg Heroes of the Storm Beta key Giveaway


Juče se završio treći i poslednji krug Heroes of the Storm Beta key Giveaway koji smo organizovali za Blizzardom preko našeg sajta! Svi dobitnici u roku od 48 sata, moraće da odgovore na privatne poruke koje smo već poslali preko foruma, kako bi dobili svoje beta ključeve. U suprotnom ukoliko ne dobijemo odgovor u roku od dva dana, isti ključ prosledićemo drugom dobitniku ispod crte.
01. axar88
02. SubZero
03. PIkabu
04. fukara77
05. Lisko1989
06. ushtipack
08. thecrows
09. INX1
10. Gregins
11. ninai
12. cohibavi
13. brane92
14. arminsadic
15. Ondrumkat
16. kingW3
17. cristi152
18. DusanSilni
19. Karamata
20. b4g3r
21. milelemi69
22. flazee
23. kafbgjg
24. yodes
25. drugari
26. SwagFlag
27. alya
28. pavel
29. Majmun
30. Rade
31. Weber
32. wEXzORR
33. amilabalic
34. kreator
35. ArchimonDe
36. PredragBre
37. Neshke
38. Rengar97
39. Atomic
40. LXmadafaka 
41. sabaualek
42. PolarBear
43. EzBi
44. AleksaM1028
45. DusanJG
46. zakleisky
47. Elesar
48. SensationGG
49. Markomage
50. thesaint 

BRF LFR Wing 2, 6.1 Zvanične Patch Informacije i Hotfixevi, Blue Teme

Otvoren Drugi Blackrock Foundry Raid Finder
Blackrock Foundry drugi wing otvoren je za Raider Finder jačinu ove nedelje.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
It won’t be long before you’ll be able to take the assault against the Iron Horde to the next level in new Raid content. To help you plan your attack, we’ve broken down the unlock schedule for Blackrock Foundry and the third Draenor world boss – Rukhmar. Will you be ready?
Those who plan to jump into the action in the Raid Finder will need a minimum item level of 635. Here's the rundown:

February 24, 2015:
  • Raid Finder Wing 2: The Black Forge (Hans’gar and Franzok, Flamebender Ka’graz, and Kromog ) unlocks.

March 10, 2015:
  • Raid Finder Wing 3: Iron Assembly (Beastlord Darmac, Operator Thogar, and The Iron Maidens) unlocks.

March 24, 2015:
  • Raid Finder Wing 4: Blackhand’s Crucible (Blackhand) unlocks.

Patch 6.1 Zvanične Informacije
Blizzard je danas objavio zvanične PTR izmene.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
New Heirloom Collections Tab
  • The Collections system now supports Heirloom items.
  • Heirlooms can be upgraded to increase the maximum level that the item scales up to.
    • Heirlooms with no upgrades can scale up to level 60.
    • Heirlooms with 1 upgrade level can scale up to level 90.
    • Heirlooms with 2 upgrade levels can scale up to level 100.
    • Old heirlooms that have been upgraded to scale to level 85 are grandfathered in with 1 upgrade level.
  • New Heirlooms for the neck slot are now available and allows the character to cast a heal once a minute. This heal shares a cooldown with potions and Healthstones.
  • Alternate methods for obtaining Heirlooms and Heirloom upgrade tokens are also available.
    • Argent Tournament sells Heirloom upgrade tokens for Champion's Seals.
    • Some world events now sell Heirloom upgrade tokens for currency obtained through the event.
  • Collecting 35 heirloom items awards a special mount that's usable by level 1 characters.

Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts
  • New Garrison Visitors
    • One of five new visitors may visit each day offering a quest to anyone that visits players with a Tier 3 Garrison.
      • Defeat a dungeon boss: Awards a bag with a chance to contain a level 630, 645, or 655 item token.
      • Defeat a raid boss (weekly quest): Awards a bag with a chance to contain a level 645, or 655 item token.
      • Bounty (intended for 3 or more players): Defeat a named elite NPC for gold with a chance (once a day) to obtain Bloody Stack of Invitations.
      • Relic: Complete a series of quests for gold or Garrison Resources. Completing a relic quest unlocks it as a potential mission for your followers. Complete all 6 relic missions to unlock Harrison Jones as a follower!
      • Profession: Turn-in tradeskill reagents for Primal Spirits and work order tradeskill reagents.
  • Summon a Raid or World Boss
    • Players may find an item while completing a Garrison Invasion, Dungeon, or Raid daily quest from the Garrison visitor that that allows them to summon one of six new raid or world boss in the Garrison.
  • New Garrison Vendor
    • There’s a new vendor coming to your Garrison who allows you to spend Garrison Resources on Follower Trait Retraining Guides or Follower Ability Retraining Manuals.

  • Removed the requirement to have a character that's level 55 or higher to unlock the Death Knight as a playable class.

Pet Battle
  • Level 100 characters with a Tier-3 Garrison will now receive an item in the mail that increases a single Battle Pet's level to 25.

  • Ashran
    • Grand Marshal Tremblade and High Warlord Volrath no longer award Conquest Points when defeated.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • A new queuing system is in place to help improve matchmaking for Oceanic arena teams hosted on Australian game servers. This new system will wait for a predetermined amount of time to match an Oceanic arena team against another Oceanic team before looking for opponents from the broader North American player pool. There's an expectation that queue times may be a slightly longer as a result but the increase should not be significant.
  • Bonus Honor received from winning a Battleground should now correctly convert into XP for characters that are below level 100.
  • Eye of the Storm: Icon for the flag should no longer be incorrectly displaying in the center of the map even though it's been picked up by another player.

  • Cooking
    • New self-only cooking recipes have been added for food that gives 125 bonus to a stat.

  • Players now receive a banner notification after defeating a dungeon, raid, or world boss in Warlords of Draenor or Mists of Pandria.

Patch 6.1 Hotfixevi
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Lumbering Ancients Spawn Rate
Lumbering Ancients have always been rare and there was no change to the spawn rate. Having said that, there's a hotfix underway to make Lumbering Ancients multi-tap to help with this potential bottleneck.

The hotfix to make Lumbering Ancient should now be live. (Source)

Heirloom Vendor Crowding
The hotfix to add collision around the Heirloom NPCs should now be live. Additionally, a dismount aura has been applied to Estelle Gendry (Horde Heirloom Vendor) via hotfix. (Blue Tracker / Source)

Tiger Strikes Hotfix
We recently found a significant bug with Tiger Strikes for all Monks, and wanted to explain the incoming fixes that will resolve it.

The bug itself was twofold. First off, Tiger Strikes was incorrectly able to trigger from unsuccessful autoattacks (such as those that miss, or have been dodged or parried). However, it was NOT able to trigger from Multistrikes. We’ll be fixing Tiger Strikes to its intended behavior: it will no longer activate on unsuccessful autoattacks, but will be able to activate from successful Multistrikes.

Fixing those bugs will result in an overall damage gain for all Monks, so we’ll be making a couple other adjustments:

  • For Brewmasters, we’re going to reduce the damage done by Keg Smash by 20%. We felt that Brewmaster DPS was too strong already, and the Tiger Strikes fix only pushes them further.
  • Windwalkers and Mistweavers were a little weak, which is why we’re increasing Rising Sun Kick’s damage amplification debuff from 10% to 20% in 6.1. The Tiger Strikes fix will be a small damage increase on top of that, but we’re going to keep an eye on where Windwalkers and Mistweavers end up as a result of it before making any further adjustments if necessary.

These changes were not able to make it into the final 6.1 build, but will be hotfixed in shortly after 6.1 goes live.

Can we get an eta on the zen sphere detonate fix?
That's fixed in patch 6.1.

We did also find that Tiger Strikes was incorrectly using the lower dual-wield proc chance when Mistweavers were equipping one-handed items in conjunction with off-hand items. We’ll be fixing that to give the full 10% chance while in Crane Stance when these hotfixes go live.

We’ve also discovered that the tooltip for Tiger Strikes is incorrectly stating that the chance for it to activate is 6.25% while dual-wielding. The actual chance is 5% (and has been since Warlords of Draenor released). The tooltip will be updated in a future patch.

If you don't mind me asking, is there anything you're going to do to address the Roll Perk bug? It increases the speed you roll by 25%, but also unintentionally reduces the distance traveled by 25% as well.
That should also be fixed in this round of hotfixes. (Source)

Combat Rogue's PvP 4-piece Set Bonus
The hotfix for Combat Rogue's PvP 4-piece set bonus was implemented and will now provide the Cold Blood effect after using Vanish. Note that the tooltip will incorrectly display text for the old set bonus. This will be fixed in a future client-side patch.

Cold Blood - Combat Rogue PvP 4-piece set bonus
  • When you use Vanish, you gain 5 Combo Points and the critical strike chance of your next Sinister Strike, Eviscerate, Revealing Strike, or Ambush is increased by 100%.

Blue Teme
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Follower Work Order Bonus
Is your Follower assigned to the building for each work order as it's completed? We closed a loophole that would allow you to assign a Follower to a building right before collecting the work orders, and gain all the bonus even though they weren't assigned to the building the whole time. The intended functionality (and the one active in 6.1) is that the Follower needs to be assigned to the building as each work order completion ticks for their bonus to be applied. (Source)

Blackrock Foundry Missions
This is stupid, if you really need normal kills to get your mythic box.
You do not need to go back to a lower difficulty to be eligible for higher difficulty Raid Missions for followers.

Example: You don't need any Normal difficulty raid kills for your followers to qualify for Mythic Raid Missions.

Don't be stupid. We're told the way the system is supposed to work, and it's not working as advertised.
Source? The system is working correctly.

All information I've read up until today has been that you clear LFR enough you get normal. You clear normal enough you get heroic. You clear heroic enough you get mythic. You clear mythic enough you get mythic and some coin.
Without the source of what led the quoted poster to believe the system was working incorrectly I'm unable to investigate if the info they got was correct or not.

For the sake of further clarification, Highmaul progression is not required to unlock Blackrock Foundry Raid Missions. Progressing in Highmaul provides an alternate way to unlock Blackrock Foundry Raid Missions, but it's not required.

people with 30 BRF heroic kills, including blackhand, ARE NOT GETTING THE MYTHIC CACHE. how many heroic kills do we need. can some of these kills be in the same lockout.

I've not seen a SINGLE report of ANYONE getting the mythic cache who also didn't have 8 highmaul mythic kills.

Were the kills loot eligible? Killing the same boss multiple times in the same week does not count as a loot eligible kill. (Source)

Fur Trader: No other Traders Available Today?
Yes, and it's region-wide.

Of the new Garrison visitors who is at your Garrison is random, and what they offer is randomly selected each day, but that same selection applies to that NPC regardless of whose Garrison they're at for the day. So for example, you have the raid quest NPC, and it's for Brackenspore, and anyone else who has the raid NPC for the day also has that same quest. Tomorrow the raid NPC will have a new random quest, and anyone who has the raid NPC will all have the same quest.

The idea is that you're visiting your friends and guildies Garrisons to get access to each of the 5 types of NPC's each day, but that you're not needing to visit a hundred Garrisons to complete all of their potential quests. (Source)

Patch Note Changes
"A new vendor has been added allowing players to use Garrison Resource to purchase items to upgrade Followers"

They don't mean the guy that starts invasions, right?
He sells nothing that is a guaranteed upgrade for your follower whatsoever.

Maybe I'm missing something.

The note was updated to the following:

"There’s a new vendor coming to your Garrison who allows you to spend Garrison Resources on Follower Trait Retraining Guides or Follower Ability Retraining Manuals."

So, no. It wasn't a lie. Patch notes are an ongoing effort and we update them as quickly as possible when changes come in. This one was updated this morning to reflect the correct functionality.

Sorry for any confusion the note may have caused.

See, Blizzard never lies. They just tell you something then change the information when needed.
A lie would be with intent to deceive. There was no intent to deceive. I understand the frustration. As with any development cycle, things can change relatively fast and miscommunications can happen. We do our best to minimize those and when they do occur, we try to correct them right away. I also didn't try to deny that it had been different before. Yes, it was worded differently. Yes, the note had been incorrect. Yes, it's been since corrected. We'll keep working to make sure these errors don't happen in the future, but there's no guarantee they'll never happen again.

Proper etiquette when editing documents is to explain any revisions. Simply putting correction: or update: would have made all this a non-issue. Simply changing it smacks of deception and trying to fly under the radar. That's the problem I have, not that there was a mistake. Mistakes happen. Trying to hide them is another whole issue.
We document changes in the PTR notes this way as changes occur. These changes were made to the live notes which serve as a "new" document. It's a strange sort of beast in that, if we change things to show edits, it implies those edits came after publication vs. during which could confuse people who haven't been following along with the PTR notes. They just want to know how things work, not how they were documented before it went live. (If that makes sense.) There's no "hiding" anything, it's just a side effect of this sort of documentation and the anomalies that go with them. (Source)

Diablo III PTR Patch 2.2.0 Datamine Informacije

Patch 2.2 predstavljen je na Blizzcon 2014, zajedno sa blogom koji je objavljen pre par dana. Patch je sinoć postavljen na PTR File Serverima, medjutim serveri još nisu online, ali smo mi uspeli da pogledamo šta je to novo sve stiglo od izmena kao i novog sadržaja.
Novi i Ažurirani Set Bonusi!
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
  • Wrath of the Wastes 2 pieces: [Rend deals 400% increased damage.]
  • Wrath of the Wastes 4 pieces: [Rend lasts 400% longer.]
  • Wrath of the Wastes 6 pieces: [Whirlwind deals 400% increased damage to enemies affected by your Rend.]

  • Delsere's Magnum Opus 2 pieces: [Casting Arcane Orb, Energy Twister, Magic Missile or Shock Pulse reduces the cooldown of Slow Time by 1 |4second:seconds;.]
  • Delsere's Magnum Opus 4 pieces: [Enemies affected by your Slow Time take 1250% weapon damage every second.]
  • Delsere's Magnum Opus 6 pieces: [Enemies affected by your Slow Time take 500% more damage from your Arcane Orb, Energy Twister, Magic Missile and Shock Pulse abilities.]

  • Unhallowed Essence 2 pieces: [Your generators also generate 1 Discipline.]
  • Unhallowed Essence 4 pieces: [Gain 40% damage reduction for 4 seconds if no enemy is within 10 yards of you.]
  • Unhallowed Essence 6 pieces: [Your generators and Multishot deal 10% increased damage for every point of Discipline you have.]

  • Roland's Legacy 2 pieces: [Every use of Shield Bash and Sweep Attack reduces the cooldowns of your Laws and Defensive Skills by 1 second.]
  • Roland's Legacy 4 pieces: [Increase the damage of Shield Bash and Sweep Attack by 500%.]

  • Raiment of a Thousand Storms 2 pieces: [Your Spirit Generators have 25% increased attack speed and 500% increased damage.]
  • Raiment of a Thousand Storms 4 pieces: [Increases the weapon damage of Dashing Strike to 5000%.]
  • Raiment of a Thousand Storms 6 pieces: [Dashing Strike spends 50 Spirit, but refunds a Charge when it does.]

  • Guardian's Jeopardy 2 pieces: [+250 Vitality] [Regenerates 8000 Life per Second] UP FROM 2000

  • Zunimassa's Haunt 6 pieces: [Enemies hit by your Mana spenders take 100% more damage from your pets for 4 seconds.]

  • Inna's Mantra 6 pieces: [Mystic Ally casts Cyclone Strike, Exploding Palm, Lashing Tail Kick, Seven-Sided Strike, and Wave of Light when you do.]

  • Inna's Mantra 2 pieces: [Increase the passive effect of your Mystic Ally and the base passive effect of your Mantra by 100%.]

  • Tal Rasha's Elements 2 pieces: [Damaging enemies with Arcane, Cold, Fire or Lightning will cause a Meteor of the same damage type to fall from the sky. There is an 8 second cooldown for each damage type.]
  • Tal Rasha's Elements 4 pieces: [Attacks increase your resistance to that damage type by 100% for 6 seconds.]
  • Tal Rasha's Elements 6 pieces: [Attacks increase your damage by 75% for 3 seconds. Arcane, Cold, Fire, and Lightning attacks each add one stack. Adding a stack refreshes the duration.]

  • Immortal King's Call 2 pieces: [Call of the Ancients last until they die.]
  • Immortal King's Call 4 pieces: [Call of the Ancients' melee attacks also deal 600% weapon damage in a 15 yard radius.]
  • Immortal King's Call 6 pieces: [Increase the duration of your Wrath of the Berserker by [0.5|1|] |4second:seconds; every time an Ancient deals damage.]

  • Natalya's Vengeance 4 pieces: [The cooldown of Rain of Vengeance is reduced by 2 seconds every time you cast a primary skill and by 3 seconds every time you cast a Hatred spender.]
  • Natalya's Vengeance 6 pieces: [Rain of Vengeance deals 800% increased damage.]
Novi Legendary Itemi i mogući Set Bonus Stringovi
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft



  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_025 - Enemies hit by your Furious Charge take [VALUE]% weapon damage over 3 seconds.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_026 - The first enemy hit by Furious Charge takes [VALUE]% additional damage.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_027 - Increase the duration of your Wrath of the Berserker by [VALUE] seconds every time an Ancient deals damage.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_032 - Wrath of the Berserker gains the effect of every rune.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_043 - Ground Stomp causes an Avalanche.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_048 - Call of the Ancients' melee attacks also deal [VALUE% weapon damage in a 15 yard radius.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_004 - Increase the damage of Whirlwind by [VALUE]% weapon damage.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_001 - Rend lasts [VALUE]% longer.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_002 - Rend deals [VALUE]% increased damage.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_003 - Whirlwind deals [VALUE]% increased damage to enemies affected by your Rend.


  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_028 - Attacks increase your damage by [VALUE]% for 3 seconds. Arcane, Cold, Fire, and Lightning attacks each add one stack. Adding a stack refreshes the duration.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_914_x1 - [VALUE]% chance on being hit to release a Frost Nova.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_037 - Increase the damage of Meteor by 100%. When your Meteor hits 3 or less enemies, the damage is increased by [VALUE]%.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_013 - Casting Arcane Orb, Energy Twister, Magic Missile or Shock Pulse reduces the cooldown of Slow Time by [VALUE] seconds.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_015 - Slow Time gains the effect of every rune.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_012 - Enemies affected by your Slow Time take [VALUE]% more damage from your Arcane Orb, Energy Twister, Magic Missile and Shock Pulse abilities.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_010 - Enemies affected by your Slow Time take [VALUE]% weapon damage every second.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_050 - Your Fire Signature Spells cause up to 3 enemies to explode, dealing [VALUE]% weapon damage as Fire to enemies within 10 yards.


  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_029 - Mystic Ally casts Cyclone Strike, Exploding Palm, Lashing Tail Kick, Seven-Sided Strike, and Wave of Light when you do.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_033 - Increases the weapon damage of Dashing Strike to [VALUE]%.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_915_x1 - Seven-Sided Strike performs an additional seven strikes.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_034 - Your Spirit Generators reduce your damage taken by [VALUE]% for 3 seconds.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_049 - Increase the passive effect of your Mystic Ally and the base passive effect of your Mantra by [{VALUE1}*100]%.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_022 - Your Spirit Generators have 25% increased attack speed and [VALUE]% increased damage.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_541_x1 - Your Spirit Generators generate [VALUE]% more Spirit.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_021 - Dashing Strike spends [VALUE] Spirit, but refunds a Charge when it does.

Witch Doctor

  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_030 - Enemies hit by your Mana spenders take [VALUE]% more damage from your pets for 4 seconds.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_035 - Summon a Fetish Sycophant when you hit with a Mana spender.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_041 - Gargantuan instead summons three smaller gargantuans each more powerful than before.


  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_039 - Increase the damage of Shield Bash and Sweep Attack by [VALUE]%.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_040 - Every use of Shield Bash and Sweep Attack reduces the cooldowns of your Laws and Defensive Skills by 1 second.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_042 - When your Shield Bash hits 3 or less enemies, its damage is increased by [VALUE]% and 50% of its Wrath Cost is refunded.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_045 - Justice spawns a Blessed Hammer when it hits an enemy.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_046 - Slash attacks in all directions.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_047 - Blocks release forward a Fires of Heaven.

Demon Hunter

  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_031 - Rain of Vengeance deals [VALUE]% increased damage.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_005 - Your generators and Multishot deal [VALUE]% increased damage for every point of Discipline you have.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_007 - Your generators also generate [VALUE] Discipline.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_017 - Multishot hits enemies below [VALUE]% health twice.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_020 - Gain [VALUE]% damage reduction for 4 seconds if no enemy is within 10 yards of you.


  • ItemPassive_Unique_916_x1 - Chance on kill to raise a skeleton to fight for you. Upon accumulating 5 skeletons, they explode for 300% weapon damage and the sword transforms into Ashbringer for a short time. Attacking with Ashbringer burns your target for [VALUE]% weapon damage as Holy.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_036 - Attacks increase your resistance to that damage type by [VALUE]% for 6 seconds.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_917_x1 - Grants a [VALUE]% chance to block attacks. Blocked attacks inflict 20% less damage. After blocking an attack, your next attack inflicts 20% additional damage.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_918_x1 - Attacking enemies below [VALUE]% Life freezes them for 3 seconds.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_919_x1 - Your skill cooldowns are reduced by [VALUE] seconds.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_920_x1 - Reduce the remaining cooldown of one of your skills by [VALUE] seconds each time you spend resource.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_921_x1 - Summons a Fallen Lunatic to your side every [VALUE] seconds.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_922_x1 - Chance to create an area of focused power on killing a monster. Damage is increased by [VALUE]% while standing in the area.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_923_x1 - After 5 consecutive non-critical hits, your chance to critically hit is increased to 100% for [VALUE] seconds.
  • P2_ItemPassive_Unique_038 - Gain [VALUE] increased damage to a single element for 5 seconds. This effect rotates through the elements available to your class in the following order: Arcane, Cold, Fire, Holy, Lightning, Physical, Poison.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Axe_1H_005_p2 - [VALUE]% chance to Smite enemies for 1500-1800% weapon damage as Lightning when you hit them.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Belt_016_p2 - Picking up a Health Globe increases your maximum Life by [VALUE]% for 30 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_643_p2 - Blocks have a chance of summoning a charging wolf that deals [VALUE]% weapon damage to all enemies it passes through.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_597_p2 - After falling below [VALUE]% Life, all attacks are guaranteed Critical Hits for 4 seconds.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Gem_018U_x1 - Enemies you attack also take increased damage from allied players, followers, and pets.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Gem_019_x1 - Gain [VALUE]% melee damage reduction.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Gem_019U_x1 - While below [VALUE]% Life, you may move unhindered through enemies.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Gem_020_x1 - Your overhealing from Life per Hit and Life per Second are applied as an absorb shield for up to [VALUE]% of your maximum Life.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Gem_021_x1 - Your cold skills now apply chill effects and your chill effects now slow enemy movement by an additional [VALUE]%.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Gem_021U_x1 - Gain [VALUE]% increased chance to critically strike chilled and frozen enemies.
  • P2_Legendary_Potion_07 - Restores [VALUE]% resource when used below 50% health. (up from 25% - change to Potion of Rejuvenation)

Patch 2.2.0 Dolazi na PTR!

Patch je dostupan na PTRu, medjutim serveri još nisu online. Najbitnija izmena je što su Patch 2.2.0 migrirani na novi file system CASC koji već koristimo na World of Warcraftu i Heroes of the Storm!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
We are preparing to launch patch 2.2.0 on the PTR. You may notice that the PTR is currently available for download in the launcher.
At this time, the PTR is not yet live, and you will receive an error if you attempt to log in.

Patch 2.2.0 includes migration to a new file system called CASC (which you can read more about here). As a result, the installation may take longer than you've previously experienced. We're also running additional internal tests before opening up the PTR to the public. Once the the PTR servers are available for testing, we'll update this thread accordingly and post patch notes. Keep an eye on our front page for more information.
We're excited to share our latest patch and thank you for your patience as we make our final preparations.

Mythic Blackhand World First - Method

Mythic Blackhand encounter savladan je od strane Method-a. Sve čestitke guildu na killu!

Prvi Pogled na Diablo Patch 2.2.0

Blizzard je objavio blog gde nam govori o Diablo Patchu 2.2.0!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Patch 2.2.0 is currently in development and coming soon to a Public Test Region near you! Here's a first look at some of the new content and changes you can expect to see and, of course, test to your heart's delight once the PTR is live. 

Legendary Updates:

New and Improved Sets:
One of our main goals this patch is to introduce more sets that could compete with the most powerful ones currently in the game. To that end, we're debuting three new 6 piece sets in patch 2.2.0—Unhallowed Essence, Wrath of the Wastes, and Delsere's Magnum Opus. You'll be able to take these items for a spin on the PTR (in Wrath of the Wastes' case, literally)!
Patch220Preview-DH_D3_LBThumb_JP.jpg   Patch220Preview-Barb_D3_LBThumb_JP.jpg   Patch220Preview-Wiz_D3_LBThumb_JP.jpg

In addition, we're redesigning—and, in some cases, adding—bonuses to existing Sets like Zunimassa's Haunt, Raiment of a Thousand Storms, Roland's Legacy, Tal Rasha's Elements, Inna's Mantra, Natalya's Vengeance, and Immortal King's Call. This means a grand total of ten new or revamped play styles to try out!
New Legendary Item Powers:
Sets aren't the only new items you’ll see in patch 2.2.0. We're also adding over 15 new Legendary powers in the form of Legendary gems, armor, rings, and more, as well as updates to existing items.
Among these new Legendary powers include the one you, our community, helped create during theBlizzCon Legendary Workshop! We're still finalizing the details on this item (includings its name), and we'll be interested to know what you think once you've had the change to test it out on the PTR.

Adventure Mode Updates:

New Rift Layouts:
If you've been playing lots of Nephalem or Greater Rifts, you may feel like you've seen them all. Starting in the patch 2.2.0, however, you'll begin seeing some new Rift tilesets based on the Fields of Misery and Festering Woods from Act I, Stinging Winds from Act II, and Fields of Slaughter from Act III. Their map layouts are randomized as well, so they’ll look different each time you explore them. Below, you can see two of these new layouts; the first image is a randomization of the Stinging Winds, and the second is based on the Festering Woods.


New Bounties:

If you're a fan of Adventure Mode, you'll be happy to hear that you'll soon have over 20 new bounties to discover in Acts II, IV, and V. We're also introducing a brand new type of bounty to the game: Exploration. As the name implies, these new bounties involve exploring an area and finding people who need to be rescued (if they're good guys) or slain (if they're not). You'll see 14 bounties of this type across all Acts in the game.

Class Updates:

New Goblins to Chase:
For those who never tire of hunting Treasure Goblins, we're introducing three brand new ones to slake your thirst for gobbie slaying. The Gelatinous Sire splits into smaller goblins, the Gilded Baron helps satisfy your never-ending greed for gold, and the Insufferable Miscreant has friends to help him run interference. Be on the lookout, and good luck chasing after them!
Patch220Preview-SplitterGob_D3_LBThumb_JP.jpg   Patch220Preview-GoldGob_D3_LBThumb_JP.jpg   Patch220Preview-ArmoredGob_D3_LBThumb_JP.jpg

New Cosmetics Window:
Want to take your Spectral Hound for a romp around Sanctuary without worrying about taking up valuable inventory space? Well, now you can! Starting in patch 2.2.0, any cosmetic items you own can be easily selected from a new interface, so all your visual goodies will be a click away. This includes items whose effect is only for looks and which don't directly affect gameplay, like wings, pets, portrait frames, and pennants.
New File System: CASC

For many years, Blizzard games have used a file format called Mo'PaQ (MPQ for short) as a way to compress and store game files, but it has had a number of technical limitations. To address these, we're switching Diablo III over to our proprietary file format called CASC (Content Addressable Storage Container) in patch 2.2.0.

This new file format has lots of improvements that directly benefit players, including a self-maintaining file structure (which helps prevent errors during installation), a faster and more reliable patching process, the ability to hotfix game client data, and a whole lot more!

The first step in transitioning Diablo III players will be converting existing installs to the new file format when patch 2.2.0 goes live, while using as much of the existing installed data as possible to reduce additional downloads.

Note: This change only applies to the Windows/Mac version of Diablo III and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, and will not affect the console versions of the game.

While these are a few of the more noticable adjustments we're making, patch 2.2.0  will also include several additional fixes, quality of life enhancements, and other changes not listed above. We're eager to hear your thoughts and feedback as you try out the patch, and look forward to reading your comments below and in the forums.

See you on the PTR, nephalem!

Treći Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta Key Giveaway


U saradnji sa Blizzardom, napravili smo preko našeg sajta treći Heroes of the Storm Beta Key Giveaway, gde ćemo podeliti 50 ključeva. 

Kako bi učestvovali u nagradnoj igri, moraćete da odgovorite na forumu!

Giveaway počinje od 19 Februara 2015 i traje do 25 Februara 2015!
Kako bi učestvovali u ovom beta key giveaway moraćete proći par zahteva (preko foruma), a to su:

1. Da odgovorite na pitanje koje smo postavili na ovom topicu.
2. Možete samo jednom da odgovorite na ovu temu kako bi učestvovali u nagradnoj igri  (Znači samo jedan odgovor dozvoljen je na ovu temu, dodatni će biti obrisan). Ukoliko pronadjemo korisnika koji se registrovao više puta, isti će biti banovan sa foruma, a postovi obrisani.
3. Učesnici u nagradnoj igri ne treba da javno objave svoje Blizzard podatke. Iste ćete morati da nam pošaljete ukoliko budete izvučeni, kada budemo postavili listu dobitnika, i u odredjenom roku od dva dana moraćete da nam pošaljete Vaše Ime i account na PM, kako bi vam poslali ključ za Heroes of the Storm.
4. Kako bi učestvovali u nagradnoj igri morate da odgovore na tri pitanja:
  • Da li ste igrali slične igre kao Heroes of the Storm? (Ostavite naziv igre)
  • Koje Blizzardove igre već posedujete?
  • Da li bi ste kupovali heroje / skinove u igrici pravim novcem ili samo goldom.

Na ova pitanja morate da odgovorite, ali neće uticati na izbor dobitnika. Ista služe kako bi poslali povratne informacije pobednika Blizzardu.

  • Samo EU Nalozi mogu da učestvuju u nagradnoj igri. Ukoliko učesnik nema isti, neće biti u mogućnosti da dobije key.
  • Beta ključevi ne mogu da se transferuju izmedju accounta / regiona, ili drugih ljudi, oni su Vaši, i nisu predvidjeni za transfer drugim osobama.

Informacije o izvlačenju dobitnika:

  • Sa svim validnim postovima u ovom topic, napravićemo listu učesnika 26 Februara 2015. Lista će biti objavljena ovde.
  • Korišćenjem sajta i selection metode, napravićemo listu 110 učesnika, prema rasporedu koji bude napravio.
  • Izmedju 26-27 Februara objavićemo listu prvih 50 dobitnika, i ukoliko neko od korisnika nam ne pošalje podatke u roku od dva dan, jednostavno ćemo istog izbaciti i dati sledećem ispod crte.
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