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Mythic Hellfire Citadel Progres
Method je i dalje prvi sa 12/13 Mythic Killova u Hellfire Citadel Raid istanci. Ostao je još samo Archimonde i za njih trka za World First završena!


Patch 6.2 Hotfixevi - 7 Jul
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)
  • Pandaren Crew now increases success chance on naval missions that last more than 18 hours (was >1 day) and the degree of this success increase is now greater than a Human Crew or Undead Crew.
Naval Missions

Raids and Dungeons
Hellfire Citadel
Hellfire Assault
  • Adjusted scaling to reduce the amount of health by roughly 10% on some Hellfire Reinforcements and some Felfire-Imbued Siege Vehicles for a 10-player raid on Heroic difficulty. Health should remain the same as before for raids with 30 players.
    • Hellfire Reinforcements: Contracted Engineer, Gorebound Felcasters, Iron Dragoon, Hulking Berserker
    • Felfire-Imbued Siege Vehicles: Felfire Artillery, Felfire Crusher, Felfire Demolisher, Felfire Flamebelcher
  • Mannoroth should now have a chance to target Hunters with Shadowforce.
  • Mannoroth should no longer use Shadowforce on players already affected by Mark of Doom.
  • Doomfire now persists for 120 seconds (up from 90).

  • Fixed an issue where players that have died during an event may sometimes not receive quest credit after their faction wins the event.


  • Ironsides: Alliance characters should now be able to obtain credit for upgrading a transport to Epic quality and complete the achievement.

Armor Sets


  • Cascade now deals 20% less damage in PvP combat.

Armor Sets

PvP Gear and Champion's Strongbox
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)
All that being said, we agree that it’s not ideal for the only methods of earning that gear to be Ashran or Rated BGs. I can’t make any promises, but we’re exploring some options to make it available through other forms of PvP. Just keep in mind that we do want there to be some extra incentive to participate in RBGs and Ashran.
To follow up on this, we're planning to allow the Champion's Strongbox to be purchased from Conquest vendors for 1500 Conquest Points once a player has earned the Wild Conquest (27k) achievement. It will be added to the vendors in an upcoming hotfix.

Even with Strongboxes being purchasable, it still includes RNG which is what people are opposed to. Are you even listening to us??
Believe me, I completely understand how frustrating it is to get the "wrong" item. I've gotten two pairs of Vers/Mastery pants from Ashran. Would I have liked to get something else this week? Absolutely. But I also know that, especially this early on, being 1 item behind (at worst) someone else isn't going to have much of an effect on my standings at the end of the season.

Ultimately, we'd love to find a system that brings all the benefits of RNG gearing (which I talked about earlier in the thread) but doesn't have the frustration of duplicate items or the fear of never getting your best pieces. Buying pieces directly for Conquest points is not that system. We'll continue to look into other options, though.

Blue Tweetovi
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
hey, i am getting only two stacks of Elusive Brew with my 2hand weapon on my brewmaster. Is it an intended changed ?
Nothing changed here. You likely switched to a fast 2H weapon. You only get guaranteed 3 stacks with a 3.6-speed weapon. (WarcraftDevs)

Is it intentional that Mind Flay doesnt proc Prophecy Of Fear AOE but Arcane Missles does?
Yes because Mind Flay is a damage-over-time ability. (WarcraftDevs)

Character / Items
The change to Fragment of Dark Star is additive or multiplicative? (25% or 41%) final effect.
Multiplicative. It’d be 25% at Heroic ilvl. (WarcraftDevs)

- Hunter's Seeking Crystal goes on cooldown even if it fails to teleport you to a rare, intended or oversight?
This is intended. (WarcraftDevs)

w/ caches now not giving "next difficulty" gear after X kills, wont they become obsolete as we gear up through the tier?
Better for raiding to make mission rewards obsolete, than for missions to make raiding rewards obsolete. (WarcraftDevs)

Will the Throbbing Blood Orb be a toy too when the mini-patch that turns the Cursed Feather of Ikzan into one?
Yes. (WarcraftDevs)

What is the reason behind the 50% nerf of Discordant Chorus' proc? It's already weaker than Empty Drinking Horn.
You might be comparing them to unfavorable situations, such as on a single-target. Fel Cleave was quite powerful. (WarcraftDevs)

How does Supreme Lord Kazzak ilvl loot work? Is it based on your progression in HFC or just a tooltip error in journal?
This is a dungeon journal bug and will be corrected in a future patch. (WarcraftDevs)

any plans to fix ashram queue spending half my day in a queue isn't fun
The queue is a big problem. We acknowledge that. Fixing it is difficult. We are working on options. (holinka)

Will the class trinkets from HfC work in PvP?
They do not work in rated PvP. (WarcraftDevs)

What are voidwalkers? Are they void-corrupted spirits like voidwraiths?
Not defined, atm. Maybe someday we will visit the cool-ass void dimension (Muffinus)

Reputation / Questing
Why do we have to do one apexis daily, to come back & pick up 2 more? Why not offer them in one go? Clarification?
The initial quest gives the most reputation; the follow-ups are there for those who want to invest more time. (WarcraftDevs)

What happened to the Garrison Mage Tower in 6.2? The Amperial Construct have gone all buggy and doesn't work 100% of the time
(1) There was a bug where players would fall through the world, so some pathing logic was added. (WarcraftDevs)
(2) This isn’t an ideal solution, so Amperial Construct will teleport you instantly in a small future patch. (WarcraftDevs)

Fading Glory: On the Trail of Jack Morrison

Olympia Shaw objavila je danas na Overwatch blogu, temu koja nam govori o Jack Morrisonu. Morrison je bio heroj, prvi zvanični komandir Overwatcha. On je poginuo tokom bitke u okviru švajcarskog Overwatch objekta. Niko nije uspeo da pronadje njegovo telo, pa se sumnja da je Soldier: 76 koga smo videli prošle nedelje Jack Morrison.

Važne informacije:

  • Overwatch je rasformiran zbog korupcije.
  • Jack Morrison i Gabriel Reyes su bili dobri prijatelji.
  • Rukovodstvo Overwatcha palo je na Reyesa, medjutim Morrison je imao veći uticaj na terenu.
  • Morrison je eventuralno bio unapredjen u Strike Komandira, što Reyes nije voleo.
  • Šest godina posle, Morrison i Reyes suočili su se u švajcarskom Overwatch objektu, gde je došlo do velike eksplozije i gde su oboje izgubili život.
  • Telo Morrisona nikada nije pronadjeno.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
I remember the day Jack Morrison died. It was the day the world lost a hero.

Like other members of the so-called "Overwatch Generation," I spent my childhood looking up to Morrison. He taught me that heroes were real. He made me believe that even I could be one. When he died under mysterious circumstances six years ago, I felt as if a part of my childhood died with him.

The details about his death have always remained few and far between, a strange fact, given that he was such a public figure. Maybe that's why after all this time, I find myself looking back at Morrison's life and asking the big question: what really happened to the man who defined my generation?


Traveling through rural Indiana, I find it easy to forget that a monumental figure like Jack Morrison came from such a tranquil, time-lost place. A sea of green and gold cornstalks stretches from horizon to horizon. There is no wind, no sound save the buzz of a few lonely insects. On the rare occasions when I cross paths with other living souls, they describe young Morrison in different ways. He was a rambunctious youth. A humble, salt-of-the-earth farmer's son. But these people all agree on one thing: Morrison was never destined to live out his days in the land of rolling plains and deep blue skies.

At eighteen, Morrison packed his bags and joined the military. He had planned to serve a brief stint in the armed forces and then return home to the family farm, but his work ethic and courage caught the eye of the military brass. Before long, he earned a coveted position in the government's controversial and still-classified (but widely acknowledged) "soldier enhancement program." Military scientists shaped Morrison and other inductees into the perfect soldiers, blessed with superhuman speed, strength, and agility.

Morrison and his fellow augmented soldiers would soon put their abilities to use with the advent of the Omnic Crisis. Across the globe, the omniums went rogue and churned out legions of militarized robots. The world reeled at the appearance of this new enemy. The omniums and their robot populations had originally been built to bolster manufacturing and create economic equality worldwide. Now, these marvels of modern science sought to overthrow the human race, posing one of the greatest threats to the survival of our species since the Cold War of the 20thcentury.


As governments tried and failed to neutralize the machines, the United Nations was busy forming an international task force called Overwatch. This small, experimental group would bring together the best and brightest from around the world to wage asymmetrical warfare against the robots. Overwatch's short list of prospective agents included two members of the soldier enhancement program: Morrison and Gabriel Reyes, a senior officer. Reyes, a hardened and highly respected veteran, grew up about as far from rustic Indiana as you could get—the sprawling urban melting pot of Los Angeles. Despite their differences, the two soldiers became friends. Their decision to join Overwatch together would change the world, for good and for bad.

Leadership of Overwatch fell to Reyes, but Morrison would have a greater impact on the group in the long term. He brought out the best in the people around him and helped mold Overwatch's diverse (and sometimes conflicting) agents into a cohesive fighting force. In unity, they found the strength to defeat the robots and end the Omnic Crisis.


"Even I had my doubts about whether Overwatch would succeed," UN Under-Secretary-General Gabrielle Adawe, one of Overwatch's key architects, said shortly after the end of the Omnic Crisis. "But Morrison never gave up hope. He didn't just meet our expectations for what Overwatch and its agents could achieve; he shattered them."

The UN rewarded Morrison for his contributions by making him Overwatch's first official commander. Reyes was passed over in the process, and it created a rift between the two men that would lead to tragic consequences.

After the Omnic Crisis, Overwatch experienced a meteoric rise in prominence. New funding and resources gave the now-public organization far-reaching global influence. The world celebrated Overwatch's agents as heroes, but none more so than Morrison. He became the face of Overwatch, a symbol of hope and promise, from the cobblestone streets of King's Row to the sweltering night markets of Bangkok.

Strike Commander Morrison envisioned a bright new future for humanity. Under his leadership, Overwatch served as a global peacekeeping force and an engine for innovation, making advances in scientific fields as varied as space exploration and medical research. But even as Overwatch grew in power, Morrison stayed dedicated to the people around him. He trained new agents, instilling in them Overwatch's noble goals and ideals. At Morrison's memorial service, Reinhardt Wilhelm, one of the group's original members, said, "He devoted everything he was to Overwatch. He was our moral compass. Our inspiration. Our friend."


Morrison and his peers ushered in an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity, but it was not to last. Two decades after Overwatch ended the Omnic Crisis and saved humanity, it was brought to its knees by a series of shocking allegations: negligence resulting in high-profile mission failures; corruption and mismanagement; weapons proliferation; human rights abuses; and more.

A special UN committee launched a lengthy and highly secretive investigation into the claims. This inquiry would lead to the dismantling of Overwatch, and its once-beloved agents would become objects of derision and suspicion in the media. But before all of that could happen, another tragedy would rock Overwatch and serve as the troubled organization's death rattle.

As the UN investigation proceeded, Overwatch's Swiss headquarters was destroyed in an apparent accident. Among the casualties were Morrison and Reyes. The UN has steadfastly maintained that there was no foul play behind this event. However, an anonymous source has given me access to classified UN debriefings and other data that paint a different picture of Overwatch's final days.


These records indicate that a rebellion tore the group apart from within. On one side was Morrison, determined to hold together what remained of Overwatch. On the other side was Reyes, whose agenda remains unknown to this day. A battle raged between these men deep within Overwatch's base. At some point, their fighting triggered an explosion that destroyed the facility and sent the dreams of an entire generation up in flames.

According to Overwatch's former agents, this outcome was inevitable. "After Morrison's promotion to strike commander, his relationship with Reyes changed," Dr. Angela Ziegler, medical director of Overwatch, stated during a UN committee hearing. "The tension became more pronounced as time went on. I tried to mend things. We all did. Sometimes when the closest bonds break, all you can do is pray you stay out of the cross fire."

The UN data goes on to disclose something even more disturbing: Morrison's body was never recovered.

This revelation could explain a recent string of high-profile robberies and attacks that have dominated the news. A masked vigilante whom authorities have named "Soldier: 76" is considered the prime suspect in these incidents. In addition to bombing corporate offices and financial institutions in the United States, this individual has breached a number of former Overwatch bases. Soldier: 76 has stolen valuable technologies from these sites, including experimental weaponry, causing untold damages in the process.


I've heard my share of theories that Soldier: 76 is Jack Morrison—theories I once would have discounted as fiction. But based on everything I've seen, I now believe these claims are true.

UN officials have declined to comment on Soldier: 76's identity. However, security personnel who were present at the former Overwatch base break-ins described the attacker as someone well versed in covert ops tactics. Surveillance footage of Soldier: 76 shows him performing superhuman feats of strength and endurance. At my request, noted forensic expert Amir Nejad, PhD, analyzed this footage. He determined that Soldier: 76 is precisely the same height and build that Morrison was in his last public appearance.

If Soldier: 76 is indeed Morrison, what is he doing, and why?

The veracity of the allegations leveled against Overwatch years ago remains a point of contention. Some historians and political pundits have questioned the motivations of those who first made the corruption charges against the group. Is Soldier: 76 on a mission to avenge the fall of Overwatch and restore its name? Is he trying to uncover a vast conspiracy that discredited and destroyed Overwatch? Or is he simply a bitter old soldier, clinging to lost glory and fighting a phantom war that he believes is still raging?

Even I, a child of the Overwatch Generation, know that the more altruistic of these scenarios are the stuff of fantasy. Soldier: 76's reckless activities, his willingness to put the lives of innocents at risk, prove that he is not driven by noble intentions. He is just a man acting in his own interests, another villain in league with the despots and international crime lords who terrorize our communities on a daily basis.

Standing before Jack Morrison's grave in Arlington National Cemetery, I'm reminded of rural Indiana's quiet serenity. Like the sea of cornstalks, neat rows of ivory tombstones seem to go on forever in all directions.

In this place of reflection and bittersweet remembrance, I realize all the more that Soldier: 76 is not the Jack Morrison I knew from my childhood. The Morrison I knew wouldn't hide behind a mask. He wouldn't plant bombs and steal weapons while the world suffered through another year of war and heartache.

That Morrison was buried here six years ago. All that's left is the shadow of the hero we once knew.

Mythic Gorefiend Kill Video, Blue Tweetovi

Mythic Gorefiend Kill Video
Method je objavio svoj Mythic Gorefiend Kill video.

Blue Tweetovi
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
I bought the Corrupted Dreadwing mount today. It runs WAY faster than the Dread Raven. Is this intentional. Will it be fixed?
Thanks for the report! We'll look to get this addressed in a future patch. (WarcraftDevs)

Character / Items
Is it intended that some specs (e.g. beastmastery) spawns 2 images with the Mirror of the Blademaster trinket instead of four?
Yes. The mirror images inherit much of the power of your player, so BM gets fewer copies. (WarcraftDevs)

Do mythic dungeons guarantee personal loot off the last boss like heroic dungeons?
No, and neither do Heroic dungeons as of 6.2; the guaranteed drop was causing Personal to be out of line with Group loot. (WarcraftDevs)

I'm still waiting for a valid answer to why a player is doing it wrong by not building a salvage yard @WatcherDev
Because in a tier of options that generally offer economic power, it offered so much more economic power than all the rest. (WatcherDev)

Darkmoon Faire
Can you please explain the changes made to the Darkmoon Faire Adventurer's Guide?
(1 )The items that used to drop from specific bosses (e.g. Soothsayer’s Runes) can now drop from any appropriate-level... (WarcraftDevs)
(2) ...dungeon or raid boss and some higher-level trash. (WarcraftDevs)

Dev Interviews
the expression: "You are doing it wrong" to me doesn't fit and gives a bad impression, at least to me.
It's an expression I intend somewhat humorously when there seems to be a "right" answer to one of our choices, but noted. (WatcherDev)

Dev Intervju - Hellfire Citadel je Finalni Planiran Raid u Warlords of Draenor

MamyTwink imao je prilike da uradi odličan intervju sa Cory Stockton (@mumper). Mi smo izvukli najbitnije detalje iz teksta, medjutim preporučujemo svima da pogledaju kompletan video zapis. Zvanično Hellfire Citadel je finalna raid istanca u Warlords of Draenor.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Expansions and Raids
  • Hellfire Citadel is currently planned to be the last raid of the expansion.
  • It wraps up things and it is hard to beat Archimonde as a final boss.
  • Players saw Tanaan Jungle at the start of the expansion and are wrapping back around to it now.
  • Anything can happen between now and whatever the team does next, but Hellfire Citadel is the pinnacle of where players are getting to.
  • There isn't anything to announce about future patches, but part of that comes down to how Patch 6.2 plays out. How far players progress in Hellfire Citadel and Tanaan Jungle will give the team an idea of how long the content will last.
  • Some expansions had four big patches, some had three, Warlords had two big patches with Patch 6.1 and 6.2. As the team gets closer to hitting the goal of a small gap between expansions there will be less large patches in each expansion.
  • The team isn't happy with players having to wait a year for new content.
  • Long waits aren't something they ever want to do, but the team was working on the new expansion and they weren't going to release it until it is at the right quality level. That isn't an excuse for the long wait, but it is better to wait two more months to have a great expansion rather than releasing it earlier and ending up with many issues.
  • Farahlon was a cool idea, but it didn't really fit into the story being told.
  • Tol Barad didn't make it in the game until Cataclysm, but the team was talking about adding it during Wrath of the Lich King. It just didn't fit the story until then.

  • The Mage Tower has felt underpowered for a long time. The power it offers in terms of completing naval missions may not be exactly where they want it yet.
  • Similar to Battle Pets, followers don't need more levels. Followers are content themselves, so more content is added by adding more followers and missions rather than requiring more upgrades.
  • Overall, the team is happy with garrisons. There are things that they would have done differently though.
  • Moving forward they will look at the parts of the garrison system that worked well to see how they can offer new gameplay that is exciting.
  • Building a building, assigning a follower to the building, and sending followers on missions felt new and fresh, but in the end players figured out how to optimize it.
  • The team wants to continue to engage players in new ways, so not every part of garrisons will move forward, but the things that players really liked might.

Legendary Items
  • The team is currently making legendary items that everyone has access to, but that doesn't mean they will never go back to the old model for specific classes. They are just trying something different for now.
  • The concept right now is to have an item that is updated with every patch and then reward something really good at the end of the expansion. Earning it requires playing through all of the content in an expansion.
  • Earning the legendary item right now feels good, but it doesn't have the same feeling as the old legendary items.
  • The journey of earning the legendary item is on each character, so making the item account bound rather than character bound is unlikely.
  • Raids are not tuned around everyone having the legendary ring. The team can estimate how many people will have the ring on average when the raid comes out and then tune the raid around that. If the tuning is off, it can be hotfixed right away.

  • The WoW Token has worked out well. It lets players with extra gold safely buy game time for gold and players with extra money but no time safely purchase gold from other players.
  • Mythic dungeons need a little bit of tuning, but overall the tuning is sufficiently challenging.
  • Completing 5 Timewalking Dungeons could give players a Normal difficulty cache in the future in addition to the extra Bonus Roll.
  • The team would love to do more things with Gul'dan in the future.

Diablo III 2.3.0 PTR - Kanai's Cube u Akciji

MeatHeadMikhail napravio je video gde prikazuje Kanai's Cube - kako da ga dobijete, njegov interfejs, i razne recepte koji su dostupni na trenutnom Public Test Serveru. Imajte u vidu pošto se radi o test verziji Diabla patcha, da je sve podložno izmenama u live verziji igre.

Heroes - 2 Jul Hotfixevi, Developer Intervju, Facebook Portret

Heroes - 2 Jul Hotfixevi

Sinoć je postavljen hotfix na Heroes of the Storm serverima, a od igrača zahtevaće se da skinu mali client patch zbog novih izmena koje su hitno morale biti ubačene u igri. Blizzard je objavio listu ispravki koje su došle uz ovaj mali patch, koje možete pročitati u nastavku.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

We’ve just deployed a hotfix patch in order to resolve a few issues that cropped up after releasing our latest Heroes of the Storm patch. Please find today’s complete hotfix notes below.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue on Battlefield of Eternity that could cause an attacking Immortal to unintentionally cancel its Cleave Ability.

Heroes and Talents

  • Resolved an additional issue that could cause Heroes affected by Diablo’s Overpower to fly outside the Battleground’s playable area.
  • Fixed a visual issue that could occur if Diablo became stunned while using Overpower.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause Muradin to become unresponsive after coming under the effects of Zeratul's Void Prison.
  • Murky can no longer move or cast Abilities throughout Octo-grab’s duration.

User Interface

  • Damage dealt to Warriors by neutral Mercenary Camps will no longer be tracked under the Role column on the in-game Score Screen (TAB).

Update -- 10:45 a.m. PDT:
The hotfix has been deployed for the Americas region and patch notes can be found here. If you play in a region other than the Americas, don't worry. We'll be rolling out the hotfix to the rest of the world throughout the day.
Hello everyone!
We're planning to deploy a hotfix update today, July 2, in order to resolve a few bugs discovered after the release of our latest Heroes patch. We're currently targeting 10:00 a.m. PDT to release the hotfix for the Americas region of Battle.net, and will continue to roll out the update for all other regions throughout the rest of the day.
Once the hotfix has been released, the game UI will notify you that a new patch is available, and you will be prompted to download it. We do not currently anticipate any downtime for today's update.
Thank you for your continued, vigilant bug reporting. We'll let you know once we've released the hotfix.
Developer Intervju

Heroes of the Storm developeri bili su intervjuisani ne E3 od strane KendriSwissh, BlizzPlanet, Mamytwink i Stevivor. Oni su sa njima podelili zabavne činjenice o razvoju igre i još neke korisne informacije - koje uključuju stav prema toxic igračima i potencijalnim sistemom koji će reštiti problem sa njima.

Originally Posted by Blizzard
  • After Butcher, Leoric and Monk they will move onto other Blizzard franchises - no more Diablo heroes for now; may return to Diablo afterwards.
  • Second Diablo-themed Battleground coming after Battlefield of Eternity
  • Internally they have a huge spreadsheet with Heroes - potential roles, skills, traits, etc. And they use it to decide what's next.
  • Butcher's choice was because they wanted a "scary" guy, that really instilled fear on enemies.
  • Leoric's choice was meant to have this guy that just never really dies - an extreme gameplay situation. "Lifesteal" theme.
  • Monk's choice was meant to fill the gap of not having a Diablo support hero. Very mobile. Community asked for him.
  • Monk on trailer uses quite a few animations from actual abilities.
  • Voice Chat being worked on.
  • Observer Mode is on their plans, but no timeline.
  • Gender swap on characters like Diablo (mentioned Illidan too) will likely be skins - new heroes would be kinda confusing.
  • Discussing on having a Thumbs Up/Down system to evaluate players after the match.
  • Gonna wait for Overwatch to establish itself as a franchise of its own before bringing those heroes over.
  • They do follow changes to the meta-game - particularly interesting when there are no patches influencing that.
  • Replay system forwarding and Reconnect system are similar problems - so they want to tackle those together. Rather than just optimize, they want to completely revamp it.
  • Maybe if they incentivize a Honour system and reward players for being helpful and nice (with some small bonus xp or gold) it can help with the toxic players issue.
  • Maybe they can pair players who are slightly more aggressive with other like-minded players, rather than flat out banning them.
  • These are potential solutions that are being discussed internally - not final thoughts on systems that will actually go live!
Facebook Portret

Time što su igrači doprineli da Heroes of the Storm stranica dostigne 1 milion lajkova na Facebook, Blizzard je sve igrače sa "thumbs up" nagradio novim profile avatarom u igri.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

Portrait Unlocked: Thanks for 1 Million Facebook likes! https://www.facebook.com/BlizzHeroes


Najava za Novu Hearthstone Ekspanziju?

Izgleda da smo dobili najavu za nešto novo što možemo očekivati u Hearthstone uskoro! Zabeležite 22 Jul na vašem kalendaru - vrlo interesantno jer prošle godine 22 Jula imali smo Curse of Naxxramas Adventure mode!

Ova vest dolazi nam od PCGamera, koji je danas dobio poštu od Blizzarda. Transkript, sliku i video možete pogledati u nastavku.


Originally Posted by PCGamer (Source)
Champions are gathering from around the world to witness the next exciting thing Hearthstone has in s tore. News travels far and wide in search of brave new faces to answer the call to arms -- Are you one of them?

Muster for battle and mark July 22 on your calendar. The next bit of news won't come by  carrier pigeon -- thankfully, we have much better ways of communication now.

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