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Stanje Heroes of the Storm Rank Igre

U današnjem blog Ranked Igre, Spyrian nam govori o izmenama kao i dodacima koje ćemo videti Rank Game Modu Heroes of the Storm.

  • Broj poena rank meča biće baziran na skill levelu neprijateljskog tima. Viši rangirani protivnički timovi davaće više poena.
  • Dobijanje poena za veći rank će biti sve više uzbudljiviji.
  • Prikaz vašeg ranka na profilu biće ubačen u sledećem patchu.Displaying your rank on your player profile will be in the next patch.
  • Team League trenutno je u internoj fazi testa.
  • Postojaće specijalni rank top Team Lige, kao što je Grandmaster u Starcraft II, ili Legend u Hearthstone.
  • Team Liga koristi "First Come First Served Draft Mode".
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

With our Closed Beta patch on January 13, we released early versions of ranks and ranked points for initial playtesting alongside Hero League. While we feel these features are off to a good start, they’re not quite finished, and we still have a number of changes in store for them with future updates. We’ve also read a lot of great feedback about Ranked Play in Heroes of the Storm, and today, we’d like to address a few of the more common topics we’ve seen.

Ranking System Breakdown

Recent community discussions about the Heroes of the Storm ranking system have produced some interesting theories about how it works, and we’d like to shed a little more light on this topic. Heroes is a highly competitive game, and we wanted to create a ranking system that clearly reflects the skill of its players. With this in mind, we decided to split the system into 50 different ranks, and made each represent roughly 2% of the Hero League population at any given time, so that players can more easily identify how they stack up against the rest of the Hero League playerbase. If you achieve Rank 10, for example, you can generally assume your current skill level is among the top 20% of all Hero League players.

The Heroes ranking system is rather similar to the system we employ for StarCraft II, which strives to keep you around a 50% win-rate, constantly measures your prowess based on your performance against opponents of different skill levels, and calculates where you should be ranked accordingly.

In order to keep ranking-up, you’ll have to exceed the ranking system’s expectations for your performance by continually improving as a player, and beating increasingly skilled opponents along the way. It’s also possible to improve more quickly than your current rank indicates, and in cases like this, you’ll earn a few bonus points to help more quickly align your current rank with where you belong.

Changes Coming to Ranks and Points

With future updates, we want to offer more variety in the amount of points you can earn after completing ranked matches, depending on the skill levels of your opponents as they compare to your own. You’ll earn more ranked points by beating highly-rated opponents than you would by beating equal or lesser-skilled players.

We’ve also read feedback from some players who feel that earning points and ranking-up could be both more exciting and more informative. We agree, and we know there’s not a lot of fanfare that accompanies ranking up or earning points right now. This is because we first wanted to get ranks and ranked points out into the wild for playtesting and feedback alongside Hero League, and then make improvements as we move forward. We’ll be making rank-ups and point gains feel more engaging with future updates, especially on end-game score screens, and also plan to make it easier to understand why you’re gaining or losing points at the end of your matches.

Additionally, we’d like to give you more ways to show off your prowess in ranked play, and are currently planning to display your rank on your Player Profile with our next patch. Many of the other improvements mentioned here will be added a little further down the road.

Ranked Matchmaking

Hero League kicked off with a rather limited pool of players, and as a result, some games haven’t been as evenly matched as we’d like. We knew this would be the case at the beginning, but we wanted to get Hero League up and running so that we could test Draft Mode and the ranking system in a live environment. The good news is that we’re seeing the Hero League population growing with each passing day. As this continues, the matchmaker will have many more competitors to choose from when constructing games, which will result in evenly matched games a lot more often. It’s important to us that we have very even matches, because Ranked Play in Heroes is competitive, and we believe that evenly matched games are more fun.

Coming Soon: Team League

Team League is still on its way to Heroes of the Storm with a future patch, and we’re actively working on this feature internally. Team League will be an entirely separate Ranked Play experience in which you and your friends will be able to create dedicated, five-player teams to compete together in ranked, competitive matches, exclusively against other five-player teams. Much like Hero League, your team will receive a rank, which can rise and fall based on your performance. Unlike Hero League, however, each team you create will receive its own separate ranking. This ranking is not based on the individual members of a team, but rather on the team’s performance as a group. Additionally, we have an entirely different experience in store for the top of the Team League ranking system beyond Rank 1, which will function much like Grandmaster League in StarCraft II, or Legend rank in Hearthstone.

Team League will also make use of the First Come First Served (FCFS) Draft Mode, which will allow anyone on your roster to select a hero when it’s your team’s turn to pick. A version of this Draft method is already playable in Heroes, and you can check it out right now by switching a Custom Game’s lobby mode to Draft, and the ready mode to FCFS.

We’ll have a lot more information to share about Team League once we’re closer to implementing it, but until then, we hope you’ll continue playtesting and sharing your thoughts on Hero League.

As always, thank you very much for all of the great feedback you’ve shared with us so far. Your thoughts have been very valuable to us, and are helping to shape the improvements we’ll be bringing to the game in the future. We have many plans to continue leveling up Ranked Play, as well as other aspects of Heroes of the Storm, and we can’t wait to roll them out to you.

Heroes of the Storm Beta Key Giveaway #2


U saradnji sa Blizzardom, napravili smo preko našeg sajta drugi Heroes of the Storm Beta Key Giveaway, koji počinje danas a završava se 15 Februara 2015!
Kako bi učestvovali u drugom Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta Key Giveaway moraćete popuniti formu u nastavku. Na sva pitanja morate da odgovorite, a ista služe kako bi poslali povratne informacije pobednika Blizzardu.
  • Samo EU Nalozi mogu da učestvuju u nagradnoj igri. Ukoliko učesnik nema isti, neće biti u mogućnosti da dobije key.
  • Beta ključevi ne mogu da se transferuju izmedju accounta / regiona, ili drugih ljudi, oni su Vaši, i nisu predvidjeni za transfer drugim osobama.

Informacije o izvlačenju dobitnika:

  • Sa svim validnim podacima koje budete uneli, napravićemo listu učesnika 6 Februara 2015. Lista će biti objavljena ovde.
  • Korišćenjem sajta i selection metode, napravićemo listu 110 učesnika, prema rasporedu koji bude napravio.
  • Izmedju 15-16 Februara objavićemo listu prvih 60 dobitnika, i ukoliko neko od korisnika nam ne pošalje podatke u roku od dva dan, jednostavno ćemo istog izbaciti i dati sledećem ispod crte.

Patch 6.1 PTR - Build 19597, Heirloom UI

Patch 6.1 PTR - Build 19597
Build 19597 postavljen je sinoć na PTR serverima. Mystic Runesaber model je napokon u novom patchu i ima krila. Medjutim Tooltip nam govori samo za brzinu kao ground mount, ali možda Blizzard planira da to promeni u novom buildu sledeće nedelje.

Novi Modeli

Achievement Izmene
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Feats of Strength
  • Hero of the Storm Owner of the Grave GolemGraves pet from the Heroes of the Storm promotion. Account Wide.


Pet Battles
  • The Longest Day Complete all of the pet battle daily quests listed below in a single day. Reward: Marked Flawless Battle Stone. 10 points. Account Wide.

Spell Izmene
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Mystic Runesaber Summons and dismisses your Trained Snarler. 1.5 sec cast.Mystic Runesaber. Account wide. 1.5 sec cast.

Death Knight
  • Breath of Sindragosa: The effect "Mark of Sindragosa causes you to be healed for 10% of spell damage dealt by afflicted enemies" now only works for Blood Death Knights.
  • Defile: The effect "Enemies standing in your Defile deal 10% less damage to you" now only works for Blood Death Knights.
  • Necrotic Plague: The effect "You gain 2 Runic Power whenever a target infected with Necrotic Plague attempts to attack you" now only works for Blood Death Knights.


  • Assassin's Resolve: Damage dealt while wielding daggers is now increased by 17%, up from 10%. (Tooltip fix.)

  • Primal Alchemy Alchemy. Instant1.5 sec cast. Reagents: Primal Spirit, Fireweed x 2, Gorgrond Flytrap x 2, Nagrand Arrowbloom x 2, Starflower x 2, Talador Orchid x 2.

Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Crippling Suplex Picks up an enemy and smashes them against his highest threat target, dealing 100 Physical damagePhysical damage equal to the maximum health of the picked up enemy. 100 yd range. 3 sec cast.
  • Incendiary Shot Inflicts 5,000 Fire damage, increasing damage taken from the Incendiary Shot by 20%. Stacks. Unlimited range. Instant.10%. Stacks. Unlimited range. Instant.
  • Massive Shattering Smash The Massive Shattering Smash inflicts 562,500 Fire damage instantly and an additional 90,000 Fire damage every 1 split evenly among all targets within 6 yards, knocking the targets back and creating a Slag Crater. Blackhand will gain Energy if fewer than 4 enemies are hit. Unlimited range. 2 sec cast.
  • Volatile Fire Afflicts random enemies with a seed of Volatile Fire that will explode after 8 sec. When the seed explodes, it inflicts 100,000 Fire damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the explosion. Limited to 2 targets. 100 yd range. Instant.100 yd range. Instant.

String Izmene
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • VIDEO_OPTIONS_DEPTH_EFFECTS_MEDIUM - Particle depth fading and low-resolution refraction.

Patch 6.0.3 Hotfixevi - 6 Februar
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Blackrock Foundry
    • Blackhand
      • [Requires a realm restart.] Siegemaker's Black Iron Plating is now removed by Slag Bomb. Slag Bomb's damage dealt to Siegemakers now scales up based on the number of players in the Raid. To adjust for this change, damage dealt to Siegemakers has been reduced for Impaling Throw by 20% and Slag Bomb by 30% (but damage still scales up based on Raid size).
      • Blackhand's Impaled effect should no longer be incorrectly removed by abilities that remove damage-over-time effects.
      • Shaman's Searing Totem and Liquid Magma should now correctly target Iron Soldiers while on the balcony.
      • Fixed an issue where Exploding Iron Star may sometimes not trigger or deal damage during the transition to Stage Two.
  • Upper Blackrock Spire
    • Sentry Cannons now self-destruct on Heroic difficulty when a player with Engineering uses Safety Protocols.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Eye of the Storm: Fixed an issue where Horde players were unable to capture the flag at Mage Tower.

User Interface 6.1 – Novi Heirloom Sistem
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
With World of Warcraft patch 6.1, we’re implementing a new system for managing and using your heirloom items.

When we implement patch 6.1, all heirloom items will be automatically added into the new system and you’ll be credited for them across your account. At the time, heirlooms will be modified to obtain maximum levels that fall into one of three groups: 1-60, 61-90, and 91-100. Your heirloom items will all be grandfathered into whichever group is appropriate, with previous maximum levels being upgraded. This means that if you have an heirloom item that previously maxed out at level 85, it will now max out at 90.

Heirlooms with a View
You’ll use this new system much as you use other collections in WoW. After patch 6.1, you’ll log into a character, open your collections screen (default hotkey shift-P) and all of the heirloom items that you’ve previously obtained on any character in your account will appear there. (Please note that you’ll need to log in to every character that currently has heirloom items in their bags or bank or void storage in order to add their heirlooms to the collection. Heirloom items that are currently in the mail will need to be retrieved before they get credited to your master list.)

You can generate a new copy of any of your heirloom items for any of your characters by right-clicking on it, and the newly-generated item will appear in your bags.

A common question we’ve received about this new heirloom system is, “What’s going to happen with heirloom items that I’ve previously enchanted?” Nothing will change with those items. If you have a piece of enchanted heirloom gear on a character today, it will still be there exactly as before. You can still use it and send it to other characters on your account as always. With this new system, you’ll be able to generate additional, unenchanted copies of that item for your characters.

Mounting up at Level 1
We’re also introducing a new achievement and mount reward with Patch 6.1. The Heirloom Hoarder achievement requires 35 different heirloom items obtained on your account, and rewards the new Chauffeured Chopper mount. It’s a mount that can be used by all characters, even brand new level 1 characters. Of course, your new level 1 mage doesn’t know how to operate a mount yet, so he’ll ride passenger while driver Koak Hoburn mans the chopper.
Why drive yourself around when you can hire someone to do it for you?

Objavljena Lista Dobitnika Prvog Heroes of the Storm Beta key Giveaway


Juče se završio prvi krug Heroes of the Storm Beta key Giveaway koji smo organizovali za Blizzardom preko našeg sajta! Svi dobitnici imaće rok od 48 sati da nam odgovore na već poslane privatne poruke preko foruma, kako bi dobili svoj beta ključ. U suprotnom, isti ćemo poslati korisnicima ispod crte.

01. LichKing2
02. Brka
03. Demonlish
04. Danny
05. duxa88
06. SealedSenses
07. DephoE
08. j0oy
09. Tudor
10. Weber
11. Vextrus
12. Ariel7 
13. VelikiZmaj777
14. Shommey
15. Mistburst
16. GeneralAladeen
17. Srki98789
18. milelemi69
19. Luckey
20. juki
21. SladeWilson
22. GrofDrakula92
23. uki55
24. djorgulenz 
25. Tai96
26. klimua
27. Johnnyballony
28. gigabyte88
29. Dusan1337
30. xHaunt
31. dazmck10
32. IronKitty
33. rista4592
34. Domino90
35. Proteinko
36. MuvaCC 
37. Raznosac
38. Longli
39. Markomage
40. otrov
41. Fenivan
42. TeaseR
43. Golca
44. Pobula
45. kicmar
46. Jowa
47. Crimsonikon
48. SRBlStoRmRagE 
49. StormWalker3
50. Swifteagle
51. dgazda
52. cake357
53. makedonec
54. Urosh92
55. nexprime
Ispod Crte:
  1. Blademaster
  2. pavkepro
  3. Filch
  4. Nocnisetac
  5. markobrankovic
  6. Shomyzen

WoW Stabilan Preko 10 Miliona Pretplatnika, Patch 6.0.3 Hotfixevi - 5 Februar

Blizzard je juče imao svoj finansijski izveštaj za četvrti kvartal 2014 godine, gde je objavio da se WoW drži sa preko 10 miliona pretplatnika na kraju 2014. Ovo je isto kao i podatak koji smo imali u Novembru 2014, gde je WoW bio stabilansa 10 miliona pretplatnika.
  • Očekuje se da nekoliko pretplatnika zaustave dalje plaćanje igre, kao što je i obično posle svakog nastavka. Očekuju da veliki broj azijskih igrača obustave pretplatu igre.
  • Hearthstone ima preko 25 miliona registrovanih igrača.
  • Heroes of the Storm ima 9 miliona registrovanih igrača za betu!
Patch 6.0.3 Hotfixevi - 5 Februar
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Blackrock Foundry
    • Resolved an issue where Slagshop Brutes may sometimes not reset correctly if the raid wipes while they're casting Death Howl.
    • Hans'gar & Franzok
      • Hans’gar and Franzok’s Crippling Suplex now deals 30% less damage (200,000 damage on Raid Finder, 450,000 damage on Normal, 600,000 damage on Heroic, and 700,000 damage on Mythic).
    • Blackhand
      • Blackhand's Impaling Throw damage dealt to Siegemakers should now properly scale up based on the number of players in the Raid.
      • Visuals for Marked for Death and Slag Eruptions should now be easier to see.
      • Players should now only receive a single debuff that refreshes when running through Blazes created by Siegemaker Mortar attacks.
      • Resolved an issue that could cause some Hunters or Warlocks to suffer fatal falling damage during the transition to Stage Three: Iron Crucible.

Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Faction flags should no longer appear for players in an Arena or Arena Skirmish match.

Objavljeni prvi Screenshotovi Overwatch Mape Hanamura

Blizzard je danas objavio Overwatch screenshotove Hanamura mape preko svoje Facebook stranice. Hanamura je mapa koja se nalazi u Japanu.

U nastavku pogledajte 10 screenshotova koji su objavljeni. Jednom rečju prelepo!

Hanamura 01

Hanamura 02

Hanamura 03  Hanamura 04  Hanamura 05  Hanamura 06

Hanamura 07  Hanamura 08  Hanamura 09  Hanamura 10

Diablo III Hotfixevi - 2 Februar

Blizzard je objavio listu hotfixeva koje su sinoć postavili na Live Serverima.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
The following hotfixes have been applied:
  • Fixed an issue where the damage over time effect of Pain Enhancer would permanently snapshot damage buffs (2/3)
  • Fixed an issue where the damage over time effect of the Gem of Efficacious Toxin would permanently snapshot damage buffs (2/3)
  • Fixed an issue where the damage over time effect of Firebird's Finery would permanently snapshot damage buffs (2/3)
  • Resolved some performance issues related to the Blazing Hydra and Mammoth Hydra runes (2/3)
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