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Spires of Arak Zone Preview, Warlords of Draenor - Uklonjen Guild Leveling

Spires of Arak Zone Preview
Spires of Arak je nova zona koja nam dolazi u Warlords of Draenor, koja se nalazi južno od srca kontinenta Draenora (Taladora). To je mesto Shattered Hand klana orkova kao i uncorrupted Arrakkoa. Ovom zonom vlada Kargath Bladefist.

Warlords of Draenor - Uklonjen Guild Leveling
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
What you're seeing in the current build is a change that's mid-implementation. Since the introduction of the guild system in Cataclysm, the nature of guild leveling and guild perks has shifted from being a reward for dedication and collective effort, to effectively being a penalty and barrier to entry for new guilds. We've made it easier to level guilds over the years, allowing low-level quests to count fully towards guild experience, and removing weekly caps on progress. That helps ease the barriers, but it's more of a band-aid than a true solution to the underlying problem.

Our current plan for Warlords is to effectively remove guild leveling (you could also think of it as "all guilds are automatically level 25"). We originally came up with two dozen perks in order to offer something at every guild level, but without the continued need for that granularity, we can streamline the system a bit. Many perks can just be rolled into default behaviors, since a majority of players already had them and the world was designed and tuned around their existence: Flight path taxis can just inherently move 25% faster instead of requiring "Ride Like the Wind"; Honor rewards and item costs can be balanced as if you had "Honorable Mention"; and so forth. For most players, who are in max-level guilds, nothing should perceptibly change.

We still want to incentivize guild membership, aside from the social benefits, so we're keeping conveniences like faster mount speed, instant guild mail, Mass Resurrection, etc., as exclusive benefits to all guilded players. The guild achievement system, and unlocked items and other benefits through completion of guild achievements, will remain as-is. We'd like to emphasize that system a bit more as a yardstick for collective accomplishment, rather than guild level which primarily just reflects individual effort.

The Cash Flow perk is obviously popular, though in most guilds it actually contributes less gold to the guild bank than something like Guild Challenges, since it only applies to looted coins. However, it also fuels some degenerate player behavior: if you've made an alt lately, you've probably noticed that you can't go more than a minute or two without receiving a guild invite - typically from "leaders" who are looking to recruit armies of often-unwitting players to both level guilds for later sale, and to increase the amount of Cash Flow gold that is siphoned into coffers to which only they have access. It can be a meaningful amount of gold for one player's pockets, but for something like a raiding guild, Cash Flow gold barely makes a dent in something like total repair costs. We're removing the Cash Flow perk in Warlords.

We do recognize that it's essential for guilds to have ways of financing their costs, and we will offer alternative, and more lucrative, options for doing so in Warlords (for example, bringing back some Bind on Equip epic drops in raids).
Warlords of Draenor Blue Teme
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Warlords of Draenor Theorycraft Discussion
Working on the dummies not showing up on some/all servers. Will try to catch up on this thread again soon; sorry for the slowness. Just swamped this week.

Last time I tested them, those dummies were acting like normal mobs instead traditional dummies; they kept me in combat even after a minute without perform any attacks, instead of allowing me to leave combat 1 or 2 seconds after no combat action done.
Yes, this is intended. You should still be able to run ~50yd away to drop combat.

EDIT: Reason being that there are some occasional wonkinesses related to combat and dummies, and we wanted to avoid all of that for your theorycrafting purposes. They're normal mobs that can't die (well, a couple can), and are permanently stunned.

Specials that are avoided don't give Vengeance/Resolve. It's mostly for a technical reason; auto attacks are much more standardized and so we can just check what the average auto attack would do and based it off of that. Specials can do all kinds of things, so are much harder to reliably handle, and are rare enough that we can handle balancing around them not granting Resolve.

Has weapon normalization changed? How is the damage stat on the character panel caculated? On live it displays the min/max damage of your current weapon after normalization.
Character sheet has not, and still doesn't, include normalization. Character sheet damage should be simply weapon damage + weapon damage from AP.

With the auto applied serpent sting for survival hunters does the first tick go off instantly on each application to make up for imp serpent sting being removed?
Currently, yes, though that's effectively an extra SS tick on every Arcane Shot which is kind of hidden. May simplify it out; the Arcane/Multi itself provides instant damage, so we could tune around that.

The new stat attunements read "You gain 5% more of the X stat from all sources." However, according to the character sheet, this only amplifies ratings. For example, on a Destruction warlock (who is crit attuned), gaining the 5% crit buff increases your crit by 5%, not 5.25%, and using Dark Soul: Instability grants 30% crit, not 31.5%. Is this intended?
Yes. Subtle distinction between the "Critical Strike" stat, and "X% increased critical strike chance". All of the attunements are multipliers on your ratings. (Source)

Blue Tweetovi
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
So 25man raids award relatively more loot than 10man raids. Is this another way to encourage 25manning?
It's a recognition of the logistical challenge of running a larger group. In Warlords the ratio will be constant for all sizes. (WatcherDev)

Will 20 Mythic bosses drop 4 items or 5?
Most likely 5. (WatcherDev)

Is there max level normal dungeon in Warlords? Currently there aren't any announced for it.
There are 4: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, Grimrail Depot, UBRS, and "Overgrown Outpost" (name not final). (WatcherDev)

Would like to know this as well. Will N/H flex up to 30?
30 is still the goal for the top-end, pending server performance analysis during beta. (WatcherDev)
Same for Raid Finder? 2 tanks / 8 heals / 20 DPS?
No, Raid Finder will still matchmake for 25, but can scale down as needed if people drop. (WatcherDev)

Are you guys even balancing BG teams? Facing off against a team of 6 healers with none in your team sucks.
We are but there might be times when we have to ignore that restriction to get a match going. (holinka)

any chance the bg part of the legendary will be removed soon? It's not fun for pve'rs or pvp'ers.
No plans to change the existing Wrathion legendary questline. Definitely lessons learned for the future, though. (WatcherDev)

are u going to balance silvershard mines anytime soon? very horde biased.
how is it horde biased? Alliance can get lava first but never tend to go for it in random for some reason. (holinka)
rated win rates on the map are 50/50. Random tends towards horde even though map is fairly balanced now. (holinka)

conquest gear BoE account Wide?
no chance (holinka)
I think BoA Conq gear isn't a good fix, but I feel zero compromise isn't an option unless you want alts to die.
Tanking MMR will die. I'm not concerned Alts will die. Because I have alts, and I don't tank MMR. (holinka)
The majority of people are not comfortable spending 20 minute dampening games to cap an alt with a 20k cap mid season.
Less than 0.5% of games are 20 minutes long. (holinka)

For myself I can say that I'll never gear up another character that way and cap 25k points with 180 per win. Thats complete madness
I don't tank MMR when I gear up my alts and I've done this on numerous characters. (holinka)
I'm helping friends cap at low mmrs on my mage. We need 4-5 hours to cap around 20k points
I'm sorry, but that does not sound like an outrageous amount of time. (holinka)
How that's not an outrageous amount of time? considering you have NO GEAR and that makes it not fun at all.
4-5 hours to have your character almost fully geared? That's not even a full week of raiding for most people. (holinka)

Can you make all professions give equal benefits including gathering ones, it is annoying to give up a gathering prof for stats.
That's precisely why we're removing the passive stat perks from professions - pick the prof you want, not the optimal one. (WatcherDev)

Diablo III Patch 2.1 - Dance Animacije Karaktera

Blizzard je na PTR Patch 2.1 dodao dance animacije. Jednostavno u igri ukucajte /dance i Vaš karakter će zaigrati. Iskreno nisu nam svi pokreti poznati, jedino smo uspeli da saznamo da muški Barbarian igra Maori Haka War Dance.

Mi smo napravili kratak video gde smo demonstrirali sve dance pokrete u igri.

Novi Skin Kandy King Muradin

Video koji je objavio Heroes of The Storm Youtube Kanal prikazao nam je tri nova skina koji su ubačeni u igri. Medjutim trenutno je dostupan samo Zegara Insectoid Skin, dok su Illidan Specter i Kandy King Muradin planiran da se pusti u budućem Alpha Buildu.
Naravno to što skin nije još pušten u igri ne znači da nismo u mogućnosti da Vam prikažemo kako izgleda Kandy King Muradin, koji se pretvori u čokoladu kada iskoristite ulti Avatar!
kandy king muradin

Heirloom Tab, Garrison Sepcijalizacija, Glavni Gradovi Fakcija u Draenoru, Blue Teme

Warlords of Draenor - Heirloom Tab Delayed
Rygarius nas je upoznao da heirloom tab neće biti završen do izlaska Patch 6.0.1.

Garrison Izmene kod Specijalizacije Gradjevina
Izgleda da će specijalizacije gradjevina koje su prethodno bile pomenute u Garrison Preview blogu, biti deo building perksa.

Warlords of Draenor - Glavni Gradovi Fakcija
Trenutno su u izradi glavni gradovi za fakcije koji se nalaze van Ashrana (World PvP Zone). Lore je spomenu da trenutna verzija nije finalna.

Warlords of Draenor - Glavni Gradovi i Ashran
Several of the developers shared some thoughts on the move of the faction hubs from Shadowmoon Valley and Frostfire Ridge to outside of Ashran.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
If we can't change our minds about ideas early in development once we've talked about them, we just won't talk about them. (Lore)

Final Q to leave you with: which was the best capital? Shatt/Dal/SW+Org/Vale? (Muffinus)

Stop focussing your replies to PVP complaints. It's about being promised an epic new city and instead getting Honor Hold 2
As I mentioned in the thread, Bladespire and Karabor still very much exist. They're just not where the portal to Org/SW is. (Lore)

Seeing some expectations that the explorable areas of Karabor will be the size of the Black Temple raid. That's not the case, and wouldn't have been even if it was the faction capital. (Lore)

So are the capitols going to be like MoP where we don't get to them till late in questing? Or can we get there early without help?
Current plan is that a flight path will be available from your Garrison once you establish it. (Mumper)

Ashran cities post mentioned "only land-based entrance (to the city) is through world PvP zone." So you must enter PvP to get there?
Not at all. You can portal or take a flight there. (Mumper)

Portals to capitals are now at the Ashran hubs. (Mumper)

The names are actually Stormshield for Alliance and Warspear for Horde. (Mumper)

dalaran was in the sky yes, but it was IN northrend. not off the coast of borean tundra.
So an island in the water is not ok, but an island in the sky is? Weird. (Bashiok)
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Okay, there’s a LOT of misunderstandings and misinformation floating around, so let me try to clarify what I can.

Warlords of Draenor’s story is about the people of Azeroth (namely, the Alliance and the Horde) venturing into an unknown world and building up a force strong enough to take out an enemy stronger than anything they’ve encountered before, on that enemy’s own turf. While there are certainly some alliances to be made along the way, and those are definitely major parts of the story, the core theme is about you and your faction fighting for survival.

So, as development continued, we came to the realization that it just doesn’t make sense for the Horde and Alliance to spend so much energy and resources building up a stronghold on Draenor, only to base their efforts out of someone else’s city. We’re not helping the Draenei or Frostwolves fight off the Iron Horde – they’re helping us. The Alliance and Horde both have major bases of operation on Draenor. That should be where they’re working from.

That, along with the continued development of Garrisons into the overall quest and story flow of the expansion, led us to the decision to develop the Horde and Alliance bases on Ashran into the major faction hubs instead of Bladespire and Karabor. Promoting the world PvP area on Ashran is a nice perk, but it wasn’t a factor in making that decision.

That said, the Temple of Karabor and Bladespire Fortress are still there. We haven’t removed them or anything like that. You won’t be able to use your bank or check your auctions there, but they’re still fully built home cities for the Karabor Draenei and Frostwolf Orcs, respectively. You’ll still be able to explore them in their full glory.

As to the Alliance and Horde staging areas on Ashran, allow me to lay out a few key facts to hopefully allay some concerns:

  • They’re located on Ashran as a geographical location on the map, but they’re not part of the Ashran world PvP zone. They won’t be subjected to the realm coalescing we’re using to keep Ashran’s PvP area populated, and they won’t flag you for PvP on non-PvP realms.
  • We’ve also made some major improvements to the way PvP flagging works on non-PvP realms that removes “accidental flagging” from mistargeted abilities or ground effects. Unless you manually flag yourself by typing /pvp, you will simply not be able to attack enemy players, or heal friendly players who have flagged themselves.
  • They’re populated with guards, and the only land-based entrance is directly through the Ashran world PvP zone (including a major fortress). It’s certainly possible for someone from another faction to attack it, but it’s not any easier to do so than it is to attack the enemy faction’s shrine in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
  • There will be a fast travel option between the staging areas and your Garrison. You can pop over there quickly, conduct your business, and leave again if you like.

This isn’t a question of whether or not Bladespire and Karabor are cities. They are. It’s just a question of whether the portals to Orgrimmar or Stormwind are there or somewhere else. You’ll still be able to explore them, they’ll still be fully populated, and they’re still going to be every bit as beautiful as they would have been with a Transmog NPC. We’re looking forward to them ourselves!

Warlords of Draenor Beta Blue Teme
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Warlords of Draenor Moves Into Beta!
Thanks in no small part to your testing and feedback, the Warlords of Draenor expansion is ready to officially shed the Alpha label and move on to the Beta testing phase!

Our next step is a huge stress test on the Assault on the Dark Portal intro experience we opened up on Wednesday. We’re inviting a TON of players to the Beta, but we’ve temporarily restricted access to Draenor for now. We’ve also wiped characters from the Alpha, so you’ll need to create a new one, or copy your character over from live realms*.

Today at 2 p.m. Pacific, we’ll respawn the NPCs that teleport you to Draenor (Archmage Khadgar, located in the Trade District in Stormwind or the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar). We’d like to get as many people as possible logging in and trying out Tanaan to stress test the environment and make sure everything works. If you have a chance to jump in, please join us!

We're testing our new in-game Character Copy feature, which is available for players with NA accounts only at this time. Players with EU accounts will need to create template characters for the time being in order to access Draenor.

The launch of beta is the best chance we have to slam the servers with as many people as possible, because a huge wave of invites have gone out and everyone should know the start time. After today it's not as likely that we'll get this quantity of people trying to test the same areas at the same time. And that's the point. If it's an inconvenience to you to worry about whether or not the realms will handle the load, I'd only offer a reminder that this is a beta test.

I totally understand, and even though it is inconvenient, I understand it is your reserved right as a company testing their game but you don't feel this would have been better down the line when things are actually worth slamming?

We waited a full week for this build, and I DCed at least 10 times just yesterday before the "stress."
Just seems like build 2 of a public test isn't the time for this, but hey I'm along for the ride, so I am happy enough.

It does seem like the servers going offline every 10 seconds has stopped, which is great news.

Firstly, it's not build 2. We've gone through many alpha builds by this point, including prior to inviting non-Blizzard employees. Also, there will be additional stress tests on new content as it's added to the beta, but as I said this is our best opportunity to push everyone into the Tanaan intro experience. We've invited far more people to the beta than were in alpha, characters have been wiped so everyone is starting in the same place, 2 p.m. is the official launch of the beta, and so on. (Source)

Warlords of Draenor Beta and Addons
As others have said, addons complicate the testing process early on. They can really interfere with bug reports and crash logs. We'll let players know when we're enabling addons, which is likely to be around the time that we're ready to do raid testing. (Source)

Ključevi za Hellfire Amulet, PTR Patch 2.1 Nedokumentovane Izmene

Ključevi za Hellfire Amulet
Sa novim Hellfire Amuletom koji je dodat u igri (koji rolla random passive kada se craftuje), igrači su se pitali da li treba da počnu da čuvaju ključeve kada patch bude pušten na live serverima. A odgovor je naradno DA!

Hellfire Amulet
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Can I grind uber keys now and save them to use when the patch comes out?
Yup, you can. The process for crafting a Hellfire Amulet is more or less the same as crafting a Hellfire Ring, and you'll be able to use your existing materials.
I say "more or less" because the recipe is slightly more expensive to purchase, there's only a Level 70 version of the item, and, in addition to the normal materials required for the Ring, you'll need 10 Forgotten Souls to craft the Amulet.
06/26/2014 05:32 PMPosted by swiftbizzare
Of course, as long as it's not in the PTR server, everything in the PTR server doesn't carry over. If you like me and not playing PTR then of course it saves.
Correct! Any progress made on the PTR (including items, experience, and gold) will not transfer over to your live account.
PTR Patch 2.1 Nedokumentovane Izmene
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft


  • Gold drops now show (the amount on the ground)
  • Your last sum of your gold within ~5 second time frame now shows in the lower right hand corner
  • Treasure Goblin Realm now exists after killing a goblin, random chance to spawn portal - Greed is the boss.
  • Kadala now says her other lines, when getting rares and legs.
  • Greater Rifts can roll Pandemonium Fortress maps (not a change per se, but still kind of unexpected)
  • Icon for Reusable Parts and Forgotten Souls has changed.
  • Not 100% on this, but I think Orlash spends less time invisible. He's still annoying, moreso when you're on a time limit.
  • New Particle effect for Frozen Pulse. It's the same blue ice star, but now it spins and has a blizzard effect. It's larger and more noticeable.
  • Area Damage now has a new icon in the utility section for Paragon levels
  • New Cursor
  • Meteor Shower's tooltip updated. Now it displays "Unleash a volley of 7 small Meteors that each strike 228% weapon damage as Fire".
  • The goblin from the puzzle ring no longer glows.
  • QOL change: Holding down a button will now recast that spell when off cool-down.
  • Fixed a bug where crusaders wouldn't get nephalem glory buff from picking up an orb while using steed charge.
  • The gas from Ghom rift guardian doesn't hurt after you kill him.
  • Red Nephalem Globes are in Higher Rifts fill your completion bar.
  • Screen shake has been deleted or added to certain skills
  • New artisan that upgrades your gems found after killing a level 25 greater rift. Reported on level 23 as well.
  • When you have Low FX checked in options, disco beams show the direction they will spawn (didn't before).
  • Lootable objects (chests, corpses, etc.) do not spawn in Greater Rifts, making Harrington's Waistguard and Sebor's Nightmare practically useless.
  • Female Crusader 'Inspect Hero" picture fixed!
  • Horadric Cache Icon changed
  • Fixed the Crusader's skill Slash (Guard rune) stacking more than 5 times as stated in the description (on live it stacks up to 10 times for a total of 50% armor)
  • Enemies hexed by the Enchantress (into chickens) now properly show life bars above their heads.
Changes to Items

Heroes of the Storm - June 27 Bug Fixevi

Blizzard je danas pustio novi build za Heroes of the Storm koji je doneo par In-Game Bug fixeva. Još nema reči o ispravci buga negativnog golda, ali Blizzard uveliko gleda kako da reši taj problem.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

Wowhead Warlords of Draenor Beta Key Giveaway

drakakey-400Wowhead je napravio giveaway za 2000x Warlords of Draenor Betu, koje će podeliti parcialno za šest nedelja!
  • Nedelja 1: 200 ključeva
  • Nedelja 2: 300 ključeva
  • Nedelja 3: 300 ključeva
  • Nedelja 4: 300 ključeva
  • Nedelja 5: 400 ključeva
  • Nedelja 6: 500 ključeva
Wowhead trenutno isprobava novi sistem delenja Beta ključeva, pa ćete morati malo i da se pomučite kako bi ste se prijavili za isti.
Prva Nedelja
Za prvu nedelju, igrači moraju da završe jedan od Siege of Orgrimmar Achivementa (Ovo radi i na LFRi) - (Vale of Eternal Sorrows, Gates of Retribution, The Underhold, Downfall)
Ukoliko imate odradjen achievment potrebeno je uraditi sledeće:
  • Logujte se na wowhead stranicu, pogledajte vašeg karakter preko Wowhead ovde i ukucajte vaš Region, Realm i Ime Karaktera.
  • Verifikujte da je Character Profil vaš koristeći instrukcije kada kliknete na opciju "Verification".
  • Kako skinete traženi deo itema, updatujte vaš Profil i on bi trebalo biti verifikovan.
  • Verifikovani Karakteri sada mogu videti "Enter Contest" opciju na Profile stranici!
Giveaway Prve Nedelje počinje danas 27 Juna i traje do 4 Jula, 00:30 sati.
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