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Novi WotLK Blizzard Forum

Za one koji posećuju Blizzard forum, sigurno želite da znate da je Blizzard naparavio podforum za svoj nadolazeći expension Wrath of the Lich King. Na njemu se već nalaze interesantna pitanja pa ako ste zainteresovani proverite nov forum ovde.

Arena Season 3

Drysc je postovo na WoW Forumu informacije za Arena Season 3 i rating koji će biti potreban za kupovinu novih setova.

You will only need a specific rating to purchase the items, it won't be required for their use. If you hit 1900 (for instance, this isn't a final number by any means) you'll be able to purchase and use the items, and if you dip below that you won't be able to buy them, but you'll be able to continue using those you've already purchased.

We're also well aware that this could potentially encourage players to join higher rated teams for a chance to obtain the items, and at later time we'll be discussing the solution coming that will prohibit it.

I dalje nema informacija kada ćemo da očekujemo početak Arena Season 3, ali Nethaera je odgovorila da će Blizzard objaviti datum dve nedelje pre početka nove sezone 3.

Bornakk je takodje potvrdio da nema planova restovanja Honor i Arena poena kada Arena Season 3 počne.

Novi video zapisi od Blizzarda

Blizzard je dodao dva nova video zapisa na njihovom sajtu.

Prvi video zapis predstavlja Blizzcon 2007:

Relive the revelry of BlizzCon 2007, or experience it for the first time, with our new video trailer of the event. This video captures the sensory impressions and experiences of being at BlizzCon as well as the atmosphere of fun and camaraderie that was the true lifeblood of the show.

Drugi video zapis, je priča istorije Sylvanas Windrunner. Video prikazuje Quel'Thalas koji je napadnut od strane scourga, smrt Sylvane, i njeno ponovno rodjenje kao banshee pod kontrolom Arthasa.

Format: DivX PC i Mac
Zahteva: DivX for PC ili DivX for MAC
Veličina: 37.1 MB PC i Mac

Download Now (PC)Download Now (Mac)

Format: DivX PC i Mac
Zahteva: DivX for PC ili DivX for MAC
Veličina: 81.5 MB PC i Mac 

Download Now (PC)Download Now (Mac)

Blizzard odgovorio na mnoga interesantna pitanja od strane igrača

Blizzard je bio zauzet na forumu 24 sata odgovarajući na različita zanimljiva pitanja od strane igrača. A evo i najinteresantnijih:

* Death Knight vs Warrior

U ovoj temi igrač se interesuje kakav će odnos biti izmedju warrior i death knight tankinga. 

Right now we have several options for classes that can heal, dps, or tank and all of them are playing alongside one another very well so I believe Death Knights and Warriors will "coexist" just fine. I can't see having both of them in a group and just constantly dueling because they refuse to do so.

By adding another dps/tanking class, the Death Knight will give players and groups more options for what they need to complete their objective(s).

* Patch 2.3 Being Tested.

Na pitanje igrača zašto se kasni sa izlaskom patcha 2.2 Tigerclaw je odgovorio:

We don't have any problem hearing the feedback here, however at this point in 2.2.0's development we are too focused on hammering out those last few bugs to make any significant change in direction about its content (for example promoting or demoting any significant features).

Which is why, the people that do content (artists, designers, animators, modelers) are free to work on 2.3.0 and have been doing so for some time - and the same is true of the next expansion. If WoW was being developed by a small team, there might be a valid point here about division of labor, but it's not. As was recognized in another post, we have people working on separate subprojects that span a range of delivery schedules.

* Why the change to Haste?

Drysc objašnjava zašto se mehanika Haste ratinga promenila.

I'll try to answer in my own words, I know this has been a large complaint from the rogue community and I've only just recently gained information about the reasoning for the change myself.

Our baseline melee stat is Attack Power, it's the stat that we use as a benchmark in which we compare all other melee stats. Haste was at about a 1:1 in relation to AP at base levels, and it scales a whole lot better. So in large quantities haste was easily overcoming AP, and trouncing all other melee stats. While it's not bad for it to be a strong stat, we don't want it to become THE stat over AP. In fewer words it's a quintessential nerf: it was too good.

In the caster case, it was difficult for us to judge just how haste would affect casts as it varies so dramatically from player to player, class to class, and even spec to spec. Originally when it was nerfed we were sort of anticipating it being required, but we're just not seeing the large use of sustained cast-time oriented spells we thought we would, and it's being brought back up to compensate.

*New PvP Mounts

Bornakk potvrdjuje da ima planova za nove PvP mounte.

We do plan to add the Elekk and Hawkstrider mounts as PvP rewards in a future patch.

I još jedna nedelja bez patcha

Baš kad smo mislili da smo blizu, i da će patch izaći ove nedelje, Blizzard je objavio da ove nedelje neće izaći 2.2 patch Navodi se takodje da su PTR serveri danas dobili novi sitan patch ali ovog puta bez pre-made reseta.

Kako stoje stvari ovo je za sada najduži test PTR patcha. Zvanične infromacije pročitajte na ovde.

Ogri'la Reputation guide

Blizzard je ažurirao svoju World of Warcraft Guide stranicu sa novim člankom kako doći do reputacije sa Ogri'la fakcijom.

Članak je pun informacija o questovima koje možete da uradite jedanput dnevno, kao i kako se snaći u najtežim delovima i rešiti ih.

Više o Ogri'la reputaciji pročitajte ovde.

Blizzard ne planira da ukloni revered reputaciju za dobijanje ključeva heroic istance

Blizzard trenutno ne planira da uklanja revered reputaciju da bi ste dobili ključ heroic istance.

We have no current plans to remove the revered reputation status as the requirement to get the heroic dungeon keys.

While some realms may have a harder time finding groups than others, there are still people running them that you can group with and I'm pretty sure they really want to get the reputation too. Keep looking for people to team up with and you'll get there.

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