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Date: 20.07.17, 05:24

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Author: yaya2017
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I dalje nema Voice Chat na serverima

Obećani dani su stigli i na EU i US serverima dolaskom 2.2 patcha, ali i dalje nema najbitnije opcije koju 2.2 patch nosi sa sobom, a to je VoIP chat (Voice Chat).

Kada je neko na forumu postavio pitanje zašto Voice Chat nije podržan na serverima, Nethaera je odgovorila:

Please reread the sticky post with the schedule and most importantly this part-

On patch day, all realms will launch with voice chat disabled. This is to allow for any further testing or changes that may be required. The following day we will enable voice chat on the realms listed below. With further testing at that point, and should things go smoothly, we will enable voice chat the following day on additional realms, or potentially all realms. This schedule is of course likely to change should the testing periods show any issues that will require additional time to resolve.

While I haven't heard of any specific delays on launching this, please keep in mind that we will not be activating it until we feel it's the best possible time to. Should there be any sound issues still being resolved, this can delay the launch. We will let everyone know once it is activated and ready to go though.

WoW 2.2.0 EnGB Patch

Večeras će serveri biti ugašeni od 3 sata ujutru i održavanje će trajati do 11 sati. Za to vreme možete skinuti ili preko downloader managera 2.2.0 patch ili iz naše download sekcije. (Nadamo se da će serveri biti podignuti na vreme i da neće biti problema). 

Patch 2.2.0 Live na US Serverima!

Samo kratka vest da potvrdimo...

Napokon je došao dan, patch 2.2.0 je live na US serverima koji su upravo startovali online posle održavanja servera i ubacianja 2.2.0 server side patcha.

Nethaera je takodje javila da neki serveri trenutno imaju problema i da je njihov proces održavanja i stavljanja server side patcha malo produžen.

10:55- We are continuing to bring the realms up in groups and the issue appears to be resolved at this point in time.

We are currently attempting to resolve some lag issues associated with the mail system and are bringing up select realms slowly at this point in time. We will give an update on this shortly. 

Patch 2.2 Downloaded

Blizzard downloader je pustio i finalni deo za 2.2.0 patch. Celu zvaničnu listu izmena možete pogledati na

Za one koje nisu pratili 2.2.0 razvoj, evo i liste bitnih stavki koje nam 2.2.0 patch donosi.

  • Voice Chat: The new in-game chat facility will be available to some selected realms at first, and to all realms at a later date. To find out which realms will have voice chat as soon as 2.2 goes live, see here for US Realms and here for EU.

  • AFK Reporting Feature: The practice of "Going AFK" in battlegrounds to gain honor without having to do anything has been an annoyance to those of us who actually try to win, since the BGs opened. Blizzard has developed a reporting facility for players who notice that someone is obviously away from keyboard, once enough reports have been registered about a player, a 1 min debuff will count down. Once the 1 min is up, a new debuff will be applied to the player, preventing them from gaining any honor until they engage in PvP.

  • Haste rebalance: The ratios of haste have been returned to the values that were present on release of TBC. This results in the benfits of haste being reduced for melee and increased for spellcasting.

  • Daze mechanic change: The amount of defense a character has no longer reduces the chance of receiving the daze effect when enemies attack from behind.

  • Resilience change: Any reduction in a character's chance to get a critical strike also reduces the amount of damage inflicted by damage over time spells.
Full Download Patcha biće uskoro na našoj download sekciji. Za više informacija pogledajte Patch 2.2.0 forum.

PTR Patch 2.2 izmene objavljene

Nethaera je objavila izmene u 2.2.2 PTR Patchu, koje u sebi donose informacije o Brewfest i Hallow's End eventima, kao i o novim grobljima (Graveyards) dodatim širom sveta. Listu izmena možete pogledati na forumu.


Patch 2.2 ove nedelje?

Na temu da li će izaći Patch 2.2 ove nedelje Nethaera je i odgovorila...

Q u o t e:
Well? Any news?

I asked my magic Imp Ball and it said "Concentrate and Ask Again".

So I closed my eyes and concentrated very very hard... (hard to do with only minimal caffeine this morning, I must say) and in the end it said, "Yes". I just hope it's right this time. You know how tricksy those Imp Balls can be...

A posle toga se odmah ogradila sa:

And now what will happen is if for some reason something breaks, the pitchforks and torches will come out. It's always the pitchforks and torches. Why can't it just be pillows and marshmallow

Da li ćemo ove nedelje imati patch 2.2 na live serverima?

v2.2.2 na PTR

Baš kad smo svi pomislili da je testiranju kraj, 2.2.2 Patch startuje na PTR serverima, i ovaj update u sebi sadrži nove 'holiday' evente, za Brewfest i Hallows-End. Trenutno PTR ima tehničkih problema, pa je ubacivanje novog PTR patcha odloženo dok se problem ne reši.

We will be putting up the 2.2.2 PTR realms later this afternoon (US time).

The 2.2.2 Patch will contain new holiday content for October, first we intend to test Brewfest and then later Hallows-End, but this may change depending on our testing needs.

There will be pre-mades and character copies for 2.2.2. The character copy process has not started yet but will shortly.

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