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Patch v2.2.2 ChangeLog

U slučaju da niste videli izmene u 2.2.2 patchu evo zvaničnog ChangeLog-a.

Patch možete skinuti sa naše Download sekcije.


  • Brewfest has begun and members of the Horde and Alliance can enjoy a multitude of activities, quests, items, and even Ram Racing. As Brewfest is about beer and food, revelers can sample the best beverages available in the world.

  • Observed by both the Horde and the Alliance, Hallow's End is the celebration of the break between the Forsaken and the Scourge. Adventurers can speak to innkeepers to get silly masks to wear during their adventures, and much more. This is just one way to celebrate Hallow's End.

  • New Holiday World Event: The Headless Horseman has been seen terrorizing local villages.

World Environment- Added a new graveyard to the Southern Barrens.

  • Added a new graveyard to the Western Plaguelands.

  • Added a new graveyard to the Alterac Mountains.

  • Added a new graveyard to the Searing Gorge.

  • Added a new graveyard to the Badlands.

  • Added two new graveyards to Tanaris.

  • Added two new graveyards to Winterspring.

  • Added two new graveyards to Stonetalon.

  • Added two new graveyards to Un'Goro.

Novi PvP trinketi

ImageBlizzard planira da napravi nove PvP trinkete koji će biti dostupni u patch 2.3 - a oni su veo dobri:

There are a few new pvp oriented trinkets for 2.3.

All versions of the trinket have a click effect to gain 1750 max health (kind of like the old lifegiving gem effect), along with a passive effect (your choice of 47 spell damage, 40 spell crit rating, 80 attack power, 40 melee crit rating, or 88 healing).

Ali za one koje se nadaju za veći resilience loše vesti slede:

Nope, we did the clicky max health instead of resilience in this case (some players are at or nearing the resilience cap already).

A kako ćete kupiti ove nove PvP trinkete?

Actually, they cost badges of justice, which will also be available off Kara and Zul Aman bosses.

Ko će moći da koristi ove trinkete? Da li je samo za odredjene klase ili obuhvata sve u igri?

They're open to all classes. The click effects share a cooldown though, so you won't be able to stack that effect.

v2.2.2 PTR serveri se gase

ImageDobre vesti, večeras se gase PTR 2.2.2 serveri i očekuje se startovanje 2.3 PTR uskoro.

The 2.2.2 PTR will be closing tomorrow morning at 6AM Pacific time.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2.2.2 PTR and hope to see you all in future PTRs.

Još nije bilo reči oko 2.3 PTR, ali sigurno da će novi PTR biti vrlo brzo live, čak i ove nedelje ako se držimo obećanja Tiogle da će prve nedelje oktobra startovati PTR 2.3.

Voice Chat startovo na americkim serverima

Za one koje ne igraju na američkim serverima, ili nisu u toku voice chat je proradio na svim North American serverima.

The Voice Chat feature is now active on all realms. Players will need to go into the Options menu under Sound & Voice to activate it. We look forward to hearing you in game!

Za EU servere još nije bilo reči

Death Knight Intervju i Lore

Blizzard je objavio Death Knight intervju sa dev timom, kao i Lore sekciju za Lore fanove. 

How do you think adding another tanking class to the existing class lineup will affect the classes that are currently filling tanking spots in groups and raids?

When deciding which type of class we would add to World of Warcraft, we also took a very careful look at the current state of the game. The questions we asked ourselves were which kind of class roles are seeing the most use, which class roles are most desirable in groups right now, and what can we do to best meet this demand? Tanks play a critical role in any group, such that without a tank, you really don’t have a group. We think that adding another tanking class will make it easier for players to form viable groups for dungeons and raids, but that won’t be at the expense of existing tanks.

Novi Repair Bot u 2.3

Bornakk i Drysc su potvrdili na US WOW forumu da će u 2.3 patchu biti ubačen novi Repair Bot!

Bornakk je startovo govoreći da je moguće da će izaći novi bot...

I also heard this rumor that some Gan'arg Analyzers in Blade's Edge Mountains stumbled upon plans of a new Field Repair Bot and are hoarding them for their own purposes. Anybody plan to investigate this in patch 2.3?

Drysc je onda otvorio nove detalje za nas:

The repair bot will sell all reagents, level 65 arrows and bullets, poison reagents, few types of vials, up to 2 super mana/healing potions, and maybe some scrolls. These are all for sale, with no rep discount, because he’s a robot.

Takodje igrači su se interosvali kolko će koštati novi Repair Bot, i da li će trebati materijali Nether Vortex ili Nether Vortices za novog Engineering fly mounta?

We currently don't plan to require Nether Vortices or a single Nether Vortex for the new Repair Bot or the Flying Mount.

Tom Chilton o 2.3 i ostalo

Tom Chilton je bio zauzet ovog vikenda odgovarajući na razna pitanja.

Poboljsanje predmeta za igrače manje od 57 lvl-a.

Yes, we're making updates to quite a few items for both instances and quests below level 60 in patch 2.3.

Takodje ima novosti u vezi novih predmeta uključujući DPS cloak u 2.3.

Well here it is (also patch 2.3)!
34 Stam
20 Crit
20 Resil
46 AP
112 Armor Penetration

34 Stam
15 Int
16 Spell Crit
23 Resil
+27 Spell Damage/Heal

A takodje ubacuje se i Healing cloak u 2.3.

There's a PvP healing cloak in patch 2.3. The vital stats are...

34 stam
15 int
16 spell crit
23 resil
+51 healing / +17 spell dmg

Za hunter-tailored melee oružije takodje ima poboljšanja, the Vengeful Gladiator's Waraxe.

62 Stam
46 Crit
33 Resil
15 Hit
92 AP
98 Armor Penetration

Cost: 1000 arena points (no rating requirement)

Sledeće što Tom objašnjava je uzimanje PvP Healing opreme pre DMG opreme.

Early on we had a philosophy that we wouldn't put tanking gear or full sets of healing gear on the pvp vendors since at the time there were concerns that players would feel like it was advantageous to pvp in order to get gear to beat raid content.

Turns out that philosophy mostly sucked (although we're holding onto the no-tanking gear part of it), so we fully itemize for healing in PvP gear now and rely on resilience to make it pvp-specific enough that it won't be considered ultimate raid gear. 

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