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Nova Blizzard PvP Stranica

Blizzard širi informacije širom sveta da su izbacili novu stranicu za svoj PvP sistem. Na novom guid-u možete naći sledeće sekcije:

  • General Information
  • Arena
  • Honor System
  • Battlegrounds
  • World PvP
Svaka sekcija sadrži i podsekciju, koje zajedno čine obimno mesto informacija za nove i starije igrače.

Sledi primer Arena sekcije na kojoj možete naći sledeće:

* Arena Intro
* Insider: Arenas, an Inside Look
(Circle of Blood & The Ring of Trials)
* Arena Tournament
* Armory: Item Listings
* Armor Sets (check out Gladiator Gear)

Pogledajte ceo guid ovde.  

Kada porodica treba biti preča od WoWa

Ne znam kolko je ovo pametan post, ali na EU WoW Forumu igrač je napravio jednu vrlo iskrenu temu za sve igrače WoWa, a radi se o tome da ne treba zapostaviti svoju porodicu / svoj život. 

hi people
my name is steven and i been playing WoW for a year now i must say this is the best game ever created in the history of gaming, but it's not worth loosing your family over......
months of addiction to this game turned in to a battlefield between me and my wife and kids
not thinking bout what could happen i kept on playing this game and showing loyalty to blizzard
but one day this tuned into a living nightmare when i woke up one morning and saw that my wife had left me taking my kids along with her...
i don't want to spread negative publicity on this game but still loosing your family means the end if you care
so i call out to all people out there if you think you are addicted and you havin problems with your family please but please quit the game and find help don't turn your back on them cause they need you more then this game does

i terminated my account deleted all my chars and i hope that one day my wife forgives me
don't make my mistake

A čak je i Aeus odgovorio na ovu temu:

Dude, good luck with the missus. All things should be done in moderation, that definitely goes for games too.
If you think of playing again, let your wife change the pw. And maybe make a schedule, family time/play time and stick to it.

Potrebni screenshotovi Slave Pensa

Blizzard traži od igrača sada screenshot-ove za istancu Coilfang Reservoir: The Slave Pens koji će biti ubačeni u novoj guid sekciji. Ako je vaša lika odlična, ona će biti prikazana u Slave Pens Guide,zajedno sa imenom vašeg karaktera.

We're particularly looking for screenshots featuring the atmosphere and visuals of the dungeon, along with dramatic shots of combat with the dungeon's denizens. Send us your best ones today!

Pošaljite vaš screenshot Blizzardu preko ove forme.

Sunwell Plateau i Heroic Ključevi

Tigole je objavio informacije vezane za novu istancu Sunwell Plateau (ova istanca planirana je za 2.4 patch).

Sunwell is coming along nicely. It will be on the PTR shortly after 2.3 goes to the live realms. We still need to perfect 2.3 a bit on the PTR.
The 5 person dungeon is complete and the 25 person raid instance is progressing nicely. There's also a cool "public" area featuring brand new daily quests called Sunwell Isle.

Heroic ključevi će biti dostupni na Honored reputaciji!

That's intended. It was a late change so the patch notes haven't been updated to reflect it. 

Najnovije PTR 2.3 izmene

Shadow priest gloves (Season 3) sada imaju isti bonus kao i gloves za holy spec. Redukuju cooldown na Psychic Scream za 3 sekunde.

Novi svetleći efekat na 35 agi enchant.

- New Aimed Shot reduces healing done to the target by 50%.
- Dead Zone reduced (there is still one, but its very small like 1 yard).

- New Fanaticism, Increase the critical strike chance of all judgements capable of a critical hit by 3% and reduces threat caused by all actions by 6%.
- Precision (paladin protection T2 talent) now give 1/2/3 % melee AND spell hit.

- Aggression buff: Rogue Combat talent Aggression now applies its 2/4/6% bonus to Backstab. This is in addition to the previous effects of 2/4/6% increased damage on Sinister Strike and Eviscerate.
- Shadowstep reduced to 30 second cooldown. 8-25 yd range. Changed from 20 yard. (previously no min range) Also adds +20% damage to any special on next attack.
- Hemorrhage debuffed increased from 10 to 36. Now lasts 10 charges or 15 seconds.

- Weapon Mastery got changed to -2% dodge instead of the said -4% dodge.

Arena Season 3 izmene izgled oružija

Sad sva oružija imaju isti skin kao u (BT i Hyjal) samo crne boje.

Guild Banks
Guild banke su sada dostupne u svim glavnim gradovima. Svaki slot ima prostora za 98 predmeta, a možete da kupite takvih 6.

Slot 1: 1g
Slot 2: 10g
Slot 3: 100g
Slot 4: 1000g
Slot 5: 5000g
Slot 6: 10000g

-Field Repair Bot 110g is now 5 charges per creation.

Dnevne Blue teme

2.3: Arena Season 3 PTR problemi (Izvor)

As stated before we've activated Arena Season 3 on the PTR, and we have already discovered some major bugs.
First the arena season state is not persisting after a server reset, this is why the arena vendors keep disappearing.
Second, the new arena UI is not displaying when Season 3 starts so you can not see your personal rating.
Both of these issues will be fixed in an upcoming PTR build.

2.3: Honor Point reset nakon izlaska 2.3? (Izvor)

We have no plans right now to reset the honor points that a player currently has. Stockpile away!

2.3 Priest: Pain Suppression izmene potvrdjene (Izvor)

The change to Pain Suppression is something that has been a subject of debate for some time. Previously when players wanted it to be castable on others, it was mentioned that 65% of a damage reduction was just too much. This change makes it possible to cast it on others and still get significant benefit out of it. Don't forget that there is also an additional benefit of having Pain Supression in that you get a 65% dispel resist for 8 seconds, if you have Silent Resolve, that's an 85% spell resist while it's in use.
The threat reduction also can be of benefit for getting that edge off of a DPSer when you need to and at the same, time is still very viable to throw on a main tank if they have enough aggro. We just didn't want it to feel as if the only person that a Priest would be casting it on would be a main tank.

2.3 Mage: Zašto se trajanje Hypothermia promenilo (Izvor)

We were finding that the current duration of hypothermia was simply not long enough. Mages were easily able to buy the time they needed to iceblock a second time when fighting the same opponent. This is basically what we were looking to prevent. I understand that this isn't the answer you're looking for, but these are the facts.

2.3 UI: Interface AddOn Kit updated for 2.3 PTR (Source)

The Interface AddOn Kit has been updated to work with the 2.3 test realm:

Live Servers: Headless Horseman loot je trajan (sem mounta) (Izvor)

Heh, no, they're permanent.
The event designers wanted to incorporate some item rewards, some decent epic items for completing the end-quest for a holiday event. Something that is likely to continue into other events. It's certainly easy, puggable, and it gives some decent items. It's a fun event, and the fight to the portal in/around SM is a hoot. Enjoy!

Live Servers: Zašto Broom Mounta ima rok trajanja? (Izvor)

Putting the duration on these items makes it so we don't have to worry about keeping them as a special rare mount. Instead it allows us to make them drop on a regular basis so almost everybody can experience this part of the event and enjoy it while it lasts. 

Izašao WoW Board Game Nastavak

Fantasy Flight Games su napravili Burning Crusade nastavak za WoW Board Game.

Play as a Draenei shaman or a Blood Elf paladin. Unlock new powers and talents as you rise to level six. Challenge new Overlords, battle new monsters, purchase a flying mount, and venture into dangerous dungeons in both Azeroth and Outland.

* Dozens of detailed plastic figures, with new monsters and new heroes.
* Based on the fastest-selling computer game expansion of all time.
* New game board, new Heroes, new monsters, new quests, new items, new powers, new rules, dungeons, flying mounts, Outland, and more!

Pošto je ovo nastavak, zahteva originalan WoW Board Game.

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