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Ogri'la Reputation guide

Blizzard je ažurirao svoju World of Warcraft Guide stranicu sa novim člankom kako doći do reputacije sa Ogri'la fakcijom.

Članak je pun informacija o questovima koje možete da uradite jedanput dnevno, kao i kako se snaći u najtežim delovima i rešiti ih.

Više o Ogri'la reputaciji pročitajte ovde.

Blizzard ne planira da ukloni revered reputaciju za dobijanje ključeva heroic istance

Blizzard trenutno ne planira da uklanja revered reputaciju da bi ste dobili ključ heroic istance.

We have no current plans to remove the revered reputation status as the requirement to get the heroic dungeon keys.

While some realms may have a harder time finding groups than others, there are still people running them that you can group with and I'm pretty sure they really want to get the reputation too. Keep looking for people to team up with and you'll get there.

Death Knight dostupan svim rasama

Kako Blizzard najavljuje, iako je Death Knight i dalje u razvoju, moguće da će sve rase imati mogućnost da izaberu put Death Knight hero klase.

The Death Knight class is still being developed, but it is possible it will be available to all races. We will provide more details on this class and many other things when we are closer to launching Wrath of the Lich King and the details become finalized. (Izvor)

Mnogo izmena posle 2.2 Patcha

Dva meseca je već prošlo kako je patch 2.2 i dalje na PTR serverima, i mi svi očekujemo njegov izlazak. Da li će to biti za nedelju dana, 3 nedelje, ko zna, ali Blizzard već zna šta i kako će se odvijati u sledećem patchu i najavljuje mnogo izmena:

We're currently focusing on the information and release of patch 2.2. All changes coming after 2.2 will be discussed after the patch has been released. There is no shortage of changes in the following patch, and we'll begin discussing them as soon as we can.

EU Serveri koji će prvi koristiti Voice Chat.

Objavili smo listu US Servera koji će moći da koriste Voice Chat u 2.2 Patchu. Došli smo i do informacija koji EU Serveri će moći da koriste ovu novu mogućnost, čim 2.2 patch bude dostupan.

* English
Earthen Ring, Ravencrest, Runetotem, Shadowmoon, Shadowsong, Shattered Hand, Silvermoon, Skullcrusher, Spinebreaker, Stormrage, Stormreaver, Stormscale, Terenas, Thunderhorn, Turalyon

* German
Aegwynn, Alexstrasza, Alleria, Antonidas, Baelgun, Blackhand, Destromath, Die Silberne Hand, Eredar, Frostmourne, Frostwolf, Gorgonnash, Gul'dan, Kel'Thuzad, Kil'Jaeden, Madmortem, Malfurion, Mal'Ganis, Mannoroth, Nathrezim, Nozdormu, Perenolde, Proudmoore, Zirkel des Cenarius, Zuluhed

Dnevni Blue postovi na forumu

Moguće povećanje slotova torbica i banke pre WotLK

We're mindful of space concerns, and increasing the base backpack size is certainly a possibility for the future. We have other space and storage increases currently in the works for release before Wrath though, and we'll be talking about those soon.

Can you give us those Super Backpacks from the PTR the 36 slotters i still has space issues even using those.

Probably not. But don't worry, there's better stuff in the works.

Quick question: Can we please make more things count as keys for the key-ring bag? Onyxia neck, Maraudon princess key(staff thing), the transponder for gnomereggan, etc? Or else give us an option to replace them with actual keys? That alone would be a big help.

The general design decision there is that anything that isn't a key doesn't go on the keyring, especially something that can be equipped. (Izvor)

Enhancement i Retribution izmene i Season 3

Will the Enh & Ret changes be implemented before/with/after Season3 is introduced?

We can't answer this as of yet. Ret and Enhance changes are coming as you stated, but we can't say if it's coming at the same time as S3 yet or not. First we need to get patch 2.2.0 into live and then we need to get the next patch onto the test realms. We do plan to give people notice ahead of time on when we hope to initiate Season 3, however. We don't plan to give any advance previews of things either, but everyone will be able to check things out on the test realm when it all hits. (Izvor)

Dan kada startuje Season 3?

Blue post said they wanted to give advanced notice... just wondering if it had be posted.

We haven't posted word on this yet. We would like to give at least a couple of weeks advance notice, but giving notice on the timing is contingent on several factors. We'll do our best though.

Could you just answer this question: At the present moment, excluding changes of plans that are both possible and likely, is season 3 currently scheduled for the same patch as 2.3 or not?

That's the last I heard. Again, that could change. (Izvor)

Nema planova o novom setu sa 8 delova...

The problem with a big 8 piece armor set is that it may cause someone to ignore an item that would be great for them as they are focused on the specific items that will get their set bonus. With the 5 piece sets, players are able to mix and match pieces to fit their style of play better or even help out for the specific encounter they are at.

At this time we are happy with the itemization that the 5 piece armor sets offer and plan to continue implementing them.

The same could be said for 5-piece sets. Sure, there's a somewhat-larger chance of it happening with 8-piece sets, but then you guys were on the right track with the set bonus being applied at 8 pieces (leaving the 9th piece with no bonus, which gave room for customization).

And we applied this idea to the new sets so that the set bonus is applied at 2 and 4 pieces. So not only does it take fewer items to get to, but it allows for a wider range of items to be equipped and used in your other slots so you can prepare yourself to your satisfaction for whatever encounter you are going into. (Izvor)

Voice Chat na nekim US serverima u 2.2

Drysc je objavio da će blizzard predstaviti Voice Chat u 2.2 patchu, ali samo na nekim serverima prve nedelje zbog testiranja.

Ovo je zvanična informacija samo za US servere, za EU nije spomenuto da li će u startu svi serveri podržati ovu mogućnost.

In the upcoming patch we will be introducing voice chat, which allows players to talk to each other in-game with the use of a microphone. To ensure that we provide the quality play experience we’re committed to, we will be ramping up the voice chat feature in multiple stages. Currently we are scheduling voice chat to be available on patch day for a limited number of realms. While all realms will still receive the 2.2 patch, and all the content and changes therein, only some realms will have voice chat enabled at the start. We plan to then enable voice chat for the remaining realms the following week. This ramp up release will help us to test the voice chat feature in a live realm environment before enabling it on all realms.

To read more about the upcoming Voice Chat feature, click here:

The initial set of realms that will have voice chat enabled on patch day:

Aerie Peak, Altar of Storms, Alterac Mountains, Andorhal, Anetheron, Anvilmar, Archimonde, Arygos, Black , Dragonflight, Blackwing Lair, Dalaran, Dalvengyr, Deathwing, Demon Soul, Dentarg, Doomhammer, Duskwood, Executus, Gnomeregan, Haomarush, Icecrown, Jaedenar, Kel'Thuzad, Khadgar, Lethon, Mal'Ganis, Norgannon, Onyxia, Scilla, Sentinels, Steamwheedle Cartel, Tanaris, The Venture Co, Thrall, Turalyon, Uldaman, Undermine, Ysera, Ysondre, Zuluhed

All other realms are scheduled to have voice chat enabled the week following the patch release week.

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