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Author: ScepticuS Date: Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Author: Warheart Date: Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Author: Atena013 Date: Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Author: Atena013 Date: Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dustin Browder Govori o Team Experience i Levelovanju

Dustin "Rock" Browder objavio je informativan blog na zvaničnom Heroes sajtu, koji nam govori o timskom čevelovanju.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

When we first set out to make Heroes of the Storm, we had an idea of how the game should play. We imagined Support characters as pure healers moving to help their allies. We imagined Siege characters (now called Specialists) charging into battle, and clearing away enemy armies and fortifications with ease to make way for friendly forces. We imagined heroes claiming objectives like the Dragon Knight, or collecting Doubloons to gain the power of characters like the undead pirate, Blackheart. 

When we first started, we had individual hero leveling like many games in the genre. We liked how it forced players to split up into different locations, and coming together was a cost and a risk. We also liked how individual experience rewarded players for doing well, and really encouraged players to do their best; knowing that they were falling behind if they started to give away too many victories.

We made a large number of tweaks to this system to make Support and Siege heroes work with individual leveling, and everything worked. --but then we ran into Abathur. Here was a hero who never went into battle at all. He hid back in base, and attacked the enemy from afar. This helped inspire us to consider the possibility of more extreme heroes in the future. What if we had more heroes who supported the team in strange ways? 

We were also running into trouble where players didn’t want to leave a battle in order to engage with a map objective or help an ally. Moving to capture a Dragon Shrine was a very risky move if it cost you experience and you fell behind in levels. Players were too fearful to move away from enemy minions to actually engage with the various locations and characters on our Battlegrounds. When we played, we noticed that the players that were actually doing the most to help their team by fighting over Battleground objectives were often several levels behind. 

Moving from one part of the Battleground to another to heal an ally or kill an enemy was also risky.  If you did it too often you would find yourself behind in levels. With individual leveling, all players had to stay in a lane next to a battle most of the time.

This was not the freeform strategic experience we were hoping for.  

We started to experiment with team leveling. In this new system, many elements (like killing towns) give map-wide experience to the whole team, even if there is nobody near the town when it is destroyed. Enemy minions give experience so long as someone is nearby to collect the experience. If you have two heroes near an enemy minion when it dies you do not collect double experience. As long as you have a single hero next to a battle you are collecting the maximum experience from that battle for your team.  

Team leveling solved a lot of problems for our game. Characters like Abathur just worked. All of our Battlegrounds were suddenly alive with possibility. Players had the freedom to go where they wanted to go, when they wanted to go there, with the knowledge that their allies were helping them by collecting the experience that minions created. At any given time one to three players on each team could be anywhere they wanted to be. They were free to roam to help their team, kill enemies, or complete map objectives with full knowledge that their allies were still getting maximum experience from the Battleground.

Teams that try to send all five players to one location can continue to do so, but at a severe cost.  If the other team is split up, the team that is all-in at one location will find itself falling behind in levels. 

In the end, this was what it was all about. Creating an environment where it was easy to cross lanes to help one another, or kill an enemy. We want an environment where you can all run to a Cursed Hollow tribute, or everyone can do a mad-dash for a Dragon Shrine, secure in the knowledge that your allies have your back. 

I hope that helps people understand what we are doing, and why. As always, your feedback for our Alpha is greatly appreciated, and has already helped us make Heroes of the Storm a better game.

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Patch 2.0.3 Hotfixevi

Blizzard je juče postavio veliki hotfix na Diablo 3 Live serverima. Jedna od velikih izmena je Monk Unity Passive koji, vam sad daje ukupno 20% damage kada ste u full party.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
  • Optimizing clan and community operations to allow them to load more quickly and efficiently.*
  • Akarat's Champion
    • The revive proc of this skill now properly triggers when killed by a damage over time effect.*
  • Sweeping Wind
    • Fixing an issue where Sweeping Wind can occasionally cause severe performance decreases for players.*
  • Fixed an issue where Adria would occasionally refuse to die if killed during her Cauldron Teleport.*
  • Players can no longer be placed in an Adventure Mode public game if the first full Act of Bounties has been completed.*
  • Fixed an issue where Shadow Vermin could spawn infinitely when fighting Orlash.*
  • Westmarch Hounds now properly drop players when charmed.*
  • Blessed Hammer
    • Should no longer occasionally cause the game to crash.*
  • Heavenly Strength
    • No longer causes the game to crash when equipping items with resource bonuses for other classes.*
Demon Hunter
  • Chakram
    • Should no longer occasionally cause the game to crash.*
  • Unity
    • Players can now benefit from a maximum of 20% bonus damage from the Unity passive.*

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Item Level Pojašnjenja, Collector's Edition Art Book 4D Tajna

Item Level Pojašnjenja
Originally Posted by Blizzard
Enchantments Depend on Item Level, Not Hero Level
It turns out that this was actually changed, so my previous post is no longer correct. My apologies for not posting this sooner.
When you enchant an item, the new stats are now rolled at the item level, and not the character's level—this means that higher level items are less prone to be negated by lower level items that are continuously being re-rolled.  (Source)
Level Required To Equip Is Different Than Item's Power Level
It looks like there was a little confusion on this topic, so allow me to clarify - there is not a bug involved here. Required level is not the same thing as an item’s power level, and it definitely does not mean a level 69 character should feel uncomfortable about using an item that specifies “Requires Level 61.” Items saying "Requires Level 61" on them is by design. The item can be at a power level intended for level 68 or 69 characters but we let players use it at Level 61 - this is intentional.
A primary boon of this approach is you know that items you find early on in your leveling experience (around 61-62) aren't replaced immediately upon reaching 63. That awesome item you found at 61 should be able to stick with you up through 69. When there are too many tiers of items, you transition through them rapidly and the items start to feel transient. Why bother gemming or enchanting an item if you expect to find an upgrade in 30 minutes? The Mystic’s Enchanting is powerful, but it doesn't feel worth using if you don’t have confidence your item will still be useful in 2 levels. Another benefit of this design choice is that it is alt-friendly. We think it's really fun to have the option to twink characters. Why not allow items you find at the upper echelons of the 60's to be passed down to your new characters fairly easily? 
This does have some downsides, including that upgrades can feel a little sparse between the latter levels before cap (66-69). However, in this situation, we felt the benefits outweighed the detriments and it keeps the element of randomness that we feel is core to the Diablo experience. We want to ensure there is a chance to find an amazing top tier item the moment you ding 61 and get to hold on to it for hours if fortune smiles upon you, though that may mean it takes a little longer to find an upgrade for that particular slot.
66-70 is a really brutal slog though. Honestly, you could probably tone down monsters or speed up leveling in this bit safely. I've had a lot of clanmates griping about it already.
It is, and that's also intended. It's totally fine to drop the difficulty as you climb closer to 70, because the game does get more difficult as you level up (since monsters now level alongside you). Once you reach 70, you're entering a new environment where you can ascend back up through the difficulties as you acquire additional gear, shift things around with the Mystic or gems, or gain additional Paragon levels.
Some folks might start at higher difficulties than others at 70, either because they found some pretty amazing items as they level that keep well or because they're seeking a really tough challenge and it better suits their play style. That's fine - the difficulty systems are there to tailor your experience and level of challenge as well as to offer a sense of progression.(Source)
Collector's Edition Art Book 4D Tajna
Ukoliko ste ponosni vlasnik CE izdanja Reaper of Souls, da li ste vi probali ovu aplikaciju? Blizzard je objavio zvaničan video koji demonstrira ovu novu magiju!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

Players who've already explored their Collector's Edition goodies may have noticed a small note in the back of the official Reaper of Souls™ art book referencing a mysterious new app called the Blizzard® AR Viewer.

So, what is the Blizzard AR Viewer, where can you get download the app, and how it does work? Read on below for all the delicious details! 

What is the Blizzard AR Viewer?

The Blizzard AR Viewer is a free mobile application that interacts with select pages of the official Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition art book. This fun app allow players to take their viewing experience to the next level by bringing a series of exclusive images in the book to life through the magic of augmented reality and animation! 

Where to Download the App:

Before you can explore these hidden art book treasures, you'll first need to download the Blizzard AR Viewer on your favorite iOS® or Android™ device. The app is available on the following platforms in all regions where the Apple® App Store™ and Google Play™ are available:

  • Apple iOS
    • Recommended devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad 3, iPad 4
    • Minimum requirements: iPad 2, iPhone 4
  • Android
    • Recommended devices: Any Android 4.0 device or above

The Blizzard AR Viewer is completely free, so just select your preferred platform above, download the application, and you’re ready to go! (Please note that an active internet connection will be required to use the app itself.) 

How it Works:

Using the Blizzard AR Viewer is quick and easy. Just fire up the app on your supported mobile device, point, and scan!

When navigating through the Reaper of Souls art book, be sure to keep an eye out for this Malthael-inspired icon on several of its pages. The icon indicates bonus content is available that's compatible with the AR app.

Test Drive the Blizzard AR  Viewer Today!

No Collector's Edition? No problem! To try out the app, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Visit this link and download the PDF (also available below).
  2. Print out a color or black & white copy of each image.
  3. Use the Blizzard AR Viewer to scan the image with your device. 


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Novi Wave Tech Alpha Invajtova, Designer Insights: Giving Tyrael Justice

Novi Wave Tech Alpha Invajtova
Potvrdjeno nam je da je novi wave invajtova za Techincal Alpha poslat danas. Da bi ste videli da li ste dobili Heroes of the Storm Tech Alpha, logujte se na account management, ili jednostavno otvorite aplikaciju i vidite da li se pojavljuje Heroes of the Storm ikona. Ukoliko se niste prijavili za Heroes of the Storm beta test, to možete jednostavno uraditi na beta profile opt-in stranici. Vidimo se u Nexusu!
Designer Insights: Giving Tyrael Justice
Ovo je Nedelja Tyrael heroja! Trikslyr je oradio kratak intervju sa senior game dizajnerom Richard Khoo, gde možemo pročitati proces dizajniranja heroja Tyrael.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Trikslyr: Generally, the word “Warrior” gives images of a hero that likes to charge in and disrupt battle, while also being durable. However, Tyrael boasts traits and skills that allow him to support his fellow allies, shying away from the status quo of the typical warrior. Hand of Sacrifice comes to mind when playing him. What was the goal when designing Tyrael for Heroes of the Storm?

Richard: When we designed Tyrael, the goal was to craft a hybrid between warrior and support. Blending the roles like this was done in the interest of crafting a diverse set of heroes where the play style would match their fantasy. It’s easy to imagine Tyrael fighting alongside his allies and directly assisting them when they have fallen, while also being sturdy enough to initiate fights and lead the charge.

T: Tyrael is known as a righteous hero. Does the design team feel like his current skillset translates his noble qualities over to Heroes of the Storm?

Richard: We certainly hope so! If you were to imagine all the heroes currently available in our roster and the potential for future heroes, we would still deem Tyrael as our most support-like warrior. The best representation of this is his Sanctification heroic ability, where Tyrael sacrifices his ability to perform any other action in order to make his nearby allies invulnerable.

T: El'Druin, the Sword of Justice, is Tyrael's weapon of choice. How does the design team feel like they have made the weapon feel like an important part to Tyrael's playstyle? Are there any cool talents that'll make El'Druin even more awesome?

Richard: Tyrael’s Q ability is Punishing Blade, which allows him to throw his sword at a location to deal damage and slow nearby enemies. If Tyrael activates the ability again, he instantly teleports to the sword’s location and repeats the same damage and slow effect. This allows Tyrael to move in and out of combat almost instantly, giving him a lot of versatility in his positioning, while also depicting the “speed of light” fantasy for angels in the Diablo universe. There is a cool late game talent called “Angelic Barricade”—when Tyrael ports to El’druin, the triggered ability creates an impassable area that can be used to trap enemies and provide space for his allies.

T: Currently, Tyrael's combat trait is death based. Before death, he becomes invulnerable for 4 seconds, and when the four seconds expire, he explodes and damages enemies in an area of effect radius. What was the design team trying to convey with this combat trait?

Richard: The feel was “Don’t kill archangels! And definitely not THE Archangel of Justice! You will regret it!” Jokes aside, Tyrael is going to be in the middle of team fights, and the idea of giving Tyrael some gameplay upon death felt appropriate for him. We have a couple of talents that make Might of El'druin really important. For example, we have a talent called “Atonement” that increases the movement speed while dead and makes it so that every enemy the blast radius hits reduces Tyrael’s death timer by 10 seconds. If you get lucky, you can cheat a majority of the death penalty.

T: This last question is becoming a tradition of being fun, so let’s keep with it. Are there any awesome/goofy stories of playing Tyrael during the testing phase that stand out?

Richard: Speaking of Archangel’s Wrath…when the combat trait was first implemented, the tech designer put too many 0’s in the damage effect, causing Tyrael to deal 10x the intended damage and one-shot enemy heroes as a result. It was ABSOLUTELY amazing. *cough* It also didn’t hurt that I was playtesting Tyrael at the time. *cough*

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Alpha Patch 29562: RoS Hero Skinovi, Hero Izmene, Bugfixevi i Nove Hero Rotacije

Nove Hero Rotacije
Ove nedelje, Nova je zaključan heroj, ali on je dostupan ukoliko ste level 7 u igri.

Nova (Locked)

Novi Reaper of Souls Skinovi
Novi Skinovi dostupni su da se kupe u igri: Angelic Valla (Demon Hunter) i Demonic Tyrael
demonic tyrael
angelic valla
Zvanične izmene u Alpha Patch 29562 i Bugfixevi
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

We’ve brought the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha down today in order to refresh the weekly free hero rotation and make the balance changes listed below. Thank you for all the great feedback you’ve provided during alpha testing thus far. We hope you’ll try out these changes in-game and share your input with us soon!



  • Knights
    • Knight Health reduced by 20%
    • Time between Knight and Sorcerer attacks increased from 1.0 to 1.25



  • Focused Attack talent bonus to Basic Attack damage increased from +30% to +50%


  • Fixed a bug which granted Hero clones created by Ultimate Evolution more Health and damage than intended.


  • Fixed a bug which unintentionally granted increased damage for all abilities while in Robo-Goblin form.


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Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition Unboxing i RoS Ponoćna Prodaja

Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition Unboxing
Imali smo prilike da pogledamo kako izgleda unutrašnjost kolektorskog izdanja Reapers of Souls.

Reaper of Souls Ponoćna Prodaja u Srbiji
Ko nije bio, propustio je lepu zabavu ponoćne prodaje Reaper of Souls koju je organizovao computerland, zvanični distributer za Blizzard igrice u Srbiji.

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Warlords of Draenor - Profession Catch Up, Chat, Blue Teme

Warlords of Draenor - Profession Catch Up
Na Blizzcon i prethodnim intervjuima, developeri su govorili o profession catch up mehanizmu. Izgleda da će Warlords of Draenor dodati ovaj nov sadržajh, a hwoome nam je i te planove potvrdio pre par dana!

Battle.Net Desktop App - Chat Opcija Uskoro
Uskoro bi trebalo da vidimo omgućenu Chat opciju u aplikaciji, a u medjuvremenu dobili smo i dodatne informacije!
Originally Posted by Vexis (source)
Soon, soon!

We initially were going to enable chat before the Diablo 3 expansion launch, but due to some unforeseen issues it had to be delayed.

To ensure the stability of the Diablo 3 expansion launch, we've postponed it until after.

Blue Tweetovi
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Warlords of Draenor Stats
With Hit/Exp gone, what will the new incentive be for melee to stay behind the boss/mob to DPS?
It's more like the stats are gone from items and everyone gets a passive +7.5% to both. You can still get parried from the front. (WatcherDev)
Chance to be parried will be 0%/0%/1.5%/3%, against a +0/+1/+2/+3 level target. (Bosses are +3) (Celestalon)
are inanimate objects like siege crafter weapons still going to parry?
That's encounter-specific, and we generally disable parry where it makes no sense. We missed belt weapons. (WatcherDev)

You mentioned once before about flex modes possibly flexing up to 30 people. That still on the table or still only 25 flex max?
Still on the table. (WatcherDev)
30 sounds great. A mythic guild can fit in its entire roster. Still think distributed loot should be mythic only.
Why? Just to stop week one split main/alt loot-funneling runs? (WatcherDev)
agree with about the 30 size being good so no one from roster needing to be left out, disagree with loot thinking.
I'd love to stop week 1 loot funneling, but not at the expense of a social loot experience for the majority. (WatcherDev)
In my experience week 1 loot funneling is a problem with very few guilds. Most won't even do it.
Yeah, plenty of 14/14H guilds don't do any of that. It's a niche problem. It does suck though. (WatcherDev)

How would this affect loot drops if raid loot is in affect? I'm assuming 30 people would cause more loot drops than 25 or 20?
Right, with 30 you'd see 50% more loot on average than with 20. (WatcherDev)
So loot per raid size it'll be: 8-19 people: 1 token + 1 item, 20-29 people: 2 tokens +2 items, 30 people: 3 tokens + 3 items?
No breakpoints like that. The idea is for loot : player ratio to be constant. We'll have more details to share in the future. (WatcherDev)

Challenge mode raiding? 6.1 feature? Sounds good to me
Who's the audience for that feature? Seems like it'd be just the tiny sliver of players that has cleared the current Mythic tier. (WatcherDev)

Why are they separated into two raids now, as opposed to three? Any particular design reasons?
HoF/ToES split was a bit awkward, especially for the gating, and 10 bosses lets Foundry feel like more of an epic end to the tier. (WatcherDev)

So what about resil and battle fatigue? is it going away?
.Base resil and battle fatigue will be made as low as good gameplay will allow. (holinka)
Our goal is to have health pools scale along side damage so we don't have to constantly bump them up. (holinka)
If there is 2 dps for every health bar, doesnt that mean damage scales 2x faster then health? Wont the ratio change?
Example: Backstab does 10% of health in first season, 20% in last season. Not really a bracket thing. (holinka)

Can't recall if this was answered elsewhere, but is there a reason Drums of Rage aren't usable in Challenge Modes? Thanks
We generally bar the use of items/advantages added after the introduction of CMs. Drums should be usable in WoD CMs. (WatcherDev)

and if you don't know, find out.. why are there Ruby Guardians in Grim Batol
Lorewise, Grim Batol was guarded by the red dragonflight before it was retaken by the Twilight's Hammer and black dragonflight. (WatcherDev)

will wod have a lot of timeless Isle style interaction all over draenor?
Absolutely! From levelling to endgame, we're all about dynamic content and choosing the difficulty that's right for you! (Muffinus)

Would a system with XP bonuses for killing mobs well above your level be possible? There could be issues with high level carries..
How about an XP bonus for taking on a tough elite or rare in the zone? Doesn't need to be high level to be difficult! (Muffinus)
Would be also cool if rare elites would drop some transmog gear. For example, rare elites in Talador drop shoulder pads and so on
Used to be worried about inventory space with too many toys and fun stuff, Warlords UI revamp helps a ton! (Muffinus)

Warlords of Draenor
Hey Ion, just curious about something: will there be daily quests at max level in Warlords too? Not a lot but I do enjoy them.
Daily quests will certainly exist in various forms, but they won't be the backbone of endgame outdoor content as they were in MoP (WatcherDev)

Any chance you can reduce ground spell effects, proc effects and visual "clutter" in melee? Hard to spot char and target facing
Yes. We have big plans to solve this; it's a big problem to us. (Celestalon)

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