Novi Starcraft Warrior Heroj i Voidseeker Mount website počeo je promociju prodaje StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void i Digital Delux edicije. Svi Blizzardovi naslovi dobiće po koji ingame item, a za Heroes of the Storm planirana su dva - Starcraft Warrior Heroj i Mount. Više informacija o mountu i Starcraft Heroju možete pogledati na zvaničnom linku za prodaju.


Ažuriran Hearthstone Zvaničan Website, Hearthstone In-Game Item iz Legacy of the Void

Ažuriran Hearthstone Zvaničan Website

Mač se pojavio danas na zvaničnom Hearthstone sajtu. Definitivno ovo ima veze sa informacijama koje ćemo dobiti 22 Jula, jer se glavna stranica uvek ažurira kada se ubacuje novi sadržaj u igri.

Argent Tournament teorija je sve više moguća. Za one koji nisu upoznati, Argent Tournament nalazi se u Northrendu, malom snežnom kontinentu, gde ima dosta mačeva. Još uvek nemamo zvanične potvrdu da je Argent Tournament planiran kao sledeći sadržaj igre.

Hearthstone In-Game Item iz Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void

Update: Protoss Pozadina za karte potvrdjena je preko press release-a.


Blizzard je počeo da reklamira svoju standardnu i digital delux ediciju StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void preko Battle.neta i zajedno sa tim, ponudiće in-game nagrade za razne Blizzardove naslove.

Hearthstone će dobiti jedan item, kao i World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm i Diablo 3 koji će dobiti po dva. Ukoliko želite da poručite digital delux verziju, možete uraditi ovde.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

Legacy of the Void will come in a Standard Edition (physical and digital versions available), which players can pre-purchase now digitally for $39.99. Players also have the option to upgrade their pre-purchase to the Digital Deluxe Edition ($59.99), which will unlock a variety of in-game bonuses for Blizzard games (available upon Legacy of the Void’s release), including:

  • Archon battle pet ready to join your side in World of Warcraft®
  • Void Seeker mount to charge through the Nexus in Heroes of the Storm
  • Protoss card back to demonstrate your psionic potential in Hearthstone®
  • Protoss-themed portraits and unit skin for StarCraft II


Soldier: 76 Gameplay Preview - Hanamura i Developer Q&A

Blizzard je predstavio video zapis gde možemo videti Solder: 76 u akciji na Hanamura mapi.

Mythic Hellfire Citadel Progres, Patch 6.2 Hotfixevi - 13 Jul, Blue Teme

Mythic Hellfire Citadel Progres
Pet guildova se trenutno nalaze na 12/13 Mythic progres. Progres možete pratiti uvek na WoWProgress, i Manaflasku.


Patch 6.2 Hotfixebi - 13 Jul
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Raids and Dungeons
Hellfire Citadel
  • Fixed an issue where using chaining abilities against very large targets could cause the ability to not chain correctly to smaller targets.
Hellfire High Council
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Dia Darkwhisper to not cast Mark of the Necromancer a final time upon reaching 30% health.


Tier Armor Set Bonuses
Fixed an issue affecting a number of tier armor set bonuses not granting a chance to trigger the set bonus effect if the attacking ability's damage had been fully absorbed by a damage shield.

  • Lifebloom should now be correctly granting full effects of Mastery: Harmony's bonus to periodic healing during the bloom portion of the spell.

General Abilities
  • Fixed an issue where Kill Shot (Beast Mastery, Marksmanship) can occasionally fail to reset its cooldown if it fails to kill the target.
  • Barrage should no longer incorrectly hit targets that are in stealth if the Hunter is unable to see them.

  • Water Elemental's Water Jet and Freeze ability could no longer be incorrectly cast at the same time.

  • Fixed an issue with Monk abilities that could incorrectly detect two-handed vs. dual-wielded weapons.

Blue Teme
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Contest Winners
so, did anybody win?
Yeah! 110 people to be exact! As well as the person (and guest) that won the trip to BlizzCon.

We're still finalizing some of the winners. Per the rules they have 10 days to respond to our email before we pick a new winner. Of course some people don't check their email, we pick a new winner, and sometimes they also don't check their email, etc. etc. this could go on for a long time... Plus the legal process for some of the larger ticket prizes requires physical documents being mailed back and forth. Long story short, we don't have a full final list of winners yet--although it's only a few stragglers remaining.

Instead of posting all the winner's screenshots (111 of them)--not only because it's a lot of entries to post, but also because it was a sweepstakes, and not a judgment of the best screenshots--we're going to just be posting some of our favorites. We should have that up early next week if I were to guess. (Source)

Blue Tweetovi
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Infernals are basically the same as the Molten giants that Dark Shaman enslave, the only difference is shape and one is fel-
Fel construct vs. living earth creature enslaved against its will. (Muffinus)

be considered demonic souls...
"Infernal soul" might also be a term used by the legion for a fabricated "soul," which may not be the same as a life soul. (Muffinus)

So locks are controlling the infernal soul that animates the infernals? Neato, I guess fel-corrupted elemental spirits could also
I would consider those more fel-corrupted living beings, not necessarily demonic, just corrupted. Aberrations. (Muffinus)

...aren't shaman heals just water spells?
They used to be life spells! Now they are water. I think their res is still nature? I don't recall. (Muffinus)

Pets and Pet Battles
About battle pets, ever considered that the system might be getting a bit bloated? There are 14 rats, for example.
Sounds like we need more cats (Muffinus)

Više o Warcraft Filmu Saznali Smo na San Diego Comin Con

Trailer Warcraft Fila možemo očekivati u Novembru 2015!
Napokon imamo datum kada će biti prikazan trailer za Warcraft Film!

Warcraft Film i Video Zapisi
Svi koji su prisustvovali na Legendary Pictures Comin Con imali su prilike da pogledao par minuta video zapisa filma, medjutim snimanje istih nije bilo dozvoljeno... Naravno uvek se nadje neko da prekši pravila :)

Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
  • Recap of the footage from io9. Read the full description on their site for more!
    • Durotan says “Our planet is dying, we need food and water.” A group of orcs sit around the fire and talk about how they believe in the orc warlock Gul’dan (Daniel Wu), and will follow his lead.
    • Next Durotan and his wife, Draka, are laying on the ground of their hut. The wife has chosen a name for their child, but the father says “I’ll choose a name when I meet him.” She then reveals it’s a son and he’s very excited.
    • We see the aforementioned Gul’dan on a massive cliff with the Dark Portal from the games behind him. “Dead, alive, dead, alive,” he slowly chants. He reveals that a thousand soldiers need a thousand slaves - prisoners, not corpses - as fuel for the Fel
    • Montage of shots of the Alliance characters walking in on and around Stormwind, before we go back to the orcs, “We are not powerful enough to defeat them” one says to the other. “We could be,” the other responds.
    • King Llane Wrynn says “They’re beasts, they should be destroyed. If we do not unite to fight this enemy, we shall perish.”
    • There’s a shot reminiscent of Braveheart where the Alliance is running from the left side of the frame, it pans right and the orcs are running, and the smash into each other in the middle. That’s followed by a shot of a guy jumping off a cliff and jumping onto a Gryphon.
    • Warcraft definitely looks like it’s CG and green screen. These are not real sets.
    • Think a dirtier, dustier, more muted Avatar.
    • I think many fans are going to complain that it looks to fake but, come on, how else could this get pulled off?
  • Recap of the footage from geektyrant
    • The footage basically starts off with clips of the orcs and their lives in a desolate wasteland that is dying. They need to find a new place to live so they can survive.
    • This leads to them making their way through the dark portal into the world of Azeroth thanks to the help of warlock Gul'dan with his death magic.
    • Of course The Alliance discovers them, think the Orc are dangerous, and they go to war!
    • The audience was then treated to a ton of visually stunning battles sequences between these two factions.
    • Seriously, the footage that we saw is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It is the true definition of "epic."
    • I haven't been moved by film footage like this since I saw The Lord of the Rings for the first time.
    • Warcraft takes all of that CGI filmmaking to a whole new level.
  • Recap of the footage from ComingSoon
    • Basically it starts with a focus on the Horde as it shows a bunch of them walking across the wilderness until they come to an area with a bunch of green orcs
    • We spend some time with the orcs as they realize they need to find food and water to save their world
    • It shows a lot of Durotan and his wife who is pregnant and that seems to be a big part of the story
    • But we see a wizard creating a portal from the souls of prisoners
    • Anyway, the wizard creates the portal and the orcs rush through it and for that whole section we haven't seen a single human
    • When they get through the portal, they first see the humans on horseback and we get to see King Llane and some of the other characters who say that the Horde are monsters that need to be destroyed
    • There was a lot of footage of all the characters but it kept coming back to Durotan and his wife who has the baby in the human world where he's in danger
    • Yes, filming has been finished a long time. From the footage it's obviously very CG heavy especially in the Horde scenes because that's all CG
    • What's interesting is that it seems to be focusing more on the Horde characters in terms of the emotional base of the film
    • But maybe it was more impressive to show those characters than the humans
    • We did see a few scenes where the clash as well as characters riding on Gryphons
    • They didn't show a trailer but full footage, probably; 5-6 minutes and they were using the large side screens so the footage was being extended to either side
    • It looks good but it's very CG heavy
    • This wasn't a trailer but they obviously have enough footage to do one. I think this was more to introduce the story being told, the basic characters and the visuals
    • The individual characters looked great but there were huge scenes with thousands of orcs and the scene where Medivh opens the portal was pretty impressive
    • Yeah, the music was great and it definitely seems to be actual score from Ramin Djawadi (Iron Man, Pacific Rim)
    • No, they did not say when they will release the trailer online or anywhere.
    • We did get a brief glimpse of the elves, very short
    • "what about Paula Patton?" - We only see her very briefly in chains being taken somewhere
    • It seems the characters are really being given a lot of life and dimension

Posteri Warcraft Filma
Par postera filma podeljena su na Twitteru danas.

Bodež iz Warcraft Filma
Takodje na Twitteru objavljen je i bodež Lady Tarie.

Posteri Karaktera iz Filma Warcraft
Par postera karaktera iz filma Warcraft predstavljena su na panelu.

Warcraft Tizer Filma, Patch 6.2 Hotfixevi - 8 Juli

Warcraft Tizer Filma
Legendary je objavio lep tizer za Warcraft film. Ovaj video najbolje je pogledati preko njihove aplikacije na talefonu. Video u prilogu neće da vam da isti bolji pregled kao preko njihove aplikacije.

Mi smo ih u medjuvremenu kontaktirali sa pitanjem da li će biti moguće snimanje prezentacije za javnost, medjutim dobijen je negativan odgovor što znači da neće biti dozvoljeno.

Patch 6.2 Hotfixevi - 8 Jul
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)
Creatures and NPCs
Tanaan Jungle

Garrison Quests
  • [Requires a realm restart] Fixed an issue where completing daily assault objectives in Tanaan Jungle was incorrectly also granting completion credit for daily assault objectives in the Garrison.
Spires of Arak
  • Call of the Raven Mother: Fixed an issue where interacting with items during the ritual was causing player pets to use their abilities.

Raids and Dungeons
Hellfire Citadel
Tyrant Velhari
  • Fixed a timing issue that could cause Tyrant Velhari to use the incorrect finishing move just as a transition into the next stage happened.
  • Adjusted scaling to reduce the amount of health by roughly 10% on Xhul'horac, Omnus, Unstable Voidfiend, and Vanguard Akkelion for a 10-player raid on Normal and Heroic difficulty. Health should remain the same as before for raids with 30 players.
  • Mannoroth no longer transforms back into a skeleton after being defeated.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Gazing Shadows to sometimes not reduce movement speed.

  • Fixed a number of issues affecting Ashran events that could cause characters to drop out of stealth effects.

  • Increased stat bonuses for critical strike, Versatility, Stamina, and Spirit on all Wild Gladiator (Warlords Season 2) trinkets by 50%.

  • Clicking “Join Raid” in the Adventure Guide should now open the Premade Groups menu instead of Raid Finder.

Armor Sets
  • Yesterday's hotfix on July 7 for Tier-18 4-piece set bonus for Mistweaver Monks should now be healing for the correct amount.

  • Yesterday’s hotfix on July 7 that reduced the healing of Execution Sentence by 25% in PvP combat now only applies to Holy Paladins. It has been returned to its previous effectiveness for Retribution and Protection Paladins.

Heroes Suspenzije i Banovi, Patch Hotfixevi 8 Juli

Suspenzije i Banovi

Zbog skorih vesti oko potencijalnog maphacka u Heroes of the Storm, poruka je poslata od američkih i evropskih community menedžera. Odrejeni nalozi dobili su suspenzije i banove zbog varanja u igri. Kao i uvek Blizzard će pratiti sumnjive aktivnosti igrača u njihovim igrama.

Takodje većina igrača, misle da su greškom banovani (radi se čak o poznatim strimerima i takmičarima), tako da ako spadate u tu grupu možete slobodno da kontaktirate Blizzard podršku, i da sačekate da se problem reši u najkraćem mogućem vremenu.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Cheating and using hacks while playing Heroes of the Storm or any Blizzard game will not be tolerated. These actions undermine the spirit of fair competition that’s essential to play on, and can lead to stability and performance issues with the service. In Heroes of the Storm, cheaters ruin the competitive atmosphere not only for their opponents, but for their allies as well.
We recently suspended numerous accounts and issued permanent bans to Heroes of the Storm players who were found to be in violation of the Terms of Use for cheating and/or using hack programs.
As always, maintaining a stable, safe, and secure online gaming experience is a top priority for us. We'll continue to keep a close eye on cheating in Heroes of the Storm and stamp out offending accounts to uphold the integrity of the game.
Patch Hotfixevi 8 Juli
Mali Hotfix postavljen je danas na serverima koji ispravljaju par problema u igri.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

We’ve just deployed a hotfix patch in order to resolve a few issues that cropped up after releasing our latest Heroes of the Storm patch. We will deploy the hotfix for additional regions around the world throughout the day.

Please find today’s complete hotfix notes below.
Bug Fixes
  • A “Preparing Game Data” dialog box should no longer appear after installing a new patch.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some Mac users who are capable of running Ultra graphic settings from properly selecting the Ultra texture setting.

Heroes and Talents

  • Abathur will no longer receive the death overlay, nor be automatically teleported back to the allied Hall of Storms, after an Ultimate Evolution Murky clone is killed.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Muradin to become unresponsive while using Dwarf Toss under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Murky to become briefly unresponsive if Octo-grab becomes interrupted just before casting completes.
  • Allies will no longer continue to receive Invulnerability if Tyrael is stunned while using Sanctification or the Ability is otherwise interrupted.

We also released a hotfix last week, and those patch notes can be found here.

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