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Paragon 25-Man Lich King Normal Mode World First Kill

Paragon je prvi guild u svetu koji je ubio Lich King-a 25 man Normal, par minuta kako je encounter hotfix-ovan, zbog exploita koji je guild Ensidi-a iskoristila. Smešna činjenica je što su ga ubili iz prvog pokušaja. Zaslužen kill.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2010/Feb/05/paragon] width=[200] eight=[150] title=[Paragon 25-Man Lich King Normal Mode World First Kill]}

Nove PvP Healing Izmene

Quote from: Bornak (Source Re: PvP Healing Change)
After further observations of the recent changes made to resilience and healing in PvP, we have made an additional change via an in-game fix so that the PvP healing debuff in Arenas, Battlegrounds, and Wintergrasp now also lowers the effectiveness of Power Word: Shield and Sacred Shield by 10%. The majority of other strong shields or damage absorption mechanics are already affected by the healing change, so we feel this new adjustment is an appropriate step in balancing the effects of resilience versus healing. The ultimate goal is to find a better median between PvP encounters feeling too quick from burst damage, or too long from heals, shields, and absorption effects. We will continue to monitor the way these changes play out and let you know if we feel any further changes are needed. As always, feedback based on your PvP experience with these new changes is welcome.

First Kill Lich King 10 Man - Guild Blood Legion

Bloog Legion je prvi guild u svetu koji je ubio Lich King-a (Arthas-a) u 10 Man modu, sa 11 pokušaja. Zaslužen First kill!
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2010/Feb/03] title=[First Kill Lich King 10 Man] width=[600] height=[200]}


The Lich King Loot Table

Napokon stigla je lista Loot Table Lich King-a. Zanimljivo je što i u 10 Man Heroic pada Shadowfrost Shard. Nije novo, ali je vrlo interesantno da se Blizzard samo fokusirao na drop Armor Tokena, Oružija, i Invincible's Reins (koji pada samo u 25 man heroic).
Normal 25 Man
Heroic 25 Man

PvP Healing Izmene

Prva izmena koja se desila u PvP-u, bila je -30% damage-a. Sada je Blizzard implementirao debuff -10% healing-a u Arean-i, Battleground-u kao i Wintergrasp-u (ovaj debuff radiće samo na Healthstone, potions, healing, ali neće da utiče na Shield ili Auru). Za sada mnogi igrači su bili zadovoljni sa damage nerf u areni, a uskoro ćemo videti šta će nam reći za healing.
Quote from: Zarhym (Source PvP Healing Change)
Patch 3.3.2 is bringing about a change to the way healing functions in Arenas, Battlegrounds, and Wintergrasp. We have applied a debuff to all players in these zones which will decrease the effectiveness of all forms of healing by 10%. This includes heals from items such as Healthstones and potions, however, it will not affect defensive shields or auras. This change is being made to balance the effectiveness of healing against the recent buff we made to the damage reduction component provided by resilience. Rest assured that we will be closely monitoring the effects both the healing and resilience changes have on Battleground, Wintergrasp, and Arena PvP game play to ensure that fights last a reasonable amount of time without overtly skewing the effectiveness of any class, role, or team combination.

The official patch 3.3.2 notes can be found here:

Auction House i Armory Integracija

Bornakk nas je upravo obavestio da će biti integracije izmedju Armory-a i Auction House. Ovo izgleda jako obećavajuće, ali i dalje ne znamo šta podrazumeva "Premium-Based" Servis
Quote from: Bornakk (Source Update: Auction House & Armory Integration)
Since the launch of the World of Warcraft Armory, we've been regularly releasing updates and new features designed to help players stay connected to the game even when they're not logged in. Today, we wanted to give you a heads-up about a new service now in development that will let players access the Auction House directly through the Armory website or Armory App for iPhone or iPod touch.

While there are still plenty of details to be worked out, we're designing the service to offer auction functionality similar to what's available in-game. Players have been requesting -- and we've been hoping to implement -- a feature like this for a long time, and we're excited that the Armory and the game have evolved to a point that makes it possible.

This is a fairly complex service to develop, due in large part to its unprecedented integration with the game, so we don't have an exact release date yet. It's important to note here that certain elements of the service will be premium-based, which we'll go into more detail on once the service functionality is finalized. As with all of the services we offer, we plan to integrate the Auction House and Armory in a way that won't disrupt the gameplay experience, and we won't release it until it meets the quality standards that we've set for our other features and services. You may be seeing bits and pieces of the Auction House service pop up in the test builds we use for the public test realms as we go through the process of internal testing. We'll have more info to share with you here and at as we get closer to release.

World of Warcraft App na Facebook Dostupan

Quote from: Nethaera (Source World of Warcraft App on Facebook Available)
Share your proudest in-game moments with your real-world friends online with the new World of Warcraft Armory application on Facebook. ( )The app lets you create a custom feed of your characters' activity straight from the Armory, share it with the Facebook community, and view your friends' characters — all on Facebook. Once you’ve set up the app and linked it to your account, your Facebook identity will be associated with up to five characters of your choosing, and the app will generate automatic updates for your accomplishments, such as level gains, achievements, boss kills, and so on. For more information on how the app works, along with some helpful privacy tips, check out the FAQ.
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