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Quote from Blizzard staff
Rage starvation in heroics (Source Re: Way rage is gained simply needs to be cha)
Rage is what playing a warrior is all about. When you don't want to have to worry about managing rage, you're saying you don't want to be limited by your class resource and just want to be able to hit whatever button you want whenever you want.

I will acknowledge (and have before) that being rage starved when you outgear an instance can be frustrating but that says more about the high levels of avoidance and the high amount of damage that can be blocked with great gear. We don't want warriors to have to downgrade their gear to tank older content. We don't think that means the rage mechanic needs to be thrown out the window though. The opposite should be true too, however. Rage shouldn't be an obstacle that you eventually overcome with enough gear. Managing rage should always be at the forefront of warrior (or bear druid) concerns. 

Protection Warrior (Source Re: Prot Warriors)
We've addressed this issue already recently, but if you need to hear more on the topic:

1) Prot warriors aren't exactly dominating Arena play by almost any stretch.

2) Yes, there are some good Prot warriors. There are many more good mages and rogues.

3) However, part of this job isn't just reacting to yesterday's news. Part of it is trying to predict the trends that will emerge a few weeks or months from now.

4) Furthermore, a class / spec doesn't need to be dominating to be super annoying to play against. We try and fix those situations too.

5) We've said several times we want to get more if not all specs into PvP, and that includes Protection. If seeing traditional tank specs in PvP at all just offends you, well, sorry.

6) While Protection's damage has gone up recently due to new gear being available, the same is true of every class in the game. The control and counter-control abilities Protection has that are getting so much attention aren't anything new. This isn't a new spec that suddenly became viable in 3.3. It's been around for awhile and some players have been playing it for awhile.

7) What has changed recently is so many threads popping up each day calling Prot the new overpowered faceroll spec or whatever. I can buy that Prot is catching on and more players are figuring it out after watching the experts use all their tricks, but when you sit back and read all of these posts, you also get a nagging suspicion that Prot PvP has just become the new punching bag of the month on the DD forum. I'm just asking you to keep your feedback in perspective. When every potential balance problem is portrayed as the worst thing to ever happen that's ruining the game for you, then it's hard for us to actually detect whether a problem is perceived as major or minor.

8 ) We haven't announced any changes yet. We might make some. Until that time, feel free to keep discussing the issue, but know that it will carry far more weight if the gist of your argument is something other than a generic "Prot has been ridiculous for so long. I can't believe they haven't nerfed it yet." 

Training Begins at StarCraft: Ghost Academy!

StarCraft II Manga Series: Ghost Academy upravo su izbacili novi broj kao i trailer! Proverite trailer i odlučite sami da li ćete doći do svoje kopije uskoro!

Quote from: Nebu (Source StarCraft2.com)
In the newest StarCraft manga series, Ghost Academy, five teenaged fourth-class terrans (Nova, Tosh, Aal, Kath, and Lio) are rough-around-the-edges ghost cadets. As they hone their skills under a rigorous training regimen, they’re simultaneously forced to deal with everyday teen issues such as crushes, physical and emotional pain, and addiction to drugs, not to mention their own budding telepathic abilities. Volume 1 is in stores now.

Check out the preview or order your copy now.

Protoss short campaign in Wings of Liberty

Mala kampanja nalik Rexxarovoj u WC3 će izgleda biti i u SC2!
I won't go into details, since we don't give out information on the campaign of StarCraft 2, but I can confirm that there will be a Protoss mini-campaign that lets you control Protoss units. This part of the campaign mode is of course way shorter than the Terran part, but it is very fun to have a very different playstyle to add even more variety to the game. I am sure every Protoss fan will love this part of the Campaign!

That being said, the Protoss mini-campaign will not prepare you for the multiplayer as Protoss, you won't be using all units or getting to know buildings and upgrades. In general, even for Terran, it is not the objective of the singleplayer to show how to play the game effectively, it is to tell a story and do a lot of fun things, that would not be possible in multiplayer. The Challenges, mini-missions, that ask you to complete a very specific task, are more suited to give players the opportunity to learn how to use the units and how to play the game.

Happy New Year! Srećna Nova Godina!

Vam želi srećnu i uspešnu Novu 2010. Godinu!

Da i ove godine osetite požrtvovanost svojih najbližih, njihovu dobrotu i snagu.
Da i ove godine ljubav vaših najbližih bude Vaš pokretač.
Da se i ove godine radujete njihovim snovima i uspesima.
Da osmehom razgovarate. I da uživate u njihovoj bliskosti.
U životu i u Srcu!

Happy New Year! Srećna Nova Godina!

adriacraft.net Vam želi srećnu i uspešnu Novu 2010. Godinu!

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Quote from Blizzard staff
"Interesting" stats (Source Re: No hit juggling if no Defense Juggling)
I think you're approaching it as a player, in which your goal is to improve your character as much as you can as fast as you can. From that viewpoint, any piece of loot that isn't an unambiguous upgrade just gets in your way. But think for a moment about the over-arcing design of loot in the game and the role it fills. Deciding what is an upgrade is part of the challenge in the same way figuring out to beat the boss is part of the challenge. The hit stat represents a gearing challenge because you can't just assume any loot from Icecrown is an automatic upgrade. It may be a huge upgrade. It may be a sidegrade. It may be a slight upgrade, but only if you swap around a couple of other pieces, consider regemming, etc.

In short, you have to game it.

Put another way, even if there is a "best in slot" list for every spec, the order in which you get those pieces is significant, and makes you have to think and solve problems. That's why I call hit "interesting." Spellpower, while quite desirable, is not interesting in that more is always better to the extent that we can't even offer variation on it from one piece to the next any longer. The rating-based stats, especially those with caps as low as hit, cause you have to solve the puzzle in order to wear them. There aren't a lot of huge decisions you make in WoW, beyond perhaps your class and maybe your guild. But there are a lot of little decisions that when taken together make the game fairly compelling.

Too often players approach gear design as "I would never wear that piece, therefore it's a badly designed piece." But consider for a moment that badge vendor +hit trinket again. It might not be attractive to you personally assuming you're hit capped in your current gear. Your conclusion might be that the trinket was itemized wrong. But that might not be the conclusion of say a Resto druid who decides to try Balance and now has a huge hit deficit to overcome. Regemming or farming old content is one way to do it, but relatively slow and / or painful. Getting a shiny new trinket off a vendor (i.e. isn't even subject to the whims of boss loot RNG) with a whole bucket of +hit on it starts to look pretty attractive. Just because the piece isn't for you doesn't mean it isn't filling a gap in the fabric of the game. 

+Hit bonus (Source Re: No hit juggling if no Defense Juggling)
I will agree that the complication from hit that comes from bosses being higher level than characters, along with the difference among melee and spell hit and dual wield hit make the system more confusing than it needs to be, and the various raid buffs (and particularly Heroic Presence) can put you in a mode of constantly swapping around rings and bracers or whatever. This is something we'd like to improve. 

Spellpower, AP, and Armor Pen changes in Cataclysm (Source Re: No hit juggling if no Defense Juggling)
We're changing spellpower, attack power and armor pen for other reasons, not really because they're confusing. For example, armor pen is almost impossible to balance because of the way armor works. Spellpower we're actually pulling because it's too boring -- it can virtually be derived from item level and we figure if we have to put both it and Intellect in equal proportions on every piece then something's wrong. AP makes us split leather stats in weird ways that make it attractive to warriors and hunters. It's just a cleaner design where everyone has a primary stat: Str, Agi or Int. Those are simple explanations to the point of almost being inaccurate, but you get the idea. 

Not enough Emblems of Frost? (Source Re: No hit juggling if no Defense Juggling)
I am fairly confident we will all be drowning in Frost in several months wishing we had something else to spend it on. They feel precious now because the income is low because there are so few Icecrown bosses available (coupled with the fact that you aren't getting much non-badge loot because so few Icecrown bosses are available). 

Death Knight
Death Knights Offtanks (Source Re: Why do DKs take so much more damage?)
I don't think "offtank" is a role these days the way "healer" is a role. Most guilds have a main tank that they use on single target encounters, then they have a second tank that they use if the fight needs another tank. Maybe the MT is a better player or shows up more reliably or maybe she's the guild leader or maybe that's just the way the guild has always done it. For these guilds, presumably the warrior tanks Onyxia and the DK picks up the adds. On Twin Valks, each of them tanks one boss. On Mimiron, the DK probably doesn't do much tanking until the end. I wasn't trying to imply that DKs have a set of abilities or stats that make them suitable for OTing but not MTing. I was just pointing out that there are a lot of guilds with warrior MT and DK OT. I can't say for certain that this is the most common setup among cutting-edge guilds because I haven't looked lately, but my hunch is that is the case. There are actually quite a few different combinations of MT and OT that get used, which is a good thing.

Blizzarrd - Srećni Praznici

Blizzard je svim igračima poželeo srećne novogodišnje praznike:
Quote from: Nebu (Source)
The holiday season is upon us, and it's gift-giving time! We've released the artwork featured on this year’s Blizzard holiday card. We hope you enjoy it, and we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2009/Dec/28/holiday1/] width=[600] height=[250] title=[Happy Holidays from Blizzard]}
Quote from: Nebu (Source)
Congratulations to the winners of our inaugural Blizzard Holiday Card Contest, and thanks to everyone who sent in their Warcraft, StarCraft, or Diablo-inspired take on season's greetings! If you're looking to spread some last-minute holiday cheer, we've made our favorite entries available for you to download and send out to your guildies and broodmates. Click here to see our 2009 Blizzard Holiday Card Contest winners and honorable mentions.

Quote from: Nebu (Source)
After hours of deliberation, multiple mugs of hot chocolate, a few rounds of Winter Veil carols, and one reindeer-related "incident," our judges have decided on ten scrumptious sweets as the winners of our Blizzard Holiday Dessert contest. To view the winning delicious delicacies before we viciously attack them with our dual-wielding fork abilties, click here.
Blizzard Fan Art Sekcija je ažurirana sa novih četri novogodišnjih radova za World of Warcrft.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2009/Dec/28/holiday4/] width=[250] height=[150] title=[Holidays ArtWork]}
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