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Recent In-Game Fixes - February 2010 - 02/11

Listed below are recent fixes we have applied to the game. Keep in mind that some of these changes may not be active until after the realm has been restarted.

To review previous in-game fixes, please visit:

  • Using a "Bag of Heart Candies" with a full inventory will now cause the local postmaster to send you any candy not recieved.
  • Sindragosa will now be more consistent in her application of Unchained Magic in 25-player difficulty.

Dnevne Blue Teme

Quote from Blizzard staff
Can't play without healing debuffs in PvP (Source Re: Question about Cata RE: Healing Debuffs)
I agree it's an issue and we do have some plans. 

Bryntroll and other proc weapons (Source Re: Another Bryntroll QQ thread GC please rea)
I wouldn't worry so much about how much percentage of your damage the proc is doing. I mentioned that once when comparing various proc weapons and it became adopted as the design goal for all proc weapons. It isn't.

The only real salient comparison is Bryntroll to other two handed dps weapons of the same ilevel (or Zod's to other bows or Trauma to other healing weapons, etc.) Procs are always going to be more random than pure stats, and we can live with that. If you're very intolerant of RNG mechanics, then proc weapons probably aren't for you. If swapping from Bryntroll to another item on the same tier of content is a significant dps increase (taking class, spec and other gear considerations in mind of course), then there is a problem with the weapon. It's as simple as that.

Game balance in Cataclysm (Source Re: Question about Cata RE: Healing Debuffs)
However, we're going to back off of talking about Cataclysm for a little bit. We're excited about it, so we've been wanting to share our philosophy, plans and ideas as they relate to class design. However, it may be a little too soon. I think it's clear that some players are mistaking our excitement for Cataclysm as our giving up on Lich King. ("Cataclysm will fix it.") That's not our intent nor plan, but I can understand how you might draw that conclusion. We'll talk more about the upcoming expansion soon (tm). 

40-players raids (Source Re: Blizzard, what is your plan for 40-man ra)
Right now our plan is to look back on 40-player raids fondly as a format by which we were able to evolve and customize what we feel to be the best raid formats for World of Warcraft. I don't believe our developers have ever stated that they'll absolutely never do a 40-player raid again, but we're really happy with the raid variety we have now with 10- and 25-player raids featuring normal and Heroic difficulties.

The game did rapidly expand from 2004-2006, but I'm not sure it's safe to assume that such a growth in the size of the player base related specifically to what was happening at the endgame. In fact, it had much more to do with the game's overall accessibility, engaging quest experiences, interesting lore, and strong game play mechanics. It was such a growth that ultimately encouraged our desire to make the raiding game more accessible to the new types of people we were introducing to the MMORPG genre.

So while we haven't rapidly expanded our player base over the last year, we've retained our record subscription numbers after five years since World of Warcraft's release. We feel this in part due to the updates we've made to the endgame. We see a greater percentage of players raiding now than ever before, and not just one or two of the easier raid dungeons as in the original game and first expansion. We're seeing much more casual-oriented players serious about fighting the Lich King, while also seeing some of the most advanced guilds in the world begin to work out the strategies for besting him on Heroic difficulty. Our next step is to go back to the early game in Cataclysm and provide additional updates and improvements to bring it closer in line with our development experience, today's technology, and the type of gamers we want to attract. This is in addition to encouraging existing players to try the game again, but have it feel much more like a new experience.

As a long story short, we'll continue to iterate upon the raiding game to improve it, but we feel we have a working formula right now. In order to appeal to a wider range of players, sheer numbers and time devoted should not be the primary determining factors of success in this game.

Is Icecrown Citadel too easy compared to old raids? (Source Re: Blizzard, what is your plan for 40-man ra)
Let's keep things in perspective here. There is a very small percentage of players who have defeated every raid boss in this game consistently for five years straight now. That kind of experience is unparalleled. There's also a very thick system of online resources for providing and sharing strategies which were not nearly as robust for the original game as they are today. The community that's grown around this game has somewhat changed the way the game is played. That's okay though. That's natural.

The fact that at least 25 members of our player base have killed Sindragosa on Heroic difficulty doesn't say much about whether or not the encounter is more complicated than, say, Twin Emperors. In fact, most of the raiders I've talked to who are at, or have killed the Lich King in 25-player mode say that Icecrown Citadel has provided some of the most fun and interesting mechanics this game has yet to offer. Most of the fights today are technically more complex than the fights of old, but the difference is in the tuning and the polish.

I can think of at least a couple of bosses that took a long time for any guild to kill where bugs were a major factor. As soon as the bugs were fixed, the bosses were defeated. There were also several bosses, take Princess Huhuran for example, which weren't necessarily incredibly challenging from a mechanic perspective. The challenge came in the form of requiring that players farm resistance gear from that same instance for weeks and weeks until they stood a chance. Resistance fights have since more or less disappeared. We want the interesting mechanics of a fight and the fun factor of that fight to be what players remember, not that they had to wait for major bugs to get fixed, or farm enough of a specific type of stat to even stand a chance. Of course there are gear checks still in the game, but they're much more reasonable. They allow you to customize your character to your wishes and prove your talent by successfully performing your class/spec role, while also successfully learning and reacting to the mechanics of each fight. These are areas in which guilds like the one to which you're referring excel to an impressive degree.

Italian Open Beta Q&A!

Share your reaction to the news with the rest of the Italian Community ! Have any questions about this? Want to know more? This is the thread suitable for any discussion on the upcoming StarCraft II beta!

Post 1: (Shows appreciation) Will Beta be released in phases still or is it a global release?

Zhydaris: God forbid, I am here on purpose. Then, the objective now is to release the beta "globally" , Then simultaneously in all regions. Qualorao this is not possible due to unforeseen problems, the Beta for Europe and Italy arrived in each case a very short distance (even a few days, not talking about weeks). But again, our plan is currently in Beta release simultaneously in all regions by the end of the month.

Post 2: When will you reply to those who opted in through (Or have they already been sent?)  What can you actually test in the beta? When looking at graphics and features, is beta be in a form that's "release ready" or a specific partial version that was created for the beta? When you can create a 2.0 beta account?  Will I create the real name ID? How will we register the account? Will those who registered in beta have their information retained in later phases? How does highly common "read-id" names work such as "John". In beta, can I immediately use it to get in touch with my old WoW friends?

Zhydaris: The calls will start probably a couple of days before the actual launch of the Beta. The beta is multiplayer only, with some features of Battle.Net 2.0 already in the client (friends list, party system, etc..). Nothing campaign. The game version will be updated very often and will often be subject to change, but this does not mean that the graphics will not be complete or whatever.

The exception will be made localized versions, which may have missing sounds (to reduce the size of the client) or placeholder for some translations. Nothing to worry about anyway.

The cross-game functionality will not be present. No chatting with friends on WoW for now :)

Upon first login will be asked to enter a new nickname in the form Nickname.nick (Zhydaris.Blizz, MarioZerg.Clan, etc..). Currently the first part of the nickname is not "unique", so more people can choose MarioZerg, but only one person has the combination MarioZerg.Clan.

Post 3: Will the ranking features be active during the beta? Is there a "recycling" of the keys? (eg if a tester might not concerned too much about the game play and reports fairly, then the key is removed and given to another) (I sincerely hope you do;)) Will we be testing "ums" maps also or just traditional map? There will be some sort of reward or incentive for the players more active and / or more collaborative in terms of suggestions and bugs reports?

Zhydaris: The matchmaking system will certainly be active, the rankings are a different matter, but I'm sure it comes time to test those too:) The keys will be distributed and collected in different circumstances and needs, sí. Currently there are several maps to be tested, then we will see what to add / remove. We're looking at possible incentives for the most active.

Post 4:  You have already spoken of localized versions in different languages (I had assumed that the beta was only in English), I'd like to know if any beta-testers will automatically set the language to their country or if there is a choice of language to use.

Zhydaris: In fact, our goal is to make available localized versions for the various test them properly. The automatic language settings ... we are evaluating the options to be honest, will tell you when it becomes official.

Post 5:Will the beta be available for Mac OS X? Or only for Windows? Since I have a Mac I wanted to know if I could I also have some hope of receiving it.

Zhydaris: No Mac version at the launch of Beta, will most likely be released later.

Post 6: Just in case any of us want to create some videos for YouTube ... may we share any replays?

Zhydaris: There will be no NDA.

Post 7: I am very happy with the announcement and I hope to receive mail from Blizzard. How can I qualify for it... something inside of my account battle net?

Zhydaris: Yes, in the main page of your account you should see a small icon "SC2 Beta" written in green and a "Beta Profile Settings". There you will find the option to give your availability for the Beta.

Post 8: Regarding clan names, are you limiting the format of how we write our names? Typical formats are nomeclan.nick (For example, I am SoL.ChoBo) or [nomeclan] nick (would be [SoL] Chobe) and so on ...  It looks like Blizzard has decided to make this format is required (at least in Beta) in the format Nick.Clan (I would be ChoBo.SoL). It is not clear what one should do if they are not part of a clan, I think they should be able to write what they please.  If this is true, it could cause problems as anyone can reserve a clan name without approval for being in that clan.   I'm just speculating but can you clarify?

Zhydaris: No no, it has nothing to do with clan name, which will appear in another way:) It is simply two levels of recognition. The first is the generic nickname, which can be a duplicate. The second is an additional identifier.

Let me give an example: You choose ChObO.qualcosa. Guy chooses ChObO.qualcosaltro. The name will be displayed normally Chobo in both cases (loading screens of games, chat games, etc..), The second nickname comes into play only on statistics, chat outside the game, etc.etc. Another totally random example:"Do you know Mario?" "I know several" "Mario, who live on Mar Sara" "Ahhh FAR Mario, yes, I know!"

I know it sounds complicated, but it's easier than it seems:)

Post 9: Have you decided whether to include the editor in the beta or not? Will the system requirements be issued before or simultaneously to the beta? Will there be all game type? (1vs1, 3vs3 and so on)

Zhydaris: From 1vs1 up it will all be available, no exception. The requirements will come in due course, yes. No editor, at least in the very first released version.

Post 10: All this has nothing to do with the concept of Real ID, yes?

Zhydaris:In a way, yes: the name that will appear to those not within your "real life" friends. The latter will be able to display your real name, all others do not.  But take everything with [an open mind]., Real ID and everything could change between now and launch.

Post 11: How can we test the game? (Ie, shipped via mail or via the famous account key) and after which we will have to download the package on our PC? How Big will it be?  It also looks like you avoided the question about beta distributions.  Did you "escape" the question or is it that you can not speak on it/still deciding?

Zhydaris: We have not yet released the number of calls that will be sent because it is not yet final.  The game will be downloadable from your account Battle.Net and will appear in the list of games owned. The size of the client are currently fairly small, we hope to be under the 3gb, but we'll see how it will be the Beta client on the day of its release :)

Post 12: Thank you Zhyd, we're providing more info than can be found on the internet after after hours and hours of research ... We are all excited about this news.

Zhydaris:Well, that's the convenience of an Italian forum :)

Post 13: Can you make one thing clear, will this be open or closed beta?

Zhydaris: It will not be open to the public, you must have a beta key.

Zahvaljujem na prevodu ovog Q/A batcha!

Protoss Macro, No First Beta Wave For Mac Users

Quote from: Karune (Source Re: Is the Obelisk still in the game?)
The Obelisk is no longer in the game. Instead, the time warp ability which allows a building to produce or research faster for a set duration is now on the Nexus. This opens up several new strategies and the development team is really looking forward to what players will be able to come up with utilizing this ability during beta.

No Mac version, at least not at the beginning of the first phase of Beta, sorry :(

Mobile Authenticator za Android telefone

Nova Mobile Authenticator aplikacija pojavila se za Android mobilne telefone. Nema još zvaničnih informacija, ali kako kaže blue post ovo je zvaničnaaplikacija.
Quote from: Gelmkar (Source)
Hi, I've been doing some asking and it seems that this application is actually official and was launched yesterday.
Support stanica je takodje dostupna na Blizzard sajtu.

Activision Blizzard Q4 2009 Rezultati

Activision je objavio svoje rezuiltate za 2009 godinu. Ništa realno novo, ali je vredno objaviti opet.

  • Cataclysm will be released in 2010.
  • Starcraft 2 will be released in 2010, the beta starts in February.
  • The slides mention "value added services" a couple of times, it is most likely linked to Bornakk's post hinting at a "premium" service for the Auction House available from web.
  • World of Warcraft still has 11.5m subscribers, it didn't change much since last year's announcement.

Ništa mnogo interesantno vezano za World of Warcraft, ali i dalje možete proveriti više informacija na  Activision website-u.

StarCraft 2 Beta This Month Is Live!

Upravo tako. Na ovoj konferenciji je objavljeno da StarCraft II Beta kreće od kraja Februara. Nešto još da se doda? Mislim da ne. Takođe, Beta se zna da će trajati oko 6 meseci tako da očekujte dosta zabave i beta ključeva od našeg sajta i foruma da budu podeljeni. Zato, posetite nas na forumima i pridružite se testu, jer mi već imamo jedan ekskluzivan US beta ključ za naš test za početak.
UPDATE! Izgleda daće Beta krenuti na globalnom nivou momentalno a ne US -> EU!

Quote from: Twitter (Source @StarCraft)
#StarCraft2 beta will be released later this month! #SCUpdate
Quote from: Avarius (Source Re: StarCraft II Beta Discussion)
For everyone asking, we are targeting a global release for the start of the beta.

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