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Icecrown Citadel Buff boosted 10%

 Icecrown Citadel zone-wide buff je boost-ovan sa 5% na 10%. Igrači će takodje primetiti da povećava total health, healing done, damage absorption, i damage dealt 10%.

Quote from: Zarhym (Source Re: Icecrown Citadel Raid Buffs Active)
We have increased the potency of the Strength of Wrynn and Hellscream’s Warsong buffs in Icecrown Citadel by an additional 5%. These buffs now increase total health, healing done and damage dealt by 10%. In addition, the number of attempts allotted for all final bosses on Heroic difficulty has been increased to 40.

Novi Stripovi

Recent In-Game Fixes - March 2010 - 03/26

Quote from: Bornakk 
Listed below are recent fixes we have applied to the game. Keep in mind that some of these changes may not be active until after the realm has been restarted.

  • The Endless Healing Potion is no longer usable in arenas as intended.
  • Warlock’s using a lower rank of Life Tap will receive a reduced benefit from their shadow spell power.
  • The damage done by the cannons in the gunship encounter in Icecrown Citadel has been increased and the rate at which their heat decays has been reduced.
  • In Alterac Valley, the buffs that the Generals get from the Warmasters and Marshals now grant them negative enemy dodge. This means they will now ignore some of their target's total dodge percentage. The base health of the Generals has been increased and the buff also grants a slightly increased amount of damage and health.
  • The cheese items in Dalaran as well as the Kvaldir Berserkers in Icecrown will once again respawn at a faster rate.
  • The window that comes up when talking to an NPC should no longer close on its own.
  • Some changes to the battleground queuing system have been made to improve performance and group queuing.
  • The timer for when the next battle in Wintergrasp will occur should no long disappear.

Lich King 25 Heroic World First Kill by Paragon

Paragon je prvi guild u svetu koji je uspeo da pobedi Lich King-a u 25 Man Heroic mod! 5% Buff je korišćen za ovaj kill i ovo definitivno znači da nije potreban 10% buff  da bi ste ga ubili. Sve čestitke Paragon Guildu.

Lich King Loot je sledeći: Glorenzelg, High Blade of the Silver-Hand, Archus, Greatstaff of Antonidas, i naravno Invincible's Reins, čime su postali i prvi guild koji su dobili Invicible Mount-a! (mount ima 100% drop šansu  od Lich King u 25-Heroic)
”This is definitely the most challenging boss in WoW history, and I’ve been there among the first to kill Horsemen in Naxx-40 and whatnot. Everything else up to this point pales in comparison. The encounter is extremely ruthless in the sense that anyone making a mistake will almost instantly lead to a raid-wide wipe. The fight itself requires almost 20-minutes of full-on concentration coupled with very high personal skill-level.
Quite simply the perfect end-boss to finish the expansion with, couldn’t have hoped for more. My hat is off to Blizzard on this one. I can’t wait to see if this encounter can be outdone in Cataclysm.”
  • 3 x Death Knight- 2 x Frost, 1 x Unholy
  • 4 x Druid - 1 x Feral Tank, 2 x Feral DPS, 1 x Balance
  • 2 x Hunter - 2 x Marksmanship
  • 5 x Paladin - 1 x Protection, 2 x Holy, 2 x Retribution
  • 3 x Priest - 1 x Shadow, 1 x Holy, 1 x Discipline
  • 3 x Rogue - 1 x Mutilate, 2 x Combat
  • 1 x Shaman - 1 x Restoration
  • 3 x Warlock - 1 x Demonology, 2 x Affliction
  • 1 x Warrior - 1 x Fury

Lazeil Diamondtear Ilonie
Iiris Despinarx Mancheese
Synti Liha Sejta
Xodan Verdisha
Ussoß Kruf Wakozi
Rakez Maeil Diivil
Jubeto Tsukky Xenophics
Zhinn Jhazrun Kahva
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StarCraft II Beta – Patch 6 (version

Quote from: Crygil (Source Patch Notes - Beta Patch 6)
StarCraft II Beta – Patch 6 (version 

The latest patch notes can always be found at 
http://f ad.html?topicId=23094 049316&sid=5000 


  • You can now report misconduct or block communication with a player after completion of a game by right-clicking on the offending player's name in the score screen and choosing Report Abuse or Block Communication. 
  • You can now view any player's profile after completion of a game by right-clicking on their name in the score screen and choosing View Profile. 
  • Updated unit and ability tooltips to be accurate in all regions. 
  • Improved the visibility of units on zerg creep. 
  • Improved the visibility of team colors for protoss units using warp-in to help distinguish between multiple protoss players. 
  • Improved the system that handles promotion and relegation between Leagues. 
  • Improved the Favored functionality to more accurately portray Even matches and display properly in the score screen. 
  • Improved 2v2 arranged team matchmaking so games are found more quickly. 
  • Improved replay functionality so missing maps will be downloaded from when you view a replay. 
  • Korea: Improved the logic for the age gate functionality.

Balance Changes


    • Pathing has been improved so units can now properly block ramps and choke points. 
    • Made a change to how zerg creep affects doodads, such as trees, to prevent players from seeing the starting location of zerg players through the fog of war.


    • Viking

      • Cost changed from 125 Minerals and 100 Vespene Gas to 150 Minerals and 75 Vespene Gas.

    • Ghost

      • Cost changed from 100 Minerals and 200 Vespene Gas to 150 Minerals and 150 Vespene Gas. 
      • EMP Round radius decreased from 3 to 2.

    • Factory

      • Cost decreased from 200 Minerals and 100 Vespene Gas to 150 Minerals and 100 Vespene Gas.

    • Tech Lab

      • Cost decreased from 50 Minerals and 50 Vespene Gas to 50 Minerals and 25 Vespene Gas.

    • Reactor

      • Build time increased from 25 seconds to 50 seconds.

    • SCV

      • Life decreased from 60 to 45.

    • Bunker

      • Build time decreased from 40 seconds to 30 seconds.

    • Marine

      • Build time increased from 20 seconds to 25 seconds.


    • Colossus

      • Thermal Lances damage decreased from 23 to 20.

    • Observer

      • Cost increased from 25 Minerals and 75 Vespene Gas to 50 Minerals and 100 Vespene Gas. 
      • Build time increased from 33 seconds to 40 seconds.

    • Stalker

      • Particle Disruptors damage increased from 8 (+6 Armored) to 10 (+4 Armored). 
      • Weapon upgrade damage decreased from +1 (+1 Armored) to +1 (+0 Armored).

    • Dark Templar

      • Armor type changed from Biological-Psionic to Biological-Psionic-L ight.

    • High Templar

      • Armor type changed from Biological-Psionic to Biological-Psionic-L ight.

    • Dark Shrine

      • Build time increased from 80 seconds to 100 seconds. 
      • Cost increased from 100 Minerals and 200 Vespene Gas to 100 Minerals and 250 Vespene Gas.

  • ZERG

    • Baneling

      • Volatile Burst damage increased from 15 (+20 Light) to 20 (+15 Light).

    • Roach

      • Burrowed regeneration rate decreased from 10 to 5. 
      • Upgraded burrowed regeneration bonus decreased from +20 to +10.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue affecting the incorrect assignment of arranged teams to certain Leagues. 
  • Fixed an issue affecting random teams that caused no points being awarded on wins and too many points being removed on losses in certain situations. 
  • Fixed an issue involving the Bonus Pool display on the Quick Match and Leagues & Ladders pages. 
  • Korean client: Fixed an issue affecting the ability for Korean players to properly view profiles. They can now see their League ranking on their profile page. 
  • Fixed an intermittent UI crash on game shutdown. 
  • Polish client: Fixed a crash which would happen any time a "Player is no longer being revealed!" message was displayed.

Recent In-Game Fixes - March 2010 - 3/24

Quote from: Bornakk (Source Recent In-Game Fixes - March 2010 - 3/24)
Listed below are recent fixes we have applied to the game. Keep in mind that some of these changes may not be active until after the realm has been restarted.

To review previous in-game fixes, please visit:

  • The Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 player) meta achievement no longer requires Neck-Deep in Vile to be completed.
  • For the Sindragosa encounter, Frost Breath cast under 35% HP no longer has a snare component and there are no longer diminishing returns on Taunt effects.
  • The High Test Eternium Fishing Line now correctly adds +5 fishing skill.
  • The Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat now applies the +75 fishing buff as intended.
  • Transmuting Spellweave, Ebonweave, and Moonshroud items no longer places a buff on the player.
  • The NPC Halthenis is properly appearing again which allowing Hunters to complete the Beast Training quest.
  • Horde and Alliance Master Engineers should once again be able access the Auction House through Reginald Arcfire and Brassbolt Mechawrench respectively.
  • Druids are able to use Swiftmend on targets that have received a rejuvenation from their 4-piece Tier 10 bonus as intended.
  • Pyroblast should correctly benefit from Torment the Weak for players with the Molten Fury talent.
  • The Warrior 4-piece Tier 10 bonus should now have the appropriate chance to proc.

BlizzCon 2010 Announced!

Quote from: Nethaera (Source BlizzCon 2010 Announced!)
If you've been holding your breath waiting to find out when and where the next BlizzCon would be held, then... you've probably passed out by now. But if you've just been patiently watching for an announcement, then we've got good news for you: BlizzCon will be returning to the Anaheim Convention Center on Friday, October 22 through Saturday, October 23! Just as in years past, BlizzCon 2010 will feature an exciting mix of discussion panels, tournaments, hands-on gameplay, contests, and much more. Check out the announcement press release, and keep an eye on http://w in the months ahead for further details, including ticketing information.

Quote from: Blizzard (Source

When and where is BlizzCon 2010? 
BlizzCon 2010 will take place on Friday, October 22, 2010 and Saturday, October 23, 2010 at the Anaheim Convention Center, located at 800 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92802. The hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific Time on both days (Friday and Saturday). 

How much does a BlizzCon 2010 ticket cost? 
Details about BlizzCon 2010 ticket availability and pricing will be announced on the official BlizzCon website,, as the event draws closer.

Where and when can I buy BlizzCon 2010 tickets? 
To attend BlizzCon, you must purchase tickets in advance through the online Blizzard Store once they go on sale. Details about BlizzCon 2010 ticket availability and pricing will be announced on the official BlizzCon website,, as the event draws closer.

What activities will be at BlizzCon 2010?
In addition to serving as a gathering place for Blizzard Entertainment gaming communities, BlizzCon will offer attendees a chance to enjoy discussion panels with Blizzard Entertainment developers, competitive and casual tournaments for players to showcase their talents, hands-on gameplay featuring your favorite Blizzard Entertainment games, community contests with great prizes, commemorative merchandise based on Blizzard Entertainment’s game universes, and more. We’ll share more details about these and other events and activities on as the event draws closer.

How will ticket sales operate this year? 
The ticket-sales process for BlizzCon 2010 will be conducted through the online Blizzard Store, and will function similarly to the ticket-queue system used for BlizzCon 2009 ticket sales. We'll have more details to share about BlizzCon 2010 ticket availability and the purchasing process in the near future, so please keep an eye on for updates.

Can I order BlizzCon tickets over the phone? 
You will only be able to place BlizzCon ticket orders online through the Blizzard Store. We will not be accepting BlizzCon ticket orders over the phone.

What can I do ahead of time? 
Purchasing tickets requires a account. If you do not have a account and wish to create one in advance of ticket sales, click here to get started. Prior to ticket sales beginning, you may wish to visit Account Management to ensure your contact and stored credit-card information are up-to-date, and to verify your e-mail address. 

What do I get for the cost of a ticket? 
Each BlizzCon ticket includes a BlizzCon badge that grants access to BlizzCon. Attendees will also get a BlizzCon goody bag containing exclusive swag. More details on the contents of the goody bag will be revealed in the weeks ahead. Please be aware that transportation and hotel accommodations are not included with the cost of any BlizzCon ticket.

Is BlizzCon open to attendees outside the United States and Canada? 
Yes. International attendees will be able to purchase tickets at the same time as domestic attendees. We have not yet announced when tickets for BlizzCon 2010 will go on sale, so please keep an eye on for more information.

What should I do about hotel accommodations and transportation? 
Several hotels within walking distance of the Anaheim Convention Center will be providing guest rooms at a special BlizzCon group rates. Transportation to the event will be up to you. Please check the Travel Info page in the coming weeks for further information on nearby hotels and how to take advantage of the special group rates, as well as information about car rentals and shuttle buses from nearby airports. If you plan to drive to the Convention Center for the event, we suggest you carpool.  Please visit our parking page in the coming weeks more information.

Is there an age restriction for attendees? 
Some content at BlizzCon may not be suitable for children. Anyone under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Absolutely no children 5 years of age or under will be permitted to enter. Tickets are required for all attendees, and the child ticket price is the same as the adult ticket price. Please note that no strollers will be allowed in the Anaheim Convention Center. 

Whom should I contact if I have a question about accommodations for people with disabilities at BlizzCon? 
If you are disabled and require special services, please contact to identify your special needs. All requests should be received by August 20, 2010 in order to ensure the availability of services.  Please include your contact information in your email.

I am planning on carrying my costume and some water in a backpack to BlizzCon. Is this OK? 
Any bags being brought into BlizzCon should be smaller than 20 inches x 10 inches (roughly the size of two sheets of paper side by side). Anyone with a bag larger than this may be refused entry. If you are taking part in the costume competition and require a larger bag to store your costume, please check with the information kiosk in the lobby on your arrival. Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to search any bags being brought into BlizzCon and to refuse entry if they are found to contain prohibited items (see below). 

Will there be a place to store a costume and/or bag at any time during the event? 
There will be no general storage space available to show attendees. Please leave anything you don’t wish to carry in your car, at home, or at your hotel. If you are taking part in the costume competition, please check with the information kiosk in the lobby on your arrival.

Can I bring my video camera/camcorder into BlizzCon? 
Video cameras are permitted for use in the BlizzCon exhibit halls. However, you may not record gameplay from any of the screens (with the exception of tournament gameplay), and recording the BlizzCon closing concert on Saturday evening is strictly prohibited.

Can I bring my iPod? 
MP3 players are permitted in the BlizzCon exhibit halls. However, personal equipment may not be connected to any computer for any reason at any time. 

Can I bring my computer/laptop to BlizzCon? 
General attendees will not be able to bring desktop computers, laptops, and electronic storage devices into the BlizzCon exhibit halls. Please leave these devices in your car, at home, or at your hotel. Members of the media who have a press badge will be able to bring a laptop onto the show floor.

I'm planning on wearing a costume to BlizzCon. Are there any items I cannot bring into the event? 
Costumes may not include or otherwise utilize any edged weapons (such as knives, daggers, and swords); actual clubs, maces, or other crushing weapons; or projectile weapons of any kind, even if unloaded or nonfunctional (this includes firearms of any kind including air guns, longbows, crossbows, etc.). Acceptable costume weapon props are limited to air-filled or soft plastic melee weapons (swords, daggers, maces, clubs, etc.) and wooden staves that are not shod with metal. 

Is there anything else that I can't bring? 
Attendees will not be allowed to bring weapons, alcohol, fireworks, glass bottles, cans, or large containers into BlizzCon. **Any attendee found to have violated the prohibited items list may be removed from BlizzCon.**

Will BlizzCon be broadcast on TV or available to view on the Internet this year?
We haven't announced any plans for television or Internet broadcasts of BlizzCon 2010. Keep an eye on the official BlizzCon website,, for any event-related announcements as the convention draws closer.

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