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Patch 6.2 Pregled - Pets Galore, Dev Watercooler - Itemizacija u 6.2

Patch 6.2 Pregled - Pets Galore
Kako budete istraživali nove teritorije Draenora, nećete se iznenaditi novih battle petovima i novim nagradama na koje ćete naići. Blizzard je objavio nove petove koje možete nabaviti u Patch 6.2!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
As we continue to explore new territory in Draenor, it should come as no surprise that new battle pets and new battle pet rewards will be found. Thus far, Draenor has contained a great deal of diversity for pet battlers, and Patch 6.2 will be no different. Let’s take a look at some of what’s in store for your collection.

Please note: Spoilers are ahead! If you want to discover the new battle pets and rewards for yourself, don’t read any further!

Tanaan Stop Action
First and foremost, Tanaan Jungle is where the action can be found on all fronts. You will find battle pets of all types dotting the landscape, four of which are new and just waiting to be caught for the first time:

Keep an eye out for the new quest “A Fel Puppy Of My Own”, through which you can acquire the delightful new Fel Pup.

But the jungle doesn’t only provide garden-variety battle pets. If you look carefully, you’ll find that there are 15 fel-corrupted legendary pets scattered throughout Tanaan. Your Pet Battle Master in your garrison will have some new information for you to get started. You can only defeat any of these legendaries once per day, and when you do, you’ll receive a container of Fel-Touched Pet Supplies, which will include:

  • Gold
  • Pet Charms
  • Pet Bandages

And has a small chance to include:

We’ve also got a new achievement for you when you defeat all 15 legendary opponents in Tanaan Jungle.

You’re Too Charming
Patch 6.2 is going to introduce a new vendor to your level 3 Garrison Menagerie. Tiffy Trapspring and Giada Goldleash have been attracted to your impressive stash of Pet Charms, and want to take them off your hands in exchange for the following pets:

And the following toys:

And the Hunt Continues
A number of new battle pets coming to World of Warcraft with patch 6.2 can be found all over the worlds. Back home in Azeroth, adventurers will cheer when they find the non-combative Nethaera's Light glowing in Dalaran. Meanwhile, two new fishing pets are turning up at the Darkmoon Faire. One is called Blorp (also a non-combat pet), and the other is the wondrous Ghostshell Crab.

Even more pets have found their way to the fields of battle on Draenor. Look carefully, and you may find:
  • Crimsonwing Moth -- A rare spawn in Talador with many spawn points, and only one ever appearing in the zone at a time.
  • Sapphire Firefly – A rare spawn in Spires of Arak who also has many spawn points and appears only once at a time.

Get a first look at all of the above by testing Patch 6.2 with us on the PTR. Please note that availability to test some PTR content may be limited to certain time frames. Learn more about the upcoming Patch 6.2 and how to participate on the PTR in our 6.2 PTR Patch Notes.
Dev Watercooler - Itemizacija u 6.2
U World of Warcraft Patch 6.2, Blizzard planira da promeni Raid izemizaciju sa ciljem da poboljša Personalni Loot!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
In World of Warcraft Patch 6.2, we’re making some changes to our Raid itemization with the goal of improving the Personal Loot experience, creating more interesting distinctions among items, and providing rewards that more closely reflect the challenge players face to earn them.

Personal Loot Improvements
The Personal Loot system offers several advantages to certain group types, but there are still several areas where we think we can make improvements. Our goals with Personal Loot going forward are threefold:
  • Make Personal Loot more consistent and rewarding.
  • Bring Personal Loot up to be competitive with Group Loot, so players who prefer Personal Loot receive rewards comparable to those you get from groups using Master Loot or Need/Greed.
  • Celebrate rewarding Personal Loot within the group in a way that captures the excitement of receiving rewards in Group Loot.

First, rather than treating loot chances independently for each player—sometimes yielding only one or even zero items for a group—we’ll use a system similar to Group Loot to determine how many items a boss will award based on eligible group size. As a result, groups will receive a much more predictable number of drops when they defeat a boss. In addition, set items will reliably drop in Personal Loot, just like they do in Group Loot today. The end result is that groups using Personal Loot will acquire their 2- and 4-piece set bonuses at around the same time as groups using Group Loot acquire theirs.

We’re also increasing the overall rate of reward for Personal Loot, giving players more items overall to offset the fact that Personal Loot rewards can’t be distributed among group members. We know that finding that one awesome specific trinket to round out your gear set can be difficult with Personal Loot, and this should help increase your odds.

Finally, the most visible change is the new Personal Loot UI. Part of the fun of raiding is progressing and improving as a group, not just as an individual. The previous Personal Loot system celebrated your own rewards, but would bury what your groupmates received in the chat log. However, the moment when your friend finally wins that long sought-after sword can be just as important to you as that moment you won your boots—and we wanted the game to help you celebrate it, too. Now when you loot an item, everyone in your group will see what you won!

These Personal Loot improvements aren’t limited to Hellfire Citadel—we’re updating all of our Draenor dungeons, including Mythic dungeons, to use the same system.

Secondary Stats
In the early days of World of Warcraft, Raid bosses didn’t have that many items to drop—there were only 150 items in all of Molten Core, and more than half of those were set items. This small amount of total gear in a Raid meant there might only have been one or two items per slot in an entire tier that were appropriate for your class—and if you were a Hunter or a Shaman in a place like Molten Core, that meant your only option for a belt in the entire Raid zone was your class set piece. On top of that, if an item wasn’t class restricted, it was shared between many other specializations with wildly different ideas of which stats were good or bad. When very few items were available to fill any given slot, the desire to make sure they were useful for many specs led us to keep from straying too far from a 50/50 split on secondary stats.

As the game has evolved, we’ve increased the number of items that bosses drop per kill, as well as the variety of items they drop. We’ve made secondary stats more competitive with one another, and we’ve reduced the frequency of oddball items that were only useful to a few classes. This made more items useful to more people, but eroded the distinction and sense of identity that items held in the past. Too rare became the situation where you knew for sure that this drop was your awesome piece of equipment, and that feeling of finding a truly special item came less often than we would have liked.

To help bolster that sense of excitement, we’ve decided to shake things up when it comes to how secondary stats appear on Raid loot in this patch. Inside Hellfire Citadel, you’ll see a wider range of high and low secondary stat values on items than you have in a long time. Alongside some tuning adjustments that should ensure your attuned stats are the right choice, this change should also make it easier for you to identify which items are good for you in a more interesting way than just “equip the highest Item Level.” Our goal is to help make Hellfire Citadel Raid items more distinct and meaningful to you, and we hope you’ll let us know how things feel once you start collecting your new gear.

Item Level Ramp
As this expansion has progressed, it’s become increasingly apparent that there is a mismatch between challenge and reward for guilds that delve deep into large Raid zones. When the Item Level for rewards across a given difficulty of a zone is flat, a caster staff from Heroic Imperator Mar’gok is largely equal in power to one from Heroic Tectus, despite Mar’gok being the far more challenging boss. We often see and hear about guilds killing a late-zone boss like Blast Furnace for the first time, only to disenchant most of the drops because everyone already has loot from earlier bosses in those slots. On top of that, many guilds move on to higher difficulties before they fully complete a difficulty, because Heroic Darmac loot is stronger than Normal Blackhand loot—and you can get it for much less effort.

To address this, we are structuring Hellfire Citadel so that the Item Level of the loot awarded by bosses increases as players proceed deeper into the zone, culminating in Archimonde—providing both the ultimate challenge and the ultimate reward.

We’re doing this for a few reasons. First, it feels good to get higher-level items as you progress through a zone. One of the more prominent pieces of feedback we got about Blackrock Foundry was that it felt unrewarding for challenging bosses like Iron Maidens to drop loot that was just as good as—or possibly worse than—Gruul’s.

This also breaks up where your best items are in a good way. The power of the items that you can get in a particular slot will differ based on how far through the zone you are. The best boots for you will likely be different if you are on Normal Gorefiend than they would be if you’re on Heroic Mannoroth, which would be different than if you’re on Mythic Iron Reaver, and so on.

We can’t overstate how much we appreciate your feedback on topics like this, especially when you’ve taken the time to join us on the Patch 6.2 PTR and experienced the changes for yourself. As always, everyone’s encouraged to join us and other testers in the PTR Discussion forums as we prepare to unleash Hellfire.

Mad Martian Gazlowe i Super Sonya Skinovi

Dva nova super hero skina dostupna su kao bundle preko shopa ove nedelje: Super Sonya i Mad Martian Gazlowe.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

Whether you're eager to looking to Whirlwind enemies with some extra flare, or have dreamt of owning powerful Rock-It! Turrets that are out of this world – we've got you covered.


The following items are available now in the Heroes Shop!

New Skins

Super Sonya -- $9.99 USD

Mad Martian Gazlowe -- $9.99 USD

Mad and Mighty Bundles

Join in the madness with brand new Bundle Packs! Check out the limited-time Bundles listed below, and be sure to pick them up before they're removed from the Shop at a later date.

Mad and Mighty Skin Bundle -- Now $14.98 USD

  • Super Sonya Skin
  • Mad Martian Gazlowe Skin

Mad and Mighty Complete Bundle -- Now $24.72 USD

  • Super Sonya Skin
  • Sonya
  • Mad Martian Gazlowe Skin
  • Gazlowe

Mercy - Temple of Anubis Gameplay Preview

Blizzard je uploadovo pregled Mercy heroja, a radnja se dešava na Temple of Anubis mapi.

U prilogu su screenshotovi iz videa gde možete pogledati Mercy abilitie i predele mape Temple of Anubis.

Mercy - Temple of Anubis Gameplay Preview      



6.2 Dostupan preko Background Downloadera, Patch 6.2 PTR - Build 20033

Patch 6.2 Dostupan preko Background Downloadera
Patch 6.2 od danas je dostupan da se skida preko Background Downloadera. Preporučujemo svakom da uključi background downloader (Future Patch) u svom clientu i skine deo Patcha 6.2, pošto isti zauzima 2.52 GB !

Patch 6.2 PTR - Build 20033
Build 20033 postavljen je sinoć na PTR Serverima:
  • Mass Milling dodat je za Warlords herb.
  • Hellfire Citadel Raid Finder gear je 675 - 685 level. 
  • Mnoge Naval misije sada zahtevaju 1 do 2 broda, spušteno sa 2 do 3.
Achievement Izmene
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Cataclysm Raid
Dungeons & Raids
  • Chromatic Champion Destroy Deathwing in Dragon Soul on Normal or Heroic Difficulty after beginning the encounter on each Aspect's platform: 10 points.and allowing Deathwing to assault that Aspect: 10 points.


Feats of Strength

  • Admiral (New) Complete 1000 Naval Missions. 10 points.
  • Charting a Course Complete allComplete three of the Rare Naval Missions listed below. Reward: Fleet Commander's Hat. 10 points.
  • Charting a Course Complete allComplete three of the Rare Naval Missions listed below. Reward: Fleet Commander's Hat. 10 points.
  • Fleet Commander (New) Complete 500 Naval Missions. 5 points.

Set Bonu Izmene
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion

  • Item - Mage T18 Arcane 2P Bonus Each time you cast Arcane Blast, the cooldown of your Presence of Mind is reduced by 30 sec.Your Arcane Blast has a 40% chance to trigger Presence of Mind without triggering its cooldown.


  • Item - Warrior T18 Protection 2P Bonus Reduces the cooldown of your Last Stand by 50%. While in Gladiator Stance, your Enrage generates 30 additional Rage.the damage bonus from being Enraged is increased by 20%.

Spell Izmene
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion



  • Revival now has a 40 yd range, down from 100.

  • Infusion of Light Your Holy Shock criticals reduce the cast time of your next Holy Light or Holy Radiance by 1.50 sec. or increase the healing of your next Flash of Light by 60%. Also increases your haste by 10%. Paladin - Holy Spec.

  • Cascade Launch a Shadowy bolt that grows in power with distance, damaging an enemy for up to [ 183.6% of Spell Power 0;], and then bouncing to additional enemies 4 times. Each time it bounces, it splits into 2 bolts. 40 yd range. Instant.

  • Cascade Launch a Shadowy bolt that grows in power with distance, damaging an enemy for up to [ 183.6% of Spell Power 0;], and then bouncing to additional enemies 4 times. Each time it bounces, it splits into 2 bolts. Priest - LvL 90 Talent. 0.75% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. Instant. 25 sec cooldown.


String Izmene
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • AJ_LFG_REWARD_DEFAULT_IRANGE_TEXT - %s drops item level %i to %i gear.
  • AJ_LFG_REWARD_DIFFICULTY_IRANGE_TEXT - %s (%s) drops item level %i to %i gear.
  • GARRISON_NO_SELECTED_SHIP - Select a ship from the list
  • GARRISON_SHIPYARD_MISSION_TUTORIAL_AREABUFF - Completing Missions like this unlock Area Buffs on the map.
  • GARRISON_SHIPYARD_MISSION_TUTORIAL_BLOCKADE - You must defeat this Blockade mission in order to run other missions in the area.
  • LIST_DELIMITER - %s, %s
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_263 - You must be at your shipyard.
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_264 - Requires a level 3 Mage Tower.
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_265 - Requires a level 3 Spirit Lodge.
  • VAS_FACTION_CHANGE_CONFIRMATION - %s, %s|nFaction change to %s
  • VAS_FACTION_CHANGE_VALIDATION_DESCRIPTION - This character's faction will be changed to:|n|c%s%s|r.|nYou will customize your character on the character select screen.
  • VAS_NAME_CHANGE_CONFIRMATION - Old Name: %s|nNew Name: %s
  • VAS_RACE_CHANGE_INELIGIBLE - |cffff2020This character does not have any eligible races to change to.|r
  • VAS_RACE_CHANGE_VALIDATION_DESCRIPTION - This character can be changed to:|n|c%s%s|r. You will select your new race on the character select screen.

Garrison Ability Izmene
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion


Diablo III Patch 2.2.1

Mali patch postavljen je sinoć na serverima i on je sa sobom doneo male ispravke u igri.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

Diablo III patch 2.2.1 is now live in the Americas for PC! Check out the full patch notes below to learn all about the latest changes. 

Important: Please note that you will not be prompted to download patch 2.2.1 until the patch is live in your home region. If you are logging in from a European or Asian client, you will need to wait for this patch to release in that region before it can be installed. Additionally, if your home region is in the Americas, you will be unable to log into Europe or Asia using Global Play after patch 2.2.1 is live until those regions have also patched.

Visit our Bug Report forum for a list of known issues.

If you are experiencing technical issues with the patching process, connecting to after installing the patch, or errors while playing a newly-patched game, please visit our support site or post in the Technical Support forum for assistance.


  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some players from receiving the BlizzCon 2014 cosmetic items
  • Barbarian
    • Whirlwind
      • Skill Rune - Dust Devils
        • Reduced the visual noise caused by these tornadoes
  • Monk
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Channeling Pylon from removing the cost of Dashing Strike with the Raiment of a Thousand Storms set equipped
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that prevented belts from being able to roll bonus Armor as an affix
    • Fixed an issue that could sometimes prevent Locust Swarm from refreshing the duration of the Zunimassa's (6) Set bonus
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to equip and use unidentified Legendary Potions
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Josh Mosqueira (the rift guardian) from dropping loot
    • Fixed an issue that allowed The Butcher and Mancarver's spear attack to be reflected, or slowed
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players with Illusory Boots equipped from passing through walls created by Orlash
  • The recently added social button will now display how many friends you have online and any clan or communities notifications
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the Greater Rift Completion screen from being closed using the Close All Windows hotkey
    • Seasonal tabs will no longer incorrectly show up on the Achievement and Leaderboard screens when no season is active

Zenyatta - King's Row Gameplay Preview

Blizzard je uploadovo njihov gameplay preview heroja Zenyatta the Monk na PlayOverwatch YouTube kanalu. Gameplay se odigrava na mapi King's Row - Point Capture / Payload hybrid mapa koja se nalazi u engleskoj.

U prilogu možete pogledati screenshotove iz videa, gde možete videti Zenyatta abilitie kao i neke delove King's Row mape.

Zenyatta - King's Row Gameplay Preview      




Hearthstone Patch 8834: Heroes of the Storm Nagrade

Novi Hearthstone build postavljen je na Blizzard serverima, medjutim on još uvek nije live. U njemu smo pronašli stvari koje su došle uz novi Heroes of the Storm Patch.

Heroes of the Storm Pozadina za Karte

Novu pozadinu za karte dobićete kada odradite quest "Hero of the Storm". Sve što treba da učinite je da stignete do player level 12 u Heroes of the Storm.


Heroes Mount Quest

Quest "Easy Rider" dodat je u igri, i on Vas nagradjuje sa in-game mountom u Heroes of the Storm. Sve što treba da uradite kako bi završili ovaj quest je da pobedite 100 mečeva u Hearthstone play modu.

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