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Curse of Naxxramas - Otvoren Plague Quarter

Plague Quarter otvoren je danas na US i EU serverima!
Kao i prvi wing Arachnid Quarter, Plague Quarter imaće tri bossa (Noth the Plaguebringer, Heigan the Unclean i Loatheb) i šest karata za otključavanje.

Defeat Noth the Plaguebringer

Defeat Heigan the Unclean

Defeat Loatheb

Defeat Loatheb

Mage Class Challenge

Hunter Class Challenge

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
You've braved the creepy crawly horrors of the Arachnid Quarter - now prepare yourself for new cards, new bosses and more fun with Curse of Naxxramas: The Plague Quarter!

The Plague Quarter will open at the following times per region:

Americas: Tuesday, July 29th at 11:59 PM PDT
Europe: Tuesday, July 29th at 11:59 PM CEST
Korea/Taiwan: Wednesday , July 30th at 12:59 AM KST / Tuesday, July 29th 11:59 PM CST
China: Tuesday, July 29th at 11:59 PM CST

(Americas Region) The cards that players can acquire in The Plague Quarter will be featured on the official Hearthstone blog here once The Plague Quarter is live in the Americas region.
Good luck and have fun acquiring new cards for your Hearthstone collection!

Kerrigan Starcraft Fan Art by Velimir Kondić!

Sećate se radova Velimira Kondića Warcraft Lich Kinga i Illidana kao i Diabla? Velimir je danas objavio svoje novo remek delo za Starcraft community, gde je nacrtao Sarah Kerrigan (Queen of Blades)! Njegov skill ne možemo opisati rečima ali možete pogledati u video zapisu koji je napravljen od 62 sata video materijala snimljenih kamerom. Još jednom svaka čast Velimire!
queen of bladesvelimir
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
Still i have a problem how to start leading line . Each drawing up until now, had its creating story from zero to the last spot, but drawing Kerrigan (Queen Of Blades) has a special story.

Exactly one year ago i made a first scetch , proportions and perspective. I knew that this drawing will be  most difficult until now because it had two characters which are almost completely in personnel. Both character on itself carry an enormous level of details and neither one could be missed. The most that i was concerned about was how am i gonna do her face becase i wasn't preperd . ( You remember ILLIDAN ) That is why i have left it to end because i had time to get  in style drawing and come up with all possible solutions and to continue creating techniques with the tools that i use.Of course, all this would be in this plastique example of my work if i do not have family life in which still we all have problems and obligations .

We are going back half a year ...

After great co-operation with AdriaCraft and Blizzard Entertaiment Inc. for drawing, "Diablo"  i have been learning several programs and i was drawing . Programs for the 3D modeling did enable me to figure out how to draw displaying types of light, illumination editing procedures, depth space, what is important to express on the character and what not , how to make a wet surface , metal, and many other things that before that, I couldn't understand what more i did not understand them because i was not even considering them because i  wasn't thinking about  them. After that, it was created my most known drawing of "Lich King Arthas". I continued to work hard learning programs and knowledge that i have was  getting  bigger  from day to day. I slowly understood that job of  game makers  is not easy  at all... From the idea to its creatiation  and completion of project is very long and difficult road . Even after i stoped to complain  how the document is poorly produced and  animation in some game, or how the task is stupid... Someone had  to make all of thet , and  to put lots of hard work in bond and to be used at the end . At the very end the most severely criticism falls from players. Think about it!

It has been a couple of months ago learning these programs, several ordered drawings but there is no way i could get to work on Kerrigan drawing. I was looking at it from the side how it stands not completed so sometimes made mu frustrated only as the obligations, tiredness and a job that kept me away  from  finish. Occasionally i manage to work on it, but not enough to cover bigger surface of that drawing . Passing the months scope of the work was  decreasing  as well as the obligations, finally time was created to finish it. Since then i have already done up to half a Hydralisk and made a new alignment style of work that allow me to in the real time cover less surface on drawings and not to notice where the layers have been merged  and that there are so many that  i do not know number. Drawing had been easily  receiving its form, quantity of details was bigger as well as my desire to finish him as soon as possible! I have finally finished  Hydralisk , i have done it in style as in the wet with long moves that were forming cartilage with a thin skin which shining over muscle (Effect Wet Surface). All that would be harder to do if i haven't had  knowledge from the 3D program. Withdrawn with that experience i was thinking throughout Kerrigan how to do it the  other way . Styles of character had to be different to avoid  merger in one surface . I have been searching and trying to decide witch style would be the best, in the end I returned to the original picture and looking  for ideas. The solution was  on to her  expanding level of details and to express them much more than the sibility . Skin texture has been very interesting for drawing, there are a lot of small details that at first glance are not connected but when  looked as a whole, would notice the skin through muscle diffraction , bones , but they are not permitted joints but not to look  too much like on  Hydralisk .That is why i did petty moves which were builting large groupings bodies. Background was done like complete solid illumination surface and light who have been covering over the rocks within the cave. All this was great, the only problem is that i still didn't have a solution for the face. Drawing stood unfinished for a  month, I debated which techniques that i shoud do because the skin should be smooth and area for the work is relatively small. Hard to bring to be all as well as the original just as i had to come out a little bit out of my limitations and to do it as best as it can be done. I went usual style of drawing, just as i have been trying to merge colors to be one but that is  still visable which is which because the white light source and a light reflection of off rocks is blue, and thereby, the face shadows were blue. The main problem is created when it has proved that tool that i use is not a sufficient quality for skin drawing, rather, drying too fast. I have had work quickly witch was difficult to organise with  battery life on camera , and a good part of i didn't recorded because of the camera charging. At the very end, on the entire drawing  i've added a little more gloss on textures  to get the appropriate light reflection of entire space and to do so that way i would merge both characters.
Total hours of recorded material  is 62 hours but the camera was losing focus sametimes so i had to take out full 10 hours of drawing from this episode. Queen of Swarm is the hardest drawing that i had to draw till now. I have new ideas that im gonna do in up coming period, but most important for me is to be back st WOW and chose one more BOSS that i am gonna draw. My name is Velimir ( a.k.a Konda ) I cant wait to write to you again.
Summer greetings from Serbia!

Grimrail Depot Dungeon, Night Elf Male Character Model, Blue Teme

Warlords of Draenor - Grimrail Depot
Danas Vam predstavljamo kako izgleda Grimrail Depot, jedna od istanci koja nam dolazi u Warlords of Draenor. Ukoliko ste fan vozova, ova istanca je sigurno za Vas!
Night Elf Male Character Model
Muffinus je podelio na svom twitter nalogu sliku gde možemo videti Night Elf male character modela, ali kao što možemo videti na slici model još noje završen.

Blue Tweetovi
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
New major glyphs coming for defensive dispels in #Warlords. 2 charges but increases cooldown by 4 seconds. Courtesy of & co. (holinka)
Bad idea if reducing cc. Also, can you stop adding glyphs like this. Priests have more mandatory glyphs than we can use
we'd be pretty happy if everyone had more than three "mandatory" glyphs (holinka)

Do you ever think you went too far with ability pruning?
Not sure. Playing some classes on beta, I really love the extra action bar space and streamlined nature of the classes. (holinka)

Melee uptime seems really high. Dmg is high from some melee but I assume you have a series of numbers passes to do. Good stuff.
there is tuning but have heard a lot of concerns about melee mobility...but I don't think it's all melee. (holinka)

Any mobility changes planned for next build?
We probably need to start getting more specific than "mobility" at this point. Some melee are great here, others are not. (holinka)

On live I can go 10 min with almost no empty gcd. On beta I already had more empty gcd in less than 2 min testing.
There's quite a few tiers of difference involved there. That's normal. (Celestalon)

Death Knight
Purpose of "Enhanced Will of the Necropolis"? Are dk tanks designed to drop below 30% every 30 secs?
"Designed to", no. Able to benefit from Will of the Necropolis that often, yes. (Celestalon)

maybe when the ww numbers start to drop you guys will agree. Blizzard sold us a "fast pacing street fighter style".
.Threats like that have long lost their sway over us. It's still a fast-based combat spec. People are are spreading this idea... (Celestalon)
...that Windwalkers are some slow spec now that is energy starved. That's not at all the case. It's simply not. (Celestalon)

Attack speed from Empowered seals doesn't have any effect on Crusader Strike cooldown in beta. Intended?
Yes; attack speed is not haste. (Celestalon)
It isn't worth to seal-dance then, is it? Thank you for your answer.
It should still be. Tuning may be off. (Celestalon)

1) Can you give me a PvE scenario where Seraphim > FV/EmpS? I really don't see it beating them even after...
You find the pooling/burst gameplay fun, you want bursts semi-frequent of damage. (Celestalon)
Even if you could call it fun(you can't), damage(which it lacks) trumps fun on and serious progression
Tuning hasn't happened yet. (Celestalon)

the basilisks, warpstalkers and tallstriders of draenor will have new model? please they need one, thanks
We tried to update as many iconic creatures as possible, sadly we could not get them all. (_DonAdams)

you mentioned a "cool new feature" you hadn't shared yet...still coming, or did I miss something?
Still coming...but there have been hints out there. (holinka)

I've been around since Day one - I would love to see stats that show me I'm wrong and PvP is not a niche
In the US and EU, the number of people doing random battlegrounds is as high or more than LFR. (holinka)
likewise as many people do 2s as normal raiding. As many do 3s as heroic raiding. Not a niche. (holinka)
and the number of people doing 5's is the same as those doing CM's?
Yeah very few people do 5s and we don't think it is very good gameplay either (holinka)
Does that number filter out people doing only the legendary quest?
This was the trend before the legendary quest (holinka)

(wod) why are incaps and disorients seperate DRs? promotes caster cleaves with moonkin or wl. if combined: melee+ranged best comps
A lot of history with those DR categories. Not prepared to make that seismic of a shift. (holinka)
reading from your comment that i'm right essentially, but the change would be too much for now. right?
No not really. The game has been working pretty well with those DR categories. Don't feel such a disruptive change is needed. (holinka)

so basically Ashran is a AoE fest with PvE mobs thrown into the mix for fun?
It's important to note that we're trying to offer a new type of experience with Ashran including the "giant zerg" feel (holinka)
it isn't for everyone but some people REALLY like it. Variety is the spice of WoW (holinka)
Also regarding the zerg, spell clutter culling will be coming soon, and that'll help with the visual soup. (Celestalon)

Are the Vicious Saddle mounts going to be obtainable in WoD as well, or will they get replaced by new mounts?
still obtainable (holinka)

Reading the Talador preview. Is the Kirin Tor neutral again in WoD?
Khadgar is. He wants to get the politics out of the Kirin-Tor. (DaveKosak)
Can't you just make him a alliance hero that is willing to work with the Horde for the greater good.
That's exactly what he is. (DaveKosak)

Will we see the ettin in Draenor (WoD)? Thanks .
No ettins, but we have Ogronn, Lesser Gronn (don't think that's the real name) Gronn and Magnaron. Many giants! (_DonAdams)
Why no Ettins? WoD is as good a time as ever to explain their existence.
There is evidence that they're in the ogre/ogronn/gronn family. That's all anyone knows. (_DonAdams)

Didn't the Arakkoa try to summon an Old God to Outland so why isn't he showing up????
The Dark Conclave doesn't exist yet. Most arakkoa do not worship Old Gods. At least not at the time of WoD (BC -30 years). (_DonAdams)

Who are the Scorpars? beasts o humanoids scorpions? we will see them?
Creatures we ended up cutting. You won't see them in WoD. At least not at launch... (_DonAdams)
To clarify: MAYBE NEVER. (_DonAdams)

So is Sethe who the arakkoa in Outland's SMV were trying to summon?
Nope. That was Dark Conclave trying to summon an unnamed Old God. Sethe is a primal god worshipped by the Sethekk (_DonAdams)
Is that Old God planned to show up in WoD? I.e. is he native to Draenor?
No plans for him at the moment. The arakkoa may not even be in contact with him yet. We don't know.

Reputation / Questing
Hi!, is the ending for FFR under redesigning? We've never been able to see it/test it, while SMV has an ending with Karabor.
Not being redesigned. The finale for Frostfire has an (amazing) in-game cinematic which we have not yet revealed. (craig_amai)

Then... Why have them next to the giant PvP zone? Why not just make it hard by distance, which Kara/BSF provides.
Seeing other players is totally cool, see: Dalaran. Flying to stuff because your hub is not near anything isn't cool. (Muffinus)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Ashran the island off the coast? Seems like you put the hub far from everything...
Looking at fast ways to get from your garrison to Ashran hub. Keep in mind: Garrison is in SMV/FF, you see a lot of them. (Muffinus)
So World > Garrison > Hub is the intended path to take this expansion?
The endgame of WoD has yet to be unveiled - you'll be fighting all over, think 5.1+Timeless Isle combined (Muffinus)

Dave... Alex... Why is there suddenly, what appears to be, a portal to the Emerald Nightmare near Stormwind?
OOOoooo mystery!! (Will make sense once all the dungeons are in.) (DaveKosak)

are we going to have intact draenei cities outside of shadowmoon? ie shattrath a neutral hub?
I believe there are some in Talador? Smaller pockets of resistance, at least. (_DonAdams)

Will The Dark Portal in Outland fade away? Thanks .
Well the portal in Blasted Lands now links to Draenor (Tanaan Jungle) but as for the Hellfire portal... good question. (_DonAdams)

Oh so will my faction Leaders randomly show up garrison? No? Ok well how about access to my bank? No?
If you've played the beta, you've seen Thrall/Durotan there. So yes, they do Storehouse gives you bank acc (Muffinus)

the ability to destroy our forces while being united
This is why you're building a garrison, Ashran isn't half of the story of what you're ultimately building up to in future. (Muffinus)
I still disagree with moving the capitols to Ashran but okay
The capitol is really your garrison, it's where you start from, where many things intersect, and ultimately = winning vs ??? (Muffinus)

So, do we get a target dummy at some point in those garrisons?
If you take the Sparring Arena, yes! (Muffinus)

Normal Garrison missions are 30m, I just got a rare mission with an 8 hour duration! Intended?
Longer time, epic-er rewards (Muffinus)

Razer Kraken Review

Jedna od glavnih stvari koju uvek uzimate u obzir kada kupujete dobre gaming slušalice je da su one udobne. Naravno za tako nešto potrebno je dugo vremena, kako bi pronašli odgovarajuće slušalice, a takodje iste moraju da imaju i odličan zvuk. Razer je igračima ponudio novi gaming headset - Razer Kraken!


Razer Kraken su stereo slušalice, podesive za sve veličine, udobne i predvidjene za dugo korišćenje. Ove veoma zelene slušalice imaju sledeće specifikacije:
  • Tip: Gaming slušalice (Bez Mikrofona)
  • Sistem: Stereo
  • Zvučnik: 40 mm, Neodymium Magnets
  • Frekventni opseg: 20Hz - 20KHz
  • Osetljivost: >110dB ± 4dB at 1 kHz
  • Impedansa: 32Ω at 1kHz
  • Priključci: 3.5mm analog
  • Dužina kabla: 1.3 m + 2m
  • Težina: 280 g
40mm neodymium drajveri su okruženi sa velikim jastučićima punjenim penom, a prekrivenim mekim skajem. Svaka slušalica ima veliki otvor tako da će obuhvatiti lepo vaše uši. Ovaj dizajn pomaže da blokira da čujete zvukove van slušalice. Pošto su veoma meke, i lagane bio sam u stanju da ih nosim duže vreme i igrajući World of Warcraft, bez ikakvih neprijatnosti. Ako je nešto dobro kod ovih slušalice, to je da nećete osetiti umor oko ušiju posle dužih igračkih sesija. Dodatna osobina ovih slušalica je što možete podesiti headband sa obe strane.



Razer je kod ovih slušalica mislio i na dužinu kabla koji je dugačak 1,3m plus 2m ako povežete nastavak. Za povezivanje sa računarom koristi klasičan jack od 3.5mm.


Dolazimo do zvuka koji je definitivno odličan za gaming. Takodje testirali smo i slušalice za slušanje muzike, a one su nam pružile odlične tribale i bass koji nas je iznenadio! Što se tiče igrica, koje se oslanjaju na bass, Kraken su se odlično pokazale. Osetićete zvuk pucanja i eksplozija kao de se nalazite u igri, upravo zbog odličnog bassa koje nam ove slušalice pružaju. Reprodukcija glasova u igrici nisu loši, ali kad se nadjete u sred intezivnih akcionih scena, Kraken će odraditi odličan posao. Da budemo iskreni, Razer specijalnost pruža solidne proizvode za igrače i Kraken izgleda da se bolje nosi sa igricama nego sa muzikom u ovom slučaju.

Kraken Gaming Slušalice nam ne donosi nešto specijalno i fansi kako smo to naviknuli. Pored svog prepoznatljivog zelenog dizajna, ovo su solidne stereo slušalice sa odličnim basom i zvukom. Sa mogućnošću da povežete ove slušalice na Vaš mobilni i PC, ovo su odlične slušalice za svakog gamera. A pomenućemo opet da se Razer dosta potrudio da one budu udobne i za dugo nošenje. Sa cenom od ~78 evra, Kraken slušalice stavlja u srednje budžetnu klasu gaming slušalica koje bi preporučili svima, sem ukoliko imate potrebe za mikrofonom, a to će Vam ponuditi njego unapredjen model Razer Kraken Pro, ali po ceni od ~105 evra.

Warlords of Draenor Beta - Build 18594

Blizzard je sinoć ugasio servere kako bi postavio novi Beta Build 18594. Medjutim zbog nestanka struje, serveri će biti podignuti tek večeras.
  • Nova Login Screen muzika stigla je uz ovaj Beta Build!
  • Druidi imaju novi talent (Claws of Shirvallah) koji koristi Saberon model sa različitim animacijama. Skin je promenljiv zavisno od rase koju igrate.
  • Mnogi praznici imaju nove iteme, kao što je Exquisite Costume Set: "The Lich King".
  • Novi Season 16 Elite setovi su dodati za Warriora, Death Knighta, Huntera, i Priesta.
  • Novi Raptor modeli dodati su u igri.
Siege of World Muzika
Warrior Season 16 Elite
Death Knight Season 16 Elite
Hunter Season 16 Elite
Priest Season 16 Elite
Nova Stvorenja


Get to Your Choppa! - Claiming Your Mount

Svi igrači koji se budu logovali od danas pa do 30 septembra, dobiće novi mount - Hordin Motor kojeg su igrači izglasali da bude u igri!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
The Horde chopper is on its way, and you need to log in now to claim it!

Your votes for Azeroth Choppers were counted, and one faction’s war cry roared loudest: the Horde bike will now be turned into a mount in World of Warcraft! Anyone who logs in to the game between now and September 30, 2014 will automatically have their account flagged to receive the Horde chopper upon the release of the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion. Everyone can (and should!) claim their chopper by logging in now, but as a reminder, only your Horde characters will be able to mount up and take it for a ride.

Alpha Patch 31360 - Rehgar, Master Skinovi, Artifacts, Levelovanje Heroja i Ostalo

Patch je postavljen na serveru, a on je sa sobom doneo novog support heroja Rehgar, Master Skinove. Artifacts i ostalo...
Rehgar, Shaman of the Earthen Ring
Novi support heroj pridružio se ostalim herojima Nexusa.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
  • Abilities:
    • Chain Heal (Q)
      • Creates a healing wave that jumps between allies.
    • Lightning Shield (W)
      • Imbue target ally with lightning, causing damage to nearby enemies.
    • Earthbind Totem (E)
      • Spawns a totem that slows nearby enemies.
  • Trait:
    • Ghost Wolf (Z)
      • Instead of using a mount, Rehgar transforms into a Ghost Wolf, increasing his movement speed.
  • Heroic Abilities
    • Bloodlust (R)
      • Stir allies into a frenzy, increasing their Attack and Movement Speeds.
    • Ancestral Healing (R)
      • Significantly heals an allied Hero.


Master Skinovi
Master Skinovi dodati su u igri za Heroje koji su level 10 (nevezano za game exp). Da bi ste otključali Master Skin morate da platite 10,000 golda.





Ažurirani Skinovi
Blizzard je doterao par starih skinova i oni sada izgledaju izuzetno bolje.




Novi sistem dodat je u igri Artifacts. Artifacts će Vam pomoći u progresovanju i prilagodjavaju vašeg Heroja. Za Više informacija pročitajte zvaničan Artifacts Blog.




Izmene kod Levelovanje Heroja

Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
  • Hero quests have been removed from the game. They were replaced with hero levels.
  • Extra hero talents will now unlock based on the hero level and not the global leveling system.
  • Your second heroic ability unlocks at level 2, you gain 6 talents at level 3, and at level 4 the rest of the talents are unlocked.
  • At hero level 6 you will unlock a portrait for your Heroes profile.
  • At level 9, you gain an additional portrait which has a golden border.
  • At level 10 you unlock the ability to purchase the Master Skin for your hero for 10,000 Gold.

Social sadržaj uskoro: Klanovi, Grupe, Clubovi i Chat!
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
  • UI/BattleChat/ClubCreated=%club% has been created.
  • UI/BattleChat/ClubJoined=You have joined %club%.
  • UI/BattleChat/ClubLeft=You have left %club%.
  • UI/BattleChat/ClubMemberChangeMemberYou=You are now a member of %club%.
  • UI/BattleChat/ClubMemberChangeOfficerYou=You are now an officer of %club%.
  • UI/BattleChat/ClubMemberChangeOwnerYou=You are now the owner of %club%.
  • UI/BattleChat/ClubMemberChangeMember=%member% is now a member of %club%.
  • UI/BattleChat/ClubMemberChangeOfficer=%member% is now an officer of %club%.
  • UI/BattleChat/ClubMemberChangeOwner=%member% is now the owner of %club%.
  • UI/BattleClubContextMenuInviteSuggest=Invite/Suggest to Clan
  • UI/BattleClubContextMenuCopyLink=Copy Link
  • UI/BattleClubContextMenuLeaveClub=Leave Clan
  • UI/BattleClubContextMenuReportClub=Report Clan
  • UI/Community/Club/ButtonCreate=Create
  • UI/Community/Club/ClubNameInvalid=Invalid club name.
  • UI/Community/Clan/ClanTagInvalid=Invalid clan tag.
  • UI/Community/Clan/DialogTitleCreate=Create a Clan
  • UI/Community/Clan/LabelName=Clan Name:
  • UI/Community/Clan/LabelTag=Clan Tag:
  • UI/Community/Group/DialogTitleCreate=Create a Group
  • UI/Community/Group/LabelName=Group Name:
  • UI/Community/Group/LabelCategory=Category:
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