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Author: jovanmhn Date: Saturday, 30 August 2014
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Author: Silencer Date: Saturday, 30 August 2014
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Author: Warheart Date: Friday, 29 August 2014
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Author: FasumAga Date: Friday, 29 August 2014

Tier 11 - Death Knight Model

Sledi prikaz modela Death Knight Tier 11 Seta, u tri različite boje. Blizzard je savršeno odradio ovaj plate set, za razliku od Warriora, nadamo se da će se isto potruditi oko Paladin tier 11 seta

Death Knight Tier 11

 Tier 11 - Izgled na svim rasama
Tier 11 - Izgled na svim rasama

4.0.1 Balans klasa - Hotfix Izmena na Live serverima

Retriution Paladini, nemojte više da tugujete, sad smo buffovani!
Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Source Re: Class balance as of Oct 13, 2010)
We made many changes yesterday. A lot of these were bug fixes, and many bug fixes will affect damage one way or the other. So just because you don't see a specific change referenced below, doesn't mean it didn't change.

With that said, here are the specific changes we made in reference to my previous post:

1) We buffed the base points and coefficients of many Warrior dps abilities. We didn't do as much to tanking abilities.

We buffed the base points and coefficients of many Ret Paladin abilities.

We buffed the base points and coefficients of many Feral Druid cat abilities.

2) We lowered the base points and coefficients of many Mage abilities, but lowered Fire more than the other two.

3) We nerfed Shadow Word: Death, but it is possible we didn't nerf it enough. It should not be Priest Shadow's biggest spell.

4) We returned Warlock Searing Pain's damage to its 3.3.5 levels.

5) We increased the benefit of resilience by 50% for players level 80 and below. The tooltips will probably not reflect this change.

We don't have any other changes to announce at this time. I am reluctant to mention additional classes or specs that we are looking at currently for fear of instilling excitement or panic.

Patch 1.1.2 Now Live

Quote from: Game Patch Notes

• Players will no longer receive achievement toasts while their status is set to "Busy."
• The messaging when attempting to load a saved game or replay from a previous version has been clarified.
• Adjusted the amount of points earned and lost by random team participants to properly reflect the strength of a player's teammates.



o Buildings

• Nexus life and shields increased from 750/750 to 1000/1000.

o Void Ray

• Damage level 1 increased from 5 to 6 (+4 armored).
• Damage level 2 decreased from 10 (+15 armored) to 8 (+8 armored).
• Flux Vanes speed upgrade bonus decreased from 1.125 to 0.703.


o Buildings

• Barracks requirement changed from Command Center to Supply Depot.
• Supply Depot life increased from 350 to 400.

o Medivac

• Acceleration reduced from 2.315 to 2.25.
• Speed reduced from 2.75 to 2.5.

o Reaper

• Nitro Packs speed upgrade now has a Factory Requirement.

o Thor

• Energy bar removed.
• 250mm Strike Cannons is now cooldown-based on a 50-second cooldown. Ability starts with cooldown available (useable immediately after upgrade is researched).


o Buildings

• Hatchery life increased from 1250 to 1500.
• Lair life increased from 1800 to 2000.
• Spawning Pool life increased from 750 to 1000.
• Spire life increased from 600 to 850.
• Ultralisk Cavern life increased from 600 to 850.

o Corruptor

• Energy bar removed.
• Corruption is now cooldown-based on a 45-second cooldown. Ability starts with cooldown expired (must wait for full 45-second cycle before usable).

o Infestor

• Fungal Growth now prevents Blink.

o Roach

• Range increased from 3 to 4.


Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue where players could not cast the Feedback spell on Point Defense Drones.
• Fixed an issue where the Phoenix would continue to channel Graviton Beam after the target died.
• Fixed an issue that would cause Larvae to spawn and be hidden behind Zerg eggs.
• Fixed an issue where players were unable to navigate to the Single Player page or watch replays after canceling map downloads from the queue.
• Fixed a desync that could occur on user-created maps with custom mod dependencies.

Blizzard Odgovor na 4.0.1 Probleme

Od kako je juče na serverima postavljen Patch 4.0.1... Mnogo pritužbi je bilo oko novog patch-a, nebalansa klase, i raznih bug-ovi. Blizzard je odgovorio na par opštih problema danas sa više detalja.
Balans Klasa - Oct 13, 2010
Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Source Class balance as of Oct 13, 2010)
Rather than try and address multiple threads, I'm just going to plop our current thoughts in this one post. Please excuse the brevity.

1) We think Fury, Arms, Feral cat and Retribution dps is too low and we will be buffing them.

2) We think mage dps is too high, especially Fire, and will be nerfing it.

3) We think Shadow priest dps is too high, but that's largely a result of Shadow Word: Death spam, which is tough on healers. We'll be fixing that.

4) We think Destro warlock dps is too high, but that's largely a result of Searing Pain spam, which is tough on tanks. We'll be fixing that.

5) As we suspected, PvP dps is just too high given that the health pools of Cataclysm haven't kicked in yet. While competitive PvP is over for the moment, we still want the environment to feel better so we will be buffing resilience. This change might be reverted at level 85.

There will probably be more changes after another night of raiding and BGs. Many of the bug fixes we have made today will affect dps as well. Stay tuned.

Nedostaju neki Enchantmenti
Originally Posted by Bornakk (Source Missing Enchantments)
Since the release of patch 4.0.1 yesterday, we’ve received reports from players that a few of their item enchantments are now missing. After further investigation into the cause and potential solutions, we’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that we will not be able to restore these enchantments.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we will not be able to replace or otherwise reimburse players for their lost enchantments.

Mount Speed - Patch 4.0.1
Originally Posted by Zarhym (Source Re: 310 ICC mounts in 4.0.1)
To clarify my original post, when I said no changes were being made to mounts in 4.0.1, I was referring to the idea of mounts being removed or droprates changed. No mounts have been removed as of yet, nor have any droprates been altered.

With that said, 310% speed is now solely obtained by purchasing the skill. All mounts now go the speed of your highest skill level. So if you happen to obtain Invincible now and have nothing higher than Expert riding, you will travel 150% speed. If you have Artisan riding the mount will be 280%. In order for the mount to travel 310% speed for anyone who obtains it after 4.0.1, you will need to purchase the new Master riding skill. Anyone who had a 310% mount prior to patch 4.0.1 automatically learned Master riding.

[...] There are no 310% mounts anymore. 310% speed is now obtained via Master riding, a new flying skill. All flying mounts are now only distinguished by aesthetics.

Update: Promenja imena Warlock Pet-ova
Originally Posted by Bornakk (Source Update: Renamed Warlock Pets)
…the ritual came to a close and a demon of untold power (but limited stature) was pulled through the void, kicking and biting and gnashing its teeth, forcibly bound to the mortal world. The warlock, a quizzical expression on his face, regarded his familiar, who was in fact now quite unfamiliar, and inquired, “Who in the hell are you?”

Since the release of 4.0.1, more than a few warlocks have noticed that their pets are in fact no longer their familiar demonic servants, and instead appear to be new entities with different names. We’ve been able to pinpoint the cause of the issue, which should be resolved by tomorrow for any warlocks that log in for the first time from then on. We’ve also been able to determine that we will be able to restore any renamed warlock pets to their original pre-4.0.1 names during next week’s scheduled maintenance.

For those of you who like your new pet names, we’re working on a feature for a future patch that will allow you to refresh your summons and essentially generate a random pet name without having to level a new warlock.

Guild Rank "Zahteva Authenticator"

Većia ljudi je naišla na problem oko promote i demote dugmeta za guild rankove koji su imali uključeno "Requires an Authenticator" permission. Zvanične informacije nam govore da ukoliko je igrač dodao authenticator, moraće da prodje par dana kako bi novi Guild System prepoznao da dati igrač poseduje na accountu authenticator. Slede zvanične informacije.
Originally Posted by Lylirra (Source Re: Guild UI Changes in 4.0.1)
For those of you reporting issues promoting or demoting guild members to a rank that has the "Requires an Authenticator" permission enabled, I have a bit more information for you.

As noted in the main post, if a player attaches an Authenticator to his or her account, it may take a few days before guild controls will recognize the Authenticator and allow that player's characters to be moved to a protected guild rank. Since this feature is new with patch 4.0.1, though, this sort of "checking" has to occur globally—so it'll be roughly 72 hours from the first time a character logs in after patching before it will be eligible for an Authenticator-required rank. This wait period will still apply even if a player has had an Authenticator attached to their account for months (or even years).

Apologies for the confusion!

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Class Balance (Source Re: From a GM: Please fix this now...)
We are continuing to adjust balance. We have made several changes already today that players will notice. We have to be cautious about these things. We don't want to massively buff someone whose low damage is caused by a bug. We don't want to say nerf Fire mage crit chance now only to have it be too low when they start to level. We don't want to buff classes now only to have to turn around and nerf them at 85. Some of the issues we're observing now were not happening on our internal servers, the beta or the PTR. It's a very complicated game, and that's totally par for the course.

But we are making some changes, and many of them quickly. The patch has just barely been live for 24 hours now. It was a pretty major patch in terms of game mechanics changes, and as always when this happens, we have problems that crop up and need to be addressed. The fact that groups were able to raid at all after such a major patch is pretty remarkable. I am personally very sorry for anyone who is so upset about their current dps that they would quit after years of play. We'll get things worked out.

"Play" button sound in the Launcher (Source Re: Press play................GONG!!!!!!!)
I jumped out of my chair yesterday when I hit the Play button to check on something in the game. This isn't an intended heart-rate check and we're looking to get it fixed in an upcoming patch. 

Raid Bugs
  • Toravon the Ice Watcher will now spawn properly. A hotfix for this issue has been deployed.  (Source Re: VOA toravon)
  • A hotfix for the targeting issues with Festergut and Putricide is currently being deployed. (Source Re: ICC Bugs, so far)
  • Lady Deathwhisper's mana pool should be back to normal now. We've deployed a hotfix for that issue. (Source Re: ICC Bugs, so far)  
Cataclysm Prologue Event (Source Re: Where is the 4.0.1 pre launch event?)
Things have started already, but they are just the first of the events leading up to Cataclysm. You may want to go to the major cities and hear what your leaders are up to. You also may want to make sure your earthquake kits are up to date too, you may start feeling the earth move under your feet.

Everything is not going to happen at once and we don't want to give away any surprises. You'll just have to keep your eyes and ears open as we march on toward December 7th. 

Enemy Nameplates missing (Source Re: [Bug] Enemy Nameplates)
Sorry for the late response. We are aware of this and looking into a fix. This can't be hotfixed, so a client side fix would have to be used for this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New Tree of Life (Source Re: New Tree of Life Model: Confirmed)
Art is very subjective. We're very used to the phenomenon of half of a class loving say their tier set art and the other half thinking they are the worst thing ever.

Messing with player models is always risky and we know the current Tree of Life model is one of those things that is either loved or hated. That is why, as promised, we are offering a minor glyph if you just prefer the older, treant-based, version of ToL. 

Novi Tree of Life Druid Form

Tree of Life Druid Forma je dobila novi izgled modela (Mislimo da je ovaj model i dalje u doradi i da nije finaliziran). Blizzard je već najavio ovu promenu, jer su želeli da Druid forme budu više egzotične i specijalne, što dovodi do nekog zaključka da možda očekivati i izmene Moonkin Forme. Slede slike sa četri razlićita skina (razlika je samo u bojama), i nadamo se da će Blizzard da nam omogući menjanje boja po želi. 
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/cataclysm/models/treeoflife/] width=[345] height=[200]}
Ghostcrawler je i zvanično potvrdio da je ovo novi model Tree of Life Forme!
Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Source)
Art is very subjective. We're very used to the phenomenon of half of a class loving say their tier set art and the other half thinking they are the worst thing ever.

Messing with player models is always risky and we know the current Tree of Life model is one of those things that is either loved or hated. That is why, as promised, we are offering a minor glyph if you just prefer the older, treant-based, version of ToL.
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