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Author: ZeRoX Date: Thursday, 30 October 2014
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Author: Runrepik Date: Wednesday, 29 October 2014
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Author: lepro Date: Monday, 27 October 2014
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Tol Barad Fokus Test sa Developerima 3 runda

Veliki broj izmena napravljen je na Outdoor Tol Barad Battleground-u. Blizzard je pozvao igrače da pomognu na testiranju novih izmena koje uključuju: povećan HP Siege Engine, smanjenje HP kulama sa 180000 na 150000, a ono najbitnije promena queue sistema da timovi budu balansirani. Sledi zvanična najava sa više informacija o izmenama.

Originally Posted by Mumper (Source Tol Barad Focus Test w/ Devs - Round 3)
Hey Guys,

We have made a number of changes to Tol Barad and are looking to get some good feedback from the beta players. First off, a few of the big changes.
  • Siege Engine HP tripled to 1.35m.
  • Tower HP reduced from 180000 to 150000.
  • Vehicles now protected from 99% of damage until someone hops in the first time.
  • There’s now a Spiritual Immunity Area Aura given by the Spirit Healers at all GYs.
  • 4 guards have been added to the bridge spawn point to protect it.
  • The queing system has been modified to keep the balance of players on each team at the same value. The system will not let someone else queue for a team until the balance falls out of sync.

The test is scheduled for 4pm PST tomorrow (Wednesday the 27th) on the Lost Isles beta server. You must be level 85 to queue for the battle and we will be on hand to speed up the time between games. We will use this thread for feedback after the test so please come back to the forums and post your thoughts!


Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Battle for Gilneas BG Not Currently Available (Source Battle for Gilneas BG Not Currently Available)
We have discovered an issue that was preventing the Battle for Gilneas battleground from being available for play. This issue has been corrected and the BG should be available in the next beta build. Once we can confirm that it is playable, we will schedule a playtest with the devs ASAP.

Thanks and sorry for the mixup.

Outdoor Group Bosses in Cataclysm (Source Re: Thank you for the outdoor raid bosses)
There are a COUPLE of these bosses in Cataclysm, but they're not true outdoor raid bosses. They're just much harder group bosses that drop heroic dungeon level items and specialty items. Have fun!

[...] these aren't outdoor raid bosses. A good STRONG 5 player group should be able to handle these bosses, but you certainly have the option to make a raid and give it a shot as well. Good luck. 

Pre-Cataclysm Events (Source Re: No cultists, elementals...)
The pre-Cataclysm events have technically already begun with the earthquakes, though it obviously starts very mild and picks up over time. We don't want to ramp it up too quickly, but rest assured there will be a number of new developments as we get closer to Cataclysm. In fact, by the time the shattering of Azeroth takes places shortly before the release of the expansion, we might have to apologize for blowing your minds.

We'll have more information on the events coming soon.

[...] Each stage of the event does not have to be patched in, but rather just turned on. You can make a rough assumption that the event will play out for about a month, increasing in severity and things to do each week. 

Is Ragnaros the end-boss of the Firelands? 
Does that mean that Ragnaros isn't the real end-boss of the Firelands raid and there'll be another heroic-mode only boss after him? Or is a heroic-mode only boss just a one-time thing like Algalon was in Wrath?
There is no set in stone plan. We'll do it if it's something really bad ass (story/concept wise), like Sinestra, Algalon, etc...

That doesn't mean that Ragnaros won't be SUPER hard on Heroic mode, because he will be.

Mana Regeneration (Source Re: Priest - Least Effective Healer in Cata?)
We're still comparing all of the active and passive sources of healer mana to make sure things feel even among the different classes, but we feel pretty confident that the mana from Revitalize is too high. The Holy priest at 85 feels the closest to how we want mana to feel at 85.

Healing throughput (Source Re: Priest - Least Effective Healer in Cata?)
And what about throughput? Is the holy priest model for throughput also closest to the design intent? It too seems low compared to that of the other classes.
It's hard to just provide throughput as a simple number. It varies enormously depending on the encounter mechanics you're talking about. Many of the logs I have seen posted by unhappy priests have Holy Radiance and Rejuv (to name two spells) healing as a much higher portion of total healing than we typically want to see. Some of that is encounter specifics, though those two spells in general are still probably too good. The Chakra mechanic is also something we are continuing to tweak, so that makes direct comparisons tricky at the moment.

As a general rule, the community still focuses way too much on healing meters as a proxy for how good a healer they are. Meters aren't even that great for comparing dps without a lot of analysis. 

Marked for Death / Resistance is Futile (Source Re: Marked for Death / Resistance is Futile B)
This is intended. You can have multiple Marked for Death marks, so having Resistance is Futile apply to all of those would be very powerful. You can overwrite the Marked for Death though if you have a particular target that you want not to flee. 

Critical Blocks (Source Re: warrior Cooldowns extremely underwhelming)
Any attack which can be blocked should also be able to be critically blocked. If this does not happen, it's a bug. We will investigate e.g. Marrowgar Saber Lash and Sindragosa's Cleave. 

Shield Block (Source Re: warrior Cooldowns extremely underwhelming)
Are you looking into Shield Block being underwhelming at 80, 85 and inbetween? Any thoughts on changing to the standard 20%, 1 minute implementation?
We feel this is a legit concern, along with block chance for paladins, and something we are looking into. We probably won't go with a standard 20% cooldown, because we think tanks are too similar already. We'll announce our changes when we have agreed upon them.  

Patch 4.0.1a Na live serverima ove nedelje

Novi BugFix Patch postaviće se na live serverima ove nedelje.
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft Client Patch 4.0.1a

The latest test realm patch notes can always be found at

The latest patch notes can always be found at

We are updating World of Warcraft with a minor bug fix patch. For updated information regarding the changes made in this patch, please visit the official General forum at:

Patch 4.0.1a Bug Fixes

Originally Posted by Ujumqin (Source Patch 4.0.1a Bug Fixes)
The following issues have been addressed in the 4.0.1a minor patch.
  • Using a "/cast!" command no longer disconnects players.
  • Mousing over objects that generate a cogwheel should no longer cause the client to freeze or disconnect.
  • Guild Tabards should no longer display on characters not actually wearing the Guild Tabard.
  • Floating combat text should always appear.
  • NPC Health Bars/Nameplates are now appearing correctly.

Top 200 EU/US!

I kao i obično, ove nedelje izlazi top 200 lista za EU i US servere!

BlizzCon 2010 Highlights

Evo kako je bilo sve to za ta dva dana, a ako još uvek niste pogledali naš coverage događaja, savetujem da ga posetite na vrhu strane pod sekcijom BlizzCon 2010 :)

Cho'gall Cataclysm Beta Test - Video

Posle Blizzcon 2010, vreme je da se vratimo aktuelnim temama dešavanja na Cataclysm Beta serverima. Paragon je objavio Video zapis Cho'gall u 25-Man modu.

Dark Legacy novi strip

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