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Blizzard Insider Interview With Dustin Browder

The StarCraft II team recently unveiled their progress on the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm single-player campaign, which explores the fate of Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades.

To learn more about this next evolution in StarCraft II’s gameplay and storytelling, the Blizzard Insider recently sat down with Game Director Dustin Browder. Read on to get the behind-the-scenes details of the upcoming StarCraft II expansion, and be among the first to peer into the Heart of the Swarm.

Now that the player is shifting perspectives from the terran to the zerg, how will this alien point-of-view affect the gameplay and storytelling mechanics of StarCraft II’s single-player missions?

Kerrigan is a creature consumed by pure rage. She has been infested, tortured, and hunted. She grew to command over a third of the power of the entire sector, and she has to deal with problems of a scope that Jim Raynor could never even imagine, including the dark unknown of the Xel’naga and all-out genocidal wars against the protoss. To put things into perspective, Raynor is a central figure in the StarCraft story, but he remains just one man. Kerrigan became a goddess worshipped by billions of zerg who would execute her every command without question.

As a comparatively insignificant creature, Raynor cannot understand what it means to be the Queen of Blades. We hope to convey that epic sense of power and scale through the Heart of the Swarm campaign.

Can you give any specific examples of how the hive-evolution mechanic in Heart of the Swarm will work differently from the tech upgrade mechanic used in Wings of Liberty?

We are trying to focus the player on finding new DNA from exotic and strange creatures around the sector so that you really feel like the key to zerg success is finding and infesting the immense, deadly monsters that live on the most savage planets in the galaxy.

The Swarm is going to evolve differently than your army upgraded in Wings of Liberty. You will be able to choose new abilities for your units, much like you could in Wings, but you can also permanently change your units into new creatures.  For example, the zergling can be changed into a swarmling or into a raptor. Swarmlings spawn three zerglings instead of two when hatched from an egg, while raptors leap into combat with their enemies. Once you make this type of choice you are locked in to that unit, so your decision should carry considerable weight, and the end result should feel like a very different unit.

What kinds of new zerg units can players expect to see in the single-player campaign?

It’s still too early to know which units will make the final cut. We are trying to create mutations of many of your favorite units from StarCraft lore that allow you to really feel like you are mutating and evolving your Swarm. We are also exploring bringing in creatures that have been previously seen but never controlled in StarCraft. 

In Wings of Liberty, players controlled Jim Raynor for a few missions. Will players get to do the same with Kerrigan in Heart of the Swarm? If so, how will her gameplay differ from Jim’s?

Kerrigan will appear on almost every map in Heart of the Swarm. Unlike Raynor, Kerrigan is a creature of power that leads her army from the front, smashing aside siege tanks and destroying battlecruisers with her psionic abilities. And unlike Wings of Liberty, the mission isn’t over if she dies. Kerrigan will be able to revive at the nearest hatchery if she is killed, allowing you to use her aggressively against your enemies.

Kerrigan can also be upgraded over time, gaining new powers that allow you to use her in a variety of different ways. You will be able to choose which powers you want to use before every mission, allowing you to evolve Kerrigan before each battle.

In addition to Raynor, Wings of Liberty also had some important supporting characters such as Matt Horner, Gabriel Tosh, and Tychus Findlay. Who are some of the supporting zerg characters that will be accompanying Kerrigan in Heart of the Swarm?

We are hard at work at creating the fierce creatures of the zerg that Kerrigan commands between missions. We have Abathur the evolution master who controls the genetic vector of billions of zerg species. Abathur will teach the player all he or she needs to know to thrive in the brutal and violent world of the zerg. Through Abathur, we'll make it clear that “survival of the fittest” is the essence of what it means to be zerg.

Early in the campaign you'll also conquer a lesser zerg brood commanded by Za’gara, a zerg queen who remained in hiding on Char after the events of Wings of Liberty.  

What are the challenges of adapting the zerg units or zerg gameplay to the mission structure established in Wings of Liberty? 

The zerg economy is harder for players to manage and can be difficult to use correctly in the campaign where so many new challenges and objectives are being thrown at you at once. Certain units like mutalisks are balanced very specifically for multiplayer and can quickly become too powerful in the campaign. Banelings are also balanced for multiplayer and are generally far too weak in campaign where your enemy has a large resource advantage.

We are still too early in development to know how many other things are going to go wrong, but we're prepared to face many more challenges in balancing the campaign going forward.

Thanks for your time. Are there any other details you’d like to share before you go?

We are hard at work on the campaign, on new multiplayer units, on Blizzard DoTA, and on our Map Marketplace. We really appreciate all of the support and enthusiasm for StarCraft II from all of our players around the world. We’ll roll out new information just as soon as we can get it to you.

We are extremely excited about the success of StarCraft II and the positive response we’ve received regarding the Wings of Liberty campaign, and we think Heart of the Swarm will deliver an even better experience. Additionally, the eSports response has been absolutely phenomenal. eSports organizations are popping up all over the world, matching extremely high caliber players against one another. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the exciting matches, I highly recommend you look into one or more of the leagues out there including the GSL, MLG, and the NASL.

See you online!

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Trailers!

The first expansion for StarCraft II nears, and we’ve just released a new teaser trailer to set the mood.

We’ve also prepared a gameplay trailer revealing some of the mechanics and story featured in the campaign missions.

Vicious Gladiator's Twilight Drake i Novi PvP Ground Mount

Napokon imamo tačne informacije o Patchu 4.2, i sada možemo da vam predstavimo sa sigurnošću kako izgleda Vicious Gladiator Mount kao i novi PVP Ground Mount.
PvP Mount - Twilight Drake
Gladiatori mogu očekivati novog mounta sledeće sezone! Po informacijama koje smo uspele da izvučemo ovako treba da izgleda Vicious Gladiator's Twilight Drake.

{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2011/May/31/gladiator/] width=[720] height=[280]}
Epic Wolf i Horse PvP Mounti
Dva nova PvP Mounta dodata su takodje u igri, Horde War Wolf i Alliance War Steed koji dolaze kao nagrada za Veteran of the Horde II i Veteran of the Alliance II achievement.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2011/May/31/ground/] width=[350] height=[260]}

Trenutni Arena Pass Standing #2

Došao je kraj i još jedne nedelje, a to znači da je vreme da  se vidi kako stoji lista Najboljih arena timova na EU Arena Pass serveru.
Kao što možete da vidite tim "Rshaman take zero skill" se sa trećeg mesta popeo na drugo, dok je "concede bei fünfzehn" sa prvog pao na treće. U igri se ubacio "man chek this guys name" koji je trenutno na vodećoj poziciji (prvi).
Kod 2vs2 Arene "nammo cleave" je sa prve pozicije pao na drugu, a "Kenan and kell" sa drugog na treće. U trku je ušao Wati burst (Mage + Rogue setup) koji je vodeći na listi (prvi).
Uspeli smo i da dodjemo do igrača iz tima "Rshaman take zero skill", kao i "concede bei fünfzehn" sa kojima smo odradili intervju koji možete pročitati u daljem tekstu. Na žalost nismo uspeli da dodjemo do igrača iz tima "man chek this guys name", ali ćemo se svakako potruditi da ih nadjemo u toku nedelje.
Achspark -  "Rshaman take zero skill"

Stiven: Where you come from, what is your real ingame on live server?
Achspark: Im from Denmark, my ingame name is Fnoberz

Stiven: When you started to play this game?
Achspark: I started to play the game around 5 years ago, was basically in the end of vanilla

Stiven: When you started to play arena?
Achspark: I started out playing arena in Season 1 but not on a high level at all

Stiven: Did you attend Arena Tournament 2009 or 2010? Or this is your first time on Arena Tournament?
Achspark: I attended in The Arena Tournament 2010 aka season 8 tournament, i played RMP but didnt really have that much succes only got to 2250-2280 rating.

Stiven: What Combo is your Team "Rshaman take zero skill" ? Who is currently in your 3v3 Arena team?
Achspark: Im playing MLS with Dakkrothx and Drudenhaus

Stiven: Do you find that combo exciting, how long do the games last?
Achspark: I find the combo kinda exciting yes, the games can be in a really diffrent length but usually it takes 2-5 min. When we start to have serious preassure we usually continue to have it and something will die within 1 or 2 min

Stiven: What ammount of resilience should players aim for these days? Do you recommend using a mixture of pve and pvp gear or straight pvp for Arena?
Achspark: It depends on what class you are and what combo you are playing, in MLS the teams can pretty much zerg everyone so everyone in the team should atleast have 3,6k resilience + the shaman should probaly have around 3,9k since he is the one thats getting zerged most by meele cleaves

Stiven: What do you like to do as soon as the gate opens?
Achspark: Depends on arena if it is Nagrand, blade edge or dalaran arena i usually rush in and get something pet novaed so they cant run to pillars or to get the druid/hunter/rogue out of stealth and most important to stop the rush from the Meele cleaves

Stiven: Do you have favorite classes to kill on the opposing team?
Achspark: We kinda like to kill shamans

Stiven: How are you satisfied with Arena Tournament Organization? Did you had some bad experiance with server? Lag or Disconnects ?
Achspark: Nope not at all
Achspark: Actually i had some ms lags but dont know if it was my own internet at the start of the arena tournament

Stiven: Where are your teammates from? Are they your real life friends or someone you meet on live servers?
Achspark: They are from Sweden and Germany and i met them on the Arena Pass server
Stiven: Do you have any tips for players just starting out in Arena?
Achspark: Watch some movies thats how i learned to play mage

Stiven: What's the hardest match you've ever had? (setup, tactics etc.) Do you have any problems against any setup ?
Achspark: At the moment shadowcleave, Shadowplay warrior and Deathknight teams are kinda hard, i keep my tactics as a secret ;)

Stiven: You sad you play for 5 years. What motivates you to keep playing?
Achspark: I still think the game is abit fun (not as it have been) and basically the upcming tournaments i hopefully will try attend to

Stiven: What do you think of the current WoW Esport scene?
Achspark: I dont think there is enough tournaments at all atm there is only Blizzcon and WCG but dont know how WCG will turn out and if it even will break through

Stiven: What Gaming Gear are you using (keyboard, mouse, mousepad, Headphones) ?
Achspark: Alienware

Stiven: Anything speacial you would like to add?
Achspark: Im looking abit for sponsors atm actually.

Stiven: Thanks for this interview Fnoberz, I wish you very best on TR 2011!
Achspark: Thx you 2 !

Tailzy"concede bei fünfzehn"

What is your name, how old are you, and where are you from?
Tailzy: My name is Tailzytopher Schmidt, i'm 22 and i come from Germany :)

Stiven: How long do you play this game, when you started playing it?
Tailzy: I'm playing WoW since closed beta and pretty much never stopped with it

Stiven: When you started to play arena?
Tailzy: Since day 1 when they were released in Burning Crusade

Stiven: Did you attend Arena Tournament 2009, 2010? Or this is your first time on AT Server?
Tailzy: Yep i attended in all of the Tournament Realms

Stiven: What Combo is your "Team concede bei fünfzehn"  Who is currently in your 3v3 Arena team?
Tailzy: The combo Consists of an Arms Warrior, Frostmage and a Holypaladin. I am the warrior, Geru is the paladin and Daisyduke is the mage.

Stiven: Do you find that combo exciting, how long do the games last?
Tailzy: Yeah i enjoy it quite a lot, and the average game lasts about 4 minutes i guess

Stiven: Where are your teammates from? Are they your real life friends or someone you meet on live servers?
Tailzy: They are from Germany aswell and i met them online

Stiven: What ammount of resilience should players aim for these days? Do you recommend using a mixture of pve and pvp gear or straight pvp for Arena?
Tailzy: In my opionion you should get like 3,7 to 3,8k resilience for nearly every class. But there are some exceptions

Stiven: What do you like to do as soon as the gate opens?
Tailzy: Ohm hard to say, i'm not the guy that rushes in instantaniously. I guess we first talk about on who we go on.

Stiven: Do you have favorite classes to kill on the opposing team?
Tailzy:  ohm not really, it depens on the combo the enemy plays

Stiven: How are you satisfied with Arena Tournament Organization? Did you had some bad experiance with server? Lag or Disconnects ?
Tailzy: Everything went smoothly so far, good job by blizzard

Stiven: Do you have any tips for players just starting out in Arena?
Tailzy: It's all about practice, play a lot and have fun doing it :)
Tailzy: Nobody is a master from the beginning

Stiven: What's the hardest match you've ever had? (setup, tactics etc.) Do you have any problems against any setup ?
Tailzy: Mage Warlock Shaman is by far the hardest setup for us

Stiven: What motivates you to keep playing this game?
Tailzy: To play with my friends and have a good time with them

Stiven: What Gaming Gear are you using ?
Tailzy: My mouse ia  a Logitech Mx 518 and my Keyboard is a
Tailzy: Logitech G 11
Tailzy: The headset is a razer Banshee

Stiven: Anything speacial you would like to add?
Tailzy: Just greetings to the best guild in the world: Atrox ! :)

Stiven: Good Luck on TR 2011, I wish you very best!
Tailzy: thanks mate :)

Ragnaros Test na PTR Serveru

Igrači su prošle noći imali prilike da testiraju Ragnarosa i par guilda je objavilo video zapis encountera. Trenutno nema nijedan Kill, ali zato imamo par 40-20% wajopva

SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full Size Headset (Special Edition Blue)

SteelSeries je danski proizvodjač visoko kvalitetne igračke opreme za gaming community, a to su miševi, tastature i mousepadovi. Svaki proizvod koji oni naprave rade zajedno sa profesionalnim igračima tako da i ne čudi što njihove proizvode koriste više od 250 poznatih timova širom sveta.

Danas imamo prilike da probamo Steelseries Full Size Headset - Siberia V2 (Special Edition Blue). Ovo je veliki naslednik popularnog Siberia Headseta koji se pokazao kao jedan od najboljih igračkih slušalica.

Specifikacije Siberia V2:

  • Frekventni odziv: 10 – 28 000 Hz
  • ImpendansaČ 32 Ohm
  • SPL@1kHz, 1V rms: 112 dB
  • Dužina kabla: 1m + 2m = 3m
  • Konektor: 3.5mm
  • Frekventni odziv: 50 – 16 000 Hz
  • Uni-directional
  • Osetljivost: -38 dB
  •  Konektor: 3.5mm

Original Pakovanje

Siberia V2 je presentovana u velikoj kutiji sa prozorom, gde se vidi prelep izgleda plavih slušalica unutra. Zadnja strana kutije prekrivena je velikim količinama informacije o proizvodu na mnoštvo različitih jezika, sa par kvalitetnih fotografija koje mogu da vam pokažu lepotu ovih slušalica ako to no možete da vidite na prednjoj strani kutije.
U kutiji nema mnogo stvari sem slušalica, male informacione letke o SteelSeries proizvodima. Ovaj nedostatak dodatnih stvarčica je zanemarljiva kod SteelSeriesa, jer kako budete ugledali dizajn slušalica nećete se ni pitati da li ima još nešto. Za razliku od drugih Gaming slušalica Siberia V2 povezuje se putem dva audio džeka, umesto USB-a - što znači da nemate potrebe da sa sobom nosite cd sa drajverima. Takodje dostupna je i USB varijanta ovih slušalica -tačnije dolazi posebna USB zvučna kartica koja vam daje dodatno i 7,1 Virtualni zvuk. USB varijanta nije preterano skuplja od obične.

Dodatni kabal služi ukoliko je od vas malo dalje udaljeno kućište, a uglavnom zvučna kartica se nalazi pozadi tako da dodatnih 2 metra kabla mnogo znače u ovom slučaju.

Kako to izbliza izgleda?

Iskreno, Siberia V2 je jedna od najbolje dizajniranih slušalica koje sam ikadao video. Skoro cele slušalice su u sjajnoj plavoj plastici, ali ako plava boja nije vaš ukus tu je uvek piano crna boja ili bela. Generalno materijal slušalica je velikog kvaliteta, naročito materijala koji se koristi oko ušiju.

SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full Size Headset

Za razliku od mnogih slušalica koje sam imao prilike da probam Siberia V2 ne pravi veliki pritisak na glavi ili ušima kako bi ostao u jednom mestu. Ima specijalno odradjen bendž koji se proteže prema veličini glave i koji ujedno omogućava da slušalice ostanu veoma sigurno na mestu dok su izuztno lake i udobne za nošenje, gde dobijate osećaj da su gotovo bestežinske.
SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full Size Headset

Sve u svemu Siberia V2 su udobne za nošenje čak i za duge vremenske periode. Tu je zaslužno origialno rešenje podloge SteelSeries jastučića za uši napravljene od Fauk-Kože koje takodje daju Siberia v2 još prefinjeniji izgled i osećaj.

SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full Size Headset

Dobar kvalitet je takodje i na kablu. Ona je zaštićena plastikom, što je jako čudno obzirom da Steelseries preferira na svojim miševima opletene površine zaštite, medjutim kabl ima svoje fine teksture i još više poboljšava sam izgled proizvoda.

Nekako su ljudi iz SteelSeriesa uspeli da prepolove prečnik kabla od oroginalne Siberie, i istovremenom dodali dodatne žica unutra za mikrofon, mada srećom to ne znači da su kompromitovali na snazi i kvalitetu. Na pola puta niz kabl, SteelSeries je pažljivo dodao regulator zvuka i dugme za mutovanje mikrofona koji je veliki napredak u odnosu na stariji model.

SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full Size Headset Jacks SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full Size Headset Controls

Još jedan novi aspekt u dizajnu je ugradjen mikrofon! Ovo je mnogo user friendly, nego monitor mounted mikrofon koji je dostupan u starijoj verziji. Ovo je jako dobra stvar ukoliko želite da gledate film ili da slušate muziku jednostavno vratite mikrofon na svoje mesto i neće da vam smeta.


U smislu kvaliteta zvuka, kod Siberia V2 on je apsolutno brilijantan! Zvuk je skoro savršeno uravnotežen sa bogatim basom i dobro definisanim visokim tonovima. Zahvaljujući jedinicama od 50mm zvučnika koji se nalaze ispod haube, kvalitet zvuka je primetno bolji nego kod original Siberie koja je inače poznata po svojem dobrom kvalitetu od samog nastanka.
Kada je igranje u pitanju koristiti Siberia V2 je bilo potpuno zadovoljstvo. Svi ambijentalni zvučni efekti se čuju sasvim jasno. Kao Stereo slušalice pozicioniranje zvuka je savršeno za slušalice koje dolaze bez USB zvučne kartice, iako kod 7.1 slušalica postoji jako primetna razlika.

Izolacija na slušalicama je savršena i jako impresivna zahvaljujuči novom zatvorenom dizajnu koje ove slušalice imaju i koji blokira pozadinsku buku, tako da nijedan zvuk neće da vam smeta sa strane, što ih čine idealnim za igranje u Lan dogadjajima ili na mestima koja mogu da vam odvraćaju pažnju raznim šumovima.

Mikrofon je idealan za igranje posebno u bučnim sredinama zbog njegovog realtivno kratkog dometa u odnosu na prvobitnu Siberu. Mikrofon će jednostavno pokupiti zvuk samo vaš kada pričate, tako da nećete da boradcastujete neke čudne šumove. Pri testu Skypa i Ventrila mikrofon je besprekorno radio bez ikakvih problema.


Sibera V2 je jedan brilijantan proizvod, koje možete da uzmete u obzir kada tražite pristojan par slušalica u bilo koje svrhe, a ne samo igranje. Njegov ugladjen dizajn sa visokim kvalitetom izrade zajedno sa vrhunskim kvalitetom zvuka, prave finalan proizvod koji bi toplo preporučio svakom da kupi.

Steelseries je u suštini od svog prethodnika napravio bolju verziju gde su se više koncentrisali na najvažnije faktore, a to su kvalitet zvuka i udobnost koju Siberia V2 čine jedan od najimpresivnijih Gaming slušalica na tržištu.
Slušalice na test dali glavni distributeri za SteelSeries kompanija GameS iz Beograda! 

Ažurirana Blizzard Art Galerija

World of Warcraft: Art galerija ažurirana je sa četri nova radova koji predstavljaju The Burning Crusade univerzum.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2011/May/28/art] width=[180] height=[300]}
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