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Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Tier 11 Instance Valor Points Change (Source)
The change is that instead of chain-running troll dungeons to cap VP they have an additional option. Adding that additional option doesn't suddenly make the valor rewards more accessible. Especially because the option that's being added is entirely less accessible than what's been available this entire time.

You can make an argument that current tier shouldn't be available for purchase with Valor at all, that's a valid opinion to state. But that's a different topic.

What you're saying is that by us adding additional but less accessible ways (raids) to obtain VP that it somehow makes the rewards less meaningful than they were when people could 'only use Dungeon Finder' to get them. Sorry but that just doesn't make any sense.

Arena Boosting (Source)
If by that you mean that you pay someone gold to join their team or they join yours and you all participate in Arenas, etc... together while they'll help you get to a higher rating because they are far more skilled than you? No, in and of itself that is not a violation of our policies.

Acquiring PvP Gear when you reach level 85 (Source)
What Aarschott explained to you does make sense. Level-85 PvP gear is intended to be earned and awarded to level-85 players. There is too much potential to "game" the system and stockpile really powerful gear so that you're fully equipped when you hit 85, if we were to allow you to buy level-85 gear with Honor you earned below the level cap.

The same applies for PvE gear. If you want powerful endgame items, you need to earn them via playing through endgame content.

Why don't you want a player having honor gear the second he/she hits 85? It's not necessarily good entertainment to go and get your butt kicked repeatedly in BGs for 150 sessions before you can begin to compete.
There are crafted items available to level-85 players which will help them substantially when first setting foot into Battlegrounds or Tol Barad. Getting a hold of this gear isn't too difficult.

The fact is that endgame progression is its own experience. Leveling is a very direct and obvious act of progression, but that changes when players hit the cap. Progression then trends much more toward itemization -- you have to participate in the endgame experience to get more powerful gear. But as I said, there is underrated entry-level crafting gear which can be very useful for helping to ease PvP-oriented players into level-85 Battlegrounds.

OK, then why do we start earning Justice Points at 70? We can stockpile them till we have 4K; so if this really is your reasoning, why don't we get our JP/Honor wiped when we ding 85? I mean we didn't earn them doing endgame content, why should we be able to buy a few pieces of gear with them?
No, that's exactly the point of the design. If you enjoy doing some leveling via Battlegrounds, you're afforded the opportunity to buy up to two pieces of epic item level 371 PvP gear when you hit 85. You can then use gold and/or crafting materials to fill out just about every other slot, plus use enchantments, gems, and reforging to get your character into a competitive state for collecting additional epic Honor gear.

It doesn't matter at all unless you can verify and prove that Heroic Ragnaros is impossible, or way more difficult to kill, when a specific class or specialization is represented in the raid.

You're forcing together a couple of incredibly fragmented pieces of data -- and the sample size of that tested data is 25 players in the whole world fighting one boss in the entire game -- to extrapolate an entire thesis on class balance.

No one is going to benefit from trying to make an argument out of this.

And why do you think the world first guilds continue to not bring any Shamans. Is it because they're in such a good place right now they didn't want people to complain that they were class stacking Shamans because of how amazing they are?

This is the 3rd world first end boss kill in the past 3 patches where there was not ONE DPS Shaman in the raid makeup (And only one Resto Shaman in the past 3 world first end boss kills). You can keep saying EVERY new patch that they can bring what they want and that there is nothing that you can do, but you should really look at why they aren't bringing one class every single time.
That's a pretty ineffective way to consider class balance. It's as though you're suggesting the answer to perceived shaman woes is for us to buff them until the top guilds in the world must bring them to their raids for world first kills. That's a vacuum in which class balance should never work.

One thing you're certainly not doing is counting all of the kills of each of the Heroic bosses which followed the world firsts. Shaman have certainly been present for Heroic boss kills in Cataclysm, but that data doesn't support your argument. You want to focus on, what, four total boss kills over the last eight months? Out of tens of thousands of Heroic boss kills which have occurred globally since Cataclysm, do you really think you're presenting a fair case?

Ragnaros 25 Heroic Mode World First Kill - Guild DREAM Paragon

DREAM Paragon je uspeo da savlada Ragnaros 25-Man Heroic mode! Sve čestitke ovom fenomenalnom guildu, koji je izjavio da je imao preko 500 pokušaja na ovom bossu.

Ragnaros Heroic 25 Man Paragon World First

Raid Composition

Ragnaros: Too soon! (From Paragon)

Or was it? No, not really. Not if you ask us.

We've NEVER put as much effort into a kill as we now did on downing Heroic Ragnaros. We had a few grueling low percentage wipes and we were already planning on continuing early tomorrow with a better set of gear. Our kill attempt was going to be our last pull of the night as the thunderstorms and disconnects were kicking in.

Then everything clicked. All of our combined effort, practicing, theorycrafting and planning finally paid off. We had a near-perfect try and Ragnaros just melted away. A wave of relief washed over us. It was finally over. We wiped 500+ times on the boss, although I lost count at some point. Absolutely epic feeling after such an epic fight!

We'd really like to thank all of you guys for supporting us. We also would like to extend our gratitude to our sponsors who help us do what we do; a big thank you to SteelSeries, ASUS and especially our new partner DREAM! We'd of course like to thank Blizzard and the developers as well. The hotfixes were lightning fast. Smile

You can also follow us at our social media sites:

We will be releasing a video of our kill later on -- most likely as soon as someone else kills Ragnaros on Heroic. Until then, keep following us!

Patch 1.3.5 Now Live!

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty patch 1.3.5 is now live! This small patch features several bug fixes, as well as minor interface changes. Be sure to check out the full patch notes below to learn all about the latest changes.


StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - Patch 1.3.5

Table of Contents



  • Players from Latin America and North America will soon be able to play games together, add each other to their in-game friends list, and compete on the same ladder. For more information on region linking, please visit the [official community site].
  • Several performance and memory improvements have been made.
  • "Player Left" messages will once again appear in replays.
  • The Hellion's Infernal Pre-Igniter upgrade icon has been updated(now with more blue flames!).

StarCraft II Editor Improvements

  • UI errors will now go into a newly-created Error Display Message window.
  • Cooldowns shorter than 1/4 of a second no longer display on the command card.


If you experience any technical issues downloading the patch, please visit the support website for more information.  We wish you all the best on your journeys through the embattled Koprulu Sector!

Tier 11 Valor Point Hotfixevi

Originally Posted by Daxxarri (Source)
Due to some recent player feedback we’ve made the decision to implement a hotfix that will put Valor Points back on the bosses in Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, and Throne of the Four Winds (except Argoloth).

We agreed that players should have some additional options for earning Valor Points beyond Firelands, Zandalari dungeons, and tier 11 Heroic difficulty raids. We don’t want raiding guilds to feel like they have to raid Firelands AND the old raids every week, but we do want players to feel like they have some options besides running ZA/ZG over and over.

Bosses in these raids will award 35 VP on 10-player normal difficulty, and 45 VP on 25-player normal difficulty, to match the rewards currently offered for the Heroic versions of those encounters.

This change should be live within the next few hours. You can stay informed about the latest hotfixes by checking the Patch 4.2 Hotfixes article for updates:

World of Warcraft Starter Edition

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
With the launch of Rage of the Firelands (patch 4.2), we introduced the World of Warcraft Starter Edition, a replacement for the previously available free trial. The Starter Edition allows anyone to play for free up to level 20 without the time restrictions placed on trial accounts -- all you need is a account and Internet connection. The Starter Edition also opens up some new features that weren't available in the old time-limited trial:

  • Players with the WoW Starter Edition can create draenei and blood elf characters, which were previously unavailable with trial accounts.
  • The two starting zones associated with these races are also available to people wishing to try out the game.
  • The gold limit has been raised to 10 gold, allowing Starter Edition players to purchase mounts when they reach the appropriate level.

When you reach level 20, your characters will stop gaining experience. However, you are free to continue playing and exploring Azeroth for as long as you wish -- or you can roll an entirely new character to try out a new race or class. You can also choose to upgrade to a full, paid account at any time and continue your adventures beyond level 20.

With the launch of the Starter Edition, all existing trial accounts, including expired ones, have been reactivated. That means if you've tried WoW in the past, your trial-account characters are now accessible once more.

As you may have already seen, our Recruit-a-Friend program has also been upgraded as a result of the changes introduced with the WoW Starter Edition.

Now's a better time than ever to try out World of Warcraft. If you’re thinking of getting into WoW or know a friend who's been interested in joining you in Azeroth, it's easy to give it a try today.

For more information on this exciting new feature and a full list of restrictions, please visit the Starter Edition FAQ.

New StarCraft Fan Art, Patch 1.3.5 Now Available on PTR

We're featuring four new pieces of artwork in our Blizzard Fan Art Section today. Have a look at the many different interpretations of the StarCraft universe forged by some very talented artists.

Do you have a unique artistic approach to characters or environments in the Diablo, StarCraft, or Warcraft universes? Submit your fan art now!

Quote from: Blizzard Entertainment

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty patch 1.3.5 is currently in development and now available for testing on the PTR. This minor patch contains several minor interface changes as well as a sneak preview of Season 3 ladder maps. By participating in the PTR, you'll be among the first to test out the latest changes and help us ensure that when the patch is released it's of the highest quality possible.

To participate in the public test you must have a full North America product license. Further details on how to access the PTR can be found in the FAQ. Once you've had the chance to try things out, be sure to visit the Public Test forum to discuss the patch.


StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - PTR Patch 1.3.5

Table of Contents


  • A special sneak peek at new ladder maps is now available!
  • Several performance and memory improvements have been made.
  • "Player Left" messages will once again appear in replays.
  • The Hellion's Infernal Pre-Igniter upgrade icon has been updated (now with more blue flames!).

StarCraft II Editor Improvements

  • UI errors will now go into a newly-created Error Display Message window.
  • Cooldowns shorter than 1/4 of a second no longer display on the command card.


As this is a test server, please anticipate uneven game performance, and note that restarts and downtime may occur without warning. We'll provide information regarding extended downtimes, should they occur, in the Public Test forum.

Intervju sa guildom Srpski Orlovi

Pre par dana uspeo sam da dodjem u kontakt sa liderom guilda Srpski Orlovi "Serbian Eagles", koji je bez problema hteo da odgovori na naša pitanja, kako bi sanzali nešto više o trenutno najboljem stojećem srpskom guildu, koji se nalazi na EU-Sylvanas serveru. Zašto smo hteli da odradimo intervju sa ovim guildom? Iz razloga što je trenutno najbolji srpski guild sa dobrim progressom u raidovanju, i koji želi da regrutuje što više igrača, za drugi guild raid. Mi smo se zato potrudili da postavimo osnovna pitanja o njihovom Guildu, kao i da dodjemo do potrebnih informacija šta neki igrač treba da zna pre nego što ostavi aplikaciju na njihovom sajtu


Stiven: Pozdrav, Ja sam Stiven sa Prvo bih želeo malo da se upoznam sa Vama. Kakva je vaša pozicija u guildu Srpski Orlovi? Koju klasu igraš i koji ti je primarni spec?
Impact: Pozdrav ime mog charactera je Impact i ja sam Guild Master Srpskih Orlova. Igram paladina, moj trenutni primarni spec je holy.

Stiven: Na kom serveru se nalazi vaš guild, i da li se radi o horde ili alliance guildu?
Impact: U pitanju je Alliance guild i nalazimo se na Sylvanas realmu.

Stiven: Da li je Vaš guild fokusiran 10 man ili 25 man raidovanjem?
Impact: Raidovali smo 25 man u WOTLK, ali je to najčešće bilo 18 man. Tako da smo doneli odluku da se fokusiramo na 10 man raidove.

Stiven: Kada je osnovan Vas Guild, vidim da je vreme nastavka Wratch of the Lich King. Mozete li nam otprilike reći u vreme kog patcha? Kolko Vap guild trenutno broji članova?
Impact: Nap guild osnovan je 15.9.2007 godine, u guildu trenutno ima 122 playera,59 accounta. Sa ozbiljnijim raidovanjem počeli smo pred kraj WOTLK-a.

Stiven: Vaš guild se zove srpski Orlovi "Serbian Eagles", da li to znači da se u Vašem guildu nalaze samo Srbi, ili imate i igrače ostale nacionalnosti?
Impact: Naš guild jeste sastavljen uglavnom od igraca iz Srbije, ali imamo i nekoliko Hrvata (jedan u main grupi) kao i nekoliko Makedonaca, biti Srbin nije uslov da bi se bilo u guildu, uslov je samo da se priča na srpskom jeziku.

Stiven: Da li stalno imate aplikacije za Vaš guild. Kolko ljudi dnevno aplicira za Vaš guild? Da li postoje neki odredjeni uslovi kako bi neko pristupio vašem guildu? Ukoliko je neko zainteresovan da se pridruži, na kojoj stranici on može aplicirati?
Impact: Svako ko je zainteresovan da nam se pridruži, i ima 18+ godina može da ostavi apply na Što se tiče aplikacija nažalost to i jeste problem kada je reč o našim guildovima. Aplikacije nisu svakodnevne ali ih ima.

Stiven: Za komunikaciju u toku raidovanja koju aplikaciju koristite? I da li je potrebno da svaki igrac poseduje mikrofon ?
Impact:  Za komunikaciju koristimo TS3. I naravno obavezno je da svako u raidu poseduje mikrofon.

Stiven: Da li se Vaš guild spremao za Cataclysm. Da li ste imali prilike da učestvuje u Cataclysm Beta Testu (Da li je neko od vaših igrača slučajno dobio ključ od nas za beta test).
Impact: Spremali se jesmo, ali nažalost beta ključ niko od igrača nije dobio, tako da nismo igrali na test realmu.
Stiven: To ćemo ispraviti za sledeći nastavak :)

Stiven: Kakav je trenutni Vaš progress u Cataclysm Raidovanju?
Impact: Naš progress trenutno je 11/13 ,i u Firelands 1/7 Heroic. Uglavnom radimo na ostalim encounterima.

Stiven: Da li je Vaš guild fokusiran smao PvE Sadržajem ili je uključen i u PvP (Guild grupe za Rated Battleground, Arena)?
Impact: Mi smo pre svega bazirani isključivo na PVE, ali se često, uglavnom spontano, formiraju i PVP guild grupe za RBG.

Stiven: Kako Vam se čini Cataclym content (Firelands raid istanca). Da li Vam je laka, u odnosu na Wrath of the Lich king?
Impact: Cataclysm Content je daleko zanimljiviji (i teži naravno) od WOTLK-a, bar što se tiče 10 man raidovanja.

Stiven: Na kraju da li bi ste nešto želeli da dodate?
Impact: S'obzirom da je guild sastavljen uglavnom od zaposlenih ljudi, studenata, porodicnih ljudi - izuzetno smo zadovoljni da smo uradili sve ovo (o problemima sa konekcijama ne zelim ni da pricam). Ovim putem zelim da zahvalim svima na podrsci, pre svega vama na ovom razgovoru. I da obavestim sve koji su zainteresovani i žele da igraju sa nama, radimo takodje na formiranju Grupe 2 mogu da ostave apply na našem forumu.

Stiven: Želeo bih da se zahvalim, na Vasem vremenu, i da Vam poželim sve najbolje u daljem progressu u budućem raidovanju.
Impact: Hvala i Vidimo se uskoro sa još boljim rezultatima.
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