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StarCraft II Dodat Na WCG Serbia Tournamentu!

Nakon dosta buke oko činjenice da je samo Counter-Strike 1.6 bio predviđen za WCG u Srbiji, StarCraft II je dodat kao drugi naslov za ovogodišnje takmičenje. Ako želite da učestvujete u takmičenju, posetite WCG-Adria sajt i prijavite se, i nadam se da ćemo se videti na WCG-u ove godine!
StarCraft II na WCG-u!
Poštovani igrači, Zbog velikog interesovanja, organizator je uvrstio StarCraft II u kvalifikacionu rundu predstojećeg WCG-a 2011. Za igru je neophodno da se prijave, odnosno svojom uplatom potvrde učešće, minimum 32 igrača. Prijavu možete izvršiti putem linka: StarCraft II. WCG Adria.

Diablo III: Stay Awhile and Listen

Blizzard je pustio u radi novi Community Sajt Diablo 3, što objašnjava zbog čega je community team bio odsutan od WoW par dana,  dok su završavali novi sajt. Sajt izgleda prelepo i zasnovan je na izgled postojećih Community sajtova.
Diablo III: Stay Awhile and Listen
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Our new Diablo III community site has gone live! This will be your sanctuary for all the latest developments from New Tristram and beyond, featuring community forums and regular blog updates. Just like this site, you can post comments and share Diablo III news items via Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media outlets. You'll want to check out the new Diablo III news feed regularly. We’ll use it to share everything about Diablo III and to highlight recent community activity, including your most entertaining videos, art, comics, fansites, and much more.
We hope you head over and get acquainted with the new site, and return often. We've got a lot in store leading up to the release of Diablo III, including the launch of the Game Guide section featuring lore, characters, classes, maps, and more. Additionally, you’ll see us on the new Diablo III forums. We look forward to sharing and discussing all the latest Diablo III news, content, and updates with you for a long time to come.

Blog comments, forum posting, and profile management are only available to those with an active StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, or Diablo III beta license.

Takodje interesantna stvar pojavila se na novom sajtu kako je pušten live. Kao što možete videti na slici dole, bio je uključen feature koji je vezan za Diablo 3 Beta test, što nam govori da smo još biliži početku bete.
Diablo III: Stay Awhile and Listen

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Character Models Update (Source)
We often see people request for model updates. This is something we'd definitely like to do at some point in time, but time is a very limited commodity for our art team. We also have to be very careful about what it means to "update" a model. We've made changes in the past to various characters and had some people be a bit upset that it was changed on them as they had made very specific choices about the look of their character. We try to be as sensitive as possible about these types of things.

I can't give you more information than that, but the idea isn't far from our minds. We just have a lot of things we still want to on multiple levels that we hope enhance the experience of the game for everyone.

There is a lot of new art that was introduced in Cataclysm along with upgrades in things such as water (as a very small example). We have some pretty high standards for ourselves as well and while we can always up the poly count, that only goes so far. We're talking about models that have existed since the beginning of the game and thus, aren't all as advanced as some of the newer models that have been introduced to the game. We've been upping more than the poly counts. We're doing more in the way of animation and the way models are articulated and move within the world.

Now, as for hiring more people, we are always looking for talented people as you can see from our jobs page.We're even currently looking for a 3D character artist among other things.

Again, I think people are taking what I said to mean that there is a lack of desire on our end, and this is far from the truth. We absolutely agree that we could make improvements and would like to do so. It's just a matter of figuring out the "when" that this could be accomplished. There's a whole world (of warcraft) of things that are being worked on and we want to get to everything we can and make it count.

Raid Finder destroys communities (Source)
With the current design philosophy of the upcoming Raid Finder, it's not at all intended to serve as a replacement for organized raiding. In fact, it isn't at all being designed to be used as a direct substitute for forming raids the way people do today. The goal is to give people who enjoy the more casual PuG raid environment, or just don't have the schedule to keep up with organized raids, a better way to experience raid content.

We're still solidifying a lot of the details for this feature and look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Ažurirana Mobile Armory Aplikacija

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
  • Automatic price undercutting: Set the default buyout price of your auctions to match or undercut the current lowest buyout price for an item.
  • Aggregated buyout search results: Multiple auctions posted at the same buyout price can now be viewed as a single group.
  • Support for the following Guild features: Level, Perks, Rewards, Achievements, News, Events, and MotD.
  • Links to items and achievements received in Remote Guild Chat now link to those sections in the app.
  • Links to enchants, quests, abilities, talents, and professions received in Remote Guild Chat now display tool tips.
  • Improved search technology.
  • Search now suggests terms based on previous searches.
  • Updated calendar events presentation.
  • A character’s talents & glyphs now display on the same page.
  • Leaderboard has been removed.
  • Realm firsts will no longer appear in the activity feed.
  • Bookmarks are now saved locally instead of on the server. All old bookmarks will be lost.
  • Various bug fixes

Video: How to Win at PvP 2

Recap of Blizzard Entertainment at gamescom 2011!

Nakon fantastičnog gamescoma evo i recapa za sve koji nisu bili lično tu da prisustvuju fantastičnim stvarima koje je Blizzard pripremio!

Blizzard attended gamescom again this year, and this time we had Diablo III, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm all available to play. Were you one of the record breaking 275,000 visitors to come to the event? If you were, we hope you enjoyed playing our games, participating in our developer signing sessions and quizzes, as well as watching our developer interviews, contests and the highly entertaining show matches and live raids.

StarCraft II: Show Matches
As well as having a version of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm available to play, we also had several awesome StarCraft II show matches, with some of the best and most-well known players battling it out on the stage.

TSL.Killer, SeleCT, MC, DIMAGA, mOOnGLaDe, Tarson, White-Ra, MaNa, Dignitas.KiLLeR, DieStar and Puma dazzled the audience with their lightning-quick moves, all set to the smooth stylings of HomerJ’s exceptional shoutcasting.

World of Warcraft: Live Raids
Top class guilds For the Horde and Ensidia showcased their team skills against fearsome Firelands raid bosses in our World of Warcraft live raids.

Diablo III: Hands on
A playable version of the upcoming Diablo III was available and each morning eager fans rushed in to ensure our queue filled to capacity in only a couple of minutes.

Costume Contest
On Saturday, our show stage was transformed by our costume contest. Dressed as the brooding Sylvanas Windrunner, Laura B took first place and a well-earned trip to BlizzCon 2011.

Dance Contest
On Friday we held a dance contest on the stage, where participants displayed their own creative interpretations of the World of Warcraft racial dances. Performing the female goblin dance with great skill, Ronja O walked away with first prize.

Thanks for coming!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the participants in our contests and events and of course all of the visitors who stopped by our booth to play our games.

We look forward to seeing you at future events!

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Transmogrification Questions (Source)
Q: If you have armor and weapons on you person that are no longer available in the game can you use those skins?
A: Yes, you can -- assuming they fulfill the other criteria for eligibility.

Q: If I have a weapon that equips on the hip and I mog it to one that equips on the back, will it continue to equip on the hip (like the original) or will it switch to the back (like the one I used to mog with)?
A: The way a weapon sheathes is tied to its artwork, so the weapon will appear sheathed in whatever fashion the source item for Transmogrification did.

Q: Will Main Hand only weaponry be 'Mog"ifiable to the offhand slot?
A: Mainhand can only be applied to mainhand, and offhand can only be applied to offhand. This is partially due to the restrictions on certain types of weapon art.

Again, these are our first tentative steps with Transmogrification, and there's room for modifying the rules later on after the system is introduced, and we see how things shake out. Heck, the rules aren't even quite set in stone right now, and might change further before the system is introduced.

Q: If WoW was designed to not be "silly" why have the items in the game in the first place?
A: World of Warcraft has a design aesthetic that limits silliness, not omits it utterly. We all like a laugh now and then. That's why we have so many fun novelty items, easter eggs and humorous quests. Still, with a handful of exceptions, there's been a pretty firm line drawn between what amounts to a novelty item (which we anticipate players showing off occasionally for a laugh, or to enjoy on a temporary basis), and items that we intend players to use in their day to day activities.

It's that handful of exceptions that are the sticking point. It's the items like frying pans, cleavers and rolling pins that we're not sure we want players running around with on a constant basis. The jury is still out on that.

I'm sure that there will be those that still find ways to make the most ridiculous outfits possible despite any precautions we take. We can't possibly anticipate every permutation of gear combinations that people will come up with, but we can strive to design the system so that there are fewer completely ridiculous looking characters running around. Yes, that's partially subjective. Yes, we also have a design aesthetic that, even with the introduction of the Transmogrifier, we still want to adhere to. No, I don't care if you personally think that any given tier set looks "silly"; that's not what's at issue. 

Transmogrification of White and Grey Quality Items (Source)
We're still discussing exactly what will or won't be available for transmogrification. So far, as others here have said, if it has stats and isn't a "silly" item such as a fish weapon, to my knowledge it will likely be available to transmogrify. However, as I said, nothing is finalized yet and things are subject to change before and after the feature has been released.

So, about that button to disable transmogrification (Source)
The Transmogrify feature will allow players to customize the look of their character within reason. We've already stated that it's likely certain items will not be available to transmogrify, including fish as weapons, and other items such as frying pans, for this very reason. As you know, armor types will also be locked, preventing tanks in cloth dresses for example.

The rules will be tweaked as time goes on, but we're keen to keep the outlandish outfits to a minimum. What players wear while socialising in cities is up to them, exactly the same as now.
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