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BlizzCon 2010 Coverage: Dungeons & Raids

Classic Heroic Dungeons
  • Boss-evi u redzajniranim istancama Deadmines i Shadowfang Keep će se pojaviti kao questline u Westfall i Silverpine Forest.
  • Velike promene u klasičnim istancama (prave ih da budu više kao što su u tbc i wotlk)
  • Mnogo izmena u istancama videćemo u 4.1 Patchu. Neke istance imaće dva krila. Ulduman će biti odvojen i napraviće se iz dva dela. Maraudon će takodje postati istanca sa dva mala dela -"living" i "Princess" sekcija.
  • Sunken Temple odredjene sekcije se ukidaju, čime će se smanjiti trash. Zvuči kao da će skoro ceo gornji sprat da se smanji u 4.0.3 Patchu.
  • Wailing Caverns' maze sekcije se uklanja. "Some of these decisions weren't too hard to make."
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/blizzcon/2010/dungeons_raids/classic_heroics] width=[180] height=[140]}
  • Blizzard je želeo da ima više raid zona kad je Wrath of the Lich King startovao. Oni žele više oblasti na početku, nego neke beskrajne gotičke oblasti kao Naxxramas, koja je i bila primarna istanca u Wrath of the Lich King.
  • Blizzard želi da raid bude kao "bite sized chunks" u Cataclysm - u prevodu jedan raid da se završi za jednu noć.
  • Moguće je da linkujete vaš raid lock na kanale, što je dobro za raid lidere. Kada igrač klikne na raid link može da vidi koji su bossevi ubijeni, a koji i dalje dostupni.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/blizzcon/2010/dungeons_raids/raid] width=[180] height=[140]}
Patch 4.1 Preview
Firelands Raid
  • Firelands raid će biti dodatu 4.1.0 patch. To je deo Hyjal Planine, i to je mesto elementala vatre. Ovaj raid kulminira Hyjal priču.
  • (Molten Core was merely a setback.) - Ragnaros je veći i mnogo besniji u Firelands.
  • Firelands će imati 7 boss-eva. (Oni žele da igrači odrade više istanca u jednoj nedelji, umesto da cele nedelje rade Ulduar ili ICC.)
  • Reka lave prolazi kroz Firelords, sa Sulfuron Keep, Ragnaros castle, prema severu. 
  • Concept raid istanci kreće radovima 2D crtanja koje su posle pretvarali u 3D Modele od samog starta raid dizajna.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/blizzcon/2010/dungeons_raids/firelord_raid] width=[180] height=[140]}

  • Od sada pa na dalje, novi patch će uvek sa sobom doneti 5man istancu. Abyssal Maw je jedna od istanci koja će biti ubačena uz patch 4.1. Mesto puno vode, ali ne kao Oculus - Poredjenje oculusa je zato što ova istanca ima 4 bossa i do njih ćete doći prolazeći kroz vazdušne balone.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/blizzcon/2010/dungeons_raids/abyssal_maw] width=[180] height=[140]}

Enhanced Maps

  • Poboljšane mape istance, dodaće se u Cataclysm patch, uključujući boss informacije, lore , loot i njihove mogućnosti.
  • Blizzard ne želi da nam kaže kako boss ustvari radi ... ali želi da vam da neke informacije bar šta taj boss radi, bez toga da ne morate u toku raida da alt tabujete i da odete na wowhead. Poboljšane Mape će takodje imati integrisane 3D portrete bosseva, i radiće u Raid i Dungeon Istancama.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/blizzcon/2010/dungeons_raids/enchanced_map] width=[180] height=[140]}

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Enhanced Maps
  • The 2D maps for each dungeon was the first step.
  • Detailed boss info will be added to the map, including loot, lore, and abilities! (Yep, in-game AtlasLoot)
  • You won't have to pull a boss and die anymore to find out what he does.
  • "We're not going to tell you how the boss works, but we want you to have an idea of what you're getting into."
  • 3D Portrait of the bosses will be available.
  • It will work in both Dungeons and Raids.
Patch 4.1.0 Preview - Firelands Raid
  • The Firelands are on the Elemental Plane of Fire. Lava is all over the place.
  • Ragnaros encounter will be completely different. They want to give you an idea of his true power.
  • The instance will have 7 bosses
  • Plane of Fire is an outdoor area similar to the Hyjal Raid (the layout, not the terrible waves upon waves)
  • To the north is Sulfuron Keep, you'll go indoors here to fight Ragnaros. Sulfuron Keep looks very similar to the area in Cataclysm's Hyjal levelup zone.
Patch 4.1 - Abyssal Maw 5-Man Dungeon
  • Blizzard wants to release a 5-man Dungeon with each content patch to make sure that nobody feels left out.
  • It will be a continuation of the story players are going through in Vashj'ir and Throne of the Tides.
  • Abyssal Maw is the Elemental Plane of Water.
  • "Nothing like The Oculus"
  • The dungeon has 4 bosses.
  • "Risen areas" where you fight and then travel to the next
Classic Heroics (Heroic SFK / Deadmines)
  • New quests and encounters are now available in the dungeons.
  • All dungeons in Cataclysm now have their quests inside the dungeon right at the front. They no longer are part of huge quest chains outside of the instance.
  • The instances have been updated and completely revamped, they are not like Naxxramas in WotLK and you can expect a brand new instance. Normal difficulty is also updated.
Classic Dungeons
  • Classic dungeons have been revamped to be made shorter and less confusing. Dungeons such as Maraudon or Uldaman were really really long to get through.
  • For example dungeons can be split into multiple wings. Uldaman will be broken up into 2 wings. Ironaya will be the final boss of the first wing for the Dungeon Finder.
  • Maraudon will also be broken up into 2 wings as well. The dungeon now has a "living" section, and a lower section where Princess Theradras is.
  • Other dungeons will be trimmed. The top portion of the Sunken Temple has been removed and only the bottom floor remains.
  • Wailing Caverns's maze has been removed and bosses have been moved around to just make the instance smaller. Moving bosses wasn't hard because bosses didn't really have their own rooms.
Raid Philosophy
  • Tons of new mechanics have been added to the game, "Try to be as quiet as possible so this big blind dragon doesn't kill you." , "Players flying through the air during the fight."
  • These mechanics are added to the game in bite-sized chunks to make sure that players aren't overwhelmed.
  • One of the most important goal is to have content for everyone, the normal/heroic mode system worked out great in WotLK and they will keep doing it.
Flexible Raid Locks / Difficulty
  • Ulduar Heroic encounters worked fine, Blizzard decided that they could just make the whole instance Heroic (Trial of the Crusader). They decided to make the difficulty dynamic in Icecrown Citadel because ToC was just a pain in the ass.
  • With the new system, you can join multiple raids of either size but you can only defeat each boss once per week.
  • Heroic Difficulty works just like it in Wrath of the Lich King - Once you kill a heroic boss, you're locked to that raid group with that raid ID. However, if heroic bosses get too hard you can kill normal mode bosses with other people. (You can't do the same boss on Heroic and Normal in a week)
Raids & Dungeons Q&A
Q: Will there be a better system to prevent "ninja" looting on the LFG system?
There are a couple of improvements in Cataclysm. The loot system is more strict and people aren't able to roll on something they cannot wear.

Now that 10 and 25-man raids have the same difficulty, how do you balance them and make them the same difficulty?
Balancing is very hard but it's also a very high priority, encounters should be roughly the same difficulty. It might take some time but developers will get them to the same difficulty.

With the flexible raid lock system, is there anything to prevent people from leaving the group as soon as something bad happens?
It will get better over time, as player gets better and get used to the new system you will most likely end up getting a much better PuG experience.

Legendary weapons, with 10 and 25 man lockouts being combined in cataclysm are there any plans to go back to Ulduar and Icecrown citadel in regards of Shadowmourne and Val'anyr
Are we going to go back and change the way fragments drop? That's a good point, will bring that up in the office on monday. It's a great suggestion.

Are you changing BRD as well in Cataclysm?
I've done a pass on most of the old dungeons, trimming a lot of the suck. Things like 20 seconds sleep and 10 seconds disarms and things really really obnoxious. Unfortunately breaking up BRD is very tricky, so what we did do is put up some teleporters, there's a teleport past the bar, in the city, etc ... There are also teleports in Cataclysm dungeons such as Shadowfang Keep, Deadmines. Graveyards are also super close now, all dungeon graveyards are right outside the portal now. Developers want you to do the encounters, not run so much.

I'm concered about encounter mechanics like more hard stuff, my main concern is that the binary sort of thing that certain mechanics are big and flashy or something really subtle or obvious but it wont kill you immediately. Is there any middle ground there?
We talk about that quite a lot, and it's actually a pretty nasty design problem. Tanks and healers have a lot of things on their hands, if you are taking a little bit of damage you're probably going to blame the healer. We're trying to make things more visual and hopefully you won't have to look at a buff stacking for an encounter, one of the new things we have in Cataclysm are meters that the dungeon guys can script to make some of the mechanics more visual and make sure players know why they die. The blind dragon (Atramedes) for example needs you to be quiet, that's visually indicated with a sound bar.

Is there any plan to make a legendary weapon guild bound due to achievements
It's not something we're looking into, there's an achievement for it but we have no plans to make a guild wide legendary. It's an idea that came up but there are a lots of design problems with that, it was more complicated than what it was worth. For the time being, in the future legendaries will be for one person.

Originally Posted by Zarhym (Source World of Warcraft Dungeons & Raids Panel)
This year's Dungeons & Raids panel with Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton and Lead Encounter Designer Scott Mercer focused on the developers’ design goals for Cataclysm -- starting with a look at what’s in store for two classic dungeons, Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep.

A New Feel for Classic Dungeons

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, many classic dungeons will be updated to reflect our ever-evolving design philosophy, and the reworked Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep should serve as two good examples of how classic dungeons can be greatly improved without losing their “classic”; feel. Even after players have long memorized every last corner of a dungeon, classic dungeons can be made to feel fresh again by adding new quests, new encounters, and interesting lore lead-ins from their respective zones (in this case, Westfall and Silverpine Forest). This subtle approach helps revitalize classic dungeons for low-level characters and provides meaningful content for level-85 characters through Heroic versions, while still retaining the spirit of what made the dungeon popular in the first place.

One exciting new change that Stockton announced was that all key dungeon quest givers will now be located just inside the dungeon entrance. You will no longer have to beg your party to share their quests with you, or make your way to a dungeon only to find you haven’t completed a mandatory quest chain.

The primary goal for touching up any classic dungeon is to make them less confusing, shorter (in the case of the most sprawling crawls), and -- overall -- more fun. One way to accomplish this is to tweak the layouts and divide larger dungeons into separate wings. Come Cataclysm, players will see this philosophy in action in places like Uldaman and Maraudon, now separated into wings that are easier to navigate. Other dungeons are better served by trimming away the excess, as in certain sections of Sunken Temple and the maze-like portion of Wailing Caverns.

Raid Philosophy

One of the first things level-85 raiders will notice in Cataclysm is that more raid dungeons will be accessible right off the bat, in the form of multiple, smaller-scale raid dungeons. Our goal is to provide a dynamic and wide range of raid content that offers a little something for everyone.

Ever since Ulduar, our philosophies for Heroic raid dungeons and lockout systems have been steadily evolving. Ulduar presented players with the first-ever opportunity to toggle the difficulty of a raid boss for a greater challenge and access to better loot -- but the system was somewhat confusing, requiring players to know how to trigger Heroic difficulties through specific gameplay mechanics that varied by encounter. In Trial of the Crusader, players were granted the ability to toggle Heroic difficulty directly through UI, but could only change it for the entire dungeon at once. In Icecrown Citadel, we melded the mechanics of Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader to give players the flexibility to choose between normal and Heroic difficulties via the UI on a boss-by-boss basis… and we’re still making tweaks to give players even more options.

Patch 4.0.1 introduced the flexible raid lock system, which will be used in Cataclysm raids. While the Heroic raid lockouts will function the same as they did in Wrath of the Lich King, normal raids will lock players to specific boss kills each week, rather than to entire dungeons. This system is designed to give players with fluctuating schedules more flexibility to progress through content, to help keep players from being locked out of raiding for a week if an emergency comes up, and to give raid leaders more options when scheduling raids and maintaining a raid roster.

Patch 4.1

The panel closed with a first look at the Firelands, an all-new raid coming in patch 4.1. Continuing the quest to save Hyjal from an elemental invasion, players will be called upon to enter the Elemental Plane of fire and extinguish seven unique bosses… including Ragnaros himself. Too soon?

Also coming in patch 4.1 is the five-player Abyssal Maw dungeon, which takes players into the Elemental Plane of water to challenge four new bosses…and while it’s technically an underwater dungeon, the designers promise that the layout and mechanics are nothing like those in the Oculus.

Another major feature of patch 4.1 will be enhanced dungeon and raid maps. While dungeon maps currently show the dungeon layout and locations of bosses, 4.1 will allow players to find a host of new information for each boss, including 3D boss portraits, the lore behind the encounter, a full loot list, and a breakdown of boss abilities (by phase, if applicable).

At this point the audience was shown video footage of two new raid zones being introduced in Cataclysm, Bastion of Twlight and Throne of the Four Winds. That's all from the World of Warcraft Dungeons & Raid panel. Thanks for reading!

BlizzCon 2010 Coverage: Opening Ceremony

BlizzCon 2010 Opening Ceremony
(20:00 - 20:30)
Prvi dan je počeo, a sa njim i ceremonija otvaranja! Predsednik Blizzard Entertainmenta, Mike Morhaime, kao i obično nam se obraća prvi.
  • Ova godina je vrlo bitna za blizzard. Cataclysm izlazi uskoro, i SC2 je izašao, i slavili smo godišnjicu Diabla 2, WoW je dostigao cifru preko 12 miliona subscribera, a i uskoro će biti 20 godina Blizzarda!
  • SC2 development tim je napravio 4 nove custom mape samo za sc2 igrače, uključujući i Blizzard DoTU!
  • 1.1milion dolara je donirano u make-a-wish foundation preko small petova iz blizzard store-a!
  • Moonkin hatchling će biti novi mini pet koji će da se prodaje preko Blizzard prodavnice u Novembru, za Make-A-Wish Fondaciju!
  • Novi WoW server hardware upgrade dolazi vrlo uskoro!
  • Ovo je prvi put od 1998. da iste godine izlaze dve igre od Blizzarda (SC2 i Cata)
  • Ghost of the past je bio najgledaniji trailer video te nedelje na YT, i terran marinci su pobedili Justin Biebera! HELL YES!
  • Kataklizma će biti dostupna kao preorder od blizzarda direktno i dostupna kao digital verzija od 00:00 čim serveri budu dostupni i pre-download će biti dostupan.
Chris Metzendolazi sa novim najavama!
  • Prva reč: HORDE, druga reč: DIABLO, treća reč: ALLIANCE, četvrta reč: STARCRAFT, i te reči prave ceo community. I peta reč je...
  • GEEK! To je naša reč! Sledi ilustracija šta znači svima ta reč. Igranje sa igračkama, FRP, Konan, Captain America, Street Fighter, Luke Skywalker, Batman, Neo, Top Gun, Spiderman, Doom II, Sigurni Viver, Thor, Everquest, Leonidas, Night elf, Borgovi, AD/D, The One Ring, Star Wars, Superman...
  • E sada ozbiljne stvari!
  • *Trailer nove klase*
  • PVP BATTLE ARENE ZA DIABLO III! *Trailer 3v3, 4v4 arena!*
  • *Cinematic trailer za Cataclysm sa sve svetlosnim efektima na stejdžu*
Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Cinematic (Blizzcon 2010)

Official Quotes From Mike Morhaime and Chris Metzen
Morhaime: Blizzard turns 20 in February. 
Morhaime: Starcraft team is building four custom maps at Blizzcon, including Blizzard DotA. All will be released to SC2 players next year.
Morhaime: The moonkin non-combat pet is going to be another charity pet sold via the Blizzard Store this November, for Make-A-Wish.
Morhaime: Cataclysm can be preordered from Blizzard ahead of time and downloaded ahead of time and go live on Dec. 7.
Metzen: Fifth and final Diablo III player class is the hunter.
Metzen: PvP battle arenas in Diablo III.

Blizzcon 2010 Coverage - Cataclysm Press CD Trailer

Novi Cataclysm Trailer objavljen je na Blizzcon 2010 Press CD-u.

Blizzcon 2010 Goodie Bag

Blizzcon 2010 Goodie Bag nam je doneo par iznenadjenja, veoma lepu figuru deathwing-a. Sledi i video zapis izgleda Blizzcon 2010 Goodie Bag-a.

Blizzcon 2010 - Prvih par slika pre otvaranje ceremonije

Uspeli smo da uradimo par slika sa pre otvaranja ceremonije Blizzcon 2010, uskoro se vidimo, za par sati, jer očekujemo dosta najave na Blizzcon 2010 Opening Ceremony !
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/blizzcon/2010/entering] width=[230] height=[180]}

BlizzCon 2010 Coverage: StarCraft II Story Q&A

Development Stage: StarCraft II Story Q&A
(01:30 - 02:30)
Vreme je da fanovi pitaju sve vezano za priču što ih je ikada zanimalo!
Question: Šta tačno Jim namerava sa njom sada da uradi? Iznenadili ste nas... I mislimo da ovo neće tek tako lako da bude sa Kerrigan.
Answer: Uh... ne možemo da vam odgovorimo tačno na ovo jer bi spoilovalo HotS, ali je zaista interesantno... jer ne možemo ništa da kažemo direktno! Cela poenta ove priče je da je ona kontrolisana non stop i da li ona ima šanse da bude opet svoja... i HotS će biti baš o njoj i svemu tome, ali ćete biti zaista iznenađeni.
Question: Još Valerijana u HotS?
Answer: Valerian neće nestati. To možemo da vam kažemo!
Question: Koja je razlika između psionic bladeova zealota i dark blejdova?
Answer: Svaki protss koji je deo Khale, ima neverovatne moći ali taj deo dolazi iz duha. Ali tako i dark tekmplari imaju ogromnu kontrolu voida i tog... spoljašnjeg sveta :)
Question: Da li ćete nam reći koje odluke su u stvari prave odluke u misijama? Jer očigledno će to uticati na nastavak.
Answer: Uvek izbor je A izbor, ali ne želimo da to utiče na igrala samog. Ali možemo da proverimo kako ste prešli kampanju prvi put :)
Question: Gde je Samir Duran?
Answer: Haha. Lukavi ste. Ali da, nije zaboravljen. On je deo veće priče koja se tek razvija. Videćete tek kakve hintove smo vam dali u Wings of Liberty... kada shvatite šta se dešava u kasnijim expansionima :)
Question: Hronološka pozicija HotS-a?
Answer: Nah, mislim da ne želimo da vam kažemo. To jest... Pola. Ne želimo da vam spoilujemo igru! Ali... da, HotS se održava odmah posle Wings of Liberty. od 1 do 100 godina. Ko zna?!
Question: Da li ćemo ikada videti Xel'Nage? U bilo kom vidu fizički?
Answer: Komplikovan odgovor sledi. SVE STVARI ĆE BITI OTKRIVENE. Ali... Xelnage su well, deo svega. Ali da li ćemo ih videti.. ne znamo još uvek. Ali oni dominiraju!
Question: Da li ćemo videti UED tragove ikada?
Answer: U SC2... Nećemo se vraćati na Zemlju. Definitivno. Ali, možda budemo ubacili negde UED.
Question: Odina je ukrao Tychus i Raynor, ali što Mengsk nije reagovao kada je već imao kontrolu?
Answer: Mengsk nije uvek imao direktnu vezu. Odelo Tychusa nikada nije non stop broadcastovalo sve jer bi neko na brodu provalio kao npr Swan. Informacije su bile slane u kratkim talasima i tajne, tako da nije Mengsk znao sve, ali je znao da Tychus mora da uradi svoju misiju. On igra šah sa Tychusom i prosto očekuje da on to ispuni, ali jelte... malo se prevario.
Question: Šta dolazi od novela u budućnosti?
Answer: Da li vam se svideo Heavens Devils? E pa ima još toga! Nastaviće se ta priča. Kristi Golden pravi taj nastavak! :) Svi detalji povodom Raynora i Tychusa.
Question: Ako je mengsk pustio Tychusa pre invazije zergova... zašto je to uradio?
Answer: On nije mastermind. Nije video budućnost! Ali mu je smetao Raynor. Ali nije ni mogao da ga ubije tako lako jer bi postao ubica, pa je tako iskoristio njegovog starog drugara na njegov duh a ne da ga prosto ubije, jer je imao čoveka koji može da to uradi.
Question: Da li je Tychus mrtav?
Answer: Dev tim odbija da je Tychus mrtav. Ali ko zna..
Question: Koja je šansa da taj artifakt to baš radi? Deluje kao da je baš taj artifakt tu bio za baš to.
Answer: Ko zna, možda artifakt ima neka negativna dejstva. I obećavamo vam da se nije samo to desilo. Ako vas lažemo, evo gde smo.
Question: Da li je dominion znao šta radi kada su pravili one hibride u bonus misiji? Koje je stanje dominiona što se tiče toga?
Answer: Neko je znao šta se tu radi. Neko ko je vezan za Dominion. I nije nesreća što se to desilo prosto. E sada, pitanje je da li je to samo Dominion. A government... pa, Mengsk je sada poprilično u problemu i... pitanje je gde će biti u budućnosti kao Emperor.
Question: Da li ćete ubiti onog iritantnog naučnika u laboratoriji? Donny
Answer: Hm, probaćemo da ga ubijemo za vas. A Kate Lockwell? Sviđa vam se? Vau.
Question: Raynor je obećao da će je ubiti u SC1 zbog Fenixa. Kako onda sada on tek tako ide da je spase?
Answer: Nije ništa završeno! Ali njen kontekst je sve promenio u kampanji koju ste igrali. Ko zna, možda se posvađaju i počnu da lete tanjiri u kuhinji...! Ali da, Queen of Blades je ili ludi zerg ili nadrkana Sarah Kerrigan... a definitivno je on uzeo šansu u svoje ruke i hteo da je vrati posle onakvih saznanja.
Question: Da li će Tassadar biti tu malo češće? Pošto smo ga videli kao.. duha.
Answer: Ne možemo da pričamo o drugom expansionu. Ali.. postoji veza između Aduna, starog protss heroja i Tassadara.. i sva ta priroda Khale... i teško je sada odgovoriti bilo šta direktno.
Question: Kako to da je Kerrigan uništila pola univerzuma u BW ali jedan hyperion i ekipa je smaknu?
Answer: U WoL priči želimo da naglasimo da Kerrigan isto traži artifakt. Ona je svuda raspoređena po univerzumu, i nema toliko vojske svuda koja može da smakne Raynora. On je fokusiran na cilj, a ona luta mnogo više nego on. Jer nema toliko tragova.
Question: Ko je dizajnirao Tychus Fildlay-a?
Answer: Nick Carpenter i Andy Chamers! Oni su pravili mali filmić i morali su da naprave nekog lika koji se druži sa Raynorom, njegov stari drugar, i Andy je napisao Tychus ime i prosto se tako rodio! A zatim se pojavio onaj glas Tychusa... koji je neverovatan, jelte!
Question: SC1 je imao mnogo loših stvari. WC3 izlazi i tu je borba između dobra i zla. A onda WoW izlazi i sve je pozitivno. Da li ćete vratiti SC1 u SC2 i da li ćete imati taj mračni osećaj pun negativnih stvari?
Answer: HotS definiše šta su zergovi i šta je ONA. Videćete tek ko je ko, i niste skoro ništa videli u WoL povodom zergova i nje. Ali da, zergovi nikada neće postati mali šareni zečevi. Ništa tu neće biti lepo kod zergova, ne pravimo igru koja će biti sve dobro na kraju, definitivno. Kerrigan neće postati od jednom fina dama. Da li je prvda moguća? Da li nju možemo zaista nju da spasemo? Mislite o tome. Univerzum je veliki. WoL je tek... ogrebotina jedne velike priče! Bad things happen to good people.
Question: Rekli ste da će sledeća knjiga objašnjavati vezu između Raynora i Tychusa. Ali šta sa Matt Hornerom i Raynorom?
Answer: Definitivno želimo da se prvo fokusiramo na expansion a zatim na novelu i na priču iza iste.
Question: Raynor priča u Hyperionu sa ljudima. Ali ko će sa kim pričati u HotS-u?
Answer: Ne možemo to da odgvorimo. Definitivno.
Question: Će da Kerrigan zadrži one dredove?
Answer: To je neodgovoljivo pitanje. Ali ti dredovi izgledaju mnogo kul. Zar ne?
Question: Narud ime... ste to namerno ubacili?
Answer: Jok. Ko bi to uradio?
Question: Koliko slobode dozvoljavate piscima da prošire priču?
Answer: Imamo tim ljudi koji rade to kao grupa a ne samo pisca. Zatim razvijamo to svi zajedno, i prosto znamo šta se dešava non stop! To je i naše delo, ne samo piščevo. Ne damo to svakome bez našeg posmatranja i dorade do detalja.
Question: Da li ste imali sekundarni kraj WoL-a dok ste pravili igru?
Answer: Da li ste znali da Tychus je trebao da se prvo ubije kao duel na divljem zapadu? Malo trivie :) A sada na pitanje... Ne, teško. Znali smo šta će se desiti to. Jer imamo plan da tek napravimo haos.

BlizzCon 2010 Coverage: StarCraft II Custom Maps and Editor

Main Stage: StarCraft II Maps and Editor
(00:00 - 01:00)
Main stage ovog puta, prepun, sa iščekivanjem novog panela povodom custom mapa i editora i mogućnosti koje isti donosi. Matt, Richard, Jason i ponovo Matt kao i Justin koji su radili an difficulty setovanjima, editorima i scenarijima unutar same kampanje!
  • Kreiranje custom mapa i game typova nije samo bacanje konkurencije sa map makerima, nego i pokazati map makerima šta propuštaju i šta mogu da koriste u map editoru!
  • Custom dialog, inventari, heroji su vrlo laki da se naprave, i ovo je šansa da se to dokaže!
  • Custom mape su uvek samo za zabavu i namenjene su za casual igrače koji žele da sezabave sa drugarima.
  • Primer lakih mapa za učenje su Tower Defense mape, koje zaista su i zabavne dok se uče. To je ključ svakog scenarija. Tek kasnije možete da krenete u dorađivanje grafike, detalja i svega ostalog! Slušajte druge i menjajte mape.

    Blizzard upcoming custom maps:
 LEFT 2 DIE mapa
  • Vrlo je slična Outbreak misiji! Ima mnogo unikatnih zombija.
  • Zerg Biomass je resurs koji dobijate od ubijanja specijalnih zombija! Biomass koristite za tehonologije, jedinice i delite to sa saveznikom!
  • Mapa je dezajnirana za sve! Imate intro, objasni vam kako da igrate, i imate 4 vrste difficultyja
  • Očekujte da se zaista mnogo zabavite sa ovim scenarijom i ubijanjem horde zombija sa drugovima i zaista nećete se pokajati :)
 Aiur Chef
  • Collection game! Vi ste mali zealot koji skuplja sastojke po aiuru i kuvate o.O
  • Imate lubenice, jabuke, jagode, ananase, i njih nabadate na svoj blejd i odlazite u kuhinju i kuvate :D!!
  • Ima i bitke, ne brinite. Ne kuva se non stop! Imate posebne sposobnosti i možete da zezate svog protivnika ali ne da ih ubijete :)
  • Interfejs je dosta izmenjen, i ima dialoga na sve strane. On će vas obavestiti koliko sastojaka imate i tako dalje...
 Blizzard DotA
  • Zasnovano na jelte, doti. ALI, ova mapa je mnogo drugačija od stare dobre dote.
  • Imate svog heroja kao i obično, dobijate xp i abilityje itd itd. ALI...
  • Blizzard Dota je bacila akcenat samo na heroja. Imate Sylvanas iz Warcrafta, Kerrigan, Murloc marince, i razne druge custom made heroje kao i default heroje iz igara. Ima ih 12 i svaki ima svoje abilityje.
  • Novi spellovi, novi doodadovi, i efekti koji prate sve ovo. Scenario je ubedljivo najveći i najkompleksniji scenario napravljen od strane Blizzarda. Sve što daje ovaj scenario možete iskoristiti u svom.
  • Mnogo je bilo feedbacka za scenario, QA testova, i mnogo negativnog feedbacka kako bi se unapredio scenario tako da očekujte da zaista bude profesionalna mapa i početak kvalitetnih mapa za map makere.
  • I daljse ne radi na mapi, i ubacuju novi heroji itd...
Map editor je toliko snažan i ima već u sebi ugrađene efekte koje možete da koristite za spell effectove kao rainbow archon koji ima chain lightning ili ringišpil lightninga oko sebe koji prži sve oko sebe u svim mogućim bojama! Takođe, možete da napravite uskoro mouse reactive akcije, kao na primer kretanje u diablu, držanje levog klika za kretanje lika konstantno kroz mapu.
Q: Kada će se marketplace za mape otvoriti? I da li ćete povećati limit od 10mb po mapi?
A: Dolazi marketplace, i granice će se pomeriti verovatno sa dolaskom Marketplace-a.
Q: Da li planirate da balansirate vašu dotu non stop?
A: Da, naravno. Uvek ćemo updateovati mapu.
Q: Da li će mouse tracking raditi sa lagom?
A: Radimo na tome da poboljšamo brzinu igre na serverima i da smanjimo lag sa naše strane. Posebno za ove mape.
Q: Da li će dota imati stare dota heroje?
A: Neke, da.
Q: Da li će mape biti globalne ikada kada ih okačimo a ne samo za EU ili US itd?
A: Naš tim to zaista ne zna. Ali želimo da publishovanje mapa bude zaista globalno za sve.
Q: Da li ćemo moći da koristimo ove mape za naš scenario?
A: Da, sve što ima u ovim scenarijima možete da koristite.
Q: Da li ćete napraviti beginner guide za editor ikada?
A: Želimo da napravimo guide u nekoj formi uskoro sa ovim mapama.
Q: Kako da popularizujem mapu koju sam napravio?
A: Spamujte forume, community sajtove, i raširiće se vrlo lako.
Q: Da li planirate da osigurate naše mape kako ne bi bile ukradene i editovane?
A: Da, enkripcija će biti vrlo teška kada maketplace izađe.
Q: Kada ćete izbaciti ove mape?
A: Ne znamo tačno, ali će definitivno biti dostupne kada budemo bili srećni sa kvalitetom :)
Q: Da li ćemo videti statistike na primer u doti kako bismo balansirali mapu?
A: Da, score screen će biti vrlo interesantan za ovakve mape.
Q: Da li će inventar u Blizzard Doti biti još lakši od prave Dote?
A: Da, i radimo na tome non stop da uprostimo sve.
Q: Da li ćemo moći da vežemo više mapa kao instance u wowu?
A: Dobra ideja, radićemo na tome da vam omogućimo!
Q: Da li ćemo moći da filtriramo mape za određeni broj igrača?
A: Da, zvuči kul! Hvala na predlogu! Trudićemo se da uradimo to.
Q: Da li ćemo imati na primer intelekt koji budži spell power ili tako nešto?
A: Da, to već imamo u Blizzard Doti. Itemi koji daju određeni stat. Ili stat koji daje druge statove za napad npr.
Q: Da li ćete moći da nam date art editor koji vi koristite isto kako bi pravili svoje custom teksture itd?
A: Da, ali ne uskoro. Verovatno pred legacy of the void.
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