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Patch 4.0.1 - Guild Member Capped Dodatne informacije

Ovo je velika izmena za Guild System. Ja lično poznajem jedan guild na koji ima da utiče ova izmena.

Pre nego što krenete da čitate, imajte u vidu da ovaj sistem neće da izbaci vaše igrače iz guilda ukoliko prelazite capped cifru, ali nećete moći da pozovete nove igrače u guild, sem ukoliko ne spustite članove guilda ispod capped broja.
Originally Posted by Bashiok (Source Guild Members Capped in 4.0.1)
We previously announced in the Cataclysm Beta forums that we'd be enforcing a 600 guild member cap with patch 4.0.1. We've reevaluated what we believe the realms are capable of supporting and instead will be enforcing a guild member hard cap of 1,000 members. This means that guilds with more than 1,000 members will no longer be able to invite new members until they drop below the cap. For example, if a guild has 1,500 members they'll be able to continue as-is, playing and earning guild achievements for as long as they choose, through Cataclysm and beyond, but they will not be able to add new members until they fall below the 1,000 member cap. If a guild has fewer than 1,000 members, they won't be able to add members above that number.

This new guild cap is being enforced for several reasons, but they all factor into a need to control guild sizes in light of the new guild systems, including guild leveling and achievements. Previously, adding players to a guild was as simple as adding people to a chat channel. While approximately 500 members were visible in the UI, there was no real need to limit guild size. That is no longer the case. Guild leveling in Cataclysm features unified progression powered by a series of complex systems that track the contributions of all guild members. The larger the guild, the bigger the impact on these systems. We found it necessary to determine a maximum guild size to ensure continued performance now and into the future.

We want to reassure the few guilds that this does impact that they have ample time to plan and rearrange their guilds as they see fit. While this hard cap will go into effect with 4.0.1, guilds should feel safe rearranging members as necessary up to the release of Cataclysm on December 7 when the guild leveling system goes into effect. There will be no impact on guild leveling progression before then. If a guild were to disband after Cataclysm, or a group of people were to leave and start a new guild, they would lose the time and experience they previously contributed and potentially extend the amount of time it would take to regain the new guild perks.

While some players have used options including mods and custom chat channels to support large player and guild alliances that number multiple thousands, groups of that size aren't ideally suited to our design philosophy. As always, we're continually looking into adding new features to help facilitate guild management, scheduling, and player communication.

Dizajnirajte Cataclysm reklamu i osvojite nagradu!

World of Warcraft Cataclysm uskoro ima da bude u našim prodavnicama, i Blizzard je otvorio takmičenje za talentovane dizajnere filmova. Nažalost Srbija nije na listi
Blizzard trenutno održava dva takmičenja za izlazak World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Još nije tolko sigurno da se radi o reklami za Cataclysm, verovatno traže nešto vitalnije, ali ono najglavnije je da možete da osvojite neverovatno vredne nagrade o kojima možete saznati ukoliko pročitate više informacija dole o Cataclysm YouTube Commercial i Cataclysm Print Ad Takmičenju.

Originally Posted by Lylirra (Source Cataclysm Art & Video Contests)
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will soon be upon us, and the denizens of Azeroth must be prepared! We're reaching out to the World of Warcraft community's talented filmmakers, artists, and graphic designers to help spread the word by entering two brand new contests.

If you've got the skills to make a truly moving or hilarious Cataclysm-themed commercial parody (Sockets are Forever is a great example:, then the Cataclysm YouTube Commerical Contest might be for you:

If your talents lie in creating original artwork or graphic design, then perhaps you'd like to whip up an epic advertisement or public service announcement for the besieged denizens of Azeroth. You can learn more about the Cataclysm Print Ad Contest here:

Whether you chose to enter either or both of these contests, please be sure to read the rules for full details and eligibility.

Cataclysm Video Contest

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Source)
How the message gets out is entirely up to you. You could do your civic duty and create a public service announcement to warn the populace of the dangerous times ahead. Perhaps you'd rather capitalize on the chaos and create a commercial based on a product or service one might peddle to the desperate citizens seeking comfort or safety in an Azeroth rent asunder by the Cataclysm. Whichever course you choose, all you need to do is create your masterpiece, make your own YouTube channel, and post your video there. Send us the link, and your entry is complete!

The very best video entries will be rewarded for their efforts with awesome prizes. The grand prize package will consist of an Acer Predator AG7750 gaming PC equipped with a GeForce GTX 470 and 3D vision glasses, a Creative Labs Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset, and a Xai laser mouse and Cataclysm-themed mouse pad from SteelSeries. Four runners-up will win the Creative Labs Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset as well as the SteelSeries Xai Gaming mouse and Cataclysm themed mouse pad. If you've been craving an upgrade to your gaming rig, you might be interested in checking out a special offer from NVIDIA on 3D Vision products.

The contest begins on October 7, 2010 and ends on November 23, 2010. All entries must be received by the deadline to be eligible to win a prize. Looking for inspiration? Check out what we did with our Valentine’s Day-themed Sockets Are Forever video. Just remember, your masterpiece's theme must be the coming Cataclysm. Before entering, be sure to read the full contest rules for complete details and eligibility.

Cataclysm Print Ad Contest

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Source)
We're reaching out to the World of Warcraft community's talented artists and graphic designers to help spread the word by entering our Cataclysm Print Ad Contest. How the message gets out is entirely up to you. You could do the noble thing and create a public service announcement to help keep your fellow adventurers informed and safe. Perhaps you'd prefer to profit on the pandemonium by pitching a product or service one might find in a Cataclysm-ravaged Azeroth. Whichever course you decide to take, this is a great chance to show off your original artwork, and perhaps your sense of humor.

Show us your best work, because our favorite entries will be rewarded for their efforts with awesome prizes. The grand prize package consists of an ASUS G53Jw gaming notebook equipped with a GeForce GTX 460M and 3D vision glasses, a Creative Labs Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset, as well as a Xai Gaming mouse and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm themed mouse pad from SteelSeries. Four runners-up will win the Creative Labs Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset and the Xai Gaming mouse and Cataclysm-themed mouse pad from SteelSeries. If you've been craving an upgrade to your gaming rig, you might be interested in checking out a special offer from NVIDIA on 3D Vision products.

The contest begins on October 7, 2010 and ends on November 23, 2010. All entries must be received by the deadline to be eligible to win a prize.

Before entering, be sure to read the full
contest rules for details and eligibility.

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
310% Speed mount skill (Source Re: Question about 310% mounts in cata.)
You'll have to pay for the skill, but your mount speed will increase with your riding skill level. This way, you can pretty much roll through all of your favorite mounts without feeling as if you are neglecting any of them.

[...] I apologize for the added confusion. If you have 310% now, the boost is free. 

[...] We want people to be able to pick and choose the mount (or mounts) they enjoy using without feeling like they're being penalized. There are a lot of different mounts to choose from and for some people, that mount they got awhile back that was so awesome, lost its luster after that next fast mount came out. 

Reforging - Primary vs. Secondary Stats (Source Re: Very concerned about Feral (cat))
The primary stats (strength, agility, intellect or stamina for tanks) are nearly always going to be more powerful than the secondary stats. That's the primary reason why you can't refoge them. With the exception of gems and enchants, you don't have a ton of flexibility in stacking your primary stats on gear -- they come at pretty set ratios to item level. You can choose to just gem all primary stats, or you can get fancy with the orange, purple and green gems since socket bonuses are more powerful in Cataclysm.

It's a bigger problem if either haste, crit or mastery are of wildly different value for a given spec.

Justice Point Drop Quantities (Source Re: Cataclysm -- Justice Point Drop Quantitie)
Just a quick note that the points listed here aren't final, we're still trying to balance the numbers. Specifically for Cataclysm drops. It's possible they may still change. 

Dazed (Source Re: Daze needs to die in a fire)
You should not be getting dazed on live if you are the defense "cap" and you shouldn't be getting dazed on the PTR if you have the anti-crit talents. If you meet those requirements, then it's a bug. 

Pulling aggro from tanks (Source Re: Thunderclap is too weak)
Unless you're doing something unusual, healer threat is generally pretty low, and tends to go lower if there are many targets. The biggest danger tends to be when adds spawn and a heal lands before you have done any threat against the new arrivals. If you are targeting Thunder Clap (I'm going to use Thunder Clap as my example, but this discussion is not limited to warriors) so that everything is in range and healers are still pulling, then something unusual is probably happening. Maybe you're taking so much damage that the healers are just spamming heals on you, which might suggest you need to somehow manage some of the adds that doesn't involve all of them beating on you so much.

You're probably at more risk overall of having dps pull off of you. Here are the scenarios again about how that could work:

One target -- if a dps pulls off of you, they are either blowing cooldowns before you have a chance to respond, or your threat generation is much too low for some reason.

Many targets -- in this case, the dps are probably AE'ing. Usually they will kill things pretty quickly, but they might get a few adds on them. These situations are always a little chaotic, but also don't last very long. We don't do many huge AE packs of mobs that hit brutally hard.

A few targets -- in this case, you might be CC'ing one or two, tanking a few others, but burning down the targets one at a time. If the dps are on the right target and pulling off of you, then we're back to situation one. If they are on the wrong target, then they are playing badly and should be corrected and / or mocked, depending on how you roll.

On the one target scenario, you may not need to Thunder Clap on cooldown. The cooldown is 6 sec and the debuff duration is 30, and the threat is not so massive that you should just always Thunder Clap any target. On the few targets scenario, it's at your discretion. Thunder Clap may help keep aggro on the targets not being dps'ed but you might also break CC. On many targets, you should Thunder Clap your heart out. You can tab target your other abilities around, and many tanks do, but you can't realistically tab target them all, so it's not going to make a massive difference. In the few case, you are going to want to spend most of your single-target abilities on the dps target, but perhaps start shifting over to the next target so that you have a headstart when that becomes the target.

That was a long explanation, and it's possible your question was just a thinly veiled jab at how your single target and AE rotations aren't that different, but I think the prioritization of how you use them is.

He was saying that our AoE threat is mostly fine right now because of tab target and cleave, but that's for smaller groups. He's saying we struggle holding larger groups because we don't have other options.
And I'm saying you can hold them well enough. If the mage catches a couple of whelps, it's probably not going to kill him before the whelps die. If we did AE packs of giants or devilsaurs or Marrowgars, then it would be critical for a tank to be able to hold a very large number of targets. But we don't. "Tanking" those large packs is really more about trying to decrease the damage done to others. You aren't going to be able to control it that well. Generally if you find you can't control N number of targets, then it's a reasonable bet that we don't expect you to control that many. You're supposed to CC some or just burn them down, depending on the scenario.

Word of Glory as Protection (Source Re: Word of Glory TPS can't be intended, can)
This is the kind of thing we're still messing around with. We want Protection to be able to use Word of Glory occasionally in emergencies or to help the healers out, but we are aware that if it's too potent, paladins will just tank by healing themselves (either because of threat generation or mana savings).

We also need to make sure that the AP coefficient for the heal isn't affected by Vengeance.  

Blizzard Artwork

Blizzard Art Gallerija je ažurirana sa dva nova radova koja predstavljaju World of Warcraft univerzum.

{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2010/Oct/09/] width=[345] height=[200] title=[Blizzard Artwork]} Authenticator Izmene

Ukoliko niste kupili ili nakačili na svoj Nalog, onda sigurno želite da pročitate ovu najavu. Ovo uključuje i skidanje Authenticatora sa vašeg accounta privremeno, takodje.

Od danas, Authenticator može da se nakači samo na jedan Nalog. Ovo ne znači, da samo jedna World of Warcraft licensa može da se čuva na authenciatoru. Zapamtite, možete samo nakačiti 8 licensi Wolrd of Warcrafta na jednom Nalogu. Ovo naravno može malo da vas zbuni posle odrejdenog vremena kada treba da izaberete na koj nalog želite da se logujete, ali ukoliko Vi to stvarno želite, možete nakačiti maksimalni broj WoW Licensi.

Veoma je važno da ovo trenutno nema efektra na trenutno upotrebljene authenticatore. Ako je Vaš authenticator već nakačen na više naloga, možete ga slobodno koristiti za sve naloge. Medjutim budite upozoreni, da ukoliko skinete authenticator sa nekog naloga, moraćete da kupite novi ako želite da osigurate vaš nalog authenticator-om.

Originally Posted by Lylirra (Source Authenticator Change) Authenticator IzmeneTo help keep accounts as secure as possible, we’ve recently changed how authenticators can be used. Going forward, authenticators can now only be associated with one account at a time. No changes are being made to how many game licenses a single account can support. You can still have multiple World of Warcraft accounts under a single account, for instance, and all game licenses linked with a account will still be protected if an authenticator is in use.

Those of you who currently have more than one account associated with a single authenticator will be able to maintain your existing setup without needing to do anything. This change will only affect new authenticator attachments. But, if at some point you decide to detach the authenticator from any of your accounts for any reason, you won't be able to reattach it if it's already associated with another account.

For more information on the authenticator and mobile authenticator application (available for free with many mobile carriers), please visit

Takodje postoji još jedan vrlo čuidan i interesantan način autentifikacije dodat u igri; ovo je možda samo za internu upotrebu Blizzarda, pa smo uklonili broj telefona.
  • PHONESECURE_ENH_TEXT = "For security reasons, please call +x-xxx-xxx-xxx from the phone registered on this account to validate this login attempt, and enter your PIN as well as the following security code: %d.";
  • PHONESECURE_HEADER = "Phone Call Required";
  • PHONESECURE_TEXT = "Please call %s from your registered phone, and enter your PIN as well as the following security code: %s.";#
  • PHONESECURE_WAITING = "Waiting for authorization... %d";

Patch 4.0.1 - PTR Build 13162

Ne znam više šta da napišem, povodom ovih PTR Build informacija, ali mislim da je sve ljude više izmorilo iščekivanje za ovim velikim patch-om koji bi trebalo sledeće nedelje da bude postavljen na Live serverima, jer su napokon sredili Warlocke kao klasu, pošto je na zvaničnim forumima bio veliki QQ verovatno

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Affliction Destruction Pet Abilities
  • Suffering now has a 5 yards range, 10 yards radius unchanged.

World of Warcraft dostigao 12 Milliona igrača

Dosta je vremena je prošlo od kako je Blizzard ponosno objavio broj pretplatnika, tada je cifra bila 11.5 miliona.

Danas Blizzard nam objavljuje da je World of Warcraft probio cifru od 12 Miliona korisnika!!! Nijedna igra ne može da pravi veliki skok za dve godine kako je objave, ovde govorimo o igri koja ulazi u svojoj šestoj godini postojanja. Pitanje je što se tolko dugo čekalo na povećanju broja? Glavni razlog bili su Kinezi (koji su uglavnom uvek krivi za sve), i kašnjenje Wrath of the Lich Kinga tamo.

Medjutim, sa novim nastavkom, Blizzard ima atrimbuta da prodje još jedne prekretnice. Oni takodje smatraju da iščekivanje Cataclysm je povećalo interesovanje igrača da se vrate u igru i da se spreme za novi nastavak.

Bez obzira na to zašto je ljudi igraju, oni je jednostavno igraju. I zbog ovoga World of Warcraft je još više živ nego ikada!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
IRVINE, Calif. -- October 7, 2010 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. announced today that the subscriber base for World of Warcraft®, its award-winning massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), now exceeds 12 million players worldwide. This milestone was reached in the wake of the mainland Chinese launch of World of Warcraft's second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King®, and also as global anticipation continues to mount for the December 7 release of the game's third expansion, Cataclysm™.

"The support and enthusiasm that gamers across the world continue to show for World of Warcraft reaffirms our belief that it offers one of the best entertainment values available today," said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. "We are as committed as ever to taking the game to new heights, and we look forward to demonstrating that with Cataclysm in December."

Since debuting in North America, Australia, and New Zealand on November 23, 2004, World of Warcraft has become the most popular subscription-based MMORPG around the world. It was the bestselling PC game of 2005 and 2006 worldwide, and finished behind only World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade®, the first expansion pack for the game, in 2007. For 2008, the World of Warcraft series represented three of the top five bestselling PC games, with Wrath of the Lich King finishing the year at #1, and in 2009, World of Warcraft titles claimed three of the top six spots.*

World of Warcraft is currently available in eight languages and is played in North America, Europe, mainland China, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Chile, Argentina, and the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

To keep pace with the continued growth of World of Warcraft as well as development on other Blizzard Entertainment games, the company is currently hiring for numerous open positions. More information on career opportunities available at Blizzard Entertainment can be found at

For further information on World of Warcraft, The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm, please visit the official website at
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