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Author: Neonkitza Date: Tuesday, 02 September 2014
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Author: Neonkitza Date: Tuesday, 02 September 2014
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Author: FasumAga Date: Sunday, 31 August 2014
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Author: FasumAga Date: Saturday, 30 August 2014

Cataclysm Raid Videos - Atramedes, Maloriak, Ascendant Council

Još Cataclysm Beta Raid test video zapisa osvanulo je na youtube danas. Sada imamo video zapise boss ecountera: Atramedes, Maloriak, i Ascendant Council!

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
AQ Scepter Quest Line Feat of Strength (Source Re: AQ Scepter Quest Line, Beta Testers Neede)
We don't feel just completing this quest line should give you something permanently unique. The feat of strength is a nod to this epic quest line and for those who worked all the way through it. It isn't as awesome as a title or a legendary and it isn't meant to be.

Also, I guess I'm just a little weird as I often compare feats of strength as I feel those matter more than achievements. 

Talent trees too easy? (Source Re: dummied down talent tree ?)
I'm not convinced these posts aren't exaggerations popping out in the wake of major change. I've tried choosing specializations for several different classes and had tough, but fun choices to make in every case. There are at least a few talents in each tree which will provide extra flavor or utility according to your play style.

Will people determine the best min/max builds and spread them to the masses? Sure. That happened before patch 4.0.1 anyway. Prior to 4.0.1 you sure did have more talents and more points to spend, but the illusion of choice isn't the same thing as true choice. So many of the choices you had were between rather boring passive talents, and the choice was usually very clear. You usually chose the obvious power-increasing talents to improve your performance. Now your choices are a little more flavorful, and the best route to take is a little more subjective. You also have a greater choice of utility and power in your glyphs, and on your gear via Reforging.

Try taking another look at your old talent trees and let me know if there were truly a lot of very compelling talents that made choosing really hard, or if there were just a bunch more branches to throw points in. Look at the trees today and let me know if there are truly no choices for you to make that might enhance the enjoyment of playing your class.

Low Level Class Balance (Source Re: Question about design priority)
We are going to spend some effort adjusting numbers for 1-80. It's not as big a priority as 85 because frankly, more players care about balance at 85 than they do lower level balance. As some folks have pointed out, inexperienced players almost by definition, don't place a premium on balance, and experienced players tend to not worry about balance much until they're at max level since things are changing so quickly.

Rather than adjusting everything independently, we tend to focus on max level and then work backwards from there. It doesn't help to nerf say rogue damage by 5% from level 1-60 if we then find we also need to nerf it at level 85 and then buff the 1-60 numbers to compensate.

There is some goofy stuff going on at lower level, but we'll get it all straightened out. After spending so much effort revamping the old zones and quests, we don't want the leveling experience to be an odd one.  

Blizzard Fan Art

Beta Raid Test Raspored za 20 Oktobar

Originally Posted by Daelo (Source Beta Raid Testing Schedule for Oct. 20)
More raid testing!

I'm going to turn on the following encounters in Bastion of Twilight, and leave the encounters from yesterday for Blackwing Descent open for a bit longer.

The following encounters will be available:

Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Theralion and Valiona
Ascendant Council

The Bastion of Twilight's entrance is located within Twilight Highlands.

Since these are the beta realms, this schedule is subject to change at a moment's notice due to bugs and server issues. More raid tests will be occurring over the next few weeks.

Cataclysm Raid Test Videos

Stigla je nova tura video zapisa, sa jučerašnjeg Cataclysm Raid Beta testa.

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Armor changes in 4.0.1 (Source Re: GC, physical mitigation change intentiona)
We looked into your findings, and the armor numbers reflect an intentional change meant to cover the armor increases players would get between levels 81 and 85. We should have been more explicit with the rest of the announced Cataclysm changes that physical damage would go up. (It only affects creatures higher than level 80 -- bosses in this case -- so this change has no current PvP ramifications.)

Now that our live class balance changes are slowing down* and players are starting to learn their class changes, we can get a better idea of whether players are struggling more on content that they used to be able to clear. We've made some Icecrown and Halion changes already and we may need to make more.

Nice job on the analysis.

* -- We are continuing to make Cataclysm changes for classes. We will extend these to level 80 and / or hotfix when we think it's relevant.

Resilience Hotfix (Source Re: Class balance as of Oct 13, 2010)
My resilience post above was confusing.

We had buffed resilience by 50% and then lowered it by 25%. This is a 12.5% buff from before the patch. To use clean numbers, if you had 40% damage reduction, we buffed it to 60% (a 50% increase) and then lowered it to 45% (a 25% decrease).

Balance in low-level BGs (Source Re: Low level bgs have been destroyed)
So can a blue state whether or not the very, very high damage outputs in low level pvp will be addressed or not? Rogues able to one-shot most enemies in sub-80 pvp: working as intended, or not?
Nobody should be one-shotting at any battleground level, so yes that (and many other class abilities) will be addressed. 

Weak mages on Beta (Source Re: Mages doing less damage than tanks at 85)
This is a case of having to balance differently between 80 and 85. The original mage numbers were targeted at 85, which made them overpowered at 80. We nerfed them at 80, which then made them weak at 85. We now have two sets of numbers in place so that they should be relatively balanced at both levels.

Mages are not the only class with this problem, sometimes in the opposite direction. 

Holy Paladin Hotfix (Source Re: Holy Paladin Hotfix)
Yes, we buffed the 5 paladin direct heals (FoL, HL, DL, HS, WoG). This is a change for both level 80 and 85. We are going to tone down Holy Radiance as I described in the other thread. It can be powerful without being 75% of paladin healing.

I know it's customary for players to classify everything as either overpowered or garbage, but we believe there are actual numbers in between say 1 and 100, so give the changes a chance before you dismiss them.

It is possible we will nerf Word of Glory for Prot and Ret at 85 to compensate for this buff since they probably don't need stronger Words.  

Cataclysm Beta - Build 13202

Novi Beta Buld se pojavio. Nema mnogo interesantnih stvari sem par izmena u Achievmentima i Spell-ovima.

Achievement Izmene
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Guild Achievements
  • Profit Sharing now requires 100,000 gold, up from 50,000 gold. Now rewards the Guild Herald companion pet.
  • Saving For A Rainy Day now requires 200,000 gold, up from 100,000 gold. No longer rewards the Guild Herald companion pet.

Dungeons & Raids
Player vs. Player

Spell Izmene
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Guild Perks
  • Bartering now reduces the price of items from all vendors by 10%, up from 5%.

Companion Pets
  • Rip now scales from 18/37/55/74/92% of Attack Power depending on combo points, up from 8/16/24/32/40%.
  • Ferocious Bite now scales from 10.9/21.8/32.7/43.6/54.5% of Attack Power depending on combo points, up from 7/14/21/28/35%.
  • Rake now causes scales from 2% of Attack Power for bleed damage, up from 1%. Now scales from 42% of AP for additional bleed damage over 9 sec, up from 18% of AP.
  • Mangle additional damage has been increased from 726 to 1136.
  • Vengeance - Entering Cat Form will cancel this effect.

Arcane Fire
Holy Protection Retribution
Holy Shadow
  • Mind Soothe now also affects Dragonkin. Does not cause threat.
  • Shadow Word: Death now deals three times as much damage to targets below 25% health.

  • Seed of Corruption now deals 567 to 660 to all enemies within 15 yards, down from 1186 to 1379.
  • Summon Infernal now deals 438 to 494 fire damage when it lands, up from 29.
  • Incinerate now deals 579 to 673 Fire Damage and an additional 96 to 112 Fire damage if the target is affected by Immolate. Changed from 540 to 627 with an additional 135 to 156.
  • Rain of Fire now deals 2455 Fire damage over 8 sec, up from 1890.

  • Taste for Blood will not occur more than once every 5 sec, down from 6 sec.
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