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Goblin Racial Nerf (Source)
It wasn't a stealth nerf. It was a bug fix to make the goblin racial function as stated. This is the racial description:

"Always receive the best possible gold discount, regardless of faction."

What this means is you will get the exalted discount from faction vendors regardless of your standing with that faction. There was a bug, however, which allowed the discount to go beyond the maximum (exalted) discount provided to all other races.

We fixed the bug so that the goblin racial now functions as advertised. If you're friendly with, say Kirin Tor, you will receive the same discount as a tauren would who is exalted with that faction. If you're both exalted, you'll still receive the same discount.

So it was previously stacking with other things, like the guild bonus and such? And now it's fixed?
That's correct.

This is hardly even a racial now. What does it give Goblins that everybody else doesn't have access to now? What other races have a racial that everybody else can be on-par with by putting in a little effort?

Best Deals Anywhere explicitly states you get the best possible gold discount from vendors, not more of a discount than any other race can possibly get.

We’re not trying to nerf fun here, but the goblin racial package is very powerful even if you ignore Best Deals Anywhere completely. It’s a fine line between making racials fun and interesting, and making players feel like they can only pick a certain race.

Leaving instances in combat (Source)
I'd agree it can be annoying, and even costly, but I don't think a restriction of not allowing people to leave during combat would achieve much. Generally people leaving at those moments are doing so on some type of 'principle'. You're pulling too slow, the healer has a fishing pole equipped, etc. etc. and it would be just as productive for them to stand there doing nothing and either wiping the group or just making it a tougher pull. Unlikely they'd think "Oh, I guess they really need me" and jump into combat. They'd just wait until everyone died, feeling justified in their ability to kill the group, and then leave.

There are also situations where being able to leave while in combat wouldn't be the 'wrong' thing to do. For example if someone decided to pull the instance in hopes of wiping everyone.

Diablo Murloc Model

Ažurirane zvanične Patch 4.2 Informacije

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  • All character races now have a /roar sound.

Classes: General
  • The Defensive pet stance will now only cause the player's pet to attack enemies which attack the pet or the master.

Death Knight
  • Annihilation now increases Obliterate damage by 12/24/36%, down from 15/30/45%.

  • Glyph of Dark Succor has been redesigned. Rather than placing a 15% maximum health floor on Death Strike healing while in Frost or Unholy Presence, it causes the next Death Strike within 15 seconds after killing a foe that yields experience or Honor Points to heal for at least 20% of the death knight's maximum health (still requires Frost or Unholy Presence).

  • Thrash initial base damage has been increased to 1464 1042, up from 339. Initial damage attack power scaling has been decreased to 13.8% 9.82%, down from 19.2%. Periodic base damage has been increased to 816 581, up from 189. Periodic damage attack power scaling has been decreased to 2.35% 1.67%, down from 3.26%. In addition, a bug was corrected where armor decreased the periodic damage done by this ability.


  • Careful Aim now grants additional critical strike chance against targets over 90% health, up from 80% health.

  • 8 new rare tamable beasts have been added, each of which provides a unique taming challenge. Will you be the first hunter to tame Deth'tilac, the rarest and most powerful of them all? Players will need to progress through the Hyjal Regrowth and Molten Front daily questing areas in order to unlock access to the full gamut of taming challenges.


  • Arcane Blast damage done has been reduced by 5%.


  • Psychic Horror no longer has a forward facing requirement, making it consistent with other non-projectile-based crowd control spells.


  • Hemorrhage base damage has been increased by 40%.

  • Soul Fire is now available at level 20, down from level 54.


  • Recklessness and Deadly Calm can no longer be used at the same time. One cannot be used while the other is active, but using one does not put the other on its full cooldown.

  • Two-Handed Weapon Specialization weapon damage increase has been lowered to 12%, down from 20%.

  • Dual Wield Specialization weapon damage increase has been lowered to 5%, down from 10%.

  • If a player wins a Need roll under the Need Before Greed system on a Bind on Equip item, the item will become Soulbound to that player. The item will remain unbound if won via a Greed roll.

User Interface
  • The order in which characters are listed at the Character Selection screen can now be rearranged and saved.
  • Raid Profiles have been added which allow players to save the raid window user interface layout based on type of content (i.e. 10-player raids, 25-player raids, Battlegrounds, etc.) for future use.

Novi "/roar" zvukovi dodati u 4.2

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Hey everyone!

As many of you who play goblins and worgen may have noticed, the sound usually associated with your characters' "/roar" emote was removed in patch 4.1. This was done to help resolve an issue that caused the sounds associated with the both the "/roar" and "/attack" emotes to play simultaneously whenever the "/attacktarget" command was used.

We know that many of you missed hearing your /roars, so we're happy to report that, in patch 4.2, goblin and worgen characters will once again have a sound associated with the emote. Even better, we're adding brand new sounds for "/roar" for all playable races.

We're excited to be able to introduce these new sounds and hope you have a roarin' good time with the updated emotes. (Yes, I went there. Rawr. :3)

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Preview Site is up!

Sarah Kerrigan returns with a vengeance in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, embarking on a quest to regain her powers and make the galaxy fear the zerg once again.

You can now get an early glimpse at the first StarCraft II expansion in our new Heart of the Swarm preview page. Learn more about the key gameplay concepts, discover the game's story and major characters, and check out a fistful of brand-new media including screenshots, trailers, and more.

Visit the preview page now!

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Gameplay Preview Video Dissection

Here comes the full dissection of the trailer that got released today! If you think you missed some things from it, check it out!

{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2011/May/31/dissection] width=[210] height=[150] title=[StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Gameplay Preview Video Dissection]}

Blizzard Insider Interview With Dustin Browder

The StarCraft II team recently unveiled their progress on the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm single-player campaign, which explores the fate of Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades.

To learn more about this next evolution in StarCraft II’s gameplay and storytelling, the Blizzard Insider recently sat down with Game Director Dustin Browder. Read on to get the behind-the-scenes details of the upcoming StarCraft II expansion, and be among the first to peer into the Heart of the Swarm.

Now that the player is shifting perspectives from the terran to the zerg, how will this alien point-of-view affect the gameplay and storytelling mechanics of StarCraft II’s single-player missions?

Kerrigan is a creature consumed by pure rage. She has been infested, tortured, and hunted. She grew to command over a third of the power of the entire sector, and she has to deal with problems of a scope that Jim Raynor could never even imagine, including the dark unknown of the Xel’naga and all-out genocidal wars against the protoss. To put things into perspective, Raynor is a central figure in the StarCraft story, but he remains just one man. Kerrigan became a goddess worshipped by billions of zerg who would execute her every command without question.

As a comparatively insignificant creature, Raynor cannot understand what it means to be the Queen of Blades. We hope to convey that epic sense of power and scale through the Heart of the Swarm campaign.

Can you give any specific examples of how the hive-evolution mechanic in Heart of the Swarm will work differently from the tech upgrade mechanic used in Wings of Liberty?

We are trying to focus the player on finding new DNA from exotic and strange creatures around the sector so that you really feel like the key to zerg success is finding and infesting the immense, deadly monsters that live on the most savage planets in the galaxy.

The Swarm is going to evolve differently than your army upgraded in Wings of Liberty. You will be able to choose new abilities for your units, much like you could in Wings, but you can also permanently change your units into new creatures.  For example, the zergling can be changed into a swarmling or into a raptor. Swarmlings spawn three zerglings instead of two when hatched from an egg, while raptors leap into combat with their enemies. Once you make this type of choice you are locked in to that unit, so your decision should carry considerable weight, and the end result should feel like a very different unit.

What kinds of new zerg units can players expect to see in the single-player campaign?

It’s still too early to know which units will make the final cut. We are trying to create mutations of many of your favorite units from StarCraft lore that allow you to really feel like you are mutating and evolving your Swarm. We are also exploring bringing in creatures that have been previously seen but never controlled in StarCraft. 

In Wings of Liberty, players controlled Jim Raynor for a few missions. Will players get to do the same with Kerrigan in Heart of the Swarm? If so, how will her gameplay differ from Jim’s?

Kerrigan will appear on almost every map in Heart of the Swarm. Unlike Raynor, Kerrigan is a creature of power that leads her army from the front, smashing aside siege tanks and destroying battlecruisers with her psionic abilities. And unlike Wings of Liberty, the mission isn’t over if she dies. Kerrigan will be able to revive at the nearest hatchery if she is killed, allowing you to use her aggressively against your enemies.

Kerrigan can also be upgraded over time, gaining new powers that allow you to use her in a variety of different ways. You will be able to choose which powers you want to use before every mission, allowing you to evolve Kerrigan before each battle.

In addition to Raynor, Wings of Liberty also had some important supporting characters such as Matt Horner, Gabriel Tosh, and Tychus Findlay. Who are some of the supporting zerg characters that will be accompanying Kerrigan in Heart of the Swarm?

We are hard at work at creating the fierce creatures of the zerg that Kerrigan commands between missions. We have Abathur the evolution master who controls the genetic vector of billions of zerg species. Abathur will teach the player all he or she needs to know to thrive in the brutal and violent world of the zerg. Through Abathur, we'll make it clear that “survival of the fittest” is the essence of what it means to be zerg.

Early in the campaign you'll also conquer a lesser zerg brood commanded by Za’gara, a zerg queen who remained in hiding on Char after the events of Wings of Liberty.  

What are the challenges of adapting the zerg units or zerg gameplay to the mission structure established in Wings of Liberty? 

The zerg economy is harder for players to manage and can be difficult to use correctly in the campaign where so many new challenges and objectives are being thrown at you at once. Certain units like mutalisks are balanced very specifically for multiplayer and can quickly become too powerful in the campaign. Banelings are also balanced for multiplayer and are generally far too weak in campaign where your enemy has a large resource advantage.

We are still too early in development to know how many other things are going to go wrong, but we're prepared to face many more challenges in balancing the campaign going forward.

Thanks for your time. Are there any other details you’d like to share before you go?

We are hard at work on the campaign, on new multiplayer units, on Blizzard DoTA, and on our Map Marketplace. We really appreciate all of the support and enthusiasm for StarCraft II from all of our players around the world. We’ll roll out new information just as soon as we can get it to you.

We are extremely excited about the success of StarCraft II and the positive response we’ve received regarding the Wings of Liberty campaign, and we think Heart of the Swarm will deliver an even better experience. Additionally, the eSports response has been absolutely phenomenal. eSports organizations are popping up all over the world, matching extremely high caliber players against one another. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the exciting matches, I highly recommend you look into one or more of the leagues out there including the GSL, MLG, and the NASL.

See you online!

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