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Firelands Raid Heroic Mode otključan na serverima

Heroic mode je upravo otključan na US serverima, a na EU očekujemo sutra. Većina guild-a je već počela da se bori da savlada heroic bosseve u FIrelend istanci, a do sada su već pala 3 bossa!.
  • Premonition je uspeo da savlada Shannox i Lord Rhyolith.
  • Blood Legion su savladali Beth'tilac. (nažalost screenshot još nije objavljen)
Sve čestitke Premontion i Bloog Legion guildu koji su već uspeli da veoma brzo savladaju ove bosseve.

Počela PvP Sezona 10

Vreme je da se ponovo krene u borbu za najboljeg gladiatora ili Heroja alijanse / horde. Arena Sezona 10 je počela, a to znači da je vreme uzeti novu opremu koju možete pogledati ovde:
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
PvP Season 10 has officially begun, and players can once again take to the Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds to compete for the new Ruthless Gladiator PvP sets!

All Team Ratings and Personal Ratings have been reset, and any Conquest Points from Season 9 have been converted to Honor Points. Any Honor Points above the cap were converted into gold at a rate of 35 silver per point. Matchmaking Ratings, however, will be carried over into Season 10.

Another important event that coincides with the start of Season 10 is the distribution of rewards from the previous season. Players who were in the top teams from each battlegroup at the end of season 9 should be receiving their end-of-season rewards approximately one week after the end of the last season. These include Arena-specific titles until the end of this new season and, for players who have earned the rank of gladiator, the Vicious Gladiator’s Twilight Drake. It's very important for players who feel that they may be eligible for Arena titles and/or the Vicious Gladiator’s Twilight Drake to refrain from transferring their characters to another realm or faction until all rewards have been received.

If you have any further questions about Arena and Rated Battleground rewards, please read the FAQ.

- Season 10 Gear List and FAQ

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Stats balance on gear (Source)
Stat balance on gear should be looked at via much more than just boss loot tables. We consider reputation gear, tailor gear, Valor gear and the tier sets when examining what's available to you. If you wish, you can have Spirit on every slot but your belt (which can still be reforged). The priest tier set has Spirit on all 5 slots.

Having said that, the mindset that only cloth with spirit is priest healer gear (and cloth with no spirit is never priest healer gear) is a mindset to be resisted. If that is allowed to set in, then all the fun of looking at a potential new piece of gear and deciding for yourself whether it is an upgrade for you is removed entirely.

Along those lines, something to keep in mind is that there is more to improving the healing you do in cloth than simply stacking spirit. As you increase spell power, haste, and crit, and your tank increases health, armor and avoidance, boss damage negates less of your mana in the first place.

Arena Season 10 Start and new gear (Source)
You are correct. The season transition and introduction of new PvP items was different this time around, and we apologize for the lack of advanced warning.

The Season 9 set was removed today. The items available for purchase with Honor Points are now considered lower tier Season 10 items. They are still the same items from Season 9 in terms of aesthetics, but the item level and stats are slightly higher to ensure that the Season 10 honor gear has the correct item level relative to the Season 10 conquest gear.

It's likely this is how things will work going forward and we'll be sure to make that more clear when the next season transition takes place.

New basic transition flow:

1) Season X ends and rated play is unavailable; Season X gear becomes available for purchase with HP; CP is wiped.
2) One week later Season Y starts and rated play is available; Season X gear is removed entirely; Season Y introduces a low tier of items which replace Season X vendor items and are available for HP; Season Y introduces the new top items available for CP and rated play.

Lava Bolt Crossbow / Lava Bolt Crossbow sounds like a gun (Source)
This is a known issue for which we have a fix. The crossbow shouldn't sound like a gun. 'Cause that'd be silly.

Updating sound files requires a client-side patch, so unfortunately this cannot be addressed via a hotfix.

2011 Arena Pass Closes – The Battle is Over

I napokon se završila borba na Arena Pass 2011 serveru. Slede zvanične informacije...
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
You and your team have been fighting hard. Your armor is singed by magic and soaked with blood.

And now, after weeks of intense arena action, the last phase of the 2011 World of Warcraft Arena Pass has finally come to an end and the realm will be going offline.

What about your prizes?

Got your eyes on the prizes? Will you get an Armored Murloc or the ‘Vanquisher’ title, and if so, when? You can check out the FAQ to confirm your prize eligibility.

Should you be eligible, the pet will be mailed to the characters on your account and the title will be received by characters level 71 or higher within four weeks from the end of the Arena Pass service.

What are the final scores?

We’ll publish the final standings very soon, right here on this site

Thank you for your participation and your heroic efforts on the field of combat. We hope you enjoyed yourself!

Watch Europe’s Best at the 2011 European Invitational!

Europe’s top StarCraft II and World of Warcraft arena players will clash at the 2011 European Invitational in Warsaw, Poland on August 6-7. You can experience two days of top-notch eSports action live in the Multikino within the Złote Tarasy commercial center in the heart of the Polish capital, or follow it all on the free HD live stream to find out who’ll be representing Europe later this year at the 2011 Global Invitational at BlizzCon!

We’re inviting eight of the top StarCraft II players and eight of the best World of Warcraft 3v3 arena teams from all over Europe to compete for more than $50,000 in prize money and highly prestigious spots at the 2011 Global Invitational at BlizzCon in Anaheim, California.

Admission to the event will be free for the whole weekend. Join us at the venue and follow the action live on the big screen of the Multikino, meet fellow players and members of the Blizzard Community team and use the opportunity to play StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm in our free gaming area with your friends. We’ll run fun activities and contests over the weekend that’ll give you a shot at winning cool prizes of your own.

Sign up for the event on our Facebook event page to meet other players who will be attending! If you can’t make it to the event, you don’t have to miss out: there will be a free live stream in HD quality hosted by ESL TV together with live coverage on Facebook, Twitter and right here on our site. Stay tuned for more details on the tournament and be sure to come back often, as we’ll update you with the list of participating players, teams, brackets and more in the weeks to come.

Quick facts
When August 6 & 7 2011
What 2011 European Invitational
Watch Europe’s best StarCraft II players and World of Warcraft teams battle it out live!
Activities: Participate in fun activities in the free gaming area and meet up with Blizzard employees and fellow gamers.
Where Multikino
Złote Tarasy commercial center
Warsaw, Poland
Stream Free HD live stream
Address Złote Tarasy
Ul. Złota 59
00-120 Warszawa
Prize money $52,400
Opening hours Coming soon
Schedule Coming soon
Brackets Coming soon
Admission fee Free
Getting there by car Map and route planning
Parking at the mall (payment required)
Getting there by public transportation The mall is located right next to Warsaw’s central train station, Dworzec centralny. You can find all connections to Warsaw on the ZTM website.

See you in Warsaw!

Novi Dark Legacy i Teh Gladiators stripovi su dostupni

Novi brojevi Dark Legacy #295 i Teh Gladiators #250 stripovi su dostupni.

The Daily Blink - This Memo is Completely Real

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