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Date: 16.09.16, 09:38 Mobile Authenticator for Windows® Phone 7 Devices, NASL incoming!

Od sada, ako posedujete Windows Phone 7, mo┼żete skinuti authenticator za kompletno d┼żab na Windows Phone marketplace-u! U┼żivajte u sigurnosti va┼íeg accounta!

The Mobile Authenticator, an application for mobile phones that provides an extra layer of account security, is now available as a free download for Windows® Phone 7 devices on the Windows Phone Marketplace. The Mobile Authenticator provides a one-time password that you use in addition to your regular account name and password when you log in to a account to play World of Warcraft or StarCraft II.

Versions for other mobile devices are also available for download here, or you can purchase a physical Authenticator from the online Blizzard Store. Visit the Mobile Authenticator FAQ for more information, or head to the setup page to get started after you've downloaded the application.

For additional account security advice, check out our Account Security page.

Tako─Ĺe, ne zaboravite da pratite NASL ovog vikenda! O─Źekujemo fantasti─Źne me─Źeve kao i obi─Źno od na┼íih prijatelja iz US!

Are you ready? The Grand Finals for the inaugural season of the North American Star League are happening July 8-10 at the Ontario Convention Center!

This weekend, some of the greatest talent StarCraft II has to offer will duke it out for over $100,000 in prizes and the title of North American Star League Champion.

If youÔÇÖre interested in visiting sunny Ontario, California for the event, tickets are currently on sale here. Alternatively, if California is a little out of your way, tune in to the stream.

For more information about the finals, including a run-down of whoÔÇÖs participating, check out the NASLÔÇÖs site.

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Spell effects visuals and Divine Aegis (Source)
Something we’ve been hearing for a couple of years from players is that our spell effects, which are typically designed to look awesome when used all by themselves, create an undecipherable visual cacophony when used in large group settings, such as raids or Battlegrounds. In Cataclysm, we made a major effort to reduce the visual impact on targets that were being bombarded with multiple spells at once. For example, some visuals that looked cool (but weren’t really conveying any useful information that the group needed to know) scaled up way too large on bosses. Moonfire and Incinerate are two examples of spells that had this problem, and were changed for Cataclysm. We also offered a nifty UI option called “Emphasize my spell visuals” which still makes your spells look awesome to you, but slightly diminishes the visuals being produced by the rest of your group. After all, isn’t it most important that *you* look amazing?

That option, by the way, can be found in-game by going to Esc|Interface|Display.

With the visual spam on enemy targets relaxed a bit, we then turned to the visual spam on friendly targets. Some spells, and heals were particularly guilty of this, had a lot of visual flourishes that looked awesome, but were simply overwhelming when layered on top of all of the other visual commotion going on in an encounter. Two spells we changed at the last minute were Divine Light and Divine Aegis. To use the particular example of Divine Aegis, the visual wasn’t too bad when it was only created by infrequent crits, but once we allowed Prayer of Healing to always cause Divine Aegis, the flashes on the screen became distracting and obscured the view of what was actually happening in the fight. If you want to see this for yourself, check out some pre-4.2 raid videos.

We changed Divine Aegis very late in the 4.2 patch cycle, so we used the temporary solution of using the Power Word: Shield impact, which is much less prominent. A more permanent solution will be to get a new visual for Divine Aegis that is unique but doesn't go too far, or perhaps distinguish between the shields caused by crits and the heals caused by Prayer of Healing. We recognize that there is some visual information conveyed by Divine Aegis (for example, you may want to dispel Power Word: Shield but not Divine Aegis) and we totally agree that the new (temporary) visual is not as cool as the older one. We’re looking into some other solutions as well as we strive to find a balance between making your spells look flashy while still having a battle that is possible to comprehend by, you know, actually looking at it.

Two-Hand Weapons too small? (Source)
We discussed this with the developers yesterday. It seems some of the two-handed weapons are getting smaller, while the one-handed weapons are getting bigger. We like the basic idea of players being able to tell what kind of weapon a character is holding just by looking at them. There should be no visual confusion between a one-handed weapon and a two-handed weapon.

It's not likely there will be any major art updates coming before the next patch, but this is definitely something for us to keep in mind going forward.

Guilds going through Firelands Raid encounter in 2 weeks (Source)
I am endlessly intrigued to find players judging the difficulty of the encounters and how long lived the content is by how pro players, some of the most skilled and focused players in the world, engage the content. It's a little like judging the difficulty of juggling eight chainsaws by what the best jugglers in the world can accomplish. Sure, it might be easy for them, but when was the last time you tried it? (Do not attempt to juggle eight chainsaws. Do not attempt to juggle any chainsaws. Unless you are a juggler. A professional chainsaw juggler. A really, really good professional chainsaw juggler who does not fear chainsaw manglings.)

The content wasn't designed to be 'quick'. It was designed to be epic, engaging, challenging and fun. It can accomplish those goals without being punishing.

It is kind of remarkable how fun and engaging the content can be when we start judging content by what we accomplish and experience ourselves, rather than the posts we read on the forums or the headlines of a fansite.

Firelands Raid Heroic Prva ubistva - Dan 2

Guildi širom sveta i dalje naporno rade da savladaju Fireland Raid Encountere, a jači bossevi već polako usporavaju dalji progres na svim regionima.

US Prvo ubistvo
  • vodka je prvi guild u US koji je uspeo da savlada Alysrazor u Heroic Modu.
EU Prva Ubistva
  • Method je prvi guild u Evropi koji je savladao Beth'tilac, Lord Rhyolith, i Alysrazor.
  • For The Horde je prvi guild u Evropi koji je savladao Shannox.
Spremili smo i listu top 10 guilda koji su ubili prva četri bossa u Fireland raid istanci. Trenutno očekujemo da vidimo ko će uzeti slavu na ostala tri bossa  Baleroc, Majordomo Staghelm, and Ragnaros.
Sledi lista preuzeta sa sajta WoWProgress.

Rank Guild Realm Progress Criteria
1 Blood Legion (25 r) US-Illidan 4/7 (H) 5988.88
2 vodka (25 r) US-Alterac Mountains 4/7 (H) 5988.88
3 Premonition (25 r) US-Sen'Jin 4/7 (H) 5983.33
4 Method (25 r) EU-Xavius 4/7 (H) 5977.76
5 DREAM Paragon (25 r) EU-Lightning's Blade 4/7 (H) 5977.76
6 Envy (25 r) EU-Auchindoun 4/7 (H) 5977.76
7 Inner Sanctum (25 r) EU-Silvermoon 4/7 (H) 5977.76
8 For the Horde (25 r) EU-Nazjatar 4/7 (H) 5977.76
9 Ensidia (25 r) EU-Tarren Mill 4/7 (H) 5977.76
10 Карфаген (25 r) EU-Пиратская Бухта 4/7 (H) 5977.76

Patch 4.2 Hotfixevi - 6 Jul

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
  • An issue has been corrected that would cause players to lose their progress towards Veteran of the Horde II, Veteran of the Alliance II, Warbringer of the Horde, or Warbound Veteran of the Alliance if Veteran of the Horde or Veteran of the Alliance were complete.

  • Characters should no longer disconnect or receive movement enforcement errors when certain spells, abilities, or item effects are used while on moving transports.
  • Faerie Fire and Faerie Fire (Feral) will now remove Stealth, Invisibility, Vanish, Shadowmeld and Prowl from players.


  • When using Spellsteal on a shaman, Lava Flows will no longer be given to the mage as a buff. The buff, however, will be removed from the shaman.


  • Shadowfiend is now causing the casting priest to enter combat when cast on enemy players.


  • A Fulmination critical strike for more than 30,000 damage (10-player) or 45,000 damage (25-player) should now properly interrupt Rageface’s Face Rage in the Firelands.
  • When Lava Flows is stolen by a mage via Spellsteal, the mage will no longer gain the Lava Flows buff.

Dungeons & Raids
  • Heroic difficulty has been activated and is accessible in all regions.
  • Pet corpses, guardians, and placed items should no longer provoke Engorged Broodlings to a premature detonation.
  • The pack of creatures fighting each other around Flamewaker Beast Handlers will stop fighting each other and attack the raid once provoked.
  • Flamewaker Subjugators now award 50 reputation, up from 15, while Flamewaker Animators award no reputation or loot.
  • The aggro radius on the third pack of Hells Hounds on the way to Beth’tilac has been reduced.
  • Unstable Pyrelords now have an active stealth detection aura present when the gauntlet is triggered which prevents stealth classes from traversing up the hill undetected.

  • Baleroc’s health has been increased on 10-player Heroic difficulty.
  • Baleroc's gate now despawns properly when he resets.
  • Shards of Torment despawn when Baleroc resets even if they are spawned after Baleroc has despawned.

Lord Rhyolith
  • Lord Rhyolith can now be quickly snapped from left to right, or right to left, if the appropriate amount of damage is dealt to the opposite foot.
  • Lord Rhyolith now prefers to activate volcanoes that are in front of him over volcanoes that are behind him.
  • Lord Rhyolith now spawns slightly further back on his platform, allowing players to stand on the edge of the terrain and not aggro him.
  • Lord Rhyolith no longer despawns when reaching the end of the encounter area, and does not despawn when casting Drink Magma from any of the possible locations.
  • Lord Rhyolith now summons in volcanoes when intended, and it is no longer possible for the first set of volcanoes to be ignored.

Majordomo Staghelm
  • Majordomo Staghelm has had his health increased by 10% on Heroic difficulty.

  • Living Meteors no longer evade and return to their spawn point when their original target dies or uses a threat drop. They will instead choose a new target.
  • The Sons of Flame can no longer be missed by melee attacks and abilities.

  • Shannox will now rotate when appropriate instead of moving to get in range of his target while being tanked.
  • Shannox will always use Hurl Spear after a raid wipes, even if Riplimb collapsed just prior to the group wiping.

  • Jamus’Vaz and Faldren Tillsdale are once again offering players Conquest Points in exchange for Valor Points.
  • Normal and Heroic versions of Deflecting Star now correctly bind when picked up.
  • Eternal Embers are now epic quality.
  • Normal and Heroic versions of Pauldrons of Roaring Flame now have mastery rating instead of hit rating.
  • Ruthless, Vicious, and Bloodthirsty Gladiator’s Clasps of Cruelty have had their Stamina values increased to remain consistent with equivalent belts. Note that the tooltip will require a patch to update.

Quests & Creatures
Hyjal Regrowth & Molten Front
  • Players are now receiving 6 Marks of the World Tree from Caught Unawares and 10 marks from The Sanctuary Must Not Fall, which now allows players to obtain 20 marks as soon as they finish their first days’ worth of daily quests and unlock the Molten Front. The amount of marks offered is properly updated in player Quest Logs as well.
  • There are now many more Wounded Hyjal Defenders to accommodate a large concurrency of players in the Molten Front.
  • The Fiery Behemoths and Molten Behemoths are now the same size.
  • Rayne Feathersong has been moved from the cave and is still available as a daily quest giver at Malfurion's Breach.

Season 9/10 Vicious Gladiator Promene Opreme u 4.2

Za one koji nisu razumeli dramu koja se dešava u vezi Arene, Blizzard je tajno ažurirao sav Season 9 Oklop u novi iLvL 371 predmete koji su zamenili stari 365. Na primer Vicious Gladiator's Armbands of Meditation (365) je zamenjen sa Vicious Gladiator's Armbands of Meditation (371).

Ova izmena nije bila retroaktivna i igrači koji su kupili njihovu opremu par dana posle patcha jednostavno su završili sa potrošnjom njihovih poena za malo stariju opremu, bez upozorenja Blizzarda.

Dosta tema je na zvaničnom forumu otvoreno povodom ovog problema, zbog čega nije bilo nekog zvaničnog obaveštenja. Za sada to je nepoznato, ja sam lično predpostavljao da Blizzard testira neki novi Tooltip code, sa starom opremom. Testiranje opreme dešava se skoro stalno, i bez ikakvog obaveštenja na zvaničnom sajtu ili zvaničnim patch informacijama.
Zarhym se inače oglasio povodom ovog problema, pa možete i sami pročitati o čemu se radi.

Originally Posted by Zarhym (Source)
Thanks for making a clear-cut thread summarizing why this is a big issue within the PvP community, Tauranewone. To keep communication on this as clear as possible, I'll try and clarify what has happened with the transition between Season 9 and 10, as well as give you our take. For everyone reading along, please do not create new threads on this issue. We'll be primarily watching this one and would prefer to keep our forums as easy to read as possible.

Before getting into it, I want you all to know that we've maintained an open dialog with our developers over the past 24 hours regarding the way in which the PvP season transition went down since patch 4.2 (this includes relaying a lot of the feedback we've seen on the forums to them). We agree that the mistakes made were very unfortunate and unfair to a lot of players. We're currently exploring some options to try and alleviate some of the misfortune many of you experienced while purchasing PvP gear in the last week.

First off, to be clear, we made two mistakes which led to the primary cause of frustration for players:

1) We noted that Conquest Points were going to be converted into Honor Points above the 4,000 cap with the release of patch 4.2, giving players one week to spend these excess points before the start of Season 10, at which point the 4,000 point cap would go into effect. Instead, the Honor Point cap intended to be enforced yesterday was applied at the same time Conquest Points were converted to Honor Points with patch 4.2. This led many players who saved Conquest Points up for the season transition to receive gold for any Honor Points above 4,000, rather than points above that cap. There wasn't a feasible solution for correcting the fact that the calculations had been run a week early.

2) We didn't notify players that we made a slight change to the way PvP gear is introduced each season. The change simply wasn't communicated among all of the other patch 4.2 changes, which was a big oversight on our part.

These two errors compacted each other. Players were left with no more than 4,000 Honor Points after patch 4.2, which led many players to farm more HP to buy Season 9 gear. Then, when Season 10 hit yesterday, Season 9 (ilvl 365) items were replaced with an HP tier of Season 10 (ilvl 371) items. Since players didn't know this would happen, many of you farmed HP and spent it on the Season 9 items prior to yesterday's maintenance.

Obviously most of you already know what happened and are very frustrated by it, but I just want to clarify the nature of the unrest, as well as the intended way this season transition was to happen. This is the way it should have worked, and how it should work going forward:

1) During any season, a low tier of current-season items will be available for purchase with Honor Points.

2) During any season, a high tier of current-season items will be available for purchase with Conquest Points.

3) At the end of any season, any remaining Conquest Points will be converted into Honor Points above the 4,000 cap.

4) In between seasons, the previous high tier of items becomes available for purchase with Honor Points, allowing anyone who could not previously afford them with CP one last chance to buy them using the excess Honor Points.

5) The new season begins. Honor Points are capped at 4,000 again. The previous season's sets are removed and replaced with current-season HP and CP items.

We've seen a lot of players ask what the purpose is of having Season 9 items available for purchase with Honor Points for a week, before replacing them with better items. The purpose was for people to spend their excess Honor Points on any leftover items, as once the next season starts players can't keep more than 4,000 HP to spend. Now, the reason why this intent wasn't evident to most players is because we capped HP a week too early, which made spending any Honor Points last week less than ideal. The reality is players would have been better off saving 4,000 HP for the start of Season 10 when ilvl 371 gear was released. But they had no way of knowing that.

That is about all of the information I have to share on this subject at the moment, but I want to remind you that the issues with this season transition are well on our radar. We know we messed up in multiple ways. This not only made our intentions very unclear, but led players to make choices to spend their Honor Points they otherwise probably would not have made.

If everything went according to plan, you probably would've spent any HP over the 4,000 cap last week on any remaining Season 9 items you maybe didn't have. You then would have saved 4,000 HP to get started on the low tier Season 10 items. This is the way we're looking at it and will let you know if and when we have more information to share.

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Soloing Firelands Raid Trash (Source)
If you're soloing Firelands trash, it's for a reason that will be corrected. We've already fixed several situations where this was possible, either by buffing the creatures, increasing the range of their abilities, or removing their loot/greatly reducing the rewards they provide.

[...] Most of the changes weren't just due to solo players killing creatures in there, or pug trash runs. Many of the loot tables just had much higher drop percentages than intended.

Racial traits balance in raid (Source)
Racial traits primarily exist to add flavor to each race, and to a lesser extent, situational advantages in line with the theme of each race. Naturally each one works better in some situations than others.

A player who wishes to can and should raid as Forsaken, or any other race that they enjoy playing. It's extremely unlikely that if a player has proven themselves capable, that a competent raid leader would turn them away based on their character's race. There are, after all, a very healthy number of Forsaken raiders active at this very moment.

[...] There are a number of ways to optimize a character outside of racials. I'm not saying that they can't be useful, or that certain racials aren't nice to have in certain circumstances (particularly in PvP) - that would be foolish.

I'm just saying that in general their importance has been over-emphasized. By and large, you can still be effective playing the race you want to play. The assertion that one cannot raid because they choose to play Forsaken is preposterous.

Season 9 Feats of Strength Bug (Source)
It wasn't intended for the mounts and titles to go out without their associated feats of strength. Unfortunately, this cannot be addressed via a hotfix and will require a client-side patch. The Season 9 feats of strength will be rewarded retroactively in a future patch to those who should have gotten them with the start of Season 10.

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