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Author: Warheart Date: Sunday, 20 April 2014
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Author: Warheart Date: Sunday, 20 April 2014
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Author: Atena013 Date: Sunday, 20 April 2014
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Author: Atena013 Date: Sunday, 20 April 2014

Matchmaking and Ladder Improvements

As part of our continuing efforts to ensure fair matches and an enjoyable ladder system, we've identified and recently addressed three notable issues through hotfixes:

Improved Matchmaking for Teams
While the matchmaking system as a whole is looking very strong, one area we identified for improvement was matchmaking for arranged teams that were still in placement matches. We found these first few matches for arranged teams were giving them an unfair advantage against their opponents. Since so many new arranged teams were being created every day, this was resulting in a noticeable amount of imbalanced matches for team games. The corrections we've made should show an improvement for many team players, especially in the sub-Gold leagues.

Improved Placement for Teams
Another related issue we've received feedback on and experienced firsthand is the difficulty of placing in a high league while in an arranged team. We made two changes that should improve the experience. 1) The improved matchmaking mentioned above will help teams find opponents of similar skill sooner and, as a result, help to more quickly place teams in the league in which they belong. 2) We also found we were being too conservative in how teams were being placed in leagues and have made some adjustmentsto allow teams to be more easily placed in higher leagues. 3v3 random and arranged teams will likely notice this change the most.

Team Matchmaking Improvements
We found conditions where the matchmaking system was forcing certain teams and players to wait longer than needed for team matches. Those conditions have been addressed and the wait times should be reduced without affecting the quality of the matchmaking.

We're continuing to monitor the matchmaking system on all levels, reading feedback, and playing the game ourselves to ensure that it's providing a fair and fun system for players of all skill levels. Please let us know if you have any additional feedback or have already noticed some improvement from these changes by posting here.

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Borba za Gnomeregan i Echo Isles je počela!

Vreme je da se svom pravom domu napokon vrate Gnomovi i Trollovi! Danas je na evropskim i američkim serverima startovali su dogadjaji pod nazivom: Zalazane's Fall (Horde) i Operation Gnomeregan (Alliance). Slede zvanične informacije uz video zapise kako bi Vam olakšali da što pre završite ovaj dugo očekivani dogadjaj.
Originally Posted by Wryxian (Source Retaking of Gnomeregan & Echo Isles Begins!)
Look lively -- the efforts to retake the areas of Gnomeregan and Echo Isles have begun. While it's been some weeks since we shared the details surrounding these calls to arms, the battle has finally begun!

If you are of the illustrious Alliance and wish to take up the charge of retaking Gnomeregan as called by Gelbin Mekkatorque, you'll want to report to him for duty in the district of Tinkertown in Ironforge. Members of the noble and steadfast Horde are tasked to report to Sen'jin village in southern Durotar. No matter if you're a weathered champion of your faction, or are still learning the ways of battle, you'll be able to help in these monumental efforts to change the very landscape of Azeroth.


Operation: Gnomeregan

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Zalazane's Fall

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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eSports News 08/09

Quote from: Vaneck
There were some fantastic games played in the recently concluded NVIDIA StarCraft II Gosu Cup. After a tremendous comeback from a 0-3 deficit, Canadian Chris “HuK” Loranger’s Protoss army defeatedFrenchman Adelscott’s Protoss forces in the thrilling final. To check out the replays head over to the GosuGamerswebsite. In other news, has summarisedthe weekend cups: ZOTAC and Go4SC2. Also, the opening season of the Global StarCraft II League, with a prize pool of $170,000, is well underway. Taking place in Seoul, this phenomenal tournament has the best of the best from the StarCraft II world competing. The action has been fast and furious, with some of the tournament favourites already knocked out and a few underdogs progressing. To find out more about the event and to watch all the games live, with English commentary from Tasteless and Artosis, check the tournament calendar at

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New Blizzard Custom Map: Burning Tide!

Prva blizzardova custom mapa je upravo izašla! Možete je probati tako što kreirate novi custom game (ili se joinujete u već nečiji) i izaberete scenario pod nazivom Burning Tide!

New Blizzard Custom Map: Burning Tide

We're proud to announce the release of Blizzard Entertainment's first new StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty custom map: Burning Tide!

Featuring timed lava surges and collectable mineral caches, Burning Tide is a 3v3 map that combines several thematic elements from the epic single-player campaign mission "The Devil's Playground." Like the campaign mission, the goal of this game is greed, and the first team to reach the specified resource total wins! Players hoping to achieve victory on this map will need to work together, carefully managing their team's unit production and safeguarding their vulnerable workers as they defend against enemy forces.

Check out Burning Tide now in the custom games list in the game client.

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Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
LVL 85 Dungeons too hard? (Source Re: Lvl85 H. Paladin Numbers/Abilities Thread)
It's not quite that extreme. The problem currently is that some players are tackling Uldum or Twilight Highlands in level 83 gear, or worse, their LK epics (just had to throw that in there ). You will probably want a good mix of level 84 and 85 gear before doing the level 85 dungeons, and certainly the heroics. Eloderung says that he or she now has a decent mix of dungeon gear so the quest gear issue should be skewing things less. There are still overtuned or undertuned bosses and abilities for us to contend with though.

6% vs. 10% spellpower in Cataclysm (Source Re: 6% vs. 10% spellpower in Cata)
The 10% spell power isn't offered by a ton of specs (nor are there any other specs that we want to add it to), but the buff makes a really big difference to casters. The 6% buff is there so we could make sure you weren't totally without any kind of buff if you lacked one of the 10% guys. 

Mastery Stat (Source Re: Lvl85 H. Paladin Numbers/Abilities Thread)
Well, they are shiny and new and pretty much give you exactly what you want, so that response isn't too surprising. It's good that mastery is attractive and fun. We just don't want non-mastery gear to be viewed as junk the way some classes view some stats on Live.

Spamming the same spell (Source Re: Lvl85 H. Paladin Numbers/Abilities Thread)
Right. It's a skill curve thing. If there is a right time to use something and a big penalty for doing something at the wrong time, then there is a bigger difference between good and less good players. If you can pretty much do something whenever, then there is less to learn about your class, less to perfect and ultimately less reward in investing in understanding the character. 

Holy Light / Flash of Light spamming (Source Re: [Paladin] Holy changes in Cataclysm)
We just don't agree that it worked. What generally happened was either the set bonuses, glyphs and librams all aligned to make either Flash of Light the best spell or Holy Light. In rare cases we got lucky and paladins could choose to gear either for a FoL or HL spam, but they were still choosing one spell over the other. They really weren't using a particular spell for a particular job, so the toolbox felt small and they were hitting the same buttons all the time.

I can almost promise you that a Holy paladin in Cataclysm will use Holy Shock, Word of Glory, Flash of Light, Holy Light, Divine Light, Holy Radiance and Light of Dawn on every challenging dungeon or raid run. That sounds a lot more fun than spamming Holy Light with the occasional Holy Shock on cooldown.

Mana costs (Source Re: [Feedback] Paladin)
Mana needs to matter more. Ret (and Prot) generally need to be able to hit all of "their" buttons without being resource constrained, but then should only have enough mana to situationally use things like Holy Light, Exorcism or (untalented) Consecrate.

It's fine to cast one Exorcism at range to pull or something, but it's not something we generally want you doing outside of Art of War procs. We're pretty reluctant to put a cooldown back on the spell though.

AE Healing (Source Re: My holy paladin feedback.)
We just don't believe the healing situation and the AE healing situation in particular is as dire as many of you are suggesting. We balance the encounters around the class capabilities, so if many groups are struggling on certain ones, those will be adjusted accordingly. We generally don't give classes new abilities because they have trouble on certain fights. If you're finding that you are just constantly behind the curve on every encounter, even the trash, then you are probably doing something wrong (attempting these dungeons undergeared is something we are seeing a lot) or your class has some kind of systemic bug that is affecting all of the healing you do.

Overall, the dungeons probably will end up more challenging than they were in Lich King. Even if we eventually end up with 10 minute chain pulling 5-player dungeons in Deathwing gear, there is no need to start out that way. 

Holy Mastery (Source Re: Lvl85 H. Paladin Numbers/Abilities Thread)
Incidentally, we looked at mastery for Holy paladins today and decided we were happy, for now, with the power it offers, so reforge away if you think that makes you more powerful. We might always tweak things in the future. 

Changing Light of Dawn to only use Holy Power (Source Re: Lvl85 H. Paladin Numbers/Abilities Thread)
We thought about a similar implementation a lot, but just worried that would make Light of Dawn harder to use. With a long cooldown, you at least can save it until you think you need it. Sitting on 3 Holy Power (and being unable to use Word of Glory during that time) might be brutal. 

Haste/Crit/Overhealing in Cataclysm (Source Re: Lvl85 H. Paladin Numbers/Abilities Thread)
That's an interesting perspective. Typically LK paladins tell us that they like haste because it lets them get a heal out *right now* before a tank dies, but don't like crit because it often overheals. To use a tired cliche, it did feel a lot like Whack-a-mole because you needed to heal ASAP but how hard you healed someone wasn't nearly as important. FoL could often bring someone to full and a HL crit would be tons of overhealing. (I am talking only about the stats in how they affect healing per se, not extra effects like Illumination.) In Cataclysm you won't overheal as much (making the free healing from crits more useful) but you won't be in constant fear of the tank dying in one GCD (making haste less useful). 

Secondary effect on Heroic Leap (Source Re: New Warrior discussion (build 12803))
Adding a secondary effect to Heroic Leap, like a Thunder Clap or letting you get out of roots might be a good role for a glyph. We don't like to glyph new high level abilities immediately because then players don't appreciate what the glyph does for them, since they have never used the ability unglyphed. It's something we could consider for a future patch.  

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Novi broj Dark Legacy i Teh Gladiators Stripova

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Downranking (Source Re: Lvl85 H. Paladin Numbers/Abilities Thread)
The problem with downranking that we hated, and the reason we killed it, wasn't because players were being clever by using cheaper heals when they needed a smaller heal. That's good gameplay and the kind of thing the new model should reward. The part of downranking that was broken, was that the coefficients matter so much more than the base points that you could maintain mana forever by casting a heal that was only slightly less effective. That wasn't gaming the numbers. That was breaking them. 

Healing as ... retribution (Source Re: Lvl85 H. Paladin Numbers/Abilities Thread)
I said holy gear in a ret spec. And why would the heals be small? In a raid environment, the ret spec could have as much as 2000 more sp than a similarly geared holy paladin because of Sheath of Light and various buffs to AP. This alone would show how little scaling of healing spells the holy tree provides.
We'll look into it and make sure it's not viable. We've certainly had cases in the past where the conversion factors that let Ret not be terrible at healing look really attractive to someone actually wearing healing gear. 

Heroic Leap (Source Re: New Warrior discussion (build 12803))
This ability has a lot of history because we tried it once before. For the Cataclysm version, we received a lot of feedback originally that Heroic Leap just didn't distinguish itself enough from Charge etc. any more. This is a world with Juggernaut and Warbringer after all. We discussed that feedback and understood where warriors were coming from, so we redesigned it so that players could choose where they would leap to. We think the current implementation has lot of different uses. No, it can't get you over canyons or up to ledges, but how often will those case legitimately arise? The potential exploits were the ability that unfettered would be enormous, and reducing those is what let us offer Heoic Leap as it is in the first place. It's a useful ability now. We can experiment with visual effect and height and that sort of thing. I understand from reading this thread that there are players who would design a different ability were they in our shoes. That's fine. This is a subjective business. 

Slam (Source Re: New Warrior discussion (build 12803))
Slam is a controversial ability for sure, but we know there are Arms warriors who considered the height of skill of their class to be when they had to line up the Slam swing time in between their Mortal Strikes. It's not for everyone, for sure, but with Improved Slam and Bloodsurge and being able to move, it really isn't asking too much of you. Yeah you'll screw it up sometimes, but it won't be a catastrophic dps loss when you do.

We've seen just a ton of feedback in the past few weeks on lots of different abilities for different classes that essentially comes down to "X is too hard to use." We think overall that WoW's combat is pretty forgiving. We really don't think this is the time where we need to be making everything much harder to screw up. Simple is good. Confusing is bad. But abilities or rotations that are challenging are good for the game to a point.  

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