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Patch 4.0.6 Hotfixevi - 9 Februar

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
February 9
  • Haste is again properly increasing resource regeneration rates for applicable melee classes. This fix will require a realm restart to take effect. More information regarding the series of changes pertaining to this issue can be found on our General Discussion forum.

Death Knight
  • The root that the Frost talent Chilblains gives to Chains of Ice is now properly affected by diminishing returns and shares diminishing returns with other root effects.
  • Dark Transformation now increases pet damage by 60%, down from 80%.
  • Death Coil damage has been reduced by 15%.
  • The pet damage bonus from Shadow Infusion is now 6% per stack, down from 8%.

Dungeons & Raids
The Bastion of Twilight
  • Players are no longer instantly killed when auras are removed after defeating Cho'gall.
  • Players affected by Conversion during the Cho'gall encounter will gain the correct amount of Corrupted Blood, and the Corrupted Blood mechanics correctly trigger at the appropriate times.
  • Burning Twilight is now bound to the raid dungeon and cannot be taken outside of the instance to affect other players.

Blackwing Descent
  • Chimaeron no longer casts Caustic Slime on targets who are affected by Break. Chimaeron now casts Caustic Slime on a tank target if there are not enough players present without Break.

  • Players should no longer get disconnected when dying in the Vanessa Vancleef encounter on Heroic difficulty.

Shadowfang Keep
  • Deathstalker Adamant and Sorcerer Ashcrombe now have a gossip option for their respective factions to open the courtyard door while the Love is in the Air event is active.

  • Orgrimmar and Stormwind Cooking and Fishing daily quests are again granting the proper skill-ups when turned in.

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Another Day in Tol Barad in 4.0.6 (Source Another day in Tol Barad)
Completing some daily quests again isn't a really big task for players who like to get achievements.

Most of the time, this is accurate. However, some realms do not exchange Tol Barad very often, which makes this achievement much more difficult. Feathermoon went weeks and weeks without the Alliance having access to the daily quests.
We made some adjustments to Tol Barad in the patch that should help it flip more often. We are continuing to monitor it and we'll see how it goes. I know it has already been changing a lot more on my realm. 

[...] This achievement is pretty minor and not the kind that people will really gloat over having first, so you can take your time with it and just check in every so often to see if the quests you need are available.

We don't really like having to put players in this type of situation, but having the achievement makes more sense in the long run and we think it's more fun to have it than to not. Some people are making this out to be insulting and along the lines of something game-breaking and I disagree.

Retroactive Achievements (Source Another day in Tol Barad)
Retroactive achievements are actually tricky as we need some sort of guarantee that isn't always easy to track. There were a lot of complaints about people not getting their achievement retroactively when WotLK came out as there were only so many ways for us to determine it. For something like this, it isn't really worth spending the time to try and figure out a way to track it when it doesn't take a lot of commitment to do again. Since you said you weren't planning to do the quests now that you are exalted, all you have to do is keep an eye out for the ones you haven't done so it will take less and less time as you get closer to the end. 

No talent tree reset in 4.0.6? (Source No Talent Point Refund??)
Correct, talent point wipes are only done as a very last resort in cases where not resetting them would actually 'break' a talent tree due to the changes made. They are not provided as a convenience when talent changes occur. If the points spent still work and add up correctly, then it is up to the individual player to decide if they want to pay to respec to fine tune their build to adapt to any changes post-patch.

[...] Blanket talent respecs are actually very disruptive. The least of which is probably not the thousands of in-game petitions from people asking where their abilities went, asking for spec advice, reporting bugs that they can't cast X anymore, etc. (thereby raising reply times for the issue you may actually need help with) For realzies. And, speccing characters is not as easy and straight forward as many might think it is. Logging in to find that your character has no talents and you must then spend time researching and reading what changes were made in the most recent patch and how to spec can be something that makes plenty of people just say 'never mind' and log out. Not a very fun experience. Anyway, it's a last resort for a number of reasons.

Cataclysm Battle Chest (Source Blizzard why are you still charging for TBC?)
At some point after Wrath came out we released the battle chest with both the original game and BC for a lower price point than buying them together. We haven't made any announcements regarding future product 'packages' but it's not out of the question. Thanks to everyone that added a calm and rational discussion to the thread. I think everything that can be said has been, though.

Change to "The Exalted" title in 4.0.6 (Source The Exalted Title)
We think "the Exalted" is a really awesome title. With Cataclysm we added a bunch of new reps though, and we want the title to keep pace so that it's always representative of someone that's obtained a considerable number of exalted reputations throughout the life of the game, even as we add more.

We did consider offering multiple titles for the various tiers, but "the Exalted" fits so perfectly and we wanted to avoid a potentially infinite string of titles like "the Fairly Exalted", "the Nigh Exalted", "the Mostly Exalted", etc. We also considered grandfathering in those who had already earned it but think that this title can be a unique testament to the continued efforts of reputation hunters and keep the same value as we introduce more reps and push the requirements up to match.

It's different than every other rep in the way we're raising it with a new bar to meet, and I do apologize that it wasn't communicated clearly beforehand that it was going to be functioning this way. 

Crusader Strike not generating Holy Power on dodge/parry/miss (Source word on crusader strike not generating hopo?)
Missing attacks should not generate Holy Power. We generally don’t reward characters for failing to land attacks. Retribution paladins can improve their hit or expertise like other melee DPS specs do. Tanks don’t generally stack a lot of hit or expertise, but we think Protection paladins will still be able to tank just fine. Prot warriors for example miss Shield Slams. 

Mastery Procs and Rolling Thunder (Source LO not procing rolling thunder)
This is a bug. Mastery procs should cause Rolling Thunder chargers. We're going to investigate its hotfix-ability.  

World of Warcraft Fan Art

Blizzard Fan Art Sekcija ažurirana je sa 8 novih fan radova, koji predstavljaju Warcraft univerzum.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2011/Feb/10] width=[180] height=[160]}

Prvi deo Screenshotova i artova

Pre dva dana, Blizzard je pozvao igrače da lajkuju Diablo Facebook Fan Page, obećavajući da će objaviti nove epic screenoshotove i artove. Upravo ovaj poziv je sinoć uspeo da nam donese ukupnih 550,000 Lajkova, a Blizzard je ispunio svoje obećanje. Slede screenshotovti i artovi sa kratkim objašnjenima šta predstavljaju.
Ovo je za sada najbolji concept art koji sam video do sada. On faktički prikazuje Witch Doctora, i skill Wall of Zombies.

Što se screenshotova tiče imamo Deamon Huntera kako ubija grupu demona sa smrtonosnom kombinacijom njeog Bola Shot-a i Grande skill-ova.

Drugi screenshot predstavlja Witch Doctor koji castuje Blow Dart skill sa Locust Swarm kako bi savladao nekoliko monstruma u Halls of Agony.

Poslednji deo predstavlja fenomenalan Concept Art svima omiljen ludi vladar King Leoric. Ovo je doduse već bilo prikazano na Blizzcon 2010.
Sada samo treba još da sačekamo novih 21, 000 lajkova, kako bi dobili nove radove i screenshotove!

Patch 4.0.6 - Ažurirane Informacije

Blizzard je dodao još par informacija, nakon objavljenih Patch 4.0.6 zvaničnih izmena.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
  • Two new achievements have been added for earning exalted reputation with 45 and 50 factions respectively. The title The Exalted is now awarded for earning exalted reputation with 50 factions, up from 40.
  • A new achievement, Just Another Day in Tol Barad, has been added for completing all of the Tol Barad daily quests.
  • Achievement Bug Fixes
    • Players should correctly receive the achievement Faster Than the Speed of Light (Halls of Origination) if they die prior to the party meeting the criteria.
    • The achievement criteria for Prototype Prodigy (Deadmines) correctly resets after a wipe.

Mage Bug Fixes
Paladin Bug Fixes
Talent Specializations
  • Grace is no longer limited to one target at a time.

Dungeons & Raids
The Bastion of Twilight
  • Ascendant Council
    • The Elementium Monstrosity can be attacked from farther away than was previously the case.
    • The damage dealt by Liquid Ice has been increased significantly.
    • The damage dealt by Electric Instability on normal difficulty has been reduced slightly.
    • Immunity effects will no longer cancel Gravity Crush.
    • Gravity Crush no longer hits additional targets on Heroic difficulty.
    • Frozen Orbs now despawn at the start of phase 3 on Heroic difficulty.
  • Cho'gall
    • The recast time on Depravity has been increased in 10-player mode.
  • Halfus Wyrmbreaker
    • Shadow Nova is now cast less frequently in 10-player modes to account for fewer available interrupts there.
    • The captured drakes in this encounter now apply Dragon's Vengeance when they are killed instead of when they are freed. To account for this change, the health and damage of the drakes has been reduced, and the damage bonus gained from Dragon's Vengeance has been increased.
  • Valiona and Theralion
    • Immunities no longer port players out of the Twilight Realm.
    • The damage dealt by Twilight Sentries on Heroic difficulty has been reduced.

Blackwing Descent
  • Atramedes will now go berserk after 10 minutes on Heroic difficulty.
  • Magmaw
    • Blazing Bone Constructs on Heroic difficulty no longer drop fire periodically.
    • Blazing Bone Constructs on Heroic difficulty have had their health reduced.
    • Magmaw's health on Heroic difficulty has been reduced.
  • Maloriak
    • Increased the cast time of Release Aberrations.
    • Heroic: Decreased the health of the Vile Swill by 15%.
    • Heroic: Dark Sludge can now only target players.
  • Nefarian
    • The Chromatic Prototypes featured in the second phase of this encounter now wait longer before casting their first Blast Nova.
    • The Stolen Power enhancement gained in Heroic difficultydifficulties now increases all damage and healing for a set time, but each attack is increased by a smaller amount. This change will not be reflected in the tooltip until a later patch.
    • Freeing one's mind from Dominion now grants a movement speed bonus for a short time.
  • Omnotron Defense System
    • There is now a 10-minute berserk timer on Heroic difficulty.
    • Golem health has been reduced on Heroic difficulty.
    • The damage dealt by Incineration Security Measure has been reduced.

Throne of the Four Winds
  • Al’ Akir
    • Al'Akir's Electrocute can no longer be interrupted by Spell Reflection.
  • Conclave of Wind
    • Heroic: Slicing Gale debuff reduced from 10% per stack to 5%.
    • The duration of the Wind Blast pre-effect has been increased to 5 seconds, up from 3.

The Deadmines
  • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes have mounting issues after engaging Helix Gearbreaker in any incarnation.

Throne of the Tides
  • Poisoned Spear: The impact of this damage has been reduced.

  • Ink Traders have been added to Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

Patch 4.0.6 Hotfixevi

Blizzard je naknadno ubacio nove hotfixeve na Live serverima!

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
  • Escape Artist again correctly removes movement impairing effects.
  • Players who have used the Paid Race Change service to transfer to a goblin or worgen character post-patch 4.0.6 can properly use the Dungeon Finder again.
  • Love Is in the Air has been extended by 48 hours. The in-game Calendar should now reflect it runs through February 20.

  • Disentanglement (new passive specialization) is now properly functioning for Restoration druids, allowing them to get out of root effects by using Shapeshift. Logging out or changing zones no longer causes the spell to be unlearned.
  • Attempting to use Warstomp while in Tree of Life form returns a "You can't do that yet" error and does not cast the spell.

  • Refreshing Immolate with Hand of Gul'dan is now correctly augmented by the Inferno talent, refreshing Immolate to a 21-second duration instead of 15.

Dungeons & Raids
  • Blackwing Descent
    • Maloriak's Aberrations should correctly spawn even if Vile Swills are still alive from the previous phase.
  • Shadowfang Keep
    • Lord Walden again correctly uses Ice Shards and Toxic Catalyst.
  • Throne of the Four Winds
    • Conclave of Wind bosses now correctly regenerate health out of combat.

  • The Fire-Etched Dagger swing speed was too slow and has been updated. The tooltip will not reflect the updated time of 1.7 seconds until a client-side patch can be applied.
  • Heroic and normal versions of Magma Plated Handguards did not have enough Strength and have been updated.
  • Heroic and normal version of Sapphirium Handguards did not have enough Strength and have been updated.

Srećan dvadeseti rođendan, Blizzard Entertainment!

Danas slavimo 20 godina kako Blizzard Entertainment postoji! Sve čestitke firmi koja ubedljivo vodi u gaming industriji i želimo im da postanu još veći sa sve boljim naslovima kao što znamo da mogu to samo oni da izvedu. Posetite novi anniversary site na kome ćete polako otključavati razne interesantne stvari vezane za sve vaše omiljene igre kao i za samu firmu! Gratz Blizz!

Quote from: Blizzard Entertainment
In 1991, three young UCLA graduates decided to start their own game company. Their goal: make cool games and have fun doing so. Twenty years later, their fledgling studio has grown into a major game developer and publisher that entertains millions of players around the world.

Join us on our new 20th anniversary mini-site as we celebrate two decades worth of games and the community of players who made it all possible through their passion, enthusiasm, and support.
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