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Ghostcrawler - Wow Istance su Teške!

Ghostcrawler je objavio interesantan blog na zvaničnom sajtu, gde govori o težini istanci u Cataclysm nastavku, a takodje je igračima podelio i par dobrih saveta, kako da im olakša da iste savladaju brže i bolje. On je takodje rekao da je Blizzard pročitao komentare svih igrača sa zvaničnog foruma, gde se oni žale na težinu istanci i da iste treba nerfovati, ali na žalost Blizzard ne želi da se svede da je potrebno pritisnuti par dugmića i dobiti svoj loot, već traži od igrača više. Sledi kompletan tekst koji je definitivno vredan da se pročita.

Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Source Wow, Dungeons are Hard!)
We've seen and heard a lot of discussion about the challenge presented by the Cataclysm Heroic dungeons, and to a lesser extent the raids. I'm not sure this is the kind of issue where we're going to be able to change anyone’s mind on the subject, but I can try to provide more insight into our point of view as well as offer some suggestions for success.

First, let me state that we do hear you. We understand some of you aren’t having fun and preferred the Lich King paradigm, or at least something closer to the Lich King paradigm. We greatly appreciate the feedback and it always makes us sad when players aren’t having fun. We're not ignoring you. We get it. We may not always agree on every point, but we understand where you’re coming from, and we want to try to help you understand where we're coming from.

The bottom line is that we want Heroics and raids to be challenging, and that is particularly true now while the content is new and characters are still collecting gear. They’re only going to get easier from here on out. We want players to approach an encounter, especially a Heroic encounter, as a puzzle to be solved. We want groups to communicate and strategize. And by extension, we want you to celebrate when you win instead of it being a foregone conclusion.

On the other hand, we don't want you to stumble your way to victory. We don't want you to be able to overwhelm bosses without noticing or caring what they’re doing. We don’t want healers to be able to make up for all of the mistakes on the part of the other players. While at the end of the day, dungeons may just be gussied up loot vending machines, we want you to do more than push a button to get the loot.

Ultimately, we don’t want to give undergeared or unorganized groups a near guaranteed chance of success, because then the content will feel absolutely trivial for players in appropriate gear who communicate, cooperate, and strategize.

We didn't like that the Heroic dungeons in Lich King and early Naxxramas had become zerg-fests. It made the rewards feel like they weren't earned. It made all rewards except the best-in-slot items feel transitory -- why enchant or gem an item when you don’t need the performance boost and you’ll quickly replace it anyway? Furthermore, it set the expectation that everyone would eventually earn all best-in-slot items rather than those being rare and treasured goals. It made class abilities feel less useful and interesting. Who needs that crowd-control or survivability talent when nothing is hurting you? Who needs a mana-conservation talent if you’re never going to run out of mana? Who needs a crit talent if your heals often overheal anyway?

Finally, the encounters, even the bosses, ended up having a sameness to them because you could ignore their mechanics. It didn't matter -- in fact, you didn't even notice -- if the dragon breathes or silences or drops a void zone. The fights all felt the same.

In Cataclysm, the Heroic dungeons and raids are intended to be challenging -- and they are, at least until you overgear them.

So what can you do if you find the Heroics too challenging? Here are a few tips and alternatives.

Strategy and Communication

Tanks, you can’t pull and AE every group in a Heroic (again, until you overgear the content). It’s a good idea to crowd control at least one target -- and sometimes two. As long as you have someone with a long-duration and/or renewable crowd control and someone else with a short crowd control such as a stun or even a snare, you should be fine. We don’t have anything like Heroic Shattered Halls, and you don’t need 3 mages for CC. Caster mobs, which are weak but do a lot of damage, are good choices for crowd control. So are mobs that buff other mobs or debuff your group. Don’t waste the CC on non-elite mobs or others that will die quickly. The responsibility for marking and setting the pace often falls upon the tank, but sometimes other experienced players are happy to take the mantle. If you are setting the pace, you need to keep an eye on healer mana. Healers will generally have enough mana to keep you alive in any given fight, but you need to be careful not to chain pull repeatedly if their mana is low. Tanks tend to have good situational awareness and are experienced at reducing incoming damage. Where I have personally seen them get into trouble is when they slip into overconfident “I got this” mode and try to tank too many things at once.

DPS specs often get blamed the most for not knowing what is going on. It should be your business to understand the mechanics of the fights. You’re a member of a team, not a follower who can always rely on someone else to tell them what to do. Which are the spells that need to be interrupted? Which are the void zones that you absolutely must get out of? Which are the adds that must be burned down (and conversely, when should you ignore the adds and focus on the boss instead)? If you aren’t sure, then ask. Almost every group would rather take the few seconds to explain a fight than to wipe because you failed to dodge Glubtok's wall of fire or tried to AE Vanessa’s spiders or didn't understand what "Downwind of Altairus" meant.

Healers seem like they largely understand that Heroics are challenging, and sometimes get penalized when the rest of the group doesn’t understand that. If you feel like you can’t cast anything but your efficient heal or you’ll run out of mana, then something is going wrong with the fight. Likewise, if you feel like you must spam your inefficient heals to the exclusion of all else, then your group is ignoring key mechanics or is just undergeared. Boss fights in 5-player dungeons generally shouldn’t last more than two minutes or so (the last few Deadmines bosses can be longer). If you’re running out of mana because the fights are going too long, that is a problem with the DPS or tank in your group. Gear also makes a huge difference for healers, which leads to my next point.

For everyone, regardless of role, I suggest running the dungeons on normal mode until you feel more comfortable with the pulls. Those runs can be quick, the penalty for mistakes isn’t as high, and you can often still earn a little reputation, cloth, or enchanting materials. As a bonus, you’ll probably make a group really happy if you’re geared for Heroics but helping them out in a normal dungeon.


If you just can’t make progress and you are literally wiping on trash pulls over and over, it may be time to analyze your gear. The Dungeon Finder's Heroic item level requirement should be considered a minimum -- and remember, it doesn’t look at enchants or gems or even if the gear is appropriate for you. We are assuming an entry-level Heroic player has a lot of item level 333 gear from Twilight Highlands, normal dungeons, or any of the reputation vendors. These 333s are probably mixed in with a few 318 quest greens, but offset by a few 346 items. If you finished the Hyjal quests, you are probably Revered with Guardians of Hyjal and have access to their 346 items. Questing might only earn you Honored with some of the other reputations, but that is easily rectified with daily quests or dungeon tabards (and don’t forget the Tol Barad reps). There are some nice crafted items. No, the weapons aren’t purple, but when you look at their stats, they are quite competitive.

The item level requirement is intended only to keep out players who have no idea what is appropriate content for them. We know you can game it by getting PvP gear or hiding off-spec gear in your bags. Congrats on being sneaky! If you’re sophisticated enough to try and game the item-level requirements, you should be sophisticated enough to know if you can actually handle the content.

Don't be stingy and decide you aren’t going to mess with gemming, enchanting, or reforging until you have epic gear. Note that you don’t have to always apply the most expensive enchants or gems. Gear matters a lot. It increases DPS, survivability, and mana sustainability. Healers who get, say, 1750-1800 Spirit notice that they can go a lot longer without gassing out. Go ahead and get enchants or gems or reforge to get a lot of Spirit. Some DPS specs who don’t reforge hit at those gear levels would struggle a lot as well. The new Cataclysm flasks are fairly expensive, but the Lich King ones aren’t, and there are elixirs and food consumables you can use as well. Archaeologists can even unlock small bonuses in the new dungeons.

Furthermore, once 4.1 comes out, you will have access to more powerful gear that will let you then revisit the content you couldn’t do before. Your Justice points will let you purchase epic items at that point, and Heroics that were challenging will become a lot easier. Players who have raid gear currently are already starting to burn through the dungeon content again, which is totally expected. You’ll get there too. In Lich King, the content patches tended to completely invalidate the previous tier of content. We don’t want players to feel like they need to farm Naxxramas when Icecrown Citadel is out, but at the other end of the spectrum, it was unfortunate that we largely killed Ulduar raiding when Trial of the Crusader came out.


I love the Dungeon Finder. I worked on it a lot personally. It is quite successful at finding you a group. It doesn't guarantee a successful group. It's a huge improvement over spamming trade chat trying to find a tank for your three-rogue party. But throwing together up to 5 strangers and asking them to do challenging content that some of the group may have never seen before is always going to be risky.

World of Warcraft supports a lot of solo play. However, we want dungeons to be a group experience. In fact, we think the game is more fun overall when you play with friends, which is why we put so much effort into encouraging players to join guilds for Cataclysm. Running a hard dungeon with friends tends to be a much better experience. Communication feels less awkward, and everyone is generally more supportive of mistakes. You learn the strengths and weaknesses and nuances of players that you run with regularly. There tend to be fewer loot arguments as well. PUGs have their place -- don’t get me wrong. But we don’t want to sacrifice dungeons being fun and challenging for organized groups in order to have everything be conquered by any possible group. Make sense?

I’ve PUGged the Cataclysm content a lot. So have all of the designers. We want to stay in touch with what players are experiencing. Heroic PUGs are definitely harder than going with groups of people you know, but they aren’t impossible. If things start to go wrong, you might want to take a moment to analyze why they are going wrong before you bail. I do weep for those players who join an in-progress Heroic Rajh attempt (with suspicious player skeletons everywhere), immediately pull without any discussion, and then have the tank leave the group following the first wipe. That’s not fun for anyone and not going to lead to success. These aren't the original Scholomance or Arcatraz runs that could take four hours with respawns. Making a couple of concerted attempts on Rajh is probably going to be faster than going into the queue again.


We've seen a few threads that suggest that we're too proud to admit mistakes. I find that logic strange, because we do it all the time. Example one: we reverted the 10x honor from Tol Barad pretty quickly. It was a mistake. Example two: Heroic Strike is too dominant an attack for warriors. That was a mistake. Example three: the Lich King Heroic dungeons (and Naxxramas) were too easy to zerg, setting up an expansion-long expectation that purple gear would come easy and often. In retrospect, that was a mistake. We don't at all view the Cataclysm dungeon and raid balance as a mistake.

However, I can name at least three things related to dungeon difficulty that we either did wrong or could do better. We're our own worst critic, and we are very hard on our own decisions.

First, item level is a necessary -- but not sufficient -- hoop to jump through when using the Dungeon Finder for Heroics. We should have also made sure players had at least seen the content on normal mode before. Maybe we should have had Burning Crusade-like attunements. Maybe we should have made the item level requirements pretty relaxed if you’re going with a premade group and much stricter if you’re going with a pick-up group. We’d love to implement (and have some long-term plans that include) better ways to detect if you know what you’re doing other than just the gear you’ve accumulated. Overall, we just needed to state more clearly that Heroic dungeons are intended as a destination, not a first step.

Second, there are only a few level-85 normal dungeons. For a level-85 player who isn’t ready for Heroics but wants to run dungeons, these can get old pretty quickly. Perhaps another way to handle it would have been to have introductory Heroics and harder Heroics. We’ve also flirted with having three difficulty levels before, but that does add an extra level of content to develop and complexity to explain.

Third, the game could do a better job of telling a group why they failed so that so much blame doesn’t fall at the feet of the healer. We talk a lot about not standing in fires, but equally important is the number of bosses that spawn in adds that must be gathered up and/or burned down quickly, or in some cases ignored. We’re also asking a lot of DPS or tanks in those situations, but that information isn’t always conveyed well except through trial and error.

In Conclusion

We do understand that some healers are frustrated and giving up. That is sad and unfortunate. But the degree to which it's happening, at least at this point in time, is vastly overstated on the forums. We also know that plenty of players like the changes and find healing more enjoyable now. Both sides need to spend a little less effort trying to drown out the other side claiming that everyone they know -- and by extension, “the majority of players” -- agree with their point. You shouldn’t need to invoke a silent majority if you can make an articulate and salient point.

As always, we're keeping an eye on things. There are a few bosses that seem responsible for more wipes than the others: Commander Springvale, Beauty, Altairus, and Admiral Ripsnarl perhaps. By the time you read this, you might have seen us implement Restoration druid buffs intended to keep them competitive in raids. We also just tend to nerf content over time because the original players hitting that content have moved on, so we want to open it up to a wider audience.

In any case, we want to ensure that everyone is having fun and enjoying their time with the game, and I hope that this post may serve to some as the "tare" button that helps you zero in on the intended dungeon difficulty scale. For others, just know that we are actively reading feedback. For everyone offering constructive posts and points about their experience, we thank you. 

Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street is the lead systems designer on World of Warcraft. He has four dogs: three epic retrievers and one green terrier suitable for disenchanting.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Patch 1.2.0 is now LIVE!

Mislim da sam pogodio kada nam dolazi patch! Na EU serverima očekujte patch za nekoliko sati. Chat channels woho! ^^ Naravno za diskusiju povodom ovog patcha možete uvek posetiti naš patch discussion topic na forumu!

Quote from: Game Patch Notes
  • Chat Channels have been added! Players can now join others in both public and private channels.
    • Added in-game chat bar command to whisper to other players. Using the "/w" command will open up a list of available friends, party members, chat channels, and other players within your current game.
    • Added option to auto-join previous private channels.
    • Added option to prevent chat channel text from appearing in in-game chat display.
  • A new Master League has been added! This league now represents the highest tier of players.
  • Customizable Hotkey Support has been added.
  • Stalemate Detection has been added. This will end the game in a tie for all remaining players if no players have income, production, or destroyed structures for three consecutive minutes. A countdown timer will now appear when the game detects this scenario.
  • An Extreme graphics option is now available. Players can now configure screen space ambient occlusion.

Additional Improvements and Changes

  • Several help dialogue and tech tree improvements have been made:
    • In-game help is now available in
    • The help dialog's tech tree has been improved.
    • Unit information in the help dialog now displays abilities and upgrades.
  • Several Save/Replay File dialogue improvements have been made:
    • Added ability to sort replays and saved games by name and date.
    • Added ability to right-click and rename a replay or saved game from within the game interface.
    • Added a new tab for auto-saved games and unsaved replays.
    • Added an option to permanently save all replays. Checking this option will mark all unsaved replays as being saved.
    • Added visibility for where replays and saved games are being saved to.
    • Added a "Show in Folder" button which will open the location where a replay or saved game is stored on your computer.
  • Camera following behavior for observers and replays has been improved.
  • The System Alert panel has been moved to the top of the screen and the duration of most system alerts has been reduced.
  • Mouse buttons can now be bound to the Push-To-Talk hotkey.
  • A hotkey indicator option has been added to show the primary hotkey on top of command buttons.
  • When selecting a Vespene geyser, the number of current harvesters will be displayed in the info panel.
  • Added an option to disable any error sounds. The Response Sounds checkbox now controls whether unit-specific audio is used for error sounds instead of a generic buzz.
  • Added Game UI layout per-map overrides. Map makers can now use custom UI layout files to create new UI or override existing game UI.
  • Added a toggle button to the in-game replay panel to Show or Hide the timeline/duration information.
  • Added hotkey to Pause/Resume game for both single player and multiplayer (Pause/Break key).


  • General
    • Players can no longer block off ramps with two 2x2 buildings.
  • Protoss
    • Hallucination research time decreased from 110 to 80.
    • Observer
      • Cost decreased from 50/100 to 25/75.
    • Phoenix
      • Build time decreased from 45 to 35.
    • Void Ray
      • Now deals 20% more damage to massive targets.
      • Flux Vanes speed upgrade removed.
  • Terran
    • SCV
      • Repairing SCVs now assume the same threat priority as the unit they’re repairing.
      • SCV construction movement has been made more consistent.

StarCraft II Editor Improvements

  • Map locale management has been added.
  • Further editor tips and hints have been added.
  • New trigger functions, actions, and events have been added:
    • New trigger functions:
      • Verify Bank - used to verify that a bank’s signature is intact.
    • New trigger actions:
      • Bank Option - used to change options for banks including adding a signature.
      • Remove Inventory Item - used to instantly remove a requested item from an inventory.
      • Set Visibility Type Of Text Tag - used to control whether fog or black mask hides the tag.
    • New trigger events:
      • Mouse Moved - sent in response to the mouse being moved in the game world.
  • New Effect Used event property has been added: Life, Shields, and Energy changed.
  • New unit properties have been added:
    • Carried Minerals, Carried Vespene, Carried Terrazine, and Carried Custom Resource.
  • Bounty (XP) - used to grant experience when a unit is killed.
  • Copy/paste support has been added to the upgrade editor.
  • Behaviors can now be replaced by either the shortest duration (the original method) or by farthest distance.
  • Behavior abilities can now properly charge the player using the ability instead of always charging the owner.
  • Right clicking an item in an inventory will now have the icon appear immediately next to the cursor.
  • Font Style Files can now be added to Mods and Maps using the FontStyleFileArray field in GameUIData. Existing styles can have their individual attributes overridden or entirely new styles can be added.
  • UI Layout files can now be added to Mods and Maps using the CustomLayoutFileArray filed in GameUIData. Most existing Stivens can be modified or overridden and entirely new templates can be added which can be created from the Dialog system within the Editor.
  • Attributes and values can now be hidden in the game lobby and can be configured through Game Variants.
  • Attribute and Veterancy behaviors now normalize vitals when new levels are applied.
  • The mouse wheel now scrolls the control under the cursor.
  • Copied doodads now retain their height offset
  • Mouse clicks and highlights are now allowed while in relative camera mode.
  • Edit boxes are now available for trigger dialogs.
  • The game will now properly find custom imported files within mods.
  • Maps can now depend on even more mods.
  • Dialog Items can now be hooked up from already existing Stivens within a created Panel.
  • Change Focus commands are now available in the Trigger module View menu for switching input focus directly to different areas.
  • The water editor layout has been improved.
  • Effect offsets can now optionally contain a Z component.
  • Added a new type of Dialog Item called Panel. Panels are containers for other dialog items to help with grouping and hierarchy.
  • Added new UI to insert text tags for data references, unit info, and hotkeys.
  • Added an effect range to the effect ability to restrict how far away the effect can be placed. This will allow effects to behave like the Stalker Blink effect.
  • Added a behavior flag to suppress fidgeting.
  • Added a new stalemate melee option to determine whether the stalemate detection checking is enforced.
  • Added a new "Creator" player to effects. It will be set to the player issuing an order if available.
  • Added a new type of item that can use an effect ability.
  • Added a validator that checks to see if a unit can path to a point.
  • Added a validator that checks if there is a cliff between two points.
  • Added MinimapRenderPriority to CActorUnit and MinimapRenderPriorityList to CActorGlobalConfig. This allows custom map makers to define the render priorities of units on the minimap.
  • Added a Locale sub-menu in the Mod menu for changing the active text locale for the current document.
  • Added a Mod Info dialog in the Mod menu for more easily changing mod name and description text.
  • Added a Modify Locales dialog (also in Locale sub-menu) for adding or removing text locales.
  • Added an Editor Tips dialog in the Help menu (and optionally on start up) with tips for using the editor effectively.

Bug Fixes

  • Gameplay
    • General
      • All diagonal ramps are now the same with regards to unbuildable locations at the bottom of the ramps.
      • Critter health bars are now hidden unless highlighted or selected (if status bars are set to show when units are selected).
      • Orders can no longer be canceled by clicking on the info panel in challenges before the challenge begins.
      • Text tags are now paused when the game is paused.
      • Autocast state for abilities will now reset to the default state when unit ownership is permanently changed.
      • Autocast repair will now charge the player requesting autocast functionality.
      • Repair will now clear its autocast state if the owning player leaves the game.
      • Harvest orders no longer end if an order is queued while waiting to return cargo.
      • Harvesting units no longer avoid enemy units.
      • Hold position units no longer automatically move out of the way when placing a building.
      • Enemy units no longer show passive buttons in the command card.
      • Missiles are no longer affected by Vortex.
      • Actors with a large number of create events no longer crash the map.
      • Fixed an issue where cliff jumping units were able to traverse unpathable terrain.
      • Fixed an issue with units trying to get out of the way so buildings can be constructed.
      • Fixed an issue with harvesting units bypassing force fields.
      • Fixed an issue where melee units were unable to attack a colossus when it was on a cliff.
      • Fixed an issue where larva would not wander around.
      • Fixed an issues where loading a saved Challenge could improperly overwrite the best score.
      • Fixed an issue with animation stutters when flying units are separating.
      • Fixed an issue where units could push opposing units when they shouldn't have been able to.
      • Added “Detector” text to the info panel for units which can detect cloaked or burrowed units.
      • Added combat reveal tinting to help show that combat reveal units cannot be hit.
    • Protoss
      • Protoss structures can no longer be powered without a power source if constructed while powered by a Warp Prism under the effects of Neural Parasite.
      • Mass Recall can no longer target larva or eggs.
      • Fixed an issue where units that were picked up by a Graviton Beam would still block pathing on the ground.
      • Fixed an issue where a Zealot could burn its Charge cooldown without actually moving.
    • Terran
      • Changed the position of the Select Builder button on Terran buildings, and changed the hotkey to Q.
      • SCVs can no longer continue construction on a building from inside an adjacent bunker.
      • Fixed nuke dot not being visible all the time.
      • Fixed an issue where you could see an enemy MULE drop pod in some cases where you didn’t have vision of the target location.
      • Fixed an issue where a Medivac would be able to continue healing a unit that was stuck in a Graviton Beam if the Medivac had started healing the unit before it was picked up by the Graviton Beam.
      • Fixed an issue where a Thor would continue to channel 250mm Strike Cannons on an uplifted Terran building if it lifted off at just the right time.
      • Fixed an issue where a Thor could get stuck channeling if a player queued up multiple targets for 250mm Strike Cannons.
      • Fixed an issue where SCVs could continue repairing at a short range even though the structure they were repairing was blocked by Force Fields.
    • Zerg
      • Creep will now spread evenly in all directions.
      • The Burrow and Cancel Neural Parasite buttons have been moved on the command card.
      • Fixed an issue with Ultralisk unable to attack a row of sensor towers.
    • StarCraft II Editor
      • The "For Each Real" and "For Each Integer" actions will now correctly execute once when the starting and ending bounds are equal while the increment is also zero.
      • Items dropped from an inventory will now use their default height when dropped.
      • The View Script command will now view library scripts if the library list has focus.
      • Carried and equipped item behaviors and weapons are now restored properly when a unit is revived.
      • Publish dialog now updates storage information after removing a published file in the Managed Published window.
      • Dropdowns now correctly select items as you type using partial matching.
      • Standard dependencies can no longer be modified in the Dependencies dialog (only added or removed).
      • Camera following can no longer be disabled via hotkeys if it was requested via triggers.
      • Fixed an issue with editing stylized text values when using system locales other than English.
      • Fixed an issue with Veterancy experience share filters.
      • Fixed an issue when editing mover data where values were not being saved correctly.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented certain changes to angle values.
      • Fixed an issue where selection circles would drop when a flying unit was over a cliff.
      • Fixed an issue where the scroll bar for tree views could disappear.
      • Fixed an issue where triggers setting the mouse relative could result in the mouse being stuck in relative move mode.
      • Fixed an issue where setting the color of a dialog item of type label wasn’t working.
      • Fixed a crash that could occur while editing upgrade values.
      • Fixed text truncation with Set Text actor message.
      • Fixed display of ability command links in the Overview Manager.
      • Fixed many areas where English text was displayed instead of localized text.
      • Fixed a crash when destroying a persistent effect.

Patch 4.0.6 - Ažuriran Informacije i Izmene kod Shaman klase

Patch 4.0.6 Dodate nove informacije

Originally Posted by Zarhym (Source Tremor Totem and Cleansing Waters nerfed)
It's important to note though that the next draft of the 4.0.6 patch notes to be posted are double the size of the notes currently on the home page of our website. There are many new notes for virtually every class yet to be posted.

[...] I'm still working to finish the latest patch notes. You can likely expect the updated notes to hit tomorrow evening.

  Izmene kod Shaman klase

Originally Posted by Zarhym (Source Tremor Totem and Cleansing Waters nerfed)
Those changes were only announced in the context of warlock changes. I recognize though that the first draft of patch notes did not yet have shaman changes listed. In light of that -- and to hopefully dissuade you all from invading the warlock forum about the changes I listed there -- below you'll find the tentative shaman notes. The patch notes will likely be updated to include these changes tomorrow evening.

  • Chain Heal’s effectiveness has been increased by approximately 10%.
  • Hex now has a PvP duration of 8 seconds.
  • Purge now dispels a single effect instead of two.
  • Tremor Totem has been redesigned. The totem is now usable under Fear, Charm, or Sleep effects, and pulses much more rapidly, but lasts 6 seconds and has a 1-minute cooldown.

Elemental Combat
  • Earthquake damage has been increased by approximately 10%.

  • Flametongue Weapon damage now scales from attack power instead of spell power (for Enhancement shaman only).
  • Purge no longer has its mana cost reduced by Mental Quickness.

  • Cleansing Waters no longer fires its heal effect twice when a shaman removes a Magic and a Curse debuff with a single cast.
  • Deep Healing (Mastery) has been increased to 3% per point, up from 2.5%.
  • Greater Healing Wave mana cost has been increased by 10%; healing done has been increased by 20%.
  • Mana Tide Totem has been redesigned. The totem no longer multiplies the Spirit of those affected by it. It instead gives a flat amount of Spirit equal to 400% of the casting shaman’s Spirit, exclusive to short-term Spirit buffs affecting the shaman when the totem is dropped.

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Crowd Control duration reduction (Source Tremor Totem and Cleansing Waters nerfed)
Polymorph and many other CC abilities are being reduced to 8-second durations as well. I showed you the latest shaman changes coming in the next round of patch notes. It's important to note though that the next draft of the 4.0.6 patch notes to be posted are double the size of the notes currently on the home page of our website. There are many new notes for virtually every class yet to be posted. 

Vengeance Calculation (Source Vengeance Cap is NOT 10% of Maximum Health)
The Vengeance calculation is working correctly as far as we can ascertain. Vengeance caps at a number equal to Stamina plus 10% of base health, which is lower than 10% of health. When we buffed Stamina late in Cataclysm development, we specifically did not buff Vengeance because we didn’t think tanks needed 40% additional attack power in order to maintain threat or contribute to damage done by the group. The Vengeance tooltip is a little misleading, but in this case we think that’s fine because a more technically accurate tooltip would be quite long. Astute theorycrafters will understand the difference, while most tanks won’t actually be affected by the delta.

Glyph of Soul Swap change reverted (Source An Analysis of Future Warlock Changes)
Good thread. While you're compiling feedback about the 4.0.6 warlock changes posted thus far, I want to make mention that the Glyph of Soul Swap change is being reverted for now. We don't feel that particular change is necessary as of yet, but will continue to evaluate Soul Swap's performance. 

Curse of Exhaustion (Source An Analysis of Future Warlock Changes)
Also, another change not yet listed in the notes is to the default range of Curse of Exhaustion. With the movement speed reduction at 30% in 4.0.6, down from 50%, the range is being increased to 40 yards, up from 30. 

Warlocks DoTs dispell (Source An Analysis of Future Warlock Changes)
In general, dispelling warlock DoTs is a little more punishing than we intended in the current PvP model. That said, there are yet still more changes not listed which are worth mentioning here:

1. The reduction on the Unstable Affliction silence effect is 4 seconds, up from 3 as currently listed.

2. We do think it's a little too easy to counter warlocks (and Shadow priests) with a Resto shaman's Cleansing Waters talent (as was pointed out earlier in this thread), which is being nerfed in 4.0.6 as well. 

PvE warlock 4-piece set bonus (Fel Spark) (Source An Analysis of Future Warlock Changes)
The PvE warlock 4-piece set bonus (Fel Spark) now increases the damage done by the next 2 Fel Flame spells by 300%, rather than increasing the critical effect chance of one by 100%. 

PvP warlock 4-piece set bonus (Source An Analysis of Future Warlock Changes)
The PvP warlock 4-piece set bonus has been redesigned. It now reduces the cooldown of Death Coil by 30 seconds. 

Cataclysm za mesec dana prodat više od 4.7 miliona kopija

Ima tačno mesed dana, od kako je Blizzard objavio novi rekord u prodaji PC igara. Blizzard je danas objavio da je Cataclysm prodat više od  4.7 miliona kopija prvog meseca, čime su oborili novi rekord prodaje PC igre.

Ovo sledi posle prve objave da je Cataclys prodat prvog dana za neverovatnih 3.3 miliona kopija, čime su prestigli prošli nastavak Wrath of the lich king koji je za 24 sata imao prodatih 2.8 miliona kopija. Interesantan je broj da igru igra 12 iliona pretplatnika širom sveta.

"We created thousands of new quests, introduced new lands to explore, and extensively revamped the game world for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, making it our biggest and most ambitious expansion yet," said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. "We’ve been floored by the community's response so far, and we'd like to thank them for their continued passion and support for World of Warcraft, and for helping Cataclysm reach this incredible milestone."

Čak i posle 6 godina pružanja usluga, ovo je veliki uspeh da se ostvari ovakav kvalitet sadržaja koji World of Warcraft ima, i da vremenom bude sve bolji i bolji. Ne možete uvek naći igru koja nastavlja da postavlja svoji rekord više od pola decenije od kako je originalna igra prvi put izdata u prodaju.

Tol Barad Balans

Novi Community blog sajt počeo je da se ažurira veoma dobro od strane World of Warcraft development tima. Ghostcrawler nije ništa objavljivao na forumima od kako je novi sajt krenuo live, čineći time da praćenje blue postova na forumima je sve manje i interesantnije. Cory "Mumper" Stockton je na zvaničnom sajtu objavio blog o Tol Barad Balansu. Iznenadjenje je pročitati da je Blizzard jako srećan oko teškoće napadača da osvoji Tol Barad.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Now that Cataclysm is out in the wild, more players are getting gearing up and checking out Tol Barad, the new outdoor PvP zone. Today, we wanted to address some of the concerns players have expressed about the zone, including how challenging it can be to win as the attacking team, and provide some insight into our design approach. We also wanted to share some of the lessons we learned from Wintergrasp, discuss the difference between the two zones, and touch upon the recent hotfixes made to Honor Point gains and how we plan to improve Tol Barad going forward. We're confident this zone will provide meaningful and fun PvP for some time to come, but we also recognize additional tuning is required to ensure Tol Barad is everything we intend it to be.

As we mentioned earlier, the attacking faction is having a pretty tough time winning control of Tol Barad -- and we're OK with that, at least in theory. Here's why: When we set out to create Wintergrasp, one of the issues we dealt with was that we were never able to ensure the sides were even -- in fact, they rarely were. Because the smaller team would almost always be assured defeat, we attempted to address team-size imbalance by favoring the attacker. Control of Wintergrasp went back and forth, and the result was that battles lost their impact. On most realms the defenders became complacent, knowing they were likely to lose control of the zone, returning to re-take it when it was their turn to attack. The sides swapped back and forth every few hours, and Wintergrasp wasn’t so much about an epic struggle for a meaningful piece of land as it was a complicated game of leapfrog.

Since then we’ve devised mechanics that help ensure equal team sizes, and we've taken Wintergrasp's lessons to heart when we designed Tol Barad. Tol Barad is intentionally balanced so that it’s a challenge for the attackers, because we want to make sure that control of Tol Barad matters. For the defenders, there’s a sense of urgency that Wintergrasp didn't have -- if you lose it, you’re going to have a hell of a time taking it back. For the attackers, there are a number of rewards at stake -- such as access to the Baradin Hold raid and additional daily quests -- that we hope players feel are worth fighting for. That sort of tension is what we wanted from Wintergrasp, and what we believe Tol Barad can ultimately offer.

With that being said, we want winning Tol Barad to be a challenge for the attacking faction... but we don't want it to be impossible. Taking Tol Barad should be tough -- but right now it’s a little bit too tough, and it’s something we’re actively working to balance. Earlier, we attempted to temporarily address the issue by offering a far better reward to the winning attackers: Honor Points awarded for successfully attacking were increased tenfold, but that was such a great incentive that it ultimately undermined the spirit of competition. Since then, the reward for winning as an attacker has been brought back down to a more reasonable amount.

While we've already made minor adjustments to improve the gameplay and address select exploits, our job in Tol Barad is far from over. We ultimately want to make sure that any changes we make are all steps in the right direction, and we intend to make several updates in the next minor patch to address design and balance issues affecting attackers that we can't address with hotfixes. For example, we plan to alter the battle slightly so that a team with two bases captured can more quickly and easily capture the third, as opposed to a team with one or zero bases. This way, if the defenders turtle up, it'll be a little easier for the attackers to take their last base before the defense can take one of the attackers' other bases.

We've been reading your feedback, watching trends across our global realms, and fighting plenty of battles in Tol Barad ourselves to get a feel for what's working and what isn't, and we're committed to making Tol Barad a fun and engaging zone. We want owning the zone to be meaningful throughout the lifespan of the expansion -- and while the attackers may always face somewhat of an uphill battle, the defenders should feel much more pressure not to lose than they do currently. Just the same, the attacking faction should feel motivated to take Tol Barad back, but they shouldn't feel that the odds are insurmountable. So keep fighting the good fight, and we'll continue watching the battlefield and listening to your feedback.

Cory "Mumper" Stockton is the lead content designer on World of Warcraft and enjoys a good set of LEGOs.

Nefarian Heroic World First Kill - Guild Paragon

Paragon je pre par sati uspeo da savlada Nefarian-a u Heroic 25 Man modu čime su postali prvi guild u svetu. Sve čestitke Paragonu na velikom trudu.

The encounter itself was fairly straightforward. We had a pretty clear plan of what we wanted to do, then just tried to execute it properly. After a damn long day of raiding and wiping we managed to rip Nefarian a new one.

After my rant last time about encounter design unintentionally favoring a specific raid setup, I'll just leave that subject untouched - can't be mad after getting a kill screenshot with a dozen of dancing bears! Alamo's presence was surely felt in the raid.

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