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Patch 1.3.6 Now Live, MLG Anaheim

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - Patch 1.3.6

Bug Fixes

  • General
    • Fixed an issue where using the Fun or Not system would sometimes cause players to be disconnected from the game.
    • Fixed an issue with the "Q" key being unusable in Mac's French Grid keyboard layout.
  • StarCraft II Editor
    • Fixed an issue that prevents using Value to set Player parameter in the Modify Player Property function.
    • Fixed an issue when using Unit Can Attack Unit Type function that could cause the game to become unresponsive.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - Tools Update

  • When downloading multiple patches concurrently, the launcher will now show the combined progress of all patches instead of showing the progress of each individual patch.

This weekend, Anaheim, California will host an eSports event of titanic proportions. Major League Gaming is continuing their 2011 Pro Circuit, bringing all of the action out to the Anaheim Convention Center for one of the biggest StarCraft II events to date. In fact, StarCraft II will be taking the spotlight on the Main Stage, making this is the first time in the history of Major League Gaming that a PC title has ever been the star attraction at an MLG event.

You can find handy information on how to watch MLG Anaheim live from the comfort of your home, and the full broadcast schedule can be found here. If you’re curious about who’s playing this weekend, MLG has posted a full competitor list, as well as previews for Pool A and Pool B.

Get ready for an exciting week-end!

Happy Birthday, StarCraft II! Community Spotlight – Music

27 July 2010, the date that our lives changed for good: the launch of StarCraft II.

Here we are, one year later. That's 12 months. Or 365 days. No matter what you want to call it, that’s a lot of time to let your creative nature go wild and produce something out of this world.
Many members of the StarCraft II community used it to humor and amaze us with their productions. We couldn’t possibly include everything the community has come up with, but we we’re happy to share some of our favorite creations with you!

The community really produces so much amazing content that we decided to split the Community Spotlight into three separate articles to make sure that we have enough space for everything!

First off—the music. Oh, didn’t we get a lot of these the past year! Original creations and parodies. Heart touching or funny and cheerful. Different types, but they all share one specific quality: they’re a ton of fun to listen to!

Without further ado, here is the collection of some of our favorites:

The opposite sides of what it feels like to be a StarCraft II gamer:
Temp0 - When I'm Grandmaster

A parody of K'Naan – Waving Flag. And what will you do when you become a Grandmaster?

AKAmazingness – Forever Bronze

From dreams of being a Grandmaster to the proud and bronze. “We never say never”—inspirational!

The heart touching:
HoughToonz – Pylo the Pylon

The story by R. Houghton of a brave pylon that was destined to die, despite the efforts from its commander. Some things just happen and leave us pondering why and this song tells the tale. And do you still remember Pylo the Pylon?

The Singing Nerd – A Viking’s Lament

A sad ballad about a Viking that was just too afraid to fly. “Can’t we agree to all stay on the ground?”

Nerd Alert - SCV Love Song

Who said that there is no love during war? Who said that an SCV cannot have feelings for another SCV? There are no rules when it comes to love, and this song is about just that!

The funny and/or happy songs:
Nerd Alert - Banelings

A parody of the Justin Bieber's “Baby”, this was the song that we can safely say has been the most popular over the last year in the community. “Banelings, banelings, banelings - ohh” has been on everyone’s lips to this day!

Nerd Alert – Void Rays

A parody of Rebecca Black's “Friday”. The most recent song which is in some way a follow-up to Banelings.

AKAmazingness – Four Gate

Another parody of Rebecca Black's “Friday”, this song gives a pretty good description of a very popular Protoss strategy. If you don’t know it... wait, do you really play StarCraft II? Who are you? In any case, check out the song, which is both fun and informative!

Josh “AskJoshy” Suth – Like A ‘Toss

A StarCraft parody of a popular song by The Lonely Island. A day from the life of... the Toss, as described by Mr. Probe.

Underline Entertainment – Fly like Aiur

A parody of the M.I.A. – Paper Planes song. Uplifting :)

So much fun. Have you found your favorite song in this collection? Which one do you like the most? Also, don't forget to come back for the next part of the series, which will feature some of our favorite videos and compilations!

Two More Players Join the Line-Up for the 2011 European Invitational

On 6—7 August, some of the best European StarCraft II players will clash at the 2011 European Invitational. The competitors invited to this event will have the chance to prove their skills to a new audience as this event comes to the Polish capital Warsaw for the very first time.

There’s a lot to fight for, including the $24,500 USD prize pool and a chance to represent Europe at the 2011 Global Invitational at this year’s BlizzCon in Anaheim, California. With so much at stake, every player is bound to fight tooth and nail.

Check out the second two StarCraft II participants attending this year’s 2011 European Invitational.

Nickname: White-ra
Name: Aleksey Krupnyk
Race: Protoss
Country: Ukraine
Age: 30
Team Name: TteSPORTS

Nickname: Nerchio
Name: Artur Bloch
Race: Zerg
Country: Poland
Age: 19
Team Name: Team Acer

Last week we announced the first two players; here they are again:

Nickname: NaNiWa
Name: Johan Lucchesi
Race: Protoss
Country: Sweden
Age: 21
Team Name: Team Dignitas

Nickname: ThorZaIN
Name: Marcus Sebastian Eklöf
Race: Terran
Country: Sweden
Age: 20
Team Name: mousesports

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

Patch 4.2 Hotfixevi - 26 Jul

Blizzard je objavio listu hotfixeva koju su postavili juče na live serverima. Hotfixeve uključuje nerf Fireland Raid Bosseva i par izmena kod klasa.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
July 26

  • Characters should no longer receive errors or potential disconnects when using Levitate, Slow Fall, or the Parachute Cloak while falling.
  • All combat and vanity pets should now respawn normally after players use any flight path.

  • Combustion should no longer ignore damage modifiers on a target. As an example, Smoldering Elemental packs in the Firelands should no longer take full damage from Impact’s spread of Combustion, despite these creatures having damage reduction modifiers.

  • Shamanism (Elemental passive) now causes Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, and Lava Burst spells to gain an additional 32% benefit from the shaman’s spell power, up from 20%.

  • Deep Wounds should no longer ignore damage modifiers on a target. As an example, Smoldering Elementals in the Firelands should no longer take full damage from Deep Wounds, despite these creatures having damage reduction modifiers.

Dungeons & Raids
  • Players who die and release before a boss is killed should now receive Valor and Justice points. However, players that release at the moment the boss dies and are currently at the loading screen will become locked to the dungeon, but will not receive any currency for the kill. We’re working to address this in a future update.

  • Alysrazor
    • Alysrazor cannot dodge or parry attacks from players.
    • Alysrazor’s melee evasion angle has been adjusted so that players have a larger area to use abilities which require that they be behind their target.
    • Blazing Talon Clawshapers will now properly aggro a new target when threat is dropped.
    • On Heroic difficulty, Brushfires will despawn once Firestorm is cast, and since the Initiates shield themselves during firestorm, none are cast again until it ends.
    • Molten Feather is removed once Alysrazor ignites at 50 energy, as opposed to when she burns out.
  • Baleroc
    • On 25-player Heroic difficulty, Torment now grants a stack of Vital Spark per 5 applications, up from 3. To compensate, Baleroc’s health has been reduced on 25-player Heroic difficulty.
  • Beth’tilac
    • Attacking the Fire Hawk flock along the way to Beth'tilac will not cause the Hell Hound pack to aggro as well.
  • Majordomo Fandral Staghelm
    • Fandral’s health has been reduced on 25-player Heroic difficulty.
    • Damage suffered from a shaman's Spirit Link totem will no longer break player Concentration.
    • Player pets should now benefit from their master's Concentration.
    • Fandral now gains energy when his Flame Scythe hits fewer than 7 targets. The amount gained increases as fewer targets are hit.

The Occulus
  • Wiping to Mage-Lord Urom in any phase of the encounter no longer causes players to be unable to use their Dragon Essences to mount drakes.

  • The Moonwell Chalice is now on a shared cooldown with other on-use trinkets.
  • The Moonwell Phial is now on a shared cooldown with other on-use trinkets.

  • Crafted Bloodthirsty bind-on-equip relics and cloaks are no longer unique, allowing players to craft and hold more than one of the same item type in their inventories.

  • Eye of the Storm has been temporarily removed from the Rated Battlegrounds options.

Quests & Creatures
Eastern Plaguelands
  • Beezil Linkspanner's gossip option should now always be available if players have completed the quest Onward to Light's Hope Chapel, allowing players who have not already done so the ability to complete the achievement Full Caravan.

Hyjal Regrowth & Molten Front
  • Players should now be able to accept the quest Unlocking the Secrets Within from Rabine Saturna after turning in A Smoke-Stained Locket.
  • Players who are Hated or Hostile with the Steamwheedle Cartel faction can still turn in the quest Well Armed to Ricket.
  • The creature abilities Smoldering Roots and Blazing Stomp no longer affect pets (the unexpected launch of player pets no longer occurs).

Video Ragnaros 25-Man Heroic World First Kill

Ragnaros 25-Man Heroic World 2nd Kill - Guild Method

Pre par sati, Method je postao drugi guild u svetu koji je savladao Ragnaros u 25-Man Heroic modu! Sve čestitke za uspešan kill!

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment Authenticator Changes (Source)
We understand the concern many players have with the recent authenticator changes. To that end, we’re exploring the idea of adding an “Opt Out” option within Account Management, which would then force the prompt for an authenticator code whenever you log into World of Warcraft.

To be clear, we have gone to great lengths to ensure accounts and authenticators provide players with a high level of security. Maintaining a safe and secure Blizzard gameplay environment remains a top priority for us.

[...] We've been discussing the best way to implement new options for this feature since the moment it was announced. We don't yet have additional details about exactly how we might implement the feature, or whether it's something you'll need to opt out of by default, or opt into by default.

Very Rare Drop Mounts (Source)
You'll likely always see a variety of ways to obtain mounts in the game. We don't necessarily implement all of them in a way that ensures we acquiesce all mount collectors or achievement hounds.

We want a healthy number of mounts to remain fairly rare in the game, and sometimes that involves making them huge luck finds in dungeons or raids. For the average player, there will always be plenty of new mounts to acquire or work toward, but we also want to have a decent variety of coveted mounts that only a lucky handful of players will find.

Players often express concern that they end up looking like everyone else when they acquire awesome gear. This was somewhat a flip from the concept that tier sets were much too difficult to obtain back in the day. We share this concern and also think it's a problem that would apply to mounts as well, if some of the more rare ones out there had their RNG components removed.

There are so many mounts in the game now that having some really rare and random prestige rides is okay by us. ;)
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