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Announcing the map pool for the 2011 Invitational!

Quote from: eSports Team

Already excited for the grand European eSports event coming up in Warsaw? To fuel your anticipation we want to give you more information about what you’ll be seeing there. We’re delighted to announce the official map pool for the 2011 European Invitational.

These are the maps on which the pro-gamers will carry out thrilling battles for honor, prize money, and spots at the 2011 Global Invitational at this year’s BlizzCon.

Backwater Gulch

Xel'Naga Caverns

Tal’darim Altar LE

Shakuras Plateau

Typhon Peaks

The Shattered Temple

Find all information about the 2011 European Invitational, along with the free HD livestream covering the entire show, on the dedicated event website.

Heroic Ragnaros US First Kill - Guild vodka

vodka je prvi guild koji je uspeo da savlada Ragnarosa (HC 25 Man) na US. Napokon na kraju smo trke ko će uzeti regonalni First Kill. Sve čestitke Vodka guildu na trudu i progresu.

Ažurirana TCG Art Galerija

Four More Players complete the Line-Up for the 2011 European Invitational

Quote from: eSports Team

On 6—7 August, some of the best European StarCraft II players will clash at the 2011 European Invitational. The competitors invited to this event will have the chance to prove their skills to a new audience as this event comes to the Polish capital Warsaw for the very first time.

There’s a lot to fight for, including the $24,500 USD prize pool and a chance to represent Europe at the 2011 Global Invitational at this year’s BlizzCon in Anaheim, California. With so much at stake, every player is bound to fight tooth and nail.

Check out the final four StarCraft II participants attending this year’s 2011 European Invitational.

Nickname: Tarson
Name: Tomasz Boron
Race: Terran
Country: Poland
Age: 25
Team Name: Millenium

Nickname: Ret
Name: Jos de Kroon
Race: Zerg
Country: Netherlands
Age: 25
Team Name: Team Liquid

Nickname: Socke
Name: Giacomo Thüs
Race: Protoss
Country: Germany
Age: 24
Team Name: Team ALTERNATE

Nickname: Strelok
Name: Eugin Oparyshev
Race: Terran
Country: Ukraine
Age: 26
Team Name: imba.FXOpen

Previously we announced the first four players; here they are again:

Nickname: White-Ra
Name: Aleksey Krupnyk
Race: Protoss
Country: Ukraine
Age: 30
Team Name: TteSPORTS

Nickname: Nerchio
Name: Artur Bloch
Race: Zerg
Country: Poland
Age: 19
Team Name: Team Acer

Nickname: NaNiWa
Name: Johan Lucchesi
Race: Protoss
Country: Sweden
Age: 21
Team Name: Team Dignitas

Nickname: ThorZaIN
Name: Marcus Sebastian Eklöf
Race: Terran
Country: Sweden
Age: 20
Team Name: mousesports

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

Happy Birthday, StarCraft II! Community Spotlight – Art and Machinima!

And here we are again! We’ve listened to StarCraft music and laughed at some of the funniest videos coming from the community. We’ve even learned from some and admired their creators for the hard work they put into their productions.

For the last part of the community spotlight we chose those that contribute to the community using different types of skills and talent.

Those who bear their original and creative souls through art and engaging stories. Those who move, inspire and shape the boundaries of what is considered doable. Those who amaze us whenever they create something special — whatever it is.

Behold, the artists of StarCraft II:

Speed drawing, Diorama, Fan Art and... cake!

The comics

The Happy Ultralisk

(Click to see the whole comic)

An incredible story, named “The Happy Ultralisk”, moved us all. We’ve all been through the history of balancing and fine-tuning that unit and this comic gives it yet another perspective. We loved it back then and we still do.

The Blizzard Comic Contest
Check out this great gallery of our comic contest winners and honorable mentions. You’ll find a lot of fun in there!

The Portrait Art’s Speed Drawing of Liquid’TLO

Have you ever watched the TeamLiquid StarLeague? Ever wondered who was behind all those amazing player portraits? We have an answer for you—it’s Glider of The Portrait Art. Check out his amazing Liquid’TLO speed drawing he created for TSL3!

Zealot Speed Drawing video by Soe

Salome “Soe” Gschwind-Penski is an eSports presenter/commentator, who can also draw and sculpt! Check out her amazing zealot speed drawing!

The Dioramas
Remember Alienware’s StarCraft II Diorama Contest? Whether you do or not, we feel that they need at least one look. Check out the winning entries, as well as the honorable mentions, here.

The Fan Art
We couldn't finish without highlighting the amazing fan art submitted to us by some of the most creative artists out there. We would need lots and lots of room to display them here and we couldn't possibly choose from such a number of amazing pieces, so check out the StarCraft Fan Art section of the community site instead and prepare to be truly amazed.

The cake is not a lie!
As an honorable mention we would like to feature a cake. Yes, you read it right—cake. We follow our forums very closely and we like cakes too. This is why we felt like sharing one of the coolest cakes, ever.

The Supply Depot cake, baked by Justyna for mlin from the PL community site.

The machinimas:

The Yellow Zergling

”A short story about a small yellow zergling” as the author presents it is a great and touching story created in the StarCraft II Editor. Watch it closely—it is bound to move you!

Lego StarCraft: Brick Rush

Maybe not StarCraft II, but a great way to look back and honor its predecessor. An amazing creation, showing a game of StarCraft taking place in the world of... Lego! If you haven't seen it, you are missing out. Check out what can be done with some plastic bricks and a whole lot of imagination.

Battlecruiser Operational

A great machinima displaying brave Terran defences holding their ground against the massive swarm of the attacking Zerg and the charging Protoss forces. Created by Jason Choi.


One of the first machinimas made with the StarCraft II Editor back when the game was still in beta. A truly magnificent video with great background music by Two Steps from Hell.

What is your favorite type of art? What other creative creations do you know? Whether they look amazing or tasty, we are really interested. We always crave more!

Missed the previous entries of the StarCraft II First Anniversary series? Check them all out here.

Method vs Ragnaros (25 Heroic) World Second Kill Video

Method je objavio njihov video gde su savladali (World Second Kill) Ragnaros 25 Man Heroic verziju. U njemu možete videti 6 različitih tački gledišta, koji su fenomenalno odradjeni.

U medjuvremenu, Envy (EU-Auchindoun) i Ensidia (EU-Tarren Mill) su takodje savladali Ragnarosa (25 Man Heroic verziju) Sve čestitke na naporima oba guilda.

Daily Blink - The Five Stages of MMOs

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