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Author: ZeRoX Date: Thursday, 30 October 2014
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Author: Runrepik Date: Wednesday, 29 October 2014
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Patch 1.2 - Public Test!

Uskoro nam dolazi Patch 1.2, i samim tim Blizzard želi da osigura kvalitet istog na najvišem mogućem nivou, a za to su im potrebni beta testeri to jest PTR testeri (Public Test Realm). Koncept je sličan WoW PTR testu, a za detalje pročitajte FAQ. Važno je napomenuti da šta god da igrate na PTR-u se ne prenosi na vaš glavni account. PTR isključivo služi za prijavljivanje bugova, balans itd. Ako ste igrali betu, to je baš tako. Igrate na tom klijentu betu, a na ovom koji i sada igrate ostaje sve nepromenjeno. Nakon završetka PTR testa, možete obrisati klijent za PTR jer prosto više nije potreban nakon što patch izađe za "live" servere.

Ovo je US vest, sačekajte da izađe takođe i vest na EU SC2 sajtu, kako biste otišli na ispravne linkove i skinuli ispravan klijent za PTR.

You may be familiar with the idea of public tests or a "PTR" from playing other Blizzard Entertainment games. If not, you can think of them as open beta tests where players can preview upcoming patches before they go live. Patch 1.2 marks the first time that we've performed a public test for a StarCraft II patch, but we're planning to conduct public tests for most if not all future game patches. These PTRs help us a great deal -- when you participate and submit reports, we can squash more bugs and ensure that when the patch is released it's of the highest quality possible.

To participate in the public test you must have a full North America product license. Further details on how to begin participating in the PTR can be found in the FAQ .

For the latest information, patch notes, and to submit bug reports and feedback, please visit the Public Test forum.

As this is a test server, please anticipate uneven game performance. Restarts and downtime may occur without warning. We’ll provide information regarding extended downtimes, should they occur, in the Public Test forum.

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
City Tabards (Source City Tabards and BC Dungeons)
If you are wearing one of the new faction tabards (e.g. Thunder Bluff, Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Ironforge, etc.), you will only receive reputation gains for that city/faction when in Classic (1-60), Northrend (70-80), and Cataclysm (80-85) dungeons. Outland dungeons will not currently provide reputation gains for the "home city" faction you are championing; this is intended.

Also, just as a heads up, if dungeon mobs and bosses are trivial to you, you will receive less reputation than if they are within your level range. This is just to ensure that players who exceed the dungeon's intended level range can still benefit from championing a specific faction, but aren't given a distinct advantage over those who are of the appropriate level and are unable to solo the content. This should also help encourage players to improve their reputation in dungeons more appropriate for their level, rather than running lower level content solely for the reputation (which isn't a bad thing by any means; we just want you to enjoy the content designed for your level range, too).

[...] For a period of time after patch 4.0.3a launched, Wrath of the Lich King dungeons did not provide reputation gains if a new faction tabard was worn. This was hotfixed, however, shortly after Sapperwix's post on November 24:

After speaking with our designers further (as promised earlier in this thread) and reexamining how our hotfix was applied together, Inushi was indeed correct and new faction tabards will only provide reputation gains for the championed city in Northrend if the dungeon is Heroic or otherwise level 80. This is how the current tabard system works for Wrath of the Lich King, but we may consider revising the system to include all dungeons, regardless of level, in a future patch.

Apologies for the confusion! I've already amended my first post to ensure it reflects this information. 

This still doesn't answer why no rep with regular non 80 wrath instances while wearing the city tabard.
Similar to Outland dungeons, there are technical limitations which we must first overcome for this to be possible. It's a bit complicated, but hopefully I can explain.

In Wrath of the Lich King, we implemented a system that allowed players to champion factions by wearing a corresponding tabard; however, that system was limited and only supported level 80 dungeons (including Heroics). Fortunately, we were able to incorporate the new city tabards into this system through a hotfix, but the same rules and restrictions still apply. If we want to allow the new city tabards to provide reputations gains in all Northrend dungeons, we'll have to completely retrofit the entire Wrath of the Lich King tabard system -- which is something we may consider tackling in a future patch.

Disconnected in Battlegrounds / Deserter debuff (Source Please do something about the Battlegrounds!)
This is a bug for which we have developed a hotfix. Unless you type "/logout" while in a Battleground, you should be given a three-minute grace period when disconnected to log back in without the Deserter debuff.

This hotfix is not yet active on live realms as it will require cross-realm restarts. It should be fixed by tomorrow. 

Beginner Tooltips (Source Spell, Skill, and Ability Descriptions!?)
For a veteran gamer like yourself, it's understandable that the Beginner Tooltips might be a bit jarring. But, before you write them off as an embarassment, think back to when you first began playing World of Warcraft. Or, if you were already familiar with MMORPGs at the time, think back instead to when you were initially introduced to another complex gaming environment. It was likely a bit overwhelming.

Between clicking all the interface buttons, discovering how the combat system operates, learning how to move your character, adjusting those complex camera angles, and figuring out why that knight over there is wearing an exclamation point as a hat, there's a lot of data for new players to process -- and those first few minutes of playing, prior to our most recent improvements, could sometimes feel like you were getting shot in the face. In the face.

You may have had a different experience, of course -- and if you did, that's awesome! -- but for a number of new players, their introduction to World of Warcraft was a bit disorienting. No bueno! To help combat that early game confusion, we streamlined a lot of beginning content including tooltips, ensuring that the first set you see when you log in clearly describes what a specific type of spell or ability actually does. In combination with other quest and UI enhancements, the entire new player experience is now more meaningful and better at introducing game mechanics to those who are otherwise unfamiliar with them.

Now, if you're wondering why Beginner Tooltips is selected by default, this is because new players -- those who would most thoroughly benefit from this feature -- probably aren't going to know how or where to turn them on. While this may sometimes catch our more seasoned adventurers off-guard, we know you guys have an understanding of how to modify in-game settings and can likely deduce how to disable them on your own, either by poking around the interface menu or by asking for assistance on our community forums.  

Glyphs and new players (Source Glyphs at 25 - a cruel joke?)
(Perhaps one suggestion I could make would be for a class trainer to give you a set of 3 glyphs appropriate to your spec - but make these new, weaker glyphs - worth using but also worth replacing as soon as you can afford to.)
I think that's actually a pretty kickass suggestion, and one I will bring up. I don't doubt it's something that's been thought of already, but may bear repeating. (repeating bear says *rawr*)

Having a character customization/power system dependent on the market means there is going to be a rub when asking new players to spend their new-player amounts of cash on well-aged-game inflation rates. I also don't think it's realistic to think that new players are going to make inscription buddies or choose inscription (or maybe any profession) themselves.

Of course the use of glyphs is really not going to make or break the game for you while leveling, and really maybe even at late levels/end-game to varying degrees. It's potentially also a stretch to think that it will be completely forgotten. BUT! fundamentally, good idea.  

Novi Sajt Za World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Game Information!

Novi Cataclysm sajt je upvaro izašao, i na vama je da procenite kako izgleda!

Quote from: Blizzard Entertainment
We're pleased to unveil the new World of Warcraft: Cataclysm game information page. There you'll find the latest trailers, a screenshot gallery, downloadable desktop wallpapers, and a collection of epic artwork. The expansion launches at midnight on December 7, so be sure to preorder Cataclysm today and get ready to experience World of Warcraft like never before!

eSports: Upcoming tournaments 03/12

Quote from: Kapeselus

Various competition organizers hold regular online tournaments in which you can compete against other players and maybe even win some prizes! Most of these contests are open to everyone. In addition, there are professional tournaments taking place like the ESL Pro Series Germany Finals and GOMTV Global StarCraft II League Season 3, which you can follow via video stream. Interested? Take a look at some of the open tournaments coming up in the next days - you can signe up to take part, or simply watch the live streams to get inspired by the players. It’s your turn now!
  Date Name Type Prize Money Stream Sign Up
  Dec 3 Cerberus 3D Cup 1v1 € 150 + Hardware Yes Yes
  Dec 3 EU.CraftCup #21 1v1 $ 100 Yes Yes
  Dec 4-5 ESL Pro Series Germany Finals 1v1 € 5.500 Yes Closed
  Dec 4-5 SteelSeries Europe vs America 1v1 $ 550 Yes Invite only
  Dec 5 eOSL (eGG-one Starleague) - 1st Semi Final 1v1 € 3.600 VOD Invite only
  Dec 5 ZOTAC StarCraft II Cup #34 1v1 $ 100 Yes Yes
  Dec 5 SteelSeries Go4SC2 Cup #61 1v1 € 200 Yes Yes
  Dec 6-10 GOMTV GSL Open Season 3 Quarter and Semi Finals 1v1 ₩ 200.000.000 Yes Closed
  Dec 6 4Players Team Action #04 2v2 € 100 Yes Yes
  Dec 6 Competo StarCraft II Cup 1v1 € 50.00 + Hardware Yes Yes
  Dec 9 4Players Close Combat #26 1v1 € 300 Yes Yes

Patch 4.0.3a Hotfixes - 2. Decembar

Još hotfixeva je upravo "palo" na live servere a da niste ni primetili! ^^

Quote from: Zarhym
Here you will find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to the release of patch 4.0.3a. While many have already been deployed on all realms, some may not be implemented until the next time your realm is restarted. We will continue to update this thread in the days ahead as additional hotfixes are applied.

December 2

  • Players can no longer skin Crushcog Sentry-Bots or Crushcog Battle Suits in Dun Morogh... because they don’t have skin.
  • The grace time for players who have disconnected from a Battleground has been increased to three minutes before being issued the Deserter debuff.
  • Stats on the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat have been reduced, as it can currently be equipped by players of all levels.
  • Crafty players again found a way to catch Cataclysm fish. Crafty designers have made this impossible without a Cataclysm key attached to a player’s account.
  • Revitalizing Sandals now have an enchantment of +1 Intellect.
  • Ravenous Jaws off the coast of Icecrown grew strangely large and have been returned to their normal size.
  • Players who die within Ahn'Qiraj: The Fallen Kingdom are no longer granted a Spectral Gryphon mount while in spirit form.
  • Classes
    • Druids
      • Rake is now dealing the same damage outside of Cat Form when the druid has the Razor Claws mastery. Rake damage also stays consistent when modified by Mangle as a druid shifts out of Cat Form.
      • The proc buff from the talent Shooting Stars should no longer be consumed without providing its benefits if the druid is already casting Starsurge.
    • Hunters
      • Silithid Swarmers are now tamable by hunters.
      • Hunter pets that changed pet families prior to patch 4.0.3 will no longer retain their previous talents on top of the new Cataclysm pet talents. Hunters will have to untalent their pets to pick up this correction.
    • Mages
      • The Fire mage mastery Flashburn will now properly increase the periodic damage of Combustion.
      • Frostbolt for low-level mages was doing too little damage. Frostbolt damage has been increased at low levels, while low-level Water Elemental damage has been decreased slightly to compensate.
      • The Pyromaniac talent is now properly triggering when 3 or more targets are affected by a mage’s periodic damage Fire spells.
    • Paladins
      • The presence of the Word of Glory effect from the paladin talent Guarded by the Light will no longer prevent casting or get overwritten by Power Word: Shield.
    • Priests
      • Smite's scaling coefficient has been increased. The damage of Smite is now very similar to Heal in value. This change has been made to ensure the Archangel Discipline sub-specialization remains viable.
      • The presence of the Word of Glory effect from the paladin talent Guarded by the Light will no longer prevent casting or get overwritten by Power Word: Shield.
      • Killing priests with the Spirit of Redemption talent now correctly awards Honor, killing blows and Honorable Kills. Also, abilities that proc off of killing blows like Victory Rush are now proccing properly when a priest is talented into Spirit of Redemption.
  • Quests
    • The Horde version of the Ashenvale Quests achievement now requires 62 Ashenvale quests completed, down from 80.
    • The Alliance version of the Un’Goro Crater Quests achievement now requires 40 Un’Goro Crater quests completed, down from 45.
    • All non-elite NPCs in Mord'rethar: The Death Gate, Icecrown now respawn more slowly. In addition, Undying Minions no longer award experience.
    • Blackfathom Tide Priestesses required for the quest "Deep Despair" in Ashenvale now respawn more quickly.
    • Razgar’s Fillet Knife and Drowned Thunder Lizard Tail are now removed from a player’s inventory upon completing the quest “A Golden Opportunity” in Orgrimmar.
    • The Alliance shaman quest “Blessing of the Elements” in Stormwind was not providing rewards for all talent specializations. It now rewards either an Agility-based axe for Enhancement shaman, or an Intellect-based axe for Restoration/Elemental shaman.
    • Writings of the Dark Herald will now drop from Telarius Voidstrider in Darkshore for all players in a party.
    • Dead Alliance players are no longer able to die in spirit form while on the quest "Bael'dun Rescue" in Southern Barrens.
    • Scourge Disguise is now removed as soon as a player leaves Zul'Drak.
    • Pylons in Un’Goro Crater no longer play a sound effect when interacting with them to complete the associated quests. This is a temporary fix to address an issue with the audio continually playing until logout after completing the quest "The Northern Pylon".
    • Teegan Holloway for the quest “The Looting of Althalaxx” in Darkshore has had his respawn time decreased.
    • Warlord Thresh'jin for the quest "Out of the Ziggurat" in Eastern Plaguelands can now be looted by all players in a party.

Tanking With a Vengeance - Follow Up

Malo objašnjenja nakon Ghostcrawlerovog posta sledi, jer neki nisu razumeli u potpunosti objašnjenja dizajna Vengeance-a.

Quote from: Community

Responses and clarifications following Wednesday's developer blog entry on the Vengeance ability.


One thing we should have mentioned is that the level 80 experience with Vengeance is probably pretty different than what you’ll experience at 85 (in only a few days!). The reason is because the dps classes have very large combat ratings right now for things like crit and haste that they won’t have once they start leveling. (This is particularly true for melee that had their armor pen converted into other stats.) Even at 85 -- even in the final tiers of 85 -- those combat ratings shouldn’t be as high as they are today. We corrected the rating conversions and also removed talents and other sources of crit and haste that let those stats get, for want of a better word, gratuitous. Our combat mechanics just don’t work right when characters get to 60%+ crit chance. While dps specs will still have much higher crit and haste than tanks, the delta will go down at higher level, which should make tank threat feel even less dependent on Vengeance. Remember that Vengeance is a rolling average, so it shouldn’t be very sensitive to avoidance streaks in the first place, especially beyond the first few seconds.


Remember, to fix the problem of gear scaling, tank threat has to improve with gear. You can’t just bake the threat into Defensive Stance, Blood Presence, Righteous Fury or Bear Form because those threat multipliers will only scale with tank dps. Sadly, tank dps doesn’t improve as much as that of other characters because tank gear is loaded with things like dodge and parry and missing a lot of haste and crit. We discussed other ways to solve the problem. One was just to remove tank gear (which sort of works for Feral druids) and expect warriors, paladins and DKs to wear dps plate. We ultimately didn’t think that would be fun for tanks, and we know there are Feral druids today who wish we still made legitimate bear armor. We could have just put both dps stats and survivability stats on tank gear, but that would make that armor overpowered and probably attractive to dps specs. Another option was just to let tank dps scale with survivability stats all the time. That seems unfair to the dps classes though if the tank gets to do competitive damage and have all that survivability. Why choose a dps spec at all then? Ultimately, we didn’t want tanks to always hit like a truck. We wanted it to happen when they were being hit hard by someone. A mechanic that scaled with gear but was dependent on taking lots of damage seemed like the right solution, which is ultimately what Vengeance is.


We see some concerns from players about avoiding making Vengeance fall off. Vengeance currently loses 10% of its value every second when you are not being attacked, and 5% a second if you are being attacked (even if you avoid or absorb the damage). Obviously if you take damage then Vengeance won’t fall off at all. We went with 10 seconds because we thought that was a reasonable number that would discourage tanks from feeling like they were forced to engage in bizarre and not fun behavior. Imagine if Vengeance lasted for 30 or 60 seconds or more, then you might try to drag along a weak add to periodically hit you and keep the buff going. Alternately, maybe you’d get a slew of Prot specs in your raid all trying to keep Vengeance up all the time in order to do higher dps than they would have with a legit dps spec. Contrived perhaps, but those were the concerns -- you guys can be devious at finding clever uses of mechanics. :) That said, it’s easy to tweak if the fall off is too fast. Now it is true that avoids early in a fight will keep Vengeance from stacking up as quickly, but you shouldn’t need Vengeance in the first few seconds of a fight. We gave all tanks powerful attacks to generate burst threat, and Tricks of the Trade and Misdirect are also still great for establishing initial aggro – they just don’t make threat trivial to maintain through the entire fight as they did in Lich King. The mage also doesn’t need to pop Time Warp and Pyroblast on the first global cooldown of a boss fight.

Cataclysm stigao u Srbiju!

Imamo zvanično saopštenje da je World of Warcraft Cataclysm stigao u Srbiju (Normal i Collector Edition box), i da će se odražati midnight sale u prodavnicama bez problema! Lično smo i obišli magacin generalnog distributera, a ja sam imao prilike da držim jednu od kopija u svojim rukama  Sledi prilog slike otpakovanog Cataclysm box-a.

{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2010/Dec/02/] width=[400] height=[300] title=[Stigao Cataclysm u Srbiju!]}
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