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Dnevne Blue Teme - Socketi, Runeston Set, UI Mod, i ostalo...

Bashiok je juče bio aktivan na zvaničnom D3 Forumu. Teme koje su propratile dosta rasprave o socketima, runstone set bonusima, i zašto smoreni beta testeri nisu dobili nove sadržaje? Da dodamo skill modifier, kao i problem što modifikacija UI-a nije dozvoljena u D3.

Originally Posted by Blizzard
D3 are generally provided by magical properties, much like other prefixes and suffixes (Source)
Sockets are effectively customizable magical property slots, so in many ways sockets are better than just random affixes. You can choose the benefit you get on that item, and as you find better gems you can remove and replace them, allowing you to keep the item relevantly powerful without finding/crafting a complete replacement. It’s also worth noting not every item type can have gem slots, so crafting an item with a guaranteed socket is usually a nothing-but-positive bonus on that recipe. You get to choose the benefit for the socket instead of, in most cases, having it roll a random affix.

Bored Players, no new content (Source)
I totally understand that people are done with the content and want more, and I only see that as a positive outlook for the future. If people were completing the content, or worse not completing it, and then ambivalent or uncaring to see any more of the game then we’d have a problem. Yes we fully understand people would love to play more content, but no we’re not going to release any more during the beta phase. The test is mainly intended for server stability and hardware/software compatibility testing, and not for content bug testing. For that reason we really only need provide a small bit of content to get the majority of our beta testing jollies.

We really do appreciate everyone that has been playing, and continues to play, but if you’re done and have done everything you can to help provide us with feedback/bugs, then we don’t want you to feel obligated to keep playing. As older testers drop off and server stability increases we’ll be adding more and more people. There’s no real downside in that.

Runestone Set Bonuses (Source)
Yeah it’s something that’s been discussed, the main challenge with such a system is striking a balance between ‘fun bonus’ and ‘you must socket runes this way or you’re playing wrong’. The runestones as they are add an insane amount of customization, and we’re really happy with the way they’re playing out and the insane amounts of fun you can have with them. We think we have enough customization and system complexity for launch, but undoubtedly after release and as the game ages we’ll want to mix it up in some new ways.

Gear +Skill Bonuses  (Source)
To clarify the terms being used, we don’t ever foresee adding any ability to gain another classes’ skills through items. Some people call these +skill affixes, such as the infamous Enigma and granting the Teleport skill to anyone and everyone. So just to avoid confusion it’d be a good idea to define what you mean by +skill. What the OP seems to be referring to are affixes that are bonuses to the skills you already have. So in that case an item could drop with +% damage to Bash, and so that one line on the item tooltip would only benefit barbarians, of course.

I should take a step back and say not every skill scales the same way, and not every skill benefits from the same stats – in general skills do scale with your level – but ultimately benefit the most from the items you find and equip.

We do really like the concept of the affixes that benefit specific class skills, or potentially even classes of skills. As I’ve stated before we’re not done with affixes, and so it’s a matter of getting in as many as we can before launch. Having full power ranges of affixes that benefit all class skills is a pretty enormous undertaking, but in any case the underlying concept is something we would probably like to have in the game at some point.

Lack of mod support / permission in Diablo III (Source)
…given Blizzard’s rich history of allowing user modification, and just how much it’s given to so many of their previous games, it’s hard to not feel let down by the decision to outright ban Diablo 3 modding. Let’s hope they have a change of heart on that point particularly.
I’m still at a loss as to how this became an issue. Do people think mods were supported in Diablo and Diablo II? Or is there an expectation that since WoW we want to allow UI modification, and/or since our RTS games have all had map editors we want to begin adding that to the Diablo franchise? I guess it just comes across to me as a reaction based on the perception that we’re changing something, as opposed to just making more Diablo games.

Diablo 3 Beta Patch v0.3.0.7447

Mali update za Diablo 3 Beta cliente ižašao je danas pod verzijom v0.3.07447.

Originally Posted by Blizzard
Fixed a number of game and service crashes

Po zvaničnim informacijama ništa nije promenjeno što se tiče samog gameplaya, ovo je verovatano fix koji je pravio probleme prošlih dana što je dovodilo dosta disconnect-ovanja iz igre.

Javna Beta Startovala (Ovoga puta stvarno)

U ovom trenutku izgleda da je Blizzard pustio Beta invite e-mailove, i svi igrači koji su beta opt-inovali za Diablo 3 Beta test, treba da provere svoj account da li ima dodat D3 u svojoj listi igara, kao i svoj email da li je kojim slučajem dobio email sa ključem. Sve čestitke igračima koji su dobili pristup danas!

Da podsetimo, Blizzard može da pusti email i da kaže da je Diablo 3 Beta dodat na vaš nalog, a u nekom slučajevima šalje se email sa ključem. Samo pazite na scammere koji takodje šalju mail sa lažnih adresa. Sledi zvanično saopštenje.

Originally Posted by Blizzard
We’d like to remind those looking forward to an invite to the Diablo III beta to be wary of phishing attempts. If you believe you’ve received an invite to the Diablo III beta test, it’s best to refrain from clicking on any links in the email, and instead log in to your account to see if a Diablo III beta game account was granted.
And remember, Blizzard will NEVER ask for your password! For more information on account security please visit

Ažurirana Trading Game Card galerija

Diablo 3 2012 Očajanje

Zbog pomeranja datuma izlaska Diablo 3, mnogi fanovi očajni i depresivni...

Originally Posted by Nethaera (Source)
emo-diablo-is-sadThis is great
Now I have nothing to look forward to, I know I won’t get into beta no game that has a set release date interests me. I also have no games to play they all sucks, by the time diablo is released the graphics are gonna be outdated even more :/ I just don’t know what to do I’m sick to my stomach now.
Nethaera: You don’t know that you won’t get into beta. We have time and we’ll be adding more people over time.

As you read in the post by Mike Morhaime, we are working very hard to get Diablo III ready and out as soon as possible. We’re shooting for early 2012 right now. I know some doomsayers are calling that it will be later, (and I’m not making promises), but it’s very rare that we even try to give a time frame and call it out like this. So that, at the least, should count for something or at the very least show that we have nothing but the best intent for the game and the community.

In the end though, we want to make sure that when we release it, that it’s something we can be proud of and that you can enjoy as much as possible.

We aren’t doomsayers because we are confused by this development. There hasn’t been any actual reason for pushing back given, only silly marketing fluff about polishing the game. You cannot tell us that you intended to put “tiny beta” into the hands of the press for 6 months, can you? We would really appreciate some communication regarding the nature of the push back. Why build all of the hype just to kick it out of your fan base a month before Blizzcon? Please give us a little respect and explain what has happened here.
Nethaera: We’ve given enough reason at this point in time. We’re generally very careful about “building hype” “too soon”. We don’t do it with any purposeful or malicious intent. We also aren’t going to be suddenly silent. We’re all in this together.

The purpose of the beta is the same. We want to make sure the systems and design are solid. Feedback, (constructive) as always is valuable on the experience people are having no matter how limited the beta is (content wise). And, how the game is holding up with so many people connected, is likewise important. We want to make sure everyone can get in, connect, and go slay some hellacious demons.

We’re doing what we can to be as open and honest about this as possible because we know that there are so many people looking forward to the release. We’re equally looking forward to the release, have no doubt about that. But, we want to make sure that we’re confident in what we’re going to be delivering and then let it fly.

Emo Fan je Emo! Iskreno svima je bilo veliko šokantno iznenadjenje, da je datum izlaska Diablo 3 pomeren. Ali, da li je stvarno nekom bilo ovo iznenadjenje, obzirom da Blizzard potrošio dosta godina da napravi "Ne očekivana 2011 izadnja". Sa svim komterima koje smo imali da pročitamo koje nam je Blizzad objavio, oni su nam davali nadu krajem 2011 godine, ali veoma tesno. Mi smo se samo nadali, nije da su rekli da će izaći Novembra 2011 za sigurno, i onda da su jednostavno promenili.

PTR Patch 4.3 Potencijalno Sledeće Nedelje?

Zahrym je na svom twitteru objavio da će PTR 4.3 biti uskoro na test serverima. Takodje imamo i zvaničnih informacija sa foruma:

Originally Posted by Zahrym (Source)
Yes. We're intent on getting the 4.3 Public Test Realms up potentially within the next week. :)

As you mentioned, there's still a lot of work to be done on this patch, so a lot of the content will be rolled onto the test realms over time. Transmogrification, Void Storage, some balance changes, and several UI updates/improvements will likely make the PTR right away. The dungeon/raid content, legendary questline, Dungeon Finder updates, and especially Raid Finder are still very much works in-progress.!

Ovim putem vas i obaveštavamo da će WoW Serbia tim i učestvovati zajedno na PTR Testu i zajedno raditi na tome da vam što više informacija donesemo šta nas čeka u novom sadržaju Patch 4.3.  To uključuje i Datamining fajlova, kako bi izvukli nove modele novog sadržaja.

Patch 4.3: Tier 13 Set Bonusi

Originally Posted by Zarhym (Source)
While we’ve been previewing the visuals of tier 13 on the front page at, we thought you might be interested in the magics that lay imbued betwixt their stitches and plating. Behold -- the tier 13 set bonuses!

Please keep in mind that the below data is pre--PTR and could change prior to the release of patch 4.3.

Death Knight
  • Blood, 2P -- When an attack drops your health below 35%, one of your Blood Runes will immediately activate and convert into a Death Rune for the next 20 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once every 45 sec.
  • Blood, 4P -- Your Vampiric Blood ability also affects all party and raid members for 50% of the effect it has on you.
  • DPS, 2P -- Sudden Doom has a 30% chance and Rime has a 60% chance to grant 2 charges when triggered instead of 1.
  • DPS, 4P -- Runic Empowerment has a 25% chance and Runic Corruption has a 40% chance to also grant 710 mastery rating for 12 sec when activated.

  • Balance, 2P -- Insect Swarm increases all damage done by your Starfire, Starsurge, and Wrath spells against that target by 3%.
  • Balance, 4P -- Starsurge generates 100% extra Lunar or Solar energy while Eclipse is not active.
  • Feral, 2P -- While Berserk is active, Savage Defense absorbs are 100% larger, and your Blood in the Water talent now causes Ferocious Bite to refresh the duration of your Rip on targets with 60% or less health.
  • Feral, 4P -- Frenzied Regeneration also affects all raid and party members, and your Stampede talent now grants two charges after using Feral Charge (Cat).
  • Restoration, 2P -- After using Innervate, the mana cost of your healing spells is reduced by 25% for 15 sec.
  • Restoration, 4P -- Your Rejuvenation and Regrowth spells have a 10% chance to Timeslip and have double the normal duration.

  • 2P -- Steady Shot and Cobra Shot generate double the amount of focus.
  • 4P -- Your Arcane Shot ability has a chance to grant 25% haste to you and your pet for 10 sec.

  • 2P -- Your damaging spells have a 30% chance to grant Stolen Time, increasing your haste rating by 50 for 30 sec and stacking up to 10 times. When Arcane Power, Combustion, or Icy Veins expires, all stacks of Stolen Time are lost.
  • 4P -- Each stack of Stolen Time also reduces the cooldown of Arcane Power by 3 sec, Combustion by 4 sec, and Icy Veins by 6 sec.

  • Holy, 2P -- After using Divine Favor, the mana cost of your healing spells is reduced by 25% for 15 sec.
  • Holy, 4P -- Increases the healing done by your Holy Radiance spell by 20%.
  • Protection, 2P -- Your Judgement ability now also grants a physical absorb shield equal to 30% of the damage it dealt.
  • Protection, 4P -- Reduces the cooldown of Divine Guardian by 60 sec and increases the radius of its effect by 70 yards.
  • Retribution, 2P -- Your Judgement ability has a 50% chance to generate 1 Holy Power.
  • Retribution, 4P -- While Zealotry is active your abilities deal 12% more damage.

  • Healer, 2P -- After using Power Infusion or Lightwell, the mana cost of your healing spells is reduced by 25% for [10|15] sec. (10 sec for Discipline, 15 for non--Discipline.)
  • Healer, 4P -- Your Power Word: Shield has a 10% chance to absorb 100% additional damage, and the cooldown of your Holy Word abilities is reduced by 20%.
  • Shadow, 2P -- Shadow Word: Death deals an additional 55% damage, and you no longer take damage from your own Shadow Word: Death when the target fails to die.
  • Shadow, 4P -- Your Shadowfiend and Shadowy Apparitions have a 100% chance to grant you 3 Shadow Orbs each time they deal damage.

  • 2P -- After triggering Tricks of the Trade, your abilities cost 20% less energy for 6 sec.
  • 4P -- Increases the duration of Shadow Dance by 2 sec, Adrenaline Rush by 3 sec, and Vendetta by 9 sec.

  • Elemental, 2P -- Elemental Mastery also grants you 400 mastery rating 15 sec.
  • Elemental, 4P -- Each time Elemental Overload triggers, you gain 200 haste rating for 4 sec, stacking up to 3 times.
  • Enhancement, 2P -- While you have any stacks of Maelstrom Weapon, your Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, and healing spells deal 20% more healing or damage.
  • Enhancement, 4P -- Your Feral Spirits have a 45% chance to grant you a charge of Maelstrom Weapon each time they deal damage.
  • Restoration, 2P -- After using Mana Tide Totem, the cost of your healing spells are reduced by 25% for 15 sec.
  • Restoration, 4P -- Increases the duration of Spiritwalker's Grace by 5 sec, and you gain 30% haste while Spiritwalker's grace is active.

  • 2P -- The duration of your Doomguard and Infernal summons is increased by [15|45] sec and the cooldown of of those spells is reduced by 4 min. (45 for Demonology, 15 for non--Demonology.)
  • 4P -- Soulburn grants a 10% increase to your spell power for 10 sec.

  • Protection, 2P -- Your Revenge ability now also grants a physical absorption shield equal to 20% of the damage done by Revenge.
  • Protection, 4P -- Your Shield Wall ability now grants 50% of its effect to all party and raid members.
  • DPS, 2P -- Heroic Strike costs 10 less rage while Inner Rage is active.
  • DPS, 4P -- Your Execute critical strikes have a 20% chance to refresh the duration of Colossus Smash.
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