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Author: ScepticuS Date: Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Author: Warheart Date: Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Author: Atena013 Date: Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Author: Atena013 Date: Thursday, 24 April 2014

Blizzard Fan Art

eSports: Time to compete!

Quote from: Vaneck

So you beat most of your opponents in official ladder matches – still hungry for more action? Then it’s time for you to take the next step and look into the world of eSports.

Various competition organizers hold regular online tournaments in which you can compete against other players and maybe even win some prizes! These contests are open to everyone. Interested? Take a look at some of the tournaments coming up this weekend - you can sign up to take part, or simply watch the live streams to get inspired by the players. It’s your turn now!

Tournament Name

September 19th ZOTAC StarCraft II Cup #23 1v1 Yes

September 19th SteelSeries Go4SC2 Cup #39 1v1 Yes

September 20th Competo StarCraft II Cup 1v1 Yes

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Battle for Gilneas Battleground - Preview

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
When King Greymane severed ties with the Alliance after the Second War, the kingdom of Gilneas became independent from all other nations and opposing forces. Although the massive Greymane Wall protected Gilneas from outside threats, a virulent worgen curse and civil war crippled the kingdom from within. As the Cataclysm strikes and the Greymane Wall's gates are destroyed, the people of Gilneas must come to terms with their dark curse and learn to persevere through catastrophic earthquakes and an unrelenting Forsaken invasion. The Horde recognizes this land as a strategic location with key resources to fuel the faction's war effort against the Alliance, and Horde forces will not stop their siege until the city and its surrounding territories are under their control. To protect its lands from the Horde, the once-isolated nation of Gilneas must now work with the Alliance.

Controlling Resources
The Battle for Gilneas is a new 10 vs. 10 Battleground for level-85 players. Much like they do in Arathi Basin, teams must control strategic capture points on the map to accumulate resources. The first team to gather 2000 resources wins.

The Battle
Teams will start at opposite ends of the map with default graveyards nearby. Once the match begins, teams will race toward each other to vie for control of three strategic points; each point will allow your team to gain resources and additional graveyards. Adding to the intensity of the battle are many obstacles that block line of sight, as well as chokepoints for fending off enemy advances.

The Overlook
In the center of the map is an area known as the Overlook. Hills on either side of the map create chokepoints, while narrow paths through the hills provide teams with alternate routes. A river dividing the map will also lead opponents toward a single bridge. In some cases, dominating the Overlook might be the key to controlling the capture points.

Capture Points
In The Battle for Gilneas, three distinct resource points are available for the taking by either the Horde or the Alliance: the Mines, the Lighthouse, and the Waterworks. Once any of these points is held by a team, access to nearby graveyards will be granted. In addition, workers from the controlling faction will show up to collect the resources necessary to win the battle.

Chaos will be unleashed upon Azeroth when Deathwing returns, but many steadfast leaders will see the Cataclysm as an opportunity to further the cause of their people... or simply attain more power. The situation in Gilneas is no different. Will the embattled Gilneans be able to defend their land after realigning with the Alliance? Or will the Forsaken, reinforced by Garrosh's Horde, seize this near-forgotten territory as a new stronghold in the Eastern Kingdoms?
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2010/Sep/16/gilneasbattle] width=[230] height=[160]}

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Zerg Poll, Death by Proxy

Blizzard ne prestaje da nas iznenađuje kreativnim Poll-ovima, pa tako ovog puta vas pita u koji jedinicu biste najviše želeli da se transformišete! Glasajte na njihovom topicu pa da vidimo rezultate :)

Quote from: Lylirra

From basic drones to menacing mutalisks, zerg larvae can evolve into any number of critical units depending on what's most needed on the battlefield--almost at a moment's notice.

If you were to wake up as such a larva, nestled in some hatchery on a far-off planet, which zerg unit would you hope to morph into? And what would be the first thing you'd do in your newfound carapace?

A sledi i diskusija o proxy taktikama u multiplayeru:

Quote from: Netharea

Proxy is a word often used in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty multiplayer strategy discussion, referring to an aggressive strategy in which players build structures close to their opponent’s base and away from their own. Even though usually done with a clear plan in mind, it opens many strategic choices. The player doing the proxy has an option to mislead the opponent, grab a fast expansion, protected by those proxy buildings or go for a quick win, as the closer distance to the opponent’s base gets your units in place faster which makes a big difference.

There are both risks and rewards to utilizing this strategy, and it’s important to weigh these carefully when considering such an aggressive tactic. Solid positioning can essentially pen in an opponent and starve them of resources. An even more aggressive “proxy rush” could catch your opponent off-guard and cripple them or even be that finishing drive that takes them out of the game. On the opposite end of the spectrum, splitting your focus between protecting your own base and managing your advanced position could be a drain on your own resources or leave you overly exposed before you can make your big push.

For experienced players, a proxy base of operations or proxy rush is often a part of their repertoire; for newer players, mastering either can be a tall order. As a part of our ongoing multiplayer discussions, we wanted to find out more about your own tips for mastering (or countering) this strategy. What makes this strategy so powerful or so risky? How do the three races handle the proxy rush differently? How do you counter it?

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Archaeology je sekundarna profesija koja je ubačena u novom nastavku World of Warcraft Cataclysm. Novi Beta Build dao nam je više informacija o samoj profesiji pa smo uradili jedan mali preview koji će vremenom da se ažurira.
Alijansa uči od (naravno) Indijana Džons parodije, odmah dobijete SURVEY skill koji se koristi na mestima koja su predviđena za arheologiju:
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/cataclysm/profession/archeology/jones/] width=[280] height=[150]}
Mesta za arheologiju se vide na mapi sveta kao i na mapi zone:
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/cataclysm/profession/archeology/places/] width=[280] height=[150]}
Kako se iskopavaju fragmenti i artefakti? Prvo se ode na mesto koje je predviđeno za kopanje, na mapi zone to je crvena površina nekog njenog manjeg dela,
koristi se Survey - izgleda kao animacija kopanja, pojavi se (geometarski) "durbin" koji je okrenut u pravcu sledećeg kopanja,
ta alatka nestaje posle nekoliko sekundi, kopa se malo dalje u pravcu koji je pokazala, i tako dok se ne stigne do iskopine, fragment ili artefakt mogu da se kliknu mišem - otvore, i pokupi se sadržaj.
Jedna iskopina može da bude najviše tri puta eksploatisana pre nego se pokrene neki skriveni cooldown.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/cataclysm/profession/archeology/guide/] width=[280] height=[150]}
Fragmenti koji se pronalaze vezani su za rasu koja je postojala na tom lokalitetu, i tako se po rasi i odvajaju u posebnom panelu za arheologiju (ikonice će verovatno biti promenjene):
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/cataclysm/profession/archeology/guide1/] width=[280] height=[150]}
kada se skupi dovoljno fragmenata onda se sklapa (Solve) zagonetka iz koje se dobije neki predmet.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/cataclysm/profession/archeology/guide2/] width=[160] height=[120]}
Izgleda lako do 100 poena u profesiji, ali posle postaje malo zaguljeno, ipak je ovo za ozbiljan grind a ne lanagica kao što se misli
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/cataclysm/profession/archeology/guide3/] width=[180] height=[120]}
Postoje mnoge nagrade sekundarne profesije Archaeology. Ghostcrawler je već obećao da će lista nagrada biti povećana. Svako oružije i oklob biće Bind on Account, što znači da nećete moći da ga trade-ujete, kako otključate neki predmet.

On Use
Transforms - 20 seconds

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Cataclysm Burning Steppes

{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/cataclysm/zones/burning_steppes/map] width=[700] height=[300] title=[Burning Steppes Cataclysm Map]}
Burning Steppes biće level 50-52 zone u Cataclysm nastavku.

Nove oblasti i promene koje su zahvatile Burning Steppes možete naći u daljem tekstu:
  • Blackrock Mountain – možete pristupiti Blackwing Descent raidu istanci, letnjem do balkona sa strane planine; Južno od planine je neutralan Thorium Brotherhood kamp koji se zove Flamestar Post gde postoji mali quest hub sa flight path-om.
  • Draco'dar – južno odavde preko brda je put ka Elwynn Forestu, gde je napušten kamp i mala pećina u brdima.
  • The Pillar of Ash – Celo pordručje je preimenovano u Black Tooth Hovel i okupiran je članovima Blackrock klana i njihovih saveznika; južno odavde i preko brda je veliko jezero
  • Ruins of Thaurissan – u jugo zapadnoj sekciji je veliko neutralno utvrdjenje Thorium Brotherhood-a koji se zove Chiselgrip; ovo mesto poseduje Flight Path i nekoliko quest-ova.
  • Terror Wing Path – u jugo-istoČnom delu je Redridge Highway koji visoko u planine spaja Redridge Mountains i Swamp of Sorrows; izgleda da postoji brža varijanta transporta izmedju: The Bogpaddle Bullet, raketa koja će leteti od jednog krada do drugog.
  • Blackrock Stronghold -  deo ispred Strongholda se sada zove Fields of Honor; sada se nalaze blackrock vojnici (Blackrock Soldiers, Blackrock Sergeants, Smolderthorn Assassins, i Firegut Flamespeakers)
  • Altar of Storms - sada se ovde nalaze Orc-ovi Blackrock klana
  • The Whelpling Downs - Novi region jugo-zapadno, okupiran je članovima Blackrock klana i Flamescale Broodlings; u ovom delu nalaze se par zarobljenih whelplings-a različitih dragonflight-a (Green, Bronze, Blue, i Red) koji mogu da se oslovode.
  • Izgleda da se u zapadnom delu zone više ne nalaze Black Dragonspawn i Flamescale Broodlings.


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Background Downloader Patch 4.0.1 Part 1

Background downloader danas je počeo da šalje prvi deo patch-a 4.0.1 koji je 1.58 GB (Dobro ste pročitali ovo je samo prvi deo). Ovo je naravno dobra ideja da kada legnete da spavate upalite Background Downloader kako bi Vam skinuo ovaj deo patch-a, ili u mom slučaju ostavite da skida dok ste na poslu. Preporučujemo da skinete ovo što pre, kako bi ste izbegli zagušenje koje je poznatko kada se patch postavi na live serverima.


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