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WCG Srbija StarCraft II drugi dan - Live Stream

Stream će krenuti uskoro!

Patch 4.3: Deathwing Raid Weapon Models

Ovom prilikom uspeli smo da vam prikažemo kakvi Vas modeli oružija očekuju u Deathwing Raid istanci. Možemo reći da se Blizzard jako potrudio na izgledu skoro svih weapon modela koje možete pogledati daljem u prilogu.

Deathwing Raid Polearm Deathwing Raid Axe 1 Deathwing Raid Axe 2

Deathwing Raid Axe 3 Deathwing Raid Bow Deathwing Raid Crossbow

Deathwing Raid Knife 1 Deathwing Raid Knife 2 Deathwing Raid Knife 3

Deathwing Raid Off Hand Deathwing Raid Mace Deathwing Raid Mace 2

Deathwing Raid Mace 3 Deathwing Raid Gun Deathwing Raid Shield 1

Deathwing Raid Shield 2 Deathwing Raid Staff 1 Deathwing Raid Staff 2

Deathwing Raid Staff 3 Deathwing Raid Staff 4 Deathwing Raid Sword

Deathwing Raid Sword 2 Deathwing Raid 2H Axe Deahtwing Raid 2H Mace

Deathwing Raid 2H Sword Deathwing Raid Wand Deathwing Raid Wand 2

WCG Srbija - StarCraft II Day 1 Replayevi

Novo u 4.3: Inactive Guild Leader Replacement

Originally Posted by Lylirra (Source)
In the event that a guild leader takes a leave of absence and remains inactive for an extended period of time, it can be difficult for some guilds to carry on as normal. To help assist with these situations, we're introducing a new system in patch 4.3 known as "inactive guild leader replacement" that will allow players of the appropriate rank to take over leadership of a guild from an inactive guild leader via the Guild tab.

The way inactive guild leader replacement works is pretty straightforward. If a guild leader’s character is inactive for 30 days, a notification will appear in the Guild News & Events feed which can only be seen by guild members who are eligible to become the new guild leader. To determine eligibility, the game will look for the highest ranked character in the guild that's logged on in the past week, and any guild member from that rank will be able to request guild leadership simply by clicking on the notification.

As with many actions in World of Warcraft, clicking on the notification will open up a confirmation window which, once accepted, will transition leadership from the inactive guild leader to the first player to request leadership. If guild leadership is changed, the old guild leader will be notified via email to his or her registered address. While some players may need to log out and back in before their Guild tab will visually update, the change in leadership will be immediate, with all ranks and permissions remaining in-tact.

Please note that if you're an active leader of a guild, this system should not affect you or your guild. The goal of inactive guild leader replacement is simply to allow guilds which have found themselves without leadership for a long period of time to resolve the situation on their own without the need to contact our In-Game Support department.

Inactive guild leader replacement is currently live on the PTR, but keep in mind that it may be difficult to test, as a guild leader will need to be inactive for a full 30 days before the option to transition leadership will become available.

Diablo 3 Beta Speed Hack?

Igra nije ni izašla, a već mnogi gledaju da prave hakove za nju. Video koji možete videti dalje u tekstu, pojavio se na youtube, gde se vidi kako igrač koristi neki vid Diablo 3  Beta speek hack. Mnogi su se pitali u vezi legitimnosti ovog video zapisa, ali ukoliko dobro pratite video, primezićete da animacije od vrata kao i brzine napada ne izgledaju kao da su u pitanju trikovi video edita. Ovo već postavlja mnoga pitanja, šta treba da bude obradjivano na server i client side. Pogledajte videi presudite sami.

Dobra stvar što je ovo ustanovljeno da je legitimno, što dovodi to toga, da Blizzard treba da zna gde da pogleda kako da reši buduće probleme koje će imate sa raznim hakovima. Ukoliko postoji rupa, Blizzard će je sigurno zakrpiti uskoro.

Fan je inače postovao na zvaničnom forumu ovaj hack, i ubrzo je dobio blue odgovor.

Originally Posted by Blizzard
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. If you would like to report information regarding cheats or hacks, send it to Please don’t assist with disseminating the information by posting it here on the forums.

Diablo 3 Zvanično "M" ratovan u US

US Game raring board, ESRB, je objavio zvaničan rating za igru Diablo III, i kao što smo očekivali igra je ratovana kao M (Mature) za Odrasle. Zvanične informacije preuzete sa sajta ESRB:

Diablo III
Platform: Macintosh, Windows PC
Rating: Mature
Content descriptors: Blood and Gore, Violence
Rating summary: This is an action role-playing game in which players assume control of a mortal hero (e.g., witch doctor, barbarian, wizard) who must defend humanity from a demonic invasion. From a 3/4–overhead perspective, players traverse dungeons and use swords, axes, and magic attacks to kill a variety of human-like enemies (e.g., zombies, demons, succubi). Battles are accompanied by slashing and flesh-impact sounds, screams of pain, and frequent blood-splatter effects; creatures often explode into bloody fragments as multiple enemies are dispatched at once. Some levels depict burning corpses and dead villagers amid large pools of blood.

Online Notice: * Includes online features that may expose players to unrated user-generated content (Macintosh, Windows PC)

EU - Besplatne Migracije

Odavno nije bila vest povodom besplatne migracije sa nekog servera, na drugi obzirom da se to uvek radi kako bi se napravio balans izmedju alianse i horde ili zbog velike populacije na serveru. Slede zvanične informacije:

Originally Posted by Vaneras (Source)
The below FCM is available until October 4th 2011. The migrations are not faction restricted:

From: Outland
To: Spinebreaker

Discussion on this particular migration can be found in this thread on the Outland realm forum:

Please note: FCM is opened based on realm population tracking and analysis, not by request. If you're looking for a specific migration (from realm A to realm B), you are in most cases better off using Paid Character Transfer, or you could end up waiting for a very long time.

Paid Character Transfers (PCT)
All English realms follow the regular PCT rules, found here:
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