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Monk - Mantra Izmene

Pored skorih izmena, kod Demon Hunter Hatred regenreacije i kako se kalkuliše damange svih klasa, Bashiok je odgovorio na interesantno pitanje u vezi regenerisanja Mantras-a kod klase Monk.

Da bi se igračima dao podsticaj da regenerišu svoj Mantras (ako niste znali on identično funkcioniše kao Aure), došlo je do razgovora o sprovodjenju kratkoročnih bonusa Mantras-a kda ih igrač prvo aktivira.

Originally Posted by Bashiok (Source)
I thought one of us had already posted on this but I'm having trouble locating it... NO MATTER!

We're toying around with making mantras more of an active ability currently. Right now it's just a really short duration buff, which isn't very cool, as stated. What we think will be cool, is that when hitting the button to cast a mantra you get a super-mega buff (or effect) for a short time, and then the buff would lower to its normal levels after.

You can see that design currently on a couple skill descriptions on the site, they're just not reflected in-game.

Keep in mind it's still all of course in testing.

This gives mantras a more 'use oriented' flavor. So while it's a short duration that's OK because you want to hit the mantra button more than once every two minutes, it becomes an active skill. So far we think it's working pretty well.

What we don't want is to have long duration buffs or toggles, because then it may as well be a passive. We want our active skills to be active, and so hopefully this change achieves that.

Poslednja godina za WoW?

Ove nedelje nije bilo aktivnosti Blizzard Community Manager na forumu, ali njihov današnji brzi replay na EU B.Net D3 Forumu, me je dobro nasmejao.

Originally Posted by Takralus (Source)
Is this the final year of World of Warcraft ?
ES: Skyrim 11.11.11, Diablo 3 and Darksiders 2 in 2012… This games will bury ageing WoW.
Takralus: The Diablo forum is not the place for this thread.


Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Raid AP Bonus giving 20% AP to Melee in Patch 4.3
We actually think this change is the most appropriate way to get there.

Melee DPS is generally in a good place over the spectrum of the entire game. There are some melee specs that are too high or too low compared to other melee, but overall casters don't eclipse melee in all situations. Casters do too much damage compared to melee in raids however (speaking very broadly – individual encounters can vary significantly, and there are several casters with legendary weapons at this point).

Rogue and warrior damage, to use two examples, don't need an across-the-board DPS increase in PvP. We didn’t want a solution that just buffs melee DPS all the time. Rather, we want to buff melee DPS when the melee could benefit from stacking raid buffs. (Source)

Can't deposit Unique items in the Void Storage
Unfortunately, preventing the use of unique items in Void Storage is necessary in order to enforce the concept of items being unique. Without this limitation, you would be able to have multiple copies of items that we intend to be unique. Fortunately, we don’t use the “unique” concept much any longer; we use “unique-equipped,” and items with this restriction are allowed in Void Storage.

Furthermore, we are scouring through a very large number of items in the game to convert most of the items branded "unique" into "unique-equipped".

There will still be a few unique items, such as legendaries. (Source)

Raid Finder
Raid Finder loot different "appearance"
Does this mean recolored stuff like normal/heroic, or the whole item will be replaced with a new model?
Likely the items will be re-colored, if their appearance differs. (Source)

Raid Finder Lockout
Completing the raid in 'LFR' mode has no affect on my eligibility for loot in normal/heroic raids?
No. Since it doesn't cause you to be locked to the raid, so you'll still be eligible for normal and heroic modes. (Source)

[...] You'll still be eligible for loot in the normal and heroic modes. You can think of the Raid Finder Dragon Soul raid as being distinct from the normal or heroic mode versions. (Source)

Raid Finder while grouped in a party?
That's still to be determined, though it's certainly something we'd like to make part of the feature. There are still technical hurdles to leap. (Source)

Raid Leader
Ideally, players who queue as leaders will want to succeed, and will ensure that they have the tools to help their fellow Raid Finder raiders succeed as well. If the raid doesn't make progress, no one gets any rewards, after all. Unlike a normal raid pug though, if one group doesn't work out, you aren't stuck, and you can try again. (Source)

Deserter Debuff
This deserter debuff is likely to be of a significant duration. (Source)

Loot Roll and Lockouts
The system will distribute loot the same way a raid with locks would, without the difficulties often associated with raid locks.

For a moment, think of the Raid Finder raid much as you would any other pick up raid. In any raid, pug or organized, you only have looting opportunities one time for each boss - once that boss is dead, your chance is over for the week. The same is true in the Raid Finder. The difference with the Raid Finder will be that if your raid falls apart then you won't find yourself stuck and unable to raid again until the following week just because someone else cleared the lock out. Instead, you'll still have the opportunity to receive loot from any boss you haven't already beaten that week. (Source)

Loot Roll - Update
As an update, some of you have expressed concerns about how loot rolls will work with regard to class role in the Raid finder.

I wanted to let you know that we're aware of your concerns on that subject, and we're considering some options to address them. It's unclear at this point whether any of those options will make it into patch 4.3 alongside the Raid Finder though, or whether they're even feasible in the short term. (Source)

Inactive Guild Leader Replacement
Inactive Guild Master + Inactive Officers
That would only work if the characters in those ranks were active. If Rank 1 in a guild (the rank right below guild leader) has no active characters within a week of the guild leader being marked as inactive, then then game will open up eligibility to Rank 2. This will continue all the way down to the lowest rank in the guild, if necessary.

Example: Let's say a guild leader has 5 alts in Rank 1 listed as Officers. No other characters in the guild are in that rank. If the guild leader goes inactive and none of those alts have logged into the game in the past week, then the game will also allow Rank 2 characters to request leadership. If there aren't any active characters in Rank 1 or Rank 2, Rank 3 characters will be eligible. (And so on.)  (Source)

Character/Account Activity Tracking
Is this if the account has not been active or just the character that is the guild leader?

It's per character, not per account. While we understand that guild leaders may enjoy leveling alts, we still feel that it's reasonable to ask them to log into their characters at least once per month.

The duration of inactivity isn't final, though. We'll definitely be considering player feedback and may make adjustments before patch 4.3 releases. (Source)

Is there an option to nominate someone preemptively?
This can be achieved by placing that character at the highest rank below guild leader. If you've already done so, but that rank is shared (meaning, it's occupied with characters you don't feel should be guild leader), then you may wish to create a separate, higher rank for the character you'd like to be your successor. This way, he or she will be given the opportunity to adopt guild leadership in your absence first -- provided, of course, that their character has logged in within a week of you being marked as inactive.

That's simply a suggestion, though, given current functionality. Many elements of this system are not final, so feedback is absolutely appreciated. Thank you for yours! :) (Source)

Divine Plea doesn't grant a charge of Holy Power
Just a quick note, Divine Plea does not generate Holy Power (in the absence of the Protection talent, Shield of the Templar). This is either a bug or bad data-mining.

Please consider this an attempt to set the record straight. We really don't want players to feel like they were nerfed when this change (which was never actually made) was apparently reverted (even though it never existed to begin with). (Source)

Doomguard "Nerf" on PTR
In 4.3, we have fixed the bug that caused the Doomguard to benefit too much from mastery. We have buffed Demonology warlocks to compensate. Also note that we have not yet completed our balance adjustments for 4.3 so what you've seen in the patch notes are mostly of a mechanical nature.

That said, we think balance is in a good place overall, so anyone expecting huge pendulum swings will probably be disappointed. (Source)

The Daily Blink - Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Server

WCG Srbija - StarCraft II Photo Album I Utisci

I nakon završetka WCG Serbia 2011, StarCraft II je protekao fantastično! Pobednik ide za Koreju, a najbitnije je da svi koji su došli su se odlično proveli! Igre su bile zanimljive, i samo je bila šteta što nismo mogli da posmatramo sve sa projektora na platnu kao protekle godine ali oni koji su posetili događaj su imali priliku da vide sve igre ako su želeli i dalje.
Hvala svima koji su došli i koji su nas pratili uživo na sajtu! Uživajte u albumu koji možete videti ovde, i vidimo se uskoro na novom velikom SC2 tournamentu sa istim fantastičnim ljudima! :)

Season 11 Weapon Models

Stigli smo danas da uradimo i preview Season 11 Weapon modela. Za razliku od PvE oružija u 4.3 Blizzard se izgleda nije tolko dobro potrudio oko PvP-a :(

Season 11 Season 11 2H Axe Season 11 Season 11 2H Mace Season 11 Season 11 2H Sword

Season 11 Season 11 Wand Season 11 Season 11 Wand Season 11 Season 11 Axe

Season 11 Season 11 Bow Season 11 Season 11 Crossbow Season 11 Season 11 Dagger

Season 11 Season 11 Dagger Season 11 Season 11 Gun Season 11 Season 11 Mace

Season 11 Season 11 Mace Season 11 Season 11 Off Hand Season 11 Season 11 Polearm

Season 11 Season 11 Shield Season 11 Season 11 Staff Season 11 Season 11 Staff

Season 11 Season 11 Sword Season 11 Season 11 Sword Season 11 Season 11 Thrown

WCG Srbija - StarCraft II Day 2 Replayevi (Updated)

Možete skinuti ovde. Izvinjavam se što nije raspoređeno kako treba i što ima replayeva od juče ali na brzinu smo sve prebacili da imate sve odmah.
Ovde takođe možete videti sve rezultate kako je koj igrač napredovao kroz ceo turnir.
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