Arena Tournament: WoW Serbia Team

Ukoliko ste se pitali šta igra WoW Serbia Tim na Arena Pass serveru i kako izgledaju naši karakteri sledi mali prikaz našeg tima. Kao što možete videti na slici gore radi se o Retri, DK i Shaman 3vs3 setupu. Za sada nam ide ok, a i sami ćete videti video zapis koji će večeras da se nadje na našem youtube kanalu. 
Stiven - Stevan Mitrović (Silencer), administrator sajta WoW Serbia. 
Race: Tauren
Spec: Retribution
Talents: 7 / 2 / 32

Pae - Igor Mitrovic (Killygor), Ex Forum Moderator.
Race: Orc
Spec: Resto
Talents: 0 / 9 / 32
Sarma -  Aleksandar Djurdjelija  (Capma), Prestao da igra wow zbog žene.
Race: Orc
Spec: Frost
Talents: 3 / 31 / 7

BlizzCon: A Celebration of the Blizzard Community

Kao i svake godine, Blizzard.rs tim će vam doneti BlizzCon direktno na front page, uživo sa događaja sa svim svežim najavama kao i pokriti sve moguće panele događaja uživo! Velike stvari će se dogoditi ove godine za Diablo, kao i za sve ostale igre, a ove godine ćete sve diablo informacije sa BlizzCona dobiti i na našem zvaničnom fansite-u Diablo.rs! Očekujemo dosta informacija povodom Heart of the Swarm-a, kao i nove igre koju Blizzad planira da izbaci u MMO žanru. Definitivno će ovaj BlizzCon biti jedan od najuzbudljivijih, a ako ste zaboravili kako je naš coverage izgledao prošle godine, još uvek imate dugme BlizzCon 2010 na vrhu ove strane da kliknete! Vidimo se uživo, na BlizzConu 2011!

Quote from: Zarhym

BlizzCon 2011 will soon be upon us! While the article below was written for issue #3 of the World of Warcraft Official Magazine, which was released prior to BlizzCon 2010, I feel the message is still very relevant. Read on to discover just why we, your friendly Blizzard community managers, value each and every BlizzCon event we host. We hope to see some of you at this year’s show!

We're now rapidly approaching our fifth BlizzCon, and are as excited as ever to share our enthusiasm for game development with all attendees, as well as those watching on the Internet and television the world over. In years past we've used this convention as a platform to announce each new World of Warcraft expansion, share the latest developments on existing games, lift the veil on the work we do behind company doors, host live tournaments, and provide hours of entertainment by well-known comedians and musical acts. With each BlizzCon we've stepped up our game, increasing the size, scope, and accessibility of the festivities; and each time the global demand for tickets has increased. But, there's one key aspect of the event uniquely special to us — it's become an incredible avenue for Blizzard gamers to unite under one roof.

For community managers, there's no greater pleasure than watching a large group of gamers come together in a lively social environment. With BlizzCon now on the radar of so many players, we watch every year as friends, family, guildmates, and Arena teams make their arrangements to come together for one intense weekend. The concept is pretty simple. We make the games, we rent the venue, and we provide the atmosphere and entertainment. What makes BlizzCon the catalyst for great times and memories, though, is the community, which comes together to celebrate the countless bonds which have been formed within the games.

Long before BlizzCon, players form connections on our forums, planning to take their social gaming through a quantum leap into the real world. In the industry, this is often referred to as 'awesome.' By the time we hit the week of the convention, we see hundreds of players meeting up to enjoy the temperate Southern California vibe.

As the hundreds of Blizzard Entertainment staff arrive that first morning, eager to get things going, it's been humbling to witness attendees lined up by the thousands. We've cruised down the trail of people each year with cameras rolling, and the reactions we get are remarkable. Everyone is soon gathered for opening ceremonies and developer panels, cheering, hollering, laughing, clapping, and sometimes hilariously booing along with the events on each stage. Some come from around the world to compete, more to sample upcoming titles or content; some come to participate in — or just enjoy — the many contests held for the show. Jay Mohr riding a motorized turtle two years back was priceless, as was Ozzy closing down the house last year. And we can't forget the after-parties that extend the fun until the wee hours.

BlizzCon is a celebration of the Blizzard community, an event that allows us to experience their enthusiasm first-hand. Sure, we're extremely passionate about making great games, but it's the community that makes the play experience epic. We look forward to BlizzCon 2010 and hopefully many more to come. We'll see you soon!

Zarhym is a community manager and chattering skull who has recently been troubled by his fish unexpectedly spawning offspring and overcrowding his tank.

Novi World of Warcraft Fan Art

Blizzard je ažurirao svoju Fan Art Sekciju sa četri nova radova, koja predstavljaju World of Warcraft univerzum.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2011/May/26] width=[340] height=[200]}

Asks the Dev #8 - Firelands

Novi "Ask the Dev" je dostupan i izgleda da su razvoj Abyssal Maw istance zvanično obustavili do daljenjeg. 

Originally Posted by Takralus (Source)
Welcome to the answers thread for our World of Warcraft "Ask the Devs" global Q&A. These answers are in response to the round #8 questions, which can be seen here: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2098312571

Q: What happened with the Abyssal Maw dungeon that was supposed to come with Firelands? – Maryjanee (EU-EN), Espiritu (NA)

A: Our initial plan for this raid tier was to have fewer bosses in Firelands and a small number of bosses in the Abyssal Maw. As we looked more closely at Firelands, though, we realized that it deserved more bosses. We also got excited about designing item art (and set bonuses!) that were very fiery in nature, and the Molten Front questing area was turning out to be really cool, so we ended up piling more resources into Firelands. That led to the decision to focus on one strong theme (fire), rather than a more diluted fire-and-water theme.

The case for Abyssal Maw pitch was that we could reuse a lot of existing assets (the fights were to take place in a giant shelled demigod like Nespirah), and while we are willing to do that, we thought Abyssal Maw would just pale in comparison to the magnificence of the Firelands. So, we put all of our eggs into that one basket. We’ve decided for now that the Vashj’ir quest line along with the Throne of the Tides dungeon does a pretty good job of finishing the Neptulon story.

Q: A majority of the fights in T11 favored having little or no Melee DPS. Are there plans to fix this? – Merissa (NA), Espiritu (NA)

A: We view this more of a class problem than an encounter problem. It used to be the case that casters really suffered whenever they had to move, which was the penalty they paid in order to make up for the fact that melee took a lot of extra damage. Nowadays, melee classes don’t really take that much extra damage, and we’ve also given casters a number of movement-oriented tools designed to keep their DPS from dropping as much as it used to when they are asked to shoot-and-scoot.

Whenever there are situations in an encounter that encourage grouping, the ranged often move into melee (with the occasional exception for hunters), but melee never move to ranged. Any of the fights that punish clumping also tend to punish melee more. We recognize all of these problems, as do many players, but it’s challenging to address them quickly. For example, without compensation, casters would suffer a lot in PvP if their movement tools were suddenly stripped away.

In the meantime, we don’t want to over-constrain encounter design, or worse, make it feel very formulaic by getting to the point where players expect the “melee fight” to be followed by the “adds fight,” followed by the “Patchwerk fight,” then the “ranged fight.” We’re making sure that melee have some fights where they can shine in Firelands. To use just one example, the Sons of Flame on Ragnaros tend to be better handled by melee than ranged.

Q: When Tier 11 content was first launched, the majority of fights in 25-person were explicitly easier than the 10-person version, such as Nefarian and almost every Heroic encounter. Do you have plans to make content for 25 players more appealing in patch 4.2? – Wynter (EU-DE), Nisana (EU-FR), Espiritu (NA)

A: The supposition that easier content is less appealing in the question is a bit puzzling given how few guilds have been able to finish the heroic 25 encounters. In any event, it wasn’t that we set out to make sure 10s and 25s were different. If anything, we wanted to make sure that 25s weren’t significantly harder, since many of the 25-player guilds were convinced we were trying to force them to become 10-player raiding guilds.

There were some fights at launch where 10s were too challenging (and some fights where the opposite was true), but we view those as nails in a board that need to be either beat down or pried up until they are more even with everything else. Progress in NA and EU on the 25-player content was faster than on the 10-player content, but this was probably largely because most progression oriented guilds in those regions were already focused on 25-player raids. This is also a regional difference. In Korea for example, there are a lot of hardcore raiding guilds focused on heroic 10-player content.

Q: Will we see anything of a sympathetic view of why Fandral Staghelm changed allegiances before he meets his demise? – Lorinall (NA)

A: Not every villain in World of Warcraft gets a chance at redemption. In Firelands, the new majordomo will show you no mercy, so we don’t recommend holding back. However, one of the final quest rewards available from the Leyara quest line in the Molten Front daily quest area will give you a chance to see another side of the former archdruid.

Q: It can be anticipated that mana regeneration and maximum mana will increase from gearing up with the new Firelands equipment. Isn’t there a possibility that healers can spam big heals again (and more quick heals) just like in WotLK? If so, is there any plan to handle this without class nerfs? – Whitewnd (KR)

A: As damage increases, healers will need to use their largest, most inefficient heals more regularly to keep up. That’s fine and was all part of the design. We just didn’t want players to opt out of mana regeneration too early in the content because then Spirit (and mana-related procs) on gear wouldn’t be attractive, and because we’d have to balance difficulty by making the tanks die in a couple of GCDs if not healed continually. Most progression-oriented healers still want large amounts of Spirit, often in every single slot. As they get more comfortable with their mana, they’ll be able to replace some of that Spirit with other stats, but the Spirit will still be valuable; more Spirit on a set piece for example might mean being able to use a different enchant or reforge on another piece.

This is still a much better place to be than we were with Lich King content, where mana stopped mattering in the first raid tier. Aside from the mana changes we’ve already made to Innervate, Mana Tide Totem and paladin heals, we don’t think an overall regen nerf is necessary.

Q: Do we have any plans to include events similar to the Wrath Gate? – Mushik (LA), 잔메르 (KR)

A: We have a short cinematic or two, but nothing on the scale of the Wrath Gate cinematic for 4.2. We enjoy that kind of epic spectacle and we’ll do it when it makes sense; however, we also received plenty of feedback from the Cataclysm questing experience that we occasionally took control away from players too often, especially in Uldum, in order to tell the story, so we want to be very careful when we do that in the future. That said, there are some very cinematic moments in 4.2 such as watching the druid trees on the Molten Front grow or seeing the bridge form to Sulfuron Keep.

Q: Will there be weekly missions in the Firelands similar to Icecrown Citadel in where the players were required to alter the dynamics of each encounter in order to complete them and receive rewards such as promordial saronite and gold? – Orisai (LA)

A: We aren’t doing these types of quests for the Firelands raid, but that doesn’t rule out us doing them again in some future tier of content.

Q: In Cataclysm, it has been hard to find unique raid mounts such as Siege Engines in Ulduar or Drakes in The Eye of Eternity. Can we expect to see battles using unique mounts or other objects among the Firelands raids? – 빛그리고사제 (KR)

A: We were worried players might be suffering from a little bit of encounter vehicle fatigue. We’ll do it when it makes sense for an encounter, but we don’t want players to get sick of seeing fights on vehicles.

There are several fight mechanics in Firelands that depart from usual “don’t stand in the fire” or ”interrupt important spells” routine. For example, you can fly during part of the Alysrazor encounter, you climb webs during the Beth’tilac encounter, and you steer Lord Rhyolith around in a manner very different from standard kiting. (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2219880)

Q: Is Ragnaros gonna have a speech about setbacks? – Gerox (NA)


Patch 1.3.4 Now Live

Quote from: Game Patch Notes
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – Patch 1.3.4

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would cause some Leagues & Ladder pages not to show correctly.

Arena Pass Screenshots i Najava Videa

Za početak malo screenshotova, kako je to izgledalo u areni sa Stiven (Ret Paladin), Pae (Resto Shaman) i Sarma (Death Knight). Bilo je krajnje uzbudljivo, a ovo je samo mali preview, dok radimo na finalnom video zapisu, bez cenzure, sve što smo pričali u toku arena mečeva
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2011/May/25/screenshots] width=[180] height=[160]}

Trenutni Arena Pass Standing

Svake srede obaveštavaćemo vas o trenutnoj poziciji top 3 timova na EU Arena Pass serveru. Kao što možete videti u daljem tekstu 5vs5 trenutno nije popularan na Arena Pass serveru.

2vs2 Arena Pass Ladder:
  1. nammo cleave - 2360 Rating (Death Knight, Shaman) 
  2. Kenan and kell - 2350 Rating (Priest, Death Knight)
  3. Cot Cot Cot Cot - 2322 Rating (Druid, Death Knight)
2vs3 Arena Pass Ladder:
  1. concede bei fünfzehn - 2624 Rating (Paladin, Mage, Warrior)
  2. BEST NAME - 2611 Rating (Warlock, Death Knight, Shaman)
  3. Rshaman take zero skill - 2607 Rating (Shaman, Mage, Warlock)
5vs5 Arena Pass Ladder:
  1. Mumma likes it big - 766 Rating (Rogue, Priest, Mage, Shaman, Warlock)
  2. schmokbombcleave - 384 Rating (Rogue, Warrior, Death Knight, Druid, Paladin)
  3. Lolteam - 288 Rating (Druid, Warrior, Druid, Shaman, Rogue)
Odmah se i vidi šta dominira u 2vs2, a to je Death Knight klasa sa hilerom. Dok u 3vs3 dominiraju trenutno najbolji setupovi kao što je i na live serverima. 
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