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Beta Test Preview Co Op Mode - Neonkitza, Frame i SIlencer

Posle bezuspešnog pokušaja da uploadujemo video zapis od sat vremena i 25 minuta, jer iz nekog razloga youtube account nam je limitiran na samo 15 minuta, odlučili smo da naš prvi Co Op Gameplay video smanjimo na 14 minuta i 48 sekundi kako bi mogli da vam prikažemo jedan deo zabave koju smo imali testirajući betu. Video prikazuje Cathedral Level 4 sve do Skeleton Kinga, gde Frame igra Barbariana, Silencer Monka, a Neonkitza Wizard klasu.

Debata o Boji Legendary Itema se nastavlja

Debata o narandžastoj boji Legendary itema se nastavlja već mesecima, gde igrači traže da se legendary itemima da poznata žuta boja, i da se odustane od narandžaste. Bashiok se u toku dana ubacio u diskusiju.

Originally Posted by Bashiok
We think orange is just a hell of a lot easier to distinguish from the other item colors. Not everyone has great monitors, not everyone is playing in a dark room with their contrast set up properly. We’ve made a lot of choices to ensure Diablo III is a true sequel in the series, including our item color choices, but dark gold just doesn’t read well while playing. It’s nostalgic, sure, but we’re not going to be nostalgic at the detriment of gameplay.

Bring back dark gold.

If you couldn’t tell the diff between unique and rare, get your eyes checked.

I can see the FAQ now.

Q. I have a hard time telling between legendaries and rares, can they be a different color?A. Hey listen, if you can’t tell the difference go get your eyes checked. Loser. In fact, tell us your account because we’re just going to outright delete your game license. GET OUT! Dark Gold! Dark Gold! Dark Gold! Dark Gold!

Hunter Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective

Originally Posted by Blizzard
Adventurers will be tested like never before in 4.3 as they take on Deathwing and his minions, emerging with powerful new treasures. Please enjoy this preview of the hunter tier 13 set, as well as a visual guide to tiers 1 through 12 for Transmogrification purposes.

Hunter – Wyrmstalker Battlegear

We like to tie a Hunter’s Tier armour in with an appropriate donor creature – it suggests the Hunter has actually hunted for the set! As there’s an awful lot of dragons in this patch, a draconic theme was the way to go. We wanted to reference but not simply reproduce the classic Dragonstalker set. To that end, we limited the use of dragon heads to the helm and chained leathery wings around the shoulders which gives the impression of a skeletal dragon crouching over the Hunter’s upper body.

Hunter Tier 1-12

Raid Finder Loot Pravila

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
In response to concerns regarding how loot will be distributed in the Raid Finder system, we are making some changes to how loot rolls will work when using the Need Before Greed system in the Raid Finder. When using Raid Finder for the Dragon Soul raid instance, players whose currently assigned class role (Tank, Healer, or Damage) matches the class role that a piece of armor or a weapon is flagged for will receive +100 to their Need roll. For purposes of this check, your currently assigned role is defined as the class role you have assigned when a boss is defeated. Sound confusing? I hope not, but here's how it'll work:

A boss dies and drops EPIC TANKING ITEM.

  • A mage in the group yawns and clicks the "Greed" button, getting a 98.
  • A Fury warrior in the group wants to take up tanking, so he rolls "Need" and gets a solid 64.
  • Both tanks want the item. Tank 1 rolls a 12, and Tank 2 rolls a 7.

So what happens?

Because the mage rolled greed, she's right out from the start. The Fury warrior's Need roll was higher than the tanks', but he was in the Damage Dealer role when the boss died, and the item is flagged for tanking, so his 64 is still just a 64 out of a possible 100. In contrast, Tank 1 and Tank 2 each get a 100 point bonus to their rolls because they were in the Tanking role when the boss died and they’re rolling on an item that has been flagged for the tanking role. That means that Tank 1 rolled a 112 out of 200, and tank 2 rolled a 107 out of 200. Tank 1 wins the item! If a roll got a bonus, that bonus will be clearly displayed in the chat log.

Please keep in mind that, at least for now, this system will only look at class role, and not player spec. This bonus isn't only for tanking items either – it applies to Tanking, Damage Dealing, and Healing items, and some items are flagged for more than one class role too. Starting out, only Dragon Soul raid items will be flagged for class roles in this way (though all of the items in the raid will be flagged for one or more roles). As you might expect, all the normal Need Before Greed rules are still in place, so that means that these roll bonuses won't overrule normal class and usability restrictions. Item tooltips in the raid won't reflect which class roles will get rolling bonuses, but it should be fairly obvious based on stat allocations and item type.

We are considering expanding this system to apply to the new 4.3 dungeons as well, though it is unlikely that we'll see the system apply to older dungeons or raids for now. Also, please keep in mind that this system is newly minted, and it may see further changes before it's released with the Raid Finder in patch 4.3.

Ažurirana Blizzard Fan Art Galerija

Blizzard Service Awards: Swords and Shields Ceremony

Several times a year, Blizzard employees around the world gather to celebrate the five, ten, and fifteen-year milestones of their friends and colleagues with a ceremony where each recipient is honored with their service award. We now present a gallery with examples of awards that have been handed out over the years in recognition of the hard work, great resolve, and unwavering dedication that has helped make Blizzard the company you know today.

Ažurirana Cena Void Storage

Napokon imamo zvanične informacije kolka cena ima da bude za korišćenje Void Storage usluge.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
I just recently got back from a meeting with Ghostcrawler and have an update to share regarding the prices for Void Storage. Instead of charging 1000g to unlock a Void Storage vault and 100g to deposit and withdraw items, we're looking at only requiring the following amounts for each transaction:

Unlock - 100g
Deposit - 25g
Withdrawal - Free

We agree with the suggestions we've seen that placing a higher fee on withdrawals would create a stronger deterrent for using Void Storage as a secondary bank. That said, we don't want players to find themselves in a situation where they are unable to retrieve an item simply because they don't have the gold. This is why we're leaning towards a more expensive deposit (to differentiate Void Storage from a normal bank) and allowing all withdrawals to be free. Please keep in mind that these prices may not hit the PTR and are, of course, subject to change before the release of 4.3.
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