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2011 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
The Halloween season has finally arrived, and we’re ready to cut straight to the heart of the holiday. If you’re dying to pick up a knife and hack, gash, slash, and jab at something, then you might be excited to hear that as of October 11, Blizzard’s 2011 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest has officially begun! Unleash your magical axes, psi blades, chitinous claws, and other creative cutlery to carve up Blizzard-themed jack-o’-lanterns of epic awesomeness. If you’re unclear as to what epic awesomeness looks like in the flesh, you can check out last year’s winners for some inspiration.

We’ll choose ten of the grandest Cucurbita to earn a delightful prize package consisting of:
  • Marauder StarCraft II Gaming Keyboard
  • Banshee StarCraft II Gaming Headset
  • Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse
  • StarCraft II Zerg Edition Messenger Bag

Don’t delay, start carving right away! The ninth annual pumpkin carving contest ends on October 25, so be sure to check out the contest page for rules and eligibility and get straight to slicing.

Nagradna igra - 2000 Diablo 3 Beta Ključeva

Blizzard je zvanično objavio da je pokrenuo nagradnu igru na kojoj dele 2000 Diablo 3 Beta ključeva!!!

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Starting October 17, we’ll be randomly selecting 200 winners each week to receive a key to our exclusive Diablo III beta test. In addition, every fourth winner chosen will receive a second key to share with a friend! Drawings will occur every Monday for eight weeks for a total 2,000 keys.

Interested? Good! Signing up is easy. Simply follow Diablo on Facebook and complete our official entry form between now and December 12 for your chance to win. For more information about how to participate, check out the sweepstakes rules and eligibility page. Good luck!

E sad sledi najbolji deo :) Na Facebook App stranici na kojoj se prijavljujete za Diablo 3 Beta Nagradnu igru, stoje sledeće informacije:

Originally Posted by Diablo Facebook Apps (Source)
Prize Details
Want to lead the charge against the minions of the Burning Hells before the game releases? Then join the fight for the fate of Sanctuary by entering the Diablo III Beta Key Sweepstakes!

Starting October 17, we’ll be randomly selecting 200 winners each week to receive a key to our exclusive Diablo III beta test. In addition, we’ll also be awarding a second key to every fourth winner chosen. Drawings will occur at the end of every Monday for 8 weeks for a total 2,000 keys.

Interested? Good! Sign-up is easy. Simply follow Diablo® and complete our official entry form between now and December 12 for your chance to win. For more information about how to participate , check out the sweepstakes rules and eligibility page .

Prize Eligibility
Only persons residing in Alberta, Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, British Columbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Manitoba, Mexico, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Norway, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Poland, Prince Edward Island, Russian Federation, Saskatchewan, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States and Yukon who are at least 13 years of age can enter.

Sweepstakes Starts
October 11, 2011 @ 11:00 am (PDT)

Sweepstakes Ends
December 12, 2011 @ 11:59 pm (PST)

Need more Details?

Da dobro ste pročitali Srbija može da učestvuje u ovoj nagradnoj igri. Medjutim ima dosta korisnika koji su razočarani ovim problema da ne mogu da učestvuju zbog problema oko zakona za nagradne igre u državom u kojoj žive? Odmah je nastala polemika na zvaničnom EU forumu jer dosta igrača, gde se Zhydaris oglasio povodom problema, ali nije mogao detlajne informacije da iznese ili da se upušta u diskusiju jer je to više pitanje za Legal department.

Originally Posted by Zhydaris (Source)
First of all, I would like to point out that there is no benefit to us to not offering these promotions in all European countries. We always try to reach out to all of our players and we definitely don’t want to keep countries out of the loop. Unfortunately, this isn’t always our call.

Every country has different legal restrictions, and this restrictions will determine if a particular offer or initiative will be available to a specific country.
I cannot go into details because there are just too many examples, it’s impossible to examine them on a case by case basis.

Long story short, some of our initiatives are classified as “gambling” in some countries, as “pyramid schemes” in others, and so on. Some laws just state that any promotion, deal, or offer that allows additional benefits to be gained as a result of bringing further people to the game would be classed as unacceptable.

We don’t care about the number of players we have in a specific country, we just want to involve as many people as possible.

As you can imagine, it’s a difficult situation, but we’re definitely aware of the fact that all of our players would like to have the opportunity of taking part in our initiatives.
My suggestion is to get in touch with our Legal department, to be honest.  I can assure you that we always try to include as many countries as possible, that’s for sure.

Ažurirana Blizzard Art Galerija

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Tome of Light Buff
We didn’t actually buff Tome of Light per se. It was just twice as good as the tooltip said it was, and since we didn't think that a nerf was in order, we're just correcting the tooltip for 4.3. You guys shouldn't notice a change to Tome of Light.

You should notice a change to Holy Word: Serenity, though. As you know, that ability hasn't always benefited from the 25% crit bonus that it's supposed to get. It was a little tricky to figure out why that was happening, but we've gotten to the bottom of it. Holy Word: Serenity should be fixed for 4.3, so you should notice a change there.

[...]Sorry for the confusion! The bug came in an earlier version of 4.3 and was fixed recently in 4.3. Please recall that, while you guys are just getting your first look at it, internally we have been working on 4.3 for a long time.

However, this fix has introduced another bug. With the priest tier set bonus, the duration of Sanctuary can be longer than its cooldown. This causes a host of technical problems because that spell just isn’t set up right to have multiple copies, nor do we really want Sanctuary to have 100% uptime in the first place. So, we're likely to revert the change to Tome of Light (restoring it back to 15% / 30%) but we'll also lower the base cooldown of Serenity so that it will have a 7 sec cooldown with Tome of Light.

Note: All of this discussion applies to the 4.3 PTR, where some amount of "design churn" is to be expected; we want to avoid making you to feel like your character is under a barrage of constant changes after a patch goes live. (Source)

Guardian Cub: Legal Gold Selling
TCG Loot card mounts like the Spectral Tiger have been BoE for a long time now (since patch 3.2), and that was and continues to be well-received, and as far as we've been able to tell hasn't had any adverse impact to the game or economy - despite them selling for sometimes astronomical amounts of gold.

It’s potentially worth noting that no new gold is being introduced into the game's economy with those mounts or the new Guardian Cub pet.

Our goal with the Guardian Cub is to provide alternative ways for players who don't want to spend real money to add these pets to their collection. Even though this has been available a while now with the TCG mounts, this is obviously a new kind of way to deliver Pet Store pets, and we're definitely interested to hear your feedback and ultimately see how this will play out. (Source)

No Orc or Undead Paladins?
[...] We've already incorporated a lot of race/class combos that never existed from the release of the game. I think you could argue we should just make it so every race can be every class at this point, we're pretty much there, and I think you could argue that we should hang on to the few distinctions we have left.

I'll make one argument, it would be a lot of work to scale/fit each class-specific armor piece to two additional models (male/female) of a new race. Not insurmountable, but it'd be a call we'd really have to evaluate and be prepared to take on that extra work for every set that's produced. Aside from any lore-related explanations we want to keep.

Personally I think the distinction that only some races can be some classes adds a lot to the game. It makes it feel more real, even if I don't know what the lore reason is. (Source)

BlizzCon: Ask the Artists
At this year’s BlizzCon we have a stage dedicated to featuring Blizzard artists of all disciplines and styles, from Glenn Rane (Digital Painting, Creative Development) to Samwise Didier (Traditional Drawing, StarCraft II). Whether you’re attending the event or watching from home, we’re giving you an opportunity on the forums to ask a question of the artists. All you have to do is list the discipline and/or category below which best fits your art-related question and ask away here:

If selected, your inquiry will be read and answered live from the Artist Stage at BlizzCon! [...] (Source)

Patch 4.3: Cauldron of Battle

Big Cauldron of Battle i Cauldron of Battle su na PTR promenjeni u Bind to Account sa Bing on Pickup. Ne moramo više da koristimo naše Alchemist altove napokon :)

Season 3 Now Locked

Attention, StarCraft II ladder warriors! Season 3 is now locked.

At the end of each ladder season, leagues are “locked” which means players can no longer be promoted or demoted out of their current league or division, and bonus pools will stop growing. That’s no reason to quit playing: even after leagues are locked, players will still be able to play out their remaining bonus pool and compete for standing within their divisions until the end of the season two weeks later. The match-making skill ratings which determine league promotion and demotion will also continue to update during the lock, so games played during the lock still count toward league placement in Season 4.

Now that the lock is in effect, Season 3 will soon come to an end. We’ll be turning over to Season 4 during the week of October 24. Season milestone rewards will be locked in at this time, and bonus pools will start over. Hidden skill ratings used for matchmaking and league placement will carry over from the previous season, so players who have completed placement matches in a previous season will only need to play one new placement match after Season 4 starts.

Beginning with Season 4, there are two changes coming to future ladder seasons:

  • Each season will now last for approximately two months
  • Grandmaster league placement time will be reduced to one week (from two weeks) to account for the reduced season length

Dreamhack Tournament powered by kgb.e-sports

Dragi gejmeri ,

Krajem meseca oktobra ( 22.10 I 23.10 ) organizujemo turnir u KGB-e.sports igraonici, u okviru “Dreamhack Regional Balkan” turnira,pod nazivom “Dreamhack Serbia”.
Discipline : CS 1.6 I StarCraft2 :)

Mesto : Beograd, Ruzveltova 1, TC Metro
  • Datum : 22/10/11 I 23/09/11 god.
  • Broj ekipa za CS: 40
  • Broj igraca za SC2 : 32
  • Kontakt : , 064-8777-035 Rade
  • Ufur : 4000 RSD za CS, 1000 RSD za sc2
  • Nagrade :
Prve dve ekipe ( znači finale ) dobijaju plaćen put I smestaj u Bucuresto ( Rumunija ) na Regionalnom takmičenju gde će biti još 10 ekipa sa ostalih prostora ex yu, prve dve ekipe koje pobede tamo ( znači isto finale ) dobijau plaćen put/smeštaj u Swedskoj na glavnom turniru ( učestvovaće samo 16 ekipa u swedskoj na glavnom Dreamhack turniru od toga znači 2 naše sa balkana najbolje )

Kao što su gore za CS nagrade, isto tako je I za sc2 , znači ko osvoji kod nas sc2 ide u Rumuniju, ako osvoji tamo Ide u swedsku na glavno finale.
osveženje za sve učesnike ( 1 igrač ne 2 )

Prvog dana subota igraće se CS, drugog dana nedelja igraće se sc2 i preostali mečevi cs-a

Turnir će se igrati na 40 računara I 4 servera.
  • Samo da vas podsetim da se turnir igra na STEAM-u, ko ne bude imao svoj steam dacemo mu mi nas.
  • Igraće se na serverima : EPS v3 1000 FPS

Konfiguracije racunara : bićete obavešteni u narednim danima.

Sistem takmičenja : Bićete obavešteni u narednim danima.

Turnir će biti propraćen sa HLTV-om , takodje imaćete na raspolaganju 2-3 plazme da možete pratiti mečeve koji se igraju live.

Uplate se primaju do 20.10.2011 god.

Što se tiče uplata, možete da uplatite lično u KGB-u ili na žiro račun :

Žiro račun raifaisen banka: 265-0000000755639-77
Primalac: Radivoje Bezanovic
Svrha uplate: uplata za turnir ( ime ekipe u produzetku )

Obavezno sačuvajte drugi primerak uplatnice.

Svaka ekipa je DUZNA da pošalje e-mail na : I da u njemu napiše SASTAV EKIPE ( 5 igrača ) njihove Tagove,ime/prezime,e-mail i nicknameove.

Primer : TAG EKIPE, IME/prezime / E-mail / nickname
Primer : Drugari , Petar Petrovic,, Petar

Ko ne posalje KAKO TREBA PRIJAVU smatraće se DA NIJE PRIJAVIO ekipu i ako su uplatili.


Kao sto piše za counter, isto tako je i za sc2
Za sve dodatne informacije koje vam trebaju stojimo Vam na raspolaganju :
  • Mobilni: 064-8777-035 KGB.RADE
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