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Startovao Auction House Test

Kao što smo već objavili na sajtu, Blizzard je danas pustio na test Diablo 3 Auction House. To se desilo u toku održavanja servera, a mi sada imamo i video zapis gde možete videti kako izgleda na beti Auction House. Ovo je samo sistem koji radi na bazi Golda, znači nema još zaradjivanja pravih para preko ovog sistema. UI je stvarno lep i simpatičan, iako možemo skrenuti na to da i pored korišćenja detaljnog pretraživanja, pretraživač izbaci veliku količinu podataka.

Takodje odmah i da kažemo da su igrači već poslali par problema koju su imali sa aukcijskom kućom, i to uglavnom u vezi toga da predmet koji su kupili nisu dobili u svoj stash, i malo odvratan bug koji resetuje Blacksmith skill kako naučite neki novi recept?
Povodom ovog problema Blizzard se odmah i oglasio:

Originally Posted by Blizzard
Hey everyone,
We are aware of the critical issue that is resetting your Blacksmith’s recipes after sending an item you bought on the Auction House to your shared stash. This can also happen when selling items on the Auction House. In the meantime, please do not post any more threads about it.
Thank you very much for your patience.

Blizzard želi character sheet input statistiku

Trenutan Character Sheet u igri izgleda veoma iscrpan, Blizzard traži još povratnih informacija od igrača.

Originally Posted by Blizzard
And actually, right now we’re looking for suggestions on stats and info people want to see on the character sheet. The primary interface probably won’t change much, but when mousing over each individual piece of the UI like Attack, Defense, etc. and then clicking on the Details arrow at the bottom, we’d love to fill that out with as much info as you want (and we can stomach). It’s obviously already pretty robust compared to D2, but if anyone wants to start a thread and sort of gather any ideas/suggestions up, we’d definitely be interested in seeing what other character data you’d want spilled there.

(same goes for any fansites or anyone not in the beta on General, we’ll keep an eye out)

DreamHack Valencia, We Love Esports

Quote from: Katriedna

Get ready to feast your eyes on more top-notch live StarCraft II action with the DreamHack Valencia Invitational! The event is part of the DreamHack Sapphire AMD Championship, and kicks off at 14:00 CEST on 17 September at the Veles e Vents building in Valencia, Spain.

The following eight participants will fight for a prize pool of around €11,000 and a chance to battle alongside other competitors at DreamHack Winter 2011!

DongRaeGu HerO HuK IdrA
LucifroN NaNiwa Rain ThorZain

To top-off the show, TotalBiscuit and Apollo will be at your service as the resident shoutcasters.

Apollo, TotalBiscuit

Be sure to not miss this epic event, whether in person by purchasing a ticket or from the comfort of your own home through the dedicated online stream. You can find more information about the DreamHack Valencia Invitational here.

Beware! High risk of hazardous encounters en route to the venue:


From the list of participants, who do you think will be crowned as winner at the DreamHack Valencia Invitational? Vote and debate your opinions below!

Quote from: Kapeselus

StarCraft II is a lot of things, but at its heart it’s a fierce strategy game rooted in fast-paced competitive play. Supported by a dedicated community of eSports enthusiasts playing and watching from around the globe, StarCraft II matches are now an exciting fixture within the growing professional gaming scene.

Join us on this journey and relive some of the best moments in competitive StarCraft II over the first year.

Electronic Sports League—So Many Tournaments!

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) organized numerous live and online tournaments including Go4SC2, its recurring flagship cup, and its regional counterparts in several European countries, North America, and Asia. The ESL also runs other events including the Viking Cup, Sennheiser Cup, and others aimed at newer players as well as professionals.

The ESL Pro Series catered to a wide audience with country- and region-specific leagues, where the best of the best for each territory battled it out. EPS games took place in Germany, the United Kingdom and Ireland, France, the Nordic region and Poland, and they never failed to attract large crowds to cheer on their favorite players at the live events.

Another ESL tournament, which has historically been among the most applauded by players and spectators alike, is the HomeStory Cup. Run by Dennis 'TaKe' Gehlen, a former high-level Warcraft III player, now caster and organizer, this laid-back event features some of the world's top players. It’s known for its fun commentary by an ever-rotating cast of favorite stars. The HomeStory Cup always presents a slightly different atmosphere and makes for one of the most entertaining shows in eSports.


Lastly, there’s the ESL’s largest event: Intel Extreme Masters. Now entering its sixth season (its second featuring StarCraft II), this huge event has brought us many fond memories and high-quality games, with a total of six tournaments played all over the world. Organized in three different continents, IEM gave the competition a truly global dimension and has paid out over $90,000 USD in prize money to date.


Who could forget Stefan 'MorroW' Andersson’s last-minute entry into the tournament? His remarkable victory showed everyone the power of the five-barracks reaper strategy in competitive play. Other memorable moments included Jian Carlo ‘Fenix’ Morayra Alejo with his numerous TvT comebacks, and Andrew ‘mOOnGlaDe’ Pender winning the SEA Championship over players like Dai ‘Loner’ Yi and Yang ‘Sen’ Chia Cheng. Finally, there was the IEM World Championship, where the best from all regions clashed in a closely-matched fight for prestige and glory.

Let's see what happens in Season VI, which kicked off last month at gamescom in Cologne, Germany!

DreamHack—Share The Gaming Experience

Moving on to another European highlight, DreamHack, the organisers of the world's largest computer festival are featuring a prestigious series of tournaments with great matches and production, insane levels of excitement, and generous prize pools. With over $70,000 USD paid out to the worthy winners to date—set to reach over $150,000 USD by the end of the year—it’s a premier series every StarCraft II enthusiast should be looking forward to.


It kicked off almost eleven months ago with the DreamHack Winter event, which probably still keeps commentator Sean 'Day[9]' Plott up at night. He co-casted the final with Shaun 'Apollo' Clark, featuring the eventual winner, Santeri 'Naama' Lahtinen, and contender Grzegorz 'MaNa' Komincz. This tournament made it into the eSports history books thanks to the truly amazing back-and-forth matches—it was a show we won’t forget anytime soon.



The success of that event continues into 2011 with the DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship, a series of tournaments made up of various formats that feature four major live shows. Remember the DreamHack Stockholm Invitational with its great production, atmosphere and the incredibly tense final? The immaculate play of Jang 'MC' Ming Chul, recently voted by fans as “The Sickest Nerd Baller” meeting “Beast from the East” Aleksey 'White-Ra' Krupnyk’s “special tactics” is surely worth a watch.

The recently concluded DreamHack Summer once again left us breathless. DreamHack just has a great track record for showing spectators the most intense finals in all of StarCraft II. The final match between Chris 'DreamHuK' Loranger and Jang 'Moon' Jae Ho was simply unforgettable. We can only patiently wait for the upcoming DreamHack events which will take place this week in Valencia, Spain.

GomTV's Global StarCraft II League - The Toughest Competition

While StarCraft II eSports had been popular since release, it exploded with the start of the GSL. It launched on August 28, 2010: the day when the first open tournament of the Global StarCraft II League was organized and produced by GOMtv.


The whole world tuned in to watch the high level of production, follow the world's best players competing for a total prize pool of ~$189,000 USD, and listen to two popular commentators in StarCraft: the casting Archon—Nick 'Tasteless' Plott and Dan 'Artosis' Stemkoski. The inaugural winner, Kim 'FruitDealer' Won Gi, the zerg hero with a totally unpredictable style, will always be an icon. He was so impressive in that tournament that he inspired our Senior Art Director Samwise Didier to create a special piece of art in his honor.

The GSL has undergone several format changes and grown significantly over the last 12 months, maintaining its prime position in eSports. We have seen some of the best non-Korean players participate, most notably the two time semi-finalist Jonathan 'Jinro' Walsh, Greg 'IdrA' Fields (who qualified for all GSL events he ever took part in), and late arrival Chris 'HuK' Loranger, who has consistently maintained his Code S status. In March, the GSL featured a World Championship that brought a nail-biting clash in the South Korea vs. The World exhibition match—setting up a truly global event. It was a really exciting show to watch, ending with South Korea making an impressive comeback to win 8–7.


The league has created real stars, like the two-time champion Jang 'MC' Min Chul, as well as Lim 'NesTea' Jae Duk and Jeong 'Mvp' Jong Hyeon, who both have just recently won their third crowns.

GSL continues strong into its tenth season, adding the Global StarCraft II Team League and giving out roughly $1,500,000 USD in prize money. We have seen the first non-Korean team compete in GSTL, and three more top Europeans, Marcus 'ThorZaIN' Eklöf, Kim ‘SaSe’ Hammar and Johan 'NaNiwa' Lucchesi, have recently joined their ranks to compete in the GSL. The final of GSL October will be played outside of South Korea for the first time, taking place at BlizzCon 2011 in Anaheim, California. GSL also runs an exchange program with another major eSports organization: MLG, aka Major League Gaming.

Join us tomorrow for the second part of the article and read about the other exciting StarCraft II eSport events from the last year.

Diablo III Digital Box Art - Verovatno i izgled Boxa

Blizzard je dodao dve nove Diablo III Box ikone koje treba da predstavljaju Virtual Box slike na Ove slike ne predstavljaju pravu verziju Diablo 3 Box arta, koju bi trebalo da vidimo u lokalnim prodavnicama ukoliko planirate da je kupite u fizičkoj formi. Ovo je samo ikona koju ćete videti na accountu kada budete ubacili Diablo 3 igru. Takodje postoji i šansa da ovo bude finalan izgled Art Boxa, ali na to ćemo morati da sačekamo zvanične informacije.

Na kraju ukoliko neko misli da je ovo laž i da su slike fake, možete slobodno iste da vidite na linkovima, ovde i ovde.

d3-big d3-big

F&F Beta Patch 3

Treći po redu F&F Beta Patch je postavljen na live beta serverima, i on predstavlja public game system kao i Diablo 3 Auction House, koji vrlo brzom ima da bude prikazan.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Diablo III Beta Patch 3 – v.

  • Public Games are once again available to players. To help us test this automated matchmaking feature, click on "Campaign" and then select "Public Games."The number of characters playing the selected public quest will now display in the Public Games menu.
  • The Diablo III Auction Houseis coming soon!
    • During the beta launch of this system, the following features will be enabled:Gold-based equipment exchange
    • Bid, auto-bid, and buyout functionality
    • Slot-based search filters
    • Toast notifications to track auction progress
    • The ability to put items up for auction directly from the shared stash

Dnevne Blue Teme - Dozvoljen jezik, laka igra i sadržaj patcheva

Fan na EU Forumu je govorio o tome da je igra veoma laka, našta mu je Zhydaris objasnio zašto.

Originally Posted by Zhydaris (Source)
Normal difficulty is intentionally very easy.
And this is especially true in the very first sections of the game.
We want players to get used to the game, its mechanics, the hero they're using, and so forth.

Higher difficulty levels will be the real deal. Inferno is definitely not going to be a piece of cake. Tears will be shed. Lots of them. But the joy of overcoming these challenges will be huge indeed!

Jedan od Fanova je takodje govorio o tome da je Diablo 3 ratovan kao M, i zapitao se kako igrači mogu da se obraćaju medjusobno u in-game chatu, kao i topicima na zvaničnom forumu. Community Manager je odgovorio, LOL, GTFO, noob! Ili rečima sličnog efekta.

Originally Posted by Zhydaris (Source)
In WoW, if we curse in chat, and someone reports us, (even though there is a Profanity Filter built into the UI) we can get suspended or banned. (Doesn’t have to be harassment or threatening either. Just any use of profanity that is reported by someone.) However, WoW is a T for Teen rated game. Does that mean in Diablo 3, which is “aiming” for an M-Rating, will allow us to use profanity in the party chat or chat channels without being suspended or banned?? (so long as it’s not harassment or threatening?)

This is a reminder that all posts made on the discussion forums must adhere to the Code of Conduct. This includes use of masked/unmasked inappropriate, obscene/vulgar language.

Fan je pitao u vezi Uber Diablo, i sličnim questovima iz Diablo 3, i dobio lekciju istorije od Bashioka.
Originally Posted by Bashiok (Source)
Uber Diablo was added in a patch years after the initial release, and the point of it was to sap SOJs from the economy. Which it technically did, but only by way of making people want to dupe more of them so they could summon Uber Diablo more often and get more Annihilus charms (which was the reward to make you want to turn in all your filthy duped SoJs), and of course all that did was make Anni charms the more powerful currency.
It was largely a failure in its intent, but yeah it added some cool content if you got lucky and he appeared in your game.

Anyway, we're not going to implement any content to pull duped items from the economy because we intend to attack that and any other hacks with our fully operational battle station.

But as far as just adding in content through patches after the game releases, for sure. We don't exactly know what that would be yet, though.

Mage Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective

Blizzard je danas pored Shaman Tier 13 Seta, objavio i pregled Mage Tier 13 Armor seta. Šteta nisu prikazali ovaj set na Gnomeu, obzirom da smatramo da bi vrlo cool izgledalo.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Adventurers will be tested like never before in World of Warcraft patch 4.3 as they take on Deathwing and his minions, emerging from the conflict with powerful new treasures. Please enjoy this preview of the mage tier 13 armor set, as well as a visual guide to tiers 1 through 12 for Transmogrification purposes.

Mage - Timelord Regalia

It’s fun to put a spin on any caster class that moves it away from the usual wizardly archetype, and this set provided the perfect opportunity to do just that. Gnomish clockwork technology is an established part of the Warcraft universe, but it’s not something we’ve incorporated into a tier of player armor before. The combination of moving cogs, quilted fabric, and lots of buckled straps give the set an intriguing "techno-mage" flavor.

Mage Tiers 1-12

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