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Author: ScepticuS Date: Saturday, 23 May 2015
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Author: FasumAga Date: Friday, 22 May 2015
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Author: FasumAga Date: Friday, 22 May 2015
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Author: Frame Date: Monday, 18 May 2015

Situation Report: StarCraft Patch 1.3!

Quote from: David Kim (!)

Greetings, citizens of the Koprulu sector! It’s been some time since we last submitted a situation report for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, but with patch 1.3, we felt that it was a good time to address some of the changes we implemented and our thoughts on them. We’ve pulled out some of the most notable patch notes to explain our design philosophy and the thinking behind this update.

Balance Changes

  • Players can no longer hide units by setting them in a close proximity patrol (ex: Viking flower).

  • There was a core problem with the Viking flower strategy in that there was no way to know how many Vikings were patrolling a specific area. In StarCraft II, scouting armies is already a difficult and important aspect of play, and it was definitely not our intention to make it possible for air units to use this patrol method to disguise their numbers. We consider this case more of a bug fix than a balance change.

  • Units leaving the Mothership's Vortex are now un-targetable and immune to damage for 1.5 seconds.

  • This was another case that we viewed as more of a bug fix than a balance change. The original concept of Vortex was that it was more than just a stasis or a lockdown. In addition to having the protoss player lock down a part of his or her opponent’s army, the spell was supposed to also be about creating situations for enemy interaction with the Vortex.

    For example: If I'm playing zerg and half of my army was Vortexed, I may decide to put the remaining half into the Vortex. Conversely, I could choose to simply sacrifice half of my units instead and run with the rest if greatly outnumbered by the protoss opponent. However, there was a bug in which splash units instantly killed everything coming out of a Vortex, preventing the different types of interactions we originally intended.

  • Khaydarin Amulet upgrade (+25 starting energy) has been removed.

  • This is perhaps the 1.3 patch change that was most discussed by the community and we wanted to take some to time to explain the rationale behind it. Ultimately, there were two reasons we wanted to remove this item.
    1. We felt this upgrade reduced strategic choice. When combined with stalker or charge zealot warp-ins, this upgrade made it nearly impossible to do any sort of harassment attack anywhere there was a pylon. We didn’t like the reduction in strategic options, as the opponent could only fight major battles with protoss in the late game.
    2. We felt late game protoss splash damage was slightly overpowered. This applies both to high templars and colossi. We felt that if we were to nerf both of these units protoss may end up too weak in the late game. Therefore, we decided to adjust high templars first and see how the game plays out. As we’ve mentioned many times before, we feel it’s safer to take small steps in making balance changes than making drastic changes to an entire race.

  • Charging Zealots will now hit fleeing targets at least once.

  • Even after researching Charge, there are times when zealots aren’t able to hit the opponent even once and just end up getting kited to death. Although this change will not suddenly flip the relationship in those cases, we wanted to improve it a bit. We want Charge zealots to perform better than normal zealots in as many scenarios as possible.

  • Battlecruiser movement speed increased from 1.406 to 1.875.

  • Although we don’t want to see battlecruisers used in every terran late game, we noticed they’re hardly ever used at all. To encourage their use in more games, we decided to buff their biggest weakness, movement speed.

  • Bunker build time increased from 35 to 40 seconds.

  • The focus of this change was strictly on reducing the effectiveness of offensive bunkering. With the build time increased, we noticed that there wasn’t as much of a change to defensive bunkers, whereas offensive bunkering is a lot more difficult to pull off.

  • EMP now drains up to 100 energy instead of all available energy. The effect on protoss shields remains unchanged.

  • We had three main reasons for implementing this change:
    1. We wanted ghost EMP to be less effective vs. infestors in the ZvT matchup. Infestors are fairly slow moving and have high costs. We felt that one EMP shutting down multiple Infestors was too much.
    2. After the high templar change, we noticed the ghost vs. high templar relationship was a bit too much in the ghost’s favor.
    3. Early/mid game sentries are almost a requirement vs. terran. However, there were scenarios at different skill levels where one EMP would manage to luck out and hit every single sentry, making it so that protoss had no chance to stop the mass Stimpack terran army.

  • Stimpack upgrade research time increased from 140 to 170 seconds.

  • It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard that there were concerns from players about the use of Stimpacks and there’s a reason why; Stimpack timing pushes by terran players can be extremely difficult for opponents to stop without employing effective scouting. We wanted these types of pushes to come slightly later in order to provide more time for opponents to prepare for these attacks and to potentially get scouting units together to effectively scout for these types of pushes.

  • Fungal Growth stun duration decreased from 8 to 4 seconds.
  • Fungal Growth damage increased by +30% vs. armored units.

  • Both of the Fungal Growth changes were mainly made to address a ZvZ issue with mutalisk vs. infestor, and to make infestors more useful vs. protoss. For mutalisks, we found they were just not useful enough in ZvZ due to the Fungal Growth stun duration being too long. So, the duration was reduced to make them a bit more viable in the ZvZ matchup. This reduction in stun duration means the damage goes in faster. However, we realized that mutalisks suffer mostly due to stuns combined with hydralisks shooting from below. As for infestors themselves, we found they weren’t that useful vs. protoss. We wanted to solve both of these issues while keeping infestors as powerful as they are vs. terran. Fungal Growth’s damage itself wasn’t as big of a problem as the stun, so we decided to go with this change so that the stun duration reduction is somewhat countered by the damage buff.

    The +30% armored damage change was more strictly targeted towards stalker-based protoss armies, as well as marauder-based terran armies. We wanted infestors to be more of a core unit in the ZvP matchup while keeping them just as useful vs. terran. The stun duration reduction change by itself didn’t allow these two things, so we had to make this damage change as well in order to arrive at the right place for the infestor.

    We've made every effort to weigh these types of changes very carefully and will continue to do so in the future. We understand the impact they have on gameplay and want to make sure that when we make a change, it’s for the betterment of the game as a whole. The metagame is always changing, and that can make balancing the game a challenge, but we are dedicated to constantly evolving StarCraft II and committed to providing the kind of epic gameplay experience the community expects.

Jider (Rogue) Solos C'thun & Twin Emperors

Verovatno se sećate Jider-a koji je objavio solo video zapise  Grobulus i Patchwerk pre mesec dana. On se sada vratio sa novim videom, koji je veoma interesantan a radi se o Solo Kill Twin Emperors i C'thun kao rogue!

From Jider
Phase 1 of C'Thun is quite simple, damage the Eye of C'Thun until 0% which then triggers Phase 2. This phase is significantly more difficult. To start, C'thun has a shield reducing all damage taken by 99% and various adds will spawn throughout the fight. Shortly after Phase 2 begins you will be eaten by a tentacle which is unavoidable and once you are inside his stomach you must kill two Flesh Tentacles to weaken and bring down his shield. The reason this fight was thought to be impossible to solo is after seven seconds of being in the tentacle room you instantly die if you are attempting the encounter alone. Normally, to get out of his stomach you must reach the platform in the center between the two tentacles inside but seven seconds is not enough time to do this.

So, after some theory-crafting I set out to apply clever use of game mechanics and soon enough had a working strategy. I would now pull Ouro to C'Thun's room. Like most bosses when you attempt to evade them they will port you directly to them so I used this ability to my advantage in Phase 2. Once eaten Ouro would perform the necessary task of porting me out and to increase DPS time on the tentacles inside I changed races to Goblin for the Rocket Jump ability. I also changed my spec to subtlety for shadowstep and finally leveled up Engineering for Tazik Shocker (glove enchant). Combined, these three abilities gave me enough time to do damage to the Flesh tentacles and eventually weaken C'Thun and brought the encounter down to a reasonable two hours.

Twin Emperors Explained : Both Emperors share the same health, When one loses health so does the other. Using good timing i pulled Vek'nilash alone while Vek'lor remained out of combat. There for they would not use teleport. And since they are split up they can not heal. Vek'nilash is immune to magic and can only be damaged by physical damage which is why i chose him. Vek'lor is immune to physical damage and can only be damaged by magic. When Vek'nilash dies so does his brother Vek'lor even though he is out of combat.

April Fools!

We hope you enjoyed our April Fools' Day jokes this year! If you missed them, check out this year's pranks: And so, the Blizzard Joke Squad go galumphing back whence they came, hiding amid the slithy toves that gyre and gimble in the wabe, busily plotting and scheming for the future. See you again next year!

Blizzard 2011 Prvoaprilske Šale

Prvi april je i to znači samo jedna stvar, Blizzard-ova prvoaprilska šala kojae su objavljene neŠto ranije one predstavljaju istancu Tomb of Immportal Darkness! Dungeon Helper - pomoćnika u istanci  Crabby koji podseća na spajalicu iz Microsoft Offica.

Tomb of Immortal Darkness
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Deep below the damp graveyards of Duskwood, an ancient evil stirs in the darkness....

Featuring new gameplay mechanics, revolutionary Deep Dark® technology, three challenging bosses, and a host of incredible rewards, the Tomb of Immortal Darkness will be the third dungeon to see the light – well, maybe just a dim spark in an ocean of utter blackness – in the next World of Warcraft content update. Click here for a preview of the epic adventures that await!

{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2011/Apr/01/tomb] width=[230] height=[180]}

Crabby Dungeon Helper
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
The next content update for World of Warcraft introduces a brand-new feature designed to make your experience in Azeroth a whole lot user-friendlier. Meet Crabby: The Dungeon Helper! This adorable and knowledgeable crustacean companion will guide you through the game with useful hints, tips, and tricks for every situation. Read more about this upcoming feature on our new Crabby information page.

{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2011/Apr/01/crabby] width=[230] height=[180]}

Paragon Sneak Peek: Ragnaros, the Firelord

Paragon je objavio Sneek Peek Patch 4.2 Ragnaros Raid Encountera ! Klasično kao i svake godine prvoaprilska šala.
Poruka od  Paragon-a
As many of you have been suspecting, we have been playing on Blizzard’s private Test Realm (pTR) for quite some time now doing specialized raid encounter testing. We have had the chance to test all of the 7 encounters in the Firelands raid instance coming in patch 4.2, and wanted to give a small sneak peek of the upcoming content.

Since most of the abilities from the Ragnaros 2.0 encounter seem to have been datamined already, we thought we’d start from that, and release a complete strategy guide for the 25-man heroic mode of the encounter based on our pTR experience.

Between the intensive testing sessions we asked Lazei to write down a few words about the boss:

"First I have to thank Blizzard for this amazing opportunity; we were given an unique chance to directly make an impact on WoW raid development. We love the game and we of course want to help Blizzard to make the game as good as possible. The first raid tier of Cataclysm wasn't exactly as polished and perfect as we have come to expect from Blizzard, and I guess the developers themselves probably weren't quite happy with how some of the bosses ended up dying. They contacted us, as we had already established ourselves as experts on raid stacking, clever use of game mechanics, and non-stop raiding for days on end, which made us the perfect quality assurance team for fine-tuning heroic mode encounters.

The pTR provided us with almost unlimited raid setup potential. We tried out pretty much everything, as is the Paragon raid mentality. Let's just say that the encounter initially wasn't balanced around having 20 paladins in the raid… Many changes were made, and we're happy to say that the encounter in its current state has near perfect class/spec balance. Even shamans are somewhat useful, despite the pretty much complete revamp they did with the class

As for the fight itself, what an amazing encounter. It's requires a brutal combination of LK25H-like teamplay and pre-change Al'Akir 25H P1 individual player skill. All the other Cataclysm bosses, which were all pretty damn hard to begin with, are easily blown away by Ragnaros 2.0. On top of that, we were told that in the live version there will be a surpise they didn't want to show us yet.

Unfortunately our NDA disallows making available unreleased in-game art, so we cannot share videos or screenshots from our testing. The strategy itself is fair game though, and we wanted to release it beforehand so we wouldn’t have an unfair advantage in the upcoming race. I hope you have as much fun theorycrafting the fight as we did!"

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – Patch 1.4.11!

The upcoming StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Patch 1.4.11 promises to dramatically change the StarCraft II battlefield forever, and we wanted to give you a taste of what's to come. This patch features adjustments to race balance, notable unit improvements, new features, and a variety of bug fixes.

Want to learn more? Be sure to check out this special patch note preview on the official forums.

Experience StarCraft Like Never Before!

We're proud to present the next step in the evolution of the StarCraft series... and Blizzard Entertainment's long-awaited return to the console scene. Check out our new game information page for all the details, and get ready to fight for control of the Koprulu Sector like never before!

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