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Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Guild Achievements - Exalted Reputations (Source Re: Guild Achievement: Exalted Reputations)
All reputations are retroactive. If you have the rep now, it will count in the guild achievement. Also note that the reputations have to be separate. Having Argent Dawn at exalted on 8 members still only counts as one towards the achievement.

Also, don't forget that this achievement requires revered guild faction for any of your reputations to count. 

Rating requirements on PvP Gear (Source Re: NO ratings on pvp gear! Support the cause)
The only item with a meaningful rating requirement is the heroic raid ilvl equivalent weapon (the 2200 weapon). However, unlike the LK seasons there is also a weapon equivalent to the normal raid tier ilvl that has no rating requirement.

All of the other items with rating requirements (ie: the set pieces) have the exact same stats as the ones without rating requirements, they're a free upgrade and just have a different texture color so you get a little bit of visual distinction for having a high rating (no gameplay advantage). 

Threat / Threat Decay (Source Re: Blizzard's stated intention for Cata Tank)
We actually never implemented threat decay. We're not sure we'll need it.

The bottom line is that being a good tank is a mark of pride for tanks. It's not fun to do a job well that any guy off the street could do with no practice or experience. Getting better at your job is a major motivator for players to play.

Threat is part of that. Back in the day, you got excited when you had a tank who knew how to generate threat. It was a source of bragging rights for the tank.

So just autoattacking, or just Thunder Clapping, shouldn't be enough for you to never worry about threat. You should have to pay as much attention to your rotations as an Affliction lock or Frost DK needs to do in order to be competitive on meters.

We don't want to go too far though. While it's not asking much for a mage to wait a few seconds before unloading with everything they have, it's also not fun if you feel that tank threat is constantly throttling you. In particular, we're trying to clamp down on the situation where say at minute six or seven despite everything the tank can do, the dps start to creep up on you. Vengeance was implemented almost entirely for this reason -- it helps keep tanks scaling their threat as dps classes gear up.

Finally, we don't want the tank to be solely at the mercy of others to generate threat. We don't want abilities like Tricks of the Trade or Misdirection or dps classes using their threat drop abilities on cooldown to solve the whole problem for the tank. All of those abilities still exist, but they won't turn a bad tank into a good one and they won't make a great tank feel 100% at the mercy of others. 

Tank Balance (Source Re: 4.0 Protection Paladin Feedback)
As far as tank balance goes, in beta we found that DKs and Feral druids were taking less damage than paladins and warriors. This is partially because of the Sanctuary bug (where it just wasn't working). Beyond that, the avoidance of the former were just a lot higher. Druids get dodge and DKs get parry just from wearing Agi and Str respectively. Block tanks used to get a little mitigation from Strength, but it was never much, and that won't really work any longer with the new model. Solutions include letting Str affect parry (for everyone in the same way Agi provides dodge) or giving all plate users some kind of Forceful Deflection passive or talent.

Basically, we think that avoidance below 20% or so doesn't feel very good because you don't see it, and avoidance above around 70% or so breaks encounters and forces us to add "radiance" debuffs to raids. 

Casting vs. auto attacks (Source Re: Philisophical: White Dmg & Melee GCD)
I could see a model where a melee class just stands there until they hit a button and all of their damage is pushed into those buttons. It's a pretty big change though. For starters, many spells used by casters have actual cast bars (and can be interrupted) while melee are mostly using instant attacks. Casters do damage every 2 sec or so, while melee could do damage every 1.5 or 1 sec, as long as resources held out. It's probably possible to do, but it is a really big change.

Word of Glory scaling (Source Re: 4.0 Protection Paladin Feedback)
Word of Glory now scales with either attack power or spell power, whichever is higher. The net result is that Ret and Prot Word of Glory will heal for at least 50% more than they did before. That was why we had to nerf Selfless Healer. If I am remembering correctly, a level 85 Ret or Prot paladin 3 Holy Power WoG went from around 6000 to around 9000 (before Selfless Healer or Guarded by the Light). You should test it yourself though, since I may be misremembering. 

Zealotry / Holy Power (Source Re: Zealotry)
We were able to greatly improve the delay on receiving Holy Power from Divine Purpose. It still may not appear faster than you can hit your next button. To address that, we are going to try a model where if you have 3 Holy Power and get a fourth, you'll still receive that fourth Holy Power if you spend the first 3 within a couple of seconds. In essence, if the Holy Power is already "in the mail" you'll still get it. You can't hold it indefinitely, so you shouldn't treat the system as if you now have 4 Holy Power to play with. It just makes you less likely to waste a charge.

Barring something horribly unforeseen, there is no way we'll ultimately let a 2 Holy Power Templar's Verdict be the right way to play. 

Guardian of the Ancient Kings (Source Re: Holy Paladin Build 13033 Feedback)
Guardian of Ancient Kings should be off the GCD (for everyone).

Holy (Source Re: Holy Paladin Build 13033 Feedback)
We think we are liable to consolidate some of the Judgement related talents for Holy. We're unlikely to make Judging even more of a big deal for Holy though.

We're going to try to get the 10 points Holy spends in other trees to be a little less cookie-cutterish. Options include making Divinity or Rule of Law not healing related.

We'll keep an eye on Holy's damage for purposes of leveling, etc. I do believe some of that feedback though comes from creatures just being really powerful now. You're not seeing Holy being weak at leveling. You're seeing everyone having to work more than they are used to. This is a situation we're closely monitoring. We don't want questing to be trivial and boring, but we don't want it to be brutally punishing either.

I'm still worried about the lack of interactivity. Daybreak and Word of Glory are talents that you react to in an incredibly simple way now. Healing without wasting Holy Power isn't a high benchmark.

Changing Daybreak has taken out a rewarding and fun spell combination that made the class a lot more interesting and dynamic to play.

It has a lot more going on than it does on Live. No, you aren't overly punished for mismanaging Holy Power, but healers need to have a lot of flexibility. Sometimes you don't want to cast Holy Shock or Word of Glory on the tank because you need to do something more dramatic. In addition to the mechanics you mentioned, there are buffs such as Conviction and Judgements of the Pure to watch out for, as well as several cooldowns: Divine Favor, Avenging Wrath and Guardian.

Daybreak still requires you to watch the proc, or you're going to fail to cast Holy Shock twice in a row. It's just less sensitive to latency and makes you less likely to have to resort to cancel macros now.

Light of Dawn (Source Re: Holy Paladin Build 13033 Feedback)
It is target sensitive. If you heal one person, it's not going to do impressive numbers. In situations where it hits 10 people, it will perform really well. You will need to look out for situations where it will be the most optimal. Part of why it can heal so much is it is far from being a smart heal. 

What people want is this: Light of Dawn, No Cooldown, Requires Holy Power, Heals players for 1000/2000/3000, consuming all holy power in the cast.
The reason we didn't do that is because the times you need AE heals are usually because several folks took damage all at once. That is why so many AE heals are instant. Even those with a cast time aren't as long as something that requires 3 Holy Power. Nor do we want you to have to neglect Word of Glory on fights with periodic AE damage. To have a long ramp up - high throughput AE heal be useful, there would have to be a lot of encounters like Loatheb or something where the damage is fairly constant but folks aren't often in immediate danger of dying.

I could see (someday) giving paladins a heal that hit 3-5 targets but otherwise worked exactly like Word of Glory. But since we gave paladins 4 new heals already, as well as reasons to use both Flash and Holy Light, let's see if we can get the current model feeling good first. I think we're close.

Auto attack and abilities (Source Re: Questions for Devs about Rogues.)
Imagine a rogue could do 80% of their damage just by right clicking on a target. That means that at best, you've got 20% of damage to play with to separate the best rogue in the world from the guy who just autoattacks. That's largely what we mean when we're concerned about too much damage coming from white attacks.

You can argue that Slice and Dice doesn't take much effort on the part of the rogue, but it does take some. Managing your energy and cooldowns takes a little more, and so on, until we reach a point where the best rogues in the world do significantly more damage than those who just autoattack and perhaps let Slice and Dice occasionally fall off.

I think viscerally, some players just don't like spending their resource on buffs. They want to convert it all into big numbers, because big numbers are fun. Those self buffs serve a purpose though. They help serve as a damage buffer. They provide a little bit of ramp up time. They account for one more ball you need to juggle to keep in the air. It wouldn't be hard to juggle just the one ball, but you're often asked to do a lot more than that. 

Stunlocks (Source Re: Questions for Devs about Rogues.)
They "stopped the arms race" by disarming rogues of stunlocks, which were already taken care of with the increased HP pools, but didn't remove the reactionary (and far more OP) skills that negate the emasculated stuns.
That wasn't the problem with stunlocks. It wasn't a balance issue per se of whether or not the rogue could kill someone or not. The problem was that the situation was too binary. If the rogue executed a perfect stun chain, then they would win. If they screwed up or were countered, they would lose. Both the rogue and the opponent might as well have 1 health in that scenario because there is no room for fractions. Imagine instead that getting 1 stun off makes you half as effective instead of not effective at all.

There are ways for some classes to mitigate stuns, absolutely. (The alternative is the awesome rogue just always gets a stun off.) But there are fewer than before, and the talents that just provide mechanic duration reductions are all gone. That was the arms race we were talking about. If rogues can just never stun anyone and are kited all the time, then we'll fix it. But very few of you have experienced level 85 PvP yet, so it's hard to for us to react too strongly to supposition and hypothesis.

Try out the Tol Barad tests we're doing soon and see how it feels in appropriate gear at max level.  

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Deathwing Baby Murloc - Deathy Blizzcon 2010 Companion Pet

Napokon Blizzard je ubacio u novom Cataclysm Beta Buldu model Deathwing Baby Murloc-a - Deathy. Za ljubitelje murloc Companion Pet-ova, ovo je nešto što ne biste trebali da propuste da imete u vašoj kolekciji. Očekujte video zapis uskoro!
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/cataclysm/models/deathwingmurloc] width=[345] height=[200]}

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Dark Phoenix Dark Phoenix Hatchling - Companion Pet

Ljubitelje Mini Pet-ova obradovaće vest da je u najnovijem Cataclysm Beta Buildu dodat model Dark Phoenix Hatchling. Slede screenshot-ovi izgleda minijaturnog ljubimca, a uskoro i video zapis.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/cataclysm/models/darkphoenixpet/] width=[345] height=[200]}

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Blizzard on Starcraft II 1.2 patch, Zerg balance issues - PC Gamer

On Wednesday, Blizzard deployed the first major balancing patch for Starcraft II, swinging the nerfbat at supposed Terran dominance. Already, the Starcraft II team are planning their next update, which as Chris Sigaty, Starcraft II’s lead producer explains, “we’d like it out by the end of the year.” Read on to discover what’s on the table.

Chris said to PC Gamer that the next patch is “largely our e-sport patch. A couple of big things that will be in there are support for the season rolling, so players can look at the history of how they did in past seasons. There will be bugfixes, balance changes and tweaks, too. Chat is the other major thing we want to get in there next patch. We’ll also add more significant features to the editor.”

The 1.1 patch began to address balance issues within Starcraft II. The changes seemed small – mostly changes to build times. But the community seems convinced that Starcraft II isn’t balanced yet, in particular, there’s a sense that the Zerg are underpowered. How do Blizzard respond?

“You can go up and read on the forums at any one time and there are a bunch of different theories about balance and imbalance. We’re being very cautious about making large swinging changes right now because at the highest level things are actually very strong. The things that we’ll probably be addressing are the 2v2 and larger scale games. Ultimately, the 1 to 1 is what we want to keep as sacred as possible, but as a result right now there are some things that we need to address in the 2v2 at the higher level. We’ll be looking at ways to do that without affecting the 1v1 balance.”

Chris is also keen to address the ongoing idea that Zerg remains underpowered – an idea fuelled partly because so few Zerg players made it into the top 200 Starcraft II players in North America.

“That’s not actually the case,” says Chris. “We have fewer Zerg players overall. I avoid playing Zerg as much as possible because I find them to be just more complex in general. Zerg, or rather larvae management is harder for me to deal with, so I don’t enjoy playing them as much.”

But don’t expect the game to perfectly balanced following the 1.2 patch. Balance, explains Chris, “is an ongoing process that, honestly, will take a year of longer to do. Even after Brood War was released we still patched and continued to drive towards a really solid final balance.”

Source: PC Gamer

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Beta Build 13066 - Uklonjeni portali iz Shattratha i Dalarana

Blizzard ne želi više da koristimo Shattrath i Dalran portal hubove. Poslednji Beta Build, uklonio je portale ka glavnim gradovima i zamenio ih sa Class trenerima.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/2010/Sep/27/portals/] width=[345] height=[200] title=[Dalaran & Shattrath Portals Removed]}

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Valor Points Nagrade

Valor Points predstavljaju nove embleme za jači tier, koje ćete dobijati kada budete radili raid istance.
{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/news/cataclysm/vendor/valor] width=[700] height=[300] title=[Valor Points Rewards]}

Level Type Spec Slot Name
359 Miscellaneous
Trinket License to Slay
359 Miscellaneous
Trinket Fluid Death
359 Miscellaneous
Trinket Bedrock Talisman
359 Miscellaneous
Trinket Soul Casket
359 Miscellaneous Spell DPS Trinket Core of Ripeness
359 Miscellaneous Melee Finger Band of Bees
359 Miscellaneous Melee Finger Ring of the Battle Anthem
359 Miscellaneous Spell DPS Finger Band of Secret Names
359 Miscellaneous Heal Finger Twined Band of Flowers
359 Cloth Melee Back Floating Web
359 Cloth Physical DPS Back Viewless Wings
359 Cloth Melee Back Gray Hair Cloak
359 Cloth Spell DPS Back Haunt of Flies
359 Cloth Heal Back Heavenly Breeze
359 Plate Melee Feet Woe Breeder's Boots
359 Plate Melee Feet Rock Furrow Boots
359 Plate Spell DPS Feet Eternal Pathfinders
359 Mail Physical DPS Feet Moccasins of Verdurous Glooms
359 Mail Heal Feet Boots of the Perilous Seas
359 Leather Physical DPS Feet Treads of Fleeting Joy
359 Leather Heal Feet Fading Violet Sandals
359 Cloth Spell DPS Feet Melodious Slippers
359 Cloth Heal Feet Slippers of Moving Waters
359 Relic Physical DPS Relic Relic of Golganneth
359 Relic Spell DPS Relic Relic of Norgannon
359 Relic Heal Relic Relic of Eonar
359 Relic Melee Relic Relic of Aggramar
359 Relic Melee Relic Relic of Khaz'goroth

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Tier 11 Armor Sets Stats

Tier 11 Armor sets statsovi dostupni su u novom Beta Buldu 13066, a novi tier dobija se uz pomoć tokena i valor poena.
Level Type Spec Slot Name
359 Plate
Unholy / Frost
Chest Magma Plated Battleplate
359 Plate Unholy / Frost Hands Magma Plated Gauntlets
359 Plate Unholy / Frost Head Magma Plated Helmet
359 Plate Unholy / Frost Legs Magma Plated Legplates
359 Plate Unholy / Frost Shoulder Magma Plated Pauldrons
359 Plate
Chest Magma Plated Chestguard
359 Plate
Hands Magma Plated Handguards
359 Plate
Head Magma Plated Faceguard
359 Plate
Legs Magma Plated Legguards
359 Plate
Shoulder Magma Plated Shoulderguards
359 Leather Resto. Chest Stormrider's Robes
359 Leather Resto. Head Stormrider's Helm
359 Leather Resto. Legs Stormrider's Legwraps
359 Leather Resto. Shoulder Stormrider's Mantle
359 Leather Resto. Hands Stormrider's Handwraps
359 Leather Balance Chest Stormrider's Vestment
359 Leather Balance Head Stormrider's Cover
359 Leather Balance Legs Stormrider's Leggings
359 Leather Balance Shoulder Stormrider's Shoulderwraps
359 Leather Balance Hands Stormrider's Gloves
359 Leather Feral Head Stormrider's Headpiece
359 Leather Feral Chest Stormrider's Raiment
359 Leather Feral Legs Stormrider's Legguards
359 Leather Feral Shoulder Stormrider's Spaulders
359 Leather Feral Hands Stormrider's Grips
359 Mail Hunter Head Lightning-Charged Headguard
359 Mail Hunter Chest Lightning-Charged Tunic
359 Mail Hunter Legs Lightning-Charged Legguards
359 Mail Hunter Shoulder Lightning-Charged Spaulders
359 Mail Hunter Hands Lightning-Charged Gloves
359 Cloth Mage Head Firelord's Hood
359 Cloth Mage Chest Firelord's Robes
359 Cloth Mage Legs Firelord's Leggings
359 Cloth Mage Shoulder Firelord's Mantle
359 Cloth Mage Hands Firelord's Gloves
359 Plate Retribution Chest Reinforced Sapphirium Battleplate
359 Plate Retribution Hands Reinforced Sapphirium Gauntlets
359 Plate Retribution Head Reinforced Sapphirium Helmet
359 Plate Retribution Legs Reinforced Sapphirium Legplates
359 Plate Retribution Shoulder Reinforced Sapphirium Pauldrons
359 Plate Protection Chest Reinforced Sapphirium Chestguard
359 Plate Protection Hands Reinforced Sapphirium Handguards
359 Plate Protection Head Reinforced Sapphirium Faceguard
359 Plate Protection Legs Reinforced Sapphirium Legguards
359 Plate Protection Shoulder Reinforced Sapphirium Shoulderguards
359 Plate Holy Head Reinforced Sapphirium Headguard
359 Plate Holy Chest Reinforced Sapphirium Breastplate
359 Plate Holy Legs Reinforced Sapphirium Greaves
359 Plate Holy Shoulder Reinforced Sapphirium Mantle
359 Plate Holy Hands Reinforced Sapphirium Gloves
359 Cloth Shadow Shoulder Mercurial Shoulderwraps
359 Cloth Shadow Chest Mercurial Vestment
359 Cloth Shadow Legs Mercurial Leggings
359 Cloth Shadow Head Mercurial Hood
359 Cloth Shadow Hands Mercurial Gloves
359 Cloth Healing Head Mercurial Cowl
359 Cloth Healing Chest Mercurial Robes
359 Cloth Healing Legs Mercurial Legwraps
359 Cloth Healing Shoulder Mercurial Mantle
359 Cloth Healing Hands Mercurial Handwraps
359 Leather Rogue Hands Wind Dancer's Gloves
359 Leather Rogue Head Wind Dancer's Helmet
359 Leather Rogue Legs Wind Dancer's Legguards
359 Leather Rogue Chest Wind Dancer's Tunic
359 Leather Rogue Shoulder Wind Dancer's Spaulders
359 Mail Resto. Head Faceguard of the Raging Elements
359 Mail Resto. Chest Tunic of the Raging Elements
359 Mail Resto. Legs Legwraps of the Raging Elements
359 Mail Resto. Shoulder Mantle of the Raging Elements
359 Mail Resto. Hands Handwraps of the Raging Elements
359 Mail Elemental. Chest Hauberk of the Raging Elements
359 Mail Elemental. Hands Gloves of the Raging Elements
359 Mail Elemental. Head Headpiece of the Raging Elements
359 Mail Elemental. Legs Kilt of the Raging Elements
359 Mail Elemental. Shoulder Shoulderwraps of the Raging Elements
359 Mail Enhance. Chest Cuirass of the Raging Elements
359 Mail Enhance. Hands Grips of the Raging Elements
359 Mail Enhance. Head Helmet of the Raging Elements
359 Mail Enhance. Legs Legguards of the Raging Elements
359 Mail Enhance. Shoulder Spaulders of the Raging Elements
359 Cloth Warlock Hands Shadowflame Handwraps
359 Cloth Warlock Head Shadowflame Hood
359 Cloth Warlock Legs Shadowflame Leggings
359 Cloth Warlock Chest Shadowflame Robes
359 Cloth Warlock Shoulder Shadowflame Mantle
359 Plate Fury / Arms Chest Earthen Battleplate
359 Plate Fury / Arms Legs Earthen Legplates
359 Plate Fury / Arms Head Earthen Helmet
359 Plate Fury / Arms Hands Earthen Gauntlets
359 Plate Fury / Arms Shoulder Earthen Pauldrons
359 Plate Protection Head Earthen Faceguard
359 Plate Protection Chest Earthen Chestguard
359 Plate Protection Legs Earthen Legguards
359 Plate Protection Shoulder Earthen Shoulderguards
359 Plate Protection Hands Earthen Handgua

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