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Ažurirane PTR Patch 4.3 Informacije - 18 Oktobar

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New Dungeon & Raid Content
  • Dragon Soul is now available for limited 10-person testing. Your participation and feedback is appreciated. For the latest testing schedule, please visit the PTR Discussion forum here.

  • Guild Standards are again useable in Firelands. Duration has been increased to 15 minutes, the effect has a 100 yard radius, and now affects dead players.

  • Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest: The chance for this item’s effect to be triggered has been reduced.

Classes: General
  • Spells which have an effect broken by taking damage past a threshold (Entangling Roots, Fear, Frost Nova, etc.) now count damage that was prevented by damage absorbs or other damage reducing effects.

  • Hurricane has a new updated visual effect.

  • Monstrous Bite now reduces the target’s healing received by 25%, up from 10%.

Beast Mastery
  • Widow Venom now reduces the target’s healing received by 25%, up from 10%.

  • Beacon of Light is triggered by Word of Glory, Holy Shock, Flash of Light, Divine Light and Light of Dawn at 50% transference and Holy Light at 100% transference. It does not transfer Holy Radiance, Protector of the Innocent or other sources of healing.

  • Wound Poison now reduces the target’s healing received by 25%, up from 10%.

  • Mortal Strike now reduces the target’s healing received by 25%, up from 10%.

  • Furious Attacks now reduces the target’s healing received by 25%, up from 10%.

User Interface
  • Added a feature to interact with NPCs, game objects (mailbox, mining nodes, etc.), and corpses on left-click as well as right-click. There is now an option under Interface:Controls to turn this feature off.

What is the Global Invitational?

Quote from: Benzenn

The world's greatest StarCraft II and World of Warcraft Arena players will come together at BlizzCon 2011 to rip each other to shreds. These top-flight competitors have been invited based on their performance in previous tournaments around the globe, and will be fighting for some serious cash and the prestigious Global Champion title.

Global Invitational — StarCraft II

The StarCraft II tournament format adheres to a standard setup. All sixteen players have been seeded into a double-elimination bracket, to compete in a series of best-of-three matches. The first player to win two games will take a series. If a player loses a match, they’re not out yet, they instead move to the consolation bracket, where they could potentially come back to win the entire tournament. If a player loses two matches they are out of the running for the finals. The map pool and prizes for the StarCraft II portion of the Global Invitational is as follows:

Xel'Naga Caverns
Shakuras Plateau
The Shattered Temple
Antiga Shipyard
Abyssal Caverns

First place - $50,000
Second place - $25,000
Third place - $10,000

Two rotating teams of shoutcasters will bring you all of the action; Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski will be paired up with his hetero nerd life partner Nick "Tasteless" Plott, and Sean "Day[9]" Plott will dual-cast with JP McDaniel.

Global Invitational - World of Warcraft

The World of Warcraft Arena competition is going to be changing up this year. It will still be 3v3, but the tournament format has undergone some serious changes. The tournament is now broken up into two phases; Round Robin and a single elimination Championship Bracket. In addition, a new time-stacking difficulty and time limit have been implemented. At the 15-minute mark (from the time the gates are opened) in any match, a 25% healing debuff will go in to effect, and the debuff is increased by 10% each minute after that (35% at 16 minutes, 45% at 17 minutes, 55% at 18 minutes, 65% at 19 minutes). If a match hits the 20-minute mark, all players in the arena are banished and incapacitated to ensure that no more damage is issued beyond the time limit.

This banish-effect will help the referee determine the appropriate outcome based on which phase they’re currently competing in (Round Robin or the Championship Bracket).

    Round Robin
    • During the Round Robin phase, every team will play a match against every other team in the tournament, providing competitors with a very even playing field. Matches in the Round Robin phase will be a best-of-three series, in which teams earn Tournament Points to advance to the Single Elimination phase. Winning a match will earn three Tournament Points, tying a match by hitting the 20-minute mark when the score is already 1-1 will earn both teams one Tournament Point, and losing a match will earn no Tournament Points.

      Team compositions (which class each person chooses to play) are locked for each match of the Round Robin tournament, and may only be changed between matches (ie: team compositions may not be altered between games in a single best-of-three series).

  • Single Elimination
    • The four highest-scoring teams from the Round Robin phase of the tournament will move on to a Single Elimination bracket with a best-of-five match format. The main difference between this phase and the Round Robin is that there are no ties, matches will be decided by Damage Done if the time limit is reached, and a team is knocked out of the tournament if they lose a match. The third place team will be decided by a consolation match between the first two teams to get knocked out of the Single Elimination Tournament.

First place - $75,000
Second place - $30,000
Third place - $15,000

All of the World of Warcraft action will be brought to you by Luke "Virulence" Bodenheimer, Jared "Vhell" Coulston, and Soe Gschwind.

Don't forget to tune in for the free (standard definition) tournament streams during BlizzCon, or take in all the high-definition detail by snagging a Virtual Ticket.

ESWC World Finals 2011 at the Paris Games Week

Quote from: eSports Team

The World Finals of the renowned Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 (ESWC) are just around the corner: October 21-25 at Paris Games Week 2011 in Paris, France. The ESWC is a worldwide video games competition, starting locally with national qualifying and ending with a live show for the World Finals — and StarCraft II is included!

This year 48 top StarCraft II players from all over the world have made it to the finals, including illustrious names like Ilyes 'Stephano' Satouri, Greg 'EGIdrA' Fields and Lee 'MarineKing' Jung Hoon. They will now fight for a share of the $66,000 prize pool, entertaining us in the process with some exciting and fast-paced matches! You can find more information about the ESWC Finals, including a tournament schedule and a list of StarCraft II competitors, on their website.

While you’re at the event enjoying some premier eSports action, don’t forget to have a look at all the other fantastic things you can do at Paris Games Week: try out upcoming games, watch developer presentations, take part in Q&A sessions, and more. Check out the Paris Games Week website for more details.

Make sure to visit the event in Paris or watch from home on ESWC’s live stream.

Meet the Competitors -- StarCraft II

The tournaments at BlizzCon 2011 are filled with familiar names and rising stars. Here’s a rundown of the talented professional gamers who’ll be competing in Anaheim!

North America

Kyeonghyun “SeleCT” Ryoo
Shawn “Sheth” Simon

Jos “Ret” de Kroon
Johan “NaNiwa” Lucchesi

Dmytro “Dimaga” Filipchuk
Pavel “Brat_OK” Kuznetcov

Latin America
Juan “terran” Tena
Felipe “KiLLeR” Zúñiga

Jaeduk “NesTea” Lim
Jonghyun “Mvp” Jung

Yang “Sen” Chia Cheng
Liu “Nifi” Yi-Ting

Andrew “mOOnGLaDe” Pender
Thomas “JazBas” Cho

Dai “Loner” Yi
Huang “ToodMing” Huiming

Don't forget to tune in for the free (standard definition) tournament streams during BlizzCon, or get all the high-definition action by snagging a Virtual Ticket.

BlizzCon Artists Stage!

Quote from: Zarhym

By popular demand, we’re bringing back the Artists Stage at BlizzCon this year. Located in Hall A, the Artists Stage will feature groups of Blizzard artists from all disciplines giving live demonstrations throughout the day of their creative processes and answering questions from attendees. The breadth of artistic disciplines being covered is vast, and the artists participating are instrumental in producing so much of the content that distinguishes the Blizzard style.

Below you’ll find a list of the Blizzard employees who’ll be on the Artists Stage, the disciplines they’ll be focused on at BlizzCon, as well as some of the works they’ve created. We hope you’ll stop by for a first-hand look at the many techniques put into practice when these artists breathe life into the fantastical Blizzard universes.

Friday, October 21


Arnold Tsang (Character Concept Artist, Unannounced Game): Digital Painting
Justin Kunz (3D Artist, World of Warcraft): Traditional Painting
Nick Carver (3D Artist, Unannounced Game): Zbrush Sculpting


Levi Peterffy (Matte Painting Artist, Cinematics): Digital Painting
Mongsub Song (Concept Artist, Unannounced Game): Traditional Drawing
Alvaro Buendia (Modeling Artist, Cinematics): Zbrush Sculpting


Ben Thompson (Artist, Unannounced Game): Digital Painting
Mark Gibbons (Artist, World of Warcraft): Traditional Drawing
Jimmy Lo (3D Artist, World of Warcraft): 3D MAX Modeling


Luke Mancini (Associate Artist, StarCraft II): Digital Painting
Samwise Didier (Art Director, StarCraft II): Traditional Drawing
Jesse Brophy (3D Artist, StarCraft II): Zbrush Sculpting

Saturday, October 22


Oliver Chipping (3D Artist, Diablo III): Digital Painting
Trent Kaniuga (Concept Artist, Diablo III): Traditional Painting
Paul Warzecha (Character Artist, Diablo III): Zbrush Sculpting


Glenn Rane (Art Director, Creative Development): Digital Painting
Alex Horley (Artist, Contractor): Traditional Drawing
Rob Sevilla (3D Artist, World of Warcraft): 3D MAX Modeling


John Polidora (Artist, Creative Development): Digital Painting
Peet Cooper (Senior Artist, Diablo III): Traditional Drawing
Jon McConnell (3D Artist, World of Warcraft): 3D MAX Modeling


Peter Lee (Concept Artist, Unannounced Game): Digital Painting
Samwise Didier (Art Director, StarCraft II): Traditional Drawing
Sam Yang (3D Artist, StarCraft II): Zbrush Sculpting



Arnold Tsang
Justin Kunz
Glenn Rane


Peter Lee
Peter Lee
Luke "Mr. Jack" Mancini


Glenn Rane
Ben Thompson
Glenn Rane


Sam "Samwise" Didier
Arnold Tsang
Ben Thompson


Peet Cooper
John "JP" Polidora
Trent Kaniuga


Oliver Chipping
Peet Cooper

Another Heart of the Swarm tease: Protoss

It’s time for a small taste of an upcoming protoss force in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. How do you envision this enigmatic unit serving Aiur?

Peer not into the shadows of the Hells

Originally Posted by Bashiok (Source)

... for there is always something peering back.

"Man's pleasures give way to pain. His truths are buried in the shroud of lies. It is this time when Hell shall reign. While all of man dies." — From the Guhawj Cave Inscriptions in Kehjistan, inked in blood by an unknown author.

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