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Heroic: Ragnaros Nerf

Heroic verzija Ragnarosa u Firelands istanci je hotfixovana i nerfovana pre par minuta.
  • 25-man verzija Ragnaros sada ima 246 miliona HP (Bilo je 290M)
  • 10-man verzija Ragnarosa sada ima 74M HP.
Takodje igra─Źi su prijavili i da je ve─çina drugih raid bosseva sada lak┼ía, kao i da se par encountera u Firelandsu promenilo takodje. Nadamo se da ─çe Blizzard uskoro da se oglasi povodom ovog Stealth Nerfa.

A┼żurirana Trading Game Card Galerija

Novi Dark Legacy i Teh Gladiators Stripovi

Dnevne Blue Teme

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Worgen Mounts (Source)
These mounts are mainly being added to even up the number of mounts Alliance players can get, compared to Horde players. Mount collectors and those of you interested in going for the mount achievement have been asking for this for a while, and the additional horses will address that issue.

The Worgen's unique racial mount equivalent is the Running Wild skill. That's not going anywhere.

Transmogrification: Incomplete tier sets (Source)
This is going to be half the fun for a lot of people looking forward to Transmogrification; finding matching sets and combinations that look awesome together

While it's too early to say for sure, it's possible that after this feature launches, there will be a number of items that people request become available to Transmogrify. We're going to monitor this feedback and hopefully be able to build on the feature based on that, however, that's not to say every item people ask for will suddenly appear in the game.

Three Talent Specs (Source)
Indeed, as Xarthat said, we're still really keen for players to put a lot of thought and decision into their character's chosen talent specs.

Sure, it would be handy to have more specs lined up to swap in or out when faced with a different situation, but right now we feel that your talent spec(s) should be something you choose, maybe refine over time, and hopefully pwn with.

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The Sin War Trilogy

Blizzard je na svom eStore sajtu pustio u prodaju The Sin War Triology (tri knjige), u kojima mo┼żete pro─Źitati celu istoriju Diablo Univerzuma, Best Selling Autora Richard A. Knaak.
The Sin War Trilogy
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Source)
The Sin War Trilogy

If you're looking to learn more about the Diablo universe, there are a number of different fan sites, wikis, and databases that you can browse for information about everything from crafting to characters and background stories for all your favorite NPCs.

But if you want to delve deeper into the history of SanctuaryÔÇöand don't mind curling up with a good book (or three)ÔÇöyou can also check out The Sin War trilogy, written by best-selling author Richard A. Knaak.

Set three thousand years before the fall of Tristram, the trilogy chronicles the journeys of Uldyssian-ul-Diomed, a simple farmer who would eventually become the first descendant of the NephalemÔÇö the children of the angels and demons who once inhabited SanctuaryÔÇöto manifest the unspeakable power of that lineage.

Sought by both the Burning Hells and the archangel Ignarious, Uldyssian must find a way to harness his power and overthrow the forces that would threaten humanity, setting into motion events that would not only reveal the existence of Sanctuary to the High Heavens, but shape the fate of mankind for all eternity.

(Pretty cool, huh?)

All three Sin War books are currently available on the Blizzard Store, as well as at many local retailers.

Book One: Birthright
Book Two: Scales of the Serpent
Book Three: The Veiled Prophet

Read the books already? Tell us what you think!

IGN Pro League 3: Origins

Quote from: Zarhym

With so many amazing StarCraft II eSports tournaments in progress each week, we want to make sure the IGN Pro League doesnÔÇÖt fall off your radar. Now a little over two months into the competition, IPL 3: Origins is the first full-fledged live StarCraft II tournament run by IGN Entertainment. If you think you have what it takes to enter the big leagues, you can check the terms for entry and submit your candidacy for the PLAYHEM Qualifier rounds. Round two of the qualifiers will be held on September 3.

If you fancy yourself more of an eSports spectator, be sure to check out the full IPL TV calendar. There are live matches and rebroadcasts happening almost daily, giving you numerous opportunities to catch up on the action. Ultimately, this is all leading up to a world class IGN Pro League 3: Origins finale, October 6-9, 2011, live from CaesarÔÇÖs Palace in Atlantic City. You can find more information on the current roster and IPL 3 showdown here.

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