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Author: Urosh92 Date: Saturday, 25 October 2014
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Author: Urosh92 Date: Friday, 24 October 2014
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Author: FasumAga Date: Wednesday, 22 October 2014
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Author: FasumAga Date: Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Heroes of the Storm Novi Skinovi: Anub'arak, Azmodan, Hallow's End, i Master

Blizzard je objavio 12 novih skinova, koje ćemo dobiti za vreme Hallow's End. Videćemo Infested Tychus, koji je već u igri, kao i Countess Kerrigan koju smo imali prilike da vidimo na PAX East.

Anub'arak and Azmodan Skins


Hallow's End Skins


Master Skins

Lords of War - Behind the Scenes, Warlords of Draenor Beta - Build 18973, Blue Tweetovi

Lords of War - Behind the Scenes
Blizzard je objavio Lords of War - Behind the Scenes Video.
Warlords of Draenor Beta - Build 18973
Blizzard je sinoć postavio novi Beta Build 18973, koji je doneo par izmena u spellovima!
Spell Izmene
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
Item Set Bonuses

  • Blade Flurry your attacks also strike up to 4 additional nearby opponents for 30% of normal damage, down from 40%.

  • Blade Flurry your attacks also strike up to 4 additional nearby opponents for 30% of normal damage, down from 40%.

  • Bladestorm - Old tooltips were broken. Correct new numbers are: Arms=240%WD, Fury=160%WD, Prot=224%WD. (Celestalon)

Raid & Dungeon Abilities
  • Arcane Blast Blasts the target with energy, inflciting 28,00033,600 Arcane damage. 40 yd range. 2 sec cast.
  • Arcane Orb Launches an Arcane Orb forward, inflicting 92,000110,400 Arcane damage to enemies it passes through. 100 yd range. Instant.
  • Fire Storm Ragewing spits fire, inflicting 50,00030,000 Fire damage to nearby enemies. 100 yd range. Instant.
  • Fire Storm Ragewing spits fire, inflicting 50,00030,000 Fire damage to nearby enemies. 100 yd range. Instant.
  • Fireball Hurls a fiery ball that inflicts 28,00033,600 Fire damage. 40 yd range. 2 sec cast.
  • Frostbolt Launches a bolt of frost at the enemy, inflicting 28,00033,600 Frost damage and slowing movement speed by 50% for 15 sec. 40 yd range. 2 sec cast.
  • Ice Comet Calls down a comet of ice that inflicts 92,000110,400 Frost damage to all enemies within 8 yards. 40 yd range. Instant. 10 sec cooldown.
  • Lumbering Swipe Gnarled Ancients crush all players in front of them, inflicting 54,00037,800 Physical damage. 40 yd range. Instant.
Blue Tweetovi
Originally Posted by Blizzard
Charhounds! Those firehounds from the Firelands. Flamewalkers and Dark Shamans tame them. Why not us? Would love one
I hate to say it, but man that would make a cool shaman glyph right? Spirit wolves -> fire wolves! (Muffinus)

Will we see "more paladin-like" Sets in WoD (PvP&PvE)? T17 is a good start
We'll be continuing to find cool looks for tier sets that fit both class and context. Glad you enjoy T17! (olandgren)

Character / Items
Tertiary Stats, Warforged, and Socket are random. 3 independent chances, max 1 of each. (olandgren)

is Salvage yard intended to give the "Character Screen armours (and weapons)?
It is. They've rescued it from less... fortunate adventurers. (olandgren)
Can we get them for any class or just our own?
Just your own class.

Are you putting CM gear on the BMAH later on? That would be a slap in the face. Please don't. Hope it's just a rumor.
We have no plans to do so, but the BMAH does acquire some skill-based rewards so no promises either way. (olandgren)

Skirmishes require a group queue? Or will solo queueing work on release?
Solo queueing works on release. (holinka)

Can that meta gem please not make it to WoD? Please? Pretty please?
It is (holinka)
But it's so random. The game should be about skill, not random reflects =(
If I wasn't clear, it is gone in Warlords. (holinka)

Blizzcon Transmog Samo za PC, 50% Popusta za Diablo 3 i Reaper of Souls!

Blizzcon Transmog Samo za PC
Tužne vesti za igrače koji igraju Diablo III preko konzole. Blue Post danas je potvrdio da je Blizzcon eksluzivan transmog dostupan samo za PC verziju Reaper of Souls.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Hi everyone, just want to quickly clarify that the BlizzCon transmogrification appearances will only be available in the PC version of the game. Please be aware that any BlizzCon or Virtual Ticket code that is added to a account will automatically unlock the bonus appearances for PC licenses that are upgraded to Reaper of Souls (this applies even if the code is added before the game license is upgraded). I know this may not necessarily help out folks who have no intention of playing the PC versions of our games, but I did want to offer that supplementary information as it may be useful down the road.
50% Popusta za Diablo 3 i Reaper of Souls!
Blizzard je do 6 oktobra napravio akciju 50% popusta za digitalnu kupovinu Diablo III i njegovog nastavka Reaper of Souls!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)


The mortal realms need heroes, and now—for a limited time only—you can save 50% on the digital PC editions of Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansion set!

Hurry though, this offer ends Monday, October 6 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. If you still haven't joined the battle against the Lord of Terror and the Angel of Death, your hour has come at last.

Hearthstone Oktobar 2014 - Pozadina za Karte - Hallow’s End!

Blizzard je objavio novu pozadinu za karte koju će igrači dobiti za Rank Sezonu Oktobra 2014!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Hearthstone™ October 2014 Ranked Play Season – Hallow’s End!

The seventh official Hearthstone Ranked Play Season is now live—and we’re unveiling a new card back you can add to your collection!

Beware! Wisps, wraiths, and ghastly ghosts alike can float up the Ranked Play ladder to earn the hauntingly beautifulHallow’s End* card back! You can only earn this card back by playing Hearthstone during the month of October.

These card backs replace the art decorating the reverse side of your cards and are a great way to show off your Hearthstone accomplishments. Add the Hallow’s End card back to your collection by hitting Rank 20 in Ranked Play mode. You’ll receive the Hallow’s End card back at the end of October’s Ranked Play Season.

Don’t forget—the further you move up the Ranked Play ladder, the more bonus stars you’ll receive next season. In Ranked Play, you’ll receive bonus stars based on your performance from the previous season —one bonus star per rank you attained. Please note that even if bonus stars from the previous season get you directly to Rank 20 or above, you still have to log in at least once each Ranked Season to qualify for the card back reward.

BOO! Don’t be scared – pull yourself together and battle your way up the Ranked Play ladder with our seventh official Ranked Play Season, Hallow’s End, running through the month of October!

*It’s not a trick – it’s a treat!

Uskoro Kraj PvP Sezone 15

Blizzard je najavio da se PvP Sezona 15 Uskoro završava!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
After many grueling bouts in the Arenas and Battlegrounds, the time has nearly come to see who will reign supreme in this action-packed PvP season. Prepare to fight your last battles, and remember—to the victors go the spoils!

Arena and Rated Battleground Season 15 will be coming to an end in a couple of weeks. Once the season wraps, we'll begin an approximately two week process to determine end-of-season reward eligibility.

Qualified players should note the following in order to ensure you receive your just rewards:

  • Please refrain from transferring your characters to another realm or faction until after PvP Season 15 has ended.
  • PvP Season 15 titles and mounts will be awarded approximately two weeks after the season ends.

Conquest Points will be converted to Honor Points at the end of the season, and any Honor above 4,000 will be converted to in-game currency at a rate of 35 silver per point. A few other things to keep in mind once the season has ended:

  • The Honor cap will remain at 4,000.
  • Season 15 items with rating requirements will no longer be available for purchase.
  • Rated Battleground and Arena matches will not be available during the break between seasons.

Best of luck, gladiators!

Brawler’s Guild: Druga Sezona

Sa Patch 6.0.2 koji nam dolazi za par nedelja, vreme je da završite prvu sezonu Brawler's Guilda! Blizzard je najavio drugu sezonu koja će početi uz novi Patch.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
You’ve been beaten and bloodied, laser beamed and chomped, and you’ve certainly earned the opportunity to take a breather. The current season of Brawler’s Guild is coming to a close once Patch 6.0.2 goes live, but you’ll be back in action before you know it. Here’s what you can look forward to as we get ready to launch Warlords of Draenor.

First, all members of the Brawler’s Guild will keep their membership after the patch goes live, so don’t worry about having to rejoin. For those who still seek to join the Brawler’s Guild, you’ll have some opportunities to find a Blood-Soaked Invitation once you arrive on Draenor.

There are quite a few changes, so let’s break ’em down:

  • All Brawler’s Guild achievements earned prior to Patch 6.0.2—Season One—will become legacy achievements. New achievements for Season Two will take their place.
  • Rewards earned based on progression will remain available for purchase. The ring reward will be updated in Patch 6.0.2 so that it will have valuable stats for all specializations.
  • The next patch will introduce boss encounters that will be adjusted for level 100 members.
  • Progression has been reverted back to 8 tiers.
  • Bosses that are being removed from previous tiers will be added to the challenge card vendor and become available as you progress.
  • All tiers have had their boss line-ups remixed—for example, Bruce is now a rank 5 boss instead of rank 1.

While we won’t be adding new bosses or challenge cards, you will be able to take Meatball back to your Garrison as a new follower—that is, once you’ve defeated him. As for the future, who knows what developments Bizmo and Boss Bazzelflange might have planned? For now, get in there, rough up a few bad guys, and get ready for Brawler’s Guild to come back with a vengeance

V3dun's "Void Ray" Wizard

Ove nedelje "Play Your Way build" predstavlja nam eksperimentisanje V3dun#2884 igrača sa channeling magijama Ray of Frost i Light of Grace koji su se dosta promenile u Patch 2.1.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
The prismatic prestidigitation of the Wizard is as impressive as it is destructive. In this week's Play Your Way feature, V3dun#2884 draws a parallel between the Void Ray unit in StarCraft II and his own "virtually eternal power source!"

About the Build:

Many channeling skills were updated in patch 2.1.0, especially the Wizard's. V3dun#2884 was already experimenting with Ray of Frost and his Light of Grace prior to the patch, and the tools and tweaks that came along allowed him to explore further and climb higher. Today, we're going to dig into his discoveries! 


V3dun chose to name this build after the Void Ray from StarCraft II, pointing out two major comparisons between his build and the Protoss unit. Not only do the Ray of Frost visuals look similar to the Void Ray's Prismatic Beam, but the mechanics are reminiscent—in Wings of Liberty, the longer a Void Ray locked onto its target, the more damage it did over time.  

The Items:

The Void Ray build is Legendary heavy, and you’ll certainly be looking for a few specific pieces to get it rolling. However, even if you're lacking a few integral items for higher level Torment difficulties or Greater Rifts, you can also make it work at lower gear thresholds by focusing on certain stats as outlined below.

V3dun has many of his recommended items, though it's clear there's room to chase just a few more!

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