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Author: FasumAga Date: Sunday, 31 August 2014
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Author: FasumAga Date: Saturday, 30 August 2014
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Author: FasumAga Date: Saturday, 30 August 2014
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Author: jovanmhn Date: Saturday, 30 August 2014

Diablo III Novi PTR Patch - Set Bonusi i Skill Izmene

Novi Build postavljen je na Diablo III PTR Serverima i sa sobom je doneo nove Set bonuse i Skill izmene.

Izmene kod Set Bonusa
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft
  • Shenlong's Spirit 2 piece Bonus: Increases Spirit Regeneration by 4 per Second (up from 1).
  • Immortal King's Call 3 piece Bonus: Gain 500 (up from 289) Life per Fury Spent.
  • Inna's Mantra 2 piece Bonus: Gain 200 Life per Spirit Spent (up from 124).
  • Monkey King's Garb 4 piece Bonus: Spending 75 Spirit causes a decoy to spawn that taunts nearby enemies and then explodes for 3500% (up from 1600%) weapon damage as Holy.
Legendary Gem Izmene
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft


Skill Izmene
Originally Posted by AdriaCraft


  • Weapons Master : Mighty Weapons Fury gained per hit increased to 2 (up from 1).
  • Inspiring Presence : Life regenerated per second increased to 2% of your Maximum Life (up from 1%).
  • Bloodthirst : Healing from each point of Fury spent reduced to 966 Life (down from 3095). Heal amount is increased by 1% of your Health Globe Healing Bonus (down from 4%)
  • Ignore Pain
  • Wrath of the Berserker
  • Earthquake
    • Cave-In : Damage is now Physical.
  • Revenge : Damage increased to 300% weapon damage (up from 220%). Healing increased to 4% of your maximum Life per enemy hit (up from 2%).
    • Retribution : Damage increased to 700% weapon damage (up from 480%).
    • Blood Law : Healing increased to 6%^of maximum Life per enemy hit (up from 4%).
  • War Cry
    • Invigorate : Life regenerated increased to 8315 per second (up from 8253).

Demon hunter

  • Brooding : Life regenerated increased to 3% of your maximum Life (up from 1.5%).
  • Fan of Knives
    • Bladed Armor : Armor gain increased to 40% (up from 25%). Duration decreased to 6 seconds (down from 10).
  • Marked for Death
    • Grim Reaper : Damage divided evenly among all enemies increased to 20% (up from 15%).
    • Valley of Death : Area marked increased to 15 yards (up from 12 yards). Bonus damage taken by enemies increased to 15% (up from 12%).
    • Death Toll : Life gained by attackers of marked target increased to 3% of their maximum Life (up from 1%).
  • Shadow Power : Life per Hit gained increased to 16093 (up from 12379).
    • Blood Moon : Life per Hit gained increased to 32185 (up from 24758).
  • Companion
    • Boar Companion : Life regeneration given by the boar increased to 5364 per second (up from 4126).
  • Vengeance
    • Side Cannons : Maximum Life regenerated while firing increased to 3% (up from 1.5%)


  • Transcendence : Life per Spirit gained reduced to 429 (down from 1568). Bonus gained from Health Globe Healing Bonus reduced to 0.4% (down from 2%).
  • The Guardian's Path : Spirit generation while using a two-handed weapon decreased to 15% (down from 35%).
  • Harmony : 40% (up from 30%) of your single elemental resistances from items instead increases your resistance to all elements.
  • Breath of Heaven : Healing increased to 69735 - 91192 (up from 53642 - 70147).
    • Circle of Life : Healing increasedt o 139469 - 182383 (up from 107284 - 140295).
  • Cyclone Strike
  • Serenity
    • Peaceful Repose : Healing increased to 93874 - 120695 Life (up from 56943 - 62101).
    • Tranquility : Damage redirected increased to 120158 (up from 92430).
  • Mantra of Healing : Shield strenght increased to 62064 (up from 47742). Life regeneration bonus increased to 10728 (up from 4126).
    • Sustenance : Life regeneration increased to 21457 (up from 8253).
    • Boon of Inspiration : Life on Hit bonus from Mantra of Healing increased to 3576 (up from 2751).
  • Dashing Strike : Damage increased to 370% weapon damage (up from 305%).
    • Barrage : Damage increased to 975% weapon damage over 2 seconds (up from 750%).
    • Way of the Falling Star : Movement speed gain duration increased to 4 seconds (up from 3).
    • Blinding Speed : Chance to Dodge increased to 40% (up from 29%). Duration increased to 4 seconds (up from 3).
    • Radiance : Attack speed bonus duration increased to 4 seconds (up from 3).
  • Inner Sanctuary
    • Intervene : Shield strenght increased to 107284 (up from 68332).
    • Safe Haven : Healing inside Inner Sanctuary increased to 35779 Life per second (up from 11389).
  • Sweeping Wind : Damage increased to 105% weapon damage (up from 60%). Damage at 3 stacks increased to 315% weapon damage (up from 180%).
    • Blade Storm : Damage per stack increased to 145% weapon damage (up from 85%). Damage at 3 stacks increased to 435% weapon damage (up from 255%).
    • Cyclone : Lightning tornado damage increased to 95% weapon damage (up from 35%).
  • Wave of Light
    • Shattering Light : Bonus weapon damage as Cold in a line increased to 820% (up from 165%).
  • Mystic Ally
    • Enduring Ally : Life per Second increased to 10728 (up from 4126).
  • Blinding Flash
    • Soothing Light : Life regeneration increased to 26821 (up from 11966).
  • Epiphany
    • Soothing Mist : Healing from using abilities increased to 40232 Life (up from 20632).


  • Heal : Healing increased to 193112 Life (up from 148548).
  • Loyalty : Life per second increased to 6437 (up from 4952).
  • Guardian : Healing increased to 182383 Life (up from 140295).




  • Indestructible : Life per Kill increased to 107284 (up from 82526).
  • Vigilant : Life regeneration increased to 2682 (up from 2063).
  • Wrathful : Life per point of Wrath decreased to 1341 (down from 3301). Heal amount from Health Globe Healing Bonus decreased to 1% (down from 4)/
  • Renewal : Life from blocking increased to 16093 (up from 12379).
  • Sweep Attack
    • Holy Shock : Life per enemy hit increased to 5364 (up from 2063).
  • Steed Charge
    • Rejuvenation : Maximum Life regenerated increased to 15% (up from 10%).
  • Judgment
    • Penitence : Life per second increased to 2682 (up from 1032).
  • Punish
    • Rebirth : Life regeneration when blocking increased to 12874 (up from 4952).
  • Justice
    • Holy Bolt : Healing increased to 2146 - 3219 Life (up from 1651 - 2476).
  • Provoke
    • Cleanse : Life on Hit gain increased to 1073 (up from 825).
  • Laws of Valor
    • Invincible : Life on Hit gain increased to 21457 (up from 16505).
  • Laws of Hope : Shield strenght increased to 124128 (up from 95483). Passive Life per second increased to 10728 (up from 3714).
    • Faith's Reward : Life per point of Wrath spent increased to 1073 (up from 825).
  • Laws of Justice
    • Faith's Armor : Shield strenght increased to 26821 (up from 20632). Duration increased to 5 seconds (up from 3).
  • Consecration : Life per second increased to 32185 (up from 8253).
  • Smite
    • Reaping : Life regeneration bonus icnreased to 6437 (up from 1238).

Gamescom: Anub'Arak, Azmodan, i Chen Heroji, Screenshotovi, Gameplay Video i SteelSeries Proizvodi

Anub'Arak, Azmodan, i Chen Heroji na Gamescom!
Blizzard je objavio novi trailer danas gde nam je pokazao nove Heroje koji će biti igrivi na gamescom ove godine. Anub'Arak, Azmodan, i Chen Stormstout su nova tri heroja koja su predstavljena u traileru.
Menu i In-Game Screenshotovi
Blizzard je objavio presskit za gamescom 2014, uz koji su došli i screenshotovi talenta novih heroja Anub'Arak, Azmodan, i Chen.







Chen Gameplay Video
Reidorr je objavio gameplay video novog heroja Chen Stormstout!
SteelSeries Heroes of the Storm Proizvodi
Blizzard i Steelseries zajedno su se ponovo udružili i napravili Heroes of the Storm miš i QCK Podlogu. Miš koristi Sensei tehnologiju i oblik, samo što na sebi ima plava osvetljena na tri različite zone zajedno sa Heroes logoom. Proizvodi trenutno nisu u prodaji, ali možete da se prijavite na mailing listu kako bi ste dobili obaveštenje kada miš i podloga budu pušteni za pre-order.


Heroes of the Storm Alpha Patch Notes 31726

Blizzard je sinoć postavio novi build za Heroes of the Storm Alpha. U nastavu možete pronaći koje su to nove informacije izmena. Uz ovaj build došla su dva nova skina Frost Wyrm Arthas i Big Top Gazlowe.

bigtopgazlowe arthasfrostwyrm
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)


  • Universe-specific Daily Quests “Play 2 games with a Diablo/StarCraft/Warcraft Hero” have been re-enabled.


  • The Frost Wyrm Arthas and Big Top Gazlowe Skins have been added to the Heroes Shop and are now available for purchase!


  • Garden of Terror
    • Mercenary Camps can now be captured at night.
    • Garden Terror
      • Health reduced by 20%
      • Spore Queen’s Curse (Q)
        • Travel time reduced from 1 to 0.5 seconds.
        • Explosion delay reduced from 1.5 to 1 second.


    • Valla
      • Strafe (R)
        • Damage reduced from 10 (+10 per level) to 10 (+9 per level)
        • Now deals damage more evenly among targets within its search radius.
        • Vengeance (Talent) has been changed:
          • Strafe now fires additional penetrating bolts in a line which deal 10 damage (+4.5 per level) every 0.25 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in which returning fireballs from Diablo's Firestorm Talent could simultaneously impact the same target and cause excessive damage.
  • Casting an “unstoppable” effect on a Hero affected by the Plant Terror’s Spore Queen’s Curse ability will no longer retain the Plant Zombie’s ranged fireball basic attack when the curse expires.
  • Flowering Shamblers and Plant Horrors on the Garden of Terror can no longer be Bribed

Artcraft - Dem Trolls, Mon - Novi Troll Character Model

Blizzard je objavio novi Artcraft, gde nema je predstavio nove Troll Character modele!

Originally Posted by Blizzard
Hey again—Chris Robinson here with a new Artcraft, and today we’re showing off the female and male Troll models. We’re wrapping up work on both of their models, and we thought it’d be cool for you to see them side-by-side. Showing both genders together gives you a more cohesive visual story and a more complete picture of the Trolls’ character, who they are, and where they come from.

One of the unique challenges for the Troll models were their tusks. In the character customization options, you have the ability to select from a number of tusk “styles.” While other race models (like the Tauren) have similar customization options, the additional modeling, texturing, and animation articulation of the Troll face—and mouth especially—made this a distinctive challenge. We actually had to model the Troll with a flat lower lip; then, for each facial customization option, we went in and posed their lips to naturally wrap around each tusk option.

We hope you enjoyed this quick look at the male and female Trolls, and we’ll see you in the next Artcraft!

Otvoren Novi Naxxramas Wing - Construct Quarter

Naxxramas Construct Quarter je upravo otvoren na evropskom regionu! Osam novih karata možete da dobijete u Construct Quarteru, a cena otvaranje je isto 700 golda ili 5.99 evra.

Defeat Patchwerk

Defeat Grobbulus

Defeat Gluth

Defeat Thaddius

Defeat Thaddius

Defeat Thaddius

Priest Class Challenge

Warrior Class Challenge

Warlords of Draenor Cinematic Teaser #2

Blizzard je ponovo objavio novi teaser za Warlords of Draenor Cinematic, kojeg ćemo imati prilike da pogledamo na premijeri u četvrtak (14. Avgusta).

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Don’t forget: this Thursday, August 14, you can witness the world premiere of the Warlords of Draenor cinematic live! Join Blizzard’s Mike Morhaime, Chris Metzen, and World of Warcraft designers Ion Hazzikostas and Brian Holinka for the grand unveiling, streamed live from the Ace Theatre in Los Angeles. But that’s not all—we’ll also host a live interview with the WoW developers, announce the Warlords of Draenor launch date, and debut the first episode of a new animated lore miniseries: Lords of War. You won’t want to miss it!

When: Thursday, August 14 at 9:30 a.m. PDT

Where: Join us here on to watch the live stream, or attend* the event live at the Theatre at Ace Hotel, located at 929 South Broadway in Los Angeles. (Doors open at 8:30 a.m.)

Live Attendee Bonus: Anyone who joins us live and in person in L.A. will also receive a beta key for Warlords of Draenor.**

*Please note: World of Warcraft is rated T for Teen; some content on display at the event may not be suitable for children ages of 12 or younger. Anyone 12 years of age or under must be accompanied by an adult.

**Doors open at 8:30 a.m. Seating is limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to get there early! Beta keys will be given out to everyone who comes down for the live event.

Elemental Damage i Smart Loot, Patch Podrška za Ultimate Evil Edition

Elemental Damage i Smart Loot
Izgleda da neke klase neće morati da brinu oko njihovog smart loota elemental damage, koju ne koriste većina njihovih skillova, kao što su Cold za Crusader klasu i Poison za Demon Hunter.
Originally Posted by Blizzard 
For the love of God can you answer us Crusaders about why we are plagued with cold items in our smart loot but we only have two cold skills and they're both spenders?
Great question! Starting in Patch 2.1.0, we will be removing +% Cold Damage from the pool of affixes for Smart Loot for the Crusader class. The affix can still roll on non-Smart Loot drops. (Official Forums)
Can +% Poison Damage be removed from the Smart Loot for the Demon Hunter, please?
Yep! We actually removed +% Poison Damage from the Demon Hunter’s pool of Smart Loot affixes on the PTR in June, but it wasn’t included in the patch notes. This change will also go live in Patch 2.1.0 (and like the Crusader change, still allows +% Poison Damage to roll as a non-Smart Loot affix on gear). (Official Forums)
Patch Podrška za Ultimate Evil Edition
Već je bilo poznato i govoreno o tome da će Ultimate Evil Edition za Reaper of Souls dobiti podršku za Patcheve. Ali danas imamo najavu od Blizzarda koja potvrdjuje ovu činjenicu.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)
Diablo® III: Reaper of Souls™ – Ultimate Evil Edition™ is just around the corner, and we've got some exciting news for players who are thinking of joining the crusade against death on the PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One™. Thanks to the powerful new architecture of next-gen console platforms, we're happy to confirm that we will be able to provide ongoing patch support for Ultimate Evil Edition on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. As we continue to patch Reaper of Souls on Windows and Mac, we will also be working to bring game updates to the PS4 and Xbox One. John Hight, production director on Diablo III, discussed the announcement in an interview with Xbox Wire—"When we started on this adventure, we thought we'd never be able to do updates on the console side in the same way we do with the PC. This allows us to be more responsive to our customers. Our goal is to eventually make these updates simultaneous." 

Patch 2.1.0 is currently in development for Windows, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One. This patch will introduce exciting new features and content to Ultimate Evil Edition on next-gen platforms, including (but not limited to) Greater Rifts, Legendary Gems, new Legendary powers, and the Vault—a mysterious realm filled with untold riches, located just beyond a Treasure Goblin's portal.
We look forward to exploring (and expanding) the world of Sanctuary with our console players, and hope to see many of you in Westmarch on August 19!
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